My Step Brother: Part 2

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The Bigger Step Brother: Part 2 By thetinybrother (edited)


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Part 2…

“And the whole thing made you…” came the voice from my cell phone.

“Yes, Liz, it did,” I confessed. “I’ve never been more turned on in my whole life.”

It’s Thursday night and it all started two days ago. My girlfriend saw it and less than twenty four hours later she was – Just the thought of it makes me horny again. In fact, the whole time I’ve been on the phone with my best friend, Elizabeth, I’ve been telling her every detail of the past two days with my left hand down my shorts.

“And you still haven’t left her?” She asked, unbelieving.

“How can I? I just let it happen. I have no more control in this relationship. She said she wasn’t coming over tonight, but to be ready for an amazing weekend. I have no idea what she’s planning, what can I do?”

There was a long pause, but she eventually replied. “You know what, Alan? I think I know what the problem is,” she said with a tone of certainty in her voice.

“Really?” I asked. “What’s the problem?”

“I can’t explain it over the phone, but I think I know exactly how to fix it, too. Is she coming over to your place after her volleyball practice tomorrow?”

“Yes? Why?”

“Just trust me. I’m pretty sure I know exactly what the problem is and I know exactly what to do about it.”

“But, wait, I’m not sure if there even is a problem!” I began to protest. “I mean, we’re still…”

“Alan!” She interrupted. “How long have we been besties? Do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, Liz.”

“I know you do,” I could almost hear her smiling. “So trust me and I’ll meet at your place after school tomorrow before Adriana gets there. Sounds good?”

“What are you going to do?”

“Alan? Trust me?”

I couldn’t even begin to imagine what she had in mind, but I’d been friends with Elizabeth since kindergarten; I trusted her 110%.

“Of course,” I sighed. “You’re the best Liz.”

“I know!” She giggled. “See ya tomorrow!”

I smiled and laid back down in bed, ready to go to sleep when I noticed a text from Adriana: “Good night, lil girl! Can’t wait to play with you tomorrow ;)”

I put my phone down and shut my eyes. My hand was still in my shorts and when the images of last night came back to me, it took less than a minute to relieve the tension I had built up from the phone call.


Friday. The weekend was here and my mom and step-dad were out of town already. I knew they would be visiting my step-family down in Houston and when I told that to Adriana yesterday, that was when she suggested the “fun weekend” she had planned for us.


Liz was here. I’d been expecting her. I opened the door and was greeted by a warm and loving hug.

“Hey Alan!” She smiled as she walked in carrying a Forever 21 bag.

I had to do a double-take as I saw her walk past me. I’d never felt sexually attracted to my best friend before, but I had to hold my breath as I took in the sight of her today. As always, she was taller than me and taller than most girls at about 5’9. Most of her height was in her legs though; skinny legs that were covered by even skinnier faded jeans that showed off her round bubble butt. Just above that I could see a hint of her smooth white skin as her midriff quickly gave way to the bottom of her skin-tight, white tank top cut just low enough to show some cleavage of her small but perky 32B breasts. My naturally red-headed bestie had straightened her hair today and left it down as a thick mane of dark red hair poured halfway down her back.

“You look amazing today, Liz!” I blurted out.

“Aw, really?” She almost seemed to blush! “Thanks, biffie!” (It took me a while to realize, but that was the first time she’d ever accepted a compliment on her looks from me.)

“So, let’s see. We’re here, Adriana gets off in about an hour. Is Nizar home?”

It was a simple question really, but I could barely stammer a “yes.”

“Good,” she smiled. “Okay, Alan, you trust me, right?”

“Of course, Liz,” I reassured her, “I promise. I trust you; no questions asked.”

She put the Forever 21 bag down on the couch and looked me right in the eyes. Her demeanour seemed to become suddenly a lot sterner.

“No questions asked, you say?” She said. “Well, I want you to keep this bag right here. Don’t touch it, don’t peek inside it, nothing. When Adriana gets here, I want you to text me.”

