True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences Part 3

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This fictional story is the artistic expression of the author who wrote it. The Small Dick Club strongly believes in freedom of speech, and the right of artists to be heard, especially if what they say pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in society. If you think you won’t like the content of this story, then don’t read it. It’s that simple. The Small Dick Club wishes to advise readers that any similarities in these stories to actual or real people or events is purely coincidental and unintended. That any story marked as a ‘true story’ shouldn’t be taken literally, as we have no way to verify if stories submitted to us are true. The Small Dick Club takes no responsibility for the imaginations and literary creations of authors who post their stories here.
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Readers and visitors to this site have been sending us their own moments of small dick Zen. Enjoy.

J56Silver shares his humiliating medical procedure.

I am a silver member 3.5 erect, 2.5 girth. I recently had kidney stones and had to have them sonically crushed. I was left with a wire hanging from inside my penis. When I went back to urologist to have it removed the female assistant had me remove my pants and underpants and lay on exam table. She left and I thought my doctor would remove wire but she came back to look at it-lifted cover and she giggled just a bit.

When she came back to remove it she brought another female assistant in. They removed cover and my shrunken penis was displayed before two very nice looking women and I turned beet red and started shaking as I felt myself getting hard. the wire was removed quickly and I was told to dress,but my cock was already 3/4 hard-I was humiliated but loved it.


One reader has learnt the hard way that tight fitting clothing isn’t always a good thing

I have to confess when my penis is soft it is very small. Being single for some years and having a busy work, I decided to join a dating service that organised outdoor activities. I wasn’t doing much sport then, so I thought it would be cool to try cycling which I always liked. So I went to the sports store to get a complete cycling gear. I didn’t pay much attention to those light blue biketards when I tried them on but I soon realised tight fitting clothes could lead to embarrassing situations.

The first morning was sunny so the group decided to go for a cycling trip near the mountains. I drove there and joined the others. I had spotted 1 or 2 women I fancied and decided to stick around them. Little groups formed and we all took off on our bikes. After a 2h ride we decided to stop to have lunch at a terrace restaurant. Before leaving we took a rest on some lay chairs. I sat next to 2 other guys and we chatted before we dozed off in the sun. Later I started to notice some snickering coming from a table on the other end.

I saw 3 women of the group who were chatting lively while drinking cocktails. They were looking towards us. I really didn’t know what the hell they were talking about since I couldn’t distinguish the conversation but I waved to them as a gesture of friendliness. They waved back and immediately burst laughing among themselves. I didn’t have a clue what they were thinking so I went back to relax. As I was glancing around my right and left I happen to notice my 2 group mates who were relaxing besides me and that’s when a strange feeling hit me.

Their crotch both sported a nice bulge at the front of their bike shorts while looking back at mine it was as flat as pancake. I instantly got nervous wondering again if those girls had indeed noticed I was very small. When we got up there was a little gathering to figure the route back so I kept a discreet eye to those women who were actually friends. After a while I had the impression they were staring at my crotch. Not openly but little glances here and there.

I was happy when we got back on our bikes since it offered me some protection yet I felt uncomfortable and avoided any contact with them during that whole day. I later confirmed my apprehensions in the most candid way. After that day I decided not to pay any attention to them and instead concentrated on meeting new women during our outdoor activities. I actually met one that became a good friend. We both worked as software programmers and shared common interests. We got along well even though she said she fancied me more as a friend than a lover. We kept contact and went out several times on dates.

One night while we were openly talking about ourselves she confided to me in the most candid way saying: “I’ll give you my honest opinion. Don’t wear those spandex biketards, they’re really too revealing. If you know what I mean.”

Taken aback I ask her what she actually meant. That’s when she confessed that those women had talked behind my back during our biking trips. They said that when they looked at my crotch while I was lying in the sun they had questioned if I was even a male. She said she thought that they were vulgar and rude and took my defence, but even so she still thought I shouldn’t expose myself like that and give them a chance to make fun of me.

So I realised that tight fitting clothes were not meant for me. Yet I was not angry at her and even thanked her for her honesty. I always prefer sincerely from a woman rather then sugar-coating. She is today still my best friend and introduced me to several of her friends one of whom became my present girlfriend.


This reader gets a blind date that changes his life.

My room mates girlfriend introduced me to a co-worker of hers she thought I might like. We hit it off to say the least. In my bedroom she got totally naked and I did the same until I got to my underpants. She said, “Aren’t you gonna take off your underwear, or do you have a little dick or something?”

I hesitated.

She knew right away I had a small dick so she said, “I don’t care if you have a small dick if it works. It does work right?”

“Yes,” I said and dropped my underpants to show her.

She had the biggest smile and let out a “HA!” She grabbed my small semi-hard dick between her thumb and finger and started to tug it while she giggled and kept saying, “You do have a short one!” and also, “That’s as big as it gets? Fine, just do it.”

I came after two thrusts inside her pussy, but I tried to pretend I hadn’t cum and gave her a few more thrusts. However she knew I was finished after two seconds in her wet pussy. I started to say, “Its been a while since I…”

“Save it! I gotta go,” she said cutting me off.

I seen her at least two dozen more times and it always went the same way each time, with me disappointing her because I was a bad premature ejaculator. A month after I last seen her my room mates girlfriend called me out in a drunken rant during a card game we were playing with a room full of onlookers. She said “Stacy said you have a small dick. hahaha.”

I just sat there as I had no come back. That night after the party ended I went to my room got naked and was jerkin off to a nasty porno. In this movie three girls were fucking in a junk yard and using oil as anal lube, right at that part April, my room mates girlfriend, barged in snapping photos and laughing uncontrollably. She gave those pics to all her friends with the caption ‘wanted for small penis abuse’. I don’t get many dates after that but I get a lot of comments about my tiny dick.


