A Wimp in her Closet

By flickofthedick.

After a year abroad, Amy returned to a mix-up with the apartments. She found a vacant room in a dorm for a few weeks through sheer luck until the situation could be resolved. Still, life as a dormitory resident was quite a transition after the freedom and independence of exchange studies.

Still, the dorm was a blessing in disguise because that’s where she met Andy. It didn’t take long to notice something about him worthy of deeper investigation.

You could sense his overwhelming insecurity in every social interaction. Speaking to her, he often couldn’t meet her eyes without an overly forced effort, following some typical self-help instruction, probably. On rare occasions, she managed to get a good-enough look, and then she saw the awe in his eyes.

Last year, she had transformed from a mousy, down-dressed young student with excellent grades and poor social skills to someone carrying herself in an objectively attractive way. Her very prominent breasts had always drawn stares, so she had learned to accentuate them. It had excited her to realize how lucky she was. Men had started staring at her curves, and everyone had adored her hair, flowing in reddish-brown curls down over those breasts.

Andy was not in the same league. He was a couple of inches shorter than her, and his gangly, weak limbs made him appear to be half her size. A cheap, mouse-brown haircut and baby-smooth, beard-less cheeks completed his mommy’s boy style.

As much of a wimp as he was, you could tell by how he looked at her that he had the same sexual appetite as any guy. He kept glancing at her breasts from the side when he thought she didn’t notice. Compared to him, she was perfect, making her a little wet in her cunt to see his admiration. She wondered how far he would be willing to go to keep his dreams about her alive.

Her sexuality had become more complex. She had grown up a dutiful girl, fascinated from a distance by muscular, testosterone-brimming guys. She had always dreamed about worshiping a perfect physical specimen, but on the other hand, she’d also had fantasies about taming one of them, being worshiped herself. Over the last year away from home, some serious fucking had made her start to understand how tame boys didn’t turn her on at all.

But with Andy, maybe there was a way to have it both ways.

He was 22, and she was 23. Apparently, he studied something technical and was very good at it, which would become profitable for him in the future no doubt. Her penchant for dissecting people’s thoughts had led her to psychology, and now she majored in violence caused by homophobia, which was very topical these days, although she had secretly chosen it because the violence aspect sometimes turned her on.

At night, when she had her fingers between her legs, a lot of things secretly turned her on. Deep down, she had urges that would disgust many, and since meeting Andy, she had hopes about living out a few secret fantasies.

* * *

The confirmation that he might have something to offer came an early night when they were alone in the common room of the dorm, watching a film. They had ended up this way on a few occasions lately.

“I don’t feel like getting up,” she teased her little wimp boy. “Why don’t you go make me some tea, just because you love me so much?”

Without question, he got up, and it made her cunt a little juicier to see how he instantly obeyed her. The perfect cup returned in his hands minutes later, and between his legs there were signs of what appeared to be a very small erection. Something made this weak, unmanly young wimp enjoy servitude.

“You’ve obviously payed attention to how I like my tea,” she said after some musing. “I could thank you for the cup. But I don’t really have to, do I? You’d just do anything to be around me, wouldn’t you?”

“I-I don’t know,” was all he could get out. “Yes, I was useful. It’s all I want to do, to be useful.”

Andy had no idea what else to say, and since he was desperate not to say anything wrong, he locked up completely, getting nothing out in response. As much as he tried to hide it, both of them recognized his state of catatonic distress. He twisted uncomfortably, looking back and forth across the floor while his face twitched.

She started asking him about life, and in his usual way he answered every question honestly.

Yes, he knew he was odd, but he considered himself normal enough. It was just that he was shy, and he wasn’t very interested in things that interested most people.

Yes, he was interested in sex, and he wanted to experience it, but he agreed that odds worked against a weirdo such as himself. Also, he thought he had a very small penis, and he brought it up as a problem for him right off the bat. Amy persuaded him that he would probably never be happy with a woman. Most likely, he would end up alone. If he got rich and found someone, she’d be fat and ugly, or something else would be wrong.

“In your case especially,” she clarified. “You’re really in love with me, aren’t you?”

“I-I, yes,” he stuttered, summoning an impressive amount of courage to acknowledge his actual feelings. “I mean, I-I, yes.”

“So I’ll make you a deal,” she continued. “I’ll let you hang around sometimes if you make it worth it for me.”

“Wha-What do you want?”

So far, there didn’t appear to be an aggressive or self-justified bone in his body, which set him apart from most geeks she had met. He was simply in love with her, and now he was so afraid of losing her that she might get away with anything. She spent a few seconds thinking before she decided.

“This film is good,” she said. “I don’t want to miss it to do my dishes. Go and do my dishes for me!”

His eyes lit up as if he had just solved some important logic puzzle, and he got up and did what she had asked without question, returning a few minutes later in silence. She explained that she wanted him to do her dishes from now on. She would just leave them in the kitchen for him. He agreed.

He seemed to be waiting for more.

“And you seem to be good at studying,” she took her chance to push things further. “I want you to look up how to give a really good foot massage until next time we have film night.”

He agreed again. They said their goodnights, and he got up to leave, but again she interrupted.

“Tell me you love me!” she instructed him.

He looked down at the floor and mumbled the words out.

“I love you.”

She knew Andy wasn’t stupid. He knew the rules of the game, and he was free to stay away from her if it became too uncomfortable. But at the same time, she knew he wouldn’t.

For a couple of weeks, she was perfectly pleased by not having to do dishes and by getting a foot massage every other night, watching film with him in the common room.

The massages started out ok, but they were quickly getting excellent. He really was a good student, and he was very attentive to her signals even if he was socially clueless. She also discovered that there was something very small stiffening in the crotch of his pants everytime he touched her.

“I like that your little wimp cock gets hard when you’re making me feel good,” she teased. “It’s ok that I call you a wimp, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know. It’s ok. You can call me what you want, I guess.”

Then came the news she had been waiting for. They had found an apartment for her.

She asked Andy to help her with the move, and she could tell straight away that his world was shattered. He thought she was leaving for good.

“Relax!” she calmed him. “Now you’ll get to see where I live, so you can come be my own little wimp whenever I need one. If you help me move, I promise to give you a reward.”

There was really no point in keeping him in the dark. He was so simple, and it amused her. She even got turned on by how she could give him something that was really nothing to her, and it could still be the greatest moment of his life.

“I was thinking,” she continued. “I’ve seen you staring at my tits. You’ve never seen a real woman’s tits, have you? If you do a good job for me, I was thinking about giving you a chance to see mine. Just a quick peek.”

She noticed the little pointy bulge of his erection immediately.

Two days later, he was fighting to move boxes down stairs and up new ones. At first, he enlisted the help of a friend from school to empty the dorm room, and she was surprised to learn that Andy apparently had quite a few real friends. It meant he had a frame of reference, so he could see for himself what a loser he was. It also made it more clear in a flattering way that he chose to be with her instead of them.

