A Regrettable Run (Gay SPH)

bigaxe72 For the last six months I’ve been running quite a bit and lost close to 35 pounds. I had also been traveling quite a bit for work and sometimes it was just boring to be running on the treadmill in the hotel exercise room. I was staying east of Dayton, Ohio in a suburban area. The area around the hotel looked to be decent. So one night I decided to run outside. The weather was nice and the temperature

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A Matter Of Size: Part 3 (Gay SPH)

Prologue I kept asking myself, how the hell all of this happened? I was a common straight guy which likes to do weights at the gym where I had been for years. John was the coach there, and we became friends. He had a girlfriend and I wanted to have one, everything was normal until the day I saw him naked in the locker room. Wow, what a lucky man, I thought when I saw his cock. I felt envy

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