Revealing Richard

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by anon (edited)

If there was ever a poster boy for nerds Richard Brent was it back in the summer of 2008. He had just graduated from high school, and he was so much the nerd that it had taken him until his senior year to lose the pocket protector that was a part of him forever.

For a time Richard even had glasses with a cracked frame that were taped to hold them together, although that was because since his father had left Mom and him to fend for themselves money was scarce.

Richard didn’t mind because he understood how tough it was for his mother having to be both Mom and Dad to compensate for his absent old man, and that was why he tolerated her often overbearing nature.

It had helped their very humble household that Richard did little to cause his mother concern because he was a real homebody, preferring to study rather than running the streets like a lot of his classmates. This did nothing for his non-existent social life, but helped him get grades, good enough to get him a scholarship to college.

Going to college was what Richard thought would change his life, at least socially, because maybe intelligent college girls would be more interested in him as a person. Not as concerned with superficial things like how athletic or handsome you are, or so he hoped.

It wasn’t like Richard was hideous, but even he admitted to himself that he did look like a geek, so much so that his occasional attempts over the years to look more hip only make him look more silly. He’s 5’9″ frame was practically devoid of muscle and while the acne that had haunted his early teenage years was mostly gone there were traces of the scars still left behind.

Physically Richard was sure that he was a freak because he looked nothing like the other guys. Although he did his best to avoid being seen when he changed clothes in the gym locker room, he had heard the giggles when guys did see him.

Even the only girlfriend he had ever had in his life had laughed when their relationship got to a more intimate level and she saw his private parts. Lily had later apologised, but Richard was crushed by her treatment and swore off attempting to find a girl at his school. Richard had not sworn off sex, though, because he spent a lot of time pleasuring himself in the privacy of his bedroom, but he was hoping that things would change in college.

Things did change alright.

It was just another summer day in 2008 and Richard was drying off after a shower in his bedroom. He hadn’t closed the bedroom door because his mother was at work, but apparently Margo Brent’s allergies flared up so she ended up coming home early.

Richard had his stereo playing and must have drowned out the sound of his Mom coming home. Margo Brent would say later that she was just coming down to his room to ask her son to turn down the music because her head was aching. Richard suspected that she had been in the doorway for more than a second, although with him drying his hair he couldn’t be sure.

“Dear god!” Margo Brent had said when she saw your son there naked.

While what followed Richard might find amusing in the future, as a very introverted and self-conscious kid it was horrible when happened. After Mom let out her shrill panicked cry, she had come over and demanded that Richard move the towel from in front of him that he had used to cover himself, and when he sheepishly did what she asked his mother carried on like he was defective.

To make a long story short, Margo Brent was horrified because there was something very strange about her son when she saw him naked for the first time since he was a baby. After asking whether he always looked like that, Richard’s Mom declared that while she was no expert, there was definitely something wrong with him.

“It’s not like I’ve seen that many fellows in my life,” Margo explained after tearfully telling her boy how much she cared about him. “But this isn’t normal. If your father was around he would know about these things.”

The conclusion Margo made was that she would take Richard to the doctor to get him looked over because he was still young and something might still be done to help him.

“We get a check-up at school every year,” Richard had complained. “No doctor ever said anything.”

“Those aren’t real exams,” Margo had scoffed. “We’ll get you a real exam. I should’ve done this before, when I suspected something was amiss with you.”

So Margo had taken Richard to the doctor, the very same paediatrician that Richard used to go to when he was young. Enduring this was bad enough for the timid teen but going to a paediatrician?

“Paediatrician’s take care of kids until they’re 18 and beyond. In the United States they can take care of you until you’re 21. I checked on the computer,” his mother had declared.

So she proclaimed that Richard would get a physical from the same doctor who had examined him countless times as a child. “Can’t we go to a regular doctor?” Richard pleaded to deaf ears.

What he wanted to say was that he would rather go to a male doctor. Doctor Candy was nice enough, but she was a female, and the thought of a woman looking at him was intimidating. Not that he thought she would laugh like Lily did, but she probably didn’t see that many guys or at least not as much as a male doctor.

