She Loves Outing Me

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By Hmdznr (Edited with Ginger)


So now that we’ve been married for almost thirty some years a lot has changed for us. I can always trust my wife to step things up. Within the last six years this has involved outing me for my tiny penis. She’s always loved getting me worked up and keep me under her thumb.

Six years ago I surprised my wife with a trip to a nice resort in Mexico for two weeks. To MY surprise, she was not too happy about this. She got very upset with me. “Seriously? You fucking know the dates! Why the fuck would you do such a selfish thing? You know that falls in my week with Ted.”

Ted is her current lover. They had a week he would spend in our home, or they would disappear for the week together. Either way it was their little once a month fuck-Fest.

“I’m so fucking pissed at you! I need some time to think about this,” she said.


The next week she and her lover Ted came out the bedroom after a fuck session while I was making dinner for us. They both approach me naked. Ted has a thirteen-inch schlong and balls to match. It’s always a fairly demeaning experience to have to see this guy naked with my wife’s juices and his cum smeared all over his cock. My wife, of course, knows this, that’s why they approach me like this.

“Ted and I solved this dilemma you created,” she tells me. “Ted knows a travel agent, and was able to exchange the reservations you made. Now the three of us are going to Mexico. Isn’t that great?”

“Sure, the more the merrier,” I said.


Ted had changed our accommodation to an adults only resort on a private beach. When we got there, we went to the room to unpack and settle in. “I want to go walk on the beach and show off my two men,” my wife said. “I bought you both new swim suits. Please go put them on and meet me out on the deck.”

I had this little white Speedo thing. Not only is it practically see-through, but it’s very snug. It basically showed everything I don’t have. There were no questions how small my penis is now. Ted came out proudly wearing a similar Speedo, except he had a sleeve for his schlong that went down almost to his knees.

This is gonna be a long trip, I thought looking at his massive manhood on display.

“Good boys. Let’s get some drinks on the way down,” my wife said with a big smile.

As soon as we made our way onto the grounds people were staring at us, pointing and making comments.

“Honey, you’re blushing,” she says to me.

She’s loving this.

At the bar people were gawking at Ted and pointing at my crotch and laughing. I got my drink and downed it and ordered another before we took off to the beach. On the beach my wife was walking between the two of us holding our hands, prancing about all proud of herself. I was starting to get the hang of after about twenty minutes. She would stop every once in a while and kiss us both, while grabbing our crotches to see what reactions she could get.

We were making our way back, and I was totally getting into this whole thing when we came across three beautiful young women in bikini bottoms and no tops. They looked like supermodels. Ted made a comment to me about them and I gave my approval back to him. My wife stops when we got to them.

“Hello girls,” she said to them. “You like my men? You like my trophy cock?”

She grabbed Ted’s cock and shook it around.

“Damn! That’s a little scary,” one of the girls replied.

The others were almost drooling.

“What about this one?” She asked, then pulled my Speedo’s to my ankles in one fell swoop!

There I am standing naked in front of them. They all started laughing so loud people around us started looking.

“Someone’s not getting sex tonight,” one of them yelled.

“Oh my God! I’ve never seen anything so small,” another said.

My face turned so red.

“Oh, he’s embarrassed,” the third said.

I’ve never been outed before. Let alone been in such a humiliating way. The worst thing that could’ve happened in this situation then occurred. I suddenly got hard as a rock. It was so humiliating. One of the girls pointed at my crotch, and very loudly said, “Omigod, look at his pathetic little boner!”

“It’s so fucking small!”

I tried to hide it, but my Speedo’s were around my ankles tripping me up. I then spontaneously orgasm right there, ejaculating in front of everyone. People were gathering around at this point. Everyone is laughing so loud. I could hear a few women in the background say, “Ah. I feel so sorry for him.”

I fell to the ground, grabbed up my Speedo’s, and ran off. I eventually found a hammock where I could be alone. I gathered my senses and put my Speedo’s back on. My penis still hard as a rock, which gave me a little two and three-quarter inch tent. To my surprise, I was very turned on! I’ve always been a fairly strong man, at least in public.

My wife and Ted made their way to me. Ted was actually most sympathetic and apologetic. My wife was couldn’t stop laughing. “You obviously enjoyed it much more than you thought,” she said. “Judging by the way you came, and the hard-on you’re still sporting.”


For almost the rest of the trip, everyone knew me. I suddenly became very popular. Even more popular than my wife and Ted. By the fourth day, my wife didn’t like this. That day we went down to the beach and were laying out in the sun. I woke up with my wife pulling my Speedo’s off me and throwing them about ten feet away.

“I wanna see you sport wood again,” she told me.

She then did the same with Ted and started sucking his massive cock. Before long she got up and straddled Ted’s erect cock. She took a few short strokes before taking him all the way in. I could see her shake with orgasm. There went my hard-on! A few guys came around and started getting their phones out and taking pictures and filming. They were cheering my wife on!

“He’s enjoying it,” one said, pointing at my dick.

They started laughing at my penis.

“You sure that’s not a girl?” Another man asked.

A couple of the guys started including me in the picture. They were narrating with plenty of derogatory comments included. I suddenly came!

“Jesus, the small guy just came,” one man said, and laughed.

“Look at the pathetic little dribbles,” another man said, and proceeded to take pictures of me.

They started laughing, paying more attention to me. My wife didn’t like this and started fucking Ted hard and fast. She pulls off him and starts sucking his cock with fever. By this time there’s quite a crowd around rooting them on. She strokes his cock with two hands and sucks until he unloads into her mouth.

“Holy fucking shit! Look at all that cum,” an old guy said.

“Damn… She fuckin’ swallowed it all too,” another said.

“Show’s over guys,” my wife yells at everyone. She gets dressed and throws Ted his swim suit. “Let’s go back to them room for a bit, guys.”

My wife is a freaking porn star! She just does her thing and never misses a beat.


Needless to say we were the talk of the resort for the entire trip. It was actually enjoyable playing a new role and seeing my wife being so in your face about her sex! Here’s the thing, I thought we would come home and get back to normal. But now my wife knows how I respond to humiliation, she just LOVES to do this to me any chance she gets.

The End.


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  • Sue brogan

    Great story. In the next chapter lock him in chastity and make him clean his wife after her bull fucks heat.


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