The Accountant

Max Swan (Horrorotica)

Chapter 1

Bryan Jones meets Shayna in a bar near a hotel to find the mysterious woman sitting in a booth drinking a Manhattan. The woman’s called Shayna, a thirty-something blonde with a curvy figure and big breasts. What strikes Bryan is she is wearing a dark trench coat and sunglasses, even in the dimly lit bar. There’s a manila envelope under a black gloved hand. He knows she’s the woman he’s supposed to meet because there’s a heart-shaped diamond crusted clasp on her lapel.

“Shayna?” Bryan asks with a slight smile and the woman nods, gesturing for him to sit. “I don’t have much time, so if we can get to the point, I’d appreciate it.”

“How’s Penny?” Shanna asks in a cool, sultry voice.

Bryan gasps. “How do you know my wife?”

“I don’t,” Shayna said with a shrug. “I know of her.”

“What’s this all about?” Bryan asks with a frown.

She sneers and slides the envelope to him. The man stares at it, then back at the mysterious woman who takes another sip of her drink nonchalantly. Bryan sighs and takes the envelope in his hands, then pulls out a clutch of papers. As he flicks through them, his eyes grow wide, and face turns pale. His head snaps up, and he blinks at her with his mouth agape.

“Where did you get these?” Bryan asks a tremble now visible in his hands.

“A hacker friend of mine,” she said. “Interesting don’t you think?”

“So you’ve brought me here for blackmail?”

She smiles. “Yes, and so much more,” she said coldly.


“I want a cut of the money you’re stealing, and I want you.”

“Me? What the fuck are you talking about?” Bryan said slamming his hand on the table.

“I need a new toy,” she said, “and men like you make the best playthings. You have too much to lose if you don’t obey.”

“What are you talking about?”

Shayna raises her hand, and a waiter appears and puts a glass of scotch in front of Bryan. “Take a drink and calm down,” she said. “The way forward is clear. First, you’ll pay me five thousand a week into the bank account on the slip of paper in the envelope.” Bryan falls back, takes the scotch, and drinks it. “For that, I won’t send those documents to your boss and the police.”

“What else?” Bryan asks, glancing around.

“You’ll be my toy, and obey my every order,” she said coldly.

“Toy? Toy? What are you talking about?”

She lowers her hard, and then her sunglasses and Shayna’s icy blue eyes peer at him. “From now on, you only talk when I ask you a question. Is that clear?” Bryan’s mouth falls open; fingers touch his parted lips gingerly. “Good, now I have a room booked next door, so I can check you out properly.”Shayna stands and moves toward the exit. Bryan sits for a moment and glances at the papers in his hands. He knows he has no choice but to follow the mysterious woman.


In the lift, she turns to Bryan, grabs his balls through his trousers and squeezes them hard. When Bryan doesn’t react, she laughs loudly.

“I knew the moment I saw you what you are,” she said coldly. “You’re a wimp, and need to be put in your place.”


“Shush, you only speak when I say so, I’ll forgive you this time since you’re new to this,” she said. “But further unwanted outbursts will see you punished.”

Bryan nods. What’s the deal with this woman, he wonders? I need to find a way to get out of this.

When they get to the room, she sits in a chair and tells Bryan to get her a drink from the bar fridge. Bryan takes a small bottle of vodka, pours it into a glass and hands it to the woman. He then goes to sit, and she holds out her hand.

“Did I give you permission to sit?” she asks coldly.

He shakes his head and remains standing to wait for her to say something. Shayna remains silent for about five minutes just sipping her drink and eyeing Bryan up and down.

“Take off your clothes,” she said. “I wanna see what I’m working with here.” Bryan goes to speak, and again she holds out her palm to stop him. “I can just have those naughty documents showing how you’re extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from your employer sent to the police.”

Bryan swallows hard as he doesn’t want that. I’m trapped, for now, he thought. Eventually, the man is standing in front of her in just his white briefs, and again he remains silent for a while Shayna checks him out.

“How old are you?” she asks.

“Ah, forty-three,” he said.

“That’s—forty-three, Mistress,” she corrects him.

He clears his throat, and says, “Forty-three, Mistress.”