At her new apartment, he was struggling alone with carrying everything from the van and up the stairs. It gave her a very fulfilling thrill to see his weak arms tremble in agony while he punished himself just to make life easier for her. The best part was how she almost didn’t have to do any work herself. After a lifetime of being a good girl, she was very happy to have created a little freedom for egotism.

“I’m gonna go lay down in the sofa to rest for a while,” she explained as she passed him in the stairs. “You’re a good boy for me, Andy. I’m really happy to have you around. Come bring me a glass of water when you’re done!”

When he finally brought her the glass of water, she started playing with the seams of her top, touching her breasts just a little, teasing him. He was pushed to his limits after moving her last van-load almost on his own, but she knew what she was doing. The further she managed to push him before roping him in again, the further she could push him next time.

“Good wimp!” she praised him, sipping the water. “I like being this relaxed. And I like not wearing a bra in my own home. Tits feels better if the nipples are allowed to peek out a little. Can you tell?”

His intense stare showed that he noticed her nipples through the top. His little cock-knob was petrified for sure. You could see it through his pants even as he sat down on the other end of the sofa. He appeared to be afraid to come too close.

“Now,” she whispered, teasing. “Was there something more you wanted to see?”

She moved her fingers down over her breasts to the hem at the bottom and started pulling it up over her stomach.

“Did your little wimp cock get stiff from slaving for me?” she panted for him, showing him that this turned her on. “I bet it did. It earned its reward, though. Do you want me to show them?”

She built it up as much as she could, keeping him mesmerized. She hooked up her top more, baring her stomach.

She had never seen such intense focus on her body. For Andy, gaping with a face red from excitement, the rest of the world had suddenly disappeared. The memory of serving her and the ache in his arms had faded away, and his entire world had filled up with nothing but a pair perfect breasts.

She paused for effect just below the large, rounded bulges, and she crumpled up the material to get a better grip. Then, with a swoop of her hands, her massive, naked tits fell out, bouncing for him. He gasped and sat down in the sofa on the other end from her just to stare.

“You like it, don’t you?” she panted with stiff-nippled, big, firm breasts exposed. “It really makes me real horny, you know. You’re staring so hard at my horny tits! These are the first tits you’ve ever seen, right?”

The way he looked at her really made her feel as a goddess.

“I want you to know what I’m doing right now, because it will work even if I explain it. It really turns me on to do this. It’s a kind of conditioning, you know. This moment will haunt you forever.”

His face was growing more and more red. He wasn’t touching himself, but he was about to lose control.

“No matter what, you’ll always come back to me for more, because this is most intimate moment you’ve ever experienced. You’ll drool after me like a little puppy dog. Look at them! Isn’t it amazing how good a pair of tits can make your tiny little cock feel?”

She slowly squeezed one breast up and reached down with her head to lick it. It felt very good. He gasped and tensed up, and she thought she could see the twitching in his crotch when he shot a sticky load of sperm into his pants.

She knew about spontaneous ejaculation, but she never thought she would see one come so easy. She pulled her top down and turned away. It was time to realign his expectations with reality by putting him down a little.

“You’re a little pathetic, don’t you think?” she informed him with a demanding voice. “You’re lucky I even talk to you. I think you should leave now, but I still want to hear that you love me!”

“I love you,” he said with unexpected sincerity and shame. “I promise!”

“Good little puppy dog,” she rewarded his subservience with a smile. “Now, remember you’re supposed to be a grown man. If you come back here, it’s on my terms. I want to know that you’ll do anything for me!”

She knew he would come back and love her even more after jerking off over and over to the memory of her tits. Once he was gone, she slipped off her pants and panties, baring her brown-haired cunt to her new home, and then she masturbated herself to her first hard orgasm in there.

* * *

The apartment marked a turning point in Amy’s life. She found herself having fun, going out several times a week after studies with friends, hooking up with guys. Mindless sex was easier than ever with her confidence growing every day. It was all good, but she started missing having Andy around, making efforts for her. His unfulfilled longing excited her wicked heart in a special way.

The two of them began meeting a couple of nights a week. Gradually, the visits became more frequent, and she was happy to note that she never had to do dishes any more. As promised, she never wore a bra at home, and he stayed mesmerized by her stiff-nippled tits. He did his best to keep her happy, hoping she would show him some sexual mercy.

Film night was the easiest way for them to hang out since they both enjoyed it. While they watched, he always served her and massaged her feet. Sometimes she allowed her blanket to slide down, and he would stare at her thin top as if he was praying it would go transparent for another glimpse of those breasts. He was horny, helpless, and pathetic at the same time, giving her urges to take her control to even further lengths. She just had to figure out a way to do it right.

One evening, she lifted her bare feet toward his face.

“I’ve been wearing shoes all day,” she informed him. “My feet are really dirty and sweaty. Would you like to lick them and suck my toes? I think I’d like it if you did this for me.”

He didn’t have to think for more than a second before he brought his lips to her toes. She thought she saw enthusiasm in his eyes.

“Yeaahh, that’s right,” she panted when she felt the wet, slippery warmth of his tongue. “I think I want to enjoy this a lot from now on.”

The physical pleasure was good enough, but the true satisfaction came from seeing how he was prepared to do something uncomfortable and nasty just to please her. He just moaned in response around her foot. She had learned the signs now, and she knew he had an erection from licking the filth off her feet.

“Mmmhhh,” she purred. “You know, I would have thought this was disgusting before. But with you, nothing is really disgusting, because you’re even more disgusting, right? You’re even hard, aren’t you?”

There was no way for him to reply, slobbering around her toes. He was getting really into it now, slurping and drooling and then sucking it up. Apparently, it really excited him to get to worship her in a new way. He was moaning, and she thought he might be building to another orgasm. Any normal girl would send him away for being a creep. She just saw a good time to seal the deal.

“Do you like doing these disgusting things?” she asked. “I’d like to do some really disgusting things. If you’ll agree to let me do much more disgusting things to you than this, then I’ll show you my tits again. Deal?”

He just agreed in ecstatic moans around her toes and part of the foot: “Uhh-huuh! Uhh-huuuh!!”

In a swift motion, she pulled her top up and once more let her heavy tits drop out.

Three seconds later, she saw Andy having an orgasm for her, filling his underwear with another pitiful load of sperm.

“Tell me you love me!”

“I love you!” he declared before she sent him away.

* * *

He was allowed over to suck her toes a few more times, but it was the start of another period when she distracted herself by bringing home real cocks to fuck. There was a special kind of satisfaction in allowing these random guys on top of her while she thought about how Andy wanted it more than anything but couldn’t get it.

She woke him up on a Sunday morning with an early call. Her voice was tired and raspy.

“I need you here,” she informed. “I had a party last night. The apartment is trashed. I want to rest, and you’re going to fix it all and massage me, because you’re pathetic and desperate.”

She hung up without even giving him a chance to respond, and she was still drowsing in bed when he showed up and started doing his duties. His approach appeared very systematic and logical, and he gradually got the job done.

