In A Family Way: Part 3


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—Part 3—

By now everyone reading probably figures our lives were full of sex for Mie and not so much for myself. Well, you would be right but, at the same time, we did have a normal part of our lives. Mie was a housewife and was excellent in taking care of our homes and all those things a housewife does. I had my work and golf on the weekends. As husband and wife we did the normal things around the house that normal people do and went out as a couple whenever we felt like it. People looked at us like a normal close couple that were very much in love and that would be the truth. My sister would visit us and we her when there was no sex involved and just normal family talk took place unless

Jill was in the mood to send out some snide remarks but they were always done out of others ear shot. So, there was a normal life too. We visited my parents probably every other week and they visited us. My Mom at this time of the story was 49 and my dad 50. They were pretty much an inseparable couple that always seemed to get along and gave positive vibes to anyone they were around. They were married right out of high school and many times still acted like they were newlyweds. They were always great host and/or company. An active couple to say the least. My mom was all caught up in going to her gym and doing aerobics and stuff. My dad just stayed active with his activities. He loved working around the house and could fix anything. Not only his house but ours too.

Any time something needed attention we could call him at any time and he would come right over and take care of it. He ran his own business so he could take the time whenever he wanted to. Jill it seemed was his right hand manager so needless to say, she had dad around her finger. Mie thought he was a godsend since if something broke, she could call him right away and it would be taken care of. Probably because he loved her Asian style cooking too. Many times I would come home to find my Father and Mother sitting in the kitchen with Mie cooking up some spicy Asian delight. I never minded, they were great parents even if I wasn’t the favorite.

Anyhow, Mie kept up her new adventure of mixing it up with Swingers. Sometimes Jill would be involved and sometimes not. I had gotten used to seeing my sister naked and fucking and sucking so it really didn’t affect me like it did before. Mie, Mie was always beautiful, seductive, and more and more talented as time passed. Every week it seemed there was a new guy or new girl visiting Mie. Sometimes I would see a familiar face and sometimes not. Mie would have nights with a guy, a couple of guys, a girl, a couple of girls, a mixed couple, and an assortment of people. Sometimes Jill would be in the mix. I never seen Barb again but I did ask Mie why she never visited any more.

Mie just said that she wouldn’t be coming here any longer and not explain it. I never pushed it. Sorry to say, Barb was the only one that give me any attention. That’s not to say that I never cum again. I always did when Mie was having her time. Sometimes I would just do it and sometimes after being instructed to while others watched me and said things about my size. I got to where I was pretty much immune to it. I had heard it all before from a lot of different people. At first it was rather humiliating. First from my own sister and then from other Women and guys that wanted to compare dicks just to get a laugh. I accepted the roll of the clown I guess when it came to sex times in my house.

Well, I thought I was immune. My birthday was fast approaching and Mie was all over it and told me she was planning a big party for it. She recruited Jill to help with the particulars and wouldn’t tell me anything about it. It was going to be a 30th birthday to never forget Mie would tell me over and over. I was excited. People going out of their way for my happiness. Couldn’t ask for anything more. I was more and more excited as the day approached. I had no idea who was invited but it didn’t matter. It was exciting. Mie put some wrapped boxes next to the sofa and told me, no peeking. They were for my birthday. Jill added a couple more to the ones Mie put there. My parents dropped off another. There was a nice assortment of beautifully wrapped gifts setting there for by birthday. I couldn’t wait for the day to come but I knew I couldn’t touch them. I will admit that each were shaken but not a single one made any noise. Still, it looked like Christmas for me. When my birthday finally arrived I was all excited.

Mie told me, “Go play golf to kill some time and get out of the house.”

I did just what she said. Off I went to get in 18 holes by lunch time with a couple of beers with my partners after in the club house. My big day is here. After a bit I headed home. It was close to 2 PM when I arrived. Mie was still busy cooking and getting the house ready. Everything was coming together for her. I asked if I could help but she just told me to go find something to do for now and stay out of the girl’s way. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat in the recliner and I dozed off. I woke in an hour to the sound of some different voices. More female voices coming from the kitchen. They were talking and giggling. I got up to see who all was there and stepped into the kitchen. Right away the voices got silent. The new addition was my Mother along with one of her close friends.

“Don’t stop talking on my account,” I told them.

“Girl talk,” my Mother replied. “You go outside and water the plants or something. People will be arriving in less than 2 hours and we have lots to do yet.”