She nods. “You’re pretty fit for your age. Do you work out?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, I hate fat middle-aged men. Turn around, spread your legs, and bend to touch your toes.”

After Bryan assumes the position, he waits several long minutes. After a period when Bryan is finding it hard to stay in that position, Shayna suddenly slaps his ass hard, and the shaking man jumps.

“OK, wimp, stand and face me.” After he does, she said, “Open your mouth.” Shayna grabs his chin hard and stares into his mouth as if a doctor. “Hmmm, good teeth, I like that.” She rubs a hand through his black, slightly graying hair. “Nice hair, I hate baldies as much as I hate fatties.” Bryan is blinking rapidly as she continues her examination of the goods. “OK, let’s see it,” she said pointing to his briefs and the floor.

Bryan lowers his underpants, stepping out of them and stands before her naked. He hasn’t been naked in front of another woman apart from his wife for years and feels body-aware as the woman stares at Bryan.

Then Shayna starts laughing, and Bryan blushes a deep red.

“I’ve seen some small dicks in my time, but that’s the smallest by far,” Shayna said

Bryan’s chin waivers yet nothing comes out.

“Hmm, I bet your wife doesn’t even bother with it anymore? Does she?”

“Um, no, Mistress,” he said with a shaky voice, almost a squeak. “We haven’t had sex for a very long time.”

Shayna laughs coldly. “No wonder, there’s no way your cock could ever please a woman,” she said and laughs again. “I’m surprised she even married you, why did she marry you, wimp?”

“Ah, she’s a Christian, so no sex before marriage, Mistress,” he said.

Shayna laughs even harder. “You fooled her,” she said between cackles. “Made her think she was buying a Porsche when all the time you were a beetle.”

“It’s average—” Bryan shouts, but the woman’s laughter at his announcement makes him blush.

Shayna continues to laugh.

“How did you ever think that was average?” she asks, then sits clutching her stomach as the laughing is giving her a stitch. “It-it looks m-more like a large clit than cock,” she shouts and laughs. When she gets her breath again, she shouts, “Your head just s-sits on those t-tiny balls like some kind of mushroom.” Bryan drops his head and whimpers. “I’ve seen toddlers with bigger junk than that,” she shouts through her laughter.

The man bows his head, his shoulders curl over his chest. He stands there taking Shayna’s laughter and comments, not saying a word or moving. A sudden weakness in his legs makes Bryan wobbly, and he feels like a piece of meat on display.

“Do you want to see what a real cock looks like?” Shayna asks suddenly.

“What?” Bryan said his head snapping up.

The sexy blonde slaps his face for not correctly addressing her. Bryan flinches. “Know your place, wimp,” she said coldly. “Now ask me nicely.”

Bryan frowns knowing she wants him to ask her to show him a real cock, yet he wonders whose it might be. “Can I please see a real cock, Mistress,” Bryan asks softly.

“Why do you wanna see a real cock?” Shayna asks with a raised eyebrow.


She suddenly slaps his face hard again.

He shakes his head at the pain. “Because I don’t have one, Mistress,” he tries.

She nods. “No, you don’t have a man’s cock, yours is more for a baby.”

Shayna laughs, and suddenly takes off her sunglasses and throws them into the chair. The woman undoes the belt on her trench coat and the button and peels it off. Bryan gasps. Beneath the trench coat, Shayna wore a nothing but black lingerie. She has a camisole with a push-up bra showing her sexy cleavage, her nipples just visible beneath the dark lacy material. The woman also has a suspender belt, attached to some black thigh high stockings, and a pair of black silk panties. Bryan stares at her panties to find a bulge in front that shouldn’t be there. I’m not the only one with a secret, he thought.

Shayna put her hand on his shoulder pushing Bryan to his knees; it wasn’t hard as his legs felt like jelly.

“What are you waiting for, wimp?” she barks coldly.

Not needing any encouragement, Bryan lowers her panties and a large uncut cock springs out at him. His eyes bulge, and he gasps, then the man sighs because it’s not a real cock, after all, it’s a strap on dildo. Bryan stares at the dildo wide-eyed when Shayna slaps him on the head. Bryan takes the cock in his hand and starts touching and stroking it, the rubbery flesh feels hard and big. The humiliated man can’t help see the difference between the dildo and his small dick.

