Our Readers SPH Experiences 26

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


A night at the movies exposed this readers short comings…

So, a year or so ago, I was with my (now ex) girlfriend in a cinema. Can’t remember the film, and we started getting a little ‘frisky’. I’m kissing her passionately, and fondling her tits whilst she grabs my ass, it’s all going well.

Now something to keep in mind is I put some stuffing in my boxers to make my dick appear bigger, so she’d grope and stuff, which she did.

Anyway, whilst lost in lust, her hand eventually finds its way down my jeans. She grinned at me, not out of my tiny dick, but because she knew I was surprised she was going down my pants.

She Finds My Tiny 3.5″ Erect Penis

Now for a few seconds, I forgot about my tiny little thing, and it was when she start pulling the stuffing out-of-the-way that I went fully red and realised how I fucked up. She whispered into my ear, “Mmmm… Get hard for me, baby”.

When she saw my blushing face she giggled, and said, “That’s it? Really?”

I expected her to run away giggling, calling all her friends about my bitch dick, but she kept stroking it. She felt it in her hand, really only needing her finger and thumb to stroke it. After I said I was close, she pinched it hard and tut-tutted me, saying, “Sissies don’t get to cum.”

After I settled down the feeling of orgasm left me, she had me finger her to orgasm. Once she came, she patted me hard on my jeans, and giggling, she called me ‘tiny‘. A few months later she went on holidays and fucked what she called a real man.


Now, after being cheated on by the cinema girl, I spent months being a little bitch, being sad, etc., and finally I found this cute chubby girl in my school. We chatted, gamed, and hung out It was fun and we grew attracted to each other rather quickly. So a few months pass, we date, we kiss, and one day we’re getting a little frisky when she’s around at my place.

I’m feelings her ass and tits, getting really into it, tongue kissing passionately and she’s squeezing my ass back. Finally, she reaches to unbuckle my belt and eagerly throws my trousers down.

Now keep in mind, I had another one of these: ‘I forgot how tiny it is‘ moments due to how horny I was getting.

So she slides off the bed and onto her knees and tugs my boxers down. She isn’t laughing, because I think she thought what was my hard cock was actually a soft dick. She starts playing with it, gently licking the tip, telling me to get hard for her.

After about a minute or two, and seeing my dicklette strain. She sighed, and said, “That’s really it isn’t it?”

I nodded, my face bright red with shame. She shook her head. “The guys in school kept joking about how you had a python in your pants,” she said.

The joke was made because I’m a big guy body-wise, and everyone assumes my dick must be big too. Again she sighs and shakes her head. “Instead you’ve got a fucking babydick. Put it away, it’s disgusting,” she said with a deep scowl on her face.

So I put my dicklette away and she told me she isn’t in the mood for making out anymore. I spend about an hour apologising, asking how I can make it up to her. Eventually she smiles at me, and says, “You can’t change what you’re born with, so it’s useless.”

She decides she wants me to eat her out so she can actually get some pleasure. Anyway, before this story gets too long, she started moaning the name of another girl we go to school with as I licked her pussy. I just shook my head and thought nothing of it. With all my stories, I end with the bombshell here. Two weeks later she dumped me, and a month later came out as a lesbian.


One reader got embarrassed at the Doctors…

I had a very embarrassing experience recently. I had been to the doctor’s office for a medical exam. I had a dull ache in my testicles and wanted it checked out. I always thought my penis was average size. It measures about 4.2 inches erect, and 2 inches soft. There was a nurse and a doctor present.

I explained the problem to my doctor and he asked me to lie on the bed and remove my pants. I found it odd that the nurse was still in the room. I thought she would leave. She looked in her thirties, pretty, and a slim body. She wore scrubs so it kind of masked her figure a bit.

Anyway, I kept my underwear on. The doctor came near the table and asked me to remove my underwear. I did, and he began examining my balls. I instantly got hard, no matter how hard I tried to stop it. The nurse watched me. I apologised to them, and the doctor told me to chill, it happens.

Suddenly, the doctor got a call, apologised to me, and left the room. He told the nurse to take over as he left. The nurse now stood next to me looking down at my erect penis. She asked how old I am, and I said twenty-five. She smiled at me and began moving my foreskin back, looking at my knob. She felt my balls with one hand while the other held my hard cock.

I have never felt so embarrassed in my life. I just wanted to die. She told me she to wait, and left the room. I thought she went to call the doctor. I felt so embarrassed, I quickly put on my pants and left.


This reader has decided to stop letting his fears rule his life…

I spent tonight sitting around in my house naked. I watched some TV and listened to music and jerked off into a rag. After that I sat around and listened to more music while browsing The Small Dick Club.

After a while, I looked down at my large bush and my small penis and I started thinking about my insecurities. I realised I haven’t had sex since I lost my virginity at 15. I haven’t even been involved with another person for four-and-a-half years now.

I can attribute this to many things. The relevant ‘thing’, however, being my sexual insecurity revolving around my small penis. I don’t make advances on girls because I’m scared. I think to myself, what if they get angry at something later and they mock my small penis in front of everyone, or; what if they gossip to their friends about it. So I don’t think it’s worth the risk. My hand does a fantastic job, after all, and I’ve never been one to chase after emotional validation.

A common coping strategy is the old adage: if they matter they don’t mind. I never bought that for a second and I dismissed it for a long time until I realised something.

