The Secret Sub: Part 2 (Gay SPH)

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By Marriedandneedingmore

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Part 2…

Four weeks ago I met a guy for the first time for what I hoped would be some good clean safe sex, maybe a blowjob or mutual wank. The guy, Jim, had a different idea as somehow he had seen in me, from messages exchanged online, a submissive nature.

As of now I’ve only met him once, but I’ve already had several experiences at his direction. In addition to our one meet where I got to suck his large cock, I’ve been humiliated and used by his brother and a mate. Sadly, I’ve come to totally realise my own shortcomings in the cock department. I had always thought myself as average-sized, but now I realise small is more accurate. This became more evident last week when Jim had me shave myself completely, which exposed how small I actually am. What made it worse is my wife, Olivia, laughed when she saw me shaven. For the first time in our lives she mentioned how small I looked. Though she apologised many times and said she didn’t mean it, the look in her eyes when she laughed said she told the truth. If she hadn’t thought it before, she certainly did at that moment.

I’m still worried as to what I’ve got myself into, but I’m nevertheless excited and anxious as to what’ll happen in the future. I check my secret phone and email many times a day to check whether Jim has got in touch. I also look at the pictures Jim has of me, one with me sucking his Brother’s dick, and one of me full frontal naked after shaving myself entirely. Jim says I have to trust him, but I’m very concerned where the pictures might turn up in the future. I have a very responsible professional job, an accountant, looking after many clients around the country on behalf of the company I work for.

My other main concern is how often Jim mentions Olivia. He now knows her name, her details, her golf club, and the fact she laughed at me last weekend. I plead with him to leave her out of everything and he keeps telling me to trust him, but I cannot help thinking what he might be up to. I wonder if Jim will be free to meet me, and whether he’ll have new tasks or experiences for me. As I was driving home one evening I nearly crashed my car when my secret phone vibrated in my pocket.

Jim: Can you talk, if so call me now.

I pulled over the car into a motel car park and immediately called his number. “Hi, sir, how has your week been?”

“Hi, Wimp, it’s been good. I’ve been thinking about whether I want to continue with your education or not,” Jim said.

“Why, Sir, have I done something wrong?”

“I’m just not sure you’re serious about learning how to be a true sub. Have you been giving it much thought?”

“All the time, sir, everyone thinks I’m acting strangely. I keep checking my phone and email, and I was worried when I didn’t hear from you. Sir… I desperately need to please you.”

“Has Olivia ever mention your small cock again?”

“No, sir, but I’ve caught her watching me when I’m changing.”

He laughed. “Wimp, you do know what she’s thinking, don’t you?”

“I assume, sir, she’s thinking about my small dick.”

Laughing, he said, “I think she’s wondering how she married a guy with such a pitiful dick.”

“Maybe, sir, that’s probably the worst thing so far. But she might be thinking about things, for sure,” I said, feeling my heart break.

He laughed again. “You’ve been humiliated in public, nearly arrested, sucked cock like a whore, and what you’re worried most about is your wife thinking your cock is small.”

His laughter continued to taunt me. “Sir, please stop laughing at me. I know I’m small.”

“You’re really a pathetic wimp. I think I’ll continue your education, if only to show you how humiliation really works. How good and bad I can make you feel,” Jim said.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Now, tell me what your work plans are next week.”

“On Monday and Tuesday I’m in your town, sir, Wednesday and Thursday I travel on to Dodstown, and Friday I come home to the office here.”

“Are you staying in the same hotel?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ok, Wimp, I want you to get a mini suite in the hotel. I might just move in with you for the two nights.”

I suddenly felt excited. “Yes, sir. I’ll change the room when I get home tonight. May I ask what you’ve planned?”

“No, you may not. I’ve not yet decided, but you’ll enjoy whatever I choose. I’ve to go now. Keep your phone close, I’ll be in touch. Bye.”

Suddenly I felt content and happy he had been in touch. I was truly becoming attached to Jim and looking forward to learning more from him. Although still scared and nervous, I wanted next week to come quickly. I carried on home to be greeted by Olivia with the usual peck on the cheek, asking how my day was. She commented I appeared to be in better form, and I told her I thought I had secured a new client.

She beamed at me. “That’s great… Maybe now you won’t be so anxious all the time. You’re away next week, aren’t you?”

“Yes, from Monday to Friday.” She nodded. I asked. “Have you any plans for next week?”

“Not yet, I might play some more golf. Jenny has been talking about having a night out. I might do it,” Olivia said.

“That’s a good idea, no point in you being in all week while I’m away.”

Laughing, she said, “Whether you’re away or not.”

I didn’t quite know what to make of her comment, but I let it go. I didn’t want to think about the possibilities of Olivia playing away from home.


All of the next weekend I felt nervous, but excited at what might happen during my trip. I so wanted to experience new things, but just wasn’t sure exactly they might be. Of course I had some thoughts based on what had happened so far. I assumed Jim would want me to do more, including being the first one to fuck me. That scared me a little, but deep down I knew I wanted it to happen at some stage. What else he may have planned I had no idea. Olivia asked me about our weekend away and we agreed we would go away in two weeks’ time. I asked her to think about where she would like to go. That got her off my back and gave me time to enjoy my week away.

On the Sunday morning I woke to an email from Jim.

To: Wimp

From: Sir

Subject: Your trip

I assume you’re thinking about your trip and how you’ll please me. I want you to bring the following items:

White, black, red and yellow briefs

A picture of you and Olivia together and some of Olivia on her own

No questions allowed, just do it or don’t bother meeting me.