So the appointment was made, and to make it worse, Richard’s mother had declared that not only was she accompanying him to the office, she was going to be very much involved in the examination as well.

“I want to make sure that you get a through looking over,” Mom said on the way to the doctor’s office, her frugal side blending with her motherly concern. “We must address your problem and besides, we don’t have insurance so I have to pay cash for this. I want to make sure I get my money’s worth.”

In the waiting room Richard felt ridiculous sitting there with his mother like the two other kids in the room, except he was 18 and not 8 or 12 like the others probably were.

“No, I don’t want to read anything,” Richard said as he refused his mother’s offer of a copy of National Geographic Kids, his neck still burning from the encounter at the check-in desk with the nurse.

“And what’s the nature of Richard’s visit, Mrs. Brent?” The middle-aged nurse had asked, her flaming red hair matching the glasses she wore.

“Richard needs a complete physical exam,” Richard’s Mom explained. “He hasn’t had one in quite a while.”

“Yes, according to the records Richard hasn’t been here since he was 13 – five years ago,” the nurse said.

“He says they give exams at school, but I understand they aren’t much of an exam at all,” Mrs. Brent huffed before mercifully lowering her voice and leaning over the counter to add “I’m very concerned about my son’s physical development, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, Dr. Candy will be able to let you know about that and set your mind at ease,” the nurse said as she smiled at the lad who looked like he wanted to crawl under the rug. “Don’t worry, Richard. As you may remember, Dr. Candy doesn’t bite. It’ll be a little while because you’re early, so why doesn’t you both relax and have a seat.”

Richard surmised that they would be the last appointment of the day since no one had come in since they arrived, and as they waited for the kid with the raspy cough to get taken care of his mother excused herself.

“I have to go to the bathroom. Might as well use their facilities and get my money’s worth,” Margo Brent whispered to her son, and as she went to the bathroom, he wondered whether his mother would stuff toilet paper in her purse.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, Richard,” the nurse said from behind the counter. “Are you going to college?”

“Yes, ma’am. I got a scholarship to State and start in the fall,” Richard said.

While his mother did whatever she was doing in the restroom the teen got up and approached the women whose badge identified her as Nurse Elvira Hatchett. He asked, “Can I ask you something?”


“Do guys my age come here still?” Richard asked, biting his lower lip as he blushed. “I mean, it seems like it’s just little kids here.”

“To be honest, Richard, usually when the children get older they end up finding doctors of their own,” Nurse Hatchett said. “We do have some youngsters your age that still come here though.”

“Nothing against Dr. Candy,” Richard started to say, his eyes on Nurse Hatchett’s name tag which was resting on her large bosom.

“I understand completely, Richard,” Hatchett said, reaching up and patting the hand Richard had placed on the counter with her freckled one. “I take it your Mom’s a little much at times, but I’m sure it’s because she loves you. We’ll try to make this as painless as possible, and if there’s anything I can do to help you get through it you let me know, okay?”

“Okay,” Richard said, the cherubic lady’s friendly smile.

Her smile calmed him a little bit, and maybe that was also because she looked a little like his neighbour next door, Mrs. Bauer. Who Richard spent a lot of time admiring from his bedroom window in his own special way.

Finally, Richard’s mother came out of the bathroom and the coughing kid left with his own mother. Another nurse came out the examination room, wishing Nurse Hatchett a good night as she prepared to leave, and Nurse Hatchett asked her associate to lock the door behind her when she left.

“Richard here is our last happy customer of the day,” Nurse Hatchett told her colleague with a smile before turning to the teen. “Come on back with me, Richard.”

Richard felt like he was going to the electric chair as he took little steps towards what was going to be torture, and as he walked through the door Nurse Hatchett was holding open Richard saw the look of shock on the woman’s face when she saw Margo Brent on her son’s heels.

“Mrs. Brent…” Nurse Hatchett started to say but Richard’s Mom cut her off, telling the nurse her speech about how she was going to get her money’s worth and all.

