The Workplace Rivalry

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By Anon

I had been engaged in a very long verbal jousting match with a work colleague (Eric) at a large department store. We took umbrage to each other from the first time we met. Admittedly, I felt a bit superior to him because I was taller, slimmer, fitter and somewhat better looking. I was more confident chatting up the ladies who worked in the store though as yet I had not scored a date with one but I figured I had some decent prospects. There was to be a company picnic coming up and I figured that was a good venue to try to score. There was one particular girl who I fancied and also thought I may have the best chance with.

The fact that she worked for Eric didn’t phase me because she often used to snipe about him to me. The picnic day arrived and I headed off to the park. After a lot of eating, drinking and fun and games the family’s had all said their goodbyes and headed home. Now the party would really kick off. I did the rounds, but hadn’t spotted my intended quarry for a while. I was just deciding to set my sights elsewhere when up she popped. She was all over me before I even attempted a chat up. I suggested perhaps we should go somewhere more secluded.

She (Carol) said she knew just the spot and took me by the hand to lead me there. Sure enough, it seemed the perfect little hideaway off the beaten track. We settled down in the long grass and I started to kiss and caress her, but she told me, perhaps we should have a few glasses of wine first. She produced a bottle of wine and a couple of plastic cups from her bag. I uncorked it and poured the first 2 glasses. We had another glass each before I had to take a pee. I went into a nearby copse of trees and was back in a couple of minutes. She had filled 2 more glasses of wine and we small talked a bit before I strangely started feeling unusually light headed if not a bit woozy.

I had a fair amount to drink, but not so much as to feel this way (I’m known for holding my drink well) I remember laying down in the grass and then I awoke with a start! My vision was still a bit blurry, but I felt a chill all over my body. I was wet, soaked all over actually, and not only completely naked but trussed up between two trees. My arms stretched and my legs akimbo. It was hard to see anything clearly because water was streaming into my eyes from my soaking hair. I could hear voices and some sniggering, but it was dark now as well.

Suddenly, a bright light shone on me. I had to squint and turned my head away. The light shifted a bit and I looked forward again to just glimpse Eric as he tossed another pail of cold water on me. There was a giggle from behind him and then Carol came into view. Carol said, “Surprise, Eric! Well, well, well, what do we have here? Not so damn superior now are we?”

Carol giggled, and Eric said, “Gosh, what is that between his legs? Can you even see anything Carol?”

“Maybe, if I get closer,” she said. She bent and peered at my tiny shrunken dick, and says, “My god, did you really think you were going to impress me with that pathetic little thing?”

“Can hardly see anything at all, but I know how we can get a better view,” Eric said. He produced a razor and some shaving cream. “Do you want to do the honours?”

He hands the equipment to Carol, and she proceeds to shave off all my pubic hair, moving little prick about as necessary. She asked, “Are you enjoying this? It seems that pathetic little worm you call a dick has grown a bit. Still not much to look at.”

She stands up and steps away and with that Eric dowses my nether region with another bucket of water. My prick shrivels to nothing again, and they both stare and grin at me. I see now that Carol has a camera phone and she has taken a shot, then passes it to Eric as they both chuckle. She says, “I think it’s time for a comparison shot or two don’t you?”

With that Eric pulls down his jeans and boxers to reveal a massive cock. The head was bigger than my entire shrunken dick! He came and stood beside me putting an arm around me. I couldn’t see, but I am sure he had a broad smile, as his accomplice took some more snaps, saying, “Wow, it’s such a little baby dick! Now that he’s bare down there I’m sure I’ve seen baby’s with bigger dickies than his! Actually, we may be being a bit unfair, perhaps we should dry it off and warm the little thing up a bit?”

She Came over with a small towel and did just that then they both stood back to admire her work. I hadn’t gotten an erection, but it had recovered to its normal state of rest. Unfortunately for me normal is only 2″ at best and on the skinny side (this of course hadn’t gone unnoticed or uncommented on) Eric said, “Shit man, are you still cold? It’s a pretty warm night, so that can’t be it.”

Carol laughed, saying, “Poor baby, did you never grow up like the rest of the boys? Hey Eric, I think we need another comparison shot kind of a before and after.”

