Our Readers SPH Experiences 50

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


The Panty thief man tells us of another experience…

I recently submitted a story about a friends girlfriend coming over to my house after he had hit her. She was crying and saying she wanted to leave him but the sex with him was so amazing because he had a dick that in her words, “Left you satisfied.”

She had gone on to explain it was nearly 10 inches long and very thick and they fought so often that he’d rough fuck her when mad and forcefully pound her ass with his big cock to punish her. She said that when he first did that to her, it hurt bad, but she said that the orgasm it induced in her ass was like nothing she has ever experienced! Well last night, she invited me to come over to her and her boyfriends place to play some darts. I quickly agreed because just looking at her beautiful face and her round little ass makes my dick drip precum! I decided I was gonna wear a green, lace, low cut pantie that I took from her laundry. As soon as I put it on, the material began rubbing against the head of my shrunken 1 inch dicklette. Oh fuck! Her fucking panty felt amazing as it was a little small for me so it kept riding in my ass and the material made me precum all over her panty.

I drove to their place, but before I did, i emailed her to let her know what time I should be arriving. She replied and asked what was I doing just then. I decided to be half honest so I told her my bitch ex had sent me an audio file of her getting slammed by two 9.5 inch cocks at the same time, one in her ass and the other in her cunt. I told her my bitch was babbling like a retard telling the two men how fucking big their cocks were compared to my 4 inches and that she was barely understandable in that she couldn’t stop cumming. For a few minutes there was silence and no reply from her end when suddenly she sends: Nice…please don’t talk about your ex when you come over because she is dumb and just tryna hurt you.

I sent back: Nice? Her DP or me coming over?

She said: Uh… Your ex is dumb.

I said: There was an email saying jack off your little dick to this loser. Again, silence, so I said: I was so humiliated! Because she knew I would be hating her and still be furiously jerking off my small cock.


Then she sent: See you soon.

When I did arrive at their place, she acted like we never ever talked and like she was a good girlfriend. She greeted me with a hug and I saw her look down towards my crotch. OMG, I thought, if she only knew her panties were soaking wet with precum under my short pants.

She turned and walked away and I could see her pantyline right through the white shorts she had on. I also saw that she was walking a little weird and then it hit me.. When she didn’t reply, she was masturbating imagining my ex getting DP’d from those huge cocks and I bet she imagined me jerking off my little dick! She was walking funny because her pussy was soaking wet!

I sent her a text: Did what my ex bitch did to me make you horny?

She replied: Yes. I bet you jerked off your small dick a dozen times listening to her get fucked the way you can’t fuck her with your 4 incher.

I read that and I came right there in her panty that I had on! Looking across their living room she glanced at me and lifted her little pinky finger. FUCK ME!


This readers new year starts off shaky…

It was New Years and the girl I was seeing was accompanying me to this wedding of a college buddy. Soo as you can imagine my college buddies are a bit wild and soon became wild. Shouting and throwing electric glow sticks at the elderly. Any way when my date and everyone was at the table my good friend Matt yells out randomly. “Jake has a small cock.”

Everyone freezes.

Two girls at the table including my date knew this to be true yet the silence continued. Later that night, we retired to our hotel rooms and me and my date we’re sharing a room with my friend Tony. We got situated in the room and then I went to the bathroom expecting to come out and sleep with my date. Instead, when I came out tony was all over her and she wasn’t refusing. Standing there shocked. I just said “It’s OK. It’s OK.”

They continued.

Things changed when Tony pulled out his dick, which was way bigger than mine, and my date knew it. She smiled and told me her small dick curse was about to be broken. He put on a magnum condemn as I search for a condemn my date brought which she some how lost. And seemed happy I couldn’t find it as I struggled through purse. Then she started screaming louder than I ever heard her before. Tony was inside my date. And my date didn’t object. So then I asked Tony for his extra condemn, but he said in an honest tone, “I only have magnum condemns, sorry, man, but I don’t think those will fit on you.”

