Stud Maker 9000

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by smallercuck

Linus Waterson’s hands were shaking. He had never been in a sex shop before. The quiet 20 year-old was a sheltered young man and it took him days to get up the courage to finally go to “The Adult’s Playground”.

It was 20-minutes until ten pm, when the sex shop would be closing. Linus figured that by going just before the store closed, he would be less likely to be seen by someone he knew. The idea of being seen at such an establishment was mortifying to Linus Waterson.

It wasn’t just his conservative upbringing that made Linus ashamed to be seen at the sex shop. He was even more humiliated, if that was possible, because he was visiting the store to buy a sleeve to wear over his penis. The prosthetic sleeve was designed to increase the length and girth of the wearer’s member. While Linus was not worldly, sexually speaking, he was knowledgeable. The brilliant statistician did the math and crunched the numbers and the conclusion was incontrovertible. Linus’ penis was smaller than 98% of other guys, but Linus hoped that with the help of the extension he would be an adequate lover for his girlfriend.

The young college professor had read that many men felt that their equipment was too small -that they didn’t measure up. Linus, however, was more analytical than the typical guy and he took careful measurements before digging through the scientific literature. At less than four inches in length, Linus had an objectively small penis. He wasn’t just deluding himself.

Linus had been dating Cammy for almost six months. She was a pretty undergrad who had caught Linus’ eye the moment she sat down at the front of his class. Cammy, like most of Linus’ students was several years older than he was and she was more experienced too. The pretty co-ed often got a chuckle out of dressing provocatively for the young professor. She thought it was hilarious when he stammered in front of the whole class on account of seeing her pretty braless breasts highlighted by a tight sweater. It was all good-natured kidding, though. Cammy genuinely liked Linus, and Linus was smitten with her.

She asked him out the day after she completed her undergraduate degree -it would have been inappropriate to do so earlier. He accepted instantly and could hardly believe his luck. How many nerds are actually asked out by their dream girl?

The pair seemed like a great match. Linus loved spending time with Cammy and they had not fought a single time since becoming a couple. Linus thought he might even marry her one day and just the sight of her sent tingles of arousal coursing through his body. There was one ‘little’ problem though. Linus hadn’t dared to attempt sex with Cammy, even though she was definitely becoming impatient waiting for him to make a move. He was sure that once the pretty brunette found out about his shortcoming she would leave him. A beauty like her would have no trouble finding a man who could really measure-up.

And so, Linus found himself in a seedy sex shop preparing to buy a sleeve to wear on his dick. He figured that with the help of the sleeve, which was not unlike a condom with padding to increase the wearer’s length and girth, he would be able to keep Cammy satisfied. Linus was also sure that he would last longer wearing the device. He often worried about that too.

The shop was empty except for a heavy-set blonde at the counter. Linus hardly looked at her when he entered the store and headed directly for the staggering array of sex toys and devices. He quickly selected his two purchases. No browsing was required. Linus, as was his nature, had done all his research beforehand on the internet and he knew exactly what he wanted.

First he chose the “Stud-maker 9000” model penis extension sleeve. There were many competing brands, but Linus was sure that this particular model would best serve his purposes. Next he picked out a water based lubricant. He had no experience with these products, but extensive internet reading assured the studious young man that the lubricant was a must.

Linus blushed as he brought his purchases to the front desk. He looked down at the countertop and plopped his items down. Linus shyly dug through his wallet for the required cash. He managed to accomplish all this without even looking at the clerk.

“Oh, you’re probably not going to want this one,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of returns.”

Linus looked up. The blonde was in her mid- forties. She was several inches taller than Linus and probably outweighed him by at least 80 pounds. Her white t-shirt was stretched tightly over her large pendulous tits and a roll of fat lolled over her too-tight blue jeans. Her white arms were covered in amateurish tattoos and the skin between her elbow and her armpit sagged under the weight of her body fat. She may have been pretty, once, Linus thought, but the hefty blonde looked a little haggard and used. Linus would have described her as trashy and intimidating.

