The Secret Sub: Part 1 (Gay SPH)

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Married Guy New Experience By Marriedandneedingmore

I’m a normal married guy, in my 50’s, married 25 years where the sex becomes mundane and predictable, eventually less and less and finally to none at all. That’s the way our marriage had gone until it changed over drink one night when I spoke to a stranger when away on business.

He told me how he had decided to go back to his student days when he enjoyed sex with both guys and gals, how he was enjoying new experiences as he got older, in particular role play with other mature people. Naturally, he got my mind working overtime, which I assume was his intention and I asked him more and more questions. Eventually he told me to just try new things sometimes and to stop overthinking everything.

That was it for that night, but he started me thinking about what he had said. In my late teens I had a small number of drunken Bi experiences, none too memorable to be honest, and I started to think about whether I would like to try some guy on guy action.

Gradually, I thought more and more and ended up asking a gay friend one night how he met people on the pretence that I was worried he had no one in his life. I’m not sure he believed me, but he mentioned some gay websites that he used. I signed up to one and nervously started chatting to some guys online.

For many months I chatted with a lot of different guys, most of them time-wasters to be honest. Eventually, I got up the nerve to meet with a married guy in another city who told me that he had lots of experience, especially with novice guys. Since I was going to be in his city on business the opportunity arose to meet.


We met in a bar near the hotel where we had a bite to eat and a number of drinks, chatting and getting to be comfortable in his company. He was of a similar age to me, but a lot fitter looking. I should say at this stage I’m average build, 5’9, 83 kilos, baldish, with what I thought was an average cock size.

After a number of drinks we headed back to my hotel room. In the lift he turned to me, grabbed my balls through my trousers and squeezed them hard. When I didn’t react, he laughed and told me that he knew early on in our chats that I was a wimp and needed to be taken in hand by a strong man.

He then said, “From now on you only talk when I ask you a question. Is that clear, wimp?”

I answered, “Yes.”

When we got to my room he sat in the chair and told me to get him a drink from the hotel bar. I did as he asked, poured it into a glass and handed it to him. I went to sit down and he asked me if I had permission to sit. I remained standing waiting for him to say something. He remained silent for about five minutes just sipping his drink and looking me up and down.

Eventually he told me to step back and to take my shirt off, then my shoes socks and trousers. I was standing in front of him in just my white briefs and once again he remained silent for a couple of minutes. He told me to turn around and to spread my legs wide which I did. That lasted a few minutes, all the time I was waiting for him to do something, to touch me, slap me but all he did was to remain silent. Eventually he told me to bend over and remain in that position. After a period when I was finding it hard to stay in that position he slapped my ass hard and I jumped. He then told me to turn around and face him.

“Let’s see what I’m sure is a pitiful cock,” he said, and laughed pointing to my briefs and the floor.

I lowered them, stepping out of them and stood up. I was now naked with another male for the first time since my early teens, and felt very body-aware as stared at me. Then he started laughing again.

“I’ve seen some small dicks in my time, but that’s the smallest I’ve seen. It’s no wonder sex has dried up at home, there’s no way that cock could ever please a woman,” he said, and laughed loudly at his own joke.

He continued to laugh. “How did you ever think you had an average-sized cock? It looks more like a large clit than cock. Your knob just sits on those small balls like some kind of mushroom or turtle-head poking out. I’ve seen toddlers with bigger junk than that!”

I must admit I felt very humiliated, but I stood there taking his laughter and comments not saying a word or moving.

“Do you want to see what a real man’s cock looks like?”

“Yes,” I said.

“That’s not a particularly polite answer.”

I looked at him inquisitively. He asked, “Didn’t your Mommy ever teach you to say PLEASE?”

“Can I please see your cock,” I asked him. “I’d like to see what a real cock looks like.”

He laughed while standing, indicating with his fingers for me to take his trousers off. I went to him, took his shoes off, unbuckled his belt, opened his trousers and lowered them to the ground. He stepped out of them and pointed to his socks, which I also took off. He took off his shirt himself standing in front of me in his black boxer shorts, his cock very evidently hard and big under it. He put his hand on my shoulder pushing me down to my knees.

“What are ya waiting for, WIMP?”

