First Time Nudist

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First Time Nudist with a Happy End By DiavoloAndTheCrimsonKing

It was the summer of 2013. I’m a 21 year old skinny guy, virgin and I was on a vacation at the beach all by myself. Feeling really horny at the time I decided I’ll do something new and exciting, so I decided to visit the local nudist beach.

Being concerned about my look naked I prepared the day before by shaving all of my pubes, leaving my dick area bald like a child’s. Now before I continue with the story so you can get a better picture, my penis is circumcised and not very long or thick, 2.0 inches soft, and 4.5 inches hard (Bronze Member of The Small Dick Club). My lack of thickness makes me look like a true pencil dick.

So anyway, here I am at the beach, I knew what I was getting into, but damn, I haven’t seen so many naked people in my entire life. Where ever I look I see breasts with exposed nipples (of every shape and colour, small, big, pink, dark, most of them hard), beautifully trimmed pubes with vagina underneath, dicks, butts and all that glorious nudity. There were people of every age, but most of them were in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. My heart was racing so I quickly found a spot to place my towel.

I took off my clothes except my underwear and I hesitated for a moment. Overtaken by embarrassment and excitement I stripped down my underwear and finally exposed myself. Because I was so anxious my penis had shrunk the same way as in colder weather. I instantly blushed, embarrassed of my size, but I gathered my courage and sat on the towel.

I put my sunglasses on and started looking around. Shortly after staring into enough breasts and cunts my penis had grown back to its normal state and I felt a lot more relaxed. It wasn’t long before I noticed other’s looking at me as well. Other naked people checking out my naked body. Some of them were a couple of young girls passing by, a middle aged woman with nice smaller breasts and a hairy crotch, a group of high school boys, who I bet got a serious ego boost after seeing someone older, but smaller in size than them. I realized I was starting to get an erection so I got up went to take a quick dip in the sea.

Everything there was even more erotic. A group of girls was playing with a beach ball in the water. Every time of them jumped her tits would go bouncing up and down, the best one of the group had enormous natural breasts with big nipples, every time she jumped her breasts escalated up to her chin and then dropped down and hit the water. If I was able to get a boner underwater I would have masturbated there on the spot.

On the other side there were 2 girls doing something like underwater gymnastics, nothing special there except one moment when she flipped herself and the only thing above the water was her legs and vagina. I haven’t seen a vagina in such a clear display until then, nicely trimmed pubes, tight pussy lips and a nice little pink clitoris showing on top.

I decided I’ve had enough so I got out. My penis was still half erect so it was sticking forward as I walked, but that’s even better because it attracted quite a few looks. I felt like I was the only guy having trouble keeping my dick flaccid, maybe I should have jerked a few times the night before. But I guess it was okay since I was still smaller half erect than any other guy on that beach flaccid and I definitely look to find one, but no luck.

I returned to my towel and sat down with my sunglasses.

After about 30 minutes a young couple placed their towel close to mine. They were around their 20’s, the girl was short and had long black hair and the guy was tall and skinny. They were about 3 meters away from me. The girl started stripping first. When she took off her jeans I saw she had nice legs and a juicy butt covered by her blue panties. She took off her top and matching blue bra, her nipples were small and pink, but very cute. When she took off her bra she grabbed her breasts and waved them at her boyfriend while laughing. I felt my penis getting hard again, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t missing this show for anything. She turned around with her back facing me and pulled down her panties. While bending over to pick them up her slit was right in my face. I felt my penis twitch and move on its own. She turned around and I got a full frontal view. Holy shit, I thought to myself. Her vagina was clean shaved and completely smooth. She had average sized breasts with small hard nipples and small areolas. My dick was fully erect, I wanted to just get up and forcefully stick it the tight pussy hovering just over a meter away from my face.

The girl lay down and started covering her body with sun cream. Meanwhile, her boyfriend stripped down. All I could say about him was that he had an extremely hairy body and his penis was huge. Hanging down, he was longer than I am erect. This was the first time I’ve stared in envy at another guys dick for so long. He lay down next to her and covered himself with sun cream.

I don’t know how much time has passed, but I found myself staring at them. I just couldn’t get my eyes off their naked bodies until I noticed the girl was looking towards me as well. Not at my face, but at my private parts. Damn, I forgot I was completely hard and staring at a naked girl.

Her reaction was surprising. She had a slight grin on her face, as if she was about to start giggling. At first I was confused, but then she reached next to her and grabbed her boyfriend’s dick in her left hand holding it up. Then I realized, she was saying “Yours is so small, look what a real man’s dick looks like.”

My face turned red. She bit her upper lip and started pulling on her boyfriend’s cock up and down, his skin was peeling back revealing the tip as she moved her hand up and down, but he didn’t care at all, he just kept sunbathing with a towel on his face. Pffft! What a faggot, I thought.

Until then I had never seen two people get so intimate together and it was happening right in front of me. Shivers ran down my spine and I felt my penis twitch. I averted my eyes towards the girl’s vagina – her hand was already there. She had her middle and index finger inside her pussy moving them at a rapid speed in and out. She was already wet and little squirts sprayed around as she moved her fingers. I felt my balls tighten and my penis twitching. Her face was red with eyes still pinned at my manhood, as if she was waiting for something. After letting go of her boyfriend’s dick she used her free hand to grab one of her nipples. She pinched the tip of it and started playing with it, pulling it left and right – providing the best show I’ve seen in my life.

Shortly after that I just couldn’t hold it anymore and felt I was going to cum and there was no turning back. Quickly I grabbed the edge of my towel and covered my crotch with it. I instantly came as the tip of my penis came in contact with the towel. My entire body twitched as I ejaculated.

After a few seconds of ecstasy I remembered where I was. At a public nudist beach right next to a hot young girl, who had just finished pleasuring herself and was looking straight at me while giggling. My dick was still oozing cum and I was completely drained of energy. After another moment I started feeling embarrassed. I covered my now shrinking penis and got up. Without even looking around I quickly put on my clothes, grabbed my stuff and headed back to the hotel.

After seeing so many naked boys and girls up close and being publicly humiliated about my size by a super-hot babe to the point of ejaculation, all I could think about was sex, so I made a decision to cut my vacation short and spend the rest of my money on a one night hooker

The End.

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