“Bag is off limits!” I replied. “Gotcha. Wait, text you? Where are you going to be?”

“I’ll be in Nizar’s room.” I opened my mouth in protest, but was stopped by her glare. “No questions asked, remember?” she insisted. But after I gave her a firm nod, she smiled again and her green eyes just seemed to glow. “I’m here to fix your problem, just do what I say and I promise you’ll love me for it.”

I jumped to give her another firm hug and held her tightly for a few seconds. As we let go of our hug I looked up into her face and couldn’t help but notice how absolutely gorgeous she looked today.

“You seriously do look stunning today, girl!” I had to tell her again. “I mean, you’re always beautiful, but today… Just wow! Let’s hope Nizar doesn’t get any ideas!”

She giggled at the comment, gave me a wink and skipped upstairs. I heard a soft knock and then the door to Nizar’s room open and close. I looked around the living room at a loss for what to do. Liz’s bag was still on the couch and I was tempted to open it, but I refrained. Not knowing what else to do, I laid down on the sofa comforted by the smile of my best friend. She’ll fix this, I was certain. Before I knew it, I was asleep on the couch waiting for my girlfriend to come home.

* * *

I awoke suddenly from a few soft slaps on my face.

“Wakey, wakey, lil girl!”

I tried to jump, but found I was pinned to the couch.

When I caught my breath, I looked up to see the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. My girlfriend was sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking down at me as she leaned over my weak body. She had her beautiful black hair in a ponytail and a mischievous smile on her thick lips.

“Aww, did I scare my poor lil girl?” She giggled. “Guess whose home?” She gave me a soft pinch on my nose, as if I was a baby, and then stood up.

For the second time that day, I was floored by the smouldering good looks of the most important girls in my life. Adriana seemed to know was I checking her out; she struck a pose with one hand on her hips, leaning slightly on the opposite foot. Her strong calves and even stronger thighs were on full display thanks to her tight cut-off jean shorts. On top, she had on a tight country style plaid blouse that seemed strained around her chest as her 36C breasts seemed ready to pop some buttons.

“H- h- hi Adriana,” I stammered.

“Hey cutie!” She leaned down and gave me a firm kiss on the lips. She stood back up and looked around. When she spotted Liz’s back, she seemed to get excited and she gave a girlish hop and a playful slap, “Oh yay! Liz is here already!”

I jumped to my feet as I remember Liz’s instructions. I grabbed my phone and sent off a quick text.

“She’s already in your big brother’s room, isn’t he?” She smiled mischievously.

“Yeah, she is,” I replied absently, then when I registered exactly what she said, I looked up from my phone and suddenly corrected, “I mean no, he’s my little brother, I’m older. But yeah, she’s in there.”

“Blah, blah,” she said as she walked up to me then made a sudden firm grab of my crotch.

“You may be older, but we both know he’s the BIGGER brother in this house,” she purred into my ear.

My dick began to grow hard in her tight grasp and I let out a soft moan.

My phone buzzed with Liz’s reply. Adriana took the phone from me with her free hand and read her text. She smiled, gave a tighter squeeze on my crotch and put my phone in front of my face to show me the text:

“Awesome! Now give her the bag, follow her EXACT instructions, and then meet us in Nizar’s room. I talked to her last night, she knows what to do. And remember, TRUST ME!”

After I read it, she tossed my phone on the couch and pulled me in for another deep kiss. I wrapped my hands around her and returned the passionate kiss. If this was part of Liz’s plan, she seemed to know exactly what she was doing!

Adriana continued the kiss, her height equalling mine, as she slowly pushed me back. After a few backward steps, I fell on the couch right next to Liz’s bag looking up at my gorgeous, smiling girlfriend.

I grabbed the Forever 21 bag and handed it to her.

“Liz said you’d know what to do,” I breathed.

