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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader tells us how he liked to bully small dick guys in school…

Let me tell you what it is like growing up in an all-boys boarding school in the UK. I have a big cock. Big juicy girthy cock and as a 17-year-old male in a boarding house that made me God. Cock size is so important these days. We all know it. Girls don’t want to fuck a little boy. They want to fuck a man. First of all, they can’t feel if you have a small one. They literally can’t feel you never mind get any pleasure. But also, psychology, it must feel horrible to look at the penis of a boy knowing it’s meant to be your man.

Boys and men are envious of me. I have what they can never have. You’re born with your cock size, and it instantly decides your rank and position. Men with big cocks feel confident about themselves, and that confidence is attractive. They’re happy to show off on any occasion, like me. Men with small dicks feel self-conscious and insecure around women and in changing rooms. I know that, and I love to tease and bully them about their shortcomings.

There’s nothing better than when I see one of my fellow pupils desperately getting changed behind a towel, and I stand there with my long swinging cock for all to see. One of these boys was named Oliver. He had a small frame for a 17-year-old. He was 5’6”, thin and scrawny. No Chest hair and a few whispers of hair leading to his belly button. I noticed in the morning in the shower room he desperately hid behind a towel before jumping into one of the lockable cubicles. Or went in there in boxers. Today I had had enough of this childish behavior. Naked

I strode up to him, saying, “Come on, Olly, why do you always go into the cubical in your boxers? We’re all guys here. There’s nothing to hide. They’re just dicks.”

I put my arm around him and forcefully brought him into me. He peered down at my long, thick cock.

“Easy for you to say,” was his squeamish response.

I casually replied, “What this thing?” Giving it a swirl with my free hand to make it even bigger. “Yeah, I’m pretty blessed in that department I can’t lie. But come on, mate, you can’t be *that* small,” I said loudly, drawing the attention of the other boys with us.

“Alright, dude,” he said, trying but failing to push me away.

“Come on.” I taunted, pulling him back in closer, “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

I then forcibly ripped his towel away for all to see his little pee-pee. His hands right straight to his little wiener, but I grabbed them and forced them above his head. The whole of the men’s boarding house started to look and laugh.

“Please, let me go,” he squirmed whilst I laughed at him, enjoying his utter humiliation at my hands in front of a crowd.

My cock started to get hard behind him and made sure it was between his tight bum cheeks. “That’ll be in you soon,” I whispered in his ear. “Come on, lads, grab him. I want to see how tiny his little dick is.”

A couple of other boys grabbed him and pinned him against the wall. I stood back and admired my handy work. There Oliver was stood start naked with his tiny little dick exposed for everyone to see. His dick must have been one inch long if that. It really was pathetically small. You know when guys raise their little finger in the pinky small dick insult, it really was that small. This complete with his weak little frame and no chest hair at his age was hilarious. What was even better was the bodies of the two naked men next to him. Fine, chiseled abs, tones chests, and healthy, manly long dicks made Olly’s look even smaller.

To complete it, Olly started to have a couple of tears roll down his cheeks as people started recording him. I can’t tell you how many times I have googled gay small penis humiliation vids to find nothing. The best I can find is when rugby mates hold one down and expose his little willy whilst the whole team looks on and laughs. This was perfect. The three of us, led by me, force our dominance on this scrawny, little, small dick loser.


This reader had a ‘Is it in yet?’ moment…

There was one time in college. I was fucking this drunk girl in my buddy’s bedroom at a house party. I was going all in, giving it everything I had, panting and sweating, and she says to me, “Stop playing and put it all in already.”

It wasn’t deliberate SPH or anything, she just thought I was only putting half my dick in to tease her or something because it was so much smaller than what she was used to.


Another reader turns a deliberate act of humiliation into a fetish…

I was once SPH’d by my college girlfriend, who tricked me into my being measured in front of a girl I hated. I believed it was a bondage game, but its purpose was to get me tied up naked and stimulated so this bitch friend of hers could see me naked and fully erect and learn I was small and know my exact measurement. At the time, it destroyed my male ego, with the bitch laughing at me and calling me, “Not a man,” but now the memory of it turns me on.

It was my first encounter with SPH. In fact, it’s sort of my only one. At the time it happened, I didn’t have that fetish, and so I was genuinely humiliated. And yes, because she didn’t like me, the whole evening was the best moment of her life, seeing me humiliated like that.

Two years later, I found myself masturbating to the memory of the event and my girlfriend’s evil attitude, and the bitch’s reaction to it all, and it was an incredible sexual turn-on. I was furiously spanking it to what happened to me. I read about SPH, and it all made sense. After that, my only two SPH moments involved a role play where a female friend of mine helped me to humiliate myself in front of an unsuspecting woman who enjoyed seeing me brought down a peg or two, and my wife once making a comment about me I overheard. That’s it—no other SPH events. But I certainly fantasize about them all of the time.


