Golf Gets Nasty (Gay Themes)

By Stillherer

I like to wear panties under my regular clothes then go out and about thrilled that no one else knows. I always take care to make sure that nothing shows though I have been aware of some interesting looks from people who may have noticed a VPL once or twice.

One beautiful autumn morning I thought a round of golf would be fun. Pulling my trousers over a lovely pair of creamy orange semi-sheer panty briefs I headed off to a local course.

The pro said he would squeeze me in with a group as soon as a vacancy came up. I waited until my name was called and when I turned up at the first tee I found I was golfing with three older guys.

They introduced themselves in a rather surly fashion as Jim, Stan and Ted. None of them appeared to have any desire to have an unwanted fourth with them and they made sure I knew it. They were big men, bombastic and full of themselves. Jim, more snarly than the others, actually asked me if I could golf. I attempted a humorous response that got me cold stares in response and a dismissive, “Well you better,” from Jim.

Though they were friendly and fun with each other it was obvious that my presence was only just being tolerated and only then as long as my game kept up with theirs. It wasn’t long before I produced a poor shot to get the negative comments really started. The three of them took huge pleasure in trying to out do the other two in derogatory descriptions of my game, snickering amongst themselves and laughing cruelly. I tried to not take it to heart but they were getting especially mean and personal.

Another issue was that I should have used the toilet before teeing-off. Bye the fourth hole I was busting and by the time we made it to the concession stand at six I was walking funny. As I rushed for the toilet I could already feel the relief but as I started to enter Jim pushed in with me. “Uhm,” I stammered taken aback by his lack of manners, “…this toilet is only for one person at a time Jim.”

I couldn’t believe how whiny it sounded.

“Oh come on pal,” Jim countered condescendingly, “…like you ain’t never pissed in the same bowl as another guy!”

He didn’t wait for my answer but just brushed past me to use the facilities. I was left there furious but so desperate that I knew if I didn’t pee immediately I would be wetting my pants. Muttering fuck to myself I fumbled with my pants nearly pissing myself anyways in my desperation to get my penis out and try to not let Jim see what I was wearing. He appeared oblivious to me as he voided his bladder and with huge relief I did too.

“Can’t see what you’re all that worried about,” Jim drawled out of the blue leaning forward to inspect my manhood. As I blushed furiously he snickered, “…hell boy, my grandson has a bigger pee pee than that and he’s only twelve years old.”

When I looked at the man horrified that he would dare to say such a thing he just smiled at me imperviously and winked. I must have looked as stunned as I felt because his stupid grin just got bigger and with a suggestive arch of his eyebrow he indicated with a knowing nod of his head that I should look down.

Mystified I did.

Looking at Jim’s big old cock and back to mine the differences in size just left me gobsmacked. Jim’s large cock was spraying a steady stream of piss into the bowl. Fuck I thought somewhat dismayed, he even pisses bigger than me too.

“Hold it for me,” Jim told me like it was what any man would do for another and let go of his cock.

When I didn’t immediately respond Jim turned slightly towards me so that the stream of his piss threatened to splash onto my pants leg and shoes. Desperate to avoid that I reached out and took hold of his penis.

Oh my god, echoed through my brain as I clumsily held onto this man’s penis utterly stunned by what was happening. Jim hummed beside me like it was the most normal thing as his stream weakened then stopped. Uncertain as to what to do I looked at Jim bewildered, “Give it a shake for me would ya sonny.”

A strangled, “Whaaaa,” was all I could pronounce before the mischievously leering Jim started turning his pee dripping cock towards me.

Again instinct and avoiding his piss had me directing Jim’s cock away from me and shaking it towards the bowl.

“Oh yeah, that’s it boy,” Jim murmured appreciatively, “…you got real nice soft hands there sonny.”

Drawing an startled angry breathe I turned a self-righteous offended glare on Jim. He looked directly back at me wholly unfazed by my angry look.

“Hell boy, that’s a compliment,” Jim murmured meaningfully staring me down.

Taken aback and cowed by his look I managed stutter out, “Oh, uh, sa-sa-sorry.” Then a mumbled confused, “Tha-tha-thank-you,” as I looked away flustered.

I felt myself redden with shame for not being able to stand up to the man whose cock I realised I was still holding. As I grimaced with the realisation that I was holding onto a man’s oily fat dick Jim inquired in an amused tone, “You always wear such pretty girls pants boy?”

The room seemed to spin as I cast a startled glance down only to realise that my own pants had slipped down to about mid-thigh and I was standing there in front of Jim with my tiny dick hanging out of a pair of creamy orange semi-sheer panty briefs. Immobile with shock and crushed with humiliation, it took me moment too long to realise that Jim’s cock was getting bigger. Mesmerized I turned and stared watching as the man’s cock grew bigger and bigger in my hand.