Three hours later, her apartment was cleaner than ever. He had even prepared lunch for her and was massaging her feet in the sofa. She was fresh out of the shower, wearing only underwear under her robe, and he probably noticed somehow, because his little cock was petrified.

“I’ve been letting you hang around here quite a lot,” she started. “I know it doesn’t matter how cruel I am to you. And the thing is, I like how selfish I can be around you. If you’re going to stick around, I want more.”

“What do you want?” he asked, and he appeared genuinely interested. “Please! I just want to make you happy.”

“First of all, I know you want me to be honest. I really see no value in having you around if it isn’t for my pleasure. So, if you stop giving me all I want, I won’t let you come here.”

“Ok,” he confirmed as if none of what she said really affected him.

“I’ll never feel the way you do. I’ll never be attracted to you. But so far, I like having you around. If I’m in the mood, I’ll reward you, but the only reward you can be sure of is being allowed to love me, ok?”

“I understand,” he volunteered, building some confidence now that he knew what she wanted. “I can do anything you want. I-I’m not afraid of anything, I promise. It’s enough for me to love you.”

Following this, she demanded that he come over all the time and clean her apartment, do the dishes, and take out bags of laundry. Once he agreed to this, she explained that she really didn’t want to do any household work, ever. If she spilled or made a mess for any reason, she wanted him to deal with it. He agreed.

She poured herself a glass of juice and took one sip. Then she looked him in the eyes, pouring it all out on the floor demonstratively. Andy gave the impression of cogs turning without connecting.

“Go!” she ordered, establishing more dominance with every second that passed.

He scrambled to find the proper mop, and then he was on track. Two minutes later the floor was spotless.

“I liked that,” she praised him. “It even made my cunt wet when you obeyed me.”

She kissed him on the cheek, and he blushed with an erection.

After he made dinner, they sat down in the sofa for the evening film, and she got out of her robe, leaving her with a top and her skimpiest pair of panties. They were a well-worn, bleached shade of pink, and they were so small you could actually see a few of her otherwise well-trimmed pubes sticking out along the sides. She covered herself in a blanket before Andy saw too much, but it felt good to tease him.

Several times, she leaned forward to grab something, and he kept staring at her tits without any self-awareness. He was starting to move more uncomfortably. She knew he had a hard little dicklet in his pants. She was planning something, and he knew it.

When the film was done, she held up her foot for his hands. She started talking while he rubbed her.

“You know, I’ve been thinking. I know you get orgasms from being with me, but is there another reason to be around me? I mean, I realize you really love me somehow. But how? Is it just my tits and ass?”

This provoked him into action, setting off one of his rare but typical streams of consciousness.

He rambled on about how she was perfect and how he couldn’t take his eyes off her when she moved in, and then he couldn’t believe his luck when she talked to him. He promised that while he loved watching films with her, there was more. He insisted he studied better since he met her. Whenever he had a hard time solving a problem, he just thought about her, and he imagined doing it for her, finding himself able to focus. Even when he had trouble sleeping, he could just think about her, and he would drift off in pleasant dreams.

There was actually something impressive about how well his words flowed when he really wanted them to. She interrupted, asking if he jerked off his disgusting little cock thinking about her tits or cunt. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

“I don’t know. I-I’ll do anything you say, I promise. You’re perfect! I think you should have anything you ever want. You can hurt me or make me do any disgusting things! I still don’t think you can do anything wrong.”

While he talked, she allowed the blanket to slide down so he could make out her breasts through the top. You could see him lose his train of thought and become absorbed by the sight in front of his eyes. His face started to get red.

“I liked this film,” she explained. “I love these films with lots of cruelty and sex. You know, cruelty makes me really wet.”

His mouth hung open from bewildered excitement now. She knew he was hard. He already showed all his tell-tale signs of already being close to ejaculating in his underwear. There was something truly pathetic about how the simplest things kept him climaxing.

“Can you tell how wet I am?” she whispered.

Then, she removed the blanket, spreading her legs for him, showing him the dark-pink stain of horny cunt. The panties were so thin that you could make out traces of the messy dark cunt hair through them as well as a few hairs sticking out on the sides.

Andy grunted out, unable to control himself. He was obviously about to come even if he tried fighting it.

“Of course,” she continued whispering. “Some of this wetness might be piss. I’m just not good at wiping today.”

“Uunnhhh!!”, he groaned out while he emptied his tiny balls into his underwear.

When he had calmed down, she talked down to him a bit just to make sure he wouldn’t get his hopes up too much.

“You’re actually a bit disgusting, you know. I want you to leave now, and when you get home, I want you to lick your underwear clean for me, because that’s disgusting, and it will remind you of what you are!”

He got up, embarrassed and uncomfortable because of the mess in his crotch.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she called out as he stepped towards the door.

He turned back.

“I love you,” he assured her. “I-I promise I’ll do anything you say.”

This was a new stage in their relationship. True to his word, Andy came by almost every day to do chores, and after a while she got used to ignoring him completely. It aroused her to not even dignify him with a greeting before he started cleaning up some mess she had made in the kitchen. And to her pleasant surprise, she often felt intense sexual excitement about making the mess in the first place, knowing her little servant boy would clean it up.

Andy also seemed content about her not acknowledging him for long periods of time. For some time, life was almost perfect. Except, there was no need to settle for this level of perfect when she could have more. The game kept her constantly aroused.

* * *

“I’ve thought about something,” she opened with one day, after he entered the apartment.

She was fresh out of the shower in a robe with nothing underneath. He embarrassed himself by staring.

“I noticed you had a friend before. Friends are good for jobs and many things. But you need a lot of time for me now. How much time do you spend with other people?”

She had manipulation down to a science now — because she had actually studied the science. If she tried to isolate him completely, his friends might figure her out. But making it seem as if he preferred her company would give her more of him to herself. She didn’t even give him time to finish his stuttering before she interrupted.

“I think once a month is enough for game night,” she dictated. “And I really think you should spend most of your other time studying or making me feel good. There’s no point in playing all those games with people online.”

He hesitated. He wasn’t ignorant, and he could figure out for himself that giving up friends was a critical step. It was time to offer him another meaningless reward.

“I’ll make it worth it for you,” she promised. “Isn’t there something worth giving up some time with game nerds for?”

He didn’t say anything since he was trained well enough to only follow her lead by now. He was a good boy.

“I was thinking,” she continued. “We both know what happens in your pants when I show my tits? But they’re just tits. And, I know you’ve never seen a real woman’s cunt. So… Do you want to see mine?”

She paused again to let it sink in what she was offering. You could see the usual poke of interest in his pants. In reality, his entire thought process was being obliterated by desperate, horny overload. All he knew was that he wanted what she offered more than anything right now. She smiled in victory.

“I’ll do anything you say,” he hurried to get out.

“That’s a good little wimp.”

She had him hooked. When she held out a foot, he understood immediately what was wanted of him, and he started to rub her with skillful hands. She was taking her time to open her legs, licking her lips, making sure he was completely under her spell.

“Did you think you were ever going to see a cunt? Are you ready to see the first cunt of your life? Will you promise to cut back on your friends for me so I can feel good about doing this for you?”