She didn’t reach out to take it from me though, she just smiled.

“It’s all for you, cutie, you open it up,” she giggled.

Feeling like this was going way better than I expected, I excitedly opened the bag and pulled out… A pair of cotton panties? I looked up at Adriana and her smile told me everything before she even said a word.

“Yup! For you!” She clapped in excitement as she began to pull other articles of clothing from the bag. “Oh, it’s such a cute outfit! You’re going to look so adorable!”

Along with the pair of pink cotton panties with white polka-dots were a short black skirt studded across the bottom. Also in the bag was a cute, pink, size 30A, bra to match the panties and a grey spaghetti strap top to match the skirt.

I looked up at Adriana in disbelief. “You’re not going to make me… I don’t have to… But I…”

“Do you need to read her text again? Trust her, lil girl!” She giggled. “Now strip! Let’s see how you look in these!”

It didn’t take me long, and when I was done, I could see Adriana was glowing! Without a word, she dragged me to closest bathroom and held me right in front of a mirror.

The shock was indescribable. I looked better in this adorable girl outfit than almost any other outfit I’d worn in guy clothes. A little makeup and some longer hair and I’d probably look pretty hot! Adriana seemed to read my mind.

“Damn, gurl!” She gave me a sudden spank. “You lookin’ good!”

I laughed at her joke wolf whistle, but couldn’t help but wonder if another guy saw me would we actually check me out. “You know, if you actually had boobs, I might be jealous of you, Alan!” She teased.

I felt like the comment was meant to humiliate me, but I actually felt kind of flattered instead. She wrapped her hands around my girly waist and rested her chin on my shoulder. I felt her hands slowly start to feel up thighs as she reached under my skirt. Again, I began to shudder when she slowly pulled up my skirt from the front showing a noticeable, but really small bulge in my new cotton panties.

“Let’s keep your lil clit hidden, okay lil girl?” She whispered sexily into my ear. I let out a moan. “Now let’s go upstairs and show off your new outfit to your big brother.”

No! My brain screamed out in protest. I wanted to resist. No way was my younger step-brother going to see me dressed up like a girl. Fuck no! But my body disagreed. At the thought of Nizar and remembering that Liz had been in his room for over an hour now, I began to leak some precum. The wet patch was barely visible, but Adriana definitely noticed it.

“Not so fast, lil girl,” she whispered. “Nizar’s going to be putting on a show for you today.”

With that, she let go of my skirt, grabbed me by the hand and took me without another word up the stairs to my little brother’s room. Or as Adriana kept reminding me, my bigger brother’s room.


The first sight that greeted my eyes was a waterfall of full red hair. Liz’s back was to the door, but she was sitting in Nizar’s computer chair. No, wait. Nizar was sitting on his computer chair, Liz was sitting on HIM! Straddled over his legs, she was facing him and from the position of her hands on either side of his head, there was no doubt that they were in the middle of a deep, passionate make-out session. The next thing I noticed were his large, strong hands, clamped firmly to Liz’s ass over her jeans. She was still fully clothed, but if it weren’t for a lucky angle, I would’ve thought Nizar was naked. He wasn’t necessarily clothed either, unless you call nothing but a pair of boxers “clothed.”

They didn’t stop when we walked in. My feet seemed to be glued to the floor at the sight of my best friend sucking my little brother’s lips so passionately. I watched as his hands slowly but firmly squeezed her cute butt, then let go, only to squeeze them again.

“Hey lovers,” I heard Adriana chirp, as she walked up next to them. I saw Liz break the kiss and throw her hair over her shoulder as she turned to look at Adriana. Nizar was still grabbing her ass.

“Sorry to bother your make-out session,” Adriana giggled. “But you have an audience!”

She pointed right at me. Liz twisted her body to look behind her and Nizar leaned to the side to see past her beautiful body. My best friend was smiling the most content smile I’d ever seen on her and my step-brother broke into a laugh.

