Hotel Humiliation: Part 1


Part 1

The card reader clicked loudly, blinking it’s green light in approval at my card and I pushed open the door. I gave another quick glance up and down the empty corridor and then held it open as she walked through. I allowed myself a glance at her as she entered the room, her tight blue dress, hugging her slim waist and showing off her gorgeous figure.

The dimmed lights flickered on immediately and the low hum of the air conditioning resonated in the oppressive silence as the door clicked shut behind us. She glanced around the magnificent suite without much interest, casually dropping her bag to the floor and peering around through the archway opposite the perfectly set bed.

Back when my company had first taken off, to everyone’s surprise not least my own, I had been enamoured by the glitz of high end hotels of my business trips. My childhood is a familiar story in a suffering country, poverty-stricken and hungry. The long days drawing out into unenthusiastic visions of my future played out on the chipped plasterboard of my bedroom ceiling.

The sense of creeping worthlessness still gripped strongly when I thought back to earlier life and I pushed the thought away. The terror at being poor ever again meant that I had grown my business carefully, only investing when it was absolutely necessary and creating such a streamlined company that I was quickly buying up the flailing competition. I lived frugally, in a modest home, only really allowing myself the taste of my success when I was on trips with hotel suites and century-old glasses of whiskey.

I had afforded myself that much at the very least, as long as I was careful to retain control.

Rachel stalked casually through the archway, into the sitting area where three long sofas sat in a U shape, facing out through the tall windows onto the orange and white starry city far below. In the very distance, you could make out the shape of the endless fields of farms, struggling to feed a growing, ravenous population.

She looked completely at ease, as though she had seen the inside of every hotel room in the city and was only moderately impressed by the antique wooden bar or the small open plan kitchen beyond the sitting area. She was utterly beautiful, by far the most gorgeous creature I had ever set my eyes on in person. She was slightly taller than me, with long blonde hair, slightly curled which draped down across her back and her round, pert breasts. She wore a light blue dress, almost exactly the same shade of blue as her eyes, which turned around and fixed upon my own.

“Drink?” She offered, her smile bright white and perfectly complementing her small nose and high cheekbones. There was a small mole on her right temple, a small blemish which seemed only to enhance her beauty.

I nodded and she turned to the bar, tracing her long white fingers in the air as she picked out a bottle from the fridge. I didn’t see which one she picked but I could tell it was one of the obscenely priced bottles of champagne which the hotel would no doubt add a crippling surcharge to the bill. I said nothing, I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life, standing in a hotel room with a woman more stunning than any I had ever known, knowing that I was about to bring a fantasy to life which I had never confided in anyone before.

She poured me out a drink, handing it out to me and I accepted it with shaking hands. Slightly smiling, she clinked her glass against mine and took it and the bottle over to the sofa where she sat down and crossed her long smooth legs. The blue dress rode up a few more inches against her endless, slim legs and I felt a twinge of arousal.

“Sit down with me,” Rachel said, gesturing at the other end of the sofa from me with her glass. With my heart racing, I complied, nervously sinking back against the leather and attempting to look casual. Her voice was soft and low, a comforting sound and very sweet which made her seem all the more attractive. Her soft voice seeming to contradict her glaring, strong beauty.

“Don’t be nervous,” she said, encouraging me to drink. I laughed quietly and took a long sip, the glass barely left my lips before she leant forward and started to top me up again. “People are sometimes nervous at first, why don’t we get to know each other a little better? Here is the game, we’ll ask each other questions and we have to take a drink after each answer.”

I hesitated. I knew that call girls could sometimes blackmail their well-known clients, whilst I wasn’t a movie or a rock star, I would definitely suffer from being exposed. I had made sure to use a fake surname when I called the agency, stressing the need for discretion which had been thoroughly assured by the seductive voice which had answered.

“OK, how old are you?” I asked unsure, feeling like she was about to laugh at me but she answered without a beat.

“Twenty one.” Rachel took another long sip. “What about you Jack?”

Although the sound of her using my name gave me shivers, I inwardly cursed. I should’ve used a fake first name too.

“I’m twenty five.” I took a long swig from my glass, once again finding it topped up before I had lowered it completely.

Rachel raised her eyebrows and nodded impressed. “You must be doing alright for yourself Jack, a place like this and so young.”

I shrugged awkwardly, like I did when anyone made a comment like that. “Was that your question?”