I don’t have some prophetic message, I don’t have the answer to everyone’s problems, but I finally found the truth in that old saying after years of ignoring it. I’m always going to have a small penis, no matter what. So it’s unfair to myself to let negative people have an important part in my life. If they’re going to assign me a lower value because of the way I was born, then it’s my fault if I let them matter to me. There’s nothing I can do about my situation, and I’m not going to change anyone’s mind by being bitter about it.

Is it fair? I don’t know, but it’s the way life is. That brings me comfort.

No longer will I be embarrassed to sit naked (alone) in my own home. No longer will I be afraid to whip my dick out and chase my friends around with it when I’m drunk (wait what?).


This Reader has learned that they always find out in the end…

I was always bragging what a big tough guy I was at the club I bartended at and that I had a 10 inch cock, and would date women from the club to hide the fact I really am a sissy and wear panties and bras and really only have a tiny three-inch hard cock. When we we’d get close to having sex I’d find a reason to break up with them so they wouldn’t see the panties under my pants or my tiny three-inch cock.

The other night I forgot to lock my door and the girl I was dating walked into my house and heard moaning coming from my bedroom. Well she peeked around my bedroom door and instead of saying something as she stood there and watched me on my knees in red lace panties and garter belt giving my gay neighbour a blowjob. She heard the groaning coming from my neighbour David moaning from the blow job. She took out her cell phone and took pictures of the whole blowjob including his cumming in my mouth and on my face. She stood there with her hands on her hips and laughed.

She said, “Well, Brucie, I guess you’re not the man you said you were. Guess what, you’re now going on the internet and we’ll find a nice little tiny dick fag site and you’ll confess everything or these pictures I just took of you will be seen by everyone down at the club. From now on you’ll clean my house once a week and follow all my orders including sucking a couple gay friends cocks I know. So you have a choice of being outed directly at the club, or going on the web and hope the confession you give is not seen by anyone you know. So which is it going to be?”

So here I am writing my confession and full name Bruce Burke of Beverly Ma. on this site admitting right here in front of Kathy that I do suck cocks and I do wear women’s clothes and My cock is not ten-inches as I have bragged, but three-inches hard. This is proof for Kathy, but won’t be used as long as I do as she says including wearing panties and garter belt 24/7 under my pants and suck any cock she orders me to suck. I’ll serve her in every way, cleaning, cooking and anything, no mater how humiliating, that she wants me to do. Signed Bruce Burke, 6th June, 2015.


One Reader tells us how he likes to be humiliated by his girlfriend…

I am twenty and my girlfriend nineteen. We are three years together now. She knew from the beginning that I have a small penis (9.7 cm erect – Silver Member). We both just had sex with one person before. She really loves me. I can’t pleasure her sexually – not with my penis, not with my fingers, and just a few times with my tongue.

After she admitted she thinks my dick is really small, I started to like the thought of it. When we have sex, she compares me with her last boyfriend. His dick is 17 cm long (over 6.5″) and he satisfied her with it through his shorts. She also likes to tell me how much bigger her little brothers dick is and he is thirteen.

One time, when we were in a supermarket she wanted to buy condoms and searched for the extra small ones. She couldn’t find any, so she asked random people if they knew where to get them. They didn’t. But all of them looked at me for a moment after she asked. That night I had great sex with her.

A few weeks ago she sat down with me before we had sex. “I have to tell you something”, she said.


“I sat down with my younger sisters and my Mother. I was angry at you, so I did something stupid. I showed them a picture of your dick.”

I was shocked and asked if it was erect in the picture.

“No. At first I showed them your soft penis. They were laughing really hard. I also had to laugh. I mean, you know how small it looks when it is sleeping (my Penis is 6 cm soft). They wanted to know how big it can get, and I showed them. There is no big difference, so I had to tell them, of course. My little sister compared it to a baby dick and my Mother to a baby elephants Roussel. We were making fun of course.”

But I knew they were serious. I asked if she did something else.

“Yes. I told them you like to be humiliated. How you like to hear how tiny it is, how big other dicks are in comparison, and how you can’t pleasure me with it.”

“Did you do something else?”. I wanted to know everything.

“Yes. I told my friends Katharina and Melina on the phone. But they didn’t say anything, they just laughed about it and thought it was very awkward.”

After the conversation we had sex. The best sex we ever had in my opinion. The last special thing I remember was during sex I asked if we can have a break and if she can write to a friend about me. She did as I asked. She wrote her friend all about me and my tiny penis on what’s app. She said that she would like to get fucked by a real man with a big penis. Not like mine, and she asked if her friend know how to handle such a tiny dick. That night was great.

She doesn’t call my penis ‘dick’ or ‘penis’ anymore. She uses special words in German, which don’t exist in English. But let me tell you – they are embarrassing. I hope this relationship lasts forever.


One Reader tells us his mile high experience….

So funny story. I was on a business trip recently and was feeling super stressed about it, so I decided to rub one out in the aeroplane’s toilet. The door jammed a bit, but I thought I had gotten the lock latched completely. I was so wrong. I dropped my pants and briefs and started jerking-off. I’m a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club with a hard length at just under four inches. I was having a good time, and just as I’m about to cum this tall guy opens the door. He stops and begins to apologise, but then looks down at my dick. I suddenly shoot a big load of cum at this very point all over the floor. He quickly reverses and shuts the door behind him.

When I sat back down, I noticed that the guy was only sitting only a row ahead of me. He avoided eye contact with me for the rest of the flight. But I have to admit the whole experience turned me on so much that my boner would not go down.


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    I am a little dick guy who is a total freak and loves being humiliated and being dominated by a female and I will suck dick and I will lick balls and swallow the load just to see her toes


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