The New Neighbour

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by darkersex


Lauren didn’t know what is happening to her. Her body feels on fire giving her overwhelming pleasure. She looked around, but there’s only blackness. She could make out flashes of dark limbs and skin. She tried moving, but a heavy force pinned her from above. Something powerful thrusting into her and taking her breath away.

She writhed from the heat building between her legs, but could do nothing as the furnace of passion engulfed her. It’s as if she’s being simultaneously torn apart and made whole at the time. She felt powerless, but alive. All flames and liquid, and the sexual heat within her kept building.

Through the pleasure filled disorientation, she saw a bright light barrelling toward her. The thrusting intensified, she’s almost there. So very close. She would burst through into the light any second, exploding as if a supernova.

Suddenly, the shrill whine of her phone’s alarm clock exploded beside her and her eyes shot open. A blast of sunlight evaporated her wet dream, and the sweet release had been just moments away. Lauren moaned as the pleasure faded, one hand still fondling her soaked vagina beneath her long sleep shirt.

Then she remembered she’s on an inflatable mattress, and they’d just spent their first night in their new apartment. She turned over and shook her boyfriend Casey, they had to get up. The movers would soon be here.


Sure enough, just as they were brewing the first pot of coffee in their new home, they heard the rumble of the moving truck outside. They took their mugs and walked out to the porch, as the movers were backing into a space out front. Lauren stood sipping her coffee as Casey went to meet the movers preparing to unload the boxes filled with their lives.

Her mind wandered back to her lurid dream, and her body still ached – especially in her groin. She swept her long red hair from her face, but almost choked on her coffee as two heavily built black men stepped out from the truck.

They both looked over six feet, and as if they spent all their free time at the gym. They were similarly dressed in sweats and T’s, and the arms of their shirts strained against large biceps. The one with the sunglasses and the short-cropped hair greeted Casey, amazing her how her skinny white boyfriend looked so dwarfed by the black stud.

After watching them exchange greetings, and a few instructions, Lauren stood to the side as the big men made their way up the stairs effortlessly carrying a large sectional sofa between them. They greeted her as they approached, but Lauren just smiled and lifted her cup to hide her hot cheeks. She focused on their flexing muscles and the obvious bulges in the front of their sweatpants.

Over the next few hours they lifted boxes and moved furniture, while Lauren took every opportunity to enjoy the image of the gorgeous black men grunting and flexing around their new apartment.

By noon, with the sun high and scalding, Lauren looked on with a barely concealed lust as the shirts were discarded and their tight muscles glistened with sweat. Her thoughts raced back to her dream and the feeling of being overpowered and filled completely. She flushed at the thought of being taken and sandwiched between these powerful hunks.


After the movers had left, Lauren and Casey sat on the front steps sipping cold beers taking in their new neighbourhood. They’d been together almost four years and made the move across country after Casey landed a good job at a tech company in Silicon Valley. The job promised long hours and a heavy workload, but his new salary is more than both of them made back home combined. They looked forward to new adventures on the west coast, and Casey had mentioned hiking, beaches and exploring the North Bay vineyards as the things he’s eager to try.

But unknown to her boyfriend, Lauren’s aspirations are quite different. Her primary goal is to find out if there’s any truth to the Bay Area’s reputation as a ‘sexual Mecca’. Lauren is an attractive five-foot-six woman, with long flowing red hair, and a thick curvy figure. She leaned heavily toward the geeky side of the spectrum, and had limited sexual experiences.

The few sex partners she’d had were decent at best, and Casey’s enthusiasm had made him one of the stand outs. He’d do anything to please her, and at first it had been enough. He’d lick her pussy and stab away at her with all the skill he could muster. However, sex with Casey was only ever slightly above-average at its best, and over the last couple of years Lauren had felt a greater desire for more.

She loved Casey dearly and had no intention of leaving him. Still, there’s only so much she could do with his four-inch penis and mediocre oral skills. Watching those dark chiselled bodies flexing and sweating under the hot sun had only added fuel to one of her most intense fantasies. Unknown to Casey, she’d taken to reading xxx stories online, and found the stories featuring hardcore interracial sex her favourite. She’d never had sex with a black man before, more due to lack of opportunity than lack of interest. Having lived most of her life in a small, mostly white suburban town the opportunities were thin.

