Time for a Change (Gay SPH)


Here I am at 30 divorced and moving into my new house, in a new State, with a clean slate. Six months ago I came home from work early not feeling well. I walked into my bedroom and saw a big hairy ass moving a huge cock up and down and in and out of my wife’s pussy. Her legs were dangling over his shoulders as she was screaming to be fucked harder. My wife and I made eye contact. She smiled at me and started to laugh. They both laughed at me as I backed out of the bedroom door and out the front door. It turned out that the guy had money and the divorce was quick and painless, how ironic.

I was down on myself. From what I could tell the guy was tall and had a massive cock which he was giving her big time. Compared to my five foot five, one hundred and forty pound body, and just a three-inch pencil dick, I knew I couldn’t compete. I just wasn’t gifted anywhere but my brain. I was a tech geek wiz kid type.

I sold our house and everything in it. I went back into sales support with my company which would allow me to move anywhere close to an airport so I can travel 50% to 75% of the time. I said goodbye to California and hello to Las Vegas Nevada. With the cash, I made from the sale of the house I would be able to buy something outright, furnish it, and buy a new car. My new life was about to start.

I bought a modest three bedroom, two and a half bath, 1,660 sqft home that backed up to a nature preserve. Being the house on the curvature of a cul-de-sac it had a very large and private yard. I had plans for a pool, but not yet, that would come later after I settled down. I took a week off from work so that I could move into my new place. Delivery trucks coming and going every day until I at least had my bedroom, kitchen, home office, and living room set up.

The first six months were mostly traveled and no time to enjoy my new house. I was over the marriage thing and concentrated on my career. I was seeing the world and was home just long enough to unpack, do some laundry, repack, and hit the road again. Traveling the world was a great adventure but no time to play. Using Craigslist or dating apps just wasn’t successful. In town for one to three days didn’t give me a chance to meet anybody. I certainly didn’t have the confidence to go to a bar.

Picking a large hub like Las Vegas made flights in and out easy. My company also obtained a local customer that would allow me to stay home for a couple of months straight, that’s the good news, that bad news is that it’s July in Vegas and my air conditioning unit just died. I called on the home warranty, and it was going to take a couple of days to send out a repair person to evaluate the unit.

The temperature was hitting 105 during the day, and I swear it only bottomed out at 100 degrees at night. At least my new client was one of the casinos, and I was working on-site in a nice cool room. They thought I was so dedicated working long hours and not leaving until eight or nine at night. They even brought me food thinking I was working so hard. I just didn’t want to go home until the sun went down.

I pulled up to my house, opened the automatic garage door and drove my car in. I walked to the corner of the block to retrieve my mail from the mail kiosk. I’ve been keeping a low profile, my self-esteem is near nil, and if it isn’t work-related, then I just assume keep to myself. There was this blonde shirtless, six foot, muscle model type, a guy wearing small bikini briefs, flip-flops and a golden tan walking towards me as he is sorting his mail. Just when I thought I had no self-esteem, that last drop that might have been there just drained. I thought to myself ‘life is so unfair’.

I hate confrontation, and these guys always pick on guys like me. As if he could read my mind he looked up at me, smiled and held his hand out, “You must be the new kid on the block?”

Really, an ’80’s reference? He couldn’t have been ten years older than me. I smirked at his remark and chalked it up to all looks and no brains. I extended my hand to meet his, his grip was surprisingly soft and gentle, “How you doing, my names Chris. I actually moved in several months ago, but work takes me away most of the time.”

“How do you do Chris, I’m Jason, your next door neighbor. I would love to have you over for dinner and a swim, this heat will kill you.” Damn good looks and a nice guy, the double threat.

“This heat takes some getting used to. My air conditioner died on me, and the homeowner’s insurance is taking their sweet time in getting it replaced.” I hoped that didn’t come out too whiny.

“That sucks. I’m off tomorrow, why don’t you come over and hang out with me by the pool and the air-conditioned house? Unless the hospital calls with an emergency, I will be home lounging all day.” He graciously offered.

I felt comfortable with this guy I just met, and I usually would shy away with my dick between my legs. “That would be great but I would hate to bother you while you are trying to relax, and I don’t think I have a suit to wear anyway. What do you do at the hospital?” I was trying to get out of this by changing the subject, besides my small white pasty body would fry in two seconds in this sun.

“I’m a Plastic Surgeon at St Dom’s. Long hours inconsistent days off and on call 24/7. It’s just what I went to school for.” he said with more than a touch of sarcasm but in a humorous way. Now he fell into the triple threat category, looks, nice, and smart.

“What do you do Chris? Wait don’t tell me, save it for tomorrow because I want to hear all about you. Don’t worry about the suit I have plenty for when I have last minute parties. I’ll make us lunch so come by about 11:30.” Then he just walked away. He just assumed I would go. How could I not know he would have food made and not showing up would be beyond rude. Also, I planned on living here awhile and didn’t want to piss the neighbors off.

The night was hot and miserable, I got nearly no sleep. I couldn’t even take a cold shower the pipes were so hot. I thought to myself that the pool would move up on my list. I put on some shorts, polo shirt, and sandals worked for a couple of hours from my home office. I was satisfied with my work, took a couple of deep breaths, and headed next door.

I rang the doorbell and Jason answered the door with a smiling face and bowing to me to enter. I found him to be very theatrical but in a positive and respectful way. Jason escorted me towards the kitchen in the back of the house. The place was spotless and impeccably furnished. I sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen so we can talk while he worked in the kitchen. The house was very similar to mine in that it’s an open concept with kitchen, living room, and dining area all in one. His kitchen, however, had a wall of windows looking over a perfectly landscaped backyard with pool and built-in spa.

I commented on how nice his place was as Jason worked over the stovetop with a pan and what seemed like a sauce of some sort. “I was expecting a sandwich and chips, seems like you’re going all out here.”

Jason laughed, “I love cooking it’s one of my great stress relievers. Some say I’m pretty good at it.” He said this as he filled two plates, garnished with parsley, and placed the plate in front of me. Holy crap it was veal scaloppini, and it tasted better than any restaurant I have ever eaten at.

After I swallowed, I slammed my hand on the counter, “Oh My God this is fantastic. How do you stay so fit when you cook like this?” As I said it, I felt my face blush. Had I checked him out that much to make that observation?

Jason’s eyebrow lifted, and he had a smirk on his face, “I don’t cook like this all the time, and I workout a lot. You probably hear me doing laps at night?”

“Like I said, I’m rarely home, and when I am, I pretty much keep to myself,” I explained how I had come to live in the Las Vegas. How I was starting a new life, big drastic change is what I needed to attempt to rebuild my self-esteem.

Jason listened intently until I was almost in tears. I held it together as I guzzled my glass of wine. Jason filled it the moment I set it down on the counter. “You know there are millions of things that have to happen in the human growth process. We are just as different as a snowflake. We need to accept what we have and who we are in order to be happy. We will always be compared to someone else by short minded people. From our brief friendship, and I do consider you a friend, I don’t see any reason for you to have low self-esteem. You’re handsome, you’re highly intelligent, successful, and you have a great personality, to me that sounds like a great package.”