Rachel laughed, a crisp clear sound which made me smile too. “No, it wasn’t. OK, are you in town for business or pleasure?”

Now, I laughed. The sweet tang of the champagne was quickly making my senses swim. I could smell her perfume, something floral and intoxicating, from across the sofa and I occasionally found my eyes drifting from her face to her flawless body, curled on the sofa.

“I’m here on business,” I answered. When she gestured for me to go on, I let go of my concerns. “I work for a tech company, we’re opening up a warehouse around here and I’m here to help out and report back.”

It was a minor lie, but I couldn’t help sense there was a flicker of irritation in her eyes. My company made drones and worked on artificial intelligence algorithms to operate them without human input. It was very bespoke and it was unlikely many people outside of the industry would know who we were or what we did. I pushed aside my worries though, attributing it to the champagne, of which we were on our second bottle.

“You sound very important.” She said with another smile. “Big important executive then?”

I shook my head. “Just another cog in the machine.”

Rachel nodded and stared at me as we both drank some more. We spoke for a long time and looking back I try to remember whether I felt some kind of premonition about this girl, whether some kind of supernatural warning as to how much she would change my life and everything about what I thought I knew about myself. Whether or not I did, I was simply too aroused and too drunk to notice it.

“So, you discussed my fee with the agency?” She asked, pausing until I nodded. “OK, and they told me about your…” Her blue eyes dropped to my groin. “…preferences.”

I didn’t know how to respond, the conversation was difficult enough to do over the phone, even with the impersonal nature of it, and in person I was too awkward to answer straight. Rachel however, probably only needed to see my flush to have her confirmation.

“You ever do this before?” She asked me, her finger tracing the outside of her glass.

“My preferences, or calling an agency?”

“Both, I suppose.”

“I haven’t done either, this is my first time on both accounts.”

Rachel smiled at me. “Are you a virgin?”

I shook my head. “No, I’ve had a couple of partners. Just my first time telling anyone about my fantasy.”

Rachel got up, placing her glass on the table and sitting close to me on the sofa. I felt my heart racing and my cock stiffening slightly, just having her bare leg touching mine and the smell of her perfume filling up my senses.

“I’m so honoured, to be the first one who knows,” she whispered. She kissed me on the lips unexpectedly, they were soft and tasted of her lip gloss. She leaned down and kissed my neck, expertly bringing me to arousal without having to even touch me.

She leant back suddenly, pressing a hand against my chest and meeting my eye. “I can make your little dreams come true tonight, but I want to know if you’re serious. I need you to commit to it, and promise you will do everything I say, when I say it.”

I was taken aback by her suddenly taking charge. I was so aroused, my breath was coming fast now. I didn’t hesitate, I nodded my head and guaranteed her control over me. Rachel smiled widely and jumped off me, I heard her rummaging in her bag and she quickly came back around in front of me. She gripped the bottom hem of her dress and pulled it up, most of the way up her thigh slowly, then straddled me before she got too high.

Rachel sat back on my knees and smiled at me. In her hand she had a small plastic ruler and my heart gave another strong flutter as my eyes fixed on it.

“You said that you wanted to try a little humiliation, but I need to know what I’m working with.” She said, running a finger along the length of the ruler. “I need to know how much of a man you are, or aren’t.”

She laughed and pulled open my belt, I lifted my hips to let her pull it out from underneath me. It was thrown across the room and she quickly popped the top button of my trousers and drew down the zip halfway. I was visible tenting with my erection, the weight of her body on top of me was exquisite as well as the excitement of what the night would bring.

“OK, this is your chance to impress me.” She said, running her hand over her breast, grabbing the perfect bosom and looking at me with raised eyebrows. “Get it really hard for me. Try as hard as you can.”

She batted my hand away as I tried to reach up for her. She made little groans of pleasure as her hand ran all the way over her breasts and down the sexy curve of her stomach as she leant over me. My cock responded, pushing against the restrictive fabric of my trousers until she suddenly leant back, pulling at my waistband bringing my trousers and boxers to my knees in one motion.

Her hand immediately went up to her mouth, barely stifling a laugh as my cock lay exposed and full erect under her gaze. “Oh,” she finally managed to say, struggling to keep her face straight. Her long fingers reached out for me, dramatically using her thumb and forefinger to slowly stroke me.