Many nights Casey stabbed away at her with his sweaty body and sissy grunts, but he now left her completely unsatisfied. She would moan and groan, faking orgasm just to get it over with. At least he didn’t last long. Lauren would then wait until he slept to plant herself in front of the computer in the study to read the naughty tales her eyes devoured. Thrusting her long black rubber dildo into her underused pussy as she imagined she’s the character in the story being used by all those big black dicks.

As her orgasm overtook her, she’d usually imagine Casey sitting nearby, restrained and lusting as her a strong black lover pleasured her in ways he never could. The thought of her boyfriend watching would inevitably take her over the edge into a screaming climax.

One night right before the move her late night masturbation session had been extra loud, and Casey had come in to investigate. That had led to the hottest experience of her life as she’d made him lick her cum from the large black dildo while she masturbated and imagined it’s a real cock they were sharing.


That had been a onetime thing, and Lauren felt beyond sexually frustrated by her boyfriend. Now she’d upended her life for him and moved cross-country. She’s eager to see what kind of fun she and her boyfriend could get into here. Whether he knew about it or not.

Unfortunately, it soon became clear the couple’s schedule didn’t allow much time for adventure, sexual or otherwise. In North Carolina Lauren had been a manager at a high-end clothing store and it’d been fairly easy to transfer to the chain’s San Francisco location. She worked downtown in the bustling financial district and is home early with plenty of time for fun.

Casey had a more gruelling schedule, and his four-hour round trip commute to Silicon Valley means Lauren had a lot of time to herself. Despite their plans for grand adventures, when they did go out it’s usually just bar hopping with some of the other programmers from Casey’s company. Not exactly the sexiest entourage in town.

This means Lauren had plenty of free time for wine, fantasies and long walks with Misfit, her Welsh Corgi. During her walks around the neighbourhood, she met quite a few of her new neighbours and started to pick up local gossip.

Most of the chitchat the usual harmless pleasantries, but one piece of information piqued her curiosity. Several people, mentioned the big house on the corner, and its handsome, very well-off black owner. The women she talked to mentioned how handsome he is, they practically gushed, and Lauren could hear their deep longing when they mentioned his name, Malik Masters.


One night as they were cleaning the dinner dishes, Lauren mentioned what she’d found out about the house on the corner. The neighbours had also said he’s some kind of tech entrepreneur or something, and Lauren figured Casey might be interested since they shared the same line of work.

“Oh?” Casey said. “Oh, HIM… Do you know who he is? I found out a couple of days ago, and forgot to tell you. Malik… Masters…” Casey emphasised the name as if Masters is someone Lauren should know. She stared at him blankly to tease him. “He’s a hot-shit venture capitalist guy. He runs ‘Master Plan Ventures’.”

He gave her an expectant look, as if waiting for the light bulb to go on at any time. She gave him nothing, feigning ignorance. Of course she knew who he was, there’s this thing called ‘Google’. “They’re the ones whom brought Livecast a couple of months ago, and just funded a ‘Series A Round’ on Timechat. Everyone in The Valley is trying to kiss up to him.”

Casey spoke of the man with geeky reverence, las if he’s talking about his favourite sports player or some Hollywood crush.

“He’s supposed to be some kind of business genius. He’s pretty young too, and I bet he’s rich as hell. I’m telling you, Lauren,” Casey said condescendingly. “If you want to get into tech, you gotta know this stuff. You gotta at least know the big players.”

They plopped onto the couch and Casey grabbed the TV remote and a large bong before settling in. He kept talking, but Lauren had stopped listening and began drifting into fantasy again. Her thoughts on their increasingly interesting new black neighbour. She decided to make a point to walk the dog by Malik Masters house on the corner hoping to catching a better look at the man.


One night she declined to meet Casey and his friends for a night of shots and bar hopping, and had spent the evening drinking wine and surfing the internet. She’d made her way to her favourite erotica site and scrolled through her saved stories when the dog appeared yapping at her heels.

“Hey, Misfit, I guess you need to go pee, huh?” Lauren asked before grabbing the dog’s collar and heading toward the door.