“Whahaha! What the Fuh, ha-ha! What the fuck, man!” He could barely make a sentence through the laughs. “Liz told me she’d be dressing you up, but damn! I didn’t expect you to look halfway decent!”

I blushed a deep shade of red as I watched Liz untangle herself from Nizar’s firm booty grab. She stood up and gave Adriana a side-hug and giggled. “Damn, your boo does look like a girl, doesn’t he?” She giggled.

“Of course he does!” Adriana laughed. “It’s just like you said.”

“Wait, what?” I blurted out. “What did Liz say?”

They looked at each, smiled, then looked back at me. Liz walked towards me, grabbed me by the hand and slowly led me out the door, leaving Nizar and Adriana inside.

“You really do look good, Alan,” Liz said as soon as we left Nizar’s room.

“Thanks,” I blushed again. “I was kind of surprised, too. But seriously, why though? You said to trust you, but why did you dress me up like this and parade me in front of my brother like that?”

Liz held my hands and looked me in the eyes. “Alan, we’ve been best friends since kindergarten. I know you better than you know yourself. I’ve been wondering when it would happen and it seems like Adriana’s encounter with Nizar was the right trigger.”

“Trigger for what?” I was so confused.

“Alan, you’re confused, naturally, but I owe it to you as your bestie to tell you the truth… You’re Bi, Hun.”

“What? No, I’m not!”

“Yes, you are, it’s been obvious for years now; I always thought you’d figure out for yourself, but hey! Let’s be honest, okay?”

I thought for a minute and instinctively denied her claim. A part of me knew she was right though, so instead of arguing, I said, “Okay, so what if I am? Why am I dressed like this?” I looked down at my pasty white legs sticking out from my adorable black skirt.

She smiled. “Because that’s not all I know about you, Alan.”

“Oh yeah? What else?”

“A lot more, but we’ll get to that later. How about we start with the obvious?”

“Which is…”

“You are,” she pushed me back in the room. “A voyeur!”

I stumbled in and my jaw dropped! Nizar and Adriana were sitting side by side on his bed with their legs dangling off the side. She had one leg on top of his and the other spread wide apart. They were in a deep make out session, full tongue kisses. He had one hand wrapped around her waist and slipped beneath her jean shorts. From the movement of the bulge, I could tell he was at least playing with her, if not straight up fingering her. She also had a hand in his boxers clearly wrapped around his impossibly large manhood. Her stroking was jerky, but so was her breathing; his fingers seemed to be doing magic.

They didn’t stop when I stumbled in, they didn’t even slow down.

“Look at his ABS,” I heard Liz whisper. “He has such a manly fucking body.”

Her voice sounded different. I’d never heard it in her before, but there was no doubt a strong level of lust in her voice. It clicked. She was a voyeur, too.

“God, they look so fucking sexy together,” she moaned.

I looked her then back at the couple and instead of running out screaming, I had to agree with her. This was way hotter than any porn video I’d ever seen. I felt Liz put a firm hand on my shoulder.

“Get on your knees, Alan,” she whispered. “Crawl to them!” She said, pushing me down even harder.

The intensity of the situation was too much. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor, all thoughts of resistance gone. I crawled slowly towards the two sexy bodies that were engaged in passionate foreplay. Liz walked slowly behind me.

When I found myself between my step-brother’s legs, I noticed Liz approach and get on her knees right next to me. She placed her hands on Nizar’s thighs, which caused him to look down at us and stop his fingering of my girlfriend’s pussy. Free from the magic of Nizar’s fingers, Adriana, too, caught her breath and looked down at us.

“Alan has been learning a lot about himself today,” Liz said simply. “And he’s about to learn a whole lot more.”

“Really, now?” Adriana asked. “Like what?”

“Well, for one, I told him to crawl over to you two love-birds, and look where he put himself: between Nizar’s legs, not yours!”

