A Risky Game Between Two Nurses

By patrickroundhouse. Karen and Jen have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They went through nursing school together and have worked at the city hospital for the past five years. They were both each other’s maids of honor at their weddings. They were pregnant simultaneously, and their kids were the same age. Karen’s 40th birthday is next week, and Jen turned 40 a few months ago. Karen waited for Jen in the hospital parking garage, and

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The Seven Stages of Corporate Hell

By Ken. A few years ago, I applied for a job at a big food-producing corporation, and the application process showed me how dehumanized, degrading, and humiliating it was. This company couldn’t care less about the feelings of the people they were vetting in their search for human robots to do as they say. I was looking for a new job and came across an ad for a vacancy at a food manufacturer, and I applied for it. The pay

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The Night Nurse!

By Anon. “Hello, Mr. Walker. I’m here to shave you.” My heart was pounding. I could not believe this all was happing. I could not even look at the nurse. “Wow, is that you, Jon?” she asked, squinting her eyes at me lying helpless on the bed. I recognized her voice before I even looked up at her. The nurse was my gorgeous next-door neighbor Gwen. I have had a crush on her since she moved in three years ago.

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Paul’s Premature Performance

By hodownnuzv “Hello Doctor…Ma-Mazzeo,” Paul, stammered. He walked into the screening room and his fine motor functions grinded to a halt as he laid eyes on the beautiful blonde doctor that would be attending to him today. Paul’s eyes traced her body downwards. His eyes fell from her long hair in a tight bun held together with a pencil, to her baby blue scrubs jutting outwards at the chest where her breasts rested. Doctor Mazzeo cleared her throat and when

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True Story: Medical Exam

  By notthatbig (submitted)   Let’s begin. I’m 35 years old, light brown, about 6,2 ft and that slight beer belly that most men whose don´t have the patience to work out and dieting all the time have. As for my dick, it’s no big deal, far from being a porn star: hard it has 4 inches and a normal thickness. The problem is when it’s soft, because then he gets between 1 and 1,5 inch. But let’s history. At

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SPH Role Play Becomes Real

By tommylance. We are Tracy and Tommy Lance. We are not solely into SPH but have occasionally played that way. We are a married couple in the San Francisco area who are members of The Citadel and its private humiliation club within it for specific members who want to role play humiliation with a caring and judgemental group. Most of the humiliations we role play with others are not SPH. Most involve mild “forced” and abduction and do not deal

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