The New Gym (Gay SPH)


My name is Bryce. I realized at an early age that my looks could open doors for me. I also realized that my big cock could close the deal. Most people would call the way I looked as classic all-American good looks. When I graduated from high school, I was six foot four with blond hair and ice blue eyes. You know the kind of eyes that can pierce right through the soul. My body was naturally muscular, so I never had to hit the gym. I would pop into the gym from time to time just to really get my abs to pop or to use the tanning booth.

I had natural broad shoulders, which extenuated my narrow hips and muscular legs. I was lucky on genetics there again too. I used my looks and my cock to get whatever I wanted. It served me well all the way through college. I graduated with honors and hardly ever attended any classes. Even though I was gay and knew I was gay most of my life, I slept with both men and women to get what I wanted. I slept with most of the football team where I discovered my true passion.

I loved to fuck bodybuilders.

The bigger, the better.

I never met one that was too big for my tastes. I was very excited by the ones who had drug-induced themselves to look like a side of beef at a state fair. This led me to my first venture after college. I decided to open a gym. I wanted a full state of the art gym that was filled to the rafters with huge muscle heads. I wanted my pick of beef to fuck at any given time. For me to finance this proposition, I had to do what I do best. I would sleep with as many wealthy men and women to raise as much money as I could. This took about six months, but I finally had the money and was ready to begin. In the next few months, I would have my passion complete. I had a state of the art gym.

When I say state of the art, I mean it was wired with cameras to spy on the guys in all areas of the gym. I hired specialists to make sure there were no areas I couldn’t see. Besides huge muscle dudes, I needed to fuck guys with tiny cocks. I get off on humiliating bodybuilders with puny cocks or tall dudes with puny cocks. I got off on the humiliation. I made sure all the guys could get supplied with all the supplements they needed. I wanted them to blow up huge. I fucked a dude at a marketing company to do the marketing campaign for me. When I opened, I wanted the demand to be gigantic.

The gym was designed with all in mind. I had the weight room with all the state of the art equipment that any muscle head would die for. There were mirrors everywhere you looked. These guys needed instant gratification, and I wanted them to be happy and huge. Remember, I wanted the guys with more muscles than brains. The other half of the gym was for the regular folks. This would be equipped with everything to keep the hot guys and housewives happy. We had a staff of the hottest personal trainers to help them with everything. I designed the trainer outfits to cling to every muscle for the men and every curve for the women. The hotter they looked, the more they would sell.

These customers were my cash cows. I needed them to foot the bills to keep the muscle heads happy and keep coming in. I paid off some doctors in the usual way so we could keep the muscle heads happy with every type of growth inducer that you can think of. I hired nurses to be on staff to dispense the stuff, but designated them as personal trainers. Word would get around quickly. The opening was a success. My staff signed a lot of full price contracts. The trainers did their jobs and sold, even more, personal training contracts. The day was lucrative. They would send the big guys to me to assess for special deals. If I get enough muscle heads to join, word of mouth will do the rest. I wanted the gym filled with them. They sent me about ten the first day to assess.

And yes, I dressed the part too. Muscle tee that was clinging to my body and skimpy shorts with a jock strap that pushed my package out in front. No one could help but look at my package. I made sure it was out front and proud. I walk like many guys with a big cock. I walk cock first. It’s in front so you can really get a good look at it. I gave all the guys they sent me a free membership for 90 days. I told them to come back and see me after that and I might be able to extend it. None of them got me hot and bothered, but they had some potential if I could push them into some juice. I walked the gym a few times and said hello to everyone. It was going great.

Later in the evening, the front desk lets me know I had another one to see. I turned on the monitor and gasped. This was it. Standing at the desk and waiting was this hot and huge guy. Not gigantic yet, but he was well on his way. He was perfect for me. They sent him back. When he arrived, I got up from my desk and greeted him. Just like everyone else he looked me up and down and stopped for quite a while on my crotch. We shook hands. Even though I have big hands with long fingers, he had some big and meaty hands. This was looking more and more promising. He looked to be ex-military with a high and tight haircut and his posture.

