Locked out in the Buff


Suzie was in just a bit of a pickle. She was locked out of her room with only the skimpiest of towels to cover her. There was no way back in as the door had closed behind her with a very firm click indeed. The key was on the inside on the table just where she had put it when she had first come into her hotel bedroom..

How had it happened? How had she been so stupid? She had only nipped out to see if she had dropped her scarf in the corridor when she had come back to her hotel room not ten minutes before. A quick shower and then she had noticed it missing. A sudden idea in her head that it might be outside, just dropped on the floor. A Hermes scarf – not the sort of thing you could casually lose and not worry about. Unfortunately it was not outside her door, but then she had thought she might have dropped it a little up the corridor or even just around the corner. It had been the automatic, unthinking going to see, yes, just a quick peak around the corner, that had been her undoing. The sound of that click behind her had come just as she peered around the corner and had instantly known both what the sound was and just what it meant. The scarf, of course, had not been there.

The towel barely covered her nipples – it only just reached below her sex. As a skirt it could not have been shorter; as a dress it could not have begun any lower. Holding it at the back, she was not sure its two ends actually closed over her bottom – it was not an item of modesty. Suzie was for a moment rooted to the spot – or rather rooted to her door handle, She had, of course, scooted straight back to her door. Back to safety – not!

She could not bear the idea of going down to reception like that for another key card – it would be simply too awful. Suzie reasoned she had two alternatives – hide in a cupboard or knock on Brian’s door. She knew it would be dreadful doing the latter but the idea of hiding in a cupboard was plain stupid and there was simply no way she could go down to reception: not like that. It had to be done, she had go to him – Brian, of all people. Why could she not have gone to the client visit with someone else like Cathy or even Mr. Evans, her boss? It would have been so easy to knock on Cathy’s door or even Mr Evans: but no, they were not there, only Brian. For him to see her like this, almost worse to have to ask for help and worse reveal her stupid mistake… It did not bear thinking about.

At least she could remember his room number – but he was on the top floor. She had to get there. Walking down the corridor trying to hold the towel was one thing, calling the lift and not knowing who would be in it or might come out of it was quite another. Suzie scurried to the lift and pressed the button, managing to drop the towel in the process. She was lucky, for a few moments she had been stark bollock naked, as the expression goes, on the second floor. Anyone coming out of a room would have seen her! Worse, if he or she had come out just when she bent down and grabbed the towel. It would have been obvious she did not have bollocks!

By the time the lift arrived, modesty was restored and Suzie’s relief in finding it empty was palpable. She pressed the button for the seventh floor and, in the process, managed to drop the towel again. As the doors closed she hurriedly bent and picked it up. It was perhaps lucky it had not been caught in the door. How awful would it have been to see that scrap of semi-modesty whisked away as the lift ascended – just disappearing between the closed lift doors and left trapped between the lift doors on her floor.

Momentarily she imagined the ‘ping’ as the lift reached the seventh floor and the doors opening and her standing there naked. A surprise to anyone waiting and what if happened to be the awful Brian?

It was one of those lifts with mirrors all around and, as the lift moved and Suzie straightened, she saw herself reflected innumerable times, the image bounding off opposing mirrors creating an illusion of tens, or even more, Suzies disappearing into the distance, all of course completely naked. More breasts than she could count and half as many vee shapes of dark curly hair.

Desperately Suzie wrapped herself in the towel and then realised the lift had stopped on the third floor. It was a chance, a forlorn hope that nobody would get in, perhaps the person who called the lift would already have got into the other one. Suzie was not so lucky. It was not one person but two men dressed smartly in suits. They did not say a word and after glancing at her seemed to look away and ignore her. How gentlemanly! It was only as the lift stopped on the sixth and they got out did she realise they had been staring behind her and into the mirror; at her visible bottom between the not quite closing edges of the towel. As they got out on the sixth they turned as one and watched her through the closing doors. The bulges in their trousers obvious. What if the lift had failed, the lights had gone out and she been trapped in the lift with them? Surely hands would have roamed – or worse? Would her white towel have been pulled away and stuffed into her mouth to prevent her making a sound? She shuddered as the lift ascended once more.