Hmm, water the flowers, OK, I thought. That seems like a good idea. Off I went. I was watering all the plants and people were walking buy. They would wave, I would wave back. Some said hello and good afternoon and I returned their pleasantries. I was never the one to stand in the yard and do anything like this so this neighborly stuff was new to me. I liked it and thought to myself how I was going to do it more often. It was nice. I finished up the watering and went back in. Mie told me I should shower and change before the guest arrived. Off to the bedroom I went to shower in our bath and then change. After a good shower I walked back into the room stark naked like I always do to get into some nice clothes for the party.

My Birthday party.

Mie was standing there when I came out and asked, “Feeling better now that you’re all clean?”

“I am,” I replied.

“Good,” she told me. “Babe?” she softly said.

“Yes, sweetie,” I replied.

“I want you to do me a favor,” she said.

“Anything for you,” I replied all up about my birthday.

“Good,” she said. “I want you to wear my panties tonight.”

“What,” I exclaimed?

“I want you to wear my panties. It would make me feel good knowing you are wearing them under your clothes,” she explained.

“Ah, OK, what the heck,” I told her. “Just for you. Just don’t tell anyone please.”

“OK,” she answered.

Mie went to her dresser and pulled out a pink lace thong and handed it to me.

“A thong,” I asked?

“Yes,” she replied.

“It will stick up my ass all night,” I shot back.

“Think of it this way,” she said. “Every time it rubs over your ass hole, think of you rubbing over my pussy.”

“Ah, that sound nice,” I told her.

“Here, let me help you,” she said as she took the thong from my hand.

Mie got down on her knees and put my foot through one opening and then the other foot through the other opening. She started pulling them up and when she looked forward she noticed I was all hard as can be.

“Wow,” she said. “I think you like the idea of wearing sexy girl panties.”

I had to say, “Yeah, it’s sexy.”

My little boner stuck out pointing right at her nose. She looked at it, then at my face. She leaned forward and with one movement took her tongue and licked from the base to the tip. She looked back at my face with a smile on her face.

She told me, “Be a good boy tonight and there’s bound to be more of that.”

With that she pulled up the thong over my boner and then adjusted the thong back to make sure it was deep in my ass. She got up and told me to finish dressing. While I did that, she got out of her sweats and headed into the shower with her beautiful naked body displayed to me. She took a quick shower and came back out while drying off.

“Go to the living room,” she told me. “I will change and you can answer the door if no one else does. Mom and Jill are in the guest room changing now.”

“OK,” I said and off I went.

I could already feel the thong rubbing my pucker hole. No sooner than I got back to the living room, the doorbell rang. I vaunted over to it and opened the door. Before me was a couple that I recognized from one of my wife’s little sex parties.

“Hi, Dave, happy Birthday,” the female said.

“Hi, thank you,” I replied.

“Are we early,” the male asked?

“Nope, not early, first, but not early,” I replied. “Please,” I said, “come in.”

Thoughts run through my head, oh god I hope everyone behaves. My parents are here. They walked in and just then Mie came into the room.

“Hey, hi, glad you could make it,” she told them. “Help yourself to the bar and make yourself comfortable.”

They walked over to the bar set up and got themselves a drink.

I turned to Mie and whispered, “My parents are here.”

“Oh silly,” she replied. “Just relax. Everything will be just fine.”

The doorbell rang a few more times. Everyone was from Mie’s and Jill’s group of sex friends. All have been here before and I had met every one of them. The door then opened and in walked dad. He didn’t ring the bell. Not surprising. Ha ha. Everyone was dressed very nicely. Even dad. All the Women wore party type dresses and the men were just nicely dressed. No ties or jackets. Mie was dressed in a somewhat low-cut red cocktail dress that flared a bit on the bottom. She was looking as sexy as can be. I thought of the secret thong rubbing my ass and then thought of that beautiful pussy of hers. Everyone got their happy Birthdays out-of-the-way and people were enjoying the spread of food the ladies prepared. Drinks were flowing and everyone seemed to be having a really nice time. Mie went into the kitchen and came back out with a birthday cake I hadn’t even seen before now. It was white iced with a blue Happy 30th Birthday Dave written on it. She only put 3 candles on it so it wasn’t overloaded I guess and after setting it down she lit the candles.

Mie turned to me and said, “Make a wish, honey.”

I looked at her, gave her a wink and blew out the candles. People started singing happy birthday and all of it made me feel really nice. Hell, I was even glad Jill was there. Many had a small piece of cake stating they were pretty full with all the other food that was served. Even me. Everyone was in a big group right now and someone took my arm and directed me to the middle of the group. I was now encircled by all the guest. Mie stepped forward and placed her hands on my shoulders. She got on her toes and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I didn’t care that there were people around, including my parents. I didn’t care that a kiss like that gave me an instant boner. No one could notice because it was all smashed up inside that tight thong.