Shayna laughs. “I bet you thought I had a dick for a moment, eh, wimp?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said rubbing the fake cock.

“This dildo is special though, do you know why?”

“No, Mistress.”

“It’s the very dildo your wife, Penny, uses to fuck herself with when you’re not home,” Shayna said with a smirk.

Bryan stares at her beautiful face and cringes at her smirk. “What—err—Mistress,” he mutters.

“Smell it and taste it,” Shayna said. “Go on, your wife used it this morning.”

First, he smells his fingers, then the dildo itself. There’s a definite smell to it, and when he licks the head, he can taste a fishy/pissy flavor. Shayna takes his head in her hands and forces the head into his mouth.

“This is what Penny has replaced you with,” Shayna said hotly. “She has cum hard on this fake dick many times while she won’t even touch your pathetic baby dick. Taste her cunt on it—taste her cum.”

The dildo feels so thick, and Bryan has trouble taking it in his mouth and gags.

“Be careful, wimp, real dicks can choke you, not baby dicks like yours though,” Shayna taunts. “Imagine Penny wishing she had a real man while she fucks herself every day with this dildo. What a sissy you are, wimp. You take to sucking cock quickly. Small dick wimps usually do.”

Bryan tries taking more dildo down his throat, gagging still as it fills his mouth.

“I’ll have to train you to be the cock sucker you were born to be,” she said laughing. “Don’t worry, soon you’ll be deep throating cock like a pro.”

Bryan can’t believe there’s any way he could take something this big all in his mouth, and the prospect of being a cocksucker makes him feel sick. The taste of his wife’s pussy is washing away, and he swallows the rehydrated juices eagerly. Penny really is fucking herself with this thing, he thought. How the fuck did Shayna get it when Penny just used it this morning? Omigod, any wonder Penny doesn’t fuck me anymore, I can’t compete with this.

“Stand, wimp,” Shayna orders. When Bryan does, she grabs his cock and balls. “Does that feel good?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Good, because it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress. I only want to make you happy, Mistress.”

Bryan feels dizzy. He has never had submissive thoughts before, but the man is feeling sexually aroused even though his body feels broken.

“Do you want to be my toy?” Shayna asks.

“Ah, I thought I didn’t have a choice, Mistress.”

“No, you don’t, but I like to know how my toys feel.”

He sighs. “Then, no, I don’t wanna be your toy, Mistress,” he said with a flushed face.

She nods. “Good, but what you want doesn’t interest me,” Shayna said with a pinched mouth and cold eyes. “I own you know, and you’ll do whatever I say, no questions.”

His body sags. “Yes, Mistress.”

“What about your wife?”

“What do you mean, Mistress?”

“Maybe she’d like something better than a dildo and baby dick husband?” Shayna asks. “I know I would.”

“I-I don’t know, Mistress,” he mutters

“Describe her to me.”

“Um, well, she’s attractive, forty, five feet six, and slim,” he said. She has brown hair and green eyes, and is clean, Mistress.”

“Her bra size?”

“Thirty-Two C, I believe, Mistress.”

“What does her pussy look like,” Shayna asks with a smirk. “Or don’t you remember?”

Bryan swallows hard. “Um, she has chubby outer lips with dangling inner ones with just enough trimmed pubic hair, and her clit is pretty large, the hood, in particular, Mistress

The blonde femdom smirks. “Bigger than your pathetic dick, I’m guessing?” she asks.

“No, Mistress.”

“Do you have any photos of her?”

“In my phone,” he said. “Not naked ones though, Mistress.”

“Next time,” she said. “I want you to take a picture of her fucking herself with this dildo. I wanna see it.”

“Please, Mistress, leave Penny out this,” he said. “She hasn’t done anything.”

“Oh? The problem is your clueless about what she does,” Shayna said coldly, “so it’s time you found out. It’s time you learn just how much Penny despises you.”