Not needing to be told again, while on my knees, I lowered his boxer shorts and was confronted at head level with his large uncut cock. I was just staring at it when he slapped me on the head, waking me up to what was expected of me. I took his cock in my hand and started touching and stroking it, it felt so hard and big. I now knew what he meant by a real cock and how miserable I was in comparison.

He took my head in his hands and forced it towards his cock. I knew what he wanted and started kissing his cock and taking its head into my mouth. It felt so thick and I had trouble taking it in my mouth. He told me to be careful as it must have been obvious to him that I was inexperienced at sucking cock. I tried taking more, gagging a bit as it filled my mouth.

“We’ll have to train you to be the cock sucker you were born to be,” he said laughing. “Don’t worry, before long you’ll be taking it all easily.”

I couldn’t believe there was any way that I would take all his cock in my mouth, that it was even possible for my small mouth. He told me to stand and grabbed my cock and balls, asking me if that felt good.

I answered, “No.”

He laughed, and said, “Good, because it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, do you understand that?”

I replied that I did, that I wanted him to be happy with me. I was stunned by what I was saying as I had never had submissive thoughts before, but I was aware that it was exciting me a bit.

He told me that, if I was serious, he would take the time to train me to be the sub guy I was born to be, and that he also had friends in my home city that would assist him in his training. I thanked him telling him that I would like to learn more.

He then surprised me by asking me, “What about your wife?”

I enquired what he meant. He asked if I thought that my wife might like some fun in her life and asked me to describe her. I pleaded that I wanted this to be discreet, that she would never forgive me if she knew I had sex with anyone else, that there was no chance that she would want sexual contact with anyone else. He said that he has asked me to describe her and that he was waiting. I told him that my wife was very good looking, 51, 5’5, size 10 with a little bit of a tummy but still in good shape.

“Bra size?”

“Thirty-Two C.”

He asked me if I had any photos of her with me which I didn’t. “Next time,” he said, telling me that husbands never know what their wives are capable of.

I again pleaded to leave her out of anything and he assured me that he would never put me in danger, that I had to trust him or this would never work. I told him that I would trust him and wanted to learn more.

He then instructed me back onto my knees and to suck his hard cock slowly which I did willingly. He told me that all true subs suck their masters to completion, making sure to not spill a drop of their masters cum.

This had never crossed my mind. My initial thoughts of the evening were to meet a guy, have some drinks, some mutual touching and wanking, and then leave. Yet here I’m talking about Masters and Subs. Telling this guy I wanted to learn more, talking about trust, and other guys being involved. None of this had arisen in our online chats and I was beginning to wonder just why or how this guy had seen me as a submissive guy. Yet this would appear to be what I wanted to be.

I eagerly continued to suck his cock softly, slowly trying to take a bit more into my mouth each time. He enjoyed it as I sucked his cock, telling me I had potential, and how he knew I would be a natural cock sucker who was born to please other guys. Eventually he started groaning, holding my head tightly as he came in my mouth filling it with his hot cum, spurt after spurt after spurt. I’m not a big cummer myself, but the amount of cum he put in my mouth and down my throat was scary. I tried swallowing it all, but some spilled out of my mouth. He expressed his dissatisfaction, but said that as it was my first time this would be forgiven. However, it wouldn’t be forgiven the next time.

While sucking his cock I had myself gone erect. When he saw this he laughed, and asked, “Is that as big as it gets?” I felt humiliated as he looked at my fully-erect, dripping cock.

“Yes, sir,”

“Have you ever measured it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well how big is it? It looks fucking tiny!”

I swallowed hard. “Three and one-quarter inches, sir.”

He suddenly shouted, “Omigod, that’s fucking hilarious!” Then he burst into laughter, the kind where you lose control and have to drag in breathes. His face turned as red as mine. My cock softened a bit. I had never felt so degraded in all my life.

After he settled down a little, he demanded, “Wank it for me, wimp!”

It took me a while to get it hard again after all that abuse, but I jerked it off as best I could. He watched me with a smirk. I don’t know how, but I cum. I didn’t even orgasm, it just shot out one small globule of cum. Again I felt humiliated and embarrassed as this was the first time I had wanked in front of anyone for years. I felt so small and insignificant compared to his seven-inch thick dick.

“Jesus, even your cum is pathetic,” he said, and laughed again. “What’s your name, wimp?”


“Your wife’s name?”

“Please, leave her out of this!”

“Telling me her name is not involving her. Tell me.”