When Mie withdrew from my mouth, she leaned towards my ear and whispered, “This will be a night you will never forget. You will be both excited and probably not so excited at times. You will be aroused and probably humiliated, but I assure you, you will never forget this night.”

She backed away a bit and seen the totally confused look I must have had on my face then.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” she announced, “it’s time for the fun to begin and birthday boy is going to be opening the show. David is 30 and everyone figured it was time for him to learn who he really is. To know what his place in our family is, and to understand without question, the position he holds in my life.”

I had no idea what was going on.

No idea.

“Dave,” I heard coming from Mie’s mouth. “Please, it’s time to reveal your true self to all. It’s time for everyone to see your pretty panties.”

“What,” I stammered? “I don’t think so, Mie. Did you forget my parents are here?”

Loudly she said, “Hey Mom and dad, would you like to see Dave’s pretty panties?”

I heard my mother reply, “Yeah, show us.”

“Oh my god,” I said out loud. “What the hell is going on, Mie. I am not going to play this game tonight.”

Then I heard my father say, “Of course you are. You like to play these games if you admit it or not.”

What, I thought to myself. My Mother and Father are in on this?

Mie stepped up to me. “OK, Dave, it’s your choice. You can show us all or your Father will remove your clothes for you. How long has it been since your father undressed you?”

“Oh, Jesus,” I said out loud.

“C’mon,” Mie said, “I’ll help you some.”

She reached over and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Is this what you really want Mie,” I asked?

“Yes,” she replied. “Like I said, all kinds of things tonight.”

“OK,” I said giving up. “If this is what everyone wants, let’s do it, I just don’t care,” I added forcefully. “Mom, is this what you want,” I asked point-blank?

She nodded yes.

“Dad,” I asked point-blank, “will this make you happy.”

He too nodded yes.

“OK, OK,” and I removed my shirt.

I removed my tee. I am using some force because I am upset with all this but I am in the middle of a circle of people and I don’t see a way out. I feel trapped. I undo my belt and open my pants. They fall before I plan to release them. Cheers and clapping starts. I start to hear comments.

“So pretty, what a doll, Ooo, such a cute little girl.”

I heard my father laugh and say, “My other daughter.”

That got to me. Tears welled up in my eyes but I just stood there. My father just called me a girl, I thought to myself. Next thing I know, my Mother walks up to me and has a tissue to dry my eyes.

“Now, now,” she says. “It’s OK. Mama doesn’t mind. I know you are my sweet little boy. You always have been. Pay no attention to your Father.”

In a way, it was nice what she said and I did feel a bit better but still, I stood in a room, surrounded by people wearing a lacy pink thong. Then she lowered her hand and put in against my dick.

“See, still my little boy,” she said.

With Mother’s touch I jerked my hips back. “Mom,” I said out loud. “What are you doing? I’m your son for god’s sake.”

“Oh silly,” she replied. “Don’t you remember when you were young and I would give you bath?”

I whimpered, “Kinda.”

“Remember I would always soap you up good and make sure you were clean all over,” she added.

“Yah,” I replied.

“Remember I would pull on your wiener, stretching it out?”

“No, I don’t remember that,” I insisted.

“Oh, I bet you go. You would giggle and your little wiener would get hard and you would giggle some more. Remember?” she asked.

“No, I do not remember that,” I told her.

“I bet you do,” she said in a comical tone. “I used to try to stretch you out because even then you had almost no wiener down there. Dad’s side of the family are all well-endowed and he would always blame my side of the family for your short comings. I was trying to fix it but unfortunately, I couldn’t get it any longer that way. So,” she adds, “you went through life with a little wiener and unfortunately, those with such small, well, tools, are not destined for good positions inside a family or our society. I’m sorry dear but you just need to accept the fact that you are not worthy.”

“Worthy, worthy of what,” I asked.

Mom reached up and grabbed the front top of the thong. “Let me see it,” she instructed me. “I haven’t seen it for what, 28 years, but I heard it probably hasn’t changed any from then.”

She pulled down the front of the thong and the thin sides of it followed down and over my hips. It was still stuck up my ass though. My limp dick was now exposed to everyone. OK, everyone in the room has seen it when they were having fun with Mie but hey, my parents are here. My own Mother and Father.

Mom looked down at it and proclaimed like she was a proud mother or something, “It’s bigger than before. He was much smaller when he was 12.” Then she added, “Not by much, but some.”

She then reached up and took my shoulders and spun me around some to now face my father.

“Look, isn’t he bigger then when he was 12?”