I looked at the list of items trying to figure out why he would want these things. Of course the picture scared me, but my curiosity peaked with the different coloured briefs. I replied I would get the items, not thinking it wise to raise any issues about my concern about the pictures. I could do that when I met him.

He sent me another email later that evening to tell me to contact him as soon as I arrived in his town on the following day. I replied I would.

That night I barely slept, and my tossing and turning in the bed drove Olivia so mad she went to the bed in our guest bedroom. On the Monday morning I apologised to her telling her she could get lots of sleep while I’m away. She laughed and said she would enjoy the bed on her own. With the usual peck on the cheek and hug, I left for the train station and got my train to Clonalty, the town in which Jim lived. Although only an hour away, I usually stayed over there when meeting clients before travelling on further south to meet others.

On reaching Clonalty, I proceeded to my first meeting with an old client I’ve been dealing with for over twenty years. Although not a big client in fee terms he was one of my first so I remained loyal to him. He was having a big problem with the revenue and I needed to help him sort it out. We were going to meet with revenue officials to determine what kind of a settlement might be acceptable to them. On the way in the taxi to the Client’s office, I took out my phone and text Jim.

Me: Sir, I’ve arrived. I’m in the taxi on the way to my first meeting.

Jim: Good Wimp, what part of town is the meeting in?

I text him the area.

Jim: OK. Enjoy your meeting, I’ll be in touch.

When I got to the office building, nervously, I looked around expecting to see Jim, but there was no sign of him. When I approached the security man to sign in I thought he looked strangely at me and I wondered if he was another friend of Jim. He told me I could go up to my client. I was becoming paranoid now that everyone I came into contact with was a friend of Jim. The meeting went well with a settlement figure agreed, which pleased my client. He asked me to dinner that evening in order to thank me, but I cried off saying I had already agreed to meet with another client. He seemed to accept my reason and said we would do it next time I was in town. I left him to go onto my next meeting, which was at noon in a nearby office.

On the way my phone vibrated. Jim: Where are you, Wimp?

I told him the general area and I was on my way to my second meeting.

Jim: How long is the next meeting going to take?

Me: Sir, we are having a short meeting and then going to lunch.

Jim: Where is the lunch?

Me: I don’t know, sir, my client has booked somewhere.

Jim: Ok, I want you to text me the location of the lunch before you go there.

Me: Yes, sir, as soon as I know.

I met my client and asked immediately where lunch is. He seemed to think it strange, I asked, but told me it was a local Italian restaurant called Roma. I excused myself to go to the men’s room and texted Jim the details.

We had our short meeting reviewing some figures I had sent him for a major project on which he was working. Then we headed for lunch. Once again, I was very nervous as I was expecting to see Jim at any moment or to have someone else mention him to me. We got to Roma and took our seats in one of the corners, my client treated like their best customer. We had a glass of wine while awaiting our food and chatted about his kids. Our starters arrived and we proceeded to eat what was delicious Italian food.

While the waiters were clearing our starter dishes I looked over to the other tables around us. It was then I noticed a man eating on his own, the menu up to his face. While I continued to look at him, he dropped the menu, but it wasn’t Jim as I had thought, or maybe even I hoped. Just as the waiter left another customer came up behind me and seemed to accidentally push against our table and spilled some wine on me. When I looked up it was Jim.

“Oh… I’m sorry, don’t know what happened there. Let me buy the two of you another one to make up for it,” Jim said in a friendly tone.

My client said, “No, you’re OK. Accidents happen, no harm done.”

“But I’ve spilled some wine on your friend here, it’s the least I could do. I insist,” he said, looking directly at me.

I said, “Ok, if you insist. Maybe you’d like to join us for one.”

My client looked over at me funnily, obviously finding it strange, I would invite a total stranger to join us.

Jim called the Waiter over and ordered three glasses of what we were drinking. I continued to wipe my wet trousers and I excused myself to go check if I could maybe dry them in the men’s room. Jim laughed. “Don’t get caught with your trousers off in there,” he said as I left

I left my client and Jim chatting and went to the men’s room. Seeing there was an electric hand dryer on the wall I looked around to see if anyone else was there. Seeing no one I quickly took my trousers off and started to dry them using the dryer. Just then the door opened and two younger guys came in. They looked at me strangely and at each other.

I shrugged with a sardonic smile. “Wine accident,” I said.

They laughed, did their business and left.

Before my trousers were totally dry the door opened again and Jim walked in. “Hi, Wimp, were you waiting for me?”

“Yes, sir.”

He went into one of the cubicles and signalled for me to join him. “On your knees, we don’t have long.”

Immediately I dropped to my knees and undid and dropped his trousers, even without being asked. I took his cock out and started sucking on it straight away. “Wimp, I can see you’ve missed cock,” as he held my head and fucked my mouth roughly. I was gagging, trying to take it in my mouth when he started cumming heavily. I tried to swallow, but it was coming so fast some of it dripped out.

“What have I told you about not spilling any of sirs’ cum?”

“Sorry, sir, I tried not to,” I said meekly.

“OK, for now. You’re going to have to learn how to take it all, now get back to your client.”

I quickly tidied up, put my trousers on, and went back to my table on which the three full glasses lay. “Where’s he gone?” I asked my client.

“He said he had to take a phone call. I don’t mind telling you that guy seemed to be somewhat weird. He kept asking if I thought someone would take advantage of you in the men’s room if they found you without your trousers on,” my client said with a shiver of disgust.

I grimaced. “Weird… maybe he has gone, let’s drink our wine and get out of here.”

Shortly after we left and said our goodbyes, I hailed a taxi and gave the driver the address of my next meeting on the other side of the town. My phone vibrated.

Jim: Wimp, where are you now?