Bryan shakes his head, his breathing hard and his body trembles. Penny, he thought. My Penny, she’s a good woman—a Godly woman who respects our marriage. While Bryan’s processing these thoughts Shayna removes the strap on and throws it on the ground.

“Lay down face up on the carpet, wimp,” Shayna shouts. Bryan does so willingly. Shayna tells Bryan all small dick wimps have to eat pussy, but they can never fuck one. “Pussy is for real dicks, or big fake dicks, but not baby dicks,” she teases.

The room suddenly seems warmer as he watches Shayna kick off her shoes.

“Are you gonna have sex with me, Mistress?” Bryan asks.

She laughs. “I wouldn’t even feel your useless dick inside me. Where’s the fun in that.”

“Can you make me cum with your mouth, Bryan?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She stands over him with a foot on either side of Bryan’s head. Again, with arms akimbo, she stares down at him.”What do you see, Bryan?”

“Your pussy, Mistress.”

His point of view is extreme. Shayna towers over him and at the center of his field of vision is shaved pussy with fat lips. Her scent is strong, musky, slightly piquant and captivating. As Shayna drops to her knees over his head, it becomes larger and larger in his sight, and then it swallows him whole.

“Eat my cunt, wimp.”

“Yes, Mistress.” he mumbles under her and his tongue darts out and tastes her fresh pussy.

Bryan’s mouth closes over one pussy lip, kissing and licking tenderly before doing the same to the other one. She waits to see what the man would do next, feeling his tongue run a furrow until it reaches the bottom of her pussy. Bryan gives a suggestive lick toward her ass before he sweeps incredibly slowly up her slit until he suckles her clit like a newborn. Shayna settles back, making herself comfortable, as Bryan repeats the sweeping maneuver several times. Just when he thought, she can’t take my teasing any longer, his tongue slides inside her cunt.

Shayna gasps and then moans because Bryan has an extra-long tongue. The man always thought it was Gods compensation for short-changing him in the dick department. Her body grinds into his face, filling his sensations with taste and smell of her womanhood. Her legs clasp his head tight making breathing more difficult. A hand goes behind her back and grabs Bryan’s hair, pulling his head into her pussy to aid the work of pleasuring her.

Over the next quarter of an hour, Bryan stays well away from her clit, with the occasional swipe to edge her along. Instead, he concentrates on filling her cunt with his tongue and tasting her as much as I can. Shayna finds herself remembering past toys. None of them had shown the attention to detail her new wimp is giving her. The blonde dominatrix becomes more and more aroused.

“Are you enjoying it?” Shayna asks.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I’m enjoying it, too. You’re a natural pussy eater. Does Penny let you eat her real cock starved pussy?”

“No, Mistress.”

Shayna suddenly gasps loudly, her body rocking on his face. Her pussy clamps on his tongue, then as it let go, a gush of lady cum dribbles into his mouth. It tastes so good Bryan nearly came too.

“Oh—Oh—good—wimp,” she moans.

Bryan keeps going as this isn’t going to be over until Shayna says so. She isn’t letting the man get a whole lot of air, just enough to keep him working. The blonde blackmailer falls into a steady rhythm humping his face, making her body respond fully to the incredible sensations his licking tongue gives her. The feelings grow again, getting stronger and stronger until she has to hunch over Bryan due to her second orgasm.

Bryan’s face slick with Shayna’s juices now, his head hurts, and he feels as if he’ll never regain his breath. Shayna’s pussy quivers on his face, as she enjoys the little aftershocks from her orgasm. Pulling his head up by the hair, she jammed his face into her crotch again.

“Eat me, wimp—Eat me,” she urges.

Bryan feels broken. As he begins to tongue her pussy again, he senses she knows how emasculated the man now is. Not only is she blackmailing him for money, but also the woman plans to use him for God knows what. Bryan’s manhood, whatever it may have been, is now gone. Shayna glories in her triumph over him, rubbing his face in her pussy and ass, making him pleasure her. Her clit begins pulsating with need again, as a third orgasm builds inside her. The woman pushes her pussy into his face with force. Bryan wonders if he still has a face, maybe all that’s left is an imprint of Shayna’s pussy.

