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It began as a note that arrived on Monday. Steve was coming for a few days. He was accepting the open invitation my husband offered him last time we saw him. My husband, David, and I liked Steve, but he tended to drink a bit much for our liking. David and I are regularly involved in Church and are our faith played a major role in our lives.

I met David when I was seventeen, and he was twenty. After a year courtship, we were married. I lost my virginity to David on my wedding night, and he is the only man I have ever had any sexual contact with. I was 21 and David, my husband, was still the only man I had ever been with. He wasn’t a great lover, and his dick is kind of small, but he was my husband, and I followed Church teachings despite the words of the girls in the office. Gina and Sandra worked in the billing office with me. They were a bit more wild minded.

“Damn girl, You look just like that singer Faith Hill. Perfect hair, flawless skin, generous bust line and a tight ass. Girl, you ought to wear some tight clothes and show your husband what you’re made of. He better have a strong heart.” Gina shouted.

I laughed.

Sandra chimed in. “Gina’s right. I wish I could borrow your face and body for one night. I would have to bring a club to beat the men off!”

I laughed at these comments and responded. “That’s all I would need. Steve knocking at the door when I was wearing something skimpy.”

The girls looked puzzled. “Steve? Who is Steve?” Sandra asked.

“He is one of my husband’s old friends, and he is coming this weekend for a visit.”

Gina’s turned around quickly. “Do you mean Steve Roberts?” She asked, “Oh my God. I haven’t seen him in years. He was my old boyfriend.”

We were about to resume conversation when the boss entered the room. We quickly returned to our seats, and the discussion abruptly ended.

A few minutes later I heard Sandra whispering to Gina. “You dated this guy?” Sandra asked.

Gina responded, “Hell yeah for six months. Hottest six months of my life.”

“Really?” Sandra queried.

“Oh my yes,” Gina whispered back. I leaned over my desk to listen in as Gina continued. “He was an awesome lover, and he is seriously packing.”

Sandra laughed. I, being na├»ve didn’t understand until Sandra whispered, “How big was he?”

Gina responded quietly, “Very, a full nine inches and thick.”

The conversation soon grew too quiet to hear, but I had heard enough. I knew it wasn’t right, but I had a morbid curiosity. How big are nine inches? My husband David had the only penis I had ever seen, and I had never measured it. I remembered I had a ruler on my desk and reached down to pull it out and measured off nine inches.

I gasped and was suddenly turned on. I know it was wrong, but the mere thought of something that big inside me made me hot, and my vagina moisten. I stood up and went to the cooler for a drink.

“What’s wrong? Your face looks red.” My boss asked.

“I’m just a little warm,” I said.

My boss was none the wiser.

I was distracted all day looking at the nine on that ruler. Could a man’s penis be that big? I had never measured my husband’s, but I knew it wasn’t nine inches long. That night going home I was hot and horny. My underwear was nearly soaked through with anticipation. I wanted my husband’s cock more than ever.

I decided to measure David too, but I couldn’t bring a ruler into the bed without arousing his suspicion, so I copied the inch measurements up to nine onto a piece of paper to compare my husband to Steve. After we both arrived from work, I allowed him to eat dinner and asked him if he was interested in what we call ‘fooling around.’

“Not now dear, I’m too stuffed to get it up,” he responded.

“You don’t have to move from the dinner table,” I said.

David looked at me seemingly stunned. We had never had sex outside the bedroom.

“Relax, no one can see us now,” I said as I closed the shades. I then knelt and went under the table from my side to David’s and, on my hands and knees, made my way to his lap. I massaged his already stiff penis through his work trousers. I undid his belt and unzipped his pants in one motion pulling them to his knees.

His penis was visibly erect in his white fruit of the looms. I pulled them down and immediately engulfed his cock as he let out a groan. I began bobbing up and down on David as fast as I could. I tried to measure his
cock with the makeshift tape measure I had made up. I lined it up best I could without getting caught and saw he measured about four inches.

That’s when David put his right hand on my head and forced me violently up and down as he grunted loudly. I hated myself for it, but I wished for a split second that I was blowing Steve’s big cock. After about twenty seconds David ejaculated with a groan into my mouth. I did something I had never done. I swallowed and continued sucking David dry. He collapsed into the chair breathless wondering what brought all this on. I crawled out from under the table and slowly sauntered upstairs. That night David and I had sex but, again, but I imagined Steven’s thick penis in me instead of my husband’s and came to a violent orgasm. Despite my best efforts all I could think of that night was Steve and his huge rod.