Me: Sir, I’m in the taxi on the way to my next meeting. Should last about two hours, and then I plan to check into my hotel.

Jim: Ok, let me know when you’re on the way to the hotel. When you check in, get two key cards.

Me: Yes, Sir, I’ll do.

The two hours with my next client, our biggest one in this town, seemed to last forever. I did my best to give them my full attention, but my mind kept drifting to what might happen later this evening. At the end of the meeting my client asked me if I was free for dinner, but I told him I was meeting a friend.

“A Fun friend?” He asked with a sly wink.

I laughed. “No… Just an old friend I haven’t seen for a while.”

He nodded. “You know, if you ever wanted company while you’re staying over, I could arrange it.”

I laughed nervously. “Frank, I’m a happily married man, but thanks anyway.”

“Happily married men have fun too,” he said with a wink. “Anyway, have a good evening.”

On that note, I said goodbye and left the office. I was surprised at his closing comments as in the many years we had been meeting nothing like that had ever been said before. I wondered why he had said it now. Had he noticed some change in me? I told myself I was being silly and overthinking everything. In any event, I had other things on my mind.


It was now 4.40pm. I text Jim I was on the way to the hotel. He told me to check in and to text him my room number. When I got to the hotel the male receptionist, when checking me in, asked me if it right I wanted a mini suite. When I confirmed he asked if I was travelling alone. When I said yes, he seemed surprised I wanted the suite. He looked even more surprised when I then asked for two key cards. I said a friend might stay over if we have too much to drink later. He smiled at me, gave me the keys and told me to have a good evening. I left the reception desk telling myself to stop being stupid, I should have said straight away I wouldn’t be alone.

When I got to the room, I looked around and was surprised at how large it was. There were two double bedrooms, large living area, large bathroom and an extra ensuite shower. There was also a well-stocked mini bar. I unpacked my bag and went to have a shower. After my shower while drying off, my phone rang. It was Jim, “Wimp, have you checked in yet?”

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“Did you forget something?”

“Oh… Sorry, sir, I forgot to send you the room number, it’s 405.”

“Open the door.”

“Now Sir?”

“Open the door, WIMP.”

I went to the door and looked out of the peep hole, only to see Jim standing outside. I opened the door immediately and he barged in, dropping a bag on the floor. He looked at me standing there with a towel around my waist. He told me to lose the towel.

“You’re even smaller than I remember, Wimp. Why didn’t you send me the room number?”

“Sorry, sir, I was going to, after my shower. How did you know where I was?”

I was in the lobby when you arrived and followed you. I waited to see if you would follow simple instructions, go stand in the corner and face the wall.”

I did as he had commanded. I heard him look around the suite and take his bag into the main bedroom. I heard him open the wardrobe in which I had hung my clothes and open and close the drawers in which I had put my underwear and socks. I’m not sure how long I was standing there, it seemed a long time. Finally Jim said, “Turn around.”

When I turned he was sitting on the sofa, sipping what looked like Bourbon. He stared at me and looked my body up and down, not saying anything for what seemed like ten minutes. He asked, “What do you think is going to happen tonight?”

“I’m not sure, sir.”

“Come on tell me, you must have thought about it.”

“I assume, Sir, you want me to suck your cock and maybe others as well.”

“You think? That’s all?”

“Probably not, sir, but I don’t know what you might want from me.”

“You’ll find out soon enough. I’ve lots of new experiences for you. I hope you’ll trust me fully and not question what I tell you to do, if you really want to learn how to be a true sub.”

“I do, sir. I hope I won’t let you down,” I said.

“Ok, the first thing we are going to do is to go for dinner to a favourite restaurant of mine. Then we’re going a private club.”

“What kind of a club, sir?”

“Ok, another rule you have to learn. You never ask questions, you just do as you’re told. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Go get dressed. Wear what I’ve put on your bed.”

When I went into my bedroom I couldn’t see any clothes. “Sir, where are my clothes?”

“Wimp, the main bedroom is mine. Yours is the smaller one.”

I went to the other bedroom. On the bed were some of my clothes and some which were not. I put on a plain white shirt, red trousers (not mine) and the yellow briefs. After that, went my casual black jacket. I went back to the living room where Jim was still seated on the sofa. He told me to stand before him. “Wimp, you look fine. That’s the proper attire for my club.”

We left the hotel together, the receptionist looked over at me, smiled and winked. I looked away as Jim noticed him. “What’s the story there, does he like you or something?” Jim asked.

“No, sir, I just kind of messed up when I was checking in, saying I was staying alone, he seemed surprised.”

He looked over at the receptionist again telling me I might not be good at reading people, and he thought the receptionist might like his cock sucked. He laughed as we left the hotel.

We took a local tram to the restaurant. The tram was very busy and we were very close. He grabbed my balls through my trousers and squeezed them hard. When I yelped a bit he told me to shut up and be silent. I noticed two middle aged guys sitting down next to us who had seen what had happened and they looked at me and Jim. When Jim squeezed me again, I was looking directly at the two guys and they said something to each other and laughed. When I went to look away Jim told me to keep staring at them.

He continued to squeeze my balls and lowered my trouser zip displaying my yellow briefs to the two guys. As the crowd grew in the tram Jim turned me around to face the two guys. He looked down at them, smiling at them and signalling down towards my trousers. They looked at each other and at the people around them, none of whom seemed to notice what was going on. One of the guys reached out and squeezed my balls hard, looking directly into my eyes for a reaction. When there was none, even though he was really hurting me, he pinched my penis through my briefs. His friend just looked on and laughed.

Jim turned me around and told me to zip myself up. “We are out at the next stop. Say thank you to the nice gentlemen.”

