Stood Up

By fantaseeboy.


While out to dinner with my mother, I kept getting distracted by a woman sitting at a nearby table, working her way through a bottle of wine. She was sitting all alone, hadn’t ordered any food, and kept glancing between her phone and the door. The woman was near my mother’s age, rather full-figured with a very large bust. Her face was plump and pretty. But at the moment, she looked on the verge of tears. She was dressed nicely in low heels and a very modest, below-the-knee dress.

After we’d finished eating, my mother grinned at me, slyly motioned to the woman, and asked, “She looks sad, doesn’t she?”

My face blushed, “Yes, she does.”

She then stood up from the table, picked up our check, and reminded me she was going to meet several of her friends at a new wine bar. She then glanced at the woman I’d been admiring all night and whispered, “Why don’t you go say hello. See if you can cheer her up.”

My face blushed again. When my mom said ‘cheer her up,’ it meant more than just that. The year before, one of her lady friends, Janis, had gotten quite depressed. She’d been divorced and had become very lonely and depressed. During that time, Janis and I began seeing each other. Over the following few months, she taught me how to properly please a woman. That relationship was supposed to be a secret, but my mom and her other lady friends seemed to know about it from the start.

Like the lonely woman across the restaurant, Janis was also rather tall and full-figured with an exaggerated hourglass figure. My mother could also be put in that category and had struggled with her body image for most of her life. I suppose that is part of the reason why she teased me about being attracted to women her size and age.

With my face flushed with embarrassment, I whispered, “I think I may go introduce myself.”

My mother kissed my cheek and said, “Good luck, Sweetheart. I’ll see you whenever you get home. Even if that isn’t until tomorrow!”

After she left, I stood up and summoned all my courage while walking toward the lonely woman’s table. When I stood just beside it, I bit my lower lip and whispered, “Excuse ma’am, I just wanted to say you look very pretty tonight.”

After wiping a tear from her cheek, she smiled at me weakly, “Excuse me? Were you talking to me?”

I smiled and assured her I was. The sadness in her expression began to fade almost immediately. I tried not to sound too timid when I introduced myself as Chris. She smiled warmly and told me her name was Martha. After standing there awkwardly for a few moments, I summoned my courage again and asked if I can join her.

Her voice was almost free of any unhappiness when she said, “Yes. Please sit down.”

Martha and I talked over an appetizer and drinks. After a little casual chit-chat, as my mom called it, Martha shared that she had been stood up. It was her first attempt at internet dating, and it was an utter failure until I showed up. I giggled and blushed a little.

After a little prodding, she went on to share that she’d been divorced for almost two years. Her ex-husband, Randall, left her for a younger, prettier girl. I told her I doubted the girl was prettier, younger perhaps, but not prettier.

After flirting with her the best way I knew how, she grinned and asked, “Chris, how old are you?”

My voice sort of cracked when I said, “Twenty.”

She spoke in a soft voice, almost like she was talking to herself, “Oh my! That is four years younger than the slut Randall left me for.”

After another lull in the conversation, she asked if I wanted something to eat. I told her I was fine with the appetizer, but she should order if she wants too. After she opened the menu, I told her the desserts were on the back. Martha looked at me like I was crazy. I quickly explained that my mom sometimes liked to start with dessert and then see if she had room for the main course.

Biting my lower lip nervously, I needed to say this as nicely as possible, “My mom is a full-figured lady.”

Martha liked the idea of having dessert first and seemed to be very pleased I’d been raised by a woman her size. She went on to ask if my father was a small man. I smiled while explaining that I’d never met him. But my mom had shown me pictures, and he was about my size.

After turning her attention to the dessert menu, she told me she couldn’t decide between the carrot cake or the chocolate cake. Leaning over the table a little, I suggested she order both. She looked at me as if I were crazy again and said, “I couldn’t!”

I giggled, “Why not?”

The banter went back and forth until the waiter arrived, and Martha ordered a serving of each. When he returned, he set a plate in front of Martha that held a full-quarter of a double-layered chocolate cake. In front of me, he set the quarter of the double-layered, carrot cake. I let it go untouched while Martha slowly devoured her chocolate cake. She asked if I wanted to try it at one point, and I declined.

