Hotel Wake

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By Misfit Mind (

I awoke groggily from my drunken slumber. As I lay quietly on the blanket on the floor I wondered what time it must be. My wife and I had crashed at her work friend’s hotel room after a big night out and as I rolled over I found an empty warm space where she had been sleeping next to me.

Curious I lifted my head looking around the dark room and that’s when I noticed a shaft of light coming from the almost closed bathroom door. Assuming she must be taking a piss or something I lay my head back down and waited for her to come back. In the quiet, just above the sound of my own breathing, I heard an almost inaudible moan.

I lifted my head and listened. Nothing, but then another quiet female moaning sound and definitely coming from the bathroom. I listened harder and as my ears adjusted I could just make out a gentle patting sound. Curious and ever so quietly I lifted myself up and tiptoed towards the bathroom door.

As I got closer to the door I could definitely make out a quiet repetitive smacking sound and then another moan, louder this time. I carefully moved right next to the door listening intently. There was no mistaking the sound of skin quietly hitting skin. My heart fluttered as I peered through the small crack and I could just make out the edge of the mirror over the sink.

Angling my head back and forth I tried to see further into the bathroom but with the door only open and inch or so it was impossible. Inside I could hear the repetitive patting sound and suddenly a female gasp “oh fuck” followed by another moan. My cock twitched
slightly in my boxer shorts and something in me desperately wanted to see what was going on in there.

As gently as I possibly could I pushed on the door. Initially it felt heavy like it wouldn’t move but then it gave and silently and slowly opened just a little bit further. I stopped pushing, afraid it might creak or that whoever was inside would notice but the pat, pat, pat sound just kept going.

As I peered through the slightly wider crack I could see more of the mirror now and then at the very edge of my view I saw a female arm braced against the sink counter and blonde hair flicking gently forwards. I couldn’t help myself and pushed on the door just a little bit more. Thankfully it made no noise and opened just another half an inch or so.

As I looked again I could suddenly see half of my wife’s naked torso facing the mirror, her body and right breast jerking in time with her hair and the pat, pat, pat sound of flesh on flesh. Her head was arched back and she let out a quiet moan which made my swelling cock twitch. Suddenly she bowed her head and standing behind her was my friend Mark!

A part of me wanted to kick the door open, punch the son of a bitch in the face and divorce my wife right on the spot but as I stood there listening to him quietly fuck her from behind my cock just got harder and harder tenting my boxer shorts.

Tossing her head back again she let out a deep guttural moan of pleasure. Arching her body I was mesmerised by the reflection of her right tit bouncing slightly from his impacts from behind her and then I saw his hand reach around and clasp her big soft tit, kneading it roughly.

I suddenly realised I had my stiff cock in my hand and was gently massaging its hardness to the sight and sound of my unfaithful wife getting fucked by my friend. As I watched she leant further forwards over the sink and I could now see her face staring back at herself in the mirror still jerking forwards in time with Mark’s movements standing behind her.

As my wife panted from her fucking a part of me wanted to see more but I didn’t dare push the door open any further than it already was and that’s when her eyes glanced right momentarily and widened suddenly as I’m sure mine did too. As I stood bolt upright just out of the beam of light I knew she’d just seen me watching her.

Inside the pat, pat, pat of Mark ramming his cock into her just continued and so with my heart racing in my throat I dared to peek through the crack again. My wife was watching herself in the mirror but as I looked in she subtly looked over at me again. When she saw me watching I saw her smile a wicked little smirk and for a few moments we both gazed into the mirror at one another as her body jerked forwards on each impaling thrust while I gently stroked my throbbing cock.

Arching back I heard her whisper something to Mark, the patting noise stopped and then she moved out of view. I was terrified that she had just told him I was outside the door spying on them but a moment later I saw her back to the mirror. She hopped up onto the sink counter close to the door, leant back almost lying down and suddenly I could see her straight on through the crack down to the top of her stomach.