“Thank you,” I said, wishing I could tell them to fuck off.

“Does he do more?” One of the guys asked Jim.

“He’s new, I’m going to find out later.”

“If you want any help, here’s my number. Call us,” he said, handing Jim a business card.

With that, we reached our stop and left the tram. After a short walk we reached the restaurant where Jim was greeted like an old friend. We were given seats in the far corner which was relatively private and secluded from the main part of the restaurant. We sat down and Jim ordered for both of us, not even asking me what I liked or not. When the food arrived, he had ordered me a large salad while getting himself a large steak and chips. He had a beer while I had water. When I looked at the food, he said, “You’ll eat food that’s suitable for wimps, not for real men.”

The manager of the restaurant came over and sat down talking to Jim. He asked Jim, “Is this the new guy you were telling me about?”

“Yes, what do you think?”

“Looks very wimpish just like you said. Are you taking him to the Club?”

“Yes, that’s the plan. Not sure yet what I’ll do with him, might have to take it easy on him first time. Then again, maybe not.”

Jim and the manager laughed, making me feel nervous. The manager asked, “Is he a natural cock sucker?”

“You decide!” Jim said with a leer.

The manager smiled as Jim pushed my head down to his lower body. I leaned over and opened his trousers taking out his cock. It wasn’t too big, but was hard as I started sucking it. Taking it all in my mouth as he held my head and pushed it down on his cock hard. It wasn’t long before he came in my mouth. Thankfully, he wasn’t a big cummer and I had no problem swallowing it all. When I raised my head Jim was smiling, obviously pleased with what he had seen.

He asked the manager, “Well, what did you think?”

“Not bad… Good for a beginner, but I’m sure, with practice he’ll get better and better.”

The manager left our table, thanking Jim and wishing him a good evening. At all of the time at the table, he never spoke to me.


Shortly after, we left and went to a nearby bar, where Jim had another beer while I had more water. Jim spent the time talking to the barman, chatting about the previous night’s football game. The bar man didn’t seem to find it strange Jim never said a word to me and I wondered if this was an usual place for him to bring his sub’s. I also wondered if the barman ever got any benefits. I looked at him more carefully now, seeing a guy probably in his thirties, well built, and I surprised myself by wondering what kind of a cock he had. Was this going to happen every time I was in the company of Jim?

After he finished his drink, we left the bar. “Tell me, Wimp, what were you thinking in there?”

“Sir, I thought you were going to have me suck his cock.”

“And would you’ve liked that?”

“Sir, I’ll do as you tell me.”

“That’s not what I asked you.”

“Sir, being honest, I was beginning to think about the guys cock.”

“Good, I knew you were a natural cock sucker. Let’s go.”

We walked about a mile, Jim walks about two steps in front of me. We then went to a plain red door with no signage, number or name. He rang the bell and the door opened. A large black guy greeted Jim by name, welcoming him back. He took Jim’s jacket and also took mine. Jim walked ahead into a large lobby area greeting several guys along the way. “Is it busy tonight?” He asked another guy, who he called Mark.

“Hey, Jim, actually, yes it is for a Monday evening. Is this a new one? I don’t think I’ve seen him before,” Mark asked, looking me over.

“Yes, totally new, first time out with me,” Jim said coolly.

Mark laughed, making my stomach churn. “I hope he knows what to expect,” he said.

“As you know, it doesn’t matter. Tonight’s his first test, so we’ll see how he gets on,” Jim said.

“Enjoy the evening, see you later,” Mark said, patting Jim on the arm and walking off.

We then went upstairs to a large room. The room was dimly lit with groups of chairs and low tables. At the tables were about eight groups of men, ranging from two to six guys. In the middle of the room stood a mid-level platform. Jim went to an empty table with four chairs and sat down in the chair facing out into the room. He signalled to me to take the seat next to him. A large young black man approached the table, asking, “The usual, Jim?”

“Yes, please, Frank,” Jim said, giving him a twenty.

Frank then brought the now standard beer and water. I looked around the room. At end table was at least one guy in a white shirt and red trousers. At some there were two. None of the red trousered guys seemed to be saying or doing anything other than sitting still and drinking water. I followed their lead. It wasn’t long before we were joined by two guys, one in the white shirt and red trousers. “Hey, Jim, how you been,” the man in a nice suit said.

They shook hands. “Hi, Tony, I see you brought your number one with you tonight. That’s good, my wimp here can see what can happen with proper training and education. Wimp, say hello to ‘Bitch’.”

“Hey, Bitch,” I said to the thin, blonde, white guy sitting opposite me.

“Hi, Wimp,” he said without any warmth.

Tony and Bitch received the same drinks as Jim and I. Jim and Tony chatted about various subjects for the next hour, never even looking or saying anything to Bitch and I. As I looked around the room, I saw the same was happening at all the tables. I then heard a large bell sound. I looked at the clock and saw it had just turned midnight. Immediately all of the red trousered guys stood and removed their shoes, socks, shirt and trousers, all in the same order. Jim looked at me with a raised eyebrow, and I followed the others example and stripped to my waist.

I was now standing dressed only in my yellow briefs in a room full of strange men. I took the opportunity to look around the room. Thirteen guys were standing, and I noticed we all wore briefs, albeit of different colours. Three wore yellow, including me, four wore white, five wore red, and one, Bitch, had black briefs on. The guy we had met in the lobby, Mark, walked into the room and clapped his hands. “Stand in a circle in the middle of the floor,” he said loudly.