He told me that if I truly wanted to learn more that I had to be prepared to answer questions, to undertake tasks without question, “You ready for that?” When I answered that I thought that I was, “We’ll see, won’t we,” he responded.

He told me that he was going to leave now, but that I was to set up a new email address, to get a new private phone, to send him the details of both and to await hearing from him. I agreed to his requests just pleading with him that I needed to keep all of this private and discreet. Laughing, he said I had to trust him or he would walk away and find someone who appreciated the time he was prepared to put into my training. I thanked him for his time and efforts and told him that I wanted to trust him. I asked him his name.

“To you I’m just ‘Sir’, but others call me Jim.”

When he had left, I sat on my bed for a long time thinking about what had happened. His cum still coating my chin. Thoughts were racing through my head, varying from total guilt and shame, to excitement and pleasure. I didn’t get much sleep that night, and don’t think I gave my client my best attention the following day. I met the client in the same hotel and was worried that Jim might still be around. The client, someone I had met many times before, asked me several times if I was OK, to which I replied that I had a bit of a tummy bug. Thankfully he accepted my excuse and the meeting finished early, enabling me to head home, still in a strange state of mind.

I awaited the next steps with a lot of fear, but also looked forward to learning.


A week later, I returned home from my new experience while travelling away to work as an accountant.

I married Olivia twenty-five years ago, neither of us had much sex before we were married. To my knowledge, Olivia has never been with another man and my experience was limited to some drunken Bi sessions. Our marriage has been good, producing two wonderful kids. One of each, who thankfully have now have left the nest. While we had normal marital sex for the first ten years or so, it’s fair to say it was never mind-blowing or adventurous.

I often wondered if she has ever been tempted to stray, or whether like me she has settled for a loving comfortable relationship with practically no sex. Sex between us is extremely rare these days, limited to a number of times a year. Usually after drinking while on holidays.

When I arrived home, Olivia was there greeting me with the usual peck on the cheek and hug. “Did you have a good trip?”

“Yes,” I answered, “The usual stuff, needy clients, and boring hotels.”

She laughed. “You know what they say, bored people are boring people. You need to find some interests when you’re away.”

“Like what?” I asked nervously, wondering if she could possibly noticed a change in me. If she thought I was acting strangely.

“Go to some sporting events, go to the hotel gym, the cinema… There are loads of things you could do other than just eat and stay in your hotel room,” she said, and smiled at me.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Maybe I’ll take up golf?”

She laughed.


This week I’m stuck in the office, looking after local clients, and going home each evening doing little else. I still couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. Guilt was the predominant thought in my head, and for that reason I didn’t even go online during the week. I suppose I was scared that Jim might have left me a message and how I might react.

On the Thursday night, exactly one week after I had met Jim, Olivia was out at some function in her golf club and as usual, I was sitting at home, bored with what was on the TV. I got out my laptop and logged onto the website on which I had linked up with him. I was relieved, but disappointed to see that I had no new messages. Thankful the meeting with Jim might be a one off after all, and he hadn’t followed up on our initial meeting. Not seeing him online, I went into a general chatroom to see what was happening. Not much seemed to be happening there, so I went back to the TV leaving the chatroom open.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a private chat request window jump up, from a name I didn’t recognise. I accepted the chat invitation and was stunned when I saw: Hi, wimp, how’s Olivia?

Nervously, I typed: Jim?

Jim: Since when are you one of my friends? I told you only my friends call me that.

Me: Sorry, I didn’t know it was you. how r u?

Jim: I’m disappointed. I had expected to receive messages from you before now.

Me: I’ve been very busy this week and haven’t had time to be online. Didn’t know if you really wanted me to get in touch again.

Jim: Didn‘t you believe what I said? I was clear with you. I was willing to invest time in teaching you to be what you know you’re, and what you want to be. Maybe I got it wrong and you were just wasting my time. That’s a pity as you have real promise as a true submissive.

Me: Sorry, as you know this is new to me. I’ve been nervous since we met. I feel guilty about what I did with you, but scared that I might want more of it.

Jim: Where’s Olivia?

Me: She’s out.

Jim: Call me, 202…

Before calling him, I turned off my number sending on my phone, as I didn’t want him seeing my work number. When I called him, he laughed. “Hello, Wimp, I knew that you’d feel guilty, but I also know that you want more. Am I right?”

