Big Steve

Bigstudlydude ( It began as a note that arrived on Monday. Steve was coming for a few days. He was accepting the open invitation my husband offered him last time we saw him. My husband, David, and I liked Steve, but he tended to drink a bit much for our liking. David and I are regularly involved in Church and are our faith played a major role in our lives. I met David when I was seventeen, and he was

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In a Family Way: Part 1

Second —Part 1— I think now is as good of time as any to tell this story from almost 20 years ago. It’s a story that only 5 people I know of that are aware of it. The memory is still vivid to me since it plays out in my head quite often. Even after so many years. While I am not much of a writer, I will try to describe the details for you. I’m sure you are not

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