The others, who I now assumed all were subs, walked to the middle of the floor. I looked at Jim, who signalled for me to follow. I noticed Bitch walked to the starting position, marked by a big X on the floor. The guys in red briefs, then stood to his right. The guys in white next stood in a circular line. The other two guys, like me, were total newbies and we looked at each other. Assuming we were last I stood next to the last guy in the white briefs and the others followed suit, to complete the circle, next to Bitch. “Do the walk,” Mark then said.

Bitch turned towards the guy to his left in yellow briefs and signalled for him to walk slowly. Immediately all thirteen of us starts walking slowly in a circle, being scrutinised by all the seated men who mumbled to each other in low voices. Some pointed and made nasty comments to their colleagues. Some laughed at the comments, others sneered. We must’ve walked around for about five-minutes before Mark again clapped his hands. “Take your position,” he shouted.

Bitch indicated to me and the other yellow briefed guys to stand in the corner, where I now noticed for the first time on the floor a yellow-X. I looked around the room and noticed each of the different coloured groups go to a designated point. Bitch was left alone on the black-X. Mark announced, “Ok, as you can see we have three new play partners. You three will now go back to your Master’s.”

The three of us in yellow looked at each other and then did as instructed. Jim signalled me to sit between him and Tony. They ordered more drinks from Frank. I was constantly looking around the room anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. Mark clapped his hand again. Each of the guys in white briefs, then walked to the centre of the floor, and each removed the briefs of another. There were now four naked guys, two were already erect, one average, one large. The other two were semi erect. I noticed all four had uncut cocks. They then walked around the room, stopping at each table and turning around slowly to allow for a full slow inspection by all the men in the room. Some of the men signalled the guys to come closer to them, feeling their chests, cocks, balls and ass. One guy seemed to like nipples, pinching at least one nipple of all four guys. This inspection lasted around twenty-minutes after which the four naked guys were back to their white X spot.

I watched all of the action intently, wondering if I would be asked to follow the same actions or whether I was only to watch and learn. Jim watched me taking in all the action, but no words were spoken to me. I watched Mark again go to the middle of the floor and again clap his hands. The five guys in red briefs now moved to the centre. Bitch approached them and one by one he took down their briefs and touching them on the head, he had each taken a kneeling position. When he was finished the five guys were kneeling in a circle facing the tables. Bitch returned to his own spot. I looked closely at the guys and noted most were erect, varying from average size to large. All again were uncut, and I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one there with a cut cock. I certainly by far had the smallest cock from all I had seen so far.

Five of the Masters then left their chairs and approached the Kneeling subs. Each took a position in front of one Sub. From what I could remember none stood before their own sub. Without any signal I could see, each of the subs reached out and lowered the Masters trousers, lowering then their underwear and immediately taking their cocks into their mouths. I was fascinated looking at five guys all sucking cock at the same time. It seemed they were sucking at the same pace, as if they all knew exactly what and when to do. They had obviously graduated from yellow to white to red. I knew this is the order of the subs. Though I couldn’t be sure whether the naked white-brief subs would undertake more tasks.

The sucking continued with some of the Masters a bit rougher than the others. Some of the subs were gagging, but none resisted. I also noticed no hands were used, and each of the subs hands were behind their backs as they knelt and sucked. Before long, each of the Masters began to cum and each of the Subs swallowed, with no visible spillage from any mouth. After each had cum the Masters continued to stand. When all had cum, each of the Masters moved to the Sub on their right. The Subs then began to lick clean the new cock in front of them. When this was complete the subs pulled up the Master’s underwear and trousers.

The Masters returned to their table. The subs stood, and French-kissed other subs. Each kiss lasted about thirty-seconds before returning to their allocated spot. I looked around to see what would happen next. I assumed Bitch would be next in action, and I have to admit I looked forward to seeing him naked. I couldn’t help notice, even with his black briefs on, he seemed very well endowed. Nothing happened for about ten minutes as all I could hear were the conversations going on at the various tables. Jim and Tony continued to chat about sports with no reference to me or any of the action taking place in front of our eyes. Mark again entered the scene again. “OK, Yellows… Centre of the floor,” he shouted.

It took a moment for me to realise he was talking to me and the other two newbies. Only when I saw the others walk to the middle of the floor did I react and follow their lead. Bitch again left his spot and approached us. I felt very nervous, and I could see the same feelings in the other two. He lined us up in a straight line, about two feet apart.

He then approached the first of us, and asked, “Name?”

“James,” the man responded.

A lot of laughter reverberated around the room. “Not your real name,” Bitch said, rolling his eyes.

James blushed. “Oh… I’m Useless.”

“Yes, you are,” Bitch noted.

He then proceeded to remove his briefs and taking his hand took him to the first table. Two Masters were at this table. They both looked at Useless up and down, feeling his cock and balls. I noticed Useless was erect, uncut, and about six inches. When the two Masters were finished, Bitch then took him onto the other tables where the process was repeated. This exercise was repeated with the Sub next to me. He was called Pleasure. Pleasure was similar in build to Useless. It was now my turn, and I had become turned on by the activity to date and so I was erect.

Bitch asked, “Name?”

“Wimp,” I replied.

He nodded. When Bitch dropped my briefs I could feel all eyes on me, or more specifically my cock. I was brought to my first table where the two Masters sniggered openly when feeling my cock, and equally small balls. When I reached Jim and Tony, I heard Tony say. “I know you said small, but I didn’t think it would be this tiny. Is that as big as it gets?”

“Yes, that’s it,” Jim said with a self-satisfied smile.