After wiping her lips on her napkin, she told me she was going to get a box for the carrot cake. I reached across the table and swapped the plates, so the carrot cake sat in front of her and encouraged her to at least try it. After the first bite, she told me it was delicious. I told her I knew it would be and encouraged her to have a little more. After eating half of that slice, I told her it wasn’t even worth getting a box for and pointed out that there were only a few bites left. When the fork slid out from between her lips after she’d wiped up the last of the frosting from the plate, she looked happier than she had all night.

She waved the waiter over and asked for the check, telling me she had no room for the main course. When he arrived with the check, I tried to grab it, but Martha got to it first. When it was all taken care of, and we were ready to leave, I got up first and raced around to the table to hold her chair while she scooted out. Once on her feet, she took hold of my hand, and we walked out of the restaurant together. I was with a mature, full-figured woman with huge boobs, wide hips, and the warmest smile I’d ever seen. Walking along beside her, she stood half a head taller and was surely more than twice my weight. I didn’t notice, but I bet we attracted a little attention on our way out.

Standing on the curb outside, Martha asked how I’d gotten to the restaurant. I quickly explained that I’d come with my mom, but she left to join her friends. I told her I’d get an Uber. With my hand in my pocket getting my phone, she reached out and laid her large, soft hand on my forearm and said, “You will do no such thing. I’ll drive you home.”

I answered with a smile, “That’s nice of you. I’d like that. Thank you, Martha.”

She led me to her car, and I held the driver’s door open for her before racing to the other side. Once I was buckled-in on the passenger’s side of her enormous, full-size car, she pulled out of the parking lot and began asking for direction. I gave her the first few turns before she casually asked, “Chris, do you have any roommates?”

I giggled while squirming on the huge seat of her car, “Just my mom!”

She glanced away from the road to me, sitting beside her and said, “Wow, you are young!” After returning her attention to the road and letting a block go by in silence, she sounded like she was afraid to hear my answer when she asked, “Would you like to come to my house for a little while before I take you home?”

I responded in a very soft whisper, “I’d like that very much.” After she’d taken the first turn away from the direction of my house, I silently undid the seatbelt and scooted across the huge bench seat close to her.

She wrapped her large, soft arm around my slender shoulder and said, “This evening has turned out better than I hoped it would.”

Whispering back, “Is there anything I can do to make it even better?” Before she had a chance to respond, I gently laid my hand on her thigh about halfway between her knee and her hip. My stomach was doing somersaults, and I felt dizzy. I’d never been so forward with anyone before.

When it was safe, she looked away from the road, down to my small, pale hand on her enormous thigh. She then lifted her eyes until she was looking into mine. She whispered, “Chris, I don’t know about this. You’re so young. You’re so… You need a girl your age.”

I bit my lower lip and answered, “I want to do this. Martha, I want to make you feel good. You’re such a nice lady. You deserve some attention.”

She whispered, “I don’t know. It seems wrong.”

Turning my head, I placed several soft kisses over her dress on the side of her enormous breast. Her perfume was musky, and I felt the heat of her body radiating through her dress.

With my lips still brushing against her dress, I whispered, “Let me do this, please.”

She was struggling to convince herself this would be a socially acceptable encounter. When she pulled up to the next stoplight, I snuggled up even more beside her and placed a kiss on the side of her neck. While waiting for the light to change, I kissed my way to the front of her neck. Nearly wiggling my way into her lap, I then kissed my way up under her chin and until our lips met.

My tongue slipped into her mouth and slithered across the top of her tongue. She began kissing me back while her arms embraced my body. When she next opened her eyes and saw the light had changed, she began to slowly drive while I kissed my way back down her neck. Covering her in kisses as I worked my way toward her ear, I whispered, “Can you lift the steering wheel?”

At the next opportunity, she lifted the steering wheel as far as it would go. I kissed my way down the front of her dress… right down the middle, not veering off to kiss her gigantic breasts, even though I wanted to so badly.

On my knees in the front seat with my head in her lap, I slowly slid her dress up her legs. Scooting down, I began kissing my way up her huge, pantyhose-covered thigh while pulling the dress up as I went. She was running her fingers through my hair, and I could smell her excitement.

When I got to her lap, I smushed my face between her thighs and blew my warm breath right between her legs.

She moaned and said, “Chris, you need to stop! I’m trying to drive! We’re going to get in an accident!”

Sliding off of her lap, I squirmed up beside her. I kept myself busy, kissing her neck and shoulder. The next time she had to stop, I asked her to lean forward a little. As quickly as I could, I reached back and unzipped her dress part way. While sliding her dress off her shoulder and slipping her arm out from the sleeve, she moaned, “I can’t believe this is happening!”