“I-I promise!” he got out, and then he seemed to remember himself. “I’m so stupid! I love you!”

He had started looking right at her whenever he berated himself. There was genuine, endless affection behind the words. At this point, she could do literally anything to him, and he would accept it with love and satisfaction. He was perfect. She owned him, and she could feel wetness trickling out of her cunt in response to his subordination.

She offered her foot up to his mouth now, making sure not to separate her legs very far. Still, you could tell he wouldn’t hold back his pathetic pants-orgasm much longer.

“Mmmmhhhh, but as soon as I see you blow your load, the game is over. Go ahead, puppy! Suck my toes!”

He was in a hurry now and too excited to respond, so he simply put the toes in his mouth and moaned, trying to hold his orgasm back.

No matter how much of a wimp he was, his tongue felt good, wet and soft, between her sensitive toes. Slowly, she separated her knees and allowed him to look all the up the insides of her thighs. He grunted in effort to hold his spurts back. Then he let out a long groan now with most of her foot deep in his drooling mouth. He was fighting a losing battle.

Now, you could make out the dark hair around her pink fuck slit. Everything was glistening with arousal from her power over him. The thighs kept separating, and then you could make out every fleshy, pink fold of her horny cunt lips. The bulging shape of the mound was visible, and so was the trimmed hair on both sides of the fuck slit.

He got to enjoy that sight for about a second before his entire body contorted in orgasm and his cock knob started spewing sperm into his underwear.

She closed her legs with a smack and allowed him to regain his senses before she talked down to him from the sofa.

“You’re still disgusting, you know. You unload your sick sperm whenever you see cunt or tits. You’re lucky I even talk to you!”

“I-I don’t know. I-I love you! I promise! I’m a stupid little puppy!”

She smiled in approval of this creative effort. He was making a genuine contribution to their relationship! Now she tied her robe together, closing herself off completely for him.

“Good little puppy. I want you to leave again now! You need to clean yourself, and then you can drop by here tomorrow and make me breakfast.”

After shooing him out the door, she lay back to masturbate. Her cunt came so hard it did something common but embarrassing when she didn’t hold herself back, releasing a squirt of piss. She considered calling Andy back to clean up the mess, but she figured he could just mop it in the morning. The thought of him cleaning her piss turned her on very much. She was letting out her sickest, most repressed urges, which no normal person would accept, and now she felt more and more secure about subjecting Andy to them. She decided to just fall asleep in sadistic bliss over her success.

* * *

Next Friday, the time had come to turn the screw again. It started with her sending him a text.

“Hey loser! Get over here at around 5. I have some work for you!”

When she came home from the gym, he was standing by the door, waiting.

“Listen,” she said as she let him in. “I’m going out tonight. I’m picking up some guy I like, and I’m bringing him back here, and I’m fucking him all night. It has to be here, in case he has a girlfriend.”

Andy didn’t know how to react, which was fine. She was pushing it again by being dismissive, but he would accept a lot after the show earlier this week. She went for an after-gym shower while he cleaned for her. His help allowed her about 45 minutes to sit in the sofa, sipping a drink with a wimp-boy massaging her feet.

“That’s so good, loser. Do you remember my cunt? Are you happy that someone else’s big cock is going to fill it tonight?”

He didn’t answer. She couldn’t figure out if he was trying to hide jealousy or if he was simply overwhelmed by the thought of her cunt. It was probably a bit of both. He was sucking her toes as instructed, and it felt very good.

“Mmmhhhh. I like it when guys cheat on their girlfriends with me. Because, it turns me on to know someone is desperate to own them and is working really hard to keep them, and I can just have them anyway when I want.”

She was working herself up for the kind of fuck she really enjoyed tonight — the kind where a perfect body got off on using hers. She in turn got off on talking about it and making Andy listen.

“But I think I want my own man too. He’d have to love me more than anything, but he’d have to accept that I cheated on him all the time. It would really turn me on to cheat on a man who had to help me do it.”

She paused to enjoy the massage, but she knew she really had to drive her point home for him to understand.

“So I guess I’m saying, I wouldn’t mind it you thought of yourself as my boyfriend. Not that you’re a man, but it’s fine to be jealous when I go and get fucked.”

The massage slowed, and she could see him thinking, feeling afraid to say the wrong thing. Things were developing too fast for him. He didn’t know if he should dare to be ecstatic or if he was still just a loser who had misunderstood something.

“You can even tell your friends I’m your girlfriend,” she clarified. “They won’t believe you, because everyone can tell you’re a virgin. Are you jealous that I’m going out to fuck someone else, boyfriend?”

Finally, he started stuttering with a frightened stare down to the floor.

“I-I don’t know. Yeah, I’m jealous. But I can’t do anything about it. I’m just a worthless puppy! I-I really love you!”

There were tears and true passion in his eyes. He genuinely hated giving up his own dreams of having her to himself, but he accepted doing it just to keep her happy. Deep down, he was starting to accept her cruelty in place of love, and as long as she kept mixing it with sex, he would accept more and more. She knew how imprinting worked. It was a beautiful thing to see.

“That’s a good puppy. I have a reward for you. I wore these to the gym.”

While talking, she walked to the hamper in the bathroom and fetched held newly discarded panties.

“They’re filthy and disgusting, just like you. You have over an hour of cunt and ass sweat here. I even think I peed in them a little by mistake, doing squats. They should be enough to keep a loser like you satisfied, don’t you think?”

She could see involuntary, sick excitement in his eyes, staring at the panties.

“I think you should go home now, and then you should worship them more than you have worshiped anything in your life. Then I want you back here tomorrow, to give me breakfast in bed after my night of fucking.”

He agreed, and his hand trembled with excitement as he accepted her gift.

“I know what you’ll do,” she whispered “You’re gonna come so hard, kissing my disgusting panties. You’re so sick! You can’t wash them. If you sperm in them, you have to lick your own slime out. You’re going to do that, aren’t you?”

That night, she felt very satisfied during sex. It wasn’t enough just to have a large, rock-hard cock on a perfect body fucking her. It wasn’t enough that the guy she was fucking was betraying his girlfriend. Amy also needed to own and humiliate Andy completely to really enjoy herself. That night, she came around a cock shaft for the first time in a long time, and it was the most empowering orgasm of her life.

Next morning, Andy came by as promised, making her breakfast, washing up, and finally massaging her feet. He was getting bolder now, going up her calves with his hands. She saw no reason to stop him, because it felt good, and she was planning to possibly let him up higher anyway.

“That’s good, loser. You can’t believe how much my cunt came around that hard cock last night. You can’t believe how much sperm he pumped into me. It’s still seeping out of me.”

She was still naked under the covers, and she made sure to adjust them so Andy couldn’t see anything but her feet sticking out for massage.

“I’ve just fucked someone so much better than you, Andy, and all you’re just lucky you get to massage me, aren’t you? If you tell me you love me though, I’ll let you suck my toes while I think about last night.