I could see Mark’s reflection standing in the mirror looking down and I watched my wife sigh as he probably just slipped his cock back into her wet snatch. A moment later and her body was jerking again and those lovely breasts were giggling about as he rammed himself into her.

A second later and she rolled her head to her left and from under her flicking hair she looked right at me watching her through the crack, that naughty smirk relishing the situation I hadn’t done anything to stop. I just stood there massaging my swollen member watching her watching me.

Mark’s hands came into view as he leaned forwards kneading and squeezing my wife’s tits while he fucked her and she looked up at him moaning audibly. Glancing up at his reflection he looked at himself in the mirror and then casually looked to his right and locked eyes with me!

My heart leapt into my throat as he saw me while his body continued to thrust forwards into my willing wife. He smiled a wry smile and staring at me he stood back up, grabbed her by the hips and began fucking her harder causing her tits to jerk and wobble around on her chest.

Looking back to my wife she was also looking over at me through the crack in the door smiling wickedly and suddenly without warning the bathroom door opened widely bathing me in light. As they both looked over at me I was like a deer caught in the headlights, standing there holding my throbbing member in my hand.

“Why don’t you come in, if you want a better look?” Mark beckoned me quietly so as not to wake his own wife still asleep in their bed.

As if under a spell I stepped one foot forwards onto the tile floor and then my other followed suit. As I moved into the small bathroom Mark swung the door closed behind me. Looking down I could see his hard cock half buried in my wife’s sweet pussy, glistening from her juices.

I looked over at her and biting her lip smiling, she said, “Do you like what you see?”

Mark looked at my cock and smirked. “I think he does. His boy boner looks like it’s gonna nut any second.”

I could only nod dumbly as Mark started slowly slipping his cock back in and out of my wife. I stared down between her legs and it was like watching porn as his big thick cock began sinking into her soft wetness. I could see her pussy lips clinging to his girth on the out stroke just before he would slide back deeply inside of her.

My wife reached out to me and releasing my own stiff prick I took her by the hand. She pulled me closer and standing right next to them both she guided my hand to her left breast which I instinctively started kneading as I felt the impact of Mark fucking between her legs resonate through her and into me.

“You like watching your naughty wife get fucked by a big cock, don’t you, baby?” she cooed.

I nodded silently as I looked back between her legs at Mark’s impressive cock working in and out of her while my hand absentmindedly squeezed her tit. She spread her legs wider and with my left hand I helped hold her left leg open, gently massaging the inside of her thigh.

Her head lolled back and she moaned deeply as I watched her pussy get fucked right next to me. I had never seen two people have sex in real life and the sights, smells and sounds were totally intoxicating my senses. I licked my lips as I watched.

“I think he wants to help out,” Mark said, and suddenly paused, his cock buried inside of my wife balls deep.

“Is that right, baby? Do you want to help pleasure your sexy wife?” She asked looking up at me.

Again all I could do was dumbly nod as I watched inch after inch of Mark’s cock slip out of her juicy cunt. He must have been at least eight inches long and very thick. As the head of his manhood popped free he stepped to one side and my wife lifted the leg I was holding so I could step in front of her.

Looking down at her freshly fucked cunt I was just about to line my four inch cock up with her when I felt Mark’s heavy hand on my shoulder pressing down. “Don’t forget about foreplay, little buddy,” he suggested, nodding down at her red mushy cunt while pressing down on my shoulder.

“Oh god, yes,” she moaned, “lick my pussy baby, please!”

Under their spell I slowly dropped to my knees on the little rug in front of her smelling her pungent sex. Looking up at her she was biting her lip and nodding excitedly so closing my eyes I let my mouth fall forwards between her legs and lapped deeply at her juicy wetness.

She tasted so sweet and the thought that there had just been a big cock in here really turned me on. Within a moment I was mashing my mouth furiously against her wet folds licking my tongue inside her loosened opening. She leant forwards and clasped the back of my head firmly working my face against her cunt as she moaned loudly above me.

“Ungh… fuck yea… oh god, suck my cunt you dirty little bitch!” she panted. “Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum… yeah, just like that!”