I laughed at his final statement, “That is my biggest issue, I don’t have a “great package” in fact it’s a very small package, and that is why my wife wasn’t happy and found a big cock to fuck her.”

I spit that out through gritted teeth. Just as I was about to lose it, I heard a door close in the house. I must have looked surprised when I heard another male voice call out.

I turned to the voice, and another tall, handsome man walked into the kitchen. He was even taller than Jason, probably six and a half feet tall. I felt dwarfed to these guys. He was in hospital scrubs. He had dark hair with the temples graying, the deepest blue eyes that were just mesmerizing, and a big white smile on his face as he walked into the kitchen, “Did-ja cook Jase? Something smells wonderful, I’m starving. Who do Y’all have here?” He said with a slight country accent.

Jason perked up, “Stephen, this is our new next door neighbor Chris, Chris this is my husband, Stephen. We just started eating. I’ll set you up a plate.”

Stephen stepped up next to me and put his left arm over my shoulder and put out his right hand to shake “How Y’all doing there Chris, welcome to the dead zone.” I shook his hand with a blank stare.

Jason reached across the counter and placed a plate in front of Stephen then slapped his head, “Knock it off Stephen, you’re rude to our guest.”

Jason turned to me “Ignore him, Chris, he is a bitter man.”

“Y’all would be a might bitter if you were shunned by strangers without even given a chance. But let one of them end up in the emergency room and see who treats their sorry asses.” Stephen huffed and shoveled a mouthful of veal into his mouth. “MMMM, this is so good Jase, its calming this ol’ country boy.”

Jason laughed, “After all these years together, I know what will take that crust off of you. And you would treat anybody and everyone. You’re all talk.”

Jason turned to me “I don’t want you becoming tainted by Stephen’s over exaggerated tirade. Just the other neighbors have a strong opinion of right and wrong, and the gay lifestyle is wrong in their eyes so they won’t give us the time of day.”

“I don’t pay your bills so do as you please. I’m divorced so I’m sure that wouldn’t go over well either by the sounds of them. Whatever.” I shrugged my shoulders and filled my mouth with more great food.

That got me a one armed hug from Stephen. “You, my friend, will get the best treatment in my hospital.” He laughed.

We had a nice relaxing lunch with my neighbors and now considered friends. I went home feeling no pain from the few glasses of wine I had. The sunset and the evening were setting in as I checked my email and got ready for bed. The house was a sweatbox. I just had on a pair of boxers and could not get comfortable. I heard someone jumping into a pool and thought to myself how refreshing that sounds. I realized that the sound was from the backyard of Stephen and Jason. I stepped out into my backyard and crept to the fence, well actually it was a cinder block wall, as are all the walls around my house. I grabbed a bucket on the side of the house, turned it upside down, and stood on it. I barely made it to the top of the fence. I jokingly yelled, “Hey, can you guys keep it down some of us are trying to sweat themselves to sleep.”

I heard Jason’s voice yell back “Come on over. I’ll open the side gate and let you in.”

I yelled back to them “I told you, I don’t have a swimsuit, but thanks for the invite.”

“Neither do we!” Stephen said followed by his infectious laugh.

I slipped and fell off the bucket. Were they really skinny dipping? I thought to myself. I felt sweat dripping down my back as I walked back to my house. I lay on my bed thinking about those two gorgeous men swimming naked together. I never thought about gay sex before. I flashed back to that big cock going in and out of my wife’s pussy, all glistening with her juices. I had an instant hard on. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I remembered my wife and her lover laughing at me as it echoed in my head. I felt humiliated that day, but it also made me hard. I stroked faster as I pictured the guy’s tight ass flinching, his cock going in and out of her. His balls, yes I remember them more now, his balls were so big, and they made loud slapping noises as they flung back and forth against my wife’s ass.

My hand started going faster as my focus was on the stranger’s body. They both laughed at me. My little cock could never satisfy her, I could see that now. Real men had real cocks. I pumped my little cock faster. The laughing in my head got louder. My back arched high up into the air. My cum started pumping out, I screamed in a powerful orgasm. My mouth wide open allowing the first stream of cum to hit dead center into my mouth. My body was so tense that I couldn’t relax as another shot of cum hit my cheek, and then my chest before the rest just dribbled out onto my stomach.

My body relaxed, and I lay there in my own pool of cum. I tasted my cum for the first time. Not bad, so I scooped some off of my stomach and licked it off my finger. Why had I never done this before? It was thick and creamy. The acids in it burned my throat a bit as I licked it off my fingers. I rubbed the rest all over my chest, feeling the slippery hot cream moisten my skin. I placed my hands up to my face inhaling deeply, the smell was intoxicating. My cock wasn’t going down. I’m usually spent and ready for sleep after shooting my load. Maybe drinking my own cum refilled my balls allowing me to keep going?

I jacked myself off some more. I kept pumping my little cock with my thumb and finger. A big drop oozed to the surface, and I greedily scooped it up and spread it on my lips before I took my tongue and slowly licked it off. I was bucking my hips up and down, I was so horny. I wondered if other guys cum tasted this good. I wondered what Stephen and Jason’s cum tasted like. I brought another fresh glob of cum, that was about to dribble down my hand, up to my mouth “Yes Jason I want to eat your cum.” I said out loud to myself before I licked it off my finger like it was his cock.

I sucked my finger into my mouth and swirled my tongue around searching out the fresh cum. I found the creamy nectar and let it slither down my throat. The thought of it coming fresh from Jason’s cock sent me into another orgasm as I shot my second load onto my chest. That has never happened to me in my life. I quickly licked my hand clean as it dribbled out of my cock and down the back of my hand. I was so spent that I fell asleep covered in cum.


I woke the next morning to the smell of cum and my cock was hard again. I got out of bed and went into the shower. When the water hit my skin, the dried cum turned slippery again and as my hands rubbed all over my stomach and chest. I thought about last night. I came twice thinking about men. Not just any men, Jason and Stephen. I lathered up my body and began to soap my cock and ass. My hand ran into the crevice and grazed my hole, my cock jerked again. That was a new sensation I never thought about before. I soaped my finger and slid it behind my balls. I washed around my hole, and then pushed it in a little bit. I moaned. Did that just come out of me?

I put more soap on my finger and went into my hole again. I pushed my finger in deeper this time. My hips began to gyrate automatically. My finger wiggled around my hole stretching it open to accept more and more. My head was down as my body fucked itself back against my own finger. I bent over and succumbed to my own finger. My cock was hard as a rock. “oh yes Stephen fuck me, make me your bitch. Shove that cock in my tight pussy.” I looked down just in time to see my cock spurt cum onto the tile wall. I wasn’t even touching it; it just started cumming on its own. I pulled my finger out and jerked my cock a couple of times to pump the rest of my load out. It was a strange orgasm; it came from within rather than my cock being the center of the orgasm. That was such a new experience, again brought out by thinking of my hunky neighbors.