“He looks like a girl with a big clit,” was his reply.

At least he said it with a smile. Mom turned me back around to face her. She took her hand and took my dick between her thumb and fingers.

“Just like I remember,” she said while she started to pull on it, then relax, than pull again.

Try as I might to not react, I felt myself getting hard in her fingers. Mom giggled and seemed very proud of herself.

“Look everyone,” he does get a little bigger when it’s nice and hard.

Everyone moved towards my front, including my dad. Mom pulled on it a couple of times more and Dad told her that she better stop.

“He isn’t 12 and that baby dick could spit now.”

“Ohhh,” Mom replied. “We don’t want that, now do we,” as she patted my balls.

She withdrew her hand and moved away leaving me standing in front of everyone with my little boner stick out towards them. Mie was taking in all that my Mom had done to me and she stepped over to me.

“I see you like your mommy playing with your little cock,” Mie said.

“No,” I proclaimed, “I do not.”

“Why you so hard then,” she asked?

“Because someone touched it,” I replied.

“Because your Mother touched you,” Mie told me. “Admit it, you like your Mother playing with your little cock just like when you were little?”

What am I going to do. Arguing is going to get me no place and probably keep me in this spot for longer than anyone had planned.

“OK,” I said, “Yes, I like my Mom playing with me.”

“Hmm,” Mie replied. “I bet you used to masturbate thinking of your Mother, didn’t you?”

“No,” I proclaimed.

“Go on, say it,” Mie said forcefully, “you masturbated thinking of your Mother.”

“No,” I repeated.

“Say it,” she demanded. “Say it or stand right here the rest of the night.”

More tears but no one seemed to care.

“OK, I used to masturbate thinking about my Mother, there, I said it.”

“Me too,” my father then blurts out.

Oh god, I thought. Mie took my hand and led me to the sofa. She reached behind me and pulled the thong out of my ass and removed it from me. I was completely naked. Mie sat me down right in the middle of the sofa and told me I had some things to learn and understand. I was told to pay close attention and to not say a word or make any type of response to what I will hear and see tonight. She asked if I understood. I nodded yes.

She then added, “I will make no negative judgments about anything I see or hear tonight.” I again nodded yes. “Good,” she said. “Now, pay attention.” Mie rose up to a stand and turned towards everyone. “OK, everyone, time for the party to start.”

With that announcement everyone started removing their clothes. Yes, everyone including my own Mother and Father. In probably less than 2 minutes, everyone was completely naked and now starting to move around. Hands started touching breast and the hands on the cocks were making them erect. For some reason. Probably because of something deep inside me, I had to watch my mother. The first person she went up to was a guy with a nice body and maybe now a 7 inch erect dick. He was around 25 or 26. She had her hands on his cock and he was sucking on her nipples. Now Mom is in pretty good shape for her age and still carries herself like a younger lady so I could see why others would find her attractive no matter their age.

One of the females walked up behind my Mom and stuck her hand under my mom’s ass and started playing with her pussy. Mom was, to say the least, really getting into it. I seen her then drop down and start sucking his cock and the Woman get down and now bury her head in Moms ass. I was rock hard watching my mom and precum was dripping like crazy from me. I thought it was just wrong of me but I tossed that thought aside rather quickly. Everyone now was getting some kind of service from either a man or a Woman. OK, there’s dad. Pretty thing he’s paying some special attention too. Damn, he is seriously eating her pussy and she is really getting into it.

Dad too is in good shape but he is laying on his front and I can’t see his cock. I want to see his cock. Jill was sucking another guys cock while he was eating another woman’s pussy. Mie, where’s Mie, oh, Mie is with another woman. She is getting eaten out and with her head back like that I think I am about to hear the first orgasm of the night. Yep, Mie came first. Mie grabbed the woman and moved her around. Mie knelt on the floor and buried her head into the woman’s pussy now. Dad walked up behind Mie. Now I see his cock and it is really impressive. Must be 9 inches and as hard as a rock. He slipped behind Mie and slid his cock in. She must have been very wet to just accept it like that. Mie looked back at him and then returned to the pussy. I had to wonder if Mie had fucked my own Father before.

She didn’t look surprised at all with him fucking her. Mom was getting fucked now and wow, she looked great getting rammed the way she was. I watched as she built into an orgasm. Every Woman was having orgasms it seemed with the amount of noise in the room. Mie turned to my father’s cock and started sucking on it. His face was like he was off on some cloud someplace. Mie could do that, I know. Jill was working the whole crowd I think. Damn, I thought. I must have the most perverted family in the world. Not only do they fuck others, they do it in front of each other. Fathers, Mothers, and daughter.

