The Night Nurse!

By Anon.

“Hello, Mr. Walker. I’m here to shave you.”

My heart was pounding. I could not believe this all was happing. I could not even look at the nurse.

“Wow, is that you, Jon?” she asked, squinting her eyes at me lying helpless on the bed.

I recognized her voice before I even looked up at her. The nurse was my gorgeous next-door neighbor Gwen. I have had a crush on her since she moved in three years ago.

“It’s perfect to see you are well tonight, Mr. Walker. Ok, let’s get started.”

My head was spinning. My entire body was numb, and I could barely breathe. I could not let her see me in this state. I would never be able to face her again around the neighborhood. I couldn’t let this happen. There had to be some other way.

“Uh, isn’t there anyone else who could do this?”

“I’m the only nurse on duty, and you must be prepared tonight. Your operation is first thing in the AM. Don’t be shy. I’ve done this a thousand times.”

And before I could further protest, Gwen leaned over, lifted my skimpy hospital gown, and unearthed my shriveled up, tiny, limp stub. She demonstrated a struggle to keep her composure and remain professional, but her vast grin said it all. She looked at me and must have seen my anguish.

“Don’t feel too bad; I’ve seen smaller. I started in pediatrics.”

Gwen realized she had only further humiliated me as soon as she said it.

“I’m sorry, I should just get started. This will only take a minute.”

She grabbed a latex glove from her tray and slid it onto her right hand. She used the rubber glove-clad hand to pinch my nub, and she began to shave me with the other. Oh my god, Gwen was touching my dick. I had rubbed out countless loads fantasizing about this happing. I was lost in that fantasy, and so was my little guy. He was throbbing and becoming erect.

I was now harder than I had ever been before, and by the amused look on her face, she was unimpressed with my growth. Still only using two fingers to hold me, she returned to work. I felt the swelling and tried to fight it. The latex-covered hand holding my small member was perfectly still, yet it felt like hundreds of tiny Angels were dancing all over my penis.

She made the last swipe and said, “See, that wasn’t so bad, done in a jiffy.”

Just as Gwen released my dick from her grip, I lost it. The first rope shot up high in the air and with such force that it landed on my lower lip and chin. The next hit my neck, and the third splashed onto my gown.

“No fucking way.” Gwen roared before she began laughing hysterically.

Although it was the hardest I had ever cum there was no real satisfaction due to the lack of touch and friction. Gwen stood there and watched the show amazed as an endless supply of cum oozing out of my dick. When she stopped laughing, my dick was limp, and I was covered in my cum.

She grabbed a towel from under her cart and threw it to me. “You should clean up and get some sleep. It was nice seeing you again.” She paused to let out a muffled giggle. “Good luck tomorrow.”


I tried to go to sleep, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. I was utterly humiliated and incredibly turned on all at the same time. I stared at the small tent my hard-on was making out of my gown. I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep until I got a satisfying release. When Gwen said “Good luck,” it sounded like she had said it with finality. Besides, all I needed was a minute. I reached under my gown and began beating it. I used two fingers just as Gwen had. I closed my eyes and relived the humiliating event in my mind. My hand was frantically tugging. I looked down and watched my gown begin to darken and bleed out as it soaked up my sperm as I came. That was when I realized I wasn’t alone.

“Sorry, I came to get the towel, but it looks like you will need it again,” Gwen said with a chuckle before walking out.

I laid there in my soiled gown, and the reality of what had transpired tonight hit me like a ton of bricks. Gwen now knew I had a small dick and that I cum prematurely from no more than a touch. She had also caught me masturbating and watched me give myself a facial. If she hadn’t already thought it, she was now aware that I was the biggest loser ever.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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