I had never heard my wife talk like this and it was really turning me on to be giving her so much pleasure so I redoubled my efforts. As I licked and sucked her clit, my mouth coated with her wetness, I felt her tighten her grip on the back of my head mashing my face into her sodden pussy. Held firmly in place and sticking my tongue as far inside of her as I could I felt her hips buck and squirm on my face as her orgasm rippled through her body.

As the last waves passed over her she released her grip and I leant back for breath. Looking up at her between those big tits she was rosy cheeked and smiling down on me panting.

“That was fucking great!” she moaned, “Now get that big cock back inside me!”

I made to stand up but a heavy hand on my shoulder kept me in place. I looked to my left and there was Mark’s giant hard cock staring me in the face. I looked up at him.

“Since you like to watch me fuck your hot wife why don’t you just stay where you are, best seat in the house. Let me show you what a proper man’s cock can do,” he said smiling at me, and with that he turned slightly and aimed his cock at my wife’s waiting pussy.

Only inches away I watched as the bulbous head of his shaft parted her outer lips before pressing the tip inside of her. I heard her moan as he rocked back almost pulling all the way out before pushing deeper inside her this time.

With her left leg spread behind my head I watched up close as his slippery cock began to slide all the way in and out of her tight juicy little snatch. He began to pick up pace and I had to press my head to the inside of her thigh to avoid his hips bumping into me as he began to fuck her harder.

The wet sticky sounds and the smell of their sex permeated my brain and I gently stroked my stiff prick between my legs as I watched his glistening cock repeatedly slam into my wife’s cunt. I licked my lips again as I stared transfixed on the big hard cock fucking in and out of her mushy pussy right in front of my face.

Almost sensing my lust Mark slowed his strokes and then slowly began to withdraw his impressive manhood. As the head of his cock popped free it wobbled wet in front of me and I unconsciously licked my lips again.

His eyes widened for a moment. “I think he wants to suck my cock,” Mark said as he pointed his cock at my face, the tip almost brushing
the tip of my nose.

I could smell my wife’s sweet fuck juice on him and licked my lips again swallowing nervously.

My wife cooed at me mockingly, “Is that right, baby? You want to suck Mark’s big fat cock?”

I knelt there dumbly, just staring at the hard shaft in front of me. His cock so big, so much bigger than mine.

“Oh my god, he does!” I heard my wife say excitedly as she sat up slightly. “Go on, baby, open your mouth and take his cock.”

My mouth opened slightly and I felt her hand reach forward and press on the back of my head. I had never even had a gay thought in my life but as the moist rubbery tip of his cock touched my lips they seemed to just part of their own accord.

“That’s it…” my wife moaned, “Open your dirty little mouth for his nice big cock. Taste what a real man’s cock is like you sissy bitch.”

As she clutched the hair on the back of my head and pressed me forwards I felt the soft underside of his sticky shaft slip over my tongue tasting my wife’s cunt on him. I gagged slightly as the head of his cock touched the back of my throat and my wife pulled my head back gently until the tip of his cock was at my lips again.

“That’s it, baby, just suck it like it’s a big lollipop,” she suggested as she pushed my head forwards once more.

I couldn’t believe what was happening by I was so horny and my cock was throbbing as I began to move my sucking mouth back and forth without prompting. It felt really good to have my mouth filled by the soft rubbery fleshy tube and soon I was bobbing my head gently thinking about how I’d like to have my cock sucked.

“Fuck me! Your sissy faggot husband has got a hot mouth,” I heard Mark say.

“You look so fucking sexy sucking Mark’s big cock,” my wife moaned.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her working two fingers in and out of her pussy and could hear the squelching sound of her masturbation right in my ear.

Raising my hand I grasped the base of his cock as I withdrew fully to admire his length. Lifting his cock I licked the underside noting the wet mark of how far in my mouth I had taken him. I wanted more and sank my mouth around his throbbing penis pushing myself further onto him each time.