I always felt lucky to have landed my ex-wife. I’m far from a hunky, muscular, well hung, sports-minded athletic type of guy. I am the polar opposite. I’m barely five feet five inches. I have smooth white pasty skin from lack of sun, and I detested sports. I have barely a three-inch dick which makes me neither a grower or shower. I’m a tech nerd sitting behind a computer screen making things happen when you press a key. I am very good at what I do, and it’s the only thing that I have confidence in. I make really good money which comes to find out is the only thing my ex-wife loved about me.

Our sex life was at best mediocre. I knew I didn’t have enough to satisfy her, so she would blow me or jack me off, sit on my face, and I would lick her to a great orgasm. She always would yell during her orgasm and thank god that my tongue was longer than my dick. She was in charge during sex, and I didn’t mind it at all. I would rather take orders and give into her; at least she would ensure I have an orgasm. We had a large dildo that she would use on herself as I ate her pussy. Sometimes she would tell me to lick it as it went in and out of her pussy which always got her off. Now that I think back on that scenario I guess I was introduced to cock without even knowing it.

I was packing my suitcase, preparing for another business trip, when my doorbell rang. Only having on a pair of running shorts, ironic since I do not and will not run, I grabbed a muscle shirt and slipped it on as I walked to the front door. I laughed at how ironic my life was. Jason was at the door, “Hey Chris, sorry about last night. Stephen was trying to be funny. I hope you weren’t offended?”

“No worries, he was funny, shocking, but funny.” I laughed as I invited him in. My home was still sparsely decorated, but at least it was functional. We walked into my kitchen, and I offered Jason some coffee which he accepted. I found it easy to talk with Jason up until last night when I had unusual sexual fantasies of him. I couldn’t look him in the eye. I kept my head down as I stirred my coffee.

“Are you ok Chris, you seem out of sorts? Not that I know you all that well but you seem distant. It’s not my expertise, but I know an emotional defense when I see one. I’m really sorry if last night bothered you, I promise it won’t happen again. I am so grateful that someone moved in that we can actually talk with and I hate to have blown it already.” Jason was clinical, logical, and so fucking hot.

“No, no that’s not it at all. I was just packing for another business trip, and I get moody when I have to leave. I tend to keep to myself and hate meeting new people. I love my job but hate the customer interaction part of it. I usually like to get in there fix the problem and leave. But now I’m working with sales so I have to support anything that comes out of their mouths and assure the customer that it could be done which means I have to be confident even when I’m not. You guys are really nice, and I’m glad I moved next door. When I get back we can get together, I promise.” I don’t know why I was able to confess so much to this guy, but I do.

I was standing on the kitchen side of the center island as Jason sat on the bar stool on the other side. Much to my embarrassment, I felt my cock get rock hard in my shorts. Jason got up to leave, and I began to panic. I was hoping to keep myself busy cleaning the coffee cups in hopes that he would say goodbye and let himself out.

Instead, Jason came around to my side of the counter and looked me in the eye, “You’re a great person Chris, and we are glad to have you as a new friend. I’m sure you’re great at what you do.”

To my surprise, he pulled me into a hug. I instantly forgot about my hard-on and let those big arms wrap themselves around my body. It was the first human contact I have had since my divorce. His body was rock hard and soft at the same time. He had a business suit on and he smelled really nice, a light citrus smell I think. Then he kissed the top of my head and walked out the door. I knew my cock was pressing into his thigh, but there was nothing I could do about it. I’m sure he had to have noticed it but the great guy that he is, he didn’t mention it.

I left for my business trip to Minnesota. I arrived at my destination and began my routine, checked into the hotel, unpacked, turned on my computer, ordered room service, and hopped into the shower to wash the flight off of me. I wrapped up in a hotel bathrobe just in time to hear room service being delivered. I never felt uncomfortable with being naked in a robe with room service delivering my food, but this young man was really cute. I was actually checking out his ass in his tight pants. I found myself looking for signs of his cock from the front of his pants. I was becoming obsessed with the male physique.


I ate my dinner and began doing some work. My mind wondered to Jason and Stephen again, my cock got instantly hard. I shut work down and brought up the internet. I searched for an adult porn store, none close. I put on some casual clothes and went walking. The cool night air would do me some good. I found a convenience store and started to search through the magazines. A muscle magazine, not porn but it reminded me of Jason and Stephen. As I walked down the aisle, I struck pay dirt, porn. The usual Penthouse, Playboy, then there was some more risqué magazines, gay, bi, BDSM, tranny, and lesbian.

The doorbell rang out, and now there were others coming into the store. I grabbed a couple of the magazines without even looking, placed the muscle magazine on top and went to the counter to pay. The guy behind the counter rang the purchases up and told me it was $32, I tossed him my credit card and wanted to get out fast. He asked if I wanted a bag, I quickly told him I did. I could feel everyone in the store staring at me, but after looking around, nobody could care less. I grabbed my bag and ran out, and all the way back to my room.

I opened the door to my room and threw myself on the bed. My heart was racing. I started to calm down as I kept telling myself that nobody even knows me in this town. I laughed at how foolish I felt and dumped my bag on the bed. I flipped open the muscle magazine, the pictures of those solid bodies with just a little G-string covering what looked like nice packages. I began to focus on the outlines of their cocks. Some guys were clearly packing, and some were half hard or very large. My own cock was hard, and I stripped out of my clothes.

I looked through the pages while slowly stroking my cock. I picked up one of the other magazines, ‘Sissy’ was across the top. I started flipping through the pages, stories, and pictures. I froze on one page, a man dressed in lace panties with a little cock sticking out the side, the man had on a bra and was jacking himself off looking at a woman on the bed getting fucked by a good looking guy. Across the top of the page was written “My husband, My Sissy Slut.”

I started reading the story around the picture. It was about a man that got off on watching his wife get fucked by other men. His small cock could never please his wife, so she took on lovers and made him watch as they fucked her. I turned the page to continue the story through a series of pictures with bubbled captions.

The first slide had the man licking the other guy’s ass as he fucked his wife. The bubbled caption from the lover’s mouth was him screaming out in orgasm, “Lick that hole you sissy boy, make me cum in your wife’s pussy.”

The next slide was the sissy eating his wife’s cum covered pussy and bubbled captions. “Ya boy eat all of my hot my cum, bitch.”

The wife’s caption, “His cock was so big and hard baby, you’ll never satisfy me like he can. Now clean up my lover’s mess and suck his cum out of my pussy. Make me cum again.” She had a handful of his hair and forcing him to eat her pussy.

The next slide had the couple sitting against the headboard, and the sissy was sucking the guys cock with captions, “Good sissy boy, clean my cock, lick off all of her pussy juice and suck that cum dripping off the top.”

The wife said, “You can’t even see his little dick in those lacy panties, he makes a better girl than a lot of girls I know.”

