A Family Vacation

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By hmdznr. (Edited with Ginger).


Some time ago I surprised my entire family with a trip to Playa del Carmen Mexico for ten days. My wife and I had our own room while our three kids had their own suite. Being from the mountains of Colorado, we found that the lower elevation of Mexico allowed so much more energy than we typically had. My wife and often would put the kids to sleep and then go swimming or dancing or any activity to burn up all our extra energy so we could sleep.

About four days into our trip we were walking out to the beach for a day of activities with the family when we passed an older gentleman, making his way to the bar at the pool only wearing shorts. He had this enormous bulge in his crotch (Seriously, like he had a t-shirt stuffed in them.). My wife, of course, made note to this to me.

“Omigod! That guy has a huge ass package stuffed in those shorts,” she said excitedly.

Once we got settled in on the beach, my wife wanted to go get some drinks so we could relax in the sun. She’s gone for a while. When she got back, I asked her what it took so long. She just said, “There were a lot people at the bar, relax.”

It isn’t long before my wife wanted to get up and play a bunch of sports with kids. We rented boogie boards, and then kayaks after that for an hour or so. After a while we played volleyball with the kids. We enjoyed a nice dinner afterward and later headed back to put the kids to bed. After which, she says, “I’m so worn out. I say we head back to the room early tonight and get some sleep.”

I agreed and we made our way back around nine pm.

That night around midnight, I woke to find my wife gone from our bed. I didn’t think much of it and soon fell back to sleep. When I awoke the next morning I’m still alone in bed. I went out to the living area and there she is awake and looking happy.

“Did you sleep at all?” I asked.

“Of course, I just wanted to get an early start to our day that’s all.”

We went about our day and did a day trip to ‘Chichen Itza’. It’s another exhausting day ferrying three active children around the Mayan ruins.


Again, we put the kids to bed around nine pm and my wife says she wants to go to bed early again. That night I woke up again, this time around two am. I got up and looked around our hotel suite. She is nowhere to be found. I thought maybe she couldn’t sleep and went for a walk. I soon went back to sleep. I got up again around six am and she’s still nowhere to be found. We had another day of activities planned and had to be on our bus by seven-fifteen am. I showered and got dressed.

I’m ready to go and the kids showed up at the room excited to go on our trip to the Coba ruins. Their mother then comes in the door. “Okay, are we all ready to go? I checked out the tour and we need bring drinks with us for the trip.”

As if she had just been out taking care of things for our trip. There’s nothing to take care of. I gave her a dirty look. Later, when we had some privacy, I asked her. “Where were you? You didn’t sleep in the room again last night.”

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went walking around the hotel and then to the beach. Don’t worry, I can take care of myself,” she said defensively.

I asked her later on that morning, “Why are you walking funny?”

“I’m sore from our trip yesterday, can we enjoy this lovely ruin and stop the stupid questions?”

She’s not usually so aggressive, it’s a little odd.


Same routine that night again. The next morning, though we had no trip planned and were just going to spend the day around the hotel and then go into town to go shopping. I slept in that morning until around ten am when the kids made their way into our room. My wife is asleep on the sofa looking like something the cat dragged in. She got up slowly and seemed to have a hard time getting around. She smelled like sex and alcohol, but I said nothing.

I asked her to speak with me in the bedroom privately. “What’s wrong? You didn’t sleep here again last night.”

“I’m sore from these fuckin’ trips! Get off my fuckin’ back, will ya. I don’t feel good today. Go ahead and take the kids out and I’ll try to meet up with you later on,” she said.


The kids and I played at the pool and around the hotel and had a blast! We came back to the rooms around three pm to get my wife and go shopping in town. She’s nowhere to be found again. We walked around the hotel for almost an hour. We decided to just go to town and try to find her later. We were making our way over the front of the hotel to catch a taxi into town. Suddenly, I see my wife in the distance all over an older man making out with him.

He looked as if he were going to catch the shuttle to the airport as his luggage is nearby. I see them exchange a piece of paper. I decided to take the kids to the souvenir shop so they didn’t see her with this man. I watched out for her from the souvenir shop when I spotted her walking toward us alone. I ran out of the shop quickly to grab her.

“Hey! You’re just in time,” I said to her with false cheerfulness. “We went to the room and must have just missed you. You must ‘ve been looking everywhere for us.”

I made sure the kids could hear. They were excited we could all go into town together. “I must’ve just missed you,” she said. “I’ve been looking for you guys for a while now.”

My wife and I love each other very much. We’ve been married for almost thirty years now. There’s something my wife craves I cannot come close to giving her, a big cock. Sadly, my dick is tiny and it doesn’t satisfy her at all, and she’s the kind of woman who needs to be sexually satisfied. I’ve learned over the years to accept her ‘affairs’ as I know she always comes back to me and the kids.

I knew exactly what she was doing on our trip with the old man, getting her brains fucked out by his massive cock. Out of the ten days away, though, she only had one day she wasn’t with us for the whole day. The family has very fond memories of the trip and I know she has her own fond memories as well.

The End.

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