Our Readers SPH Experiences 49

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader was allegedly bullied in school…

This is the story of the time I got SPH in the school locker room and let me say this I’m not gay so I was in the 6th grade, and you know I had a small penis at the time two inches soft four inches erect to be exact. So the beginning of the school year in the gym we could pick where our gym lockers are and in my school there is the boy side of the locker room and girls side they are both separated so anyway. I had PE in the 7th period the last of the day and when I went to pick my gym locker all the ones by the kids I knew were taken, so I had to get a locker by the 8th graders. Therefore, I put my locker by these tall 8th graders and these they were like ruthless. They would give kids wedgies, pantsed kids, and one time I saw them give this kid a wedgie by hanging him by his underwear on the bleachers. It was bad.

So anyway, these eighth graders are ruthless. They are 15-16 and tall a lot of them were so when we were coming in from PE to get changed and go home. I was one of the first ones in there, and like no joke 30 seconds later all the eighth graders come in, and I say to myself, “Oh shit this is going to be bad for me.”

So I’m getting undressed, and I pull my gym shorts down to get in regular shorts, I had tight underwear. I was sweating a lot and plus my dick is small, and one of the 8th graders looks at my dick sees my baby dick and laughs. He says, “Whoa, dude, do you even have a dick?”

My face turns red, and I say, “Yes, I’m a guy, you idiot.”

I know now I should not have said that. The rest of the year in PE for me was hell for that.

He says, “What did you say?” I said nothing, so he puts his hand on my underwear where my dick should be, and he yells out, “Wow, kid, your dick is tiny.”

When he says that the group around me laughs and I got back to getting dressed. I put my shorts on, and he walks over to another eighth grader and says, “I will give you ten bucks if you pants that kid and pull down his underwear as well.”

“Yeah, alright,” this kid said.

So he comes up behind me pants me and then pulls my underwear down exposing my baby dick to the 8th graders and laughs while pointing and making remarks. Two of the 8th graders grab me while the others take pictures, and at this time the coach left the locker room. So they pick me up and take me out back of the school, let me remind you they are carrying me with my dick out. The kid that paid the other says, “I’ve got pictures of your baby dick, and you do what I want from now, or these will be all over the school.”

Two weeks later, the same kid is paid to pants me again. They pull down my underwear; it trips me and takes my underwear and shirt off, so now I’m butt naked and humiliated. He says, “Run, baby dick loser, run!”

So I run, and the next day, I come to school and all of the kids when they see me laugh. They wave their pinkies at me. The kid who pantsed me naked in the gym then posted the pictures of my dick online. There is this hot science teacher 6th period that saw the pic of my penis and wants me to show it to her. I’m like no, and a girl from behind pants me and the teacher and three other girls see it. The teacher sees it and laughs as it’s even smaller in person.

I go to the gym, I got to the locker room and confront the kid who posted the pics online. He lifts me up, and two other kids pull down my boxers exposing my dick. He says, “See what happens every time baby dick? You know what, his locker is on the top of the 5-row lockers.”

He hangs me by my broken piece of underwear, and all the kids in the gym class get a firsthand look at my small dick. The most humiliating moment of my life to this day


Another reader gets ranked by his wife…

She knows I love it when she talks dirty, especially about her past adventures. We have discussed SPH, but she just can’t do it, she feels weird about it. I respect that, but she will drop hints and tell me about past boyfriends and what they did together. Anyways last night I really had her going and kept prodding her about ranking their cocks by size. She starts with the biggest and works her way down.

Jon-3rd guy, she’s seen, biggest by far, really big balls, and rather thick. She loved to play with it but hated sucking on it as it was too hard to do and he used to complain about her BJ skills. She lost her virginity to him, even though he only got it in about halfway 3 times before she ended it with him.

Kevin-he’s the second biggest, was uncut, and just the 2nd guy she ever saw naked, only ever gave him a few hand jobs.

Adam- 3rd biggest, her first ever cock she got to see, touch and suck. The first time she saw him naked, he stripped down for her and stood there y nude, and his cock just hung there. She grabbed it and felt it harden, and was shocked by how much it grew. She thought it was huge and was scared how something so big was ever going to fit in her. She practiced blowing him many times.

Mike-4th biggest, after the previous 3 she was a little shocked it wasn’t as big but still big enough. She loved sucking him but never slept with him.

Jamie-5th place, college boyfriend for a while, had sex about 30 times.

Me-6th place, and she reluctantly says the smallest she has seen so far. Told me my hard cock is about the same size as Jon’s was soft. (I’m a Bronze Member). Needless to say, I blew my load without even touching it at this point, and she commented how excited that seemed to make me.