My hand was working my cock hard. I felt the familiar surge in my balls as my body stiffened. My body flew back against the bed, and my cum shot all over my chest. I quickly squeezed my cock forcing a big dribble of cum onto my finger and brought it up to my mouth, “Ya sissy boy clean up your mess, clean up all the cum off his cock.” I licked my finger like a cock and enjoyed the feel of my cum in my mouth. I never thought of me in that way, but I did have a hairless feminine body, I bet I could pull it off. I fell asleep waking to my alarm the next morning.


I hurriedly got ready for work and headed to the client’s office. I met up with the local sales rep in the area, and we did our dog and pony show. The entire time I was thinking of what I wanted to buy when I was through here. I was distracted in my thoughts until I felt the hand on my thigh give a squeeze. I about jumped out of my skin. I recovered and spit out enough techno stuff to make everyone nod their heads. I knew they had no idea of what I was talking about but it sounded impressive, and they bought off on it.

We finished up, and I declined dinner with the sales rep by telling him I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to get back to my hotel. What I really did was hit the Great Mall of America and headed for some shopping. I went into one of the big name brand stores and felt it was too crowded. I walked out to the directory and found Victoria Secrets on the first level. I took a deep breath and walked in. ‘Nobody knows me here’ I kept saying to myself. I looked through a few things and rubbing my hands against the silk and lacy garments when a sales lady came up to me and asked if I needed some help.

I’m sure she’s heard this a million times when I told her I was here looking for an anniversary gift for my wife and that she was about the same size as me. She smiled and began showing me some very provocative panties. She was even so bold as to hold them up to me and telling me that they would look nice on your “wife.” She didn’t make the air quotes, but her voice said it all. She kept showing me size 4 to 6 things. She showed me someone piece body suits, some bra and panty sets, and some baby doll outfits. I wanted to buy a Kimono and bra and panty set but didn’t want to spend over $100 for it just to try out.

I believe the sales person caught onto my apprehension as she leaned in closer to me to whisper “You know if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to try this out then head up to the third floor to Spencer’s, you can get nice lingerie up there cheaper and maybe a few toys as well to help break you in. I’m sure you will look very sexy in whatever you buy.” She winked at me as she patted my butt and walked away.

I was embarrassed that she saw through my rouse but was hard as a rock and even felt a wet spot in my pants as I started walking out the door. I looked around the mall searching out a way to head upstairs. I almost ran to the escalator and headed up to the third floor. I walked into Spencer’s. I felt like a kid in a candy store and ADULT candy store.

This store had everything I wanted. I just had to get the nerve to go through with it. The store was fairly empty. The clerk was a girl with spiked hair, a ton of makeup and piercings in her ears, nose, lip, and eyebrow, very punk rocker look. I walked up and down the aisles avoiding direct eye contact with people or what I was looking at. The door chimed, and the other people in the store left, it was just me and the punk rocker girl.

I was looking at lingerie again, wanting to pick something out fast, pay for it, and leave. The girl behind the counter stood behind me, I didn’t hear her until she said: “May I help you find something?”

Her voice was deeper than I expected but still scared the living hell out of me. “Oh yes, I was just looking for something for my wife, it’s her birthday.” I tried to sound non-challan and confident like I do this all the time.

She could care less about my lame excuse, “Hey, man, I don’t judge I just sell shit. You would look good in this.” She held up almost the same baby doll outfit from downstairs at less than half the price. “You look like a beginner, what’s your budget?” She said matter of fact attitude.

“Um, I don’t really have one. I’m not really sure what I’m looking for.” I stumbled with the words.

“By the looks of you, and the way you were looking at toys for men, I would say you’re a beginning sissy and want to start checking out your submissive side. You probably haven’t tried anything bi or gay and wondering which category you fit into. I think you will make a hot pussy boy. Try out this anal kit, it has a little of everything to start off with. You’ll need this douche to clean yourself out; you don’t want to make a mess. You’ll need some good lube, especially if you’re a virgin. Use lots of lube. Here are some vibrating toys for your boy pussy” She loaded my basket up and walked back to the counter.

I followed like a lost puppy. She rang up the contents of the basket which came to a little over $250. I flipped out my credit card and paid for my purchase. Then she turned around and grabbed a tube off the shelf and tossed it in my bag. “This one’s on me sweetie, I want you to enjoy yourself. And if you need some help just give me a call I’m off at ten.” She tossed a card in my bag as well.

I walked out of the store and straight to my car before people could see my bag. I don’t even remember the drive back to my hotel. I called room service and ordered dinner. Just before I hung up, I told them I forgot my shaver and could they send up a disposable one? I wasn’t sure what do to, but I started by undressing and getting into my robe. I opened my bag and pulled out my new outfit. I placed my toys out on the bed and started to open the packages.

Before I knew it, I heard a knock at the door and a voice “Room Service.” Crap, I quickly folded the blanket back over my stash and opened the door. The same cute guy came in with my tray. He bent over to place the food on the little table by the window. I could tell he hesitated for a second before standing upright. I looked down at the trash can and noticed the anal kit box was in plain sight.

He turned to me “Will that be all for you, Sir?”

I looked down, embarrassed, “Yes that will do it.” I handed him a $5 tip as he walked past me.

“Oh I forgot, here’s the razor you asked for. If you need anything else, please call the main desk and ask for Andrew.” He winked and walked out.

I was flattered and shocked at the same time. I ate about half the meal before my excitement got the best of me. I headed into the bathroom, grabbing the enema box on the way. I dropped my robe and looked at myself in the mirror. I opened the box and read the instructions. I filled the bulb with warm water and attached the wand to it. I got on all fours, reached back and tried to insert the wand into my ass. The angle was wrong, and it hurt when I tried to push it in. I then grabbed the complimentary little bottle of cream and rubbed some onto my hole. I let my fingertip dip inside to test the lubrication. I squatted over the toilet and was able to get a better angle for the wand. I pushed the wand into my ass. At first, it was uncomfortable, but as I pushed it in deeper and deeper, it started to feel better.

When I thought it was in enough, I started to squeeze the bulb. I felt the warm water enter my bowels. I kept applying pressure to the bulb, and the water seeped into me. I wasn’t sure if I could take the entire bulb’s worth of water, but I kept squeezing anyway. The pressure was getting intense, so I pulled the wand out. Water immediately started to flood out, and I pulled my hand away just in time. My bowels emptied out fast.

I read the instructions again, and it said to add a mild soap for freshness and to hold the water inside the bowels for five minutes. I repeated the process but didn’t put so much water inside. I pulled out the wand and was able to hold the water in. I waited for a few minutes and released the water. I repeated the process, and the third time the water was clear.

I jumped in the shower and let the hot water cascade down my body. Then I soaped my body up, starting with my left leg I began to run the razor up and down my leg. I didn’t have much hair at all. I continued up to my crotch and didn’t know where to stop, so I shaved off my pubic hair. I just couldn’t stop there as I went up to my little trail on my stomach and the couple of hairs around my nipples. My armpits were easy enough with a few swipes. I bent over onto all fours, reached back, and ran the razor up and down the crack of my ass. I was hairless except for my head.

