The Secret Sub: Part 3 (Gay SPH)

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By Marriedandneedingmore

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Part 3…

My ass still felt bloated and stretched as I passed the reception from Tony’s anal probing. The receptionist from the previous day called me over saying he had a message for me. “I was told to tell you to go up to your room, shower, and to lie face-down on your bed and wait,” he said, smiling with a wide grin.

I felt stunned and didn’t know how to reply. So I just said “Thanks,” and left the reception area quickly.

I couldn’t believe Jim had involved the receptionist. I went up to my suite in the lift, wondering what lay in store for me. I couldn’t see Jim or anyone when I entered the room. I did as instructed, showered and lay on the bed, waiting for what I didn’t know. I lay there for over twenty minutes, I knew from the bedside clock. Then I heard some noise outside my bedroom and heard the door open. “Nice…” I heard someone say. “Don’t even think about turning around, put the pillow over your head.”

I felt a hand touch my ass and spread my legs. Fingers then played with my ass, putting some cold lubricant into me. I heard a zip being lowered and felt the pressure on the bed as the person placed themselves next to me. They continued to finger me. “Mmm… Nice and tight,” as they reached under me and touched my balls.

He then got up on top of me and I felt a hard cock against my ass. He moved himself up and down my body teasing my ass as he did so. He then positioned himself and placed his cock at the entrance. He pushed himself in and I felt his hardness as he pushed what felt like a large cock into me. He eased in and out gently for a minute or two, building up the pace gradually until he was pounding into me with great force, pushing me down into the mattress. He also held the pillow down as he fucked me hard, and I was finding it difficult to breathe easily. The guy was very fit and kept up the fucking for what seemed a long time, varying the pace between very slow and furiously fast. Eventually the guy started panting hard and came in me. I could easily feel his hot cum spurting into me and they seemed to be a lot of it.

When he was finished, I went to take the pillow off my head. He stopped me doing it. “Wait until I’m gone, then count to one-hundred. You can then get up. Jim said to wait by the phone.”

I heard him getting dressed and leave the room. I counted to one-hundred and thankfully took the pillow from my head and breathed easily. I wondered who had just fucked me, I wondered if it was in fact, Jim disguising his voice, or had it been Tony? Could it have been the receptionist? I lay on the bed, feeling cum dripping from my ass. I placed my fingers there getting some cum and tasting it. It didn’t taste like Jim’s cum. A few minutes later the phone rang.

Jim said, “Wimp, hope you had a good day. We’re not going out tonight, order me some steak and chips and get yourself whatever you want. We’ll eat in the suite at 8.30 pm.”

He hung up. I looked at the clock, it was now 7.30. I picked up the phone and ordered his dinner and some lasagne for myself. I turned on the TV and watched some news programme. I have no idea what the news of the day was as my mind was still in turmoil. At 8pm Jim arrived and I was still naked on the bed.

Jim looked at me and scowled. “Get dressed, Wimp, I don’t need to see your small cocklette.”

I dressed in a shirt and trousers, not forgetting my yellow briefs and went out to the living area. Jim was sitting on the large couch drinking a beer and watching a football match on the TV. “How was your day, Wimp?”

“Interesting, sir. My meetings went well, and then I met Tony… But you know that already.”

“How did it go?”

“They examined me fully, sir. They really stretched me out.”

“And when you came back?”

“Sir, I did as you instructed and someone, I don’t know who, fucked me.”

“Wimp, you did well, did you like it when you came?”

“Yes, sir, though it was humiliating in front of Betty.”

“Did it taste different to the guy who fucked you after?”

I looked at him stunned, wondering how he could possibly know. He laughed at my obvious shocked face. He reached for the remote control and switched channels. The picture changed and I could see myself on the screen sitting in front of Tony’s desk before I met him.

“I watched it all, Wimp. It makes a great video. He has some great camera angles. Let’s watch it together.”

We watched as the events in Tony’s office took place, with some real close ups of my ass, my face, my small cock. It was even more humiliating to be watching what had happened than I felt when I was actually there. Jim said every now and again, “Watch carefully… I like this bit,” or “I can see you liked that,” or “You really are a Wimp!”

Just then there was a knock on the door and I looked squarely at Jim, pleading with him to turn the TV off. Instead, he froze the screen with an image of me in obvious pain. He told me to go open the door which reluctantly I did. Standing there was a young black guy. “Room Service, shall I bring it in?”

Jim called out, “Yes!”