Fuck! I did! My girlfriend’s thighs were spread wide open just like my little brother’s, but when Liz gave me the command to crawl, it was my own natural inclination to plant myself between his strong, muscular legs.

“Ready for the next lesson?” Liz asked.

My jaw slowly dropped as I watched Liz’s delicate hands grab hold of the elastic of Nizar’s boxers and give a slight tug. Nizar lifted his ass off the bed to let her pull them down; inch after inch of his semi-erect cock coming into view. It was unbelievable. On my knees in front of him, I knew what lesson, Liz was trying to teach me. Nizar was the alpha male in the room. He was taller, stronger, confident, manly, and insanely more hung. Anything he wanted was rightfully his and if he looked me in the eye right then and there and told me to “suck it!” I would’ve without question.

He didn’t though. Adriana spoke up next.

“Alan, look at me,” she said. I did. She still had one hand around Nizar’s side and the other still right next to immense manhood. “Your brother was making out with your best friend for the last hour. Don’t you think it’s time for them to take it a step further?”

I looked over at Liz; she was smiling and biting just the corner of her lower lip. I mumbled, “Yeah, go ahead.” And tried to crawl back a few steps but was quickly stopped when Adriana grabbed my hair and pulled me back. Her grip was so powerful she brought me face to face with the head of Nizar’s dick. Just the head looked bigger than my entire dick which was now harder than it had ever been in my whole life.

“Not like that, lil girl,” she chided me. “Tell her exactly what you want her to do, then ask Nizar for his permission.”

She maintained a firm grip on my hair, keeping my face right in front of his still semi-erect dick. I looked over to Liz and saw a mischievous smile cross her face. I was still at a loss for words.

“Need help, Alan?” She grinned. “Let’s see if we can’t convince you of your place in this room.” She reached one of her hands for the base of Nizar’s cock. As she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, I couldn’t help but notice that her fingers barely made it around the entire girth. She did it quickly but the sight before me seemed to play in slow motion: she lifted his heavy cock up and to the side, then swung the full weight of Nizar’s semi-erect cock right into my cheek!

It must have been quite a sight, especially for Adriana. I felt her grip on my hair tighten and heard a sharp, but lustful intake of breath; watching her boyfriend get slapped by his younger brother’s enormous cock made her body quiver. Nizar gave a short laugh and squeezed my girlfriend tighter against his body.

“Do you know your place now?” Liz asked as my brain seemed to be rattling around in my skull from the strength of the cock slap.


Before I even had a chance to respond, Liz gave Nizar’s cock another swing delivering another powerful, heavy slap across my face. “Where’s your place, Alan?” She demanded.

“On my knees,” I replied without thinking.

“Go on,” she said, holding Nizar’s cock threateningly.

I hesitated, then stammered a reply “Isn’t it obvious?”


“Of course it’s obvious, but you need to say it out loud for all of us to hear.”

“On my knees!” I blurted out. “On my knees, dressed like a girl, in front of my step-brother. He’s the only real man in the room.”

Where did those words come from? I’d never said those things before, neither did Liz or Adriana. They just seemed like the right thing to say and once I started, it just kept coming to me.

“Nizar,” I said, looking into his eyes. “I know you want to fuck my girlfriend, but Elizabeth is my best friend in the whole world. Can let her suck your dick first? I’d be honoured if my best friend pleased your massive Arab cock with her beautiful lips. Please?”

A moment of silence filled the air. I saw Nizar and Adriana exchange a short knowing smile as she let go of my hair.

“Wow,” I heard Liz’s voice from my side. “You came to terms with the truth really quickly!” I felt her hand come down softly on my shoulders. I took the cue and crawled away, making room for her to take my place between my legs. It was a sight to behold! Liz’s thick red hair splashed down her back against the white of her tank top. She placed her arms on his thighs and I could see the hourglass figure of my skinny best friend. A straps of a dark red thong peeked up from either side of her jeans, forcing my eyes to be glued to her perfect bubble butt.