I toweled off my body, and my sensitivity was on overload. I went into my room and grabbed the lingerie. My hands were shaking as I slipped the g string on, then the bra which I hooked in the front and spun it around. I pulled it over my nipples and gave them a squeeze. My head was swimming. I laid on the bed and rifled through my other treasures.

A vibrating dildo, a vibrating cock ring, a bottle of lube, and some prolong cream. That is what was thrown in the bag by the store clerk. I found the card and read it, “I’m off at 10pm. If you have any problems with what you bought call me and I will come by and show you how to use it. B.” Her phone number was on the bottom of the card.

It was already 10:10pm, crap. I picked up my cell phone and started to dial the number. I hung up. I dialed again and hung up before it connected. I did it a third time, and it rang before I hung up. I was too nervous. I couldn’t go through with it. Then my phone rang, she called back. I let it ring four times before I answered, “He el lo” I squeaked out.

“Don’t hang up on me again. I knew you would call. You’re lucky I was just getting to my car and was going home. Where am I going now?” I heard her voice stern and confident.

“Um, St Paul Hotel, Room 305.” I blurted out.

“I’ll be there shortly. Have on that pretty outfit when I get there. I’ll show you how to use all of your new toys baby.” She hung up.

What did I get myself into? I looked at myself in the mirror, dressed in women’s clothes, a bra with nothing in it, panties with a slight protruding nub of a cock poking out. But the material felt so…sexy, made me feel sexy. Nearly an hour later I hear the knock on the door. My blood goes cold. I can’t move to answer it. Maybe she’ll go away, it’s not like I would see her again. Another knock on the door and I find my feet moving to answer.

“Don’t leave me hanging, it’s rude. Now turn around for me, let me see how you look.” She walked caring a bag with her store logo. She went to the chair and sat down. She started to take off her black army boots, and leather jacket. She took off her T-shirt. She had no bra on and perfectly round B cup tits with large nipples poking straight out. She stood there wearing only a plaid skirt. My cock sprang up, to what little it could. Well, at least I know that a woman’s body still turned me on.

She stepped up to me and kissed me. Her tongue flew into my mouth, and I felt the ball on her tongue swatting at the roof of my mouth. She pulled back and pushed me onto the bed. “You’re so fucking sexy. I’m going to make your dreams come true tonight.” Her body fell onto mine, and we made out. Her hand massaged my cock through my lacy panties. “Your cock is so tiny, I love that. Sissy boys don’t need big dicks; it would make you too much like a man. I like bi-boy cocks small and their pussies tight. Do you have a tight pussy baby?”

With that, I felt her finger feeling around my puckered hole. She took her hand away and fed me her finger. I sucked on her finger as she moved it in and out of my mouth. I was blowing her finger. She was face fucking me with her finger. I was ready to blow my load. She pulled her finger out of my mouth and placed the wet digit against my hole. I felt my saliva being rubbed around my hole. She looked into my eyes before she forced another hard kiss on my lips and shoved her finger up my ass. I moaned into her mouth as she wiggled her finger deep in my hole. “Oh ya, that’s it, baby, moan for me, tell me how much you love it, tell me you want more. Beg me to take your cherry.” She bit my lower lip.

I moaned and whimpered “Yes, Yes, take me. Show me, teach me.”

She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the small vibrator, lube, and the prolong gel. She used the prolong gel first and rubbed it all over my cock, balls, and even my hole. “This will numb you a bit and make you last longer. I don’t want you shooting your load until I tell you, understand?”

I lay on the bed just nodding my head and trying not to cum. My cock and balls felt cool, my hole started to burn a bit before it stopped. She blew air all over my cock and balls. Then when I felt her blow on my hole, I felt an electric shock race up my body.

“Ready to play baby?” She whispered in my ear. She licked my earlobe as I felt the tip of the vibrator press against my hole.

She breathed in my ear again “Pain and pleasure” just before she bit down on my earlobe and shoved the vibrator up inside of me. My back arched up to avoid the intrusion, but she held the vibrator in place. It was only a 5 inch one and not too thick, but it was larger than any finger.

“Shhhhhhhh, relax baby. It will feel really good in a moment. Breathe through it.” Her calming voice relaxed me, and my back came back down onto the bed. She turned on the vibrator, and my entire body shook.

She began to slide it in and out of my hole while still licking my ear and soothing me. Every stroke made me want to cry out in pure ecstasy. She then moved her body and knelt between my legs. Her breasts bouncing above me made my mouth water. I felt pure lust in wanting to devour them. Suck on those nipples.

She grabbed my hand and pulled it to her breast. It was soft, so soft. Her nipple was in contrast hard as a rock. I rolled her nipple between my fingers. Her head went back. “Harder, pinch it.” She pleaded with me.

I pinched her nipple, and she leaned forward. Her face slammed down onto mine. Our lips locked. “Harder, pinch them, pull them. Harder, twist them.” Her body was on top of me now, her hand pressing the vibrator as deep as it would go.

I was not expecting what happened next. She pulled out the vibrator, and what she pushed back in was bigger but felt good. Her hands came up, grabbed both my hands and pinned me to the bed. “Pinch my nipples NOW.” She screamed.

Her hands were above my head. I pulled each nipple, twisting it at the same time. She plunged her COCK into me. I felt her long cock deep inside of me. Did she have a strap on underneath her skirt? She kissed me hard, and I instantly wrapped my legs around her waist offering her full access to my boy pussy. Yes, that’s what I have a boy pussy. She started going in and out, fucking me like a real girl. We were both covered in sweat as our bodies tangled in wild hot sex. “Deeper, fuck me deeper. Oh My God, please fuck me, fuck me.” I never wanted it to end.

I pinched her nipples hard, grabbing just the sensitive tips. Then I felt it as she plunged deep inside, her balls rested on my ass, and I could feel her cock pulsing as she pumped me full of cum. She was a guy, at least a guy below the waist. She lifted her upper torso off of me “Surprise.” is all she said before we kissed passionately.

I never wanted her to pull out, but I felt her soften inside of me until her cock plopped out. She moved down and engulfed my cock and balls into her mouth. She sucked my soft cock until it was hard. It easily fit in her mouth, even with my balls. Her tongue swirled around my cock until I grabbed her head and shot my cum in her mouth. She lifted up and came in for another passionate kiss, but this time we shared a load of my cum. Her tongue pushed it into my mouth as our tongues played with the thick cream. I swallowed my entire load. I looked into her eyes “What does the ‘B’ stand for?”

She started to laugh, “After all that that is the only thing you ask? You’re so cute. It stands for Bobby, but I prefer Bridgette.”

I was so spent. I lay in the afterglow of the best fucking I’ve ever had. My life has changed for that I’m sure, now I just have to figure out how to proceed. Bridgette gathered her things, slipped on her boots and jacket. Her tits were clearly visible when she zipped up only a fourth of the way. So hot.