So far her efforts to catch a glimpse of her mysterious neighbour had been unsuccessful. However, as she watched Misfit sniff through the shrubs in front of his big house a deep male voice startled her from behind, asking, “How do you like the neighbourhood, so far?”

Lauren jumped and turned and looked through the metal gate and up into the face of the gorgeous man standing on the porch just above her. It’s a warm night in the city and six-feet of dark chocolate muscle leaned against the porch column wearing nothing but sweatpants and a smile. Clean shaven with a sharp jaw line, she placed his age somewhere in his late 30’s. He exuded power and had the quiet confidence of a man who knew could have whatever he wanted. Despite the friendliness in his voice, the way he looked at her suggested he’d discovered his next conquest.

A look she gave him with a similar intensity and intent. “Oh, it’s great. Yeah,” Lauren said. “My boyfriend and I just moved into three-o-four.”

She moved closer to the gate and stuck her hand through. He stepped down off the porch, her eyes followed his broad shoulders down to the V of his torso to the visible bulge in the front of his sweats. Swaying as though a heavy vine, as he descended the stairs.

“I’m Lauren,” she said with a quick smile and a slight, almost unconscious thrusting forward of her chest, as if she’s offering herself to him.

“Hello, Lauren. I’m Malik.” He stepped forward and embraced her hand, caressing it and sending an electric jolt shot straight to Lauren’s pussy. “Little late to be walking your dog alone.”

“Yeah… Casey, my boyfriend, is out drinking with his friends and someone has to take care of business, right?”

She looked up at him from across the front yard, expectantly. “Well, boys will be boys, I suppose,” Malik swigged his beer and looked back at her. “But it doesn’t sound much fun for you.”

“Yeah,” Lauren sullenly. “I guess not.”

“Well, why don’t you come inside and hang out with me? I’ve had a long week and I could use some attractive company to help me unwind.”

Lauren wanted to jump the fence right then and there. She took a minute, as though she’s considering the suggestion, but she’s really just eyeing the hard angles of his chest muscles and the way they flexed when he moved. She wanted badly to run her hands and tongue over him there.

“Sure, why not,” she said as nonchalantly as possible. “Just let me go drop off the animal.”

Lauren walked quickly back to the house to drop of the small dog. She swayed her hips a little more sexually as she walked away, hoping to give him a good parting shot and instil even a fraction of the arousal she felt.

She quickly changed into a short-denim-skirt and a low hanging white shirt before heading back out the door. She could see he’s back on the porch and the powerful outline of his silhouette made her pussy pulse in anticipation of what could be coming up. As Lauren approached, the large metal fence buzzed open and she walked somewhat nervously to the bottom of the stairs. She looked up at the hunky man above her, starting with the thickest log in his pants and working her eyes up his chiselled physique.

Malik welcomed her to his house and held the door while she entered. She had expected his home to be nice, but is still impressed as she stepped into the high ceiling foyer that extended two stories. Apparently Malik had gutted the entire inside of the house and fashioned it into his own discrete masculine palace.

Malik noticed how in awe she seemed, but didn’t point it out. He’d been watching this redhead gliding around the neighbourhood since they’d moved in. Now she’s inside, he had more interesting plans for her than discussing the decor. Malik had lived in the neighbourhood all of his life and owned several properties in the area. He’s well-known and respected in the community and always knew everything that happened in the neighbourhood. He’d known all about Lauren and Casey soon after they’d moved in.

He’s also an excellent judge of character and from conversations with the neighbours, and watching her walk around the block, he’d pegged Lauren for what she is. An under-sexed hot piece of ass, just looking for the right opportunity to let it all hang out. Malik had been biding his time and preparing to give her just such an opportunity.

He wasn’t worried about her boyfriend. If Malik is anything he’s persuasive, and he always got what he wanted. As he thought more seriously about seducing the young redhead, he felt confident her boyfriend would have no objections once he presented him with an offer he could not refuse.

“Let’s go into the living room,” he said, after taking a moment to admire her thick thighs and the sexy curve of her butt.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked, moving toward the kitchen.

“Yes, please. Vodka, if you have it.”

Lauren sunk back into the plush sofa and admired the elegant decor. The walls were cream with lush accents of blues and purples and large paintings and expensive looking artwork surrounded her. She leaned back on the couch and waited expectantly for his return.