“Easy there, bitch,” I felt his hand on the top of my head pushing me back. “I don’t want to finish just yet. Why don’t you lick your wife’s pussy again so I can fuck it some more?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and turning from his wonderful cock my wife pulled her sticky fingers free and I pressed my mouth into her juicy goodness. Just as I was getting into it again I felt Mark’s hand on my head again as he moved me barely to one side so he could slip his cock back inside of my wife.

I licked at his shaft as he pushed it inside her pussy and then he began fucking her again. Being so close his pelvis would bump into me as he drove inside of her each time and getting jostled around between them I licked at whatever my tongue could reach.

Mark only allowed this for a minute before he pushed my head out of the way so he could really slam his full length into my wife’s wet pussy. I just knelt there beside them watching her lips stretch around his thick girth as he reamed her good and hard while she moaned up above me on the counter.

Suddenly his thrusting became erratic and he groaned above me.

“Oh fuck yeah, shoot your fucking cum inside me,” I heard my wife pant.

As he heaved and lurched right in front of me I licked my drooling mouth again. Withdrawing slowly he twitched and I saw his cock pulse as his creamy seed continued to erupt up into my wife’s cunt. Then at the same time as his softening cock slipped out I felt his hand push my head back between her legs.

I didn’t even hesitate as I licked her sticky folds. The taste was different and more bitter now but I just couldn’t help myself. I eagerly lapped and sucked at her fleshy wetness wanting to taste their sordid fuck juices. My wife didn’t disappoint and squeezing her pelvic muscles I suddenly tasted a flood of gooey wetness in my mouth as Mark’s fresh cum oozed onto my tongue.

Without thinking I quickly swallowed and just kept going. My wife began to buck her hips slightly and moan loudly as she orgasmed again. As my mouth worked on her pussy I tasted the mix of their juices ooze into my mouth again and lapping at her sodden cunt I swallowed what she gave me.

When no more seemed to be coming I pulled back for a breath of air and instantly noticed Mark’s half soft cock hanging just next to me, a drop of his cum seeping from the tip. Gasping the base of his cock with my left
hand I sucked his soft cock flesh into my mouth drawing out the last creamy goodness from its source.

“Fuck me!” exclaimed Mark. “Your sissy bitch of a husband is one hell of a cocksucker!”

Now that he wasn’t fully hard I was able to take his full length into my mouth. There was something wonderfully dirty about mashing my face into his pubes feeling the limp tip of his cock slip down the back of my throat, a feeling I was getting more and more used to by the minute.

As I bobbed my head on his cock I could feel it getting more difficult to take as he got hard again but I just kept going all the way and soon was gagging slightly as I pushed my face forward feeling his hard cock jam itself fully down my throat.

“Oh fuck yeah, just like that,” I heard him say above me, as I deep-throated him like a whore in heat. “Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum again!”

As I slurped and gulped at his impressive length I fondled his balls and suddenly I felt his body contract and I knew what was coming, literally. The first shot fired down the back of my throat and gagging made me slip my mouth off of him. He quickly grabbed his cock in his hand and started pumping it in front of me as shot after shot erupted, spattering on my tongue and face.

When he had no more I sucked his wilting cock as I felt globs of his hot cum trickle down my forehead, cheek and chin. As I stood up, my own stiff cock wavering in front of me, Mark turned me to face my wife who was still up on the counter with a shocked look on her face.

“You deserve this,” he said as he pushed me forward. I sank my small dick straight into her waiting snatch and as I began to fuck her she leaned up and began licking the cum from my face, sharing it with me as we kissed.

I was so turned on already that I could feel my balls begin to boil almost immediately. As I furiously humped my wife’s mushy loose pussy I knew what I wanted and moments later was lurching as my own cum ejaculated inside of her.

The moment the last shot quivered out of me I pulled out and fell to my knees in front of her pushing my mouth against her soaking snatch. With her hand clutching my hair I licked and sucked as she squeezed my own creampie back out into my mouth and I swallowed hungrily making sure to leave her pussy nice and clean for next time.




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