Not son.

People were moving around and Mie got up close to my Mother and whispered in her ear. I see a crooked smile come across my Mother’s mouth. Mom keeps moving around playing with this cock and that pussy until she gets right in front of me. She is on her knees, facing me. One of the guys comes up behind her and drives his shaft into her. I watch closely as the look of enjoyment takes over her face. She looks up at me.

“Enjoying yourself, Dave,” she asked.

I said, “Ah, yeah, I guess.”

“Did you cum yet,” she asked?

“No, but I wish I could.”

Mom moves up and her face is just above my dick. She lowers her head and puts her lips around my cock. Immediately I thought, NO, I can’t let this happen, but at the same time, like immediately, I blew my load into her mouth. I mean, she didn’t even need to do anything. Just touch it with her lips. She sucked it strongly and made sure she had it all. She tossed her head back and I see her swallow her own son’s cum. She smiles, ask if I feel better.

I tell her, “Oh yes.”

She moves away then and joins some others. OK, the son is now a perv too. The party continues and I guess the thing I was happy about is that I didn’t see my father fuck my sister. If he did, I missed it with so much going on but I am just going to think he didn’t. Not that it would have surprised me. I think nothing will surprise me anymore. Well except. Mie came up in front of me next and she too got on her knees.

“Did Mom make you feel good,” she ask me.

I sheepishly replied, “Yes.”

“Good. I see you are still hard.”

I replied, “For some reason, it won’t go away.”

She giggled with that response. Mie put her head right above my cock, just like Mom did but she didn’t lower her head. She turned her head and called my dad over. He approached her and she turned sideways to me. She looked at my dad and asked him if he would like some of that action he loves so much?

“Would I?” was his response.

With that, Mie handed him a bottle of what looked like lube. He put it all over his cock and her ass hole. Wait, I thought. She would never let me near her ass even with my little dick. My Dad started rubbing his cock head all over Mie’s tight little Asian hole. He then put the tip of his cock against it and Mie started pushing herself back over it. Mie didn’t seem to have too much trouble taking that big cock in her ass. I watched as my Father moved back and forth in and out of Mie’s ass. His face shown that he was really enjoying it and Mie was loving it too.

He started picking up speed and Mie reached back and started playing with her own pussy. It didn’t take long and Mie was crying with an orgasm. Dad increased the speed even more with the sound of Mie cumming and you could see him tighten up to cum. Mie pulled forward and Dad come out of her ass. Mie took his still slick shaft and pumped it. He groaned and me turned him towards me and dad erupted. He must have shot his cum ten times and more than half of those shots hit me. I got his cum on my face to my cock. I mean, the man was a cum machine. I guess I could have moved but I was transfixed on that cum shooting out of his cock.

“There, boy,” he said. “That’s how a real man cums.”

Then, he got up and walked over and sat down with a drink. I looked at Mie, Not the first time, I said, “Oh, no, dear.”

“It’s your father’s favorite thing and I’m his favorite asshole,” she tells me.

“I don’t remember him ever being in on your sex night,” I added.

“Sorry, Babe, but sex nights are for you and me, all the other times was for me and your father is always ready when I am. Same for your Mother and sister. You have a great family dear, I just wish you fit in with them,” she told me.

Yeah, I thought to myself. I really don’t fit in.

Mie reached up and moved my dad’s cum around with her fingers and directed it all over my hard cock. She took her fingers and started rubbing his cum all over my cock. She used it as a lube to stroke my little dick. Again, I came hard. Maybe not as much as with my Mom but still, a second time and it felt good. Mie, smiled and looked me in the eyes.

“Dave,” she said. “I want you to know that I love you. You’re my husband and I will always need you as that. I want our lives together but there will be some changes.”

“What changes,” I asked.

“I will be a free Woman,” she responded. “I will play the best wife there is but at the same time I will fuck, suck, everything with whomever I want and while sometimes will be with you around, many times will be without your presence. That is your role now. If you accept that, then all is good with us, if not, then I’m afraid we will need to end our marriage and that is not something I want to happen. But I refuse to just have a tiny cocked husband.”

“I, well, I, I guess,” I replied.

“No guess,” she told me. “Yes or no.”

“OK, yes,” I said. “I love you. I want you by my side and I am willing to let you be happy however you need to be as long as I am in your life.”

“Good,” she said. “Another thing. You will not have sex with me in any way. I will not blow you and for sure not fuck you. Perhaps from time to time I will touch you. Otherwise you will just need to take care of yourself. Understand?”

“I think so. Yes, I do,” I told her.