While this reader gets caught in the shower…

High School PE class. I didn’t want to shower with the other guys after class due to my insufficiency. So, I always volunteered after class to help put all the equipment away while the others showered. We had a smoking hot PE teacher fresh out of college, tight clothes, blonde, perky tits just great. Anyways, I get done putting everything away then head to shower as everyone else is done and leaving the locker room. I’m thinking great I can shower by myself. Well, during my shower, apparently, I’m in there too long, and hot blonde PE teacher walks in to check if I’m alright.

She walks in just as I walk out of the shower without my towel and sees me naked, like one-inch soft. Her jaw drops to the floor, and she just stared. I began to get embarrassed, and she began laughing and apologizing while still staring.

She said, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize… So that’s why you always waited so long. That’s why you’re too scared to shower with the other boys.”

I apologized, and she kept staring then finally said, “OK, I’ll let you change,” then left.

After that, she always smiled at me oddly.


This reader gets caught nude in public…

My wife and I were spending a night in a hotel on a business trip. It was a small town abroad, and there was literally nothing to do. My wife said we could go ask if the sauna is available. She ran downstairs to the reception and brought a key to a changing room. I wasn’t in the mood for boiling my body in the heat, but I couldn’t say no to her. We took some towels and went to search for it.

I said to my wife that I should get a key to a key to the closet for myself as well, but she said that she was informed that it’s a changing room for both sexes, and we can share. I wasn’t quite comfortable with that which I’ve mentioned to my wife, but she said that’s it’s so late that we’ll probably be the only ones there anyway. We found the place, and it turned out to a really tiny place with a few closets, three showers, and a sauna behind the wall.

Luckily, the place was deserted. We took our clothes off and jumped in the shower. I was really nervous that someone might come in as I was completely naked, and the entrance was like a few steps away. I rushed with the shower, so as my wife and went behind the wall into the sauna covered with a towel. It was really hot so I couldn’t handle more than 10 minutes. I told my wife to give me the key to the locker. She said, “Go, I’m right behind you.”

I threw my towel into the laundry bin, and got under the shower, opened the water valve with the really cold water. And then boom, the door opened, and someone was coming in. The first thought that came to my mind was to cover myself with the towel, but I couldn’t use the one I just dumped, and my wife wasn’t out of the sauna yet. I had to suffer the humiliation and just wait there naked under the shower. I didn’t look at the people that just entered, but I noticed there were two of them.

Finally, after a brief moment, my wife arrived. She was really surprised, and I could tell that she was also embarrassed. As far as I know, she was never seen naked out in public. I just looked at her and asked for the key. I was trying not to make eye contact with the people, but it was unavailable. I’ve closed the water and went to get a towel for the locker. It wasn’t a long walk, but it felt like I was going in slow motion. The other people must have been a couple, in their 30’s really attractive.

They were just getting undressed as I was passing by with my little guy who got treated with a cold shower a few seconds ago. I don’t even have to mention how small it was as the embarrassment added to it. I only remember that lady’s face. It was just a smile full of sympathy. I knew right away that this was her first encounter with a small penis. My heart was beating fast, and honestly, I thought I was about to explode. I never felt like this before. I couldn’t even hear anything besides my heart.

I’ve opened the locker, took two towels, and covered myself with one of them. I turned around to pass the other one to my wife, but she was already heading toward me just passing this couple, she was totally red in the face. We got our clothes on and rushed out of there.

When we got into our room, we were still wet, so we began changing our clothes. I took off my clothes and started digging in my bag for something to wear as I realized she was just staring at me. “Why are r u looking at me?” I asked.

She replied, “Honey, you know I love you, and you don’t have to be embarrassed because of the size of your penis.”

I was really shocked that she brought that up. No, I was really embarrassed, and I asked, “Do you think it’s small?”

“It’s big enough for me,” she said. “Come here, I’ll suck it.”

I was so ashamed of myself, and I started turning it into a joke (I do that when I’m nervous). I was blabbing something about freezing water, but I stopped as I realized how stupid that must have sounded. One thing for sure, that wasn’t a suitable time for a blowjob. At least for me, it wasn’t. I sat down, and she got on her knees, but my little guy wasn’t going to cooperate. In fact, it was smaller than ever before. She had to use two fingers to grab on it.

Then she made it even worse by saying, “It’s like a nipple,” while licking it.

I thought my only way out with a bit of dignity was to just stop at that point.