“You like my tits huh? I had them done a couple of years ago. I love my dick and love fucking newbies and breaking in a nice virgin piece of ass. You’re very sexy. I hope you liked it.” Bridgette looked at me as she was picking up her shirt and placing it in her bag.

She took out a few things from her bag and added them to my pile. “These are for you to try on. I think you’ll like them. You will be a great pussy boy.” She crawled on the bed and kissed me again. My head spun, she was such a good kisser. She got up and walked out the door.

If we don’t win the account, I would probably not be coming back to Minnesota, but what a memory here. I lost my virginity. I could feel her cum dripping down my ass. I got up and took a shower. I leaned against the shower wall and jacked off, my orgasm wouldn’t come. I need more stimulation, from the inside. I dried off and went into my room. I picked up the six-inch dildo that looked just like a real man’s penis. I put it to my lips and touched my tongue to the tip. I shoved it into my mouth like the little pussy I want to be. I started to suck it, to feel my mouth being fucked by a cock. With my other hand, I reached for the lube to squirt some on my ass. My hole was still opened up. I rubbed it all over and dipped my finger easily into my hot hole. I pulled the dildo out of my mouth and shoved it deep into my pussy.

“That’s it bitch take it like the pussy you are.” I lifted my legs up to allow better access and started pumping the dildo in and out, long strokes. My cock was hard, and I started to jack off. I felt my cum boiling to the surface. I shoved the dildo deep into my pussy. I hit my battered prostrate. The pressure was intense. I pulled on my cock a couple of more times and shot my load all over my stomach. I rolled onto my side and went to sleep, cum dripping down my chest and the dildo deep in my ass.


I awoke early in the morning, of course, the dildo had fallen out at some point, and the cum had dried up, but the sweet smell of cum lingered in the air. I called for morning coffee while I packed. I picked up most of my new toys and garments before I picked up the things Bridgette had left me. A leopard print panty and bra set, a one piece see through body suit and a red nightie. I had to try them on. I slipped on the red nightie. It was sheer, and I could see my cocklette, that’s what I call it now.

There was a knock on the door “Room Service.”

Crap, I grabbed the hotel bathrobe and slipped it on. I couldn’t find the belt that went with it, so I held it closed as I opened the door. It was Andrew. Perfectly pressed bellboy suit, so good looking with his wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy lips, slim body and tall, at least six foot which towered over me.

Andrew pushed the cart in with my coffee, fixings, and some Danish. “How are you doing this morning? I brought your order up. I see you’re checking out this morning, I can help you pack if you need?” He bent down and picked up my new leopard print panties and bra. “I bet you look really nice in these.” He looked at me and winked. My eyes went right down to his crotch. I could see the outline of his hard cock perfectly, he didn’t have underwear on. He walked up to me and lifted my chin up with his finger, “Please show me how you look in these.”

Andrew dangled the panties on the end of his finger. My hand went up to grab them from him allowing my robe to open up, revealing my red nightie. I went to close the robe, and Andrew stopped me. “Don’t cover-up, you’re beautiful.” He bent down and kissed my lips. I melted into his embrace as he moved me to the bed without stopping our kiss. He pushed the robe off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

I moved onto the bed and watched him undress in front of me. He was a god. I’ve never seen a six-pack on a guy before, or at least not this private and close up. His body was everything mine wasn’t. Then he dropped his pants. His cock sprang up, slapping his stomach. It was long and thin like him. It was a tad longer than the dildo but about the same thickness. The head was more pointed and flared out past his shaft. He had blond pubic hair that was nicely trimmed down, and his balls were shaved smooth as they dangled very low.

I sat on the bed like a deer in the headlights as Andrew came closer to me. I wanted to touch his cock, I wanted to taste it. As if he read my mind, he stood on the side of the bed, put his hand behind my head and guided it down to his cock. He brushed the tip of his cock across my lips spreading his precum like lipstick. I inhaled his scent, fresh soap as if he just showered. Andrew rubbed his cock on my cheeks letting me enjoy the warm softness as it glided over my face. I opened my mouth, and he inserted the head. I ran my tongue over the head. I felt his piss slit with my tongue and scooped out his precum, sweet tasting, smooth, and so delicious. I moved my head down engulfing the shaft. I built up as much saliva in my mouth to allow it to move in and out of my mouth easier. Each stroke I went further down on his shaft. I didn’t know about gagging until his head hit the back of my throat and I choked. Andrew pulled out to let me catch my breath. I went down on him fast. I didn’t want his cock out of my mouth. I moved my mouth down his shaft again, inhaling as his cock hit the back of my throat. This opened my throat and allowed me to go down until my nose was buried in his soft pubes. I took a deep breath, his pubes smelled like flowers from the soap.

I backed off his cock. Andrew pulled out of my mouth and pushed me down onto the bed. He lifted my legs and aimed his cock to my stretched and freshly fucked hole. His cock head slipped in, no pain, no lube, it was heaven. He pushed in a bit more, pulled out, and pushed back in several times until his balls lay resting on my ass. He looked at me and smiled. He fucked me long and hard, with long strokes, followed by the sound of his balls slapping against my skin. I heard myself yelling to be fucked harder.

Andrew fucked me for a good ten to fifteen minutes before he finally arched forward and filled me with his cum. His cock pulsed over and over. I knew he was filling me up with his hot cum. We were both panting as Andrew pulled his cock out of my pussy. My legs lowered, and I noticed cum all over my stomach. I came and didn’t even touch myself. I didn’t even feel it come out. I must have cum when he did.

Andrew grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom. He reappeared fully dressed. I gave him a $20 tip, and he left. I felt like a cheap whore and loved it. I took a shower, packed my bags, and headed for one final business appointment. After spending all day with the client, I finally headed to the airport. A five-hour delay and dinner at the airport we finally took off at 10pm. A smile crossed my face, 24 hours ago I was losing my virginity.


Another good thing about living in Vegas, the airport has flights and shuttle services 24/7. By the time I got home, it was 1:30am. I was beat. I opened my door and was hit with a heatwave. I guess they didn’t fix the air conditioning unit or they just didn’t put it on. I quickly ran around the house opening up the windows. I went to the control unit and flipped it on, nothing happened at first, and then a loud popping sound and the house went dark. This wasn’t good.

I found my way into the kitchen and started to feel around in the drawers for a flashlight, candles, or anything else that would give me some light. There was loud knocking at the front door. I stumbled to answer it, falling over my luggage and catching my head on the edge of the library table in the entry. I grabbed the back of my head with one hand and reached up and unlocked the door with the other. It swung open, and I was hit with beams of flashlights. I thought the SWAT team had burst into my home. It was Jason and Stephen.

Jason was down on his knees in my face right away, “Are you okay, we heard a loud popping sound, and I saw your house go dark? Crap you’re bleeding. Stephen help me get him to our house so we can see what we’re dealing with.” I felt hands roaming up and down my legs, arms, neck, and back. A bunch of “does this hurt” before I had each of them lift me up under my arms.