This reader tells us he thought he was the big man on campus until a camping trip set him straight

Before I tell what happen I want to explain a few details so this all makes sense. I always thought I had a large penis. I am a shower, which means I hang long when soft. When anyone had ever seen me change at swim practice or camps etc. people would say dude and other silly stuff so I considered my self large. This is the truth no lie. I had always kind of felt superior and cool because of people saying stuff.

One night me and three buddies at age 16 stayed at my friends house out in a large field in a tent one. We were sneaking beers like typical boys and hanging out at a camp fire, just talking and laughing.

By the end of the night we all got a little too much beer and we were acting silly, talking about girls and sex. Finally we decided to go to sleep in the tent, we all stripped to boxers and climbed into our sleeping bags. Then one of us decided one more pee before we pass out so we all went out into field and went to pee. My one buddy joked that I better be careful something might bite my big thing. That started us all being silly and my one buddy dropped his boxers to the ground and urinated. We laughed our butts off at him then we all did it being big macho guys. Its not like we haven’t seen each other in locker-room.

My one buddy joked again saying look at me showing off with my big tube. Then we all started running around with boxers off making fun of each other and trying to steal the others boxers and throw them in woods so they had to go find them. We were just acting silly finally we were back off to the tent.
We laid there joking and farting and talking about sex and what we want to try etc. One buddy jokes that ‘I’m gonna slip the girl in half’. Then another friend asks, “How big is your thing any way?”

He told me there was a rumour this girl Stephanie in school said its like 8 inches. I laughed and said, “Really how would she know, she’s never seen it. I have no idea how big it is. I’ve never measured it.”

They all said really? Then one of them says he’s never measured his either. I then joked (and I really was joking), let’s measure our dicks and see who’s longest. They laughed and my best friend says, “The loser has to run nude up to the main road and across it totally nude till they see a car close by.”

Lots of joking went on and we kept increasing the dare for the loser. It got quiet and I being Mr. Cool said, “Lets do it chicken shits.”

They all said you show first. So I said, “No way, no one will show after me.”

My best friend in the group says, “Why don’t we all throw out boxers out of the tent, jerk off to get a boner, then jump out together on three and see who’s the winner and loser.”

After a lot of rules and promises we decide to really do this. So we all throw our boxers out of the tent. We agreed when we felt ready, and on three we jumped out of the tent with flash lights shining on each others cocks.

That’s when it happened, two of my buddies both screamed at me: ‘John… dude… you’re so small’ and they all started rolling around laughing. They were saying stuff like: “We all thought you were huge and you’re not!” and “Your dick looks like my little brothers.”

All the flashlights were now on my hard on and I felt so humiliated and embarrassed and honestly kept looking around at them shocked. I remember thinking how can this be, I’m so big compared to them soft. That when it hit me, their cocks grew a lot when they got hard while mine didn’t. It was actually my best bud that was the biggest. It was long and real fat.

The other two guys looked about same thickness as me but much. I was so mad and embarrassed by this sudden drop in my status. I wanted to just go hide it but my best friend took my boxers and said, “You were such a big mouth on making the dare, now you have to do it pencil dick.”

They all kind of ganged up on me and kept me from my clothes saying I should ‘man up and do it’. After lots of arguing and them laughing I did the dare all parts of it completely nude. To be honest I had added a lot to dare thinking it could never be me.

After the dare was done they all started calling me angelfish. This is a very tiny fish. They had fun with this that night and all next morning till we went home. The next day when I got home I finally measured my dick to my own surprise too, what I thought was large was only 4.6 inches hard. I was a shower and truly didn’t grow at all just got hard.

My best friend later that day on the phone told me he now measured and was over 8 inches long. He was so excited to think this might help him loose his virginity. I was jealous, no lie, I always thought I was the big guy on campus.

That Monday at school my new nickname was all over the school and many little dick jokes were said about me. Nothing directly to my face, but they hinted to the idea. I played along to not look like a loser but I was mortified. Lets say to this day many of the guys and girls still refer to me by my nickname.
I can honestly say that was not the last time after high school I hear that I had a small dick.


lessthan3 tells us he was banned on a well known webcam site because they thought his small penis meant he was under-age…

Well let me first off say that living with a small penis isn’t far from depressing sometimes. In my life I’ve been bullied and teased about my penis size. I’ve managed to overcome the bullying and teasing I endured in school and other various social settings growing up. I even managed to turn this in to something I find arousing, I enjoy being humiliated in SAFE situations, with mutual understanding. (I am in to some kinky stuff so these situations are not uncommon.)

Then there are these moments, these small insignificant moments that really bring me down. These situations do not happen in my life all that much, only once or twice in my adult life I’ve been mocked about my penis size in a public setting. These moments are not what I find arousing at all. It is actually annoying and makes me angry.

Now some back-story to this latest event. I like camming with my buddies having some online fun, you know the drill. I’ve been using a site called Cam4 to have some fun and with “success” I might add. I’ve met awesome people there and had so much fun with them in an anonymous environment. Then one day when I logged on I got this notice saying that I cannot stream anymore until I send them an age verification (copy of my passport or some other crap, like that will happen. ), because they do not believe that I am over 18.

I’m in my 30s, fairly fat, 6’1″ tall, and pretty hairy. Clearly not a minor to look at (except my penis maybe). Thanks cam4. That’ll boost up my confidence. I’ll just add this to the list of “experiences” this guy with a small penis has to encounter in life. I couldn’t care less that I lost the account, I just find it extremely annoying that once again the guy with the small penis gets beaten down again.


Submit your experiences to us and we’ll publish them on this site.


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