Oh yeah, I like those military grunts. They always take orders well. He looked to be about six feet tall, and I would guess probably two-hundred and sixty pounds or so. He was wearing construction boots and jeans that were stretched so tight around the muscles in his legs I thought the seams would rip. He was poured into a t-shirt that was stretched tight in the chest, and the sleeves were pushed up high by the huge biceps. Yep, he is my type. I can only hope that he has a puny little dick stuffed in there. I looked for clues but with guys with legs that big it’s hard to tell. He had black hair and dark piercing eyes. He was sporting a day or two of scruff.

I said as we shook hands, “Welcome. My name is Bryce, and I’m the owner of the gym. And your name is?”

He answered, “My name is Jason.”

I said, “Nice to meet you, Jason. Did you get a tour of the facility?”

He replied, “No.”

So, I got up and waited for him to get a good look at my package and then motioned for him to follow me. We went to my weight room and showed him around. He seemed impressed. During the tour, I found out that he was an ex-Marine and now worked as a security guard. He worked odd hours, so it’s great that we are open twenty-four hours a day. I asked him what time he would be coming in usually and he replied that about this time every day. He liked to get in a three-hour workout before starting work around the corner at midnight. We returned to my office, and I nonchalantly closed the door behind us. I asked him if he wanted anything to drink and he said an energy drink would be good.

I pulled one out of the refrigerator and handed it to him. As we had more conversations about working out, he said his goal was to get as big as possible. He thought he had hit a plateau and needed an extra kick to put on some more size. I told him that we had a full staff that would help him with any kind of supplements that he would need.

I told him, “I’m very interested in guys achieving their full potential by any means they need.”

I was smiling my pearly whites when I said this. He said, “I like this gym, but I’m not sure I can afford such a high-end club like this.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I said, “I can offer some assistance to someone like you who is willing to do anything to get huge.”

As I said this, I grabbed my big fat cock and gave it a couple of tugs. He looked at me like he didn’t quite understand what I was saying. I guess he fits what I like with more muscle than brains.

In response, I decided to be blunter and said, “I have needs, and one of those is getting my big dick serviced on a regular basis by someone built like you. I can supply you the gym and all the juice you want, but you must suck my cock and take it up the ass when I ask. If you juice up and grow, the gym and the juice are free.”

I paused to wait for it to click into his brain. He finally got it, and he smiled and said, “That’s fine. I’ve never sucked cock before, but it’s worth the price.”

And there we began our bargain. We shook hands, and I said, “Now strip for me. I want to see my prize.”

He pulled off his size twelve work boots and pulled that skin-tight shirt over his head. His chest was clipped but needed to be waxed. I’ll send him to the spa for waxing. He then literally tugged and pulled to get the jeans off. They were so tight on those monster legs. He stood there in only his briefs. They were stretched tight around his huge muscle butt. He was not shredded, but he was big and full. His size was based on years and years of heavy lifting. Then I noticed what I had been waiting for. I hit the jackpot.

His briefs were not bulging in front at all. I snickered to myself and said, “The briefs too.”

He looked at me and cringed and pulled them down. At that point, I broke out laughing. I couldn’t help myself. Here was this mountain of a man and there was hardly any cock.

I said, “Dude… Where’s your cock? That thing is the puniest cock I’ve ever seen. What is it about one inch soft? And those balls, they look like a couple of marbles. Damn, no wonder you were looking at my big cock so much.” I kept laughing, and a funny thing happened. His little pathetic cock started to get hard. I said, “Damn. Your little boy dick is getting hard. Well, at least I think it’s getting hard.”

His little boy dick got hard. It was maybe three inches when hard. This is like my wet dream come true.

I pulled out the tape measure and said, “Let’s measure that pathetic little thing you call a dick.”

By this time, he was hard as a rock. I put the tape next to him, and it didn’t quite hit three inches. It was more like two and three-quarter inches.

He was cringing again, and I said, “Yep, it is pathetic. How do you even piss with a cock that small? WOW. That’s all I can say.” Then I commanded, “Flex for me. Show me your muscles.” At that, he smiled and posed and flexed. He was huge, and I was happy. After his routine, I said, “Get on these scales. Let’s see how big you are today.” He walked over and stepped on the electronic scale. It settled at two hundred and sixty. He smiled, and I smiled, and then I said, “So. How big you want to get?”

He said, “As big as I can. I want to be huge. Well, I’m huge, but I want to be even bigger.”

I said, “You must be trying to compensate for having such a puny cock.”