The weekend came, and Steve arrived. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t stop staring at his package all day. I honestly didn’t notice anything sizeable and wondered if the girls were just kidding each other. Then Saturday night came. Steve went to a local bar, and I had a plan. I followed him there and gave money to the bartender.

“That guy is a family friend. Keep the rounds coming for him,” I said pointing to Steve.

Needless to say, the bartender obliged. David went to sleep early for Church, but I couldn’t sleep. I was too excited like a child at Christmas time. I gently went downstairs and watched television waiting for a glimpse of Steve’s dick.

I fell asleep on the couch when at 3:30 in the morning I saw a cab pull in and Steve stumble out of it and make his way up the steps. I hid in the shadows as I watched him come in and enter his room leaving the door slightly cracked. He removed his shirt, and my heart began to race with anticipation. He reached for his zipper, and I couldn’t see anymore as he collapsed on the bed removing his pants. He was clearly, for all intents and purposes, blitzed. He rolled on his left side so I couldn’t see anything but his ass.

I felt my juices roll down my leg as my anticipation grew. I wanted this man more than anything ever, and despite the fact that my husband was sleeping upstairs, I was going to have him. I turned off all the lights leaving the downstairs in total darkness. I then tiptoed into his room. I never considered. What if he turned me down? What if he yelled? What if he wondered who was touching him? I just went for it.

I entered the room, climbing onto his bed next to him and began slowly rubbing his belly. He rolled over onto his stomach with a groan. I couldn’t see a thing and had to go by feel and worked my way down to his boxers. I slowly entered them and felt his hot cock. I found the shaft and the girls were right. I immediately knew he was much bigger than David.

I was shivering with anticipation now.

Steve laid back and just groaned while I knelt at the foot of his bed. I could tell by feel that his penis was twice the thickness of David’s. I slowly moved it to my tongue and moistened the entire huge head. I was too impatient. I took as much as I could into my mouth. I could fit all of David’s dick into my mouth but only about half of Steve’s thick pole. I used my hand to jerk the rest while I sucked off what I could.

I tried to control my emotions and slow down. I didn’t want Steve to cum in my mouth. I wanted this monster in me. After a minute I stood up and removed the sweat pants I was wearing making myself bare from the waist down. I then straddled him and grasped his cock attempting to insert his huge prick into my tight pussy. I tried to be quiet, but I let out a soft groan as his baseball bat sized organ penetrated me.

I thought, what if my husband wakes up and comes in here? It didn’t matter it was too late to turn back now. I moved back and forth slowly as his cock penetrated further and further into me. I was being filled like I had long desired to be. I rocked on his thick prick doing all I could to stop from screaming out.

I soon felt his body become rigid. I knew he was going to cum. I didn’t care that he wasn’t wearing a condom. I wanted his fat pole to blow its wad inside of me. I swayed back and forth until I felt my orgasm coming on. I bit my lip and put all of the cock in me I could stand as the wave rushed over me.

I simultaneously heard him groan one last time and felt his prick fill up my cunt with his hot cum. When I knew he was finished, I went to the bathroom to clean up and jumped right into bed next to my husband who was none the wiser.


The next morning I woke up with a note on the pillow next to me.

David wrote that I looked tired so he would allow me to sleep through church and go alone. I went downstairs for breakfast, and there was Steve at the kitchen table. I sat at the table and said nothing.

Steve stood up and approached me. “If you wanted to see my cock why didn’t you just ask?” he said as he pulled
back his bathrobe to reveal the most majestic penis I have ever seen.

In the light of day, it hung half way to his knee and was thick as a beer can. Without a word I knelt beside him and began to give him head. After a minute of polishing his sweet shaft, Steve filled my mouth with his salty cum.

One hour later he fucked me to orgasm again on my marriage bed. I was able to blow him in the car one more time before he had to leave on Monday.

I have never cheated since, but Steve, if you read this, you are always welcome at my house.

The End.



  • Zac

    Very hot! Love to hear from the woman perspective. She would probably be disappointed when she goes back to her little dick husband…

  • Rod

    Wow I would love to see my wife handle a big one in similar circumstances


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