“Yes, I think so. I’ve been feeling very guilty, but I cannot stop thinking about what happened with you,” I said.

“Tell me what you liked about it?”

“I liked it all, but what I really liked most was sucking your cock and tasting your cum.”

Again he laughed, saying, “I knew you were a natural cock sucker. You’re made for satisfying men cause you’re sure not built to satisfy women. Did you like my laughing at your pitiful cock?”

“No, I didn’t like that. I’m average-sized.”

He burst out laughing. “Average? Average you say? There’s no way you’re average, believe me. I cannot remember seeing a smaller one since I was in pre-school.” He laughed again. “So tell me, do you really live in Streamstown?”

“How did you know that?”

“It says it on your profile, you fool,” he said, continuing to laugh.

“Yes, I live there. I assume you live in Clonalty, where we met?”

“Yes, near enough to there, about an hour’s drive from where you, but as I said I have friends that live near you. When are you going to be travelling again? To where?”

“In about two weeks I’ll be going back to your town, but just for a day trip. Other than that I’m based here in the head office until then.”

“Ok, I’ll have to think about that. Have you done what I asked of you yet?”

“No, I didn’t know if you were serious, or whether I wanted to do more. So I’ve not set up the email address or bought a second phone yet.”

“Are you going to?”

“Yes. I’m scared though, but I think I want more.”

“Ok, I haven’t said it up to now, but you’re being disrespectful to me and that’s going to have to change fast if we are to continue, do you understand?”

“What do you mean?”

“What did I tell you to call me?”

“Sorry, sir, is that what you mean. I thought that was only when we meet.”

“YES, that’s exactly what I mean! You have a lot to learn. A submissive is always a submissive, whether during a meeting, on the phone, in email or text. Always remember that.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll try to remember that.”

“Ok, I’m going now, and you’ll not hear from me again until you do as I asked. Goodbye, Wimp, you have one day or I’m gone for good.”

With that, he hung up without me having a chance to respond. When I looked at my laptop the chat session had also been killed. I saw on my phone that I had a missed call from Olivia and I called her back. When she answered she told me she was on the way home and asked me to put the hot water on for her for a bath.

When she arrived home, she asked me, “Why did you turn your number off in your phone?”

I had to think fast and told her that I had to call a client that I didn’t want having my number and that I had forgotten to switch it back on.”

“Strange,” she said, looking at me suspiciously, but then thankfully she turned and went for her bath.

Damn, I thought, I need to be more careful wondering if I was able for the deception involved in any of the experiences I now wanted.

The following day, during lunch time, I went to a local phone shop buying a prepaid phone, not requiring any personal details, and some phone credit. I got a similar phone to my normal one so as to have easily available the correct charger. Back in the office I set up another email address and sent both the email address and phone number to Jim. I was now fully committed, it appears, to the Submissive role with Jim and nervously awaited a response from him.


Over the following weekend I must have checked the email and phone to see if he had responded more than one-hundred times, but there was no contact from him. This continued on the Monday and Tuesday of the following week and I was beginning to think he was not serious after all. My feelings were a mix of relief, confusion, and disappointment. I went online a lot as well, but there was no sign of him. On Wednesday, I went out and met a client for lunch when my secret phone beeped in my pocket. I had it on silent but it vibrated in my pocket. Immediately I told the client I needed to use the men’s room and left to look at the text message.

Jim: Hi Wimp, where are you?

Me: Hi Sir, I’m at lunch with a client.

Jim: How long will you be?

Me: Another hour or so, sir.

Jim: You have 30 minutes to call me.

Me: OK, sir, I’ll try my best.


I went back to my client, trying to give him my full attention, but wondering what Jim was going to say to me. Eventually I told my client that I had just remembered a second appointment and asked if it was OK to cut our lunch short. He assured me that he was okay, that our business was done anyway. I thanked him and left the restaurant, went to my car and immediately called Jim on the number that had rang me.

“Well done, Wimp, good to know that you can take instructions. Hope your client didn’t get upset at you,” Jim said, and laughed.

“No, sir, he was OK. I lied to him about another meeting,” I said.

“You’ll get good at lying if you’re to carry on learning, what’s your afternoon like?”

“I’ve got two client meetings, sir.”

“Cancel them.”