Adriana and Nizar exchanged another deep, but quick kiss. She looked down and smiled at Liz. “You ready, girl?”

I could see Liz’s grin from the movement of her body; she was ready to take this large slab of meat into her mouth, but before she could…

“No!” Nizar finally spoke up. “Not yet.”

No way! I thought. Was he about to stop this? Why would he? Honestly, who would? The most gorgeous redhead at our school wanted to suck his dick, what was wrong?

Liz also seemed confused, she looked up into his eyes, but before she could complain, Nizar offered an explanation.

“Alan asked for my permission. I don’t give it. Not yet.”

He turned his eyes to mine and looked at me directly for the first time all day. “Take her shirt off for me, first.”

It dawned on the rest of us: Nizar was asserting his role as the alpha male in the room. He was going to make me his bitch as he sexually pleased the two most important girls in my life. Liz flicked her head back and looked at me with the most excited smile I’d ever seen on her gorgeous face.

“You heard him, Alan!” She was ecstatic! “Take my shirt off for your brother!”

I inched forward on my knees and put her hands on waist. Lifting her shirt slowly up her body, my eyes were glued to her smooth, tight skin. I was almost shivering with excitement that by the time I reached the top of her back, I suddenly stopped and pulled it back down.

Nizar looked at me, almost angrily, “What’s the problem, twerp? Don’t you want your beautiful best friend to suck my dick?”

“She’s- she’s not-” I stammered. “She’s not wearing a bra!”

Nizar’s anger left his face with a laugh. “So? I was going to make you take her bra off next anyways. Still, what’s the problem, haven’t seen a girl’s breasts before?”

“I, uh… I have… I mean, not in person, no, but-” I blushed, looking back down at Liz’s back.

“Of course he hasn’t!” Adriana interrupted the conversation. “Alan, stand up and show them why no girl has ever shown you her tits!”

I hesitated, but Liz turned around to look at me. “That’s right! I’ve heard stories about it, but I’ve never seen actually seen it! I’m curious!”

I looked at Nizar and he glared at me. “Are you going to question what any of us say? You just said I was the only real man in the room, time for you to prove it, LITTLE brother.”

My face turned an even deeper red but I stood up without questioning.

“Notice how he questions me and Liz, but obeys you like a bitch when you order him around?” Adriana giggled.

No one answered her, but no one needed to; it was painfully obvious and true.

“Drop that skirt,” my brother barked at me.

I put my hands to my waist and immediately dropped my new black skirt to my ankles. Adriana smiled knowingly, Liz’s hand went up to her mouth in surprise, and Nizar just nodded.

“I thought you were both exaggerating!” Liz finally let out in disbelief. “Are you hard, Alan?”

To answer her question, Adriana stood up and walked towards me. She placed her strong arms around my waist and brought one hand down to my panties-cover crotch. Using her pointer and her thumb, she gripped my raging hard-on between her fingers and gave them a quick stroke. I shuddered at the pleasure as Liz giggled at the sight of her best friend’s tiny dick.

“I bet if you were soft, you’d look like a girl down there!” She giggled. The humiliation of her comment made shudder with excitement. She was teaching me another lesson about myself: I was a glutton for humiliation. “Aw… Look, he started leaking when I said that!”

Adriana giggled in my ear. “See! Even Liz agrees you’re a lil girl!” As she started stroking my short shaft, even quicker over my panties.

“Slow down, girl!” Liz laughed. “He’s about to explode and his big brother hasn’t even gotten hard yet!”

“Oh yeah!” Adriana almost shouted in excitement! “Get back on your knees, lil girl, and take Liz’s shirt off for Nizar!”

Before I could kneel down again, Adriana threw me back on my knees. I looked up at Liz and she smiled at me and lifted her arms up above her head invitingly. “Go ahead, Alan. Do it,” she purred.