“That’s fine then,” Nurse Hatchett said when Richard’s Mom came up for air, and Richard walked over to when Dr. Candy was, surprised at how much older she looked now.

The doctor was probably the same age as the nurse and his mother, which meant somewhere around fifty. While her smile wasn’t as warm or friendly as Nurse Hatchett’s, she seemed to be saner than his Mom who Richard feared was half out of her mind.

“You can get your clothes off, honey,” Nurse Hatchett said as she walked past. “Your briefs can stay on.”

That was small comfort to Richard after he stripped down while the three middle-aged women milled around, feeling quite naked in his boxer shorts in a room that felt cold and imposing. His frail and pale body was shivering a bit as he stepped onto the scale to be measured.

“This will be over before you know it,” Nurse Hatchett said softly to him as she moved the metal prong over Richard’s head and lowered it, the pleasant floral scent as she raised her arm matching her reassuring manner. Five-feet, nine-inches, and one half.”

“One-hundred-and-twenty-eight pounds,” Nurse Hatchett then said after moving the weight bar around. “A little light, but I wish I had that problem. Perfectly normal.”

To Richard it seemed like Nurse Hatchett had said that for his mother’s benefit, but as Richard stepped off the scale he noticed that his mother was already blabbing away to Dr. Candy about what she thought was wrong with her son.

“Don’t get me wrong, Doctor,” Margo Brent said as the paediatrician puts the cold instrument on Richard’s chest and listened to his heart. “My Richard is a very intelligent young man, but if you look at him – I mean he’s not like boys his age.”

“All boys are different,” Dr. Candy said. Just like girls. Some grow up slower than others, and some faster.”

“But look at him,” Margo said. “I’ve been concerned for quite a while. I mean, when his friends visit and I see them – fellows, his age, they all have hair on their legs and under their arms. Richard hardly has any hair anywhere. See?”

“Mom…” Richard whined as his mother reached over and grabbed his wrist.

Lifting his arm up briefly to show the doctor the tiny wisp of hair under his skinny arm before he pulled it back down quickly. He felt like a little kid and was wishing that either he could disappear or his Mom would pass out or something as she discussed him like he wasn’t there, and not even Nurse Hatchett’s sympathetic presence behind his mother helped much at this point.

Equally disturbing to Richard was the fact that his mother was checking out his friends, the couple that he did have, and comparing him to them. Given that his one friend Tommy had been as hairy as a bear for years, that wasn’t hardly fair. What kind of mother checks out to see how hairy her son’s friend’s legs and pits were?

“And then there’s the… You know…” Mom said, gesturing towards Richard’s boxer shorts.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather relax in the waiting room?” Dr. Candy said to Mrs. Brent.

She was forcing the smile on her face as she glanced at the back-seat doctor who obviously didn’t want to leave.

“Yes,” Richard said softly.
Dr. Candy and her nurse laughed out loud at that, breaking the tension for a second before Dr. Candy said that he could take his briefs off.

The grey boxers had been pristine when he put them on – Mom making sure of that by buying him some new ones – but Richard wasn’t sure now because he was terrified. They were all staring at him like he was some kind of carnival act, Dr. Candy cool and clinical and his mother looking like she was about to shriek again when his private parts were revealed.

And then there was Nurse Hatchett. Richard had been wishing that she wasn’t there for this examination, but now he was grateful for her presence because she was just standing there and smiling, silently mouthing the words, “It’s okay, Richard. It’s okay.”

So Richard lowered his boxer shorts. Bending and wishing he didn’t ever have to straighten, but eventually he did. After a brief second when he tried to cover himself with his hands, he gave up and let his hands fall to his sides.

“See?” Mom said with a righteous air as she pointed at Richard’s crotch.

“What is it you want me to see Mrs. Brent?” Dr. Candy said calmly, although Richard detected a little flinch when the doctor first saw his genitals.