“I love you,” Andy accepted without hesitation. “I-I don’t deserve you.”

“Good loser!” Amy laughed. “Suck my toes!”

She didn’t show her cunt. She just closed her eyes and lay back, sliding one hand between her legs and the other to her tit. When Andy’s tongue wriggled in between her sweaty toes, she started masturbating in intoxicating dominance, preparing for an absolutely perfect orgasm. It only took her about a minute.

“Yeaahhh,” she panted. “He was so good. He was so much better than you could ever be, lick-mouth. I can still feel his sperm. I have it all inside my cunt. I’m gonna fucking come in his sperm, thinking about how amazing it was to fuck him! Fucking suck me, lick-boy! I’m coming now! Aaaaahhhh… Fuuuuck! I’m coming!!”

And she came, raising her ass until Andy could almost see in under the covers.

When she calmed down, she could tell from his red face and his blank stare that he had come as well. She laughed and mocked him for how pathetic he was, and he looked down in quiet, post-ejaculatory shame, which meant this was a good time for another twist. There was one last thing to make sure of. This wimp had to become the best he could be at what she wanted.

“There is one thing I expect from a boyfriend Andy,” she established. “Since you’re so good at learning things, I think you should learn about eating pussy. It’s the best you can hope for, don’t you think?”

“I-I don’t know” he panted because he was out of breath. “Yes! Sorry.”

“We both know you’ll never find a woman who wants to fuck you,” she clarified. “But you could learn how a cunt can use your stupid face for pleasure. Maybe you can find some happiness, licking filthy, slimy cunts, right?”

She could tell from the expression on that stupid face that he was suddenly aroused again — erect in sperm-slimy pants. As before, the thought of cunt paralyzed his mind, making him agree to anything she could possibly suggest. She could see he really wanted this, and now he was afraid to screw it up. His anxiety made her excited again.

“I love the thought of someone fighting for breath in my cunt. I’ll have you here all the time, suffering for me! What do you say? Do you really love me? Do you want to fight for breath in my cunt, wimp?”

“Y-yes” he stuttered. “I love you! I’ll do what you say.”

She sent him home with instructions to strap her dirty panties over a pillow and practice on them, and then she didn’t text for a few days. It was important to give him time to be nervous. Whenever he came by and knocked on the door, she didn’t answer.

* * *

Next weekend, after another party, she called him over for a massage, and when he arrived she came out of the shower in just a robe again. She was in a good mood, praising his hands as he rubbed her, complimenting his trimmed fingernails. He was too embarrassed to answer.

“Did you come here hoping to eat cunt with your little loser mouth?” she teased. “Are you prepared to be nothing but a mouth for me to come in? It’s more than you ever dared to hope for, right?”

She sat on the bed and spread her a few inches apart, hinting that there was a treasure up there under the robe. He was trembling with desire now.

“Of course,” she teased “I won’t just give it to you easy. I want to hold your head in place, and then it’s up to you to figure out how to breathe. And I don’t want to let go until I come.”

“Yes,” he he assured her with a nervous but honest whisper. “I can do all that. I’ll do what you say. I promise.”

“Really?” she insisted, and you could hear her getting unusually excited. “Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to fight for breath between my legs until I come in your face? Because that’s how I really want to come.”

“Y-Yes,” he repeated with helpless desire in his eyes. “I’m so worthless! I’m a worthless puppy! You deserve anything you want! I have to fight for you!”

She had done it, making him into perfect servant for her pleasure! It was a dream come true, and now there were just technicalities left to deal with. She told him to think of it as wrestling, making sure he knew he could tap out or squeeze her to make it stop at any point, but if he did he would also risk making her unhappy.

“I-I don’t know. Yes! I agree! Sorry. I will never stop you.”

“It shouldn’t be too hard for me to come today, though. I’m always real horny-slimy after a party. Can you smell it? I think I can smell my own sick fuck-cunt. It got fucked so good yesterday.”

She folded her robe down, revealing her smooth tits. Then, she undid the belt of the robe and started to slowly open it by separating her legs.

“I don’t want to see your face,” she explained with a pant of excitement. “Ahh, I just want to think of him, and I’ll use your worthless mouth to relieve myself. Are you ready?”

The excitement of what was about to happen and the sight of her tits and thighs became too much for him, and with a muted grunt he came in his pants already. She laughed out loud at the ridiculous sight.

“You’re so pathetic. But you still have a job to do, don’t you? You can start by licking my toes, and if you’re good I might still let you lick something else.”

He forced himself to action just seconds after the ejaculation. He took the toes in his mouth and moaned around them. All the time, she could see him looking up at her tits. Soon, she felt certain that he was building to another orgasm. Being cruel to him worked. As much as she enjoyed this, he seemed to enjoy it even more.

“Such a good little tongue,” she teased him, milking the moment. “Suck my dirty feet you little wimp! Are you ready to be my sissy-mouth? Here it comes!”

She spread her legs. Now, Andy could clearly see her hairy, messy, glistening cunt waiting for his mouth. He started with nervous kisses up the leg, and when she didn’t object, he kept going.

“Yeah! I’m so slimy!” she panted. “I want to use your face! Keep going, toy-mouth! I wanna feel it!”

He passed the knees, and she laid her head back, closing her eyes while she grabbed the back of his head with careless brutality, pulling it firmly up and pressing the face into the trickling wetness between her legs.

“Mmmmhh, you’re gonna do it, loser,” she moaned in dominant euphoria. “You’re gonna eat my cunt. Do it for me! Yeah, do it for me, wimp! Yeaahh, that’s it… Eat my fucking cunt!”

With that, she pulled harder, shoving her crotch into Andy’s wide-open mouth. She noticed an ecstatic grunt from him as his tongue made contact with her trickling mess, and she knew he was having another orgasm. She punished him by mashing him even harder into her slimy slit, cutting off most of his air supply.

It was fulfilling beyond her wildest beliefs to not have to care one bit about the person who gave her pleasure. She simply ground herself into his face and used her hands to fuck herself with his entire head. The stimulation became more intense with every second, and she knew that meant he was doing his job, licking her whenever his tongue could reach the right places.

“Go ahead, wimp-boy!” she cried, building to a climax. “Uuhhh… Eat me, you cockless wimp! Uuuhhh… I’m gonna come in your cunt-mouth! Yeaahhh… Fuck-mouth! Make me come! Uuuhh… Uuuuhhh… I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!”

She let out a series of more and more intense grunts, and then she came long and hard. There was a gushing sound of liquid filling Andy’s mouth, and then things quieted down. She let him go, and then she kicked him out of bed. He had given her what she wanted, and now she needed a break from being around him.

“You can go now, fuckhead. I’ll call you next time I need cleaning.”

He was out of breath, swallowing, sniffling, fighting for words.

“I-I don’t know. Sorry! I-I love you!”

With that, he turned to walk out the door. He learned his lessons well. Now, she was going to make him wait before calling him over again. It was a cruel thing to do, but it was important to make him miss her, making him question if she was pleased with his effort, so he would be more willing to go even further.