The blonde’s hair was unkempt and her makeup, which did nothing to hide her double chin, was applied too thickly for Linus’ taste. She did have pretty blue eyes, he thought, but he quickly looked back to the countertop when she noticed him looking a moment too long.

“Oh, really? Um, well…”

“Yeah, it’s a design flaw,” she interrupted. “They don’t even make these any more. I really should take them off the shelf. They’re so fucking small that nobody can get the damn thing on.”

Linus blushed. He already knew from the internet forums that normal guys were unable to get the “Stud Maker 9000” over their erect penises. He also knew that the company had stopped making this particular device due to the number of complaints. Linus, as always, had done the math. The stud maker would fit his particular endowment perfectly.

“I think I’ll just try it. You know. I think it’ll be okay.” Linus was beat red as he put his wallet on the countertop and attempted to press the cash into the clerk’s hand.

“Really? Are you sure? Look, why don’t you try it on. Save you the hassle of having to bring it back.”

Linus looked up again. Try it on? Was she teasing him?

The clerk scooped up the Stud-maker and grabbed Linus by the arm. She began to lead him around the counter. He tugged to get away from her, but she was surprisingly strong. “Come on,” she said. “You can try it in the break room. There’s nobody else here.”

The blonde waddled towards the back of the store with the blushing young professor in tow. She opened the door to a closet-like room that was lit by a single incandescent bulb. The dimly lit room contained a filthy looking couch, a small television set with a DVD player and a coffee table with an overfilled ashtray. The room smelled of cigarettes. The obese woman deftly opened the package and produced the rubber penis inside. “It looks normal, right? Nice size.” she said. “But look here.” The clerk turned the dong around and indicated the opening for the wearer’s shaft. “Look how small it is. They fucked-up on the diameter, or some shit.”

The clerk expected Linus to finally catch on to her point and to give up on the Stud-Maker 9000, but he did no such thing. Linus was more embarrassed than he had ever been in his life and he was intimidated by the pushy woman, but he also knew that this sex-toy was exactly what he was looking for. Linus just looked up at the fat blonde, tongue-tied.

She returned his gaze slyly. “Still want to try it on, huh? Tell you what. I’ll go lock up the store and leave you to do your thing. Here, I’ve got a few DVDs to help you get a stiffy. You like shemales?” She giggled as he became even redder-faced. “Just kidding. Just kidding. Look, you’ll like this one.”

The clerk pressed play and the television screen showed a big-titted brunette fingering her shaved pussy. “That bitch gets me soaking wet every time,” the clerk said before handing the penis sleeve to Linus and leaving the room.

Linus stood for a moment watching the screen. He should just get in his car and leave, but he really felt like he needed the sleeve. Cammy was planning a weekend together soon, and he knew he couldn’t avoid sex with her forever. He really didn’t want to leave the store without the Stud-Maker 9000.

“Damn,” he thought, “That actress is really hot.” The girl on the television screen reminded him a little of Cammy. Yes, she was older and had large fake tits, but her face was similar enough that he imagined she could be Cammy’s mother. The delightfully naughty thought made him painfully hard.

Linus watched the brunette’s beautiful face as the woman brought herself to orgasm. Is that what his girlfriend would look like is the throes of passion? Linus began to touch the stiff lump in his slacks and he wondered if he shouldn’t take a moment and test-fit the stud-maker after all.

Linus unzipped his pants and they dropped to his ankles. He stroked his little penis slowly as the older, on-screen version of Cammy fucked herself with her delicate manicured fingers. The young man was lost in his arousal for a few moments before he realized that he was dangerously close to cummming. All the nervous tension that Linus had been feeling had heightened the sense of sexual urgency, and he suddenly realized that he was in a very compromising position. Linus needed to get out of there as soon as he could, and with all the resolve he could muster, he stopped pleasuring himself.

There was a quick rap on the door and it swung open before Linus could pull up his underwear. The heavy store clerk appraised the scene in from of her, smiling. She noted Linus’ penis, which was almost completely hidden in the palm of his hand. “Oh, you poor, poor little man.”