The guy entered. He was placing the food on the table when he noticed the TV screen. He looked at Jim and then me and smiled a huge smile. Jim looked up at him. “Can you bring us some chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream in about an hour?”

“Of course, sir, whatever you want,” he replied, not being able to keep his eyes off the TV screen.

He then left and we ate our dinner in silence, watching the rest of the activities from Tony’s office. When the video of my examination finished the scene changed to my suite and my returning there earlier. I looked up at the room ceilings to see where the cameras were but I couldn’t make out any. Jim saw me looking around and told me I would need to be very good to see where he had put them. Jim told me to get him more beer, which I emptied into a new glass and gave him. The door sounded with another knock and Jim froze the TV screen again. He shouted, “Come in”, and the same guy came in with the requested food.

“We were just about to watch another story here, would you like to see it,” Jim asked the guy.

I looked at Jim, pleading with my eyes not to let the guy stay and watch but to no avail. The guy sat down at the table while we took our place on the sofa. Jim asked him to put the cake and ice cream on plates for us while we watched and offered the guy a beer which he accepted. Jim pressed the play button which showed me coming out of my bathroom and lying face down on the bed. He pressed fast forward for about nineteen minutes and then resumed the play. Shortly after, the video showed the bedroom door open and the receptionist walk in. The room service guy gasped when he saw who it was. We all proceeded to watch him take me and then to my humiliation, it clearly showed me take his cum from my ass and taste it.

Jim and the guy looked at me in clear humiliation at what we had seen. “Did you enjoy it,” Jim asked the black guy.

“Hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Is he your sub?”

“Yes… Would you like a tip?”

“Tips are always welcome, sir.”

“You’ve got a choice… Cash or a blow job.”

I looked at Jim with pleading eyes, but he dismissed me by looking away. “I think I’ve enough cash tips today,” the black guy said.

“Get stripped, Wimp.”

At this stage I didn’t think there was any point pleading anymore, so I took my clothes off and stood naked before the two of them. The guy started laughing loudly, pointing at my cock. He then said, “Sorry, dog,” when he saw my humiliation.

“No need to be sorry,” Jim said, “Wimp knows how insignificant he is, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, looking at the ground.

“Look up, Wimp, ask the nice man if you can suck his cock.”

I looked up at the smiling guy. “Please… Can I suck your cock?”

“On your knees, Wimp,” the black guy said.

I knelt before him. He unzipped his uniformed trousers and took out his large erect black cock. This was the first black cock I had ever seen and it was quite thick, uncut and about eight inches. I took it in my hand and started touching it, bringing it to my mouth. I opened up and took it in my mouth, it’s tasting musky and sweaty. I sucked on it hard, hoping to make him climax quickly and get it over with.

“Oh yeah… Suck it good, boy… Take my black cock, Wimp,” he kept repeating, not seeming to be close to climaxing. He then held my head, asking Jim, “Does he swallow?”

“He’ll do whatever you want,” Jim said with a shrug.

“Oh yeah, Wimp… You’re gonna taste some black cum soon,” as he started face fucking me harder, making me gag with every thrust.

I looked over at Jim, who appeared amused watching the guy have his fun. He took his phone and took some pictures without the guy seeing he had done so. Just then the guy started groaning and cumming in my mouth. I’ve to say I didn’t enjoy his taste, but I was afraid not to take it all so I swallowed every drop.

“Oh yeah…” he groaned, “That felt so good… You’ve a good bitch here, dog,” he said to Jim.

“Thanks, but keep this to yourself.”

The guy said he would and left us alone. Jim told me to get his dessert and I handed it to him. He told me I could have my own in my bedroom. I went there, totally drained by the day’s events and without meaning to, I fell asleep. I was woken by my balls being squeezed. “Did I tell you to sleep?”

“Sorry, Sir, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“Follow me,” as he left the room. He was in the living room. I was still naked.

“Wimp, you’ve done well today, but I’m not staying tonight as I have to travel in the morning. How would you like to finish your day?”

“Sir, I would like to please you before you go, your choice how.”

“Wimp, it’s always my choice, on your knees, I think.”

I immediately went to him and knelt, reaching up to unzip his trousers and take his cock out. Jim held my face up. “When I say NOW… Stop sucking… Got it?”