* * *

When he walked in the door three days later, his eyes were immediately drawn to her tits.

“So, since you’re back I assume you liked it,” she started. “I was easy on you last time, you know. I’m gonna need you to work a lot harder to really please me. And you want to please me, right?”

“I-I’ll do it. I promise! Sorry!”

It was obvious that he really hoped to please her, but it was just as obvious that he really had no idea what she wanted. Still, he seemed ready for anything, which was in fact what she wanted.

“Well, I want you to know I haven’t showered yet today. So, my crotch is sleazy and smelly with old horny mess, and you’re gonna have to lick it clean.”

As she expected, there was no reaction yet. He had no issues with this, which she found fascinating. She wondered where his real limits were, and then she smiled to herself because she was about to explore them. Today, for example, she was finally about to expose him to her deepest and most shameful fantasy.

“And since I knew you were coming,” she continued. “I haven’t bothered to wipe my piss properly since yesterday. I’ve just pulled up my panties and walked around with a damp spot on my cunt.”

Now, she could see excitement in his eyes at the mention of both her urine and her cunt. Her urine appeared to excite him, which meant she was right about him being a creep. To her own shame, it excited her as well, so they were both in luck. She kept going.

“You know, often when I come I release a spurt of piss. You may have noticed last time. I could never do this with someone normal. It would be horrible. Even when I’m alone, I hold back so I won’t make a mess.”

Again, there was no reaction from him. He really had no idea where this was going, even if it would be obvious for every normal person.

“But it feels so much better when I allow myself to let it all go,” she explained. “You want me to feel as good as possible, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he responded, still not fully grasping what she was saying. “I love you. I just want you to feel good. I’ll do anything, I promise!”

“So you’ll agree to always clean it up then? Will you try to get as much of it in your mouth as you can? For me? I bet it will even make you spurt in your pants again, because you’re so pathetic.”

As she spoke, she sat back in the sofa, and she made Andy get on his knees. Then, she took off her sweatpants and panties, scooting her ass out until he could reach her messy cunt. Once more, she got her tits out as well, doing it mostly to tease him. There was no ceremony or build-up this time. From this angle with him on his knees, she could clearly see him lose control with his mouth gaping and his eyes going cloudy. He trembled and gasped, shooting his load in his pants from the intense arousal of watching his goddess’ tits and unwashed cunt waiting for his mouth.

Then, it was time to work, and this time she really made him work harder. She mashed his head as violently as could into her wet crotch, allowing him only a few breaths every now and then. He got to use his hands and fingers a little on her nipples.

“That’s it, fuckhead. Mmmhhh, it’s good. Just let me use your mouth! Ooohhh, you’re gonna make me come with your little suck-mouth aren’t you? Nnnhh, you’re nothing to me, and I’m gonna let it all out! Aaahh, do it for me!”

Now, she couldn’t deny herself the perfect thrill anymore. She wanted to explore this more than anything! She needed to subject Andy to it because it just felt too good in her cunt!

It took her a few minutes to reach climax, noting that Andy was almost out of breath at the end, fighting for every little sip of air. She knew it would come easy to her. It was just a matter of relaxing the right way, releasing the floodgates right at the end of her climax.

“Yeaahhh, here it comes!” she announced. “Open wide, loser! I’m gonna go in your mouth. Drink it! Aaaahhh, it’s coming! I’m gonna come! Aaahhh… Mmmmhhhh… Yeeeahhh… Oohh, fuck it’s goood!”

At first, she just seemed to come forever. At the end, he was struggling more to hold his breath to please her, but she wasn’t going to let this moment slip away. She locked his head in place with her hands and thighs, and then you could hear a torrent from her piss hole filling his mouth. This caused her panting to intensify again, and she seemed to have a second orgasm from emptying her bladder. He had no choice but to gulp. The loud stream from the cunt into his mouth kept going, and he desperately gulped again with a red face.

Her orgasm had relaxed to the point where she just let him go, dropping him to floor, while she collapsed back in moaning bliss in the sofa. One last squirt of piss shot out from between her dripping cunt lips all over his coughing body.

“I always knew it would feel so good to piss in a mouth,” she panted. “Mmmmhh, I want to do it all the time. If you never protest, then you can start staying over. Ooohhh, fuuuck! This was so fucking good! Fuuuck…”

“I love you,” he coughed out. “I’ve never been so happy. I promise! I’ll do what you say. I’m so stupid. I’m sorry.”

He had trouble speaking because he was out of breath, but she noticed the pride and amazement in his eyes. What she saw was euphoria. This loser truly loved drinking from her cunt, because he loved making her feel good.

“Oh, you’re doing so good,” she purred in praise. “You’re a lovesick puppy. You’ll accept anything. I really like it. You can stay tonight, but puppies don’t get to stay in the bed!”

They watched a film, and then they arranged for sleep, building a nest from pillows and blankets inside her closet, which would be Andy’s sleeping place from now on. He felt at home when he first stepped into his comfortable, cozy pillow-fort type construction, knowing that this was where he belonged.

“You’re really happy, aren’t you?” Amy asked with a drowsy voice. “No one else would accept this, but you’ll take anything for me. My cunt is all you can think of, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” he agreed down from his pet bed. “You’re perfect. You made my life perfect. I love you so much! I promise you can do anything to me. You don’t have to ask, just do it! You can call me any names, too. I like it!”

Morning came. Birds were chirping. The sun through the window was warm. Amy threw one of her pillows down at her louvered closet doors to wake up Andy.

“I’m tired,” she croaked out, and then she decided to take advantage of his permission to call him names. “I don’t feel like getting up. Come here, bitch-boy! Eat my cunt while I keep sleeping! Come on, you stupid fuckhead!”

Andy woke up and obediently crawled into bed between her spread legs until his mouth met the hairy lips of her crotch. His tongue pushed softly into the slit, tracing through the dried-in horny mess and urine from the night before, cleaning her.

“Mmmmhhhhhh, that feels good,” she purred.

It was in fact much better than she had expected. It was soft and tender, but his fingers obviously hit the right spots because her pleasure just kept building. No one had ever made her feel so relaxed. At one point, she even started drowsing off again, and the pleasure continued through a half-dream having an actual hot guy between her legs. Instead, she was woken by her loser’s fingers daring their way up to caress her nipples. The pleasure was getting more intense. He was making her come without her having to do any work, and this was just what she wanted.

“Yeess,” she panted. “Ooohh, fuuck. Yeeess. Lick me puppy! Lick me! Yeeesss, it’s coming! It’s coming!! Aaahhhhh…”

Even the orgasm was soft. Her body relaxed while satisfaction and relief radiated from her tits down through her cunt. In the back of her mind she registered the sounds of a single spurt of liquid filling his obedient mouth and then him swallowing, keeping the bed dry. She sighed and drifted off to a morning dream again.

Later in the day, she opened the fridge for snack inspiration, feeling the cold make her nipples hard as rocks, causing a sudden urge to pee.

She looked at Andy, standing there ready for anything. She fingered her nipple and shivered with sudden excitement.