Both Jim and Tony squeezed my balls tightly and I squirmed with the pain. I was glad when I had completed all the tables as I now felt utterly humiliated, utterly inadequate, even when compared to the other subs. Even they seemed to be laughing and sniggering at my inadequacies. We were then sent back to our Master’s tables and were rewarded with more water. It was now 1.30 am and I wondered how long more we would stay in the club. I had a meeting at 9am which Jim was aware of. I wondered if I would get any sleep before meeting my Client.

Mark came back into the room and just looked over at Bitch. Bitch then went to the platform in the middle of the floor and stood on it. The platform then began to rise to about four feet from the ground. Bitch then removed his own briefs to reveal a very generous uncut thick cock. He was erect, and looked very fit. It was only then I noted the subs were clean shaven and totally bald in the penis area. He then stood upright facing the room for a few minutes. All eyes in the room were looking at him, he was by far the best specimen of all the subs on display.

Bitch then knelt on all fours on the platform and started to bark like a dog. This was obviously the signal for the Masters to leave their tables and approach Bitch. Other than those with new subs, al the masters did. Some of them signalled to their own sub who went and lowered their Masters trousers and briefs, taking them and folding them carefully. These Masters then proceeded to have their cocks sucked by Bitch, who managed to take two at the same time in his mouth. The other Masters felt Bitch all over his body, some fingering his ass, spanking him, pinching his nipples, slapping his face while he sucked the cock of another. I watched, fascinated by the abuse Bitch was taking in total silence.

It wasn’t long before one Master put his cock up against the ass of Bitch. Very visibly Bitch raised his ass, obviously wanting his ass to be taken. The Master didn’t need to be asked twice and he immediately rammed his hard cock into Bitch’s ass and furiously began to fuck him very hard. While this was happening, he was taking two in his mouth and others were being jerked-off by their own sub. As I watched I was trying to keep up with who was doing what to Bitch, who had cum in his mouth or ass or who had cum while being wanked on different parts of his body. By the time it was over I counted, he had been fucked five times, taken five in his mouth, and had cum on his face, chest, ass and tummy.

Each sub then went and cleaned the cock of their master with their mouth, dressed them with the Masters going back to their relevant tables. Bitch was lying on his back on the platform. Mark returned to the room clapping his hands again. The four guys in white briefs walked to the platform. Together in unison they got onto the platform and each with their mouths and tongues began to clean Bitch, licking off cum from his body. This included cleaning his ass with one of the subs tonguing it to clean him totally. They then all kissed each other with each of them kissing Bitch before returning to the table of their own Master.

Bitch then got up from the platform and came to my table. He reached out his hand to me which I gave him. He led me to the platform and positioned me on all fours. He then stepped back. The platform raised about another two feet and started to move in a circular manner, I was now on display for all the men in the room, ass raised up and my tiny penis barely hanging between my legs. I heard much chat, laughing and jeering. The platform stopped moving and there standing naked in front of me naked was Jim.

He placed his cock against my face and I immediately took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him. After a few minutes he stopped and walked away. I expected another cock to take his place, but it didn’t happen. I then felt a hand on my ass. I looked around and saw Jim standing behind me. He slapped me hard on my ass, I assume because I had looked around so I looked forward again. I expected him to finger my ass for a while, but the next thing I felt was him pushing his large cock into me. I had never been fucked before, and the feeling was one of extreme pain.

In my mind, I had always known from my first meeting he would fuck me. What I had thought would happen is he might start by fingering me, opening me up gradually to prepare me for taking him. What was happening now felt like I was being raped. He was fucking me hard and fast, each time thrusting his full cock into my virgin ass. I couldn’t help but scream with each thrust which encouraged all of the other Masters to cheer and call out.

“Fuck the Wimp! I heard one man say.

“Hurt that Wimp real good,” another shouted.

“What a fucking Wimp, very well named, Jimbo,” Another deep male voice repeated.

They started to clap to the beat of his fucking of my ass which encouraged Jim to fuck me even faster. The pain was going right through my body and I was now crying and whimpering, much to the amusement of all in the room, including the other subs. Eventually, I felt Jim tense and I knew he was close to cumming. He slapped my ass hard as he finally came hard in me. I felt his cum shoot into me. When he was finished, I went to move, but was stopped. Jim came around to my mouth and placed his wet cock into my mouth. I knew what to do and started cleaning his cock, licking it dry. Once I completed this he slapped me on the head, almost like praising a dog for my behaviour. Mark handed him something, but I didn’t see what. I didn’t look as I got slapped the previous time I looked. I then saw flashes of light, Jim is taking pictures of me.

When he was finished the other Masters came over and looked at me closely, most of them looking at me from behind. I expected someone to do something to me, but nothing more happened. Bitch came over to me signalling for me to get up. He handed me my yellow briefs which he indicated I should put back on. He then took me back to Jim and I sat down in my seat at his signal. I looked around and noted my fellow yellow briefed subs were now looking very nervous as they must now be aware of what might happen. Before I could see any more, Jim said, “Wimp, get dressed. We’re leaving.”

With that, he got up, said goodbye to Tony and left the room. I hurried after him and I was wondering if I displeased him in some way. As I left the room, I saw Pleasure was being led to the platform and I was disappointed not to witness what might happen to him. When we got outside, Jim walked to a waiting taxi. He got in the front with me in the back and we returned to my hotel. We immediately went to my suite and to my relief the same receptionist wasn’t at his desk. On entering the suite Jim spoke for the first time since leaving the club. “Get me bourbon,” he ordered.

I went to the mini bar and poured him his drink. He finished his drink while I stood before him. He then got up, handed me the empty glass. “Ok, Wimp, I’m off to bed. I suggest you do the same. I’ll think about your behaviour tonight. Good night, Wimp.”

“Good night, sir,” was all I could think of to say.