I nodded and started sucking his cock slowly, kissing and licking it, taking it all the way into my mouth then easing it out again. He seemed to be leaving it at my pace which I was thankful for as my mouth was still sore after the guy earlier. I carried on, really enjoying sucking his cock, gradually building up the pace. “Now”

I stopped sucking and he pulled out of my mouth and spurted his hot cum all over my face. I licked it off the area around my mouth and it tasted far better than the other guy. “Zip me up,” Jim ordered

“Ok Wimp, I’m off now. Have a safe trip tomorrow. I’ll be in touch soon.”

“Thank you, sir. I hope you have a good trip too. May I ask where you’re going?”

He said sharply, “No, you may not. Don’t forget to call Olivia and tell her about your day.”

I had forgotten all about her. It was usual for me to call her early every evening before I would eat and I had totally forgotten about her for two days. I looked at my watch and saw it was 11.30 PM, too late to call her now. Jim left and I text Olivia apologising for not calling, saying I had been very busy and had been out with Clients on both evenings. I didn’t receive a reply.

Just then I remembered Jim had instructed me to bring pictures of Olivia yet had not asked me for them. I ran to my bedroom to look in my suitcase only to find the pictures were gone. I had four pictures in there. One was of the two of us together at a family wedding, another of Olivia in a nice dress at another function and two of her in a bikini. I don’t know why I had brought those ones, I now regretted it. I remembered what Tony had said earlier, Jim was very good at getting information. He now had photographs of my wife as well.

I went to my bed, my mind going over all of the events of the last two days. So much had happened, so many new experiences, so many scary yet exciting ones. I knew I wanted more and more, but I continued at the same time to be scared of what might happen in the future. I so much wanted to trust Jim, but I was very conscious of what he was gathering in terms of information, photographs, videos and maybe more for all I knew.

I had an early train to catch and I was really drained from the last two days, so it didn’t take me long to get to sleep. My sleep was on and off with many thoughts and dreams going through my head, of what would happen next.


Perhaps the worst thing that has happened to date is that my wife, Olivia, laughed at me when she saw me after I had shaved myself around my cock and balls. In the twenty-five years we’ve been married, she has never once indicated that she thought my cock is small. When she saw me shaved bare, though, she laughed. Although she later apologised saying she didn’t mean it, I know deep down she did mean it. I’ve come to realise how small I am in comparison to the many cocks I’ve seen since I met Jim for the first time, only five weeks ago.

Jim has gathered a lot of information about Olivia, her details, her laughing at me, where she plays golf, and some pictures of her that he took from my bag while we shared a hotel suite. Worryingly, he has pictures of me naked and me sucking cock as well as videos of me being examined by Tony and Betty and more. While he says that I have to trust him, naturally I’m worried the pictures or videos could fall into the wrong hands. I also worry, he will tell Olivia.

Since I was very tired, I did manage to fall asleep quickly after Jim had left. I had a train to catch so I set the alarm for seven. At six AM though, I thought I heard a phone ringing, but thought I was dreaming so ignored it. However, it continued to ring so I opened my eyes wearily and looked around the room to see the light flashing on the phone on the bedside table. I picked it up. “Good morning, Wimp, this is your early morning call,” I heard an unknown voice say.

“I didn’t request a wake-up call,” I replied wearily.

“Jim told me to call you at six AM, now go open your door for room service,” the voice demanded.


“Just go open the door,” the voice shouted at me.

I got out of bed and put a dressing gown on and went and opened the door to my suite. Standing outside were two guys I recognised, the hotel receptionist and the room service delivery guy from the night before. The receptionist said, “Good morning, Wimp, room service.”

I looked at them inquisitively and the confusion must have been apparent on my face. They pushed me aside and entered the suite, both of them laughing. Still half asleep, I looked at them confused. The black guy rolled his eyes, and said, “We’ve come for room service. Take your robe off and walk to the window.”

I looked as the black guy opened the curtains. All the rooms in the hotel were located around a courtyard, so all rooms were facing many others on the other side. One or two lights seemed to be on even at this early hour of the morning. He turned on the light on some of the table lamps in our room. The receptionist asked, “What are you waiting for?”

Automatically opened my robe, dropping it to the floor, now standing naked before them. “Walk and face the window.”

I walked toward the window, trying to see if I could see anyone in any of the other rooms. I could not make out anyone. I faced the window and waited.

“I wonder how many people out there are looking at your pitiful cock,” the receptionist said laughing.

“They wouldn’t be able to see it,” the black guy said. “They probably think he’s a chick!”

“Go out on the balcony,” the receptionist commanded. I looked back, pleading with my eyes not to have me do that. “Do it, Wimp, you do know that Jim is recording this.”