“But I don’t have to hold it, do I?” she said to no one in particular. “I can just go wherever I want from now on, and my wimp slave will deal with it!”

After the appropriate pause for effect, she just pulled her panties to her knees and squatted down on the floor. A second later, a torrent of piss splashed out on the tiles. She purred through the release as her cunt just kept going, spraying everywhere. For more than half a minute, the warm lake spread from between her feet and out across most of the floor.

Her body stayed almost motionless until the last drops fell from her crotch. Then, she got up and settled for a glass of juice to drink, standing in the puddle, looking at Andy, with her panties still down by her knees.

“I guess you have work to do, wimp. I’ll go watch something. Come clean my feet and my cunt before you fix this mess!”

She moved over to sofa and waited for his tongue. It felt good. When he left to clean the floors, she studied him, and her cunt slowly got wetter with thicker liquids. A new urge for satisfaction appeared.

“Hey puppy mouth,” she called out. “Watching you work made me horny. Come lick me again!”

She put one leg up at the armrest to spread for her slave mouth, and then she leaned back to concentrate on her show while he satisfied her.

* * *

The following days were spent pleasantly sedated from letting him lick her whenever she had an impulse. Of course, she still felt stirs of excitement from making him cleaning her messes, and she took advantage of her privilege to just piss where she was instead of the bathroom sometimes. He was very handy with a mop, serving her on every free minute and sleeping in her closet most nights.

At the end of the week, she felt a strong need to get out and to get laid properly for some variation.

“You’re not staying here tonight,” she informed him. “Me and the girls are getting out after school, and then I’m fucking a real guy. Take my spare key and come take care of me tomorrow.”

The sex was good. Mostly, it was a change to enjoy a real guy on top of her again. She always missed the warmth and the heady smells that made her horny in that special way, and now she reveled in feeling a hard body pinning her down without a care. She managed to make him come inside her twice before she told him to go.

In the morning, when Andy came, she was barely alive. He brought her a glass and a pill, and she accepted greedily.

This time, there was a large puddle of piss on the floor.

“I didn’t want to get the bed wet,” she explained. “You’re gonna clean it up, but you can do that later. First, I need to come really hard while I think about that amazing guy I fucked last night. Come here!”

She pulled his head into position. The crotch was swimming in sperm, and when she felt him hesitate she simply pulled harder, pressing her clammy cunt against his face.

“Yeaahhh, his cock was so fucking great inside me,” she panted. “And I just milked him for everything he had. Come on, lick-boy! Get down there!”

You could tell that he was fighting with himself to get his tongue into another man’s fluids. Apparently, this act of near-gayness was pushing his limits. It made some sense to her. But as long as she kept some cunt in the mix, she might be able to push at least a little bit further. No matter what, she wasn’t about to stop voluntarily now, and in fact his discomfort made her even more turned on. She gasped out as she forced his face harder into her crotch until his breath was cut off.

“Aaaahhhh, that’s right! Lick it for me, you loser! Can you taste his sperm? Oohhhh, yeahhh… You’re gonna lick it all away for me. Eat me clean!”

Sure enough, she felt the tongue going to work, tracing through the mess. He was sacrificing himself for her, trying to give her that perfect satisfaction she was always looking for. When she was hungover, she was horny in a special, cruel way, and his insecurity about his manliness really was the key to coming harder, wasn’t it? She saw no reason not to push for more right now. He always had the option to refuse.

“Mmhhhh, yeeahhh, I love it. You’re eating another man’s sperm. You know what that makes you? Mmhhh, it makes you gay, doesn’t it? Yeaahhh, I loved fucking him so much. Mmmhhh, you’re only good for eating cunt. Yeeahhh, eat it, gay boy!”

She thought about the strong arms that held her down last night while the thick, long cock used her for pleasure, and then she thought about how pathetic Andy was in comparison. She still needed more.

Her fist tightened in his hair, holding him locked in place while she swung on leg over his head. The way she turned them both over was violent, and Andy had to follow the motion until she ended up on top of his face and he was lying in an uncomfortable, twisted position, completely trapped, looking up under her trickling crotch.

“Open wide, gay boy!” she hissed while she pressed down, smothering him in cunt mess. “Eat it all! Eat the sperm!”

When most of the sperm had dribbled down into the mouth below, she started grinding her cunt back and forth, fucking his face, mashing herself into it without a care. She wanted more!

“Lick me! Suck me! Mmmmhhh, choke in my cunt! Yeah, that’s right, you’ll never be a real man! I love to do this! Lick the cunt! Mmhhhh, lick my asshole! You’re so pathetic! You’re so fucking pathetic to me!”

She fucked herself down on his head with faster and faster thrusts while he fought and coughed below, pushing his tongue out in desperation, licking the sperm-messy fuck hole or the sweaty anus whenever he managed to reach them.

“Oohhh, it’s good! Fuck, I’m gonna come this way. I’ll just keep going. Oohhh, yeaahhh! Oohhhh, yeaahhhh! Fuckface! Fuckface! Take my cunt, you stupid fuck! Aaaahhh! I’m doing it! I’m coming! Uuunnhhh, I’m coming!”

Now, she grabbed the hair and pulled the head below into her cunt while she crushed herself down with all power, making him thrash around in distress through her perfect orgasm. In the end, the helpless slave she sat on started tensing and twisting harder, fighting for breath while she moaned and grunted. She finished it all with a long, relaxing gush of hot urine, filling his mouth, forcing him to swallow.

Then finally, she let go, and he was rewarded with air through choking and coughing. She leaned back and enjoyed the rushes of release that still washed through her. This was how she wanted to come from now on!

Looking down, she couldn’t believe her eyes. His tiny dicklet had pitched a little tent in his pants, and they were thin enough to see a wet stain through them. He had come too!

“Did you really come from that?” she asked with spite. “You’re so fucking ridiculous! I bet you’re gonna love this!”

Then she sat up over his mouth again.

“I need to piss some more. Open wide!”

Tears of exhaustion were streaming from his eyes when her cunt once again locked down over his mouth. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and let out a deep sigh of relief.

“Aaahhhhh, yeaahhhh! Here it comes! Morning piss, so gross. You’re so stupid. Drink it for me, toilet!”

He had swallowing down to an art now, and she knew he had to have practiced on his own. Three times you could hear his mouth filling as a cup before a big gulp. She purred and praised him, letting him know she really enjoyed herself. Finally, she climbed off and lay down in bed next to him, giving him a few seconds of rest, before she sent him up to clean up the old piss on the floor.

The rest of the day was surprisingly restful and almost romantic. They even went out for a coffee together, although Andy took tea because he was a wimp.

Later in the evening they watched a very long film, and Amy sat in underwear under a blanket the way she preferred. There was a lot of sex in the film, as usual, and things progressed to them both stirring in growing excitement.

“I like it the way it was this morning,” she affirmed. “And when it feels that good, I don’t really want to have to think about what happens to you.”