My head was a little woozy, but I managed to walk with them next door. We got into their home and immediately I had two of the hottest doctors work their magic. Doctor bags were opened up on the coffee table; packages were ripped open, again lights in my eye. I didn’t even realize I was bleeding until they put some crap on the back of my head that made me scream. I looked down, and my shirt had blood on it. I waved them off “What happened?”

“Looks like your new air conditioner must have been wired wrong or something, blew out your electrical box. We came over as soon as we heard the explosion and found you on the floor bleeding. Did you get electrocuted? How do you feel?” Jason was talking a mile a minute.

Jason grabbed my wrist and took my pulse for the hundredth time. “I just tripped on my suitcase trying to find the door. I’ll be fine. Do you have candles or something so I can get home and put my things away? I’ll call the insurance company tomorrow and see if they can get out here to fix their mistake. I’m tired and need to get to bed. Thanks for your help.” I said.

Stephen looked at me shaking his head, “No way pal, you’re here for the night, or you spend the night at the hospital your choice. We have to watch for a concussion.”

I began to sit up and argue his point but when I did the room spun fast. I grabbed my head and plopped back down, “Ok you win. I must have hit harder than I thought.”

Again, lights in my eyes with Jason checking me out again, “Your pupils are good but a little slow to react. We’ll watch you tonight. You can make your call from here in the morning. Right now I’m going to give you a little something for the inflammation and to help you sleep.”

“Right now? Here? Are you crazy? I’m sure it’s just a cut that will heal on its own. I feel fine.” I was scared of needles, who isn’t?

“Who are the Doctors here? Head injuries are not to be taken lightly. I’ll just give you a little shot to help the swelling and pain.” Jason explained with a calming voice, but I wasn’t calm. I was starting to shake with fear.

Stephen sat next to me, grabbed my hand, and started to rake his fingers through my hair, “Shhhh, it will be ok, just squeeze my hand as hard as you want.”

I gave his hand a squeeze thanking him, and then he climbed on the couch behind me and pulled me back into his bare chest. He continued to soothe me as we held hands. Jason came forward with his needle, and I squeezed Stephen’s hand really hard. “I’m sorry if I’m hurting you.”

Stephen laughed. “It’s ok I like it rough.”

Then the sting of the needle came. I was still squeezing Stephen’s hand, and I could feel his cock getting hard underneath me. His cock felt massive as I felt it growing up my back. I felt my cock begin to get hard before I passed out.


When I awoke, I was in a strange bed in a strange room. I lifted my head, and it felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. I let it fall back against the pillow as the night’s events became clear to me. This time I rolled off the bed and stood up. A little dizzy, but my head was clearing. I think it was more from the shot, then the injury. I felt my head, ouch, that was a knot the size of a golf ball. Then I noticed I was wearing the red babydoll lingerie from my suitcase. I looked around the room, and my clothes were gone. I looked in the closet, and there was the sheer white robe B had given me. I put it on and walked out into the hallway.

I stepped into the kitchen, and I heard Stephen and Jason talking. I was embarrassed and ashamed, I wanted to leave. I cleared my throat. “May I have my things and keys so I can go home please?”

Jason poured a cup of coffee, walked over to me, and handed it to me, “Here drink this. How do you feel this morning?” He pulled his arm around me and guided me into the kitchen to join them on the island.

“I feel embarrassed and ashamed. May I have my clothes and keys please?” I repeated as I set the coffee down.

Stephen looked up at me “Embarrassed and ashamed about what? You fell and hurt yourself, it was an accident. Thank god we found you, and you didn’t pass out. Your shirt was a lost cause, so I ran to your house and grabbed your suitcase. I figured you would have clothes in there to wear. So we put some on you to make you more comfortable. You look very nice I might add.”

Jason came up to me and pulled me into a hug, “We don’t judge. Whatever you do in your life is your business. Please know you have friends no matter what.”

“It just happened. I wasn’t looking for anything really. I wanted to change my life, and things just happened on this business trip. I’m confused and don’t know what to do next. It started out one way and just kept escalating. I thought with my dick, and there isn’t much there to think about if you know what I mean?” I said trying to use humor to help myself.

“You are who you are. You don’t have to be hung like a horse to be a good person. Do whatever makes you feel good. If you need someone to talk to I hope you consider us friends and confidants,” Stephen said.

“If you want to change your clothes they are cleaned and folded in the laundry room. You should call and get your situation at home taken care of. You are more than welcome to stay here as long as it takes to get your home repaired.” Jason kissed me on my cheek.

I called the insurance company and explained the problem. They said they would rush someone out this afternoon. I told them to call my cell phone and that I would be next door until they arrived. I told the guys I needed to change.

“It’s early, and the repairman won’t be here for hours. Let’s grab our coffee and lounge by the pool before the heat really sets in.” Stephen said

“I don’t even own a suit,” I said discouraged.

“What you have on is fine, or nothing at all is fine. Our backyard is private. Let’s go, you can decide what you’re comfortable with.” Stephen said as he grabbed his coffee in one hand and laced his fingers in mine pulling me towards the back door. I grabbed my cup just before it was yanked out of my reach.

We sat under the shade of the attached patio. It was nine in the morning and already over eighty degrees out. Stephen pulled off his shirt and shucked his pants leaving him in a cute blue g-string. Right away I noticed that he had no tan lines. His muscular body was completely smooth. I could smell his manly scent. My cock uncontrollably twitched. His balls were hanging out on either side of the material, large and smooth. I looked up into Stephen’s face, and he was watching me checking out his body.

“I guess we don’t need this either. Now you can get a clear view.”

He laughed as he rolled down the g-string to his ankles and flicked them off. My eyes widened as I looked at his entire body. All muscle like a Mr. Universe physique, so handsome. His cock flaccid was maybe a couple of inches bigger than mine when it is hard, and it was hard as a rock right now.

“Go ahead Chris, take it off. You have nothing to be ashamed of. We have to deal with what we are given.”

He leaned over and patted my thigh. A moan escaped my mouth as he made contact with my leg. Jason, not being one to be left out, stripped out of his clothes as well. He was another perfect specimen. He was taller, broad chest with defined pecs, nice hard nipples, and no hair on his body. His waist was small but not too small, and his legs were solid without his muscles being too defined. But his cock hung low, and I’m not sure how much it would grow, but in his semi-flaccid state, he was hanging at least seven inches.

Stephen got up and stood next to me. He reached down and put his fingers in the waistband of my panties. I naturally lifted my ass up and let him pull my panties down to my knees. I rested my bare ass on the lounge chair so I could lift my feet to allow him to pull my panties completely off. “You’re so pretty. Don’t you feel better now?” He winks at me. He turns around to sit back in his chair, and his rock hard solid ass is right there. My cock jumps at the site.