Malik came back and handed her a delicious pink drink before sliding down on the other end of the couch, where they talked and drank and exchanged back stories. He’s light-hearted and a good listener, and Lauren felt herself warming to him quickly and not just because he’s one of the sexiest men she’d ever met.

His easy manner, and the strong sweet drinks she’s knocking back made her more at ease and chatty with him. Soon she’s opening up and complaining how so far she hadn’t had many chances for new adventures. She explained how she’d hoped her new life would be much more exciting than the one she left in her boring small town.

“So…” Malik said and smiled. “You want to get into some trouble?”

There’s a particular spark in his eye. “Well, kinda,” she said and squirmed under his sexy gaze. “I mean you only live once, right?”

“Of course. Nothing wrong with that. A sexy woman as you deserves all the fun she can handle,” he said with a wink and sly smirk that made Lauren’s knees tremble and her pussy throb. “So what kind of adventures are you looking for?”

He looked at her expectantly. Lauren’s eyes travelled over his rock hard abs. What she wanted is to trace her tongue over every inch of his body. Her mind flashed back to all the stories she’d read that started exactly like this. A young, innocent white woman alone with an attractive predatory black man. She wanted to be one of the women in those stories. This is exactly the adventure she’s been hoping for.

“Uh…” She blushed. “I’m not sure, exactly.”

Malik chuckled. He knew she’s almost ready. He’d had many white women in her place and knew all she needed is a little more encouragement and she would be his to use completely. “It’s OK, Lauren.” He picked up the TV remote and moved closer to her on the couch. “I know exactly what you need.”

He clicked the remote and the large flat screen across from them blazed to life. On the screen a young redhead woman, who looked a lot like her, is on a bed on her stomach as a large black man thrust into her. The look of pleasure on the woman’s face was unmistakable and Lauren felt herself immediately getting wet.

“I was enjoying some fine cinema before you came along,” Malik said, without the least bit of awkwardness. “We can switch to something else if you’d as if. But you said you wanted new adventures.”

“No…” Lauren said, not taking her eyes off the screen. “I’m… Fine.”

But she’s anything but fine. Her nipples felt hard as diamonds underneath her shirt and she could feel the wetness beginning between her legs. Malik knew it’d only be a short time before she’d be getting exactly what she’s been wanting.

Chuckling to himself, he reached over to the side table and picked up a joint that had been sitting in the ashtray. He lit it and took a few puffs before passing it to Lauren, whose attention had shifted back to the scene on-screen. She took a pull and held it before exhaling. After the hit, she could feel herself getting hazy. This is really good shit, she thought. She took a couple more tokes then snuggled closer to Malik’s chest.

She didn’t feel disturbed when his big arm moved around her and pulled her even closer. Lauren could feel her breath quicken, but she tried to just relax and go with the moment. On screen, the black man is on his back and the redhead is sexually riding him as she faced the camera with half-shut eyes. She ground herself onto the huge dick as her wetness ran down her legs. Lauren could feel herself throbbing and rubbed her thighs together to ease the fire burning between them.

Of course, Malik noticed the change in her demeanour, the same way he noticed how her hand had begun to casually trace along the lines of his abs.

Malik asked, “So what do you think so far?”

He looked at her and passed her the weed again. The question broke her out of the spell and she realised she’s probably not doing a very good job of hiding her arousal.

“It’s really good.” She couldn’t lie, this is the most amazing sex she’d ever seen. It’s exactly what she needed. What she hoped she’d be getting very soon. “Oh shit,” she said as the black man picked up the redhead and tossed her onto the bed on her back. She got a look at the man’s cock for the first time in awe. “How big is that dick?” She asked in amazement. “It’s unbelievable!”

“Eleven-inches,” Malik said, and took a sip of beer as the man on the screen spread the redhead’s legs and prepared to spear her again.

“How can you tell?” Lauren couldn’t take her eyes off the screen as she watched the woman taking on the massive cock.

Malik remained silent, but she got her answer as the camera panned up for the first time and she saw the man’s face.

Malik’s face.

His firm jaw is set as he drilled into the woman so hard it seemed as if he would break her in two.

“You?” Lauren looked at his face, her hand now firmly on his chest.

“Yes, me. But keep watching,” Malik said confidently. “It gets better.”