“Ok,” he agreed with shy love. “You shouldn’t think about me. I always have to train on fighting myself. I will practice holding my breath! It makes me feel useful. I don’t ever want to make you stop. I only want you to feel good.”

“You know I’m only going to get worse with you, don’t you? As long as you’re with me, it just feels too fucking good to use you. It’s just, I don’t understand why you do it.”

Somehow, even Andy picked up that she needed him to answer this question. He started rambling without knowing where he was going. He told her that he might get scared sometimes, but he could just focus on how good it felt to make her feel good, making everything good.

“I think I know this,” she responded while in thought. “Even if I make you struggle, your brain will only remember my sexual response. I think it’s a form of sexual imprinting. You have only me.”

“I just love you!” he simplified. “You’re just so perfect and amazing! I never wanted to be such a loser. But I am! And now I’m so fucking happy! I deserve what you do to me. Please don’t throw me out. Sorry! I love you so much!”

It made her very wet between her legs when she heard him praising her unconditionally.

“Well, like I said, I want more. I want to see you fight harder for me. If you want to stay, just keep thinking of is my tits and my cunt and how lucky you are to be there for my pleasure!”

She reached under the blanket and removed her panties. Then, she scooted to the edge of the sofa and spread her legs, exposing her horny-glistening, messy cunt hair.

“Get down here for me! I think you have rested enough. I have to piss again, and I want my new toilet to help me.”

Her fingers played with nipples that were stiff with expectation. The slave mouth followed her instructions, bringing itself in to cover her entire cunt slit, sealing mouth-lips tight over hairy fuck-lips. Her hands locked behind the slave neck to hold it in place through any impulses of escape.

It gave her the usual perfect, intense power rush to relieve herself into this mouth with this degree of calculated purpose. The flow started with a few spurts, and then she pissed with as much force as she could muster while the mouth drank for over half a minute.

“Now I’m feeling good again,” she informed him. “Now I feel like using you. Eat my cunt, you worthless fuck!”

At these very words, she could see for herself how his little dick came in his underwear, but his obedient kisses never lost their focus. His tongue and fingers were playing her with absolute expertise by now, and he gave her the most relaxing orgasm she had ever had. After that, she crawled back under her blanket and enjoyed the end of a perfect film night.

* * *

This started off the longest stable part of their relationship so far. More often than not, Andy stayed the night, spending his evenings huffing in her cunt and being used repeatedly as a human urinal while she sat on his face. He didn’t seem to mind any of it. In fact, since he never wore proper pants, she could often see his little dicklet wet the underwear with spurts of pathetic sperm.

As with everything he practiced, Andy had become exceptional at drinking piss from a gushing cunt. At one point, they had looked up the health issues associated with this behavior, and considering the extreme quantities he consumed there were significant risks. For some reason, Andy seemed willing to take his chances. Amy was uncertain if he was afraid to mention anything, but at the end of the day everything was his choice. Obviously, he didn’t think the danger was severe enough. To her, the risks made pissing in his mouth feel even better. She started reinforcing her position.

“That’s right, wimp,” she would repeat with calculated calm every time she sat on his face. “You’re nothing but my toilet, are you? I own you! Drink my piss! Drink it!”

When Andy was in her apartment he was isolated from the outside world, and his only duties were to always clean, worship his mistress’ feet, or lick her to orgasm, which sometimes took over an hour while she did her best to ignore him. The rest of the time he spent in the closet. In addition to urinating on the floor, she had also started pissing her bed in the mornings when she knew he was coming over to clean and wash. That way, she didn’t have to get up whenever she had entertained a guest the previous night. It excited her to lie still, stewing all the sperm inside her warm cunt for hours until Andy was forced to drink it.

Typically, other guys came by every week. She had a few regulars by now, which meant quick visits to get the business done before they returned home to their girlfriends. For Amy, it was the perfect life.

More weeks passed by in a sort of harmony. They both worked their way closer to graduation. After spring semester there would only be one year left. Andy and his friends would start to think about jobs, and it was time for Amy to make a calculated move to make sure his mind stayed focused on her.

“I’m not sure I think you should go home tonight,” she concluded one evening as they were preparing for her to go out and get laid.

Amy was sipping a drink in the sofa, relaxing, while Andy was kissing her feet and legs all the way up to her cunt and down again. She wasn’t looking for him to make her come, because she wanted to keep her arousal for tonight. But she allowed him these moments of worship to remind them both of how pitiful he was.

Right now, he was wearing a pair of black panties with dried up cum from the morning in them.

During the stretches when he spent several nights, she often allowed him the luxury of changing into a pair of her dirty panties. The pattern was always the same. He would accept without hesitation, and then as he put them on he would immediately grunt and ejaculate into them from being so close to something her cunt had been in. Then, he had to walk around with a chafing dried crust of cum around his cock.

“You know you’re a gayboy,” she told him. “It’s not that I’m saying you like men. It’s just that you’re more girl than man. You do nothing for my feelings. You’re lucky I allow you to stay.”

“I-I know,” he agreed, accepting anything she threw at him. “I mean, I love you. I’m sorry”

“I know you don’t like being called gay. So that’s why I do it. I like it when you’re uncomfortable. And I know you don’t want to do gay things. So that’s why I want to make you. Will you do anything for me?”

“Yes, I-I’ll do anything!” he surrendered. “I-I’m really just a worthless puppy, I promise! If you want, I will make myself do things I hate. I don’t matter! You’re the only thing that matters!”

He kissed her cunt in worship, and his dicklet was petrified as usual. It was short enough that it didn’t even peek out of his panties. When hard, it still seemed to be barely over three inches, squeezed tight to his body by the panties that also cut into his asscrack, making him more girl-like.

“Sometimes after they come in me, I have to stay in bed for a long time before I fall asleep,” she explained. “I don’t want any sperm to dribble out before your gay mouth gets there. But I don’t like to wait.”

As usual, Andy only listened, and at this stage there was no part of him that recognized where this could be going.

“I think it would be better if you could give me my orgasm right after the guy leaves,” she continued. “I think the best thing would be if you stayed right here in the closet all night, while I’m gone.”

Andy was dumbfounded. He would never say no, but what exactly did she want? Was he allowed to move at all while she fucked? When could he get out? By now, she knew him well enough to have answers before he asked his questions.

“You could peek out if you want,” she explained. “Your reward is to watch how good I feel. Just don’t make a sound while the guy’s here. Then, once he leaves, you come out and lick me clean and give me my orgasm.”

Andy knew Amy good enough by now to figure out that this was a big development. It was enough for him to look at her, and then he felt ready to take on any challenge. Anyway, he didn’t have to do much to start with. It made his little cock knob very hard to imagine lying half-naked in only panties in his closet, waiting for her perfect body to come home for a fuck.

Sure, he still dreamed of one day being the one doing the fucking, but he realized and accepted now that he would probably never be worthy of that privilege. As long as she kept giving him instructions, it meant she would allow him to be around her for a little longer, and his life would stay perfect.

He crawled into his closet and waited to witness her true pleasure for the first time in his life.


To Be Continued…?


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