“Good. One more thing.” She scooped up a big finger of cum that was my Fathers and mine mixed together and immediately stuck her finger in my mouth. I had no choice but to have that mixed cum in my mouth. “Taste it,” she told me, “and then swallow it.”

I shook my head no.

“Do it now,” she commanded and put her hands on my throat.

I swallowed. I had tasted my own cum before but with dad’s it was thicker and, well, different.

“Get used to that,” Mie told me. “From time to time your services may be called upon to eat out one of my female friends since I know you know how to do that fairly well. Sometimes there may be more than just female juices filling it. You got that?”

I nodded yes.

“OK, little dickie, sit some more because I don’t think we are finished here yet.”

Mie went and joined some other and seemed to get right back into the action before me. I remained on the sofa thinking of what Mie told me. I guess I didn’t care. I loved her and wanted her to be my wife forever. If these other things made her happy then I was OK with it. Everyone was still hopping around like rabbits. I think the girls already had multiple orgasms and the guys were on round two. Even though I had come twice tonight, I was still hard. It must be all the live action in front of me. I have never hardly ever cum twice and I couldn’t image, until right now, that I could be hard like this after two times. But, I was. I heard the guys start to cum the second time with their groans and grunts.

Some came on tits, some on stomachs and some it looked to be inside. Then, I got my call for my presence to be front and center from my dad. “Son, I have a job for you.”

“What dad,” I asked shyly.

“See these three beautiful Women lying here on the floor before you,” he asked?

“Yes dad,” I said.

“Good, I heard you were good at eating pussy so I want to see just how good you are. Hell, everyone, especially these three ladies want to see how good you are. They want some more so you’re up,” he explained. “Get down there and eat that pussy. Be good for something.”

Three female bodies lying on the floor with their knees pulled up. Now I notice, Jill, another Woman, and my Mother. My Father gives me a little push. Well, more a guide to Jill’s legs. Everyone is gathered around now, watching with full attention. A couple start rooting me on.

“C’mon Dave, get in there and show those Women you got something to offer. Even if you don’t have a dick.”

I scooted my body between Jill’s legs and she parted them. I went right for her pussy. I haven’t had that for a long time and I guess my mind just told me to get it while you can. I moved my tongue all over her clit until I felt it start to swell. I worked it with my top lip and I then dove my tongue as deep as I could into her wet waiting pussy. She started to moan as I worked her clit and searched her dark pussy. Jill lowered her legs then and I got something else. Clumps of what I knew were cum started entering my mouth along my tongue. It wasn’t just a taste of cum, it was big, slimy, chunks of it. Still, Jill was getting close to orgasm and I wanted to show I was indeed good for something so I just kept working.

Finally, she tightened up, the remaining cum almost shot out of her into my mouth and she let out one her regular Jill screams. One down, I survived the onslaught of cum down my throat. It wasn’t that bad since I tried my hardest to just keep my mind on what I had to do. On to number two. I worked the same way with no 2. Clit and then dove as deep as I could. I noticed that she was much more loose in the pussy department then Jill was and it was pretty sloppy. It got extremely sloppy when she lowered her legs and I got those cum clumps along with what seemed like a tub of natural lubricant. She was beyond just wet but that probably got me past this serving of cum. I could taste the female more than the male. That was a good thing. I worked her to orgasm. Took a little longer than Jill did but I think she just needed more work with her looseness.

Still, I heard her let out a long moan and she tightened her stomach muscles. Number two finished and I was feeling a bit proud of myself. On to number 3. Ah, now I hesitated. It was my Mother. It was my Mothers pussy staring at me. As far as pussies go, it looked nice. Well shaved and as smooth as a baby’s skin. It wasn’t closed up like a clam, more open with definite refined lips open like they were waiting especially for me. I got this feeling over me and noticed I was as hard as I have been all night. My dick was throbbing and twanging. I rose up off my arms and scooted up and put my little dick against my Mothers hot pussy. I pushed my little hard on into her. God, I wanted to fuck my Mother.

I pushed it in as far as I could. Mother looked down at me. “I don’t feel you,” she said.

I pushed as hard as I could.

“Nope,” she said. “I don’t feel it.”

I didn’t care, I could feel it and I just started moving in and out. Those pussy lips sliding up and down my little buddy. I exploded again but this time in a pussy. My Mother’s pussy. I backed out and then lowered my head to complete my job. I attacked that pussy like no other. I lapped up my own cum first since it was right at the end and then got those wonderful pussy juices. She lowered her leg right at the same time she reached orgasm. The cum in her didn’t flow out in chunks, they shot out like a thick stream. It filled my mouth but, I was OK. I loved what I just did. Yeah, the new family pervert. Mom relaxed and I moved back. I didn’t care any longer that she was my Mother.