Lauren looked back at the screen as Malik’s long cock sliced through the wet pussy. The cameraman panned around the bed and Lauren caught a glimpse of him in the headboard mirror. Lauren could make out the naked white man filming, one hand holding the camera, the other fondling his very small clitty-dicklette.

“Wow. Does your cameraman always film you naked?” Lauren said, feeling both amused and aroused.

“Sometimes,” Malik said, his hands now stroking her neck and around her shoulders. “This guy gets-off watching me fuck his wife. He likes to be right there in the action. Others prefer to wait in the corner, some want me to send them the video afterward, and some just want to hear about it when their woman gets home.”

“So, you only fuck frustrated married women?” Lauren asked, feeling excited.

The conversation heating her up even faster.

“Not always,” Malik said. “But, I admit I do enjoy giving them something they so obviously need. And I mean, how ‘spoken for’ can they really be if they’re so eager to jump on this big dick.” Lauren’s pussy fluttered and her fingers gripped his leg as he spoke. “What about you, Lauren?” Malik’s eyes bore into her and she shuddered with lust. “I see the way you’ve been looking at me. I know what you want. I want to hear you say it.”

This is it. This is the moment she’d been fantasizing about. Her body ached for his touch, and she wanted to be completely swept up in the pleasure she knew he would provide. Yet she still felt nervous, and she still had a boyfriend. Part of this felt so wrong, but another part of her felt alive and full of desire.

Then her hand became full of something else. Very full.

While she’d been steeling herself and preparing to admit her deepest fantasy, Malik had pulled down his sweatpants and released his mammoth cock. Lauren turned when she felt the weight hit her hand and moaned softly once she realized what she’s holding.

Inches from her face, the most magnificent piece of meat she’d ever seen, stood hard as steel and throbbing beneath her fingers. Lauren’s hand couldn’t reach completely around the thick base and she could only imagine how good it would feel to have it wrecking her insides. She licked her lips unconsciously.

“I want this,” Lauren said quietly stroking her hand up the long shaft. Even if she used two hands, there would still be plenty of dick to spare. This realization made her pussy throb in anticipation.

“You want what, Lauren?” Malik’s voice is still even, but Lauren could tell he’s getting excited as well.

“Your cock,” she replied, moving her lips closer to the thick head.

“Uh, uh?” Malik suddenly grabbed her hair and yanked back before she could take it in her mouth. “What do want to do with it, Lauren?”

“To suck it. I want to feel it in my mouth.”

“Is that all?”

“No, I want to feel it in my pussy. I want you to fuck me.”

He stroked the back of her head as he held her firmly. “Say it again,” he said.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said louder.

“And what about your boyfriend? What about Casey?”

Lauren pictured her boyfriend and the look on his face if he could see her now. The image made her even more excited.

“I don’t care! I NEED your cock! Please give it to me!”

“Good girl,” Malik said, before pushing her head down toward her prize, which stood rigid and waiting for her hungry mouth.

Lauren growled deep in her throat as the thick meat stretched her jaws. She’d always gotten compliments on her excellent blowjobs and had no problem working Casey’s slim four-inches. But Malik’s cock is an entirely different animal and Lauren made her way down slowly.

More and more of the eleven-inch cock disappeared down her throat, but there’s no way she’d be able to take the entire thing. She made it about three-fourths of the way down and then came up for air, marvelling and how he had filled her throat. She took a deep breath and went back for more, bobbing her head sensually.

Malik lay his head back on the couch as the sexy redhead blew him. Her mouth is exquisite, better than he’d anticipated and he’s already planning to use her on a more regular basis. The way Lauren is feeling at the moment it’s likely she would be available whenever this sexy man demanded.

She’d moved to the floor between his legs and licked slowly up and down his shaft, loving how it pulsed on her tongue. She took his large scrotum in her mouth and hummed softly, the sensations vibrating from his cock to his balls. She felt as if she could stay here forever, worshipping this magnificent man in whatever way he wanted.

She felt his big hands on either side of her head and got excited as he pushed her head down further. He began fucking her face with long, deep strokes and Lauren couldn’t take it anymore. Her hand went up under her skirt and moved aside her soaking wet panties. She strummed her clit as Malik took his pleasure from her mouth. She felt so used. So dirty, and the feeling made her orgasm on the spot.