I looked around looking for cameras, remembering that he had already recorded me in this suite. Knowing I had no choice, I opened the balcony door and stepped outside into the cold morning. I again looked around the courtyard to see whether I could see anyone in their rooms. Again, I could not make out anyone, relieved that they were all asleep. The guys had me standing out there for about five minutes when I heard the receptionist say, “Do it now.”

I looked at him thinking he was talking to me, he just smiled at me. He was speaking to someone on the phone. Just then I noticed many lights go on in the rooms around the courtyard, so I went to come back into the room. “Stay where you are,” the receptionist warned.

I looked around to see more lights going on in rooms all around me. I then noticed movement in many rooms with the curtains opened and then lights turned off. In the darkness of some of the rooms I thought I saw movement but couldn’t be sure. Before long most of the lights had gone off and I couldn’t be sure how many were looking at me. I knew there were some as I saw movement in some rooms, even with their lights off. I also saw some flashes go off. At this stage I must have been out there for over fifteen minutes just standing there, facing the opposite rooms.

“Come back in, now,” the receptionist ordered after a while. I nearly ran back in, so relieved was I to be allowed back into the room. I went to go to the far end of the room away from the window. “Stay near the window,” he barked.

The black guy came up to me and squeezed my cock and balls. I squirmed, and he laughed. “That was some video you showed me last night. I was very surprised to see my boss here fucking you, did you enjoy it?”

“I didn’t know it was him,” I said.

“I didn’t ask you that.”

“Yes, I did,” I said, looking at the floor as I answered.

“I know you did, Wimp, you were made for service. On your knees,” the black guy said.

I knelt and he stood before me. I didn’t need to be told what to do so I reached out and opened his uniform trousers. I remembered that the previous night I had not liked the taste of his cock, all musky and sweaty. As I took his cock in my hands it seemed even sweatier and I couldn’t help wondering if he had washed since last night. As I took it in my mouth and smelt it, it was obvious that he had not, and I pulled away from the stale smell. “What’s wrong, Wimp?” He said and pushed my head down on his cock.

My stomach felt sickly as I sucked on his sweaty cock. I then felt another hand on my head, pulling it off the cock. I turned to face another cock and started to suck on what was a far better tasting cock. Eagerly I sucked on it as I watched the black guy wank to the side of me. Just as he came, spurting his cum onto my back, the receptionist came heavily in my mouth, so heavily I struggled to avoid spilling any. Knowing that Jim could be watching this now or later, I swallowed it all. They then let me stand. “Turn and bow to your audience,” the receptionist said and laughed.

I had forgotten about the open curtains and I turned around scared to see who might be watching. I gave a short bow and immediately I could see about eight lights in the surrounding rooms come on. I backed away from the windows, the two guys applauding me. “Ok, Wimp, you better get yourself ready. Jim says you have a train to catch, see you at checkout,” the receptionist said.

With that comment they left the room. I immediately closed the curtains and had a quick shower. I packed all my stuff and left the room. I had to check out at reception and was surprised, but relieved, to see a different guy there. “You must’ve had a good party,” he said with a wry smile and a raised eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” I asked, scared of what he might know.

“Either that, or you had a lot of drink yourself,” he said, handing me my bill. I looked at my bill and was stunned at the cost of my stay. In addition to the room there were food and drink charges of three-hundred-dollars. I gasped at the extent of the charges. He asked, “Will I charge them to the usual company account?”

“No, I’ll pay for them myself,” handing over my credit card to him. “Just charge a normal room rental to the account, and I’ll pay the difference and the charges,” I said.

He prepared two separate bills, getting me to sign the company one, and giving me one for $450. I was stunned as he entered the amount and I put in my pin number to authorise. I began to worry how I would explain it to Olivia. As I looked around I began to wonder just who had seen me earlier in my room and I couldn’t help thinking that everyone was looking at me. I saw one couple and two guys together point at me, and laugh. I took back my credit card just as the original receptionist came out of the office behind the reception desk. “Are you leaving us, Sir? I hope you had a good stay, and that you’ll come back soon again,” he said nicely.

I looked at him smiling at me. “Yes, thank you.”

“Don’t forget to fill in the comment card about the service you got,” he said, openly smirking at me.

Just then the black room service guy appeared behind me. “Can I take your bags, Sir? Call you a taxi?”

“No, that’s OK. I can manage,” I said, feeling flustered.