“There’s something… not right,” Mrs. Brent said. “I haven’t seen that many men in my time, but I know…”

Dr. Candy reached down and lifted Richard’s soft penis with two fingers and raising it up a bit. “Sizes vary greatly, Mrs. Brent. Your son… isn’t abnormal.” Dr. Candy asked Richard, “Have you ever had any problems, Richard? Problems urinating or anything like that?”

“No, Doctor,” Richard said, and although he thought the idea of coming here stupid, hearing that he wasn’t a freak made him relax a little.

“The foreskin is a little snug, but nothing abnormal,” Dr. Candy observed as she slid back the shroud and examined the head of the lad’s penis, pinching the tip and looking at the pee hole. “Ever have any trouble sliding your foreskin back, Richard? It looks like you keep it very clean, and that’s important you know.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Richard said, and as he stood there while his penis was being checked over. He looked at Nurse Hatchett who was also watching his privates being examined, however, she did have a strange smirk on her face.

“I know what the average size is. The size a man’s business should be,” Richard’s mother announced. “I looked it up on the Internet. It said that the average penis is around 5 or 6 inches erect, and look at that. It isn’t right.”

“Flaccid size varies greatly as some men are show-ers and some are grow-ers, Mrs. Brent. Richard may be just a grow-er. Besides, at 18 he’s too old for any treatment now. This is what he has for the rest of his life.”

“Richard’s father was eight inches. His soft dick measured five! How could THIS happen to my boy?” Mrs. Brent asked

Dr. Candy suddenly removed her hand from his penis and grimaced at him. “Richard, I was going to ask if you had any difficulty getting an erection. I see you don’t.”

After his initial embarrassment over being gawked at, the combination of the doctor’s comforting words and her touching his dick was giving him an erection that he couldn’t control. Dr. Candy used her fingers to measure the length of his now raging hard-on. She held her fingers up to Nurse Hatchett like strange pincers whom guffawed, then controlled herself when Mrs. Brent gave her a dirty look.

It was Nurse Hatchett’s fault, Richard thought. He had been staring at her large chest and fantasising about her, and the way she was looking at him was different now. Like his girlfriend looked at him, and he liked it. He never realised it before, but he liked it when women looked at his penis like that.

“Cough for me, Richard,” Dr. Candy said, and he did his best to oblige but his mouth and throat were as dry as a bone.

“Ahem,” Richard repeated a few times as the doctor’s hand kept squeezing his scrotum, and then the room spun a little as he got light-headed for a second.

“OH,” Richard cried out when he felt a familiar tingle start at his toes and race through his body, and when he realised what was about to happen Richard bleated helplessly and too belatedly yelped, “Doctor – it – uh?”

“Does that hurt, Richard?” Dr. Candy asked innocently as she kept manipulating his testicles.
However, the paediatrician soon found out what the problem was, and only her sitting a little towards Richard’s right hip saved her from really getting the message in a more direct fashion.

“AW,” Richard moaned as his gaze left Nurse Hatchett’s bosom and went down in horror to his dick which was doing what it did best.

His penis jerked up and down on its own, and as it did jets of semen erupted out of the tip, the first rope landing near Nurse Hatchett’s white nursing shoes. The spurts that followed didn’t travel as far but even though Doctor’s Fine’s warm hand had let go of his scrotum that did nothing to stop Richard’s penis from spraying an ungodly load all over the tiled floor.

“Oh Richard! How could you?” Mrs. Brent wailed as if she could possibly be half as embarrassed as her son was by what was happening.

Richard couldn’t help the tears that came down his cheeks, but Dr. Candy made the best out of the situation by telling Mrs. Brent to shut up, using those exact words to a woman who wasn’t used to being put back on her heels like that.

“I’m sorry for being so blunt, Mrs. Brent,” Dr. Candy said as she grabbed some tissues and began wiping off Richard’s deflating manhood. “It’s just that you aren’t helping anything by carrying on like that. Richard did nothing wrong. If it was anyone’s fault, it was mine because I misunderstood what Richard was trying to communicate. There’s no harm done.”

