There’s a Whore in my House 1

By Subone1. I’ve got it bad, always have. I’ve been pussy whipped my entire life. I have always been in awe of anything and everything feminine. Hair, makeup, perfume, clothes, you name it. And don’t get me started on ladies’ lingerie! I’m that 6’2”, 200-pound guy that always turns into a bowl of babbling mush around pretty girls. Subservience to the female gender always seemed natural to me, the way society should be. The trouble is, I’ve had to keep

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A Wimp in her Closet

By flickofthedick. After a year abroad, Amy returned to a mix-up with the apartments. She found a vacant room in a dorm for a few weeks through sheer luck until the situation could be resolved. Still, life as a dormitory resident was quite a transition after the freedom and independence of exchange studies. Still, the dorm was a blessing in disguise because that’s where she met Andy. It didn’t take long to notice something about him worthy of deeper investigation.

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Little Brother Huge Cock (Gay SPH)

By Roskey94. (     Huge and I are brothers. He is 18 this year, just finished high school, while I’m 25 in my final year in the university. I have always been bigger than Huge, taller, and have more muscle than he has. I would say I’m buffer and meatier than him. I mean Huge is not fat or anything, he is fit, lean, and has a shredded body. I never saw him shirtless, but I could see his

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