On the seventh floor Suzie raced up the corridor looking for Brian’s room number, all the time holding on to her towel. She knocked.

“Wait a minute – who is it?”

It had just got worse, Brian was presumably in the shower or something, and behind her she could hear footsteps. “It’s me!”


Yes, of course it was her – it was Suzie’s voice. “Quick, quick (you dickhead).”

But it was too late. The footsteps were right behind her. She tried to look nonchalant, starting to walk down the corridor. Suzie heard the pause, the intake of breath, the confirmation the towel still did not meet in the middle. It was a man, it had to be a man, and he looked back at her as he passed and nodded but he was not really looking at her face, no, he was looking her up and down and not making much secret of it. His broad grin was a complete giveaway. She supposed it had been an appreciative nod – one of approval (bastard).

Suzie watched the man’s retreating figure. Just as he reached the corner he turned and looked at her again. His grin had not lessened (men!).

Brian’s door opened and she turned. He had indeed been in the shower and had just a towel around his waist, its ends clutched behind him. No problem for him as it fully covered what needed to be covered. He gaped at seeing Suzie dressed in so little and stepped towards her. She knew just how she appeared with her boobs almost popping out of the top of the towel and all sorts of interesting things – to a man – almost appearing at its base. He was clearly stunned by her appearance – not so much her being there but how she looked. After a half step he was, seemingly, rooted to the spot, for once in his life lost for words. Behind him the door was slowly closing, the fire door closer doing its job and in slow but inexorable motion. They both stood and stared at each unspeaking. They were not paying attention to the door. Then Suzie found voice:

“Hey, watch out.”

Brian began to take another step towards her, not realising what her warning meant, and the door moved its last half inch and closed catching the edge of Brian’s towel just as he moved. As he stepped away it caught, was held, pulled and came off, leaving him damp, pink and completely naked in the corridor with Suzie and her tiny towel. Instinctively her eyes dropped and she got quite a shock. For all his bluster, his irritating manliness, Brian had the smallest cock she had ever seen. She had thought herself the embarrassed one but now… It was really, really tiny.

He squeaked – literally squeaked and grabbed at the towel pulling at it. It was quite a ridiculous sight and Suzie almost burst out laughing at the sight of her co-worker tugging frantically at his towel as it remained firmly trapped in the door, his little cock bouncing around as he pulled. It just would not come away. It was completely stuck in the closing door. Suzie would have laughed out loud in derision had not, firstly, she been in almost the same predicament and, secondly, there were more footsteps coming.

“Quick Brian, in here.” It was to be a stupid cupboard after all. It was small and cluttered with cleaning equipment. Suzie dragged him in with one hand and with the other pulled the door closed behind them, unfortunately releasing her hand on her towel. It slipped. It was cramped in the cupboard and brought them up close and personal – hardly the regulation space between co-workers – indeed no separation at all. It was not just that her arm was touching his bare arm but her breasts were pressed against his naked skin. The footsteps came closer and stopped. It was a man and a woman talking and they stopped right outside the cupboard – of all places. Perhaps they were looking at Brian’s towel hanging from his room’s door.

Suzie held still, not saying a word, hardly daring to breathe as she listened. So conscious her towel had slipped to the floor. She could only retrieve it once they were out of the cupboard. There was not room to bend down and get it until they were out of the cupboard – but then, she realised, Brian would be able to see her. The thought of Brian of all people seeing her naked was awful. It was awful being tight against him, skin to skin, it would be even worse to be seen naked by him. It then came to her that Brian was moving: no, not his hands or arms or legs or head but unbelievably and awfully he was having an erection. Pressed face to face in the cupboard, breast to breast, his cock was obviously stirring and growing. His little cock was growing and poking into the curls of her pubic hair. She could feel it. Brian’s genitalia was touching her own – really poking at it! Something in her worst nightmares she had never imagined!

Suzie could not even say “Don’t do that.” given the people outside the door. She did not even dare nudge him and, in any case, what could he do? It was, after all, an involuntary, natural reaction. Men had erections. Simple as that. Unsurprising, really, when pushed up against a naked woman. Even she could not find fault with him for that. There it was, she could most definitely feel it, growing and poking right at her. The awful idea jumped into her head of the little thing suddenly coming and leaving sticky, white semen to matt her curly hair. His stupid little penis – she could not really believe it was so small – pumping his stuff onto her. The further embarrassment of a man’s cum dripping from her pubes adding to her existing nudity.