She needed to cum at this point too, so I used her vibrating bullet on her while telling her to imagine Jon’s big cock in her mouth… She was grinding like crazy, and I kept telling her how much she loved his fat cock, she had one of the hardest orgasms I’ve ever seen her have. I hope that this is the start of even more!


One reader thinks we’re in for a virtual dystopia…

The dick-insert controllers (for VR sex) will almost certainly be designed with an approximately 6-inch dick in mind, meaning we probably won’t be able to use the device as effectively. Guess we will have to get used to disappointing virtual women, too.

Another reader shares how he likes to share his woman with a BBC…

My girlfriend, Jill, rents a room from a friend of ours, Phillip. It’s a long story why we don’t live together, but I have my place, and she has hers, and depending on the night, we’ll sleep at her place or mine. Our schedules had worked out that we hadn’t seen each other for two weeks, and we were both very much looking forward to reconnecting, including a good fucking.

Phillip is a good-looking black man also in his 30’s, who is good friends with us both. A solid handful of times the three of us have ended up in the same bed together, and a few times, they have tussled by themselves. He doesn’t like to use condoms and were both perfectly fine with that.

I had got to Jill’s place before she got off work. Phillip was already home and about to take a post-work nap in his room upstairs, so after a few pleasantries I went back downstairs, took a shower and got into her bed naked. She came home fifteen minutes later and found me waiting for her, already hard thinking of the fun we’d be having.

Jill is just a little shorter than I am at 5’6”, and a splendid combination of petite and curvy. I adore her B-cup breasts and very well rounded ass. The way she constantly brushes her boyish pixie cut out of her eyes brings a smile to my face, every time.

It didn’t take long until she was stripped, in bed, and stealing my body heat. I love sex after we’ve not seen each other in awhile, it tends to start more with kissing rather than getting down to business. However, it wasn’t long until I was under the sheets, headed toward her wonderful cunt, pleasuring her with my mouth. She had a firm hold of my head applying greater and greater pressure as she built toward her first orgasm.
Jill can be quiet but prefers to be loud. I knew this was going to be a loud one, which always encourages me to put a little more effort. Soon her full-throated pleasure was in full swing as she built to her second orgasm after I slipped a finger into her wetness, focusing my attention on her clit.

It was the third orgasm that brought Phillip down the stairs. By the time, the sheets were completely off the bed, so it was easier for me to hear him coming into the room.

Phillip is taller and much more muscular than me. He possesses an easy power that comes across as extremely friendly, as long as things are going his way. He was starting to understand cuckoldry and was happy enough to go along. In all of our joint sessions together, he made sure that Jill paid me shared attention, even though in those times her eyes and mouth were all on him.

This time was different. Maybe it was because we woke him up, the sounds of her bliss reaching out to him upstairs. Maybe he was just in a mood, I don’t know.

He came into the room naked. His cock was like a god’s to me, thick and much too long to point up, even when he was completely hard like he was now. All he said to me was, “Hey, move over there,” as he got on the bed and I got out from between her legs.

Normally, he’s a pretty oral guy – he loves going down on women, taking his time and bringing them to multiple cresting orgasms. He’s talented with his mouth, I’ve been impressed with his work before and was looking forward to seeing it again. But he had different plans this afternoon.

Without saying anything to her, he pinned her legs back and laid his thick cock-head, already dewy with precum against her slit, while I sat on the side of the bed. I hadn’t seen my woman in two weeks and was very worked up, looking forward to fucking her myself, and here was Phillip, now slowing pushing his thick meat into her while I sat there, literally my bronze member dick in my hand, getting even harder than before.

I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes that this wasn’t an opportunity to spit-roast her. This time, with Phillips’ cock stretching her tight slick walls; she just had eyes for him. My job was to stroke her hair and watch his massive cock sink into her, repeatedly, while he held her prone by her ankles above her head. Jill fluttered her hands up and down his chest as Phillip started grunting in time with his thrusts.

“This is what you want?” he said. “You want me deep in you?”

It wasn’t a question, but she answered yes anyway.

“You want my cum in you.”

“Yes,” she said breathlessly, her eyes closed.

“Say it.”

“Oh fuck Phillip, please cum in me, please!”

That’s when she opened her eyes and made eye-contact… with him.

He then made some guttural bed shaking noise as his cock, mostly buried in her, pulsed once, twice, three, four times. He held them both there for a moment before releasing her legs, leaning over and kissed her deeply on her mouth. He then jumped out of bed, patted me on the back and said “She’s all yours, man,” before heading back upstairs to his room.

She looked nearly exhausted but still had a twinkle and smile in her eyes as she pulled me on top of her. His seed was starting to leak out of her. We have been in similar situations before, and I would usually go down on her to taste the heady mixture of them both, but I was too over the top for that, so using his cum as lube, I quickly slipped my own cock inside her.

