All Potatoes and No Meat (Gay SPH)


“I could be like those folks that stand on the side of the road during them marathon races,” Red Foster quipped as he watched the plump kid guzzle the bottle of water he had just been given. “Got plenty of time on my hands since I retired.”

The jogger, who the little old man knew only as Bobby, had lived down the road for years and until recently had been a quite overweight lad, but over the last several months had been undergoing a drastic chance, having shed a considerable amount of that excess weight.

While Bobby was still a little plump, the sweaty kid who jogged past the Foster place on Neversink Road just before noon everyday was definitely melting away and the change did not go unnoticed by the old timer who made a point of being out there to see Bobby rain or shine.

Red had a wife inside the farmhouse, but she had long ago turned cold and distant to him, and that had led Red to resuming his old habits. First was picking up that hitchhiker on the country road, and even though that rank hippie was not attractive in the least, after Red pulled over to the side of the road and offered the guy head if he agreed to reciprocate – well – it seemed that the taste of that cum had tripped something inside of him, reawakening his old lusty ways.

This Bobby lad – he wasn’t somebody that Red would have to troll the streets for – he jogged right past the house and was there for the taking. His chubbiness was something the old timer found attractive and the fact that the boy was a sweaty mess by the time he ended his 6 mile run around the village of Trenton in Central New York State near Red’s place didn’t bother him in the least.

And then there was that prominent bulge in the lad’s light grey sweat pants. Red couldn’t help but notice that because it practically begged to be seen, and on this day Red decided the time had come to do more than look.

The kid, who seemed to be as naive as they come, followed Red over to the side of the little stand where he sold produce back in the day the farm was actually more of a farm, and while standing on the side of the little shed offered no privacy from the street, people rarely drove by this desolate road.

Red was hiding the two of them from his wife, if she ever got off her ass and looked out of the window instead of staring at the boob tube that is, and after they got there Red was stunned at how easy it was.

“You ought to wear a jockstrap,” Red said to the dazed looking kid who was trying to keep the sweat from burning his eyes, and with that Red moved the lad up against the wall and reached under the elastic of his sweat pants. “Then again if you did I wouldn’t be able to do this – what we got here?”

After Red’s hand slid down through the soggy tuft of pubic hair instead of finding what was making the lad’s pants bulge, his fingers found only a little stub, the plump dick obviously not what got his attention, so Red slid his hand lower.

“Oh yeah!” Red chuckled as he looked at Bobby who seemed to be paralyzed with his back against the shed and his eyes bugging open, and as his weathered hand squeezed a sweaty scrotum that seemed a better fit for a bull than a young man the old timer added, “Damn boy, you got a heck of a pair of nuts on you, don’t you?”

“Ohhh!” Bobby groaned as Red’s fist roughly kneaded his balls, and when the boy didn’t protest Red worked them over harder still until he was practically twisting the orbs in a knot as Bobby squirmed in place.

“All potatoes and no meat – least that’s what it feels like,” Red said, and after he felt something brush against his wrist he bent his hand to get more contact to the underside of the lad’s cock, the senior citizen adding, “And you’re liking it too, ain’t you boy? Made your little pecker hard didn’t I?”

Bobby’s response was a croak as he came, and when the old man felt the chubby lad start to ejaculate his chuckle turned to a laugh as he felt the hot sap cover his wrist and hand, all the while the portly jogger remaining pinned against the wall.

“Why did you do that mister?” Bobby asked as Red removed his hand from inside the humid confines of the sweat pants and looked at the ropes of semen that were hanging on his hand.

“Why did you let me do it?” the old man retorted as he winked while bringing his hand up to his mouth and capturing a string of the seed with his tongue, reveling in the reaction that got. “Seems like you liked it, didn’t you?”

“But we’re out here in the open where anybody could have seen us,” Bobby declared while watching his cum being consumed by the eccentric old man.

“When the hell do you ever see anybody go by here? Only the occasional lost asshole passing through,” Red responded.

“But aren’t you married mister? What if your wife saw you do that to me?” Bobby said as he looked around the shed.

“It’s time for The Guiding Light,” Red explained after looking at his watch. “I could be out here go the ground rotting away and she wouldn’t get off her ass when that show’s on. What do you care about here for? Wanna screw her?”

“No, but…”

“Then don’t concern yourself with her,” Red said before explaining what the had done. “Couldn’t help myself I guess. I saw that bulge bouncing around in those sweat pants and wanted to see if you had a big one, not that it matters to me because I like them all. Even little ones like yours.”