She began driving again as I slowly pulled the dress down under her breast. It was huge. The sturdy bra she wore was lacey and sexy. I kissed my way down from her shoulder and over the cup of her bra. Looking up at her face, I whispered, “Are we almost home?”

She answered in a raspy voice, “Almost, just a little farther.”

I continued to kiss all around the perimeter of her bra. Her skin was soft, warm, and smelled like musky perfume. Laying my open mouth over the bump her nipple was making, I inhaled and then exhaled through her bra.

When the car turned and finally came to a stop, I looked away from Martha’s breast and saw she’d pulled to a stop in the driveway of a nice, two-story suburban home. She turned the car off and sat for a moment, breathing heavily. I snuggled against her side, letting my open palm slide over her bra encased breast. While kissing her earlobe, whispered, “Are we going inside?”

She moaned softly, “My neighbors, what will they think if they see you coming inside with me?”

Whispering, “What will they think when they see us leave together in the morning?”

She arched her back and moaned, “Oh my lord!”

After one more kiss on her neck, I slipped out of the car and walked around to her side. Opening the door, I offered my hand to help her out. Martha paused to get her dress back on and zipped up. She then reached out and took my hand. Rising out of the car, we walked hand-in-hand to her door. She fumbled with the keys but eventually got the door opened. After we’d stepped into her home, she closed and locked the door before turning back to face where I stood. The sexual tension could have been cut with a knife.

She was about to say something, but I dropped to my knees and flipped her dress up over my head. Kissing and licking my way up her thick, pantyhose covered legs, my face was soon pressed between her thighs. I opened my mouth wide and exhaled my warm breath through her moist pantyhose.

Martha leaned back against the door and spread her legs wider apart. I scooted in even farther beneath her. I placed kisses and licked along the lips of her nylon-covered pussy. When I finally slid out from under her dress, I remained kneeling on the floor at her feet. Her face was flushed, and her chest was heaving. She whimpered softly, “It’s been so long.”

I licked my lips and asked, “Martha, where is your bedroom?”

She nodded her head toward a flight of stairs, and when I rose to my feet, she took my hand and led me to the second floor, down a hall to the master bedroom. I guided her to the bed and had her sit down.

Dropping to my knees once more, I removed her shoes one at a time while she leaned back on her hands and watched. After both shoes had been removed, I held one of her feet in my hands, kissed the bottom of her big toe, and whispered, “Martha, I need you to stand up again.”

After setting that foot gently on the floor, she stood up in front of me. While looking into her eyes above me, I slid my hands up the outsides of her thighs, under her dress, until I felt the band of her pantyhose. When I hooked my fingers under that band and began slowly working them down her legs, she maintained eye contact while her chest heaved heavily. She was bare beneath her pantyhose, and when I’d gotten them down to her knees, Martha sat back down.

After I’d completely removed her pantyhose, I tossed them aside and picked up her foot once again. I placed kisses on each of her freshly polished toenails. While staring into her eyes, with my lips brushing against the top of her foot, I whispered, “I’m really glad your date stood you up tonight.”

She moaned softly, “Chris, why me? I’m old enough to be your mother.”

Moving to her other foot, I kissed each of those toenails and licked along the top of her foot, which made her moan softly. In between kisses, I whispered, “Why you? Because you looked so pretty in the restaurant. But you were also so sad. And no woman should ever look that sad.”

She kept staring into my eyes as I kissed my way across her ankle and up her shin. The skin was soft and freshly shaved. She was prepared for her date, just in case. I worked my way up her shin until I met her knee. Biting my lower lip, I then flipped her dress over my head. Martha laid back on her bed and spread her legs wide. I kissed my way up both thighs, switching between them. The smell of her arousal was strong and unmistakable.

When I kissed along the lines where her thighs met, I backed off a little to admire the beauty before my eyes. Her dark pubic hair was long, but the sides were trimmed, so it was shaped into an enormous triangle. Leaning forward, I slid my tongue between her plump lips, inside of her, and slowly licked my way up to her stiff, thimble of a clit. Her thighs squeezed against my head and then released. But they seemed to be quivering against the sides of my head.

From above, I could hear Martha breathing heavily and moaning softly. Licking circles around her clit with the tip of my tongue, she groaned again, “It’s been so long.”

