The Cheating Wife

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My Wife Jennifer By fenris84 (

I first began to suspect that my wife Jennifer was cheating on me about a week ago. Jennifer works on the weekends at the nearby shopping mall while I look after the kids. I work 9-5 on weekdays so I always enjoy the extra time with the kids.

Normally Jennifer would always be home by 5:30 without fail on Saturday and Sunday, but by 6:30 on the last Saturday she still wasn’t home. When she finally got home near 7 pm she was looking a bit flustered and she smelt of cigarettes. Jennifer and I aren’t full-on smokers, we only have one cigarette each on a Sunday night when the kids are asleep, so I was very suspicious of why she had decided to smoke and get home late.

As soon as Jen had dropped her purse on the kitchen counter, she told me she needed to go to the toilet – once again a bit odd as she normally always waits until after dinner to do that.

I decided to follow her into the bathroom and as she closed the door did my usual cheeky trick of quickly slipping my hand down the front of her pants to feel her pussy. Normally Jen loves it when I do that, but this time she almost jumped out of her skin and she seemed terrified.

My hand had reached her pussy before she finally pulled my hand out, there was no mistaking how wet she was. I even got some of her juices on my hand.
Jen angrily kicked me out of the toilet and told me to let her get dressed.

As I left the room, I looked at my hand with her juices on it and realized it was strangely sticky – I sniffed it – it smelled familiar. Suddenly I realized it was sperm. I was dumbfounded. I had been together with my wife for 7 years and we had two children. In that whole time it never occurred to me that she could cheat on me with another man. The idea of some strange man fucking my wife raw and shooting his sperm inside her left me feeling sick yet I couldn’t shake the unusual excitement I felt too.

When Jen finally came out of the bathroom, changed into her casual clothes I tried my best to act like nothing had happened – I just nonchalantly asked her about the cigarette and she told me she had stayed back chatting with Gloria, one of her friends at work. I nodded and we had dinner, acting like everything was normal.

Later that night, once the kids were asleep, I moved next to Jen on the couch and started to stroke my hand up her legs towards her panties – but she became annoyed and said she needed to sleep because she was tired and needed to be up early for work the next day. She looked upset and a bit sad, so I stopped and let her go to sleep.

I spent the whole night awake, unable to rest with so much going through my head. How was I going to cope with Jen cheating on me? I didn’t know if I was going to be able to live with her knowing what she had done.

By the next morning Jen had gone off to work and I spent the whole day trying to take my mind off things. Gardening, fixing things around the house, nothing worked. By 5:30 that night Jen arrived back home and it seemed like the previous day had never happened. I decided I would wait and see what was happening, I didn’t want to confront Jen without at least having some more evidence.


The next week was very hard, I tried a few times to have sex with Jen and every time she told me how she was tired and not feeling well.

Eventually, on Thursday late night shopping, I went to the shopping mall after work to grab some Christmas presents early to avoid the rush. While I was there I bumped into Gloria and asked her how it was going with her weekend shifts, Jen had said the shifts were getting a bit rough with the 45yo store manager Jon is being a real prick to work for.

Gloria looked a bit surprised and told me that she wasn’t doing the weekend shifts anymore and that Jen was nowadays only working from 9am-2pm on the Saturday shift. I pretended to be confused about my days and asked Gloria how the store manager was being.

Gloria told me that Jon was a real asshole and that he kept threatening to cut people’s hours unless they worked harder. She said that Jen had lost 3 hours of her shift as Jon had been putting pressure on her.

I was furious inside, but politely said goodbye to Gloria and headed off for home. I couldn’t believe that Jen had lost hours at her work and not told me. I realized then that perhaps Jon was the cause of more than just lost hours with Jen’s work.

That night I rang my parents and asked if they could look after the kids for me on Saturday. They quickly agreed and I told them I needed to get some hardware shopping done.

On Saturday late morning I dropped the kids off at my parents place and drove over to the mall. I parked near my wife’s car and waited while I ate my lunch and listened to the radio.

Finally, after 2 hours I spotted Jen heading towards her car and quietly started the engine. As she drove off, I followed her from a distance and I was lucky that the roads were very quiet with traffic. Jen started driving up into the hills, into an area I hadn’t visited very often.