I’m six foot four, and he’s six feet tall, but he has about sixty pounds on me as I’m about two hundred. He said, “I’ve been lifting since high school. I always wanted to get big, but the military gave me the opportunity to really bulk up. Now that I’m out I want to keep going.”

I commanded, “Now it’s time for you to get busy and see what a real man’s cock looks like.” I pushed on his shoulders, so he got the hint. I guided him down and made him sniff it and said, “That’s what a real man’s crotch smells like.” I pulled my shorts and jockstrap down and off, and I stood there with his face looking at my big cock. I said, “Yeah, look at that. I’m over six inches soft. That’s twice as big as you are hard. Now that is a real cock.” I looked down at him waiting for it to sink in. I said, “Now touch it. Grab it with those big hands. Give you an idea of what a real cock feels like. You like that, don’t you? For such a big guy, you are a real pussy boy.”

With that, he got a strained look on his face. And sure enough, that little cock of his had cum.

I started laughing and said, “You are a pathetic little pussy boy with a little puny cock. Your little cock came just by touching my big man’s cock. I think I own you now, pussy boy.” He slowly shook his head. I said, “Now back to servicing my huge cock.”

My cock is fat when soft. I’m uncut, and the skin covers my head completely. It’s so fat it even looked big in his meaty hands. My balls are big and fat and tight to my dick. They are like a couple of plums, and they carry a lot of juice.

I commanded, “Now you have to get used to sucking cock this thick. I don’t think you will take the whole thing for a while, but the goal is for you to eventually swallow the entire ten inches. Oh yeah, it’s ten inches when hard, and the foreskin will be tight and still cover my head. It will look like a ten inches beer can when you get me hard. And yes, it’s a lot of work to get me hard.”

I let that all soak in.

“I want to hear lots of praise as you suck me, boy,” I said.

The adoration of a huge guy like him will get me hard. I need him to work on it and beg. I continued, “I bet that little pussy boy dick is hard again isn’t it. Let me see.”

He attempted to show me that little cock and then said, “You cock is so huge. I’m in total awe of it. I’m so puny and pathetic, and I don’t deserve your big cock, but I want it so bad.”

I thought about bending him over and fucking him right now, but I decided to get my blowjob first.

I commanded, “Open wide. This is really going to stretch your mouth. Now, flex one arm for me while you are sucking me.”

Jason behaved like he should. He was a good grunt and took instructions well. He opened wide and was really trying to get me hard. His tongue was working under my foreskin which is the fastest way to get me hard. He was on his knees and flexing those huge guns for me. I know those guns were at least twenty. I was hoping they were about twenty-one or more. They will grow bigger, and I can’t wait to be part of it. I was holding his head to make sure he was sucking. I made him open up wide while it’s soft so he can adjust.

I buried it deep down his throat and said, “What do you think of a real man’s cock, you pussy boy? You know you are my pussy bitch now.”

Those big brown eyes looked up at me as he knew what I was saying was true. He finally has accepted his place in life, and it’s to serve my big cock. I let him know who was the boss and let my big cock start to expand a little. It was growing down his throat, and I was holding his head. He looked up at me with a terrified expression in his eyes. I was holding his head tight on my cock, and it was getting bigger in in his throat. He was not able to breathe, and he knew better than to whimper.

I finally let him up, he choked in some air, and I said, “You better get used to it. If you want to grow, you have to keep me happy all the time.”

With that, he went down on my dick again. It slowly grew to its full ten inches hard. By this time, he could only take about 4” of it in his throat. He tried for more, but I’m just too thick. So, I held him there and said, “I’m going to face fuck you.”

I started thrusting my dick in and out. I think he shot some more cum out of that pathetic little dick of his. This is what a real man’s dick will do to a pussy boy like him. I kept fucking his face for a good ten minutes. I could feel the cum ready to churn out of my fat cock. At that moment, I groaned and said, “Hold on pussy boy, I’m going to breed your throat.” With that, I held his head and shot streams of hot cum down his throat.

I held him there until I was done then commanded, “Clean my dick with your tongue. Don’t forget to get the foreskin too.” He did as he was commanded. After he was done, I said, “All right pussy boy. Go to the next room and clean your little boy cum off yourself. That pathetic little dick came at least twice without you even touching it.”

He nodded his head and went into the next room. I pulled on my jock and shorts while he was gone and found some workout clothes for him. Of course, I found spandex shorts for him and a string t-shirt. I gave him some size twelve shoes and told him to get dressed. I called the spa and had one of them come and get him. I instructed them to wax him from the neck down.