“Sir, they’re important clients… I cannot do that.”

“Is that your final answer? If so, I’m gone.”

“Please, sir, I want to learn, but work is work. If I can cancel the second can I at least do the first as they’re our most important clients?”

“Are to trying to negotiate with me, Wimp?” Jim asked angrily. There was a pause, then he said, “OK, I don’t need you getting in trouble at work, but I expect to get another call from you in one hour.”

With that, he hung up. I immediately returned to the office for the important client meeting, telling my secretary on the way to get one of my direct reports to take the second meeting as I had to leave the office after my first meeting. She looked at me strangely as I had never before failed to take a client meeting. I looked directly at her, saying, “Just do it!”

I then went into the conference room to meet my client. I quickly got through the meeting, not having the time for the usual pleasantries. The Client was not very impressed with me, but all I could do was to continuously look at my watch, and get the meeting over quickly. I immediately left the office and phoned Jim while walking to my car.

“One minute to spare, Wimp, any later and you wouldn’t have heard from me again. Where are you?”

“I’m on the Main Street, sir. Why?”

“I want you to go to the Central Shopping Centre.”

“Why, sir?”

“Just do it, go there and text me when you have parked.”

Ten minutes later I text him as requested. Immediately he called me and told me to go to the coffee shop on the second floor, to get a cappuccino and to sit at a table outside the shop. I did as requested to await the next call or text. It was another 15 minutes before my phone beeped with a text message.

Jim: Don’t answer this text, get up from your chair, and go to the men’s room on your right. Go to the end cubicle, leave the door open, sit down and wait.

I looked around nervously expecting to see him walking toward me. I walked toward the men’s room wondering what I’m walking into. When I entered two guys were in there washing their hands while two of the five cubicles were occupied. I walked slowly to the end cubicle which thankfully was empty. This cubicle faced the sink area and mirrors and I could see myself in the mirror as I sat. One of the guys looked strangely at me sitting with my trousers still on. I looked away, and he left.

Then my phone beeped again. Jim’s text: Hope you’re in the cubicle waiting. I assume you’ve dropped your trousers. Don’t answer.

At this stage I started panicking a bit, wondering if this was just a test and that nothing was to happen. Nevertheless, I stood and dropped my trousers sitting down again on the toilet seat. I pushed the door in the closed position, but didn’t lock it. I heard both occupants in the cubicles leave, wash and go. I heard at least five other guys come in and go. Then I heard a guy walking towards me. He pushed the door open seeing me sitting there, saying, “Sorry, I thought it was empty, you should lock the door you know.”

I said, “Sorry.”

I still didn’t lock the door. When he had finished, I could see him look over as he washed his hands. As he left I heard him mutter, “Pervert.”

I felt truly embarrassed sitting there waiting for whatever is to happen. I looked at my watch and realised that I had been there for twenty-minutes.

After another twenty-minutes, and another ten guys entering and leaving, the door was suddenly pushed open again. Standing in front of me with a deep scowl and look of contempt, a mall security guard looked me over. He asked, “Do you have a problem, Mister?”

“Um… No, not really,” I said, feeling my face burn red.

“I’ve been waiting outside this toilet for fifteen-minutes now. Waiting for you to leave. We’ve been getting complaints about you from store patrons,” he said.

“Err… Sorry, I’m not doing anything,” I said weakly.

“Pull your pants up, and come with me,” he said gruffly.

“No, it’s OK. I’ll just leave now.”

“No, you won’t. When we get complaints, particularly where children could be involved, we have to deal with them. If you prefer I can call the police and let them take care of it.”

“What do you mean children involved?” I asked, panicking.

“Children use these facilities too, is that why you here? To flash to little kiddies?”

The smirk on the guards face was like some hideous devil mask now. “Oh… God, no… Of course not… Please believe me.”

“Get dressed and come with me now,” he said, as his hand hovered over his pepper spray.

I followed him to his office where another guy was seated looking at the different security cameras. He told me to be seated while he got some paperwork out of his desk. He got up and spoke to his colleague before he left the office. I stayed seated in silence for about fifteen minutes before he returned and sat down again at his desk. He continued to look at me for a minute or two before he said to his colleague, “Do you know what this idiot was doing?”

His colleague asked in a bored tone, “What?”

“He’s sitting in the men’s room with the door of his cubicle, open, exposing himself to everyone. Kids could have come in and seen that shit,” he said with contempt making me blush.