Smothered in pussy again, Bryan fights desperately to please her. He needs to breathe so badly, though. Shayna uses his nose as a dick to hump, mashing it against her clit over, and over, as she humps his face. Bryan feels as if he’s about to die. The man’s sure death is coming, barely even aware she’s approaching her third and biggest climax on his face. With his brain starved of oxygen, he sees flashes of light. Shayna screams in with bliss, as a powerful orgasm rippled through her body in endless waves of ecstasy.

Thankfully, she falls off Bryan onto the floor next to him. Bryan gasps for breath, sucking air down as if a drowning man. All he can taste and smell is Shayna’s pussy. Bryan’s face and hair are slick with her cum and wetness. The blonde woman lies next to the man, basking in her pleasure, rubbing her clit, bringing her to another climax. Then she scoops up her creamy cum and sticks her fingers in Bryan’s mouth.

“Suck it, wimp,” she moans.

Bryan does, experiencing Shayna’s taste with renewed freshness. They lie there for about ten minutes catching their breath. In all this time, Bryan’s boner never goes down.

“Is that as big as it gets?” Shayna asks and snorts.

Bryan feels a pain in his chest as he gazes at his fully erect, dripping cock. “Yes, Mistress,” he mutters.

“Have you ever measured it?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Well, how big is it? It looks fucking tiny,”

Bryan swallows hard. “Three and a half inches, Mistress.”

“OMIGOD,” Shayna shouts, “that’s fucking hilarious!”

Then she burst into laughter, the kind where you lose control and have to drag in breaths. Shayna’s face turns red as Bryans, but for different reasons. Bryan’s cock softens some as he fights the desire to flee. He has never felt so degraded in his life.

After the blonde settles a little, she demands, “Jerk it off, wimp.”

It takes Bryan a while to get it hard again after the abuse, but the man jerks it off as best he can. Shayna watches him with a big smirk. Bryan doesn’t know how, but after a few minutes, he cums with a shudder and a grunt. However, all he ejaculates is one small globule of watery semen. Tears well in the broken man’s lifeless eyes, Bryan feels so small and insignificant his bottom lip starts to tremble.

“Fuck, even your cum is pathetic,” Shayna said and laughs again.

“Sorry, Mistress,” he mumbles.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun together, you and I,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Well, I’m gonna have fun, you might not,” she said and chuckles. “Are you ready for it?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Good, now take that dildo back home before Penny misses it.” She laughs. “She won’t miss your baby dick, but she’ll miss that big plastic one badly.”

Shayna gets to her feet and puts her panties back on, and then the trench coat, doing it up to hide her lingerie. The woman puts her silk gloves and shoes on and then grabs her bag placing her sunglasses in it.

“OK, I’m going, wimp,” she announces.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You’ll set up a new email address and buy another phone just for speaking to me,” she said. “My phone number is in the envelope so text me all the details when it’s done.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I expect your first payment in the bank account by tomorrow night and every week after that.”

He nods, and Shayna leaves without even saying goodbye.

Bryan sits on the bed for a long time thinking about what has happened. His face still covered in Shayna’s pussy juices. Thoughts are racing through his head, varying from total guilt and shame, to excitement and pleasure. He has a shower, dresses, and leaves. When Bryan’s going through the lobby, a man grabs his arm.

“Excuse me, the lady said you were paying for the room,” he said pointing to the reception desk.

“Did she? OK, I guess I am.”


This is the first chapter of the 30,000+ word story The Accountant. You can purchase the whole story at, or read it in full (as well as all Horrorotica’s other stories) in the members area.



  • SPHmouse

    max swan, not sure you’ll see this but it’s worth a shot. Your work is incredible, but are you ever going to write fully m/m stuff again? I’ve bought the 4 books you have and have money burning a hole in my pocket I want to give you but I can find enough straight Sph for free. That and obviously it’s not as hot for me.

    Thank you!

    • SDC Webmaster

      I have read this story in full, and I can assure you there is lots of m/m SPH in this particular ebook. Yes, Bryan’s tormentor is a woman, but she makes him do it with guys a lot. You’ll like it. But I will pass it onto Max that more gay SPH is needed for his fans. You might also try Club Mandingo, this also has a lot of m/m SPH.


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