“It’s not that little,” Bobby sniffed, to which Rec retorted by reaching over and pulling the elastic waistband of the sweats and peeking down before the lad pulled away.

“You dick ain’t little, the sun don’t shine and I ain’t old. Whatever you say,” Red snickered. “Like I said, I don’t care and to tell the truth I think yours is cute. I used to like it when I could take a fellas whole thing in my mouth without gagging. You know what I mean, right?”

“I’m not gay, if that’s what you mean,” Bobby sniffed.

“Didn’t you used to pal around with that Bruce Adams? That skinny goober that used to work at the Agway – joined the service a couple of years ago?” Red asked, and when he saw the look of shock on the lad’s face he continued. “Thought so. I knew that boy was light in the shoes.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bobby responded in a very unconvincing voice.

“Don’t make you a bad person,” Red countered. “I like the guys and the gals. Always have and always will, and milking your nuts a couple of minutes ago got me almost as excited as it did you. Want to see?”

Bobby shook his head when the old timer nodded down to his own crotch but his eyes went down anyway, and as the senior explained he pulled down the zipper of his faded green work pants and reached inside.

“Would have been a lot more impressive if you saw it a couple of minutes ago,” Red said as he let his cock hang out of the fly of his trousers and put his hands on his hips. “Ain’t near as thick as yours but it’s got some length to it. It’s even bigger than the one that Bruce Adams boy had on him, and he had quite the pecker didn’t he?”

“How do you…” Bobby asked.

“Touch it,” Red said as he offered his long beige tool to the lad. “You know you want to.”

“No I don’t,” Bobby replied, but even though he was taller and heavier than the little old guy when the senior grabbed his wrist and brought it over Bobby let him.

“That’s it,” Red sighed as the pudgy lad’s hand gripped it in his moist hand, and after starting Bobby’s hand moving the boy started doing it himself. “Feel it getting hard? 66 years old and I can still get it up twice a day if I have a mind to. That a boy. Jerk it harder and watch it grow. See? Eat your vegetables and when you grow up yours might get as big as mine.”

“I’m 18,” Bobby whined, his eyes fixed on the cock he was pumping and the foreskin sliding up and down the conical head as it seemed to length with every stroke.

“All the better,” Red declared as he watched the pale pudgy fist pump his nearly erect cock. “What do you think of it? Back when I was your age a bunch of us went into the woods – those woods down behind Bennett’s Pond matter-of-fact – and we measured our peckers. I won too. It was almost 10″ as I recall, although like everything else on me I think it shrunk some since then.”

“Still real big,” Bobby mused, and as he kept pumping the stiffening rod he started slowly moving until he was standing over the old man’s shoulder looking down at what he was doing.

“What you doing? Pretending it’s yours? No matter cuz’ I like this,” Red sighed as he leaned back against the pudgy and sweaty kid to make his reach around easier. “You’re gonna make me cum pretty soon.”

Bobby started pumping harder, and as the old man felt his orgasm getting closer he asked Bobby, “How would you like me to stick this up your ass sometime?”

“Too big,” Bobby muttered as he watched the purplish organ he was jacking get angrier looking still.

“No it ain’t, and I’d make it good for you too,” Red wheezed, nodding over to the rear of the yard where a picnic table sat under a tree. “Bend you over that thing and make you see the light. You wouldn’t be the first and hope you wouldn’t be the last.”

“Did you – with Bruce?” Bobby started to ask, but was interrupted by the old man grabbing his wrist and stopping him for a second.

“Slow down – now squeeze that frigging cock – HARD!” Red rasped as his body tensed seconds before a jet of semen flew out of his cock and landed a few feet in front of them, and after a couple more ropes spurted out Red let go of Bobby’s wrist and implored him, “Jerk it – milk it hard. That a boy!”

Bobby dutifully kept jerking, even after the old man went limp, and after the lad had milked everything out of him that he could Red finally told him he could stop.

“You want it don’t you?” Red said as he stepped back and got himself together while the boy looked at the semen on back of his hand. “You want to know what it would feel like. Don’t lie. I can tell, just like I could tell when I saw you go by. Don’t think so? Hell, you don’t think I grab everybody like that, do you?”

“I got a sixth sense about guys like you – always have,” Red said as he watched the lad paw the ground with his sneaker. “And my sense about you is that while Mommy and Daddy might not know it, their pride and joy likes dick. Right?”

“You aren’t going to tell them are you?” Bobby asked. “I go to college next month.”