I was afraid to say anything else for fear of displeasing him. I wondered if he wasn’t happy with how I had acted tonight at the club. Had I disrespected him? Should I have said more? Should I have thanked him? Was he upset with me? I had been silent while he fucked me? My mind tried to think of how I might have displeased him? I went to my room, trying to stay awake in case he came in. I set the alarm for 7.30am, only four hours away. However, the long day and night caught up with me and I fell asleep quickly.


The following morning I was awoken by a slap on the head. I looked at the bedside clock and saw 6.00am. Opening my eyes, I was confronted by an erect cock, barely two inches from my mouth. I opened my mouth and Jim placed his cock in there, then pushed it all the way in, almost gagging me. This woke me up more and I started sucking on it greedily. Jim laughed. “Even when you’re half-asleep, you’re a natural cock sucker. Look at you… You can’t get enough cock.”

It wasn’t long before he climaxed in my mouth. This time I swallowed every drop. “Well done, Wimp, you’re getting better. Last night was only the beginning, now get showered and we’ll talk.”

I got out of bed and went to the ensuite shower off my bedroom. I showered quickly and went back to my bedroom, drying myself as I walked. Jim was sitting on my bed. “Lose the towel,” he said, rolling his eyes at me.

I dropped the towel, standing naked in front of him. He looked me over. “I still find it hard to believe how small and insignificant you are. WIMP is definitely the right name for you. Now, tell me what thought of last night,” Jim said.

“Sir, it was scary, but I think I enjoyed it. Can I speak openly?”

“Yes, Wimp, you’re free to say whatever you want.”

“Sir, for the most part I enjoyed it. I didn’t know what to expect and most of the night was very exciting. If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect you to fuck me like you did. I thought you might have built up to it, prepared me rather than rape me brutally.”

Jim stared at me wide-eyed. “You think you were brutally raped?”

“Yes, sir.”

Jim laughed loudly. “Oh, Wimp… You’ve such a lot to learn. If I choose to go on with you, you’ll experience much worse than that. I wanted to make sure you could take hard sex. That you could perform in front of an audience, and you wouldn’t fight any instructions or actions.”

“Did I satisfy you, sir?”

“Yes, Wimp, you did well enough for your first attempt. What did you think of all the other subs? Did you notice anything?”

“Several things, sir. The different colour briefs indicating some kind of Sub rank. The other subs had uncut cocks, and I was by far the smallest dick there.”

“Do you think you want to wear the other colours, Wimp?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you know what efforts are involved in reaching each colour?”

“No, sir.”

“It normally takes four meetings at each level. Are you prepared for that level of commitment?”

“Yes, sir… I want to learn more.”

“Bitch has been with Tony for two years now. Bitch is also a married man, but is totally committed to Tony. When Tony calls Bitch comes running to wherever he is required. Bitch has a wife who knows nothing about his activities and he still has sex with her when Tony allows. I’ve been looking for such a sub. Can you be that sub, Wimp?”

“Can I still talk openly, sir?”

He indicated I could. “Sir, this is all still very new to me. I want more, but how can I be sure. I enjoy the cocksucking. I think I enjoyed you fucking me even though my ass is still incredibly sore this morning. I’m not sure I like the humiliation about my small cock, even though I know how small I’m compared to other guys. I’m still very worried about Olivia finding out, or my work colleagues. I’m not sure what I would do if they found out. You tell me to trust you, but how can I be one-hundred-percent sure about you. Sorry, sir, if that offends you.”

“Wimp, we have to be honest with each other, otherwise this will not work. I think you’re a natural sub. I think this is what you were born to be. You can trust I’ll never do anything deep down you don’t want. I’m prepared to invest time in you, but only if I’ve got your total commitment.”

“Sir, I think I want that, at least to try to be what you want me to be.”

“Ok, I know you’ve got meetings today, so you need to get ready. I’ve put some new yellow briefs on your bed. Wear only yellow until I tell you otherwise, even when I’m not with you.”

“What’ll Olivia say about that, sir?”

“Wimp, that’s your problem. Now go get dressed and get to work. I’m going to sleep for a while. I’ll contact you later.”

I looked at the clock and saw I only had thirty minutes to get to my first meeting of the day. I dressed quickly, left the hotel and got to my meeting with only a minute to spare. My ass still sore and my mind was in overdrive. I somehow got through the meeting, even actually beginning to talk some sense and answer some of my client’s questions and concerns. The meeting lasted over an hour and then we had coffee and chatted for a short while before I left for my next appointment.

I checked my phone, but there were no messages from Jim. I wondered if he was still sleeping and when I would hear from him. Deep down I was hoping maybe we would be having more fun tonight before I left for my next stop tomorrow. It still scared me how far I had come in the short time since I had first met Jim. At 2.00pm I left the Client to head to my final meeting of the day. This was with a potential new client who had only contacted our Head office the week before. I checked the address from an email and hailed a cab. The offices were in a part of town with which I wasn’t familiar. When I reached the address I noted it appeared to be a house rather than an office block I had been expecting.

I rang the doorbell and a young woman answered the door. I told her who I was and she instructed me to follow her. She showed me into a large room which looked like a doctor’s room with table and chairs, a large couch and an inspection table with stirrups. I sat down and waited to meet the potential client.

I heard the door open before me. “Hi, Wimp.”

Tony, Jim’s friend from last night, was standing there. “Tony?”

He laughed. “So tell me, how can you help me sort out my financial problems?”

“How did you know where I worked?”

“Jim arranged it. You’ve got no idea how good he is at gathering information about people,” Tony said with a big smile.

“Do you want to be a client of our firm?”

“Come in, and we’ll talk about it,” he said, walking inside.