In a daze I wondered at why I was still holding Jim’s cock that was now a very impressive erection. While I stared rapt with indecision Jim folded one of his large hands gently over mine and began stroking his erection with it.

“Oooo yeah,” Jim’s voice cooed somewhere in the background as his big calloused hand encased mine and used it masturbate with.

“Oooo yeah,” his voice panted, “…stroke big Jim for me boy. Yeah, that’s it, oooo yeah you’re good at this boy.”

Jim’s voice seemed to come out of a dream and in the dream I was stroking another mans large thick cock.

After a few moments Jim’s hands disappeared and I continued to stroke his manhood on my own mechanically, dreamily. Precum was oozing from the tip coating his cock, making it slick. His precum coated my hand as it slide easier up and down. The whole surreal event now seemed to have a momentum of its own with Jim grunting and moaning incoherently as his erection seemed to grow again in my hand.

With a long growl of animal passion Jim’s hand once again encased mine in a crushing grip to pump his manhood furiously. With my mouth agape I was utterly astounded as Jim’s free hand reached out to roughly grasp the front of my panty pulling me towards him. Like a limp rag doll I allowed Jim to pull me around in the cramped space and before I could fully comprehend what for his massive cock sent a spray of cum to splash onto my exposed abdomen.

I watched the hot creamy spray uncomprehendingly as it slide down my smooth skin into my sparse pubic hair. Jim’s animal growl alerted me so that I witnessed the second stronger jet of his cum spew from the huge purple tip of his cock to splat wetly onto my dick and pubes. In awe I looked up at Jim and was terrified by the vacant animalistic look in his eyes.

Jim wasn’t even seeing me.

Jim was cumming.

And cumming hard.

And cumming lots.

As I stared too stricken to dare move Jim used my hand to pump himself dry. As his spurting prick slackened he pulled me closer until I could feel his hot sour cigar breath on my face as he expended the remnants of his orgasm onto my penis.

With a deep growl Jim’s eyes fluttered, his head fell back and his body shuddered with post orgasmic pleasure. Thoroughly mortified I hung my head in shame regarding with dismay the vast amount of Jim’s hot gooey cum now covering my pubes and cock. Cum was seeping down over my balls, oozing wetly between my thighs.

Jim’s big hand released mine and rose until he held in front of my face. It glistened wetly with traces of his cum. As I watched meekly captivated he traced the outline of my lips with a slick index finger. When I took a long shuddering breath but didn’t move away Jim pressed his finger against my lips and into my mouth. Like a child I sucked on his finger. Sucking traces of cum away. Gently Jim pulled his finger away holding his goo coated palm beneath my nose and in a trance I licked it clean for him.

Jim’s other hand released the front of my panty to slide up my body and grip the nape of my neck possessively. With a whimper but no will to fight him Jim used his hand to force me to my knees of hard wet gritty floor before him. With my hand still gripping his now softening cock Jim directed the tip of his oozing dick towards my lips. Numbly I watched his slick flaccid cock fill my view, felt it slip wetly over my lips before in a daze I sucked Jim into my mouth.

“Uhmmmmm,” I hummed over Jim’s cock as I sucked the last bits of cum from him. My soft boy hand pumped his fat slick cock to make sure I got it all.

“Uaaggghhhhh,” I groaned suddenly inexplicably wanting more of this rude dismissive man’s cum. Jim’s cock seemed to respond to my attentions until suddenly there was a thunderous banging on the door.

“Hey, come on in there let’s go!” a voice cried impatiently and some one thumped the door angrily again.

Jim sighed and with a satisfied shudder pulled away from me. The unexpected intrusion had broken the spell and I was horrified to realise that I was kneeling on a cold gritty urine wet floor with the taste of cum in mouth and a crotch full of Jim’s wet gooey jism.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned not daring to catch Jim’s eye as he unhurriedly arranged his clothes and bolted out the door.

“Oh fuck what have I done,” I moaned.

Kneeling there, feeling defiled, utterly devastated and ashamed, I was on the verge of crying when the door burst open and an angry Ted yelled down at me, “Would you hurry the fuck up!”

Then slammed the door vanishing as quickly as he had appeared.

Flustered and with no time to think about it I pulled my cum filled panties up feeling Jim’s mess squish about my cock and balls. When I pulled my pants up I was dismayed to see that the knees were wet and filthy from the floor. Shaking my head in despair I headed for the door and out in the bright sunny day.

I had no idea how long had transpired, it seemed like a different day, but the three men were waiting quietly for me. No one mentioned anything. No one made fun of the state of my clothes. No one snarled or made any snide comments. In a daze, I played my shot and followed the other three up the fairway.

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