Gently sucking her thick clit into my mouth, I held it for a short time while tickling it with my tongue. When it slipped out from between my lips, I whispered, “How long has it been?”

She moaned while I began licking circles around her clit again. “I haven’t been with anyone since the divorce.”

I whispered with my lips brushing against her sex, “How long?”

She arched her back, “More than two years. But even longer since anyone has done what you’re doing.”

Taking a long lick from the bottom of her pussy to her clit, I whispered, “How long?”

Her clit throbbed on my tongue, and her legs began to vibrate. Soon after, she began to writhe about under my lips. Just before her legs clamped down tightly on my head, she groaned, “Decades!”

And then she came. Her thick legs held my head securely in place. Her entire body began to shake and jiggle. Her hands moved to hold my head in place beneath her dress. As her orgasm crested, I pulled back and blew my warm breath onto her peeled-open lips.

After giving her several moments to calm down, I kissed my way out from under her dress. While sitting on my heels, she lifted herself on her elbows. I smiled and said, “You’re wearing too many clothes.”

Her face was flushed when she moaned the words, “So are you.”

Biting my lower lip, I giggled, “If you say so!”

I then slipped off my shoes and socks before rising to my feet. I stepped back from Martha and looked into her eyes while undoing the buttons on my shirt. After letting it slide off my narrow, pale shoulders, I reached down and began undoing my pants. Martha’s eyes drifted over my skinny, upper body. Her gaze lingered on my collarbones and the impressions of my ribs.

When I lowered the zipper of my pants, I thought I was going to faint! My mother’s friend Janis had been the only other person to ever see me naked! Janis had taught me so much about women. Compliments, manners, and respect were paramount. Never rush the sex. Go slow and take your time. The sex is about the woman, not my small penis. Janis had also taught me that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my little dicklette, and that is the lesson I struggled with the most. I’d always been short, skinny, and shy. Janis had been the person who helped to teach me they were good qualities, not bad. As I stood there undressing for Martha, I saw she was looking at me the same way Janis did when I undressed for her.

The blush on her face darkened when my zipper had been lowered all the way, “I cannot believe this is happening.”

Very slowly, I began to lower my pants and underwear together. I watched her staring at my waist when my skinny, little prong of a penis popped out, it was rigid and throbbing. Her eyes opened wide, and she chirped, “Oh my!”

After dropping my pants and underwear to my ankles, I stepped out of them and stood there, letting her look at my naked body. I struggled to keep from squeezing my eyes shut. But I managed to keep them open but was unable to maintain eye contact.

She sat up from her elbows on the bed and reached out to take my hands. I stood there in front of her naked and erect. She looked from my penis to my eyes and spoke in a soft voice, “Chris, you’re beautiful.”

Biting my lip while my entire body flushed, I whispered, “Thank you.” I giggled a little before saying, “Um, it’s your turn.”

She hesitated before reaching behind her back to lower the zipper on her dress. I stopped her and told her I wanted to do it. She stood up slowly and turned her back to me. Reaching up, I slowly lowered the zipper until it was down. Sliding it off of her shoulders, I helped it slip over her enormous breasts and wide hips. I kept hold of it while it traveled down her legs and she stepped out of it. I lay it on her dresser before turning to address her bra. I struggled with the five sturdy hooks and eventually gave up and asked for her help.

With her big, bare bottom still facing me, she made quick work of the bra and let it slide down her arms, leaving her naked. She began to tell me how long it had been since anyone had seen her without clothes. While she was still talking, I dropped to my knees and began kissing the backs of her knees, working my way slowly up the backs of her thighs. Martha stopped talking mid-sentence and stood there as I kissed my way up her body. When I met the bottoms of her butt cheeks, I wrapped my arms around her thighs and kissing my way over them. I covered those big cheeks with kisses before rising back onto my feet and kissing my way up her naked back.

While I kissed my way across her shoulders, she whispered, “I can’t believe this night is turning out like this.”

My hands were sliding up and down her sides. Over her wide hips to her ribs and back down again. My lips lingered on her shoulders and upper back while my hands never explored the front of her body. After several moments, I felt Martha’s skin shiver just before she took a step forward, away from me, and slowly turned to face me.

She looked afraid of what I might think of her body. But she didn’t need to worry. Her thighs met each other not far above her knees. Her pubic hair was the huge dark triangle that I thought it was, and the hair was matted down with her excitement near her sex. She had a plump stomach, but it didn’t roll over on itself while she stood. And her boobs were enormous! Bigger than any of my mom’s friends. The pancake-sized areolas were pointing low, but not straight down, and her thimble-sized nipples seemed to be begging for attention.