The other security guard suddenly turned and looked straight at me. He asked his colleague, “You’re joking, right?”

“Actually… No! What do you think we should do with him? I think we should call the police.”

I interjected, “Please… No… I didn’t mean any harm. If I told you the truth you wouldn’t believe me.”

They laughed loudly with the first guy who had seen me saying to his colleague. “Dave, do you think Jim’ll be happy with this new wimp?”

“I must say your brother has a way of finding them,” Dave said.

I looked at both of them laughing at me, now knowing that they were involved the whole time. I looked at them more closely. Dave was about six feet, well built like he worked out a lot. The other guy was just an inch or two shorter and a bit stockier.

“Jim tells us that he thinks that you have potential,” Dave said.

“I’m not sure what he means by ‘promise’. I’ve met him once, but then I’m sure you already know this.”

“Stand up, Wimp. Let’s see what my brother is talking about,” the other guy ordered.

I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Your pitiful cock… Stand up and drop ‘em,” he said, both of them laughing.

Not knowing what my choices were, I stood before them in silence. He looked at my trousers signalling for them to be lowered. I opened my belt and lowered my trousers, standing in front of the two guys in my white briefs. He signalled for them to come down, which I did. At first there was a moment of silence as they stared at my flaccid dick, taking it in. Then they burst out laughing.

“Oh, John, your brother is one mad fucker,” Dave said between laughing.

“Fuck me, Wimp, how can a grown ass man have a dick so small,” John screeched.

“It’s like a clit with balls,” Dave said.

“C’mon… Jacket and Shirt off, Wimp,” John ordered.

I took them off and stood before them naked. They walked around me slowly, each of them in turn slapping my limp cock and laughing.

“On your knees, Wimp,” John ordered again.

Assuming I had no choice, but also wanting to do it, I knelt and they walked up to me. Dave said, “You know what to do, Wimp. Whatya waiting for?”

I reached up and opened Dave’s trousers, lowering them and his underwear at the same time, revealing his thick uncut cock, around five inches soft. John slapped me on the head and I turned to him, repeating the same thing with him. His cock was slightly larger but not as thick. I just stared at the two cocks in front of me as Dave turned my head toward his cock. I didn’t have to be asked twice as I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked on it greedily as John took my hand and put it on his cock. As I sucked on one, I stroked the other. I switched from one to the other, sucking and stroking, taking more and more into my mouth each time. It wasn’t long before John came first in my mouth filling me full of his cum. Before I could react Dave, took his place and started to fuck my cum-filled mouth. I was gagging as he furiously fucked my mouth, eventually finishing himself by pulling out and cumming all over my face and body.

They then stood back and looked at me, laughing as they told each other that Jim would be delighted with his new capture. John took out his phone and typed a text to which he received an immediate reply. On reading it, he turned toward me, and before I could stop him, took a picture of me and sent it onto who I assumed was Jim. They then told me to get dressed. When I asked for a towel they laughed. “No towel… Just get dressed and get outta here.”

I asked them to delete the picture. They just laughed, telling me that Jim had the photo so I needed to ask him. “Jim decides what happens. Have you not worked that out yet, Wimp?” John said, rolling his eyes.

“What happens now?”

“You’ll hear from Jim when he decides to contact you. Believe me when I tell you from experience of Jim’s other conquests, you’ll have many new experiences. You won’t like them all, that I can guarantee,” John said, and laughed loudly.


I left the office, going quickly to the men’s room, in which the day’s events had started. I washed my face and went to my car. On the drive home, I expected to hear from Jim nut no text or call was received. That night I felt like I was acting strangely at home due to the experiences of the day. Olivia looked over at me during the evening, asking me if I was OK, she thought I looked a bit pale. I told her the tummy bug excuse, which she seemed to accept. I went early to bed, taking my laptop with me. I logged onto my new email address to be told I had a new message. Of course it was from Jim.

To Wimp

From Sir

Subject: Test one

Congratulations on passing your first test, Wimp. Dave and John told me all about what you did. I’m happy to take you on as my new project. You have a lot to learn, but I know already that you’ll be a very good Sub. You need to think about what limits you might have, so we can discuss same. I’ll be in touch soon.