I crawled up to her and she turned around so her back would be facing me again. Her message was clear: I was taking off her shirt so Nizar could see her tits, not me.

I pulled her shirt up over her head as she swayed her arms and back sexily to help me get her out of it. With her white tank top in my hand, I saw her flick her hair back behind her now bare and fragile shoulders and leaned in towards Nizar’s manhood.

I couldn’t see her doing it, but I knew she had lifted his cock up and put it in her mouth. Her head slowly began to move up and down as I watched the muscles in her skinny arms flex and relax. My best friend was topless in front of my younger step-brother with his manhood in both her hands and mouth. After a few strokes, she let go of one of her hands to pull her back over her shoulders as her thick straight hair was starting to get in the way.

“Hold her hair back, bitch,” Nizar commanded. He didn’t address me directly, but it was clear. I quickly reached up and put my hands on either side of Liz’s beautiful neck, gathering her soft, full hair in my small hands. I brushed it softly with my fingers as I pulled them together into a thick red ponytail.

At that point, I felt Adriana’s body pressed up against mine. Her hands wrapped around my slim body and her breasts pushing against my back, she was resting her head on my shoulder again

“You’re good at obeying your step-brother, aren’t you?” She whispered into my ear. “Doesn’t it feel so natural? Obeying a man like him?”

I turned to look at her and found her lips ready for mine. She gave me a deep, wet kiss; wet, I realised, from the kisses she’d given Nizar just moments ago.

She broke the kiss. “Now you know how I felt two nights ago,” she whispered as she caressed my body with her strong, sexy hands. “He had me on my knees with my head between his legs in seconds. I knew I belonged there, and I knew you’d understand. Liz does too. See how hard she’s working to please him?”

I looked back at Liz and saw her seriously going to town on my younger brother’s dick, still blocked from my vision by her gorgeous, white body. I could see her hands and her head moving, though. She seemed to be stroking the bottom half of his cock, both of her hands while slamming her face down on the top half.

“I got so turned on when I heard you confess that he’s the only real man in the room,” she purred. “It’s so hot that you know your place as Nizar’s bitch.”

Adriana placed a hair tie in my hands and whispered again in my ear. “Put her hair up with this,” she commanded. “We’re going to give you a closer look of the cock that made you a bitch.”

I found myself excited at the prospect. I remembered seeing Adriana working her mouth on his huge dick two nights ago, but I was watching from a distance. This was definitely going to be different.

With Liz’s long red hair in a ponytail on her back, Adriana led me forward on our knees. Nizar and Liz seemed to notice what has happening and helped accommodate us; Nizar by spreading his legs wider and Liz by scooting to one side, though never losing focus of the job at hand. For a moment, I thought I would be sucking his dick too, but Adriana put herself next to Liz, leaving me outside of his muscular thighs but on the sidelines of this erotic scene.

His manhood was even bigger up close now that he was fully erect. It was long, very long and straight without a curve or a bend in any direction. In its fully erect state, Liz’s nimble fingers could not reach quite around the entire girth with one hand. Running along the top of his shaft was a single, prominent, pulsating vein. The colour of cock matched perfectly the rest of his skin, an olive complexion that clashed erotically with Liz’s fair white hands and face.

Adriana joined in on the fun with a lick on the bottom half of Nizar’s shaft.

“Need some help, gurl?”She purred.

My jaw dropped and my eyes grew wide as I watched Liz slip my little brother’s cock from her mouth. It was long enough when she was sucking it, about 7 or 8 inches, but I was shown its real length, as an additional maybe 3 or 4 inches slurped out of her wide-stretched mouth as she made a sexy, wet gagging noise. His circumcised head was even thicker than his shaft and clearly longer than my entire dick, shaft and head both.

“Fuck yes, please!” She gasped, stroking the saliva she left on top half of his dick with her hands onto the bottom half of his dick.

“How is this even possible?” She asked with more full length strokes of his cock. “Fuck you’re so fucking big!” She then plunged right back down onto his dick without even acknowledging my presence.