Looking into her eyes, I spoke with 100% sincerity, “Martha, you are gorgeous.”

She whispered, “Stop it.”

As she reached out, took my hand and stepped back to her bed. After laying back with her head against the pillows, I crawled up between her legs and repeated, “You are gorgeous. I mean it. I do.”

She grinned and reached up to me, “Chris, stop talking and come make love to me.”

I moved away from her hands and shook my head, “Not yet. I need to make you cum again with my mouth.”

“You don’t need to do that.” As she spoke those words, she spread her legs further apart, as if inviting me to start eating her again. But before I could start, she looked into my eyes while her legs began to close together and asked in a serious voice, “Wait, you need to? Chris, what did you mean by that?”

I sat back on my heels and began to explain, “I’ve only been with one other person. But she taught me what I needed to do.”

Martha grinned, “Did she now? And who might this girl be?”

Biting my lower lip, “Her name is Janis. And she is a friend of my mom’s.”

Martha began to slowly spread her thighs wide apart again. She asked in a soft voice, “Is Janis closer to your age or my age?”

I whispered, “Your age.”

Her legs spread wide apart, and the lips of her pussy separated, revealing the moist flesh within. She asked, “Is Janis built like your mother and me?”

I nodded my head slowly. Martha then said, “I suppose I should find out if Janis knew what she was teaching you.”

My little penis was throbbing so hard and desperate for attention. But it wasn’t time to take care of myself yet. I lay down between Martha’s thighs and placed gentle kisses up and down the areas where her thighs met together beside her pussy. When I got near enough, I gently sucked one of her lips into my mouth and licked it with the flat of my tongue. She was so wet! It was difficult to keep her lips sucked into my mouth without it slipping out and making terrible sucking noises.

I licked up the inside of that lip, from the very bottom clear up to her clit. Licking a line around the hood of her clit, I then licked my way down the other side. After repeating that a few times, I smushed my face against her while dipping my tongue inside.

From above, Martha moaned, “Oh Chris! That feels so heavenly!”

I tried to poke my tongue in and out of her a few times before licking my way right up the middle. I knew my face was drenched when my tongue got close to the nub of her clit. Without even touching it, I began licking my way down to dip my tongue back inside. I repeated that same action dozens of times: dip my tongue inside of her, lick up between her lips, stop short of her clit, and head back down.

She eventually reached down and laid her hand beside my face. “Chris, please don’t tease me.”

I licked my way back up to her clit. After drawing a few circles around it with my tongue, I pursed my lips and gently sucked it into my mouth. I let it slip out from between my lips and then gently sucked it back in. Her thighs began to tighten around the sides of my head, and that was my sign that she was getting close. Sliding my tongue out of my mouth, I began lapping at her clit with the flat of my tongue. Over and over, maintaining a slow, steady pace.

She began calling out my name while her big, soft thighs clamped down tightly on my head. Her body began to spasm and twitch. Very soon, her back arched deeply, and I felt her clit shudder and dance on the flat of my tongue. When the sensations became too intense for her, she spread her knees apart, pushed my head away, and scooted away from me against the mountain of pillows.

While I lay there, face down on the bed, struggling not to hump myself against her bedcovers with my face glistening with her juices. Martha was still in the throes of orgasm. She had laid one hand between my face and her pussy to keep me away. Her entire body was flushed, and she had a far-off look in her eyes. Random muscles throughout her body were still spasming while her enormous boobs rose and fell with each breath she took.

I slowly moved up between her thighs again. Steering clear of her hand and pussy, I planted soft, gentle kisses up and down the insides of her thighs while looking up into her eyes. When she’d mostly recovered, she whispered, “That was incredible.”

My lips drifted up to her thigh, kissing her gently and licking her soft flesh between those kisses. When I moved over the hand that still covered her pussy, I kissed the back of it and whispered, “Martha, may I please make love to you now?”

She slid her fingers through my hair and whispered, “Baby Boy, I’m still very sensitive.”

Biting my lip, I whispered, “Would it help if I told you I never last very long?”

She grinned at me and began to move, so she was lying flat on her back again. She teasingly said, “I’ve already cum twice and haven’t even touched you. I suppose it’s the least I can do.”