Regards to Olivia, lol

What shocked me was the attachment. He had sent me a picture of me naked sucking his brothers cock, my face very clear in the photograph.


On the Saturday I worried a lot, but kept going back re-reading the email and looking at the photo. While it scared me it also made me want more and more. Olivia, my wife, was continually looking at me, asking me if I was okay. If I was worried about something, and if everything was OK at work. I told her that I was working on a job for an important new client and that I needed to get it right as it could bring in a lot of fees. She told me that I really needed to find some new interests in life, that work had become all I seemed to care about.

“Let me get this new client sorted first, the extra money will come in handy,” I told her, trying to reassure her.

“Okay, but you really need to find some interests. We haven’t been away in ages, so we should go away for a weekend when you have the client sorted. You need a break, you’ve been too preoccupied for the last few weeks and I’m worried about you. There’s no point in earning more money of it kills you,” she said.

“You’re right as usual, love, a weekend away would be good.”

“Great, I look forward to that. I’m off to my golf now, see you later.”

After the usual peck on the cheek she was gone, leaving me wondering whether I needed to stop this, whether I could go on. It was obvious that I was not hiding it from Olivia and I wondered if many others, like my colleagues at work are noticing differences in me too. Then, as if he knew that I was thinking about him, I heard my secret phone vibrate in my pocket. I put in my pin and read the message.

Jim: Hi, Wimp, r u thinking about me?

I looked around wondering if he was seeing me on my laptop with the photo attachment open on the screen. Obviously he was not here.

Me: Why do you think that?

Jim: Cause a true Sub should always be thinking of his Master. Now, tell me were you thinking about me?

Me: Yes, I’m looking at your email and my picture all the time. I cannot believe you asked John to take my picture.

Jim: Wimp, you have to trust me. No one else will see it. Tell me you trust me.

Me: Yes Sir, I trust you.”

Jim: Is Olivia there? If not, call me now.

I called him to tell him that Olivia had gone golfing. He laughed. “I’m glad she has some interests. She’s probably having fun with the Club Pro, playing with his clubs.”

I told him I didn’t think so, to which he again laughed.

“Anyway, enough about her, for now. It’s good you trust me because the only way this’ll work is you don’t question me. That you do as I tell you, when I tell you, and to whom I tell you. Now tell me, have you thought about your limits?”

“Sir, I’m not quite sure I know what you mean.”

“Is there anything you don’t want me to consider doing to you. Anything you’ll not do for me if I ask you? Some examples would be pain, bondage, scat, and watersports.”

“Oh, I haven’t thought about anything like that. I liked what I’ve done to date, but haven’t thought beyond that.”

He laughed. “You haven’t done anything yet, Wimp. I need to know how far I can push you. I don’t want to endanger your home or work life, but I’m going to test your limits fully. If you like, I can test you through tasks. We can have an agreed safe word which you can use if I go too far.”

“Sir, that sounds okay. I really am new to this so I’ll take it at your pace. What happens if I use the safe word?”

“That depends on how serious I think the task is. If it’s trivial in my mind it could finish us.”

“Sir, I do want more.”

Again laughing. “I know, Wimp, if I didn’t think you had potential I would have gone after our first meeting.”

“Thank you, sir. May I ask what happens next?”

“You’ll hear from me soon. Tell me what golf club Olivia plays at?”

“Sir, I need Olivia kept out of this, please.”

Jim hung up the phone leaving me wondering if I had just killed our relationship. I stayed looking at my phone and PC waiting for him to contact me.

An hour later he rang me.

“Are you going to answer my question?”

“Forest Park Golf Club, sir, but please…”

He cut me off with, “Either trust me or don’t, when I ask a question I expect you to answer.”

“I do trust you, but…”

“There are no buts. Tell me you understand now.”

“Yes, sir, I understand.”

“I’ve to go now. I’ll be in touch very soon.”

For about 15 minutes I just sat there looking at the photo on the PC. My mind in turmoil about what might happen in the future, wondering if I could really trust Jim. I was very worried about the level of information he was getting about Olivia and wondered if he was thinking of telling her what was happening. Whether this might be about potential blackmail or something else. Ten minutes later, my phone vibrated again.

Jim: Call me.

“Hi, sir,” I said when he answered.

“Wimp, I’ve been thinking. I don’t like my wimps with any bodily hair below their necks. I want you to shave off all your hair now.”