I followed him into his house and sat in his living room. The place looked very nice with expensive furniture, carpet, paintings, and electrical equipment. I could tell Tony is loaded. So I repeated my question, “Is this for real?”

He laughed loudly. “I do actually need a new accounting firm, but the rates would have to be very good. Do you think you could get me better rates?”

“What kind of business are you in?”

“I’m a Gynaecologist,” he said and judging by my reaction he immediately said, “It isn’t funny… I spend all day looking at smelly twats, but I like cock and man pussy.”

I laughed at his comment. “So what financial problems do you have?”

“Stand up, Wimp,” he ordered. I stood without question. “Strip to your yellows.”

Again, I did as instructed and stood before him. He pushed a button on his phone. “Betty, can you come in here please.” I started to gather my clothes. “Leave them,” he shouted as Betty entered the room. She didn’t appear to be in any way surprised at a guy standing there in briefs. “Betty, can you get Wimp here ready for an examination, while I go clean up.”

Tony left the room, leaving Betty in front of me looking me over. “You heard the man… Get on the table,” she barked at me. I went to the table and lay on it. “Legs in the stirrups.”

I lifted my legs and she strapped them into the stirrups. She then went over to a desk and opened it to reveal some medical instruments. At that moment Tony came back into the room wearing a white coat. “Wimp, I need to check whether you’ve any damage after last night. Betty, can you please remove the yellows.”

Betty reached for an incisor blade and using them slit the briefs off me. She then removed them and threw them aside, leaving me naked and bound to the table. Betty is the first woman to see me naked since before I had met Olivia. “What do you think, Betty?” Tony asked.

Betty smirked. “I can see how he got his name. My ten-year-old boy is bigger than him. Did you say he’s married?”

“Yes, to Olivia,” Tony said.

Betty laughed coldly. “I must say, either Olivia doesn’t like sex or she’s getting it elsewhere. There is no way this cock could satisfy a woman.” She slapped my cock, as she said, “Unusual for Jim to find a cut cock. He must think there’s potential here.”

“Ok, let’s start,” Tony said.

Betty lifted my cock up and began examining it closely. She took a tape and measured it. “One-inch flaccid,” she said with raised eyebrows.

She then measured around the base and made another note. She followed that with a detailed examination of my balls and made more notes. She then went to the sink and got some shaving foam and a razor. She proceeded to shave my cock and balls area totally. She then pressed a button and the table lifted, leaving my ass totally exposed and my legs wide apart. She proceeded to shave the entire area from my balls to my anus and beyond. I felt totally humiliated as she undertook the tasks in total silence. Tony sat at his desk watching.

When she finished shaving me she washed and dried me off, but left me in the same position. She got some lubricant and put some in my ass, fingering me roughly as she did it. From my position it was difficult to see what she was doing. Next I felt something being placed against my ass hole and then being inserted into me. It felt very cold but slipped in easily. It didn’t appear to be thick and didn’t give me any pain.

She turned to Tony, saying, “He’s prepared, doctor.”

“Thanks, Betty, I’ll take over from here. I’ll call you if I need you,” Tony said.

Betty left the room and Tony walked over to me. He came over alongside me and pinched my nipples hard. “Wimp, see even Betty thinks you’re tiny,” he said, reaching for what looked like a remote control. He pressed a button and immediately I felt the instrument in my ass began to vibrate, first slowly then much faster. He looked at me intensely, asking, “Does Wimp like that?”

“Yes, Tony, it’s nice.”

He suddenly slapped my face hard, making me shout. “What did you call me?”

“Sorry, sir.”

He nodded and pressed a different button and I felt as if the instrument in me was beginning to grow and expand. It expanded and expanded until I started to scream. Still, he didn’t stop pressing lightly on the button until a red light appeared on the remote. He then put it down and went to the end of the table. He examined closely my penis and balls. Lifting them, slapping them, pinching them. I felt as if my insides were being stretched, but I had become semi erect.

“Interesting,” Tony said as he made more notes. He then pressed a button on the remote which lessened the thickness of the instrument in me. I felt as if the wind was being released from me, but the pain remained. He asked, “On a scale from one to ten, how bad is the pain?”

“Ten, sir”

He made a note. “Before long, you’ll not regard it as a ten.” He again used his phone and asked Betty to return, which she did immediately. “Ten,” he said to her.

“Wimp is the correct name,” she said and laughed.

“Can you clean him?”

Betty took the instrument out and cleaned me with some warm water, fingering me as she did. Smiling at me as she did. As she cleaned me, I became fully erect, she looked down, laughed, got the tape and measured me again.

“Three-and-one-quarter-inches erect, doctor,” she said and made a note of it. Then she asked Tony, “Do you need a sample?”

Tony looked over, and said, “Wimp, show us your cum.”

“Please, sir, don’t make me do it in front of Betty,” I whined.

They both laughed loudly. Betty slapped my erect cock. “Do it,” Tony shouted.

Not wanting a bad report going back to Jim, I began to wank in front of both of them. Each standing on one side of me looking at my face. It wasn’t long before I came, but as per usual not much came out. Betty took my fingers and rubbed them in cum. She then put my fingers to my mouth, which I willingly opened to taste. She then repeated the action, but this time rubbing my fingers all around my face. She made more notes. After she had finished, she untied my legs. “Sort yourself out, Wimp,” she said.

It was difficult to stand up straight for a moment after my legs being held high and bound for so long. Tony threw new yellow briefs at me and I dressed quickly. “Jim said for you to return to your hotel immediately, he is waiting.”

I left both of them looking at their notes and returned to my hotel by taxi.

To be continued…


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