The Strip Club

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by eatmebeatmeguy (edited)

I wouldn’t consider myself a regular at strip clubs. I go five or so times per year, usually with friends. By the middle or end of the night, even when stone cold sober, I end up splurging for a lap dance or two. I almost always cum in my pants during them. Some of the strippers notice, some don’t. Once a dancer grabbed me and said, “I know about you and I’m going to make you cum. Let’s go” She was black, busty, almost a foot taller than me with heels, and the lap dance was great. She kept whispering in my ear “I’m going to make your big cock explode.” After I came and cleaned up, I asked her if she really thought my cock was big.

“Ha, no way. I just thought you wanted to hear that. You’re a great cummer though.”

A few weeks later I was driving by the club and decided to stop in alone. I’d never been there alone before. It is amazing how much more attention I got that night than when standing with a group of guys. Makes sense, though.

So I was standing not too far from the stage with my back to a wall. The black dancer from before, Nightress, was dancing on stage. I felt the presence of another person and I looked over. It was a beautiful brunette dancer who stood at 5’8″ with heels, she had dark red lips, dark black straight hair, 36C’s that were natural and wonderfully tucked into a corset. She was chewing gum and nonchalantly whispered, “You like her, huh?”

“She’s pretty hot. She’s got some moves,” I said.

“She told me about your problem.” she smirked.

I gulped and wondered what she meant.

“Problem?” I asked.

She suddenly grabbed my swollen cock and said, “Yes, this little problem. It is a shame this little thing has a size issue and cums too fast.”

I felt my cock pulsate in her hand, through my pants.

I looked her in the eyes and then started to drift my attention towards her amazing tits. She squeezed harder.

“Are you ready to serve me in the champagne room? To be my bitch?” she asked.

“Yes please,” I whispered.

Normally I’m a cheap fuck and I wouldn’t ever spend that kind of money, but she had me, literally, by the balls.

She towed me by my 4″ swollen cock across the club. Men were looking. Some of the dancers were smiling because they knew what was about to happen. We went upstairs to where the magic happens, or where men hope the magic is about to happen. We were in a small room with a heart-shaped couch without a back centred in the room.

She said, “Take off all of your clothes and lay face down across that chair. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I hurried to get naked and laid down on my chest. I heard her heels coming back into the room. They were sexy stilettos that a businesswoman would wear. She was classy, sexy and assertive. She walked in front of me, I could see her sexy legs. She squatted down so my face was near her breasts and her face and she said, “You are mine for the next 30 minutes.”

She looked at her watch and said, “Well, make that 26 minutes. You will not touch me. Your safe word is cowboy. Say that if I’m going to far, otherwise hold on cowboy because this is going to be one hell of a journey.”

I could feel my cock pulsating, my heart racing and my body shaking with fear.

“Roll over on your back.”

I followed orders.

“Look at that pathetic thing. It is so tiny.” She took two wooden spoons and crushed my cock between them. and then crushed harder.

She stood up and let my cock be for a second. “I think you’ve earned these,” and she let her tits out of her corset. They were so perfect. She put them down near my face and asked if I want to nurse from her like a baby.

“Yes, please.” I whimpered.

She took the spoons and crushed my cock again as she lowered her tits into my face.

“Suck on these titties you little baby with a baby penis. I’m going to smother you so that you can’t think straight. Do you hear me.”

I mumbled something that sounded like yes ma’am.

She started stroking my cock and I was in amazement. Then she said, “Nightress said you cum quickly. Not with me bitch.” and she punched me in the balls.

I squealed and fell to the ground. She had me get on my knees and put my cock on the coffee table. She stood up and crushed it with her the toe of her high heels.

“Scream you bitch.” she yelled at me.

I was enjoying it too much to scream. She stomped again, harder. I wrapped my hands around her and moved my head towards her panties. She kicked me in the nuts and I fell over.

She pointed up at the corner of the room and said, “Do you see that camera. We’re being watched. You can’t touch me.”

“But you’re so sexy. I need you,” I begged.

I was surely thinking with my cock and wanted nothing more than to cum with her assistance.

She started rubbing my cock and said, “This is worthless. What can you do for me?”

“I’m a great pussy licker.” I said.

“I’d rather have a woman do that to me. I need cock. Big cock. Even average cock. Not that puny shit.”

I was hurt, but so horny. I didn’t know what to do. I crawled to her and got on my knees in front of her.

“Please mistress, can I taste your pussy.”

She moved towards me, moved her panties to the side and let me see her pink swollen twat. I moved forward to take a lick and just as a loud crash came from behind me, she kicked me in the balls again. I don’t enjoy that feeling at all and I fell to the ground. I looked up and there was a bouncer above me. He was 6’2″ muscular and black. He said “son, I think your time is over here.”

The dancer walked over to him and he leaned down so she could whisper something in his ear.

He laughed and said, “Oh yeah?” and looked at me.

I gulped.

He said, “Is that true?”

I thought he was talking about my little cock and it got a little bit harder thinking that she was talking about my cock.

“I’m afraid so, yes.”

“Well then,” he said as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It wasn’t yet hard, but was already twice as big as my hard cock.

He brought it over and put it in front of my face. She stood behind him, so I could see her smile and her amazing tits. She said, “Well, suck a real dick, little boy and maybe I’ll let you touch me.”

I put my lips around his bit swollen member. It was my first time ever tasting cock. I’d sucked dildos before, but never the real thing. He took at east on me at first. He didn’t force it deep and he let me run my tongue along it. Not before long, He was pumping into my face. She was smacking my cock, making sure it stayed extra aroused, but didn’t cum. Then he pulled out and stroked his cock with only my lips on it as he exploded all over my face.

She helped me to swallow every drop of cum before she started stroking my cock.

“If you really want my pussy, you’ll have to take a cock in your tight little asshole. You can eat my pussy while you take a cock. What do you think?”

just those words made me explode all over myself and her tits. She continued milking me as I licked my cum off of her tits.

“Till next time, little dick.”

And she left me laying there feeling like a total slut.

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