Another reader has a dissatisfied wife…

Last night my wife once again joked about my small cock in front of our friends. I was indignant at the time. But later, I thought about it and got so turned on. I wanked my little dick and came in about 20 seconds. She always said my dick was the smallest she’s ever had, but sex was the best. Now she’s bored with my small dick. I bought her large dildos and strap-on’s that I use on her. I never get to fuck her anymore with my actual dick. The last time I did, she laughed and said it was like a little puppy jumping away.

She loves anal and did let me try her asshole recently, but I came so quickly it was pathetic. I wasn’t even in yet. So, she finished with her big vibrator, and I licked her asshole clean. We’ve discussed it, and she wanted to fuck men with bigger proper cocks.

When we have ‘sex’ if she orgasms first on the strap-on, I have to go finish on my own, so I don’t annoy her. If I ejaculate too soon, I now lick it off her. I guess I’m about to become a cum eating cuckold. I used to think I was an alpha male. Now I’m turned on by being a small dicked beta cuckold.


While this reader’s one-night stand was only the beginning…

This story happened two years ago when a girl that I had sex with gave me a handful of tiny bumps in my pubic area (yeah, I’m not proud of it). It was nothing dangerous, but contagious and, of course, a hygienic and aesthetical problem for me (the warts were called Molluscum contagiosum, and I did use a condom for those who are interested, so be careful who you fuck guys). Most of the time, they would go away on their own, said the doctor that I visited later that week, but he decided that he would better cut them off, nonetheless.

So, I got an appointment for the procedure a few days later. I was already uncomfortable showing him my dick the first time, but he was really casual about it, and so I went into the procedure, not overly nervous, just a little tense. I just wanted to get it over with already. But as I was called out by the receptionist to go into the doctor’s room, my bad thoughts increased. It was very shameful for me in the first place that I had to go through something like this just because I made this one mistake and slept with this girl.

As I walked into the room to my surprise there not only stood the doctor, but also two young female assistants. The first thing the doctor asked me was if I would be OK with those two helpers being present while the procedure takes place or if I would prefer for them to leave. As I wanted to be casual and not make a big deal out of it, I immediately said, “No, no, it’s OK,” without thinking a second about the fact that the girls would see me naked then.

The doctor asked me to take off my shoes, my shirt, and to remove my jeans. Now I stood there in my underwear and soon was advised to lie down on my back. The doctor prepared his laser equipment, then faced towards me and told me that I have to pull down my underwear that he could get started. I was really ashamed at that point, not even as much because of those five little warts down there but more so because of that little thing I was hiding in my boxers.

My dick is really small when it’s soft and particularly skinny (which for me is even more embarrassing because most of the time, it’s the thickness that matters to women), and the combination of both of those things is of course not ideal. The uncomfortableness of the situation and the coldness of the room made it shrink even more, and there was nothing I could do against it. Also, my ball sack contracted and got really tight, so my whole package must have looked like I was just entering puberty. Reluctantly I pulled down my underwear, but only so much that my pubic area was uncovered.

But the doctor wasn’t happy with that and told me to fully remove it so he can have a better look at what he’s doing and handle everything better. So, there was no other choice but to pull my pants down to my knees and expose my little package in its bare glory. Now, of course, it was a clinical environment, and the assistants had to act professionally in a situation like this, but you could see that at least the younger one of the assistants (maybe around 20 years old) was pretty embarrassed. My guess was that she had to be a novice and that it was the first time for her to deal with something like this.

Maybe she was also a little confused because I was approximately just the same age as her, maybe only a couple of years older, and she probably never saw a guy this age with a penis so little. It was a weird situation. I tried to cover up down there with my hand, but often I needed to remove it because my arm would rest above the spots the doctor had to reach with his devices. So I had to reveal my penis that had shrunk down to around one inch soft now and was just a little thicker than a finger over and over again, while the girls had to pat dry the spots around my pubic area and assist the doctor.

The girl who I assume was new to the job tried to act unaffected and do her job to the best, but you could see what was going on in her mind during the numerous occasions that she had to stare at my private parts. She was the more attractive one, but the other girl was a more established assistant and therefore not as shy as her. She was a little thicker but had a pretty face, which tried to hide a cheeky grin the whole time. Of course, I tried to react casually, but I was visibly nervous.

Most of the time, I couldn’t hide the facial expressions that told the story of embarrassment and shame, and I often blushed and stuttered when I had to interact with the girls, lying there stark naked right in front of them, with no possibility to cover up. You know the humiliating feeling when they look directly at your genitals, then face you again and talk to you while looking you in the eyes. And you always can see it in their eyes that they’re amused.

It’s very subtle and not overly prominent, but you can see it. Because I was too nervous at the doctor’s visit and even a little shaky afterward, I made sense of the whole humiliation aspect only a couple of hours later. Suddenly I realized that the whole situation was actually fucking hot, and I at once had to jerk off to the memory of it.

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