My date cracked a smile. I watched her all night get fucked by a big cock while I jerked my tiny dick on the bed adjacent. She screamed louder than I ever heard. When I tried to jump in she was being pounded in doggie stole by Tony. She sucked me for a minute then turn her head to my cock and ignored it. So I went back to the other bed. After two hours of fucking I watched my date swallow his cum. I mean she could of spat it out but she didn’t. She later became my girlfriend and one day asking her about New Years , I asked, “Did you expect him to be that huge?” .

She said, “No, I just expected him to be bigger than you, which may I say, isn’t very difficult.”

We’ve dated for months now and I still have never heard her scream like that one New Years night.


This reader said the high school slut turned on his SPH side…

When I was younger I started seeing this girl who, it was rumored, had a reputation for sleeping around with loads of guys. I thought it was probably not one of my best ideas since I was a virgin and quite inexperienced. I also had some insecurities about having a small dick after seeing other guys in showers and changing rooms. So I thought if the rumours were true she’s obviously going to compare me in her mind at some point. But she was attractive, very keen on me and I guess was even slightly domineering so I thought what the hell.

We were getting along fine for a couple of weeks until one hot and humid summer evening in her bedroom it all changed. Fooling about while laying on her bed, one thing led to another. We were kissing passionately for some time and then quite expertly she undid my belt and popped the button open on my jeans. She slid her slender hand down my pants, grabbed my shaft and began firmly wanking me off where I came pretty quickly. After a slightly embarrassing clean up she got off the bed to tidy herself up. And then I remember as if it was yesterday, she cheekily said my name followed by “…and his little willy”. She giggled and then said something to the effect of “I guess that’s put me in your bad books now!”

I honestly was shocked that a girl that supposedly liked me could be so harsh and direct. I quickly changed the subject at the time but it had an effect on me as you’d expect. Especially since my size which is 4.5″ erect would play on my mind with girls in the future. Leaving that night I’m sure I saw a smirk on her face after a quick good night kiss. Anyway she dumped me a day or so later and I deliberately never saw her again.

Now I think back to that time and how the humiliation of it actually really turns me on now. I guess it’s now a fetish. I enjoy that thought more than the hand job that I got at the time. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if she was hoping for a reaction from me to beg for more verbal humiliation about my small size like playing a twisted game. Plus it gets me hot to think
about the possibility that maybe she had just found a guy with a much bigger dick who she was now into. Perhaps she would tell him about my shortcomings during their exploits. Of course its all entirely possible that she was just being a bitch and it was my punishment for having a little dick that she ended it without us going all the way.


This reader says he got abused by his family…

I was extremely late to finish puberty. I had hair in my pits some on my legs and a deep voice, but literally no growth at all between my legs. I knew I was small just by hearing talks of how big guys were supposed to be. But because I was kinda shy and sheltered early on I didn’t realize just how small. My brother and me were out in the back yard and he threw a clump of mud at me, so I picked up some and threw it back. That turned into a mud fight. With me letting him win since he was only 6. We’ll when we were done I start s to go in to change and my mom yelled for us to stop. She said we couldn’t go in til we got sprayed off. She had us stand side by side on by the back porch and told us to strip and she would spray us

So I thought oh well it’s just mom and she has seen me naked when I was younger. So I stripped and so did my brother. Before I even had my underwear all the way off she started spraying me. The water was splash in my eyes so I used both of my hands to cover my eyes, leaving my crotch uncovered. As she sprayed I heard her laugh then say, “Oh my god, Jake, your smaller than your brother.”

I thought she was just being mean so I kept my face covered. Then about 10 seconds later I hear a lot more laughter. So I uncovered to find my sister and her friend, my aunt, and one of moms friend all standing right outside the back door staring and laughing and painting covering their mouths. I kinda panicked and didn’t think about covering. I looked over at my brother who was also laughing and saw his hanging about 1.5 to 2″ while mine was 1/2 an inch. I ran and pushed past them and ran to my room and threw on some clothes. When I came out they were still laughing and did every time I saw them for about 3 months. They started calling my baby Jake after that.