While I moved with her until I was positioned between her spread thighs, on top of her. I rotated my hips until my little penis was nestled between the lips of her pussy. The squishy pink head of my penis began to bump against her clit when I slowly thrust back and forth.

Martha grinned and whispered, “Sweetheart, you aren’t in.”

I slowed down to keep from squirting. Holding still while the meaty lips of her pussy hugged my penis. I gasped, “I know. I like it better this way. I don’t fall out. Is that okay?”

She reached up and lay her hand on the side of my face and whispered, “Of course it’s okay, Baby Boy.” With her gentle touch on my face, she guided me downward while positioning one of her huge breasts. I began to slide my penis back and forth between her lips at the same moment I sucked her large, fat nipple into my mouth. Martha stroked her fingers through my hair while I made love to her. The only way I knew how.

I lasted only a few strokes after taking her nipple between my lips. I moaned while pressing my face against her huge, soft breast. My hips thrust forward, and my entire body began to spasm and shudder. Goosebumps rose and fell on my flesh in waves as my penis erupted, and my creamy love coated her clit and pussy lips. I pulled up off of her nipple and looked into her eyes while thrusting again, letting my little penis squirt even more of its love onto her Martha’s sex. Sliding my penis back and forth between her lips until my orgasm had come to an end.

Martha reached up to touch my face, but I slid away from her hand. Wiggling back between her legs, I placed a kiss on her clit before taking a long lick through the creamy mess I’d made. Martha spread her legs wide and chirped. “Chris! What are you doing?”

I didn’t answer right away, I took several longer licks over her lips and clit. When I did rise to look at her from between her thighs, the lower half of my face was glazed with our combined juices. After licking my lips, I said, “I’m cleaning up.”

Her head fell back on the pillow, and she rolled her hips up toward me. While I went back to work, licking up all traces of my love, she writhed on the bed beneath my tongue. She moaned, “No one has ever! Oh, my God! I never knew! Chris! Oh, Chris, don’t stop!”

After licking up every last drop of my cream, I began to lap at Martha’s clit with the flat of my tongue again. I didn’t go fast, on the contrary, I did it slowly and deliberately. In no time at all, just like Janis, Martha reached down and knotted her fingers in my hair. She kept my face pressed firmly against her pussy while her hips began to buck. Her pussy began to gush its juices onto my face. The entire bed began to shake and creak under the force of Martha’s orgasm.

With her fingers in my hair, pulling me so tightly against her, combined with her thick thighs clamped down on my head, I was barely able to breathe. But I caught quick breaths when I could and continued to lap at her clit while she crested in moaning and writhing orgasm. When her orgasm had finished, I quickly pulled away, knowing how sensitive she was going to be.

Without wiping our juices from my face, I crawled up beside Martha’s sprawled out body. She was still twitching and spasming a little bit. I snuggled against her side, almost straddling one thigh. I kissed her neck and up to her earlobe. In a whisper, I asked, “Did I do good?”

She looked at me with a dreamy look in her eyes and whispered, “Chris, ‘good’ doesn’t explain it.” Leaning in closer, Martha kissed me. Gently at first, tasting herself and my creamy love on my lips. She then slipped her tongue into my mouth and kissed me in a way that made my toes curl. After several more long, slow kisses, I rested my head on her shoulder while she wrapped her arm around my very satisfied body.

When Martha’s breathing had returned to normal, I slipped out from under her arm. Crossing the room on my tiptoes, I clicked off the light and returned to bed. I snuggled against her while she began talking again, “Never, in my entire life, have I cum three times in one night. And that last one, when you were licking up…” She trailed off and didn’t finish what she was trying to say.

I whispered, “My love. I licked all of my love off of you.”

She moaned softly, “Yes, when you licked up your love. No one has ever done that to me before. It was naughty, wonderful, and special, all at the same time. Chris, that was one of the very best orgasms I’ve ever had. And Honey, Janis taught you well.”

We both lay basking in the glow of our new relationship. As I was drifting off to sleep, she rolled onto her side and hugged me from behind. I became the little spoon to her big spoon. She nibbled and kissed my neck and earlobe, she whispered, “Chris, I’m going to want to see you again.”

I wiggled my bottom back against her and whispered, “I want to see you again too.”

She kissed my neck while her large, soft hand wandered over my naked body. “Chris, do you promise you’ll still be here when I wake up tomorrow?”

I was getting very close to drifting off to sleep, but I did manage to whisper, “I’m not going anywhere, Martha.”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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