“I’m sorry, Richard,” Dr. Candy said as she concentrated on her crushed patient. “I suppose this is easy for me to say but there’s no reason to be upset. That was my bad and trust me there is nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with your body or what just happened. Okay?”

“Okay,” Richard whispered, and then looked over at Nurse Hatchett who was kneeling and wiping his semen off the floor, and then said louder, “I’m sorry, Nurse Hatchett.”

“Don’t be sorry, honey. Little boys often have no control over their squirts, but I do need more tissues,” the nurse said as she gave Richard another smirk before grabbing the box from the counter.

Richard wanted to hug the nurse for being so sweet to him. As he looked at the middle-aged woman the uniform rode up a little when she knelt, and the teen saw that even though her legs were a little plump they were shapely. He wished that Nurse Hatchett lived next door to him, because she was an even sexier version of Mrs. Bauer.

The rest of the exam was a blur to Richard, and he was almost sad to put his clothes on at the end because he enjoyed the way the nurse looked at him.

Richard and his mother went out to the waiting room, and while the nurse filled out the paperwork Dr. Candy asked to see Margo Brent in her office before they left. Nurse Hatchett handed Richard the papers, and Richard made a face when he saw the bill on top.

“We’ll bill your mother, honey,” the nurse said, smiling at the slightly loud conversation her boss and Richard’s mother were having. “Dr. Candy doesn’t take any crap, and don’t hate me for saying this, but your mother was way out of line back there. She should have stayed out of it.”

“I know,” Richard said apologetically. “She’s kinda…”

“Tell me about it,” Nurse Hatchett said with a smile. “I had one of my own once. I used to tell her that you can’t spell smother without mother. I know she means well, but acting like that can screw a kid’s head. I suggest you forget about it, and have a nice night with your girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” Richard replied. “I don’t have one. I had one once, but she laughed at my…”

“Oh, and I bet you loved it, didn’t you? Did she call you names, and make you do squirts for her?”

Richard nodded sheepishly. “Well, if you ever need somebody to talk with,” Nurse Hatchett said as she took a card from the desk and wrote something on the back before handing it to the teen. “No need for your mother to see that.”

“We don’t have insurance,” Richard explained.

Nurse Hatchett beckoned him to lean forward, and he did. In a low voice, she said, “I saw you looking up my skirt, you naughty boy. So you better call me, if you know what’s good for you.”

“Really?” Richard said as she looked at the flowing script that read Nurse Hatchett along with the phone number that wasn’t the same as the office’s.

Nurse Hatchett whispered into his ears words that thrilled him and made him hard again. Suddenly his mother and Dr. Candy appeared, looking flushed, Richard stepped back from the counter like he’d been caught doing something bad. “And I hope you have a nice day too, Richard,” Nurse Hatchett said loudly and cheerfully.

“Goodbye,” Richard said to the smiling nurse as he got ushered out by his mother.

Trying to remember what she looked like for future fantasies since his eyes had been everywhere, but the nurse’s face most of the time. “Juliette Moore,” Richard mumbled to himself in the car, concluding that Nurse Hatchett looked a little like the actress, only with a few extra pounds.

“What?” Richard’s mother said, making his son realize that he had spoken out loud.

“Nothing,” Richard replied as his mother navigated the car toward home. “What were you and the doctor arguing about?”

“We weren’t arguing, we were just discussing, and let me tell you that I didn’t appreciate her tone,” Margo declared. “I was upset, and the way you acted didn’t help. You were right. We should have gone to another doctor. A man doctor who wouldn’t have had you doing… What you did all over the place.”

“It wasn’t anybody’s fault,” Richard said in a far more strident tone than he usually used to his mother. “She was squeezing my balls and the back of her hand was against my cock. I ejaculated. It happens.”

“Richard! Language! You aren’t talking to your buddies. I’m your mother,” Margo reminded him. “Have you been looking at the Internet? That’s why I put it in the family room so you wouldn’t be looking at things that put bad thoughts in your head.”