Another reader gets his SPH delivered…

A few weeks ago I was getting some take away delivered by this pretty young woman and she looked at my groin and smirked at me, before handing me my order. It took my breath away as she was blatantly laughing at the fact I have no bulge. I looked at myself in the mirror and sure enough the sweat pants I was wearing kinda hugged my groin showing the shape and size of my small dick clearly. Then I noticed a trend, every time I got food delivered from this company, the young female delivery person would look at my groin and smirk. This means they’ve been talking about me, and my small dick, and are checking me out whenever I order from their store. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me feel.


This reader’s chode got laughed at…

I have always been very small down below 3/4″ soft, 3″ hard. I had my first experience of SPH when I was 20. I took a girl on a date and she wanted to get laid so we were having some foreplay and when she grabbed what she probably thought we be a cock she said, “What the hell? Let me see your thimble dick, you pathetic little bitch.”

I got so hard so fast as she laughed at me and teased me. I had now idea I would get so turned on by SPH. Now I go to a webcam site and those girls can’t believe how small it is. They laugh and make fun of it too, I haven’t ever been able to get laid because of the size of it. I also was at a pool one time and when I got out there were some girls sitting on the edge of the deck and they were laughing, and said, “Look, no bulge, he must be very tiny.”

They started to giggle and that made me get hard so I let them see my little tent and they giggled and came over and asked if they could see it. When I showed them they were so amazed that it was so small. One of the girls had a huge clit and compared it to my dick, wow was that hot.


This reader get pwned by his doctor…

So I went to my doctors office for a regular check up. Except my doctor was my old pediatrician from when I was a kid. I was 20 years old at this point so I asked if i could get a regular check up anyways. They said yes, no problem so I said OK fine. Little did I know I was in for the most humiliating experience of my life. Everything was going smooth until my doctor asked me to take my pants off. I complied, however I left my underwear on. I noticed her chuckle a little bit at my choice in underwear considering I wore bikini cut underwear cause they fit my package better and ripped easier when the bullies gave me wedgies. Either way I was standing in this room in which I had become accustomed to being exposed from my experiences as a kid. So I was standing there in my teal bikini cut undies in which I had little to no bulge and the doctor asked me that one question I did not want to hear.

“Did you really wet the bed until you were 16?”

I had no choice but to say yes. I couldn’t lie because they had seen me my whole life and knew I was a bed wetter until late into my high school years. In fact, the other doctor was the one who suggested I use ‘goodnites’ or ‘underjams’ to help my little problem. Well they were the ones who made me have to wear bedtime underwear for 3 years and completely humiliate me. Either way. Sorry to get sidetracked.

I was in the doctors office, and she said, “OK drop your pants.”

I almost swallowed my throat. I had no choice so I grabbed at the side of my underwear and pulled them down with my eyes closed. Time seemed to slow down yet i could still hear her chuckle a small laugh as she saw my deepest secret…my very tiny dick. I was about an inch at that point and I didn’t get much bigger when hard, I was only about 3.1 inches hard. So she went on with her examination and when it came time for her to do the cough test I realized she was gonna have fun with my misfortune. She grabbed around my package and said, “Cough.”

So I did.

She went, “Mmm.”

So I got nervous and was worried I had something wrong down there. So I asked “Is everything OK?”

“Yes, everything is fine, but did you ever notice you’re very small?”

I said, “No, I thought I was normal.”

She laughed a little, and said, “Well, in my expert opinion I would say you are a little, well, a lot below normal.” And then she took out her ruler. It was a 6 inch ruler and it made me feel like I was the smallest man in the world. She looked at the 5 inch mark, and said, “5.5 inches is about normal.” Then held it next to my dick, and said, “You’re at 2.4 inches which means you are beyond small. You have a micropenis!”