She pulled into a long steep driveway of an old brick house that looked like it was built in the 70s. I parked my car around the corner on a nature strip and quickly walked towards the driveway to see what was happening, hiding behind a big tree. I then saw Jon, the manager, comes out of the house still wearing his work clothes. Jen ran up to him and kissed him passionately for a second. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – my 30yo wife kissing a man much older than her!

They went inside the house and I heard giggling from the door becoming more distant as they walked further in. I quickly ran up the driveway, keeping low and hiding alongside the cars. I noticed the side gate was unlocked so I quietly opened it and snuck around the side of the house.

I suddenly heard a loud laugh and realized that I was directly beneath a high up window on the side of the house. Jen was giggling and pleading with Jon to stop tickling her. The window was a very high one that was under the darkness of the veranda so anyone inside would not see me if I peeked in. I stood on top of a table along the wall and peeked through the window.

I was dumbfounded to see Jen sitting on a large bed, still wearing her work clothes and Jon standing immediately in front of her with his fly open.
Sticking out of his pants was a big seven-inch cock that was really thick. I couldn’t believe that his cock was so big and it still looked like it wasn’t hard yet!

Jen reached out with her hand and tried to reach her small hands around his thick shaft. Without warning she took the head of his big cock into her mouth and started twirling her tongue around his glans. Jon groaned and started unbuttoning his work shirt. Underneath his shirt Jon was fairly overweight and had a hairy chest, but Jen didn’t seem grossed out – if anything she started sucking him harder and touching his hairy chest with her other hand.

I watched in amazement as Jon’s cock proceeded to grow longer and harder – it was now nearly ten inches long and rock solid. Saliva was dripping off his enormous penis as Jen kept trying to get more into her mouth. She could only manage to get about six inches into her mouth as he was so thick and hard. While Jen sucked him, Jon kicked off his pants and started undressing Jen. He undid her bra and let her beautiful double D tits hang out. He started stroking her tits and pulling on her nipples which drove her wild into a sucking frenzy.

Finally, after nearly 10 minutes of sucking, he pulled his cock out of Jen’s mouth and got her to lie on the bed. Jon pulled off her pants and panties, taking a chance to sniff her soaked panties as he did so. Jon then bent down in front of her and started licking her vagina out with his tongue. Jen erupted into wild moaning sounds as Jon’s tongue began digging in her pussy and lapping up her juices. I could hear Jen moaning softly. “Ohhh fuccck. Put it in meee jonnn… Fuck me!”

Jon kept licking her out until she was moaning more and louder for him to fuck her hard. Finally, Jon stopped and smiled at her looking up from her pussy. His face with stubble was covered in her juices, he looked like a man in heaven.

Jon proceeded to climb forward above Jen and soon his massive ten-inch member was at her wet vagina entrance. Jen opened her legs wide as he slowly started to insert his man meat inside her – gently pushing an inch at a time. Every inch made Jen cry in ecstasy and pain as her face winced and flushed red with excitement. Soon he had managed to insert half of his throbbing cock inside of her and he slowly began to withdraw it with slurping noises of Jen’s pussy juices.

As he almost fully withdrew, he suddenly slammed it back into her, almost taking eight inches deep into my wife’s wet cunt. Jen screamed in orgasmic ecstasy and her legs wrapped around Jon’s body as he proceeded to rhythmically ram and withdraw faster and harder.

Eventually he managed to get nearly all his ten inches deep inside of her and she was screaming from orgasm after orgasm crashing into each other. I could see Jen’s juices squirting down onto the bed and lubricating
Jon’s massive phallus.

As I was watching I realized that I had pulled my own pathetic four-inch cock out and was wanking for dear life – I had never had such a hard on before. The sight of an older, overweight man ramming my innocent wife with a huge penis drove me crazy with lust and I suddenly realized that he was fucking her raw while my wife was fertile!

Suddenly Jon climbed off Jen and he pulled her to the side of the bed and flipped her over so she was now on all fours like a bitch. Jon’s cock was still rock hard and Jen was literally dripping wet with her juices dribbling out of her snatch.