Adriana looked at me, grinning, then with a wink looked up straight into Nizar’s eyes. Without breaking her eye contact with my little brother, I watched her lower her head slowly, down past Liz’s head until her lips were right at his balls, which I noticed for the first time. Each the size of a small egg, she softly grabbed hold of one while opening her mouth to take in the other. For a moment, I imagined myself in Nizar’s place: my legs spread with my brother’s best friend sucking my dick and his girlfriend one of my balls while looking me directly in the eyes.

When Adriana engulfed his ball in her mouth, Nizar reached down and grabbed the middle of her country style plaid blouse with both his hands and powerfully jerked them apart. Buttons flew everywhere as Adriana’s tits poured out, held up by a black lace bra. Adriana closed her eyes and moaned with my brother’s ball in her mouth at the display of dominance.

“Take her shirt off, bitch,” Nizar commanded. I rushed to help her out of her blouse.

“Now her bra.”

I shuddered with excitement as I fumbled with her bra clasp. This was going to me my first time seeing my girlfriend’s bare breasts. The fact that it would be with one of my brother’s balls in her mouth didn’t matter at all.

Her breasts flowed out of her bra and the sight put me in heaven. They were large, smooth, and perfectly shaped. Her bronzed Latino skin didn’t change in tone from the outer reaches of her chest and sides to the centre of her breasts, which were topped with nipples so hard they were like dark red diamonds demanding to be sucked.

I watched as her natural breasts bounced softly with the movements of her head. She shifted her strategy from sucking Nizar’s balls to licking the side of the bottom half of his shaft while Liz devouring the top half. Nizar then brought a hand down to my girlfriend’s face and, almost lovingly, brushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes and behind her ear. His hand continued down her body in a slow, erotic caress of her face, neck and chest, until it reached Adriana’s large, lush breast.

Taking as much of her breast in his large hand, he lifted and squeezed. The folds of her beautiful flesh poured from between his fingers before he released his grip, caressed, then gave another firm squeeze. I watched as his thumb and forefinger closed in on her rock solid nipple, giving them an almost violent pinch. Adriana involuntarily closed eyes and arched her back, moaning deeply with her lips wrapped around the side of his enormous manhood.

The sights caused me to sit back on my legs and reach into my pink cotton panties with my right hand. My palm engulfed the entirety of my fully erect dick (if you could even call it that after seeing what my step-brother was packing). I quickly began to stroke furiously as I watched my girlfriend and best friend worship his cock. It took four, at most five, strokes before I felt my balls begin to tighten as my foreskin slid over and covered my entire small dick head. My breath deepened and I began to gasp audibly. Without realizing what I was doing, I was having the orgasm of my life in a pair of pink panties. I threw my head back, arched my back and let go of all control.

By the time I had emptied my balls in my panties and was able to catch my breath, I looked back up to see all three of them looking right at me. If anyone had any doubts left, they were gone. Nizar was my younger step-brother, but he was clearly the alpha male; me, the beta… His bitch. It took two beautiful girls worshipping his long, thick cock with their hands and mouth to please him while it took no more than a few strokes from my own hand to get my short, laughable dick to finish.

I felt my lack of manhood go soft between my fingers, my own cum everywhere on my hands, dick and panties. I looked at my little brother, his cock standing like an erotic baseball bat, pointing straight up between my best friend and girlfriend. He was the image of an ancient Arab sex god and these two gorgeous girls were priestesses in the worshipping of his manhood.

Adriana looked me right in the eyes, grabbed hold of Nizar’s shaft with one and placed her other on her feminine mound. Without breaking eye contact, she made long, deliberate strokes of his cock with one hand while using two fingers to suggestively rub and point at her crotch.

I knew what she wanted next and thanks to Liz’s lessons, I knew that I wanted it to happen, too.

The night wasn’t over. Not by a long shot.

The End.


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