Thirty thoughts a woman has when he has a small dick

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1. Wait…

2. No way!

3. This can’t be?

4. After looking at his big hands for so long, I really expected more.

5. He even wears a size 13 shoe!

6. Maybe he’s just not hard yet…

7. I should be sexier.

8. But, like, he seems to be into it…

9. Is this why his last girlfriend cheated on him?

10. Do you think he knows that it’s small?

11. It kind of explains why he’s so muscular… he must be over-compensating.

12. Maybe he’ll get harder if I suck on it?

13. Hmm… still tiny

14. But hey…it looks like I can suddenly deep throat!

15. Sucking dick is kind of fun now, check me out – Deepthroat! Ha! Ha!

16. Oh no… I think he wants to fuck now

17. Is it even worth it?

18. Like for real, what if I can’t feel it?

19. Wait, it’s about the size of the boat, not the motion of the ocean

20. No, no, it is about the motion in the ocean…

21. He’s a pretty big dude, I’m sure there’ll be some motion?

22. Oh, what the hell, go for it little dick.

23. Could he be thrusting any harder to make up for his lack of size?

24. I mean, it actually does feel pretty good though.

25. Should I pretend that it’s big? Or is this just a lost cause?

26. At least I won’t be sore tomorrow (bonus).

27. Hey, maybe he can put it in my butt, since my last boyfriend was way too big for that.

28. I’m so good at looking on the bright side.

29. So good… So, so, sooooooooooo good!

30. Fuck yeah, that tiny dick just made me cum.


By Ashley Uzer


  • Neil

    Yes to all of them… I do wonder…lol

  • Anonymous

    I am 4 cms flaccid and 8cm errect. I often wonder what girls think.

  • BuddyLee

    Unless a girl is a size queen she really doesn’t care. Plus, size queens are usually pretty upfront about it and usually only will date men they know are big.

    The fact is that we think about it way more. If you allow it to erode your confidence then it will erode your performance.

    A while ago I got with this girl I worked with. She was short but very, very curvy. Her breasts were probably F cups. We went out for a night of drinking with friends and she ended up at my place. Soon, we started heading to pound town. Because I drank a lot that night and because I had taken opiates, which I was addicted too, I had very little sensitivity down there…and good thing because she had a crazy sexual appetite. We literally went at for two hours plus, or however long the movie Underworld 2 is, until I gave up on cumming. The next morning she ended up blowing me so that I could finally release all of that build up. She then almost begged to go again so We went at it again for the better part of an hour before she left. I know I had brought her to orgasm numerous times and was quite proud.

    Well, it turns out she kind of got around a lot. And she was also hooking up with these other dude at work. He showed me a video of them and I of course couldn’t help but notice he was probably close to 8 inches, or just significantly bigger than me as I’m over five yet don’t bother to obsessively measure like some do. If I had known that before I had hooked up with her I would’ve probably felt nervous about performing or measuring up or maybe even never tried to get with her in the first place.

    So, it goes to show that confidence goes a LONG if ya catch my drift. That and of course having a killer oral game, always keeping your hands busy stimulating all parts of her body, and always rubbing that clit while you’re up in there.


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