“I insist, sir. Let’s go get you a taxi,” he said as he lifted my bag and walked toward the main entry.

“He’s probably looking for a big tip from you, sir,” the receptionist said, winking at me, “Have a good trip, see you again soon.”

I quickly followed the service guy, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. Outside he had hailed a taxi for me and was talking through the window to the taxi driver. They were laughing loudly as he opened the door for me. “No need for a tip, sir. Your tip last night was more than enough.”

When the taxi door closed and I told the driver my destination I began to sigh with relief that I was away from there. When I reached the train station I paid the driver with a small tip included. “The other guy said you were a huge tipper,” the driver said.

I quickly gave him another five dollars and almost ran away from the taxi into the station. I didn’t hear what he shouted to me, but noticed that a number of people seemed to be staring at me. I got my ticket and took my seat happy to be alone with my confused thoughts. While on the train I remembered that I hadn’t heard back from my text last night to Olivia. I wondered if she was annoyed at me or getting me back for not contacting her for two days while I was with Jim. This was the first time in our married life that we had not spoken in a day and I was stunned that I completely forgot to call her. I took out my phone and texted her again.

Me: Hi Love, sorry again for not calling you, work has been mad with these new clients. How are you? Hope you still talking to me, lol.

I stared at my phone wishing it to ring or tell me I had a new message. Just then my secret phone beeped. Jim said when I answered, “Hi, Wimp, hope you enjoyed your wake-up call!”

“Hi, sir, it was a surprise alright.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, sir, although I was scared so many could see me from the other rooms.”

“You passed the test though, I watched it all from the secret cameras and I’ve a recording as well. You’re becoming quite the performer.”

“Thank you, sir. May I ask if you have used those guys before?”

“No questions remember, but as it happens, no, but I might again, he said, and laughed. “Tell me what your day is like.”

“I’ve one meeting at eleven, lunch with the same client, and two other meetings in the afternoon.”

“In the evening?”

“No plans yet, sir. One of the clients may ask me to dinner or drinks.”

“If they do, turn them down,” Jim ordered.

“OK, sir. I assume no point in asking why?”

“Correct, Wimp, no point. I may contact you and then again, I may not.”

“OK, sir, I’ll await your call.”

“How’s Olivia, by the way?”

“Sir, I’m worried. I forgot to call her for two days and now she has not responded to my messages.”

“Maybe she’s having fun with a real man?”

“I don’t think so, sir. Olivia isn’t like that,” I said.

“You mean like you weren’t five weeks ago?”

“That’s different, sir, I’m sure she’s just busy.”

He laughed. “Just think about it, Wimp, a real man inside your ladies wet pussy. Does that excite you?”

“No, Sir, I don’t want her involved at all.”

“That may not be your choice, I’m going, have a good day and keep your phone close.”

“Thank you, sir. I hope you have a good day.”

“Oh, believe me, I will. Bye, Wimp.”

“Bye, sir.”

I looked at my regular phone to see there was still no contact from Olivia. Jim now had me wondering what she might be up to. Was there any way she was playing away from home? I seriously hoped not.

My train was about to pull into my stop so I gathered up all my papers and prepared to leave. I left the station, hailing a taxi to take me to my first meeting. On the route there I received a message from Olivia: So you’re still alive then?

Me: Yes, I’m in a taxi, can I call you when I’m out?

Olivia: No, I’m just about to have a massage, we can talk later.

Me: Massage?

Olivia: Yes, I’m away with Jenny, talk later.

Me: OK, Love you, xxx.

I didn’t receive a response which worried me greatly. I remembered now that she had mentioned seeing Jenny, but I didn’t think they were going away anywhere, I wondered where they were. I also remembered that Jenny, according to Olivia, can be a huge flirt with strangers when she had drink taken. Olivia was not a big drinker and could not handle much alcohol and I wondered if perhaps anything might have happened while they were away. I put it out of my mind as I approached the office where my meeting was to take place.


My meeting and lunch happened without incident or any more messages from Jim or Olivia. I had become accustomed to expecting instructions from Jim at any time. I went into my afternoon meetings, both of which again went smoothly. As expected my final client of the day invited me to dinner, but I declined on the basis of another appointment. I didn’t know what that appointment might entail, if anything, but I was nervous yet excited that I might have some more new experiences during this trip. I hailed a cab and went to my hotel where I checked into my room.

After entering my room, I took off my work suit and put some light trousers and shirt on, over my yellow briefs. I texted Olivia, Hope you enjoyed your massage, let me know when you can talk.