Eric once again sidled up to me and hugs me while putting a big thumbs up. Carol nodded, saying, “Perhaps we’re still being a bit unfair. After all, it’s not the dangly one that does the dirty, it’s a nice stiff one. Let’s see if he grows to man-size.”

She walked over and made a show of only using a thumb and forefinger to pull my penis. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect. When she saw I was not going to get any bigger, she stepped away and took another picture before I started to wither. Eric ogled my hard dick, saying, “Damn you’re kidding me? I’m actually starting to feel sorry for you. Hell, get the tape measure Carol, we gotta archive this or no one will believe it.”

Carol came over and tugged my cock hard again before measuring. As she held the tape to my dick, she said, “Oh dear, get a picture Eric. It’s barely four inches, and look at that little acorn head! And it’s skinny too! Less than four around as well. Let’s see your big limp cock beside his stiffy!”

Eric came over and stood beside me again. He lifted up his soft dick to better compare. Another picture for the scrapbook. Carol then puts the phone in my face so I could see. There I was in all my hard prick glory and Eric’s limp sausage dwarfed it. It was like comparing a Dill Pickle to a cucumber and he wasn’t even hard.

Well, I didn’t have long to wait for what I thought would be the final humiliation of the evening. As if rehearsed (maybe it was) Eric stood in front of me sideways and Carol crawled up to him like a cat and eyes fixed on me, took as much as she could of his member into her mouth. She slowly, so slowly sucked him into her, but as his monster grew, she could barely fit much more than the tip in. She slid her mouth and lips up and down his shaft occasionally slipping as much as she could into her mouth. When he was fully erect she stopped and sat back. I was soft again and they took another photo of the customary pose, but this time my wee little dinky toy was lost in the shadow of a scale model of the empire state building!

“Look, little boy, there’s a real man’s cock! Touch it! Touch it or we’ll leave you here like this when we go,” Carol commanded,

“I can’t, my hands are tied,” I said.

Eric suddenly burst out laughing. “Oh, it speaks!”

“Just what are we to do?” Carol asked Eric.

“Well, maybe he can do something else? Come help me.”

With that, they untied one of my arms and he held it in break position behind my back while she undid the other. She then produced a set of handcuffs. Between them they got my hands cuffed behind my back and pushed me to my knees. My hands were now securely trussed behind my back, my legs still tied to the trees though they slackened the rope a bit. Carol asked, “Now what?” As Eric brought his once again dangling cock level to my face, Carol shouted excitedly, “Oh, I see! I see!”

“Suck it bitch! Suck my big dick,” Eric ordered.

I reluctantly did my best to pull it up into my mouth with my lips. Carol cheered, saying, “Come on, you little worm prick, suck my man’s big cock.”

I had little choice but to oblige. They made me suck it until he shot hot cum all over my face and chest. Carol said, “Fairs fair, I think our little one should have some fun as well. Hey, little boy, you want me to play with your little pee-pee? Do ya? Well, first you gotta do something for me. You satisfied my man with your mouth, so you can do the same for me. God knows that tiny prick of yours couldn’t satisfy a woman.”

She then stripped off in front of me slowly and teasingly I couldn’t prevent myself getting hard watching her. “You like what you see? Well, maybe your tongue can have a taste, but Eric’s cock is the only one going in me tonight, and you and your pathetic little cocktail wiener can watch and only wish you had a proper man-size dick to satisfy me. Oh, you know what? I don’t think I even wanna touch that useless dink of yours again and Eric isn’t either. But I think I know how you can help yourself.”

Carol and Eric then took the cuffs off put the rope around one of my hands and re-tethered it to the tree leaving my other hand free. Eric said, “Now wank yourself off, and maybe we’ll let you go.”

“Oh, and if it helps, you can watch as a real man gives me what I need. Matter of fact, I insist – watch and play with your little pee-pee,” Carol said.

I watched as Eric stuffed his massive cock into her pussy. I watched as he slowly and deliberately fucked her to a screaming orgasm. I pulled at my little penis and wished it was me inside her, wished I had his big cock and not my sad little dinky dick. They finished before I finally spurted a few pathetic drops of cum as they laughed and took pictures. They threw me my clothes and Eric said, “See you at work Monday.”

While Carol just laughed mockingly, before saying, “I think some of the girls may see you as well.”

They disappeared into the darkness and I eventually with my one free hand got myself free. Monday was another day and another humiliation.

The End.

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