There was no sudden feeling of spurting, no hot wetness: just the feel of a little hard cock and the terrible consciousness of being tightly and unmovingly up against Brian, skin to skin. So not what she had ever wanted to do! At last the voices moved off. Suzie pushed at the door – it did not budge. Again an awful image: being trapped and getting hotter and sweatier with Brian in the cupboard and being unable to stop him pushing his cock up between her legs and having sexual intercourse. And then she felt Brian’s hand moving and touching her hip.

“What are you doing?” She hissed.

“The handle,” he explained and the door opened..

The light flooded in and Suzie stepped out looking first up and down the corridor before turning and bending down to reach for her towel only to come face to face with Brian’s erection. The whole thing was like a miniature version of what she was used to. Perfectly proportioned but only about 3 inches long – and that was in its erect state. It was indeed clearly and very firmly erect: little ruddy pink swollen head, wrinkly foreskin and all. Nothing unusual, all properly arranged, a finely proportioned example as regards its various components – just very small and out of proportion with his body.

Suzie had her towel but there were the sound of more footsteps. Hurriedly she got back into the cupboard. Brian’s hands flew to hide his penis as Suzie stepped back into the cupboard and pulled the door closed plunging them back into darkness and safety.

This time instead of Brian’s cock exploring her intimate curls she had pushed herself in onto his hands. The footsteps got closer and they both froze as the footsteps passed and receded.

“Could you possibly take your hands away from my thighs and make that thing go down.” Suzie did not know which was worse: a pair of hands at her pubes or Brian’s hard little cock touching her.

“Sorry. I… what are we going to do? Indeed, why are you here at all?”

“You’re the man. Isn’t it your job to lead?” With Brian, Suzie could not avoid the nasty sarcasm.

“What were you doing at my door with precious little on? I mean I know you girls find me irresistible but…”

He seemed to have recovered something of his usual self.

“Shut up, Brian. I had done the same thing as you have just, so brilliantly done, (prat) – locked myself out. I’d come to ask you to go to reception and get my key.”

“I’d better do that then.”

He opened the door, peered out and went to pull again at his towel. It remained stuck fast in the door. Brian returned to the cupboard and got in with Suzie..

“Bugger. It’s stuck. Can I have your towel, Suzie.”

“No, you bloody can’t”

“And how am I going to go down to reception then? I can’t be seen like this.”

“Not much to see, is there?” The instant she said it, she regretted it. There was sarcasm, there was heavy sarcasm and there was pure nastiness. She had overstepped the mark.

She relented, “Oh, alright here it is.”

There was fumbling, inappropriate but accidental touching in the dark of the cupboard and bumping together as Brian put the towel around himself. “It doesn’t meet in the middle.”

“Must do.” Suzie instinctively reached out her hand to where the join would be. Brian was quite correct, there was a gap, a gap big enough for Brian’s genitalia to poke through and her hand had unerringly gone right for that; she couldn’t have been more accurate if she had tried. It was still hard. She could feel that. The smooth head was pushed into her palm and her fingers were curled under his hairy scrotum. Bloody hell, Brian’s balls were resting on her fingers! Suzie snatched her hand away as if she had touched hot coals.

“Oh,” went Brian, “Oh.”

“Sorry, bad aim. Well, you’ll have to hold it at the back like I did.”

“What and show my arse to everyone in the Reception?”

“Hold it at the fucking side then. Go and get my key!”

“I’ll feel such a fool.”

“You’ll look it.” It was a stupid thing to have said and Suzie instantly knew it.

“But Brian, please. Really I can’t go with my… err my boobs all showing. Have a heart.” Suzie could not think she could go down with just the towel, either her nipples would pop over the towel or, worse, her sex would show beneath and it didn’t join up anyway. Imagine being in the lift and then people getting into it – again – male people all looking at her and suddenly her hand slipping and her boobs popping out over the top of the white towel or worse dropping the whole thing again.