She was a wild and sexy Woman. The only Woman I have ever had that first sucked my dick dry, let me fuck her, and then eat her pussy. All in the same night. That is quite a Woman in my book, no matter who she is. After we finished up on the floor everyone started calling it a night. I can’t say that I blame them, everyone was looking a little ragged. They left couple by couple with my Mom and dad last to leave. Jill was staying the night again. We all picked up any mess left around and decided to just go to bed. Mie and I in our bed and Jill, yep, in our bed too. Mie had the middle though.

The next day when I got up, I just started cleaning up more since I was the first one up. I just remained naked and totally relaxed and feeling pretty good from the night before. Yeah, I know my life changed that night and I had to make some quick decisions. I chose to submit because I wouldn’t have a life without Mie. I guess it wasn’t that hard of a decision to make after all. After Mie awoke and joined me she started some breakfast. Jill came in too after a few more minutes. Mie looked good but Jill looked like she could have used another 24 hours of sleep. Mie made coffee for us all and started on breakfast as we woke up. After breakfast we all pitched in and got the house back to normal. Mie was the first to talk about last night.

“So, Dave,” she said. “Is our understanding still good?”

“Yes it is,” I replied.

“Good, then we won’t need to discuss it anymore,” she added.

Jill perked up then. “What understanding,” she asked? “What did I miss?”

“Don’t worry about it Jill, it is an understanding between Dave and myself. I can tell you that Dave is a new man today. Right Dave?”

I looked straight at her and gave her a resounding, “Yes.”

Mie turned to Jill and told her, “Jill, it will be just fine any time you wish to humiliate or degrade my husband for any of his short comings.” She giggled. “Dave is just fine with that and will accept it without arguing of saying anything.”

“That’s neat,” Jill replied. “So I can tell him he has a girls pussy and that he looks more like a little boy then a man.”

“Sure,” Mie said. “Right Dave?”

“Yes,” I replied.

As the day wore on and all we did was sit around because energy was not something we had much of, I asked Jill and Mie just how it came that my parents are part of their group and just how they became what they are in the sex department? Jill was the one to answer.

“It seemed that Dad and Mom had been swingers since before Jill or I were even teenagers. I remembered they did go out often it seemed and went from having baby sitters to taking care of ourselves once we were young teens.”

“OK,” I said. “I can understand that but, how did you and them and Mie come to all being sex hungry monsters,” I asked.

Jill chuckled. “You remember in my teens when I was rather rebellious and wasn’t into the conforming to what society offered?”

“Yeah, you were a bitch to everyone,” I replied.

“Yeah, I was a bitch, it was a fast way to get attention. The attention I wanted. All these guys that wanted to change me and thought they could by slipping me their cock and poof, I would become their girl that they changed for the better. I got so much cock that way. It was all I wanted. They just never were smart enough to figure it out. One guy though figured he could change me by introducing me to a swingers club.

“I could find a new society that I would fit in better with. He took me and we were in the club maybe 20 minutes making our way through it and me talking with various people getting the hang of just what was going on there. No sex, it was just a place where so-called like-minded people got together and set things up to meet later on. The same club I took Mie to. I was talking to people not paying any attention to who was coming in. Next thing I knew, I had a tap on the back of my shoulder. I calmly turned around and was face to face with Mom. At first I thought she must have seem me come in so followed to drag me out and give me a lecture of a lifetime.

“No, she stood there with that little smile on her face. ‘Hello Jill,’ she said. All I could do was say, ‘Ah, Mom.’ Mom told me to relax. No one is here to judge anyone because we can’t judge anyone that does the same things we do. I tried the Mom, it isn’t like that. Just curious and maybe I should be going. Mom told me I was being silly. Then Dad walked up. ‘Hello, hello,’ she said to us. Mom said, fancy who you meet at these places, isn’t it. ‘Only fun loving liberated people,’ dad replied. Shit Dave, I mean, I didn’t know what to do. I ended up tagging along behind our parents like a little kid in a grocery store.”

Jill went on to tell me how by the end of the night our parents had set up a meeting at a close hotel with another couple. Jill explained that they were a younger couple then dad and Mom and that she thought the guy was pretty neat. After our parents set it up, the guy asked Jill if she would join them too. Jill said she told them that these were her parents but all the guy could say was Mother, daughter. That’s most guys dream come true. Jill was insisting that while it sounded like fun, she just couldn’t tonight. She said she looked around for the guy she came in with but couldn’t find him anywhere. Mom turned and spoke to dad and then turned back to Jill. I think it’s a great idea honey, why don’t you come along?