With Jen on her fours, Jon stepped behind her and in a single thrust he shoved his huge manhood back into her pussy. I saw Jen’s whole body shudder with intoxication as she proceeded to have more orgasms. As Jon kept ramming her harder and harder I could see her eyes rolling back in genuine ecstasy – not the fake kind she always did with me but the real blown into heaven look.

Jon slowly withdrew from her dripping cunt and then started to poke her asshole with his index finger, which was covered in her wet juices. Jen moaned and bit her lip as I could tell she was anticipating a tremendous amount of pain soon. Jon slid more and more fingers into her tight sphincter until finally he had his whole hand sliding in and out gently. By this point Jen was almost crying, though I could tell she wasn’t going to stop him.

Jon then moved his thick ten-inch penis to her asshole and started to slowly push it in. She started to scream in pain and moaning simultaneously – I had never seen her like this before! Jon’s penis seemed to grow thicker – as if he was relishing seeing Jen in such pain and he started pushing into her harder – getting deeper inside her bowels. Soon Jon was withdrawing and ramming her tight ass harder and harder and her face was now bright red with pain and arousal.

I could tell that something was about to happen as Jon was now ramming faster and faster and he was making grunting noises like he was about to explode. Suddenly he sighed triumphantly as he began erupting cum inside my wife’s bowels. After nearly 5 minutes of cock pulsing inside her he slowly withdrew his long fat cock.

His cock had now become softer to about eight-inches in length, but it was covered in huge loads of oozing sperm and shit from my wife’s bowels. I was stunned as I watched an avalanche of sperm start to squirt out of Jen’s hole – her ass was still in the air as her face was now buried into a pillow trying to recover.

The sight proved too much for me and I started shooting my own sperm onto the table below me. I only shot a small amount of sperm and I felt pathetic compared to the older man who had just fucked my wife in ways I never could.

Looking at my watch I suddenly realized I had promised to pick the kids up soon so I quietly climbed off the table and fled out of the property.

Inside the house Jon slapped his fat penis on Jen’s ass and spoke to her. “Your husband is a real pussy – you know he watched us from the window up there, jerking his little pee-pee off?”

Jen laughed, and moved her ass to open her pussy wider for him. “He’s so pathetic. He tried having sex with me all last week, but my pussy is so stretched now, thanks to you. His pathetic excuse for a cock will never be enough for me anymore.”

Jon asked, “How big is it?”

“Four-inches, if he can get it hard. Sadly, I recently noticed our son is hung bigger than him,” Jen replied with a grin.

“That sucks for him. I always thought he was a wimp and now I know why. He has no dick!”

They both roared with laughter and Jon started ramming his hardening thick cock deep inside of her again. Their words stung me like I have never felt before, but watching them fuck was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I really feel confused about my mixed emotions.




  • Anonymous

    It did not end right I want the husband get some pay back by getting himself much bigger by 8 or 9 inches and start having sex with other women. Where the wife start getting jealous and he paying her no attention and make her think he filing for divorce.Not realizing that she got good husband at home.

    • Anon

      Do you know of a lot of middle age men that have their cock size double?

  • Anonymous

    If you fled “out of the property” how can you report what the two lovers were discussing after you had fled? Some careful editing would help.

    • Anon

      He enjoyed it enough to have an orgasm. It wasn’t bothering him as much as it is you.

  • Anonymous

    Man. I d
    Am so sorry for you having to hear your wife bad mouth you like that if I was you I would say anything to hear and just start dogging her. every weekend take your kids to your parents and just take off for the night and her pick up the kids after work and just blow her off get more evidence and get a lawyer. You can do better than that

  • Paul

    The most important part for me is at the end when the wife says 4 inches of he can get it hard
    Let’s face it we are all pretty much stuck with our dimensions unless you want drastic surgery
    But if you can’t perform then you are always going to be a disappointment irrelevant of your size
    I very rarely achieve an erection it’s takes a lot of effort and viagra which then results in me coming in less than a minute
    So I understand why my wife doesn’t want to bother and wouldn’t be surprised if she looked elsewhere

  • Biguy4inch

    Men with small penis are more likely to be bisexual gay or straight.

    • Looking1113

      I have a small cock and have been married for a very long time. But I am also bi curious have tried anything really but am curious

  • Sissy simone

    I loved that. Really got my cockette Rock hard.


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