Just as she’s pulling her head off of his cock Lauren felt the first blast of his thick seed shoot into her mouth. Malik pushed her head down further and threw his head back.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck! Take my nut, girl! Swallow it all!”

The taste of cum and the forceful treatment only made Lauren’s orgasm more intense. She stroked her clit furiously as the strongest orgasm she’s ever had rushed through her. Malik released her head and withdrew until only the tip is in her mouth. She suckled and drew out the last precious drops as her orgasm gradually subsided.

“Good girl,” Malik said again, stroking her hair gently.

His praise made her extremely proud and almost giddy. She wanted to impress him. She wanted to be his best girl. Malik pulled her toward him from the floor and she rose to find her face only inches from his hard abs. She couldn’t wait any longer and dipped her tongue to his stomach, tracing around the sexy area, she’d been fantasising about so fiercely.

She kissed along his abs and up his chest, tasting the salty sweat. She reached his lips and he grabbed her firmly, holding her close attacking her mouth with his. Lauren is so lost in the pleasure of their first kiss she’s startled when he stood and cradled her in his strong arms effortlessly. He walked with her down the hall into an expansive bedroom and placed her gently in the centre of the four-poster bed before stepping back and removing his sweats.

Lauren took the opportunity to toss off her shirt and when she raised her hips to shimmy out of her skirt and panties Malik’s strong hands held her legs high. He looked at her glistening vagina as if he’s starving and Lauren couldn’t believe this powerful man wanted her so badly. She melted under the intensity of his stare.

Malik bent on one knee and Lauren wrapped her legs around his head as his mouth covered hers. He started with slow forceful flicks along her lips, then dipped deeper into her pussy, tasting her and making Lauren shake all over. Her hands came up to her big breasts and she massaged and tweaked her nipples. Malik took her to the edge of ecstasy with his skilful technique, covering her clit with his full lips and sucking gently. Now it’s her turn to throw her head back and scream as the pleasure intensified as he tongued her love button rhythmically.

Lauren is close to coming and she could tell it’s going to be a good one. Monumental. Her legs began shaking and Malik moaned and pulled her legs tighter to his face.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god! Yes,” she moaned loudly.

Lauren’s ass shot off the sofa as she humped harder into Malik’s devouring mouth. The orgasm rushed through her and before she had a chance to catch her breath Malik stood and drove his massive cock into her in one smooth stroke.

“Oh… My… God…” Lauren shouted as she exploded into another orgasm.

Malik just held still inside her as the sudden feeling of fullness launched her back into the stratosphere. Gradually she began to calm and opened her eyes to see Malik looking at her. His face is full of desire and he smiled while slowly swivelling his hips, opening her pussy for the fucking still to come.

Lauren lay under him panting as her tight canal adjusted to being stuffed with nearly a foot of hard black cock. She’s more full than ever before and unable to stop herself from grinding up to meet his sensual thrusts.

“Damn, girl, you feel so good,” Malik moaned. “I’ve been wanting this since I first saw you.”

He bent to kiss her mouth passionately. Lauren melted from his words and returned the kiss with equal intensity as their tongues danced. Malik broke the kiss and moved down lower to her neck. He withdrew his cock halfway before slowly pushing back in. He repeated the strokes, opening her up, as his lips travelled down her neck and began to lick her full breasts.

Malik knew just how to give her the most pleasure. He would thrust then grind his pelvis into her, driving his cock deeper and rubbing against her clit in the process. Lauren’s body is set to overload from the sensations.

She clawed the back of his head and wrapped her legs around his waist, her heels digging into his muscular butt cheeks as she attempted to draw him deeper. She wants to be totally taken by this big man. She wanted to know what it felt as if to be thoroughly and completely fucked.

The speed of Malik’s thrusting increased and his strokes shortened as he felt the beginnings of his own orgasm start to rumble deep in his balls. His tempo increased and he pumped furiously, driving her deeper into the bed. Deeper into the fantasy she had wanted so badly.

Finally Malik’s cool facade broke, and the lustful bull inside awakened. He grabbed Lauren’s legs and hoisted them onto his shoulders before reaching around to grab her butt cheeks in his hands. With all of his considerable strength he attacked the young redhead’s pussy, causing her to groan and her juices to squirt onto the mattress beneath them.