“I think that’s what happened to your father,” Margo opined. “Things were fine with us and then all of a sudden – and don’t think I didn’t see any of the things he looked at either. It puts bad ideas in your mind and the sort of stuff could make you as perverted as he became.”

“I don’t know about that, Mom. I don’t look at anything on the Internet,” Richard said, which was mostly true. “There’s nothing wrong with knowing about stuff though.”

“I don’t engage in demented behaviour.”

“No, but you must have looked at Tommy when he used to come over, or at least that’s what you said before,” Richard observed.

“I never.”

“You told the doctor that you checked out my friends when they came over. No wonder I don’t have many,” Richard exclaimed. “Geez, what would Tommy think if he saw you looking at how hairy his legs are?”

“I didn’t – it wasn’t like that. It’s just that I couldn’t help but notice,” Margo said as she struggled for words while pulling into the driveway, and after she turned the car off she turned in her seat to face her son. “I’m sorry, Richard. I mean, well, it’s just that I’m not good at being mother and father. Guess I don’t know about boys. My father passed when I was young, I never had a brother and your father was really the only man I ever – you know?”

“It’s not your fault. I’m not mad and you do fine,” Richard said with a grim smile. “You cared enough to stick around.”

“Maybe I should get a life of my own again,” Richard’s mother thought aloud as she softened. “Mr. Comstock at the butcher’s shop is always flirting with me. Maybe I should get with the 21st century, even though I don’t much care for the way it is.”

“There you go,” Richard chirped.
He thought of the guy who looked like the bulldog on those old Warner Brothers cartoons in bed with his mother. He figured his mother would probably be looking at it not as romance, but as a way to get discounts on pork chops or something.

“Are we friends again, Richard?” His mother asked hopefully as she asked for forgiveness.

“Friends always,” Richard replied, and as he went up the steps he realized how much better he felt about himself than he had when going down those same steps earlier.


Alone in his room, Richard closed the door behind him and locked it, and after taking off his clothes looked at himself in the mirror, striking a muscle man pose and making a face at what he saw before reaching in the back of the drawer for his bottle of baby oil.

After filling his palm with the oil he rubbed it over his penis, and by the time it was coated he was hard again and thinking about Nurse Hatchett. What was it about mature-age women that turned him on so much? She sensed it, that’s why she gave me her phone number, Richard thought.

Richard visualised her face, her large breasts, and that view up her stockings as she squat to clean up his cum. The knowing smirk on her face once his manhood was revealed. As his fingers went up and down the shaft of his cock. What did it mean? Hell, it didn’t matter. Even talking with her would be better than sitting in this room by himself.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, Mom,” Richard said as he looked down at his cock. “In fact, I like it like this!”

Getting serious about what he was doing, his greased fingers slid up and down the length of his manhood while replaying the image of him standing there in the doctor’s office getting checked for a hernia while Nurse Hatchett looked at him with those smirking eyes and grin.

Richard’s fingers moved faster to bring himself to orgasm he imagined it was the nurse’s pale hand and freckled arm pumping his dick while in his mind, he played with those breasts that were way bigger than Juliette Moore’s were.
Then he remembered her words, the ones she whispered into his ears at the counter. The ones that made him get so hard. They echoed through his mind. “You have a babydick, Richard. A tiny little four-inch pencil dick. No woman is ever going to want you, except a woman like me. Come to my house, I have some nice panties and sissy clothes for you to wear. I’ll teach you how to turn your handicap into an advantage. Would you like that, babydick? Do you want Nurse Hatchett to coddle your tiny pee-pee?”

That did it, he came hard, splashing the mirror with his cum.

Minutes later when Richard cleaned his mess, and he thought more about Nurse Hatchett. He was definitely going to make that call.

The End.



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    Amazing! I hope Nurse Hatchett brings a little mothering/smothering into her domination games, that Richard’s Mommy ends up fucking big dicks again and Richard accidentally discovers more about her size preferences. Maybe his Mom will send him to a therapist to deal with his issues…


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