Rachel slowly held the ruler against me, holding my cock still with her two fingers as it twitched and I grew more and more aroused. I could already feel my orgasm building, knowing my inferiority as a man was about to be laid bare for the first time.

“Four inches!” Rachel exclaimed. “Four! Wow, I was expecting you to have a little cock but that it just ridiculous. I feel so sorry for you sweetie.”

“I’m going to cum!” I moaned out suddenly. Rachel let out another loud bark of laughter and stared down in disappointment at my cock as beads of pre cum were already leaking out of it.

“Oh, a quick cummer too,” She laughed at me, pulling at my cock even faster as I thrust upwards. “Don’t you just tick all of the boxes!”

“Come on, come for me sweetie. It’s going to feel so good isn’t it? Give me that little bit of spunk from that tiny, pathetic little cock.” She whispered angrily at me, massaging my small balls as she stroked me to completion.

I moaned out, cum shooting from my cock. It sprayed up against her dress, darkening the fabric, and other streams of it ran down the ruler as she placed it over me. She continued to stroke me and whisper in my ear.

“That’s it baby, cum for me. It’s more cum than I expected. I bet you wanted to shoot it into my tight pussy didn’t you but I wouldn’t even be able to feel your ‘itty penis would I? Little boys like you don’t get to shoot their little spunkies in pussies like mine though, do you?”

She dropped me with another laugh and I lay half collapsed into the sofa, gasping as I rode out my orgasm. Rachel got off me and I closed my eyes, my orgasm still pulsing around my body. I don’t know how long I lay there, unable to move with the ferocity of my climax but I barely noticed her return until I felt her massaging my cock.

“Oh, goodness.” Her voice seemed to float to my mind from a great distance. “It’s gets really little when it’s soft!”

I murmured my agreement. I knew it was the right decision to have this dream come true, I knew that finally I was in the place I should be. All those hours of fantasising and watching interracial and humiliation porn and now it was coming true to me.

I felt Rachel’s hand pushing against my balls and I started to lift my head, feeling her push me back down.

“Keep your eyes closed.” Her voice whispered to me. “Keep them shut, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I felt something tight press itself around my balls, a cold sensation. I wanted to open my eyes but it was far easier to lie back with them pressed shut and feel myself floating on the waves of pleasure. As I always did, I felt a small amount of guilt and regret when I came, the earnestness of my need to cum when enjoying cuckold and humiliation porn blocked out any of the doubts I had, which inevitably came crashing back after I’d cum.

I pushed away the desire to suddenly ask her to leave, I’d paid a lot for her to come here and I thought I might as well see it all the way through. It did concern me a little though, I wondered if she was putting a cock-ring on me and I wondered how I would say that I wasn’t really that into pain or BDSM.

Something cold enveloped my now flaccid cock but it wasn’t until I heard a small chink of metal on metal and a resounding click that my eyes flew open in sudden horror. I saw Rachel knelt in front of me, her beauty seeming to have grown even more intense since my orgasm. The long streaks of cum were dark against her dress. She laughed and ran a finger through my sperm, bringing it to her mouth and sucking slowly, eyes closing as though deeply enjoying the taste.

I barely noticed though, my eyes fixed upon my soft cock which was now encased in thin metal bars. The padlock was clicked shut and seemed to scream it’s finality as I suddenly realised how out of my depth I was.

Rachel climbed onto me, pulling open my shirt and placing her sum spattered dress against my skin. She kissed me deeply, her tongue seeking out mine and I kissed her back despite my shock.

“You know, I volunteered for this job when it came in,” she said to me between kisses. “I’ve got all the goodies in my bag and I love taking control.”

She leant back, forcing her finger into my mouth and my taste buds were flooded with the salty tang of my own cum. She pulled up the hem of her dress, revealing the shaved and tidy pussy which I had been desperate to taste since she walked into the room. Despite cumming so hard, I felt my erection growing, quickly pressing up against the bars in a pressure-filled agony.

“Is this what you wanted?” Rachel asked me quietly. “Here it is Jack, my tight little pussy is all yours. But, now you can’t do anything about it can you?” She laughed again at my despair as I realised how quickly this was spiralling out of control.

“I hope you enjoyed coming baby, because I only gave it to you so I could get this cage on you.” Rachel gripped my locked up cock and pulled on it roughly. “You’re going to have to earn the next one and it’s going to be a very long night.”

To be continued…


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