Lauren is shaking all over from the hard pummelling. She’s a rag doll being tossed around and used for his pleasure. She felt completely powerless as he fucked her. Malik Masters is going to take what he wanted. And right now he wanted them both to have the most amazing sex of their lives.

This is what she had been craving, such intensity and connection Casey could never provide. Being fucked by Malik made her feel alive and on fire. Her body burned for her new lover, and Lauren knew she’s close to being totally engulfed in the flames.

“That’s it, Lauren, take my cock. Take all of it! ‘s what you’ve been wanting right?”


Lauren could barely think let alone speak but there’s no hiding how much she loved the fucking she’s getting.

“Yes, it’s so good. This is so, so good!” Lauren moaned.

She buried her head into the side of his neck and felt an orgasm barrelling up from deep inside her. Malik is a rigid piston, drilling deep and close to bursting her open. Lauren could only hold on as she felt herself getting closer and closer. Then, blast off. Her orgasm ripped through her like an explosion. Malik held her legs on his shoulders as her feet shook as if leaves in a tornado. She opened her mouth wide but no sound escaped as the waves of pleasure crashed through her. She’s drowning in sensations. Dying over and over while impaling herself on the huge sword inside of her.

Above her Malik is as a machine cranked to high volume. He’s a growling beast, his dick flexing as it pumped hot lava into her pussy. He watched with satisfaction as his massive load began to overflow and drip down, pooling on the sheets under Lauren’s ass.

Gradually their breathing returned to normal and Malik lay back on the bed and pulled her on top of him. They looked at each other blissfully and Lauren could not believe how good he’d made her feel. She didn’t know how she would explain this to Casey but she knew she’d had to have this again. Whenever Malik wanted. Hopefully very frequently. Contemplating the mind-blowing sex she hoped to get in the future made her grind her hips slowly on Malik’s cock, which had lost none of its hardness as it lay trapped beneath them.

Malik is also gearing up for the second round as he looked up into her fuck drunk eyes, asking the question he already knew the answer to.

“So, how is it?”

“The… The most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me!” Lauren gushed, still trying to catch her breath.

“I didn’t think I could cum so much or so hard! How did you do that to me?”

Malik smiled knowingly. They all reacted this way the first time they got a taste. And they always wanted more than just the first taste.

“This is just a small sample of what I intend to do to you, young lady.”

Malik grabbed her butt cheek forcefully as he spoke, causing Lauren’s swollen pussy to throb. She gasped and ground her hips against him with more intent.

“Oh please, give me more. I don’t think I can get enough of this big dick. Casey can’t compete with a real man like you. Fuck!”

As if on cue, Lauren’s phone rang out from her skirt pocket. She grudgingly reached for it and saw its Casey calling.

“Answer it,” Malik said to her with a devilish grin.

“Uh, hello? Hi, babe.” Lauren tried to sound nonchalant.

An increasingly difficult task because as she’s speaking Malik reached between them and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She lifted her hips slightly to allow him entrance and exhaled sharply as she felt the big muscle stretching her cunt. He’d fucked her raw and the entrance is slightly painful but Lauren gladly accepted the pain in order to get the pleasure she knew is coming after it. And the semen still dripping out helped to soothe the entry.

“Hi Lore, how’s it going?” Casey asked with a slurred voice.

“Oh, um…” Lauren moaned into Casey’s ear. “I’m good.” Lauren said. “Just lazing around.”

“What’s going on, babe?” Casey could hear her heavy breathing.

“Oh, nothing, baby.” Lauren’s breathing is getting more laboured as her hips swivelled onto Malik’s thick shaft. “Just having a little fun.”

She sat higher and speared herself back onto Malik’s dick, gasping sharply into the phone. Malik is deeper into her cunt than Casey had even dreamed of being. However, her lewd moans made his little dickie stand at attention as he stood outside the bar listening to her pleasure.

“Sounds as if you’re having a lot of fun, babe. Are you using your big toy?”

Lauren looked at the sexy black man she’s riding, and smiled mischievously. “Yeah, baby. I’m using a very big toy, bigger than anything I’ve ever had, and it’s filling me so good!”