I couldn’t even make up the words to describe my embarrassment I just sat there and nodded yes because I knew she was right. I was the smallest I had ever been and she sat there in complete control over me and she knew it. She completed my humiliation when she said, “I need to make a record of this cause your my first micropenis.”

“OK,” I said.

She took a picture of my penis and to this day I do not know if she used it for medical purposes of just to laugh at me with her friends. When it came time for the examination to end she said to me, “I’ll see you next time, big boy,” and I realized at that point that I think I may have a tiny pp.


Another reader spreads a message of hope…

Michael here and if you’re reading this story then chances are your dick is little I will keep this brief don’t be ashamed let that little dick fly out! With happiness I was ashamed of my pecker all through school use to change in the bathroom stall in gym Guys would compare sizes, talk about sex, and sword fight. Never thought it was gay because they got more pussy than me so I started studying female anatomy, and watching lesbian porn. Who better to show you how to please a woman than another woman? Isis Love and Skin Diamond were my personal favs in college. Used to practice eating pussy because I thought my dick was worthless got heavy into Cuckold porn and big dick worship porn videos until I met Britney nerdier than I she had Harry Potter hats, Superhero shirts, retro video game collector, short, chubby, glasses, with black hair and green eyes.

She was really into Greek Mythology. This is the girl that I am compatible with but not attracted to. I wanted a hot blonde mean bitch with huge tits that would make me eat a hot steaming load right out of her pussy in a chastity belt. So I didn’t mind telling her my dick was small. Really surprised by her answer she said it was a blessing in Greek Mythology, in fact, Big Dicks was a curse by Hera, Zeus’s wife, because it was a sign of vanity and being barbaric.

And I thought of all the guys with big dicks in porn just ramming girls in they were acting like they enjoyed it but the look on their face looked like it hurt. And I thought all I would have to do to please a woman sexually was to have a big dick and ram her. Wow, with my self-taught anatomy lessons and lesbian viewings I thought why not be with Britney? A decision I’ll never regret. When I lost my virginity to her it was the greatest moment ever senior year in college but it was well worth the wait. Three years later we have a golden retriever and a set of twin daughters. Life is well, my friends, and don’t you worry the right girl will come along just get that vanity out of your mind she may not be the girl that you want, but she is the one that’s right for you. My friends, enjoy your lives and remember always be positive



  • Little Jimmy

    Who knows why being exposed at having a small penis is so exciting. My wife is quite candid about my lack of size but only indulges me a little. One evening we were at a wedding celebration and the subject of decks came up. There were two other couples and a single female at the table besides us. I added my deck is quite big. The single female quickly laughed and said: that is not what X says! Time stopped for me. I just love the idea my penis size was being discussed, even if the statement were totally innocent. I felt my little guy immediately growing and twitching in my pants. Even though I was relishing the moment, I am sure it passed more quickly as my wife immediately said: that is for sure. And then both women started laughing louder. The other couples who were engaged in their own conversations took notice and also started laughing, even if they were not fully sure what was going on. At this point, I only stumbled for words, trying to play it cool and ended up turning red and looking down. I was on the verge of cumming as this is such a huge turn on for me. The conversation of course moved on but later I asked my wife if she had ever mentioned my size to her colleague. She simply said: Maybe.

  • Tobecucked Croydon Surrey uk

    I know my wife must of told her friend abouti was smal
    My little cock as I know this women from old
    Any way I was in my kitchen one day and there was a knock at the door and in she walked she shut the door own so shebehind her and then she see me in my pants , she turned and said you going to let me look at your little dick and laugh turned around and looked at her her eye was down looking at my pants she knew what she see was little . But my daughter said something up stairs I did not know she was there so that put a stop to it .
    What I Wanted was her to walk to me and pull my pants down and see it but. This did not happen and I think if she had still been coming round it would have happened and who knows what I would be writing now zq


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