She moved from the door and quickly crossed the room to stand uncomfortably close to Linus. The fat blonde placed her left foot on the pants and underwear bunched up at the young professor’s ankles, effectively preventing him from pulling them up and covering himself. “It’s okay,” she said. “Let me make sure the extender fits before you go.”

Linus stood stunned as the woman took the rubber penis from his hand. He hadn’t even realized he was still holding it. He looked down as she rolled the rubber sleeve back with one hand while holding his small dick between her thumb and forefinger with the other. It was the first time in his adult life that a woman had touched his penis, but the shock of the situation had caused him to go limp.

The clerk held the miniature dick in her hand as she consoled Linus. “It’s okay. You don’t have to be scared. We can fix this.”

She began deftly unbuttoning her shirt with her free hand and Linus couldn’t help but notice her heavy udder-like tits. “Are you a tit-man, Baby?”

She unhooked the clasp on the front of the brassier and when it fell away Linus stood mesmerized by her large areolae and fat nipples.

He swallowed hard.

She shook her tits at him and smiled. Linus was stiff again. “Is that is big as it gets, Sweetie?”

Linus felt himself blush even more and his cock jumped in her hand.

“Here, Baby, you feel Mama’s titties while we do our little test fit, okay?”

She placed one of the younger man’s hands on her soft breast and encouraged him to massage it. Meanwhile, she began to unroll the rubber phallus over Linus’ rock-hard dick.

The “Stud-Maker 9000” fit the young man’s meager penis perfectly and the woman smiled with satisfaction when it was in place. She began jacking the rubber dong like she might a real penis and Linus felt a little faint. The sensation on his cock was unlike anything he had ever felt. The woman’s fat body shook with the motion of the stroking and Linus stared mesmerized at her breasts. “You like those big titties, little man? You want to suck my big nipples?”

The fat clerk leaned forward to kiss Linus. He stood in in place, stunned, while her tongue forced its way into his mouth. The inexperienced young man could taste the cigarettes on her breath and he could hear her wheezing breathing as she became excited.

After kissing Linus, the older woman placed her lips at his ear and softly exhaled. Her hot breath sent a shiver down his spine as she continued to jack him off inside the sleeve. “I’m Doris, Baby. What’s your name, sexy boy?”

Linus was beyond words at this point. He let out a quiet squeak and began cumming inside the “Stud-maker 9000”. Linus’ body shook in orgasm as Doris moaned softly in his ear. “You’re so cute, little man. Cum for Mamma.”

She kissed him again as his orgasm concluded and he couldn’t help but accept her kiss eagerly.

When the little cock slipped out of the rubber sleeve, Doris looked down. “Mmmm, baby. That was hot. Let me get you cleaned up Sweetie, and then we can go to my place. I’m going to have fun with you.”

Doris left the stunned college professor in the break room. He could hear water running nearby and could hear the fat woman humming softly to herself as she cleaned his load out of the “Stud-Maker 9000”. The moaning woman on the television screen put Linus in mind of his girlfriend as he pulled his pants and underwear up. Linus’ crotch was a sticky mess, but he didn’t care. He quickly slipped out of the break room and out the front of the store as his heart beat frantically in his chest.


Linus lay awake racked in guilt. He had cheated on Cammy and humiliated himself with the horrible sex-shop woman, Doris. She wasn’t even attractive, he told himself, and she had basically forced herself on him. Right?

When the phone rang Linus let it go to the answering machine. He couldn’t bear to talk to Cammy right now. He felt terrible every time he thought about Doris and what she did to him, but somehow there was a strange sense of arousal mixed in with the guilt. Linus felt his small dick get hard as he remembered her huge breasts and her aggressive kisses. Linus remembered Doris’ warm breath in his ear and her fingers encircling his penis as he grew stiff in her hand. The young professor stroked himself while feeling guilty and aroused all at once.

The phone rang again, tearing Linus away from his perverted revelry. This time he decided to answer. “Cammy, I…”

He was interrupted by a now-familiar voice, “Linus, this is Doris. You left your wallet in the store. I’ll be at your place in fifteen minutes.”

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