“Sir, Olivia would find that strange.”

“What did I say about questioning me? This is a trivial task.”

“Ok, sir, I’ll do it.”

“NOW… And send me a picture to prove it,” with that he hung up.

I sat there thinking about what he had asked me to do. Knowing this was another test, I told myself I was either in or out. Asking myself how much I wanted more experiences. For over an hour I argued with myself the pros and cons, the threats, the excitement, the needing it, but wondering if it was worth the risk. My mind was in total turmoil.

Eventually I got up and went to the bathroom getting my battery operated beard trimmer. I undressed looking down at the hair around my penis and balls, trimmer in my hand, scared. I trimmed a little being careful not to cut myself, and then a little more until eventually I was looking down at an almost bald area. I then took out my disposable razor and put shaving foam all around the area, shaving it very carefully. After I washed myself off I looked at my bald genitals. My first thought being my penis looked even smaller than I had thought it was. Then I got to work on my body, arms, and legs.

I got my phone and took a picture of myself in the mirror and sent it to Jim with the text: Hope this is OK, sir?

Jim: You look like the WIMP you are. It’s hard to see your pitiful cock in the pic. LOL I’ll be in touch soon.

I looked at myself again, now wondering for the first time what I’m going to tell Olivia. I was sure she would think that I had lost my mind, that there was indeed something wrong with me. I looked at my watch knowing she would be home soon so I got dressed and went out to cut the grass, something I had told her I would be doing that day. I couldn’t help thinking about the feeling of the bareness of my skin, liking it.

As I cut the grass my phone vibrated. Jim: Does WIMP like feeling bald?

Me: Yes, sir, I do, but worried about Olivia.

Jim: LOL Tell her you were curious. LOL.”

Me: I’ll try that, sir.

With that he was gone again. I finished the grass just as I heard Olivia drive her car into the driveway. I went out and helped her take her golf clubs into the house. I couldn’t help looking at her wondering if in fact she had been golfing, whether she might be playing something other than golf. She asked me if I had finished my client stuff, whether I had finished work for the weekend. When I told her that I had she asked me to run her a bath. “Did you not shower after your golf?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t bother. I felt like having a bath at home,” she said.

I then took her golf shoes and bag out of her car and couldn’t help notice how clean her shoes were, getting me thinking about her again. I told myself to stop being stupid, Olivia is not playing away, but the doubts were now in my mind. I went up to run her bath only to notice that I hadn’t cleaned up the bathroom floor where I had shaved earlier. Panicking, I started gathering up the hair when Olivia walked in. “What’s that?” She asked.

“I decided earlier to trim a little, and I kind of got carried away,” I said nervously.

“You mean you shaved down below?”

“Yes, and all over. I just thought I looked a bit too hairy.”

“How much did you trim, there seems to be a lot there.”

“All of it.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh my god, let me see'”

“Maybe, later,” I said laughing.

“Go on, I’ve never seen you like that before,” she urged.

I lowered my trousers and briefs, and she started laughing. “Why would you do that?”

“Why are you laughing?”

“Sorry, but you look so… eh… SMALL. Like a little boy with no hair, sorry.”

I asked, “Do you think I’m small?”

“I said sorry, I didn’t mean that,” she said blushing slightly.

“Do you think my dick is small?” I insisted.

“Ah… No… Not really,” not exactly sounding convincing.

I looked at her, raised my trousers and went back to gathering up the hair and running her bath. I left her getting into the bath, her saying “Sorry, I really didn’t mean to sound so mean.”

I went back down to my office now feeling totally inadequate in the eyes of my wife, as well as Jim, John and Dave. I wondered how many more would witness what I now was totally aware of, that my cock was pitifully small, even more so now bald. I emailed Jim telling him what had happened with Olivia. Within an hour he replied:

To Wimp

From Sir

Subject: Your Small Cock

Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me what happened with Olivia. I’m glad that you now understand your short comings. That’ll help you with the new experiences that you’ll have in the future. You’re beginning to understand that you’re nothing but a submissive wimp, put on the earth to please others as they see fit.

It’s interesting that Olivia used the word “small”, it’s rare for a wife to ever actually tell her husband that even if she thinks it. That is indeed very interesting. I wonder what she is comparing you to in her mind when she said that.

I’ll be in touch soon to start your real education.

to be continued…


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