“Why the hell would I tell anybody? Stuff like this don’t go over well in this town,” Red declared. “Although a lot of them spend a lot of time doing what they condemn. Hell, the Reverend gets more boy pussy than anybody.”

“You know about Reverend Wright?” Bobby asked.

“Why, he get you too?” Red asked.

“No – he messed around with a couple of my friends,” Bobby said. “I was kinda hoping he would – you know – with me, but I heard he doesn’t like fat boys.”

“His loss,” Red said, softening a bit as he saw the sadness in the lad’s eyes. “I’m not like that. More cushion for the pushin’, that’s what I say, and besides you’re looking better all time. Real good. So what do you say?”

“When?” Bobby said.

“I’m good for tonight,” Red said. “Supposed to be a warm night. Nice night for bending over a picnic table.”

“I never did it before,” Bobby confessed. “I did stuff with guys but never that.”

“A virgin?” Red asked with a raised eyebrow, and after Bobby nodded he added, “I don’t mind being the first, and then years from now you can say your first was your best.”

“Will it hurt?”

“You want the truth or you want me to lie?”

“Uh… lie,” Bobby sniffed as he looked at the strings of cum on the grass.

“It won’t hurt a bit,” Red chuckled, and then said, “Course it will but I guarantee you that by the end you’ll be wanting more. They always do.”

“What time?” Bobby said.

“Any time after dark,” Red replied. “Ten or so I reckon. Just come on down and sit at the table. No need to come knocking. Besides, my old lady wouldn’t understand. Just come on down. It’s about time somebody made this boy a man. Perfectly good waste of sweet ass.”

“Be looking for you,” Red said as Bobby nodded before jogging down the road towards home.


Ironside did it, Red noted as he watched his wife’s eyelids finally give up after the show ended, and as Dean Marin started the old man looked outside toward the picnic table where he had left a couple cans of Utica Club in bucket along with a worn old towel and the nearly empty bottle of baby oil.

It was dark out there and because he hadn’t bothered to replace the burnt out light bulb back there it would stay dark since the moonlight was strained through clouds and offered little in the way of illumination, but Red saw.

Red saw the outline of hulking form sitting at the table waiting for him, and after giving his snoozing wife one last look he went to the back porch. Clad only in pajama bottoms, the skinny old man opened the screen door and after stepping out closed it behind him just as quietly. Bobby was aware of his neighbor approaching and stood up as he got near.

“You look like you’re going off to school,” Red snickered. “You didn’t have to get dressed up for me.

“I was all sweaty,” Bobby explained.

“Wouldn’t have bothered me,” Red said as he told his young friend to get undressed. “Besides, you’re gonna get all sweaty again anyway – yours and mine – because it’s muggy as hell out here.

Bobby took of his clothes, trying to make sure they all stayed in one place as he watched the old man let his pajama bottoms drop before stepping out of them, his wrinkled hand going down to his flaccid cock to pull it while he waited.

“You drink the beer I left there for you?” Red asked.

“Most of it,” Bobby replied as he nodded towards the opened can on the table. “Thanks.”

“Least I can do,” Red explained as he took the towel and spread it on the end of the table.

“So you don’t get splinters,” Red said as he gestured for Bobby to sit back down, and when he came over wiggling his cock he sent a message without words.

“Oh yeah!” Red hissed as he watched the lad lift the limp cock to his lips and take it in, adding, “It’ll get easier to handle when it gets a little stiff, and the way you’re going that won’t be long.”

Bobby’s mouth took in as much of the rubbery tube as he could, and while the spongy tool was like wrestling a snake at first, like the senior citizen had said once it got harder it would be easier.

“That a boy,” Red whispered as he ran his hand through the boy’s shaggy brown hair while impressed that the lad was sucking more than half of his cock.

“I was you once,” Red said softly as he motioned to the rear of the yard. “Over 50 years ago. I came home late and my old man took me into the barn – that same barn there. I guess I mouthed off because he took the switch to me. You ever get beat like that?”

“No sir,” Bobby said, taking the semi-turgid tool out of this mouth long enough to answer.

“Probably a good thing. Anyway after he whipped my bare ass he threw me over a bale of hay and fucked me,” Red said calmly. “Didn’t mind so much what he did but the way he did it – tried to hurt me, the sadistic bastard – just like he did with the switch, and that donkey-dicked bastard managed to succeed.”

Bobby looked up at Red, the now erect cock still in his mouth, and even in the dim light the old man could see that the kid’s eyes were bugging out.