She gyrated her hips in slow circles, luxuriating in the feeling of fullness. Already she’s feeling the tingle of another orgasm stirring deep within her. “Oh god, baby! I’m going to cum!” Lauren moaned loudly into the phone.

She fell back onto Malik’s chest, and he long stroked her while caressing her back and shoulders. Casey is on the other end of the phone struggling to not grab his aching little stiffy. This is the hottest thing he’d even been a part of. Even hotter than the time she’d made him lick her cum off her monster dildo he imagined she’s now fucking herself with.

On the other end, Lauren is barrelling toward another orgasm. Less explosive than the previous ones, but in some ways even better because Casey is listening. He’s there as she came hard on another man’s big cock. The thought pushed her over the edge.

“Oh, oh, baby! Oh, I’m cumming!” She starting to slap her hips into Malik’s, riding him as she gasped into her boyfriend’s ear. “Oh, baby, oh god, he’s fucking me so good. It’s so good!!”

Casey heard her say ‘He’ but thought it’s all just a part of the fantasy. A fantasy he’s very much enjoying. After she came down from her orgasm Lauren opened her eyes and picked up the phone she had dropped as she came. “Wow, baby, this is great. Thanks. I really needed that! See you when you get home,” she said to Casey.

“Yeah,” Casey said, dumbfounded.

He didn’t know where the sexy display had come from. He had just been calling to tell her he’d be home later than he thought. But hearing her sexy moans made him rethink going to the after hours bar with his co-workers.

Lauren hung up the phone and turned off the ringer before tossing it aside. That had been so hot, but she didn’t want any more interruptions. She looked down at the sex god below her. None of her previous lovers had ever made her feel anywhere near this good. She knew she’d never be satisfied by Casey’s puny babydick ever again.

“Oh, god, Malik. You feel so good. I want you so bad!”

“Then show me. Ride this dick, bitch! Show me how much you need to get fucked!” Malik demanded.

She followed his commands while he reached around and grabbed handfuls of her luscious ass cheeks, his fingers digging into her pale flesh, taking what is now his.


Several hours and uncountable orgasms later, Lauren staggered back to her apartment on shaky legs, looking exactly as if she’d just had the most amazing sex of her life. Malik had kept her panties and the night air sent a chill through wet thighs. He told her from now on she’s not to wear them in his presence.

As she tumbled into bed Malik’s semen dribbled from her thoroughly manhandled pussy. She drifted off to sleep quickly and didn’t feel Casey slide drunkenly into bed beside her.

Still horny from hearing Lauren’s orgasmic cries earlier, the sight of his girlfriend naked and flushed under the covers spurred him on even more. For some reason, she seemed especially beautiful tonight. Casey couldn’t explain it, but something about the way she laid there sweaty and obviously exhausted seemed incredibly sexy.

His hand slipped down and massaged her swollen pussy lips before dipping deep into her wetness.

She must really be excited, he thought as he sunk lower on the bed and began to lightly kiss her pubic hair which surprised him to find already sticky and matted. His tongue snaked out and licked her swollen, puffy red folds. She’s overflowing with slimy wetness and Casey loved the taste as it poured onto his tongue. As he continued to eat her his hand dropped down to his babydick and he stroked it furiously.

Lauren gasped and opened her heavy eyelids to see her boyfriend between her legs, his face already glazed with juices. She lay back on the pillow and pulled Casey’s head deeper into her pussy, encouraging him to lap up Malik’s cum still flowing out of her.

“Damn, baby, you taste delicious. You’re so wet and creamy,” Casey said.

Casey marvelled at the juicy pussy in front of him. This is the most excited he’d ever seen her and he loved the thick, salty cream that leaked from her pussy. He dove back into her hungrily, determined to eat it all.

This is perfect, she thought as Casey lapped up her juices combined with those of her new lover. Maybe getting Casey to accept his new role would be easier than I expected.

At that thought she felt herself building for another explosive orgasm. As she released it into his mouth Casey swallowed his lover’s cocktail with relish and came strongly into his own hand.

Lauren petted his head lovingly as he continued to lap away at her worn out pussy.

She knew their lives were about to change dramatically, and she’s finally going to get the adventure she’d been waiting for. She couldn’t wait to see what came next!

The End.



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