“It’s your bloody fault.” Brian was having a go.

There was silence for a few seconds.

“Yes, sorry.” She could not say much else – not when she was asking such a favour.

There was a sigh. Brian was going to do it.

And then the door was pulled open and light flooded in. It was two elderly women and they screamed. Brian grabbed Suzie’s hand and they ran down the corridor turning left and through the first door they found, it was a door labelled ‘Fire Exit.’ They were not pursued and several floors down they paused for breath.

“Fuck,” said Suzie. “Why did we run?”

They were standing naked on concrete stairs. Brian with her towel in his hand. Suzie simply could not imagine how this could have happened to her. To be standing, as if at a nudist colony, with her despised co-worker, Brian, and both showing off everything to the other.

“My towel please.” She did not like Brian seeing her body.

He handed it to her. It hid most of her leaving him exposed. His now wilted little penis hanging and looking ridiculous.

“We were more than startled, I think. They probably thought we were fucking. Must have heard our voices and been puzzled.”

It would not have been an unreasonable assumption given Brian’s (pathetic) erection on show. It wasn’t on show now.

“You wait here and I’ll go to Reception. I’ll need the towel.”

Reluctantly Suzie revealed herself again. Brian was looking right at her. It felt like doing a striptease. Letting him see her big breasts, letting him see the landing strip of dark curly hair, revealing to him her preference in pubic coiffure. Never had she thought Brian would have such intimate knowledge of her, right down to the big, brown darkness of her areolae and the little pixie tattoo on her upper inner thigh – yes, the pixie with the outsize cock. It was a long story why she had that and she had never regretted it more than at that moment. She could see he had seen it but hoped, just hoped, he would not ask. As she pulled the towel away, once more, she found herself looking at Brian’s cock. That was more like pixie size. Wait until she told the girls! He’d never live that down.

It was, though, the wrong staircase. The plan of going to Reception suddenly not so easy. The staircase was a fire exit: not an exit to the hotel. Worse, there was no handle allowing access back into the hotel. Not on any floor, as they soon found out. Slowly they descended seeing handle less door after handle less door. Brian leading with her towel. Suzie cross every time Brian turned and saw her naked. Of course there was a handle at the bottom, a crush handle but when they tried it they could see where it opened onto. They realised there was no way back into the floors, the only way out was at the ground floor and that was out into the (bloody) car park not the Reception.

“Fuck,” said Suzie again.

“No, thanks,” responded Brian.

“Oh bloody ha, ha!” His self confidence seemed to have returned completely – it was more than hers had. “What do we do now. Do we stay in the staircase all night or try to get back into the main hotel?”

The finality of the closing seventh floor fire door hit them. Naked or nearly naked it did not really matter. There they were.

“I don’t know how far it is to the Reception.”

“You’ll have to go, then you come back with something for me to put on.” Suzie knew she was going to have to see her towel going off with Brian out of the door..

There was a noise, a noise above them on the stairs. Footsteps. They looked at each other.

“Out,” said Brian.

They pushed on the crush handle and were outside, out in the open, out in the night. They felt they had to get away from the door.

“Across the car park, see that building, it’s dark there beside it, come on!” Crouching and running between parked cars Suzie’s bare feet hurried across the tarmac followed by Brian.

Suzie could not really believe what she was doing but, breathing hard, she made it into the darkness beside a single storey building; dark because it was a dead end. She stopped suddenly and Brian ran into the back of her. It was full body contact pushing her against the wall, his chest in her back, his penis in her bottom crack – she could feel his thighs against her soft bottom and could feel exactly where his little cock was – very intimate. Bloody hell – he was probably going to get another erection.

“Fuck, Brian, be careful you were nearly up my arse.” And he had the penis for that she thought. If a girl wanted to try anal his was the cock to go for! Not much use in the proper place. Brian had a bottom sized penis – a penis made for bottoms!

“Sorry,” he backed away.

But he must have loved that. There was far too much body contact going on.


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  • Anonymous

    this was actually a sweet and not too humiliating story which I prefer much more often than the cuckold and big cock cheating themes that come out more than often on this site


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