About thirty minutes later I received a call from her. “Hi, how are you,” she said cheerfully.

“I’m good, love, how’s your trip with Jenny? Where are you?” I asked, feeling pleased to hear her voice.

“We decided to go to the Royal Spa in Livingston. Jenny said when you didn’t call me that I should go have some fun as well as she assumed you were.”

“I’m sorry, Love, my new clients took a lot of my time and to be honest with you I fell asleep on my hotel couch the first night and the second night I texted you though it was late.”

“I got it, but ignored it. We were having drinks when I got it, but since I was annoyed at you Jenny told me to ignore you.”

“I’m sorry, Love, at least you got away too. Are you having fun?” I asked nervously.

“Yeah, it’s a nice place. I had a lovely massage and we’re having a good time.”

“Hope the masseur was nice,” I said half laughing.

“Oh, he was, and he had great hands,” she replied half laughing herself.

I wasn’t sure if she was playing games with me or not, so I just replied, “Good.”

“He was! How were your nights, anything exciting?”

“Oh, you know, just boring work stuff. These new clients are very demanding.”

“I hope they’re worth it.”

“Yes, I think they’ll work out to be great clients. Have you given any thought to where we might go next weekend?”

“Maybe we might come back here. I’m sure you could enjoy a massage as well,” she said laughing.

“Whatever you want, Love.”

“Ok, Jenny is calling. We’re going to dinner soon. I’ll see you at home tomorrow night.”

“Enjoy your evening, love you.”

“And you, bye”

I was stunned at the lack of response, Olivia would always tell me that she loved me and I was worried as to what had happened to change her. Was she still so annoyed at me? I hoped that was all it was.


It was now almost 8pm and I was hungry, so I ordered room service. When it arrived, I almost expected to have to perform for the guy who delivered it, but he left the food on the table, I gave him a tip and he left me alone. I was beginning to look at every guy I met now and wonder if Jim knew them. I told myself to stop worrying and overthinking everything and to start trusting that Jim would not put me in any danger of being found out by anyone I knew.

I enjoyed the meal and drank a small bottle of wine. I was chilling, watching a good film on the TV when my secret phone beeped: Hi, Wimp, this is Bitch.

I felt shocked to receive a message from another submissive guy. Bitch is a long term Sub of Tony, the gynaecologist that used and humiliated me with his assistant, Betty. While I’ve to wear yellow briefs indicating the lowest rung of the Sub ladder, Bitch wears black briefs indicating he is at the very top.

Me: Hi, Bitch, how are you?

Bitch: Wimp, I’m good. Get yourself dressed and meet me outside your hotel in 30 minutes.

It surprised me he’s here, as I knew he lived more than an hour away. I then recalled Jim telling me that Bitch would go anywhere that Tony required, even at a moment’s notice. Since I also knew that Bitch was married. I wondered how he could get away so easily.

Me: OK, I’ll be there.

I immediately rushed into the shower and then dressed myself in my yellow briefs, red trousers and white shirt, assuming that’s what’s required. That had been my Sub uniform in the club when I met Bitch for the first time. All of the Subs had worn the same clothes, the only difference being the colour of our briefs.

I left the hotel expecting to see Bitch with Tony, but I found him alone hailing a taxi. He got into the front, leaving me alone in the back. He gave the driver an address I didn’t recognise, although I knew the town quite well. I wondered if we were going to another club, although I noticed that Bitch was not wearing the same clothes as I did tonight. No words were exchanged between any of us as we headed to our destination. On reaching our destination, we exited the taxi and I looked around. We seemed to be in a fairly run down part of the town with some abandoned houses and weary looking shops like drug and liquor stores. We walked around the corner and I saw a building that looked like a bar from the outside, although it was hard to tell from the bars on the window.

We walked up to the door and Bitch rang a bell. Someone looked out through a hole in the door and then opened it, letting us enter. At this stage no words had been spoken yet between us.

Bitch said to the Cloakroom assistant, “Is it busy tonight?”

He answered, “Yeah, actually there seems to be a lot of visitors tonight as well as some of the regulars. Is this a new friend?”

“Yes, it’s his first time here.”

The assistant smiled at both of us. “Enjoy your evening.”

We thanked him. Bitch indicated for me to follow him into a large room with a small bar in the corner and many guys sitting around, chatting and drinking. “I should’ve told you not to wear your Master/Sub clothes, but it doesn’t matter I suppose. FYI – you only wear them when you’re with Jim, and he tells you to.”