“I want no hair below the neck. Don’t send him back until he is totally smooth.”

They went out, and I then talked to the nurse. He will get a shot and regimen ready for him. He came back in about an hour and damn I loved the look.

I told him, “This is how a pussy boy looks. All hairless. Now strip for me.”

He did and damn did he look hot. I love smooth pits and a smooth crotch. Plus, his ass had no hair. The nurse showed up with his shot and a weight gain shake. He got his shot and was told he would get one every day. He instructed him to up his calorie intake and have at least two or three weight gain shakes a day. We have them made for him here so he can take some home. The nurse left, and I had him get dressed again. I had him meet his trainer, and they left to work out. I watched every minute on the monitors. It was hot to watch. I also watched any other guy that caught my attention. This was a good first day. He finished his workout and headed to the showers. I watched intently as he undressed and took his shower. He was fine. He showed up in my office dressed for work.

He said, “I’m so grateful that you did this for me. I won’t let you down. I have to go to work but will be back tomorrow.”

I said, “Be ready to learn some more about serving my big cock tomorrow.”

He smiled and left.


The next day was routine. No one showed up that had the potential that Jason did. The evening came, and Jason showed up an hour earlier than the night before. Good boy, I thought to myself. He headed directly to my office. He had his gym bag with him and wore those same tight fucking jeans again.

As he walked in and said hello I just said in my commanding voice, “Strip.”

He complied like a good pussy boy. That is one fine body I thought to myself. I can’t wait to see him blow up.

Then I said, “Come on over here so you can learn to deep throat my huge cock. I need you to swallow the whole thing tonight before you go workout. I don’t care how long it takes I need you to be the good little pussy boy cocksucker that I know you can be.” He came over to me. I stood up and pulled down my shorts and jock. I commanded, “Get me hard. Swallow the whole thing while it’s soft and keep it deep in your throat.” He did as instructed. Those big brown eyes looking up at me. “Flex those big guns for me so I can get hard,” I said. I was lying. I can get hard at will as I have excellent control.

He flexed, and I let my big cock start to swell. I saw the determination in his eyes as I let it get bigger and bigger.

I said, “Keep it in your throat. Don’t let it go, you little pussy boy.”

At this point, he was struggling. I gently held the back of his head to remind him of his position in life. Little did he know but I had cameras in my office to film this all from several different angles. I love to watch sluts worship my big cock. It’s so funny to me, but no matter how big they make their bodies, they are still subservient to my big cock. My big cock has all the power. My pussy boy was struggling as my cock was growing in his throat.

I said, “Keep calm. You have to stretch your throat out so you can take it all at any time I want.”

I was almost all the way hard, and I pulled out a little so he could catch his breath. Then, something amazing happened. The greedy little slut pulled me all the way in. He wanted it bad. He had learned, and I was smiling.

I said, “Good pussy boy. Now, I’m going to fuck your face.”

With that, I started the fucking motion in his mouth. I started off slowly and worked my way into a routine. It was hot as hell for me. Not many people can deep throat me, but he really could. He just opened up and let me fuck his face. I picked up speed and kept slamming his throat all the time saying, “Good pussy boy.”

I had really good control and fucked his face for a good twenty minutes. I really wanted him to learn. During that time, I saw his little pussy boy dick cum. I said, “I see that little pussy boy dick of your spewed something out of it. I didn’t know a pussy could cum like that.”

With that, the little fucking dick was hard again. I was ready, so I pulled him in tight and just started spewing wads of cum down his throat. I wanted him to swallow all of it. I held him there until he was done and then instructed him to clean me up good with his tongue. He obeyed. When we were done, I told him to put on his workout clothes. He did. He was so hot in those tight shorts it almost made me hard again. He has no bulge whatsoever in those spandex shorts. They stretch perfectly on his big legs. I called in the nurse, and he got his shot and a pre-workout shake. and then I sent him off to his trainer.

I thought to myself, “Later, I’m fucking that big ass.”


After his workout and before he showered he came back to my office. I’d been watching him most of the evening on the monitors. The power in that body got me going. When he showed up, I commanded him to strip again. He complied. I said come over here and get me hard. He came over to me and pulled down my shorts and pulled my big cock out of my jock. He sucked me until I got hard. I reached into my desk and pulled out a jar of lube. It was time to fuck him. I have wanted that big ass all night.