It is a unique sensation, fucking your woman immediately after another man has cum in her. It is warmer, wetter, and looser. She pulled me down on top of her, our heads next to each other so we could smell each other’s necks better. She smelled like him, not just his cum, but his scent and she wanted my smell added to it.

Taking all of my energy, I managed to hold off my own building climax until she came again. The sounds of her heavy breathing and low moaning put me over the edge, and I added my cum to Phillips’.

I immediately fell over to the side, and we curled up after I grabbed the sheet and threw it over us.

“I think we just got visited by the fuck-faerie,” she laughs/whispered.

“I think we did, too, love…”

After quick trips to the bathroom, we tumbled back to bed for our own post-work nap.

An Asian man has a miscommunication problem…

One of my black friends used to tell me that he has a tiny penis. He used to bring up this conversation occasionally saying he struggles to hold on to girlfriends because of it. I know he had problems holding a relationship as he used to have a new GF every few weeks.

One day, we were chilling out, and he bought up the subject again saying his friend was saying, “Asian guys must be very small.”

Up till now, I had never mentioned that I’m under 4 inches myself, so I told him, “It’s not true for all guys as my brother is over eight inches.”

He asked if I was as big as my brother was, and for the first time I told him, “No, I’m nowhere near him, in fact, I’m quite small just like you.”

“We should compare them, just to see how similar they are,” he suggests.

I nervously said, “OK,” and I took mine out.

My penis when soft is only an inch long, and when my mate saw it he fell on the sofa laughing so hard I quickly put it away. It seemed like forever he laughed until he eventually stopped. He said, “I knew Asians were small, but I didn’t realize it was that bad.”

I said, “Look who’s talking.”

He got up, undid his trousers, and pulled it out.

Nothing could have prepared me for what popped out he had the biggest thickest penis I had ever seen it was way bigger than a pornstar. It dangled almost to his knees and was thick as a woman’s wrist. It was easily 9 inches soft.

“The reason I can’t hold onto any women is they find me too big and can’t handle my size as it’s just over 12 inches hard and gets even thicker,” he said. “That’s why they break up with me.”

“I can relate to that from the opposite end of the scale,” I said.

Since then he regularly makes jokes about small dicks and Asians, and one time after a night out I crashed at his place and heard him have sex with the woman he pulled at the club the screams were like something I never heard before while her friend was with me was quiet as a mouse. lol


This reader cuckolds himself in his dreams…

What’s more humiliating than knowing that the girl you are secretly in love with is dating a guy with a huge cock?

Therefore, I was in love with this girl for quite a long time, but it was only one-sided, unfortunately. Maybe she’s a little out of my league since she is incredibly cute and good looking. But she’s also nice and very mannered, so I figured out that I could have a shot with her, but I ended up being friend zoned.

She is a sexy brunette, average height, and nice boobs. Sexy fit ass and two beautiful and huge brown eyes. She is very elegant in her manners and in her clothes.

Recently she hooked up with a guy I know. He is not a friend of mine but we used to play basketball together some years ago, and we used to shower together. His cock was literally huge, probably 6 inches soft and very thick. I used to stare at his huge cock and think: God I wish I was like him. Instead I had just a 2-inch flaccid wiener, which was quite embarrassing.

Once I went to a party when both of them were present, and I saw them kissing and later she told me that she’s seeing him. She also said that it’s just for fun and I asked her, “Is it just for the sex?”

“Yes, definitely,” she said.

Now I can’t stop imagining his huge cock going back and forth her pussy. It’s so sexy, I would pay millions to see them fuck


This reader tells us he’s impotent….

Some good looking cocks on this site. I’m amazed at some of the 2″ and 3″ stiff cocks standing erect and possible. After I had entered my 50’s, I was never again able to get a hard-on no matter what the Doctor prescribed. I once had an erection just a hair under 4″. Been married 40 years and until I became impotent, my wife thoroughly enjoyed herself riding on it.

I still jack-off, pulling with two fingers and my thumb. Takes longer, cumming feels as good as it ever did. I can still shoot a good-sized load. I told a friend’s wife about it just the other day as they swing. She said she’d blow me anytime I wanted it. However, I don’t cheat on my wife. She has never blown me. When I could get an erection, she’d give me a hand-job while we watched TV. She never liked to get cum on her so when I was about to blow, I’d let you know, and she’d finish the job with two fingers and aim it at my chest.

When we fucked, she was always on top, when I came and was finished she’d lift of my little pole and let most all my cum drip back out on my pecker, I didn’t mind. Before I was married, I gave two hand jobs to different friends, a small cock, probably 3″ hard, he shot so much it was fun. Another friend had a 7.5″ Monster tool.