“Thanks, Bitch, I didn’t know what to wear or where we were going. Where are we?”

“Wimp, I’m sure Jim has told you not to ask any questions. That applies to anyone that meets you at his request as well.”

“Sorry, I guess I’ve got a lot to learn.”

“We all started where you are now and from what I’ve heard and seen, I think you’ll do okay.”

He went to the bar and ordered us two beers. Since I was not given water I guessed that it was ok to drink alcohol with another Sub. I thanked him and we went and sat at an empty table. We chatted a little about incidental things like the weather, sports games, the décor of the bar, and other meaningless subjects. Nothing of a personal nature was discussed. I observed what was going on around us. Every so often guys would leave their tables and go through a door to our right, normally reappearing after ten or fifteen minutes. I went to go toward the door. Bitch stopped me. “Where are you going, Wimp?”

“I assume the gents are through there,” I said surprised.

“No… It’s through the door on the left.”

I went to the gents and returned to my seat. The guys continued to go through the door to our right. Bitch didn’t even seem to look at them or be inquisitive about it. I guessed that he knew what lay beyond the door and I suspected I would find out before the night was out. I was not wrong. After another ten minutes or so Bitch stood and indicated for me to follow him. To my surprise we headed through a door behind us, rather than to the right. He took me down a long corridor through which they seemed to be different coloured doors. He spoke to an attendant seated in the corridor who indicated where we should go.

Bitch walked to a white coloured door. “OK, Wimp, go in there and wait. You’ll know what to do.”

With that, he opened the door and then he left. I went into the room which was dimly lit. All I could see was a chair in the middle of the small room and mirrored walls.

“Wimp, take your clothes off,” said an unfamiliar voice.

I stood and complied with the instructions, finally standing naked in the room. A bright light lit up my small room and all I could see was myself in the mirrors on every wall. I wondered if there were hidden cameras and who was watching, maybe that was what the guys were watching in another room. I sat on the chair wondering what would happen next. I didn’t have long to wait to find out. To my right a hole appeared in the mirror and through it came a large erect cock. I reached out and touched it, stroking it up and down gently. Then I knelt and took it into my mouth, sucking and licking it all over. I sucked on it greedily trying to take more of it in me. I varied the pace between fast and slow until eventually he came heavily in my mouth. I swallowed most of it though some did spill out down my chin. I wiped that with my fingers, washing them in my mouth. The guy then removed his cock and left.

Immediately, on the other side, another hole appeared and with it a smaller but thick cock. I repeated the same actions and it didn’t take long for him to cum. I was beginning to realise that cum tasted very different from guy to guy. Some were very creamy, others hot, others more like watery milk. Some tasted fresh, others a bit off and the other bitter. Before long I had sucked guys to climax from four different holes in the room. At one stage I had three at the same time appearing and I alternated between them using my hands and mouth at the same time. All of them came in my mouth. The different tastes in my mouth were not nice, and I felt a little sick. Then it appeared as if no more cocks were appearing.

“Sit on the floor,” came the voice from before, “Put your clothes on the seat at the door.”

I did as instructed and a hand came through the door and took my clothes and seat away. Then I sat down on the ground. Before long all four holes opened again and I went to rise up.

“Stay seated, Wimp,” the voice commanded.

I sat back down and saw four cocks come through the holes. I wondered if they were going to cum on me together, when all of a sudden one of them started peeing on me. I went to stand.

The voice commanded again, “SIT!”

Then the other three started peeing as well, all over my head and body, aiming in different directions.

“Open your mouth.”

I was alarmed, but opened my mouth anyway. The cock facing me seemed to rise a little and aimed his urine directly through my open mouth. It tasted horrible and I tried to close my mouth only to be pelted in the face. All four guys must have been drinking a lot as they seemed to have a lot of pee. Thankfully, it was soon over, but they didn’t leave.

“Clean their cocks.”

The floor was drenched as was I and the stench of urine in the small room was horrible. I knelt in the wet urine and went to the first guy, taking his cock and sucking and licking it clean. I repeated this with the other three and then they left.

I was sitting in the middle of the floor in the wet urine, but remained there shocked at what had just happened. Then the room went back to a dimmed lit state and the mirrors disappeared, turning into windows through which I could see guys walking around. I then realised that everyone could probably see me when I was in the room and that all saw what had happened. This made me feel a whole lot worse, thinking that lots of guys had seen me being urinated on, and then cleaning the cocks. Some of the guys passing the room winked at me, smiled and laughed.

