Our Readers SPH Experiences: Another Riot Victim

By Anon.

Read The Riot Here.


Another victim of the riot speaks out…

Having read ‘The Riot’ story bought back my memories. I had been at a friend’s house who lives on my way to work, so I stopped with him before I left to make my way home. I was making my way home. I’m a large guy, and I had my hood up, so I looked rough n tough from far, and I was walking along the road, and I could see trouble everywhere. Shops were getting smashed. A car was on fire people were running around like crazy. I kept a low profile and was trying to get home safely when a couple of teenagers stopped me by an alleyway.

You can read about the riot here, in this news article.

They pulled a knife and marched me down the alleyway to a cul-de-sac. A gang of about twenty black youths (around twelve guys and about eight women plus the two guys who walked me down) was waiting at the end of the alleyway. As I came out of the alleyway, there were two guys against the wall, totally naked, and they were going through their clothes, taking everything out of their pockets. Both the guys were white and had decent-sized cocks, but the girls made fun of them and took photos.

As I stood against the wall, they told the naked guys to go, asking for their clothes back. The youth said, “You better start running unless you wanna get stabbed.”

The guys moved away but were still pleading for their clothes, so one of the girls, who must have been around fourteen or fifteen, took the clothes from the guys and threw them into a bin. She set the clothes on fire, and they all laughed, and one of the guys chased them off. One of the guys then told me to strip. I started begging him, saying, “Take everything I got, just leave my clothes,” but he wouldn’t listen.

Then one guy came and pulled my top, and it ripped. He showed me a knife and said, “Take off your clothes, or you gonna get this!”

So, I started undressing. I had already handed over my wallet, phone, and flat keys as I took off my clothes. They were taking them off me and searching my pockets. Then the girl was taking them and throwing them into the fire. I was down to my underwear, and I pleaded again to let me be now, but they weren’t listening. By now, the two guys had bought another guy down the alleyway, so he was watching me getting stripped, and he knew he was next.

I slowly pulled down my boxers with one hand while the other was covering my privates, and I went to hand over the boxers, and the girl said, “I ain’t touching them.”

So, I got marched over to the fire, and I had to throw them in, and I got put back against the wall, and the guy next to me was getting stripped. I got told to move my hands, and I eventually did once I got shown the knife again. The group was laughing like crazy at my one-incher. The girls started taking photos of me and were making me look at the camera while they made fun of my tiny cock. They said I had bigger tits than girls, then one of the girls told me to put my hands behind my back and part my legs.

She came and kneed me right in my balls, and I collapsed on the pavement. I got told to stand again, and another girl kneed me, and I went down again. They then told me to fuck off. So, I got up, and I started to run.

While they laughed at me, I looked back to ensure they weren’t chasing me, but they were busy stripping the next guy. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, and I had just been stripped of everything by school kids. None of them looked older than seventeen, and few seemed as young as twelve. I ran around the corner, and I was back on the main road, and there were plenty of people around. I just had my hand over my privates and walked as fast as possible, trying to dodge all the glass from my bare feet. I still got loads of cuts. I was heading toward home, and I got assaulted a few times as I was an easy target being totally naked.

It felt like forever, but I got home about two hours later after a lot of backtracking and going different ways to avoid big crowds of trouble. I got to my apartments, and a few of the guys and women were guarding the building against the rioters in case any came to cause trouble. I had to pass them naked, including my mum’s friend, which was humiliating. I got upstairs and knocked on my door, and there was no answer (it turned out my mom was stuck, so she went to her friend’s house and had tried calling me, but the youths had my phone)

So I went back downstairs and asked my mum’s friend if she could help me because mum was not home. She took me to her flat and gave me a tiny robe to put on that wouldn’t cover my front, so she saw my one-incher, but she didn’t say anything she just phoned my mum to say I was safe and I was at her place. My mum was going crazy on the phone, and her friend gave me the phone. She said she tried calling me, and some kids were answering my phone, saying they got me and wanted money for my release. They sent her loads of my naked photos, threatening to post them in my area if she didn’t pay.

Mum was happy I was OK and safe, and her friend helped bandage up my cuts and then asked other people in the building for clothes. I could wear and helped me get dressed as I couldn’t lift my arm after I got hit with a metal post by someone. She saw me naked but, to this day, never said anything about my penis size.

The next day mum got home, and she showed me the messages and photos she had obtained, and it was embarrassing to see the images .mum wanted to report it to the police. But I said to leave it. It’s not worth the hassle as so much was going on that it would never get looked at as another file in thousands of complaints from the riots, but she still reported it. Three weeks later, two female officers came around to take a statement from my mum and me, and she showed them the photos of me naked while I was sitting in the room.

One of the officers wanted to laugh but was trying hard not to. She kept scrolling through the photos sitting next to me. I was very embarrassed because three women were sitting around me, looking at my naked photos, including close-ups of my soft penis. The policewoman sitting next to me kept scrolling through them repeatedly while taking my mum’s statement.

They took the phone away as evidence (mum had already sent me the screenshots and photos of the messages), but nothing ever happened. I got a letter a while later saying it’s been closed due to a lack of evidence. I heard from a few people after that about being stripped naked. It meant you had been ‘processed’ and had everything taken, so other muggers /rioters didn’t have to waste their time trying to mug you.

A few years later, we talked about it, and my mum joked it was dreadful for me to be naked running around the city with a penis of an eight-year-old, to which my sister replied, “More like a two-year-old!”

It was a horrible and humiliating experience, but since then, I’ve developed a taste for naked humiliation and get a few comments from friends and family every once in a while. I often wonder who knows what happened and knows my tiny little secret? I enjoy the occasional humiliation now.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • Justus Frey

    love the idea of being SPH’d by young and ruthless black teen girl gangstas. more of that please!


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