We maneuvered to the couch, and I instructed him to put some lube up his ass and said, “I’m finally going to fuck you. Get that ass nice and lubed.”

When he was finished, I stuck a finger in and wiggled it around. Nice and tight. Then I stuck in two fingers and worked them around. He squirmed a little. I put them in deep. After that, I lubed up my cock. I had him bend over the sofa and said, “There is no easy way to do this, pussy boy. I’m just going to shove this whole fat dick deep in your ass at once.”

With that, I positioned my dick and said, “While I’m shoving it in, push out with your ass muscles. This will help you take it all.”

And there I went on the deep dive. I shoved it in all at once. There were tears in his eyes and whimpering, and I knew he wanted to scream, but the grunt kept it all in. When I got all the way in, I stayed there for a while. I wanted him to get used to my size. I couldn’t see his baby dick from where I was, but I’m sure he shot a load. His ass was big. Damn, is it a big wide ass. I’m in heaven. His hole is tight as hell. Damn, he felt good.

After I let him rest for a minute, I said, “You doing all right?”

He mumbled, “Yes.”

I said, “yes, what?”

He said, Yes Sir.”

I said, “I can’t hear you.”

And he said much louder in that deep voice, “Yes Sir.”

I replied, “You are a good pussy boy now get ready for a long ride.”

I positioned myself and pulled out the way out with a slurp. He gasped when I did that. Then I immediately slammed all the way in. He gasped again. I positioned my long legs to thrust hard into him and started to fuck in and out. Slowly at first and then picking up speed. I got up to a good pace and was really fucking him hard. The whimpering finally stopped, and his ass started to meet my thrusts, so we were working in concert. He is finally in the rhythm of a fully pussy bottom boy. I needed to see his face when I came. I pulled out and instructed him to lay on his back on the sofa.

I hefted those huge legs over my shoulders and spread his cheeks and started to fuck again. I think I saw a smile on his face. I knew at that moment that he was finally happy and I was happy fucking the living hell out of him. I pounded that big ass like there is no tomorrow. He took that huge cock of mine like there was no tomorrow. I saw his little cock cum again. It was so small and pathetic and hard to see. After fucking him hard for quite a while, it was time to reward him with my cum.

I pushed in deep one last time and let loose. I could feel the cum gushing out of my balls and my big fat cock. It was deep inside him. He had a strange look on his face, but I could tell he was satisfied. I stayed inside him for quite a while before pulling out. I was spent. That was the hardest I’ve ever been able to fuck anyone, and he took every pounding like the true grunt he is. I told him to go use my private shower.

He said, “Thank you, Sir, for fucking me. I now know my place, and it’s serving you.” With that, he walked that huge body out of the room. I walked in after him to clean up. I needed to take a piss badly. I went to the toilet and said, “Come over here, boy.”

He obliged. I said, “Stand behind me. I want you to hold my dick while I piss. I want you to feel a real man’s cock when he pisses.”

He did as commanded. He held my cock and aimed it for me. I did love the feel of those big meaty hands. I said, “How does that feel boy?”

He replied, “Big, hot, and big Sir.”

I let out a gushing stream. I made sure it was a powerful stream like he had never felt before When I was done, I said, “Shake it off.”

He did. I could see his big eyes watching in amazement. He came out dressed and ready for work. I said, “Starting tomorrow I want you to do two-a-days. You need to be here after you get off work in the morning and before work at night.”

He nodded and said, “Yes Sir.”

With that, he left.


We went through this routine for about a month. I was getting his ass at least twice a day and more when he had days off. The gym was successful, and all was good. At the end of the first month, it was time for a weigh in. When he came in for his morning workout, I had him strip and get on the scale. Damn. This was good. He was starting to blow up. He was already two hundred and seventy-five. I thought the jeans were looking tighter.

My plan was working, and my pussy boy was growing. I was ready for the next phase. I had him quit his job and come work for me at the gym. He was the perfect poster boy for my success. I also had him move in with me. Now I have a pussy boy around to service me all the time. After six months of training, he was getting really hot, bloated, and broke three hundred. When he hit three hundred that puny cock mostly disappeared, those monster legs dwarfed it. The bigger he got, the more I fucked him every day.

The End.


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