The door opened and Bitch appeared outside. He signalled for me to follow him, which I did, looking around to see where my clothes were. There was no sign of them. He opened the door and indicated I should enter. I did and discovered it was an open shower area. I quickly showered as I could feel many eyes on me through the glass walls of the shower room. I then saw my clothes which I put on. I left the room to find Bitch chatting to the attendant. Seeing me he walked away and I followed directly to the exit, not going through the lounge in which we earlier had drinks. That was a relief to me as I didn’t want to look at all the guys and wondered who had done what to me.

When outside Bitch hailed and taxi and returned to my hotel where I exited the taxi alone, Bitch staying in it. The taxi left. I then thought about the night and realised that Bitch had said very little to me while we were together. I went to my room, once again stunned at the events of the night. Each night this week I’ve experienced more new events and more humiliation, yet I found myself thinking I wanted more.

I text Olivia, asking her if she could talk. Once again, I got no reply. A worrying pattern seemed to be developing. I wondered if she was still with Jenny, I had assumed she would be home by now. After an hour when I still had received no reply I sent another text.

Me: Hi Love, hope your day was good. Maybe you’re asleep now, talk tomorrow, Love you, xxx.

It was now almost midnight and I was very tired from the long day and the evening’s events. I went to bed and immediately fell asleep.


The next morning, Thursday, I woke up and looked at the bedside clock. It was 7.30 am. I looked at both phones. There were no messages. I felt disappointed not to have any from Jim and worried of none from Olivia. I assumed she’s still asleep. In a way, I suppose I hoped she’s alone and she’s forgiven me for not calling. I showered, dressed and checked out of the hotel, relieved, but in a way disappointed that there were no early morning surprises for me. I had four meetings today and they all went well, without incident. I kept checking my phones but there was total silence on them. By the end of the last meeting I was very tired and headed for the train station. I was early so decided to grab a cup of coffee. While drinking it, my secret phone beeped.

“Hi, Wimp. Hope you enjoyed last night,” Jim said as soon as I answered.

“Yes, sir. A bit shocking, but yes,” I said.

“Good, Wimp. I enjoyed watching the video today,” he said laughing. Once again, I felt stunned, but I suppose I should have assumed there would be a recording of it to add to the collection of pictures and videos Jim was building up of me undertaking all of his tasks. “Did you enjoy your day of silence from me?”

“No, sir. I kept checking my phone and was disappointed not to hear from you.”

“I was busy today, Wimp. Don’t ask why, it’s none of your business. Where are you?”

“At the train station, sir. I’m just about to head home.”

“OK, Wimp, have a safe trip home. I’ll be in touch soon.”

“Sir, I look forward to it.”

The trip home went without incident. I tried to spend the time doing some client work, but my mind kept drifting back to the events of the week. The different humiliations I had experienced replayed over and over in my mind. The changes in Olivia, and what would happen next. I felt totally scared and worried, but also excited, and at this stage very aware that I needed and wanted more experiences. When I arrived home, I found no sign of Olivia’s car. I checked the mail box and there was a lot of mail there. I looked at it and saw that there was mail with postmarks up to four days previous. I wondered if Olivia had been away for a number of days and if so, where did she stay. Was she still with Jenny? Was she elsewhere?

I sent her a message that I was home. Yet again, I got no reply. I unpacked my suitcase and watched a bit of television. At 11.00pm my phone beeped with a message from Olivia: Hi, I’m staying at Jenny’s tonight, see you tomorrow.

Me: Can you talk?

Olivia: No, there’s a party here, too noisy, sleep well.

Me: OK, enjoy your party, love you, xxx.

Now I was really worried. In the space of a week we went from normal relations to seemingly indifference on her part to me. No messages of any intimate nature. I wondered if it could all be as simple as her getting her revenge on me for no contact from me to her earlier in the week, but I thought she’s not that type of person. At least I didn’t think she was. I went to bed, but found it hard to sleep for a long time. Once again, my mind was all over the place. What is up with Olivia? Could I really trust Jim? What would happen next? Why was I enjoying humiliation and instructions so easily and willingly? Was Olivia cheating on me? What would she say or do if she knew what I had done? Were we still going away this weekend?

Eventually I fell asleep, exhausted from all the questions in my head, the last thought in my head being: What have I gotten myself into?


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