The girls that lived next to me told me about it, we had been friends, but I never knew he was hung like that. I stayed over one night, and he suggested we sleep nude. He teased me about how small I was, but it only made me hornier. It was a remarkable experience stroking his fat cock, we turned on the bedroom light so I could watch him cum, I never have seen such a shot-off since as he was massive, it went everywhere, and was hot and had a great cum smell.

He cleaned up and watched me play with myself until I came. I did all right, but his shot was bright white and real thick. I admit I wanted to lick it up but never offered. As a younger man, I’d eat my own cum, but I think I really messed my change back in the 1970’s for what would certainly have been the best-tasting cum I would have ever had the chance to eat.

The reader is a new man after finding The Small Dick Club…

I was always embarrassed of my little dick. I’m 59 now and don’t hide my little pecker from my wife with a towel any longer. I accidentally came across this site and feel like a new man. I’m proud of my little niblet. We have been married for 41 years. The wife and I fucked probably about 10 of those years. My dick measured 4″ when we were married and she was very aware of that, fucking never seemed her thing. Since I’ve gotten fat and when I can get an erection it reaches about 3.45″. I still regularly eat her pussy while she watches TV, a big Thrones fan. She’ll get probably three nuts and want me to stop. I’ll settle on the couch and slowly pull off with a couple fingers. It takes almost an hour to shoot-off and I cum about one-third of what I once did.

The wife would jack me off back when I could get solid wooden and would come in a few minutes. She never wanted the cum on her. Back when we fucked regular she always rode on top because I was so little. When I came I slid down and she squirmed forward. She would let most of the cum out into my mouth. It never bothered me although I never told friends. I think she must have mentioned to her Aunt who still manages to mention something about eating cum, hell, I’d eat it straight out of her pussy if the chance ever occurred. She’s 65 but still hot enough. I started talking about my short cock to a few people. I talked regularly for a while with an old Army buddies wife, they still swing and he’s bi-sexual, I told her about my size and sent you a few pictures. She never made fun of it.

When she got the pictures she remarked that it was cute and special and if I ever wanted a blow job, just stop by. Oh, I got a nice three pictures from her, big floppy tits, a hairy pussy shot and then a shot of her vagina. You could take a flashlight and look down that dark hole, her pussy was beautiful and the color of her pussy lips and the inside were so sweet a pink color. This site got me the courage to exchange pictures with a pretty lady and I’m really proud of my short dick. I’ve in a lot of pictures, one put me in the Silver which is great, some new one’s just sent yesterday may put my in the Gold. I finally got a good hard-on. Pretty little purple crowned penis head, less than 4″ shaft, veiny but not squeezed up skin. I tried for a cum shot but just got worn out this time. It would have looked good running out of that little purple hood. My balls really come together pretty solid and way out shone my cock, they were really bright red, I thought surely I’d get a nut, but not too be. My wife is 56, petite, VERY SMALL breasted, hardly more than she had a 13 she said, I like’em any size. Pretty ass with a few knots, gives it nice mature ass look, not fat. And she still to this day keeps her pussy hair neatly trimmed into what looks like the shape of a Keystone shape with her vagina bare and babydoll pink.

She still loves to have her issues eaten, but I’m certainly in a sexual servants role. When I was nineteen, I keep my public area and what little I had on my balls shaven. Sort of different in the late 70’s. I ate my own cum once out of Curiosity and liked it’s warm taste in my mouth. If I can get it out nowadays, I still enjoy it. Never had another man’s cum in my mouth. I tried talking the wife into finding herself a few fuck buddies where she works out on the maintenance floor. Plenty of black guys working there, I told her I’d bet a million dollars there were plenty of guys who would fuck her at the house anytime. They don’t want to love you and settle down, they want to fuck your pussy Hard, get a nut which I promised her I eat if she started fucking around some and got that pussy hole stretched out some, but, alas she didn’t want a slut’s reputation at work, so I said anywhere you want to hunt dick, do it, but she said no, she’s probably really like it and if that were the case she’d leave me and shack where the big cocks were close.

She doesn’t do any dildo action either and has never expressed any interest about some lesbian action. I’m betting a chick could eat her pussy out better than I do and she might just found out she liked having her nose and tongue slobbering on another mature ladies cunt. There are those who really can do without sex. Her cunt hole is still a squeeze for one of my fingers and never more than two. Well, I really enjoy this site, have seen some dicks I can honestly say I want to be rubbed all over my face and cum dumped in my mouth, I have to admit it, I’ve not done it yet, but I’d call myself a Level I cock sucking pussy eating bi-sexual. I can feel the excitement building in my balls right now, I believe U’ll shoot for a cum load in the mouth for bedtime.


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