Jill continued. “I no longer had a ride so I just said, what the hell. Maybe I could go and just make some excuse and get out of there. I mean, I love sex, all different kinds of sex, but, sex with your parents in the room? I don’t think even I have ever imagined that. The three of us got in Dad’s car and drove the short distance to the hotel. The other couple was right behind us. After we got in the room that for some reason dad already had a key to, Mom and the other lady started making out. I thought now I could make my escape but I was now even farther from home than before.

“So, I said what the hell, I stayed. Dad went over by the ladies and the new guy paid attention to me. He did make me feel good and I forgot about who all was present. Needless to say, we had sex. Everyone had sex. That was my entry into this life of mine and finding out, and accepting that Mom and Dad were bigger kinksters then even I was. After that night, we because accepting of each other lifestyles and from time to time partied together.”

“You say, all had sex,” I inquired? “Can I ask, did you have sex with Mom and Dad?”

I knew you would ask that, she replied, “Yes, that first night I got my snatch eaten by our Mother and after a while I was fucked from behind by our Dad. At first I thought it was the other guy but when I turned my head I seen it was dad pounding away at my pussy. I know I stiffened a bit but it felt really good. I just looked back forward and let him pound away. Oh, I also sucked his cock knowing full well who it was and I got a mouth full of cum too. I told both Mom and Dad after that night that it was a bit upsetting and I would prefer not fucking or sucking my dad. They agreed and I haven’t fucked Dad since. Mom’s another story.”

“OK,” I said. “I think I can understand that. How did Mie start with my parents?”

“Easy,” Mie replied. “Your Father was fixing the door. Remember when he did that for you.”

“I think so,” I replied.

“When he was finished he came on to me and told me he knew I loved the boys because Jill, the big mouth, had spilt the beans. I fucked your dad against the kitchen counter. Your Mom was included after that. It just grew as a regular thing. You have to admit, your Dad has a great cock.”

“Yeah, I guess,” I told her. “So, how did my little dick come to be such an important thing. Is that all you talked about?”

“Oh. Heavens no,” Jill blurted out. “Mom and Dad knew you were time your entire life. When I mentioned that Mie was getting it on the side even though she loved you very much, they right away said it must me his little cock or wiener as mom calls it. I knew about it like I told you. When you were a teen playing with it. Of course, Mie certainly knows. Now it seems, every man and Woman Mie has had to the house found out too. So, in our group of friends, everyone knows. And, there you have the Family Way.”

OK, let’s get back to the present. Jill is still at it but her encounters are only on the side when she cheats on her now husband of 15 years. She has a son and seems content for the most part being a wife. My Dad took ill around 8 years ago and retired from any physical exertion by doctor’s orders. We lost him 4 years ago. Mie no longer has people to the house but does get out once or twice a month for her need to get fucked. Can’t do it at home any longer because right now we have our 14-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter here. Nope, neither have my genes but you could never tell me they are not my children. The most fortunate is our son who hasn’t seemed to be cursed with the same thing I am. His dick seems like to may be following his sperm donor.

My Mom, well, I love that Woman. 69 now and still looking 50. She had always took care of herself and it really shows. Sure, a few wrinkles but they are easy to look past. She moved in with us after we lost Dad and for me, it was a god send. She is no longer active in the sexual party scene and hasn’t been since Dad had to stop but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have needs yet. Every 2 weeks, she ask me for a massage and I am always eager to give it. We both get naked. Her, nice looking yet, me, about 40 pounds heavier. That little thing you know I have is now maybe half it size in appearance with the weight gain. Doesn’t matter.

I give Mom her massage and after about an hour of working on her, she parts her legs and my oily hands find her slit. I don’t bring her to orgasm anymore although I did not that many years ago but now she just enjoys the slippery fingers going back and forth over her well experienced pussy. After she feels she has had enough of that she always reaches over and plays with my cock. She always talks like I’m a child and encourages me to cum. Which I always do. Every two weeks, I get to cum. That’s it. I live my life as I agreed to 20 years ago. Sure, there was a lot more that went on during and in between what I described above.

While I ate a lot of pussy and cum, because of the pussy, I loved it. Most times never even tasted the cum with the pussy juices I loved so much. Unlike some I guess, I never was required to suck another man’s cock. Yes, it had been suggested from time to time but it wasn’t something Mie desired so I didn’t. It never killed me and I got real used to being ridiculed and humiliated for my dick size. I’m still here. Life goes on.


The End.


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