“Over 50 years later and I still remember it,” Red said as he rubbed the smooth chubby cheek of the lad. “I suspect that 50 years from now you’ll be remembering this night yourself, and I want you to be able to look back at it in a way better light.”

“I know I seem like a crazy old coot but I’m not, at least not yet,” Red chuckled softly. “I’m just a little perverted. Lonely too, and I know it sounds strange to be lonely when you live with somebody all day and night but I am.”

“It’s time son,” Red said as he helped Bobby get up, sprinkling some baby oil on the weapon waving in front of him and encouraging the lad to rub it in for them.

“Bruce wanted to do this to me too, but I was chicken,” Bobby explained as his trembling hands greased the throbbing cock whose bulging veins seemed to be pulsating in his grip. “Still scared.”

“I know son,” Red said as he brought Bobby over to the end of the table, and after making sure that the towel would protect the lad from getting splinters, had him lean over the wood.

“I’ll bet these babies are full of sap,” Red observed as his hand found the over-sized orbs and kneaded them roughly. “That feel good to you?”

“Yes sir,” Bobby groaned as the old’s man’s weather hand practically twisted his scrotum in a knot.

“You’ve got a great ass – hope you don’t lose all of it,” Red sighed as he brought his thoroughly greased hand up between the fleshy globes, and after getting the boy to spread them further pushed his hand up.

“Ooh!” Bobby gasped when the old man’s oily finger found the fur ringed orifice, and as Red corkscrewed the weather digit deep into the plump boy’s ass Bobby’s hands clutched at the sides of the picnic table.

“Yeah – I knew you’d like it once you tried it,” Red chuckled as he tried to add another finger to the party. “Just relax and enjoy it.”

“Hurts,” Bobby gasped.

“My cock won’t hurt so much because it ain’t got no bones, although it’s so frigging hard right now you’d never know it, Red snapped, and then he was pulling his fingers out of the lad and moving himself between his chubby thighs. “Here we go.”

“OMIGOD!” Bobby cried out as Red introduced his greased manhood into the lad’s virgin ass.

“Ssh!” Red hissed, grabbing the back of Bobby’s scalp and pulling it back with it. “My old lady’s deaf but she ain’t dead. Now hush and take it like a man.”

Bobby kept sobbing but did it more quietly before his whimpering became barely audible, and soon the only sounds were the wheezing of the old man and the squeaking of the picnic table as Red pounded into the boy, the entire thing swaying under the weight up the boy and the thrusts of Red.

“Yeah – what a sweet tight ass you got on you,” Red hissed as he bent over on top of the boy and slid all of his long prong into Bobby, his hands reaching under the lad to squeeze his boy boobs and pinch his nipple. “So fucking tight I can’t hold back much longer – but you don’t want me to cum now, don’t you?”

“No,” Bobby said.

“You’re liking it too much, aren’t you?” Red snarled as he straightened back up and began pounding harder and faster, and then grunted, “Can’t be helped – cumming.”

The two men both groaned, with Red announcing his cock soothing Bobby’s bowels with his warm sap and the lad sighing with pleasure, and after Red’s cock went limp he extracted the flaccid snake and let the lad up.

“You were right Mr. Foster,” Bobby said excitedly as he turned around. “It was really good.”

“Told you,” Red declared.

“Can I do it to you?” Bobby said, and Red laughed as he looked down at the fat toadstool, reaching under the stub and squeezed his huge balls.

“I ain’t a catcher, I’m a pitcher,” Red explained, “Besides, your pecker would never reach my hole, but I’ll tell you what I’ll let you do.”

“You don’t ever go telling anybody I let you do this. I’m only letting you because you’re a nice kid,” Red said after rubbing baby oil between his buttocks and assuming the position the lad had been in. “Now stick it between my cheeks, squeeze them together and pretend you’re fucking me.”

“Ooh!” Bobby cried out as he humped wildly in the old man’s ass crack. “Feels so good. Oh no!”

Red cackled as he felt Bobby shooting his load into his ass cavern after less than a minute of vigorous humping, and then they shared the other beer in the bucket.

“Gotta tighten up this table,” Red said as he made the top sway with little effort. “When you back tomorrow night I don’t want us ending up on the ground, and tomorrow night I won’t cum so fast.”

“Can I come back tomorrow night?” Bobby asked.

“Of course you can,” Red said. “And I expect to see you out there jogging tomorrow morning too.”

Soon the boy would be off to college, but until then Red was planning on handing off a lot of water during the day and making plenty of nighttime deposits into that chubby butt of Bobby’s.

The End.


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