Stephen starts talking like we are not sitting naked and that I didn’t have a dripping hard-on. He tells me about some of the emergency room stories, and we laugh. My cock has long settled down, and my coffee is empty. Stephen gets up and scoops me in his arms like a baby and carries me towards the pool. I grab onto his neck and start kicking and laughing. He leisurely walks down the steps into the pool until we are submerged up to our necks. The water was warm like a bathtub. Stephen’s hand was on my ass massaging it. I looked at him with longing eyes. He leaned in and kissed me. I melted into his kiss. His lips were soft and warm. His tongue gently caressed my lips before parting them and entering my mouth.

My body floated away from Stephen’s as I felt Jason pulling me to his body. Stephen and I continued to kiss as I felt a warm mouth engulf my cock. Jason held me just where my cock was out of the water as he sucked my cock and balls into his mouth. I felt light headed as my body and mind went wild with desire. I whimpered into Stephen’s mouth as my body tensed and I felt my cock flood Jason’s mouth with my cum. My hands gripped a handful of hair as I pulled Stephen deeper into my mouth. My orgasm sent a spasm throughout my body. Jason continued to suck every drop out of my balls.

Jason lifted off of my cock and let my body submerged into the water. He came up to Stephen and kissed him deeply. My cum dribbled from their mouths. I took action to go in and lick my cum off of Stephen’s chin. Jason turned to me, and our mouths met. He pushed more of my cum into my mouth as we shared a long kiss.

We all pulled back. Jason looked at me “Welcome to the neighborhood. Would you like to go upstairs and really get welcomed?” I nodded my head, and I followed one of the nicest butts I have ever seen as Stephen walked behind me.

The master bedroom had a king-sized four-poster bed that would look huge in any other bedroom but this one. The room was twice the size of mine. Stephen picked me up and took me to their bed. Both men lay on either side. The air conditioner blew gently on my moist body from the pool causing my nipples to stick up and become hard as rocks. They both leaned in and took a nipple into their mouths. The contrast warmth felt so euphoric, I moaned as I wrapped an arm around each of their necks encouraging them to continue.

I felt a hand on my ass and a wet lubed finger circling my hole. Jason asked me, “Do you want this Chrissy?”

“Yes, please, yes, call me Chrissy I love it. I want you both,” I pleaded with my new lovers.

Jason, on his knees on the bed, pulled my up to a sitting position and guided my head to his hard cock. I loved being controlled, forced. I opened my mouth and took in another cock into my mouth. Hard and soft, I ran my tongue up and down his shaft feeling every vein pulsing through his engorged cock. I turned my body around to be on all fours and offered my pussy up to Stephen. I wanted both men in me at the same time. More lube and then I felt Stephen’s blunt cock head pressing against my opening. I wiggled my ass as he pressed forward. I felt the pressure and pushed back to meet his forward thrust. His cockhead pierced my hole. The muscles stretched, and the burning pain burst up my body and into my head. I grunted as I wrapped my arms around Jason’s body. I squeezed his ass cheeks hard. Jason ran his hands through my head to relax me. Stephen held still and firm until the pain subsided. I thought I was broken in, I guess it tightened back up.

Cool lube poured down the crack of my ass as Stephen pulled his cock out a bit. I wiggled my ass again to move my skin around his cockhead. I pushed back a bit, and it felt good again. Stephen slowly moved in and out of my pussy. I held onto Jason as our bodies swayed to the slow back and forth rocking as Stephen gently fucked me.

Jason’s cock went a little limp but began to harden back up. I pulled Jason’s cock out of my mouth and pressed my face into his low sagging balls. His skin was soft and smooth as I enjoyed the feeling of his ball sack against my face. I gently licked his balls. I continue to lick around the base of his shaft, all over where pubic hair would be. His male smell was making me wild. I was pushing back against Stephen’s thrusts. I was moaning and grunting. I wanted more, harder.

Stephen picked up his pace. I firmly grabbed my waist as his thrust became harder and deeper. I knew he was building to an orgasm. I grabbed Jason’s cock and shoved it in my mouth. I was the being spit roasted and loved it. My own cock and balls were flopping between my legs. Streams of cum dribbled out of my cock, painting swirling streaks on the sheets below. Stephen started panting louder. He pulled all the way out of my ass and slammed all the way back in holding me still as he continued to press his cock deep inside. He was pumping his load into me, breeding me.

Stephen pulled out, and I fell off of Jason’s cock and onto my back, pleasantly fucked. Stephen got off the bed and went into the bathroom. Jason took his position between my legs. He ran his tongue all over my balls and sucked on my cockhead hard. The pressure was unbelievable. I wanted to cum, but he stopped just as I got to the edge of no return.

Jason lifted my legs over his shoulder and pressed his big cockhead to my freshly fucked hole. He swirled his cockhead around and looked at me, “My turn. I am going to use Stephen’s cum as lube.”

He pushed forward, and I thought I was being split in two. His cock felt twice as thick as Stephen’s. My pussy stretched out. This angle was much better. I watched Jason’s eyes as he pushed his cock into me. I was tight, and he loved it. His cock kept going in, the pressure was building up inside of me. I felt so full. His cock pressed against my prostate and cum leaked out my cock and onto my stomach.

I scooped it up and licked it off my fingers as Jason smiled and pressed more of his cock into me. He leaned down, and we kissed as he gently pushed his entire cock into me. He balls rested on my ass. He just kept grinding his cock into me. His cockhead was massaging me from the inside. The pressure was like I’ve never felt. An orgasm surged through me. My body tensed and my pussy clenched Jason’s cock as tight as I was able.

“MMMMmmmm” came from both of us as we kissed and my orgasm raced through my body.

When my body relaxed, Jason sat back up, grabbed my legs and started long even strokes. His cock almost leaving my body before he pushed it all the way back in. My arms were stretched out towards either side of the bed clenching a handful of sheets in each. My head was thrashing back and forth. “Harder, please please fuck me harder. Shoot your cum in me.” I begged.

Jason picked up his pace. The sweat was rolling down his muscled body. The air smelled of sex and man. He went faster and faster as he neared orgasm. His arms were wrapped around my thighs as he held my ass off the bed and fucked me long and hard. Jason started grunting, “OH FUCK!!” as his orgasm hit. He pressed deep inside and let his balls empty into me.

Jason’s body relaxed, and his cock slithered out of my hole. I felt his and Stephen’s cum dribble out of me. The breeze from the air conditioning went into my hole. I reached down and felt myself still wide open.

Stephen came back in with his hard cock leading the way. I turned sideways to keep the cum from dripping out. Stephen came up to me and slipped into my hole. His breath on my ear as he placed kisses all over my face, “This will hold all that cum from dripping out. You seem to like having cocks in you don’t you Chrissy?”

My ass wiggled against his cock, “Yes fuck me again. Keep fucking me, never stop. I want your cocks in me. Use my pussy. Fill me with all your cum.”

Stephen fucked me for at least twenty minutes before he came again. When he finished, Jason came to me and picked me up off the bed. I was covered in my own cum. I must have cum three or four times. I was drained. He brought me into the bathroom and lowered me into a nice warm bubble bath. They both climbed in with me and gently washed my body.

I love my new neighbors. They are having a party for me to introduce me to their friends. I can’t wait.

The End.


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