A Regrettable Run (Gay SPH)


For the last six months I’ve been running quite a bit and lost close to 35 pounds. I had also been traveling quite a bit for work and sometimes it was just boring to be running on the treadmill in the hotel exercise room. I was staying east of Dayton, Ohio in a suburban area. The area around the hotel looked to be decent. So one night I decided to run outside. The weather was nice and the temperature was cool. It was like hotel row, one hotel after another. The road I was running along was like a service drive that ran behind all the hotels. One hotel I passed had a semi out back and furniture was being loaded into the trailer. As I ran past, for some strange reason the two big guys loading the trailer made eye contact with me. I turned my head and kept running.

So I ran a simple route, two miles out from the hotel and two miles back. As I approached the hotel with the semi-trailer I noticed that the two workers were not around and I thought nothing of it. Just then the two men, the size of mountains, jumped out at me. It kind of shocked me. I pulled my headphones out and asked if I could help them. They both chuckled. One walked behind me and the other stayed in front of me. They both had a very aggressive stance.

The guy in front of me said, “Why don’t you follow us.”

I replied, “No thanks, just trying to finish my run.”

Then the guy that was behind me pushed me towards the other guy and said “No, you will follow us.”

I tried to resist and run away but the two guys grabbed me. The guy behind me put me in a headlock. He was big and sweaty. He led me through the bushes, not like I had a choice, towards the semi-trailer. I tried to resist but it was futile. These two guys were pretty big. One was probably 6’4″ and 250, very large shoulders; the other was around 6’2″, 220, just a solid built guy. They forced me into the trailer that was partially full of furniture from the hotel. As they got in they shut the doors behind them. It was so dark in there I couldn’t see a thing. I really started to freak out but had no idea where to go or what to do. I’m wasn’t sure what these guys wanted or what they planned to do or why they picked me. Just then a light came on and lit up the trailer. The larger man was standing behind me and it scared me. He grabbed hold of my running shorts and pulled them down. When I run I wear short athletic type underwear. That night I was wearing a pair of light blue ones. They both laughed as they saw my light blue underwear.

The shorter guy said, “I told you he ran a little funny and he was ready for some fun.”

I told him, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but I would just like to leave.”

Just then I felt a smack on my ass, really hard. It felt like a board but when I turned around it was just his hand. Holy fuck, it hurt. I protested again, then felt another smack on my ass; it was from the other guy. I went towards him and forgot my shorts were around my ankles and fell to the trailer floor.

They both got a good laugh out of that. I stood up and bent over to pull up my shorts and he just ripped them down again.

I begged, “Please just let me leave. I won’t say anything to anyone.”

Then the short guy said, “Ron, what do you think, should we let him go?”

The large guy, Ron, said “No, I think we have a live one here. Bill. Look at those sexy legs and that tight little ass. Looks better than my wife’s ass.”

They both started laughing.

“Please,” I begged.

Then from behind me I heard Ron say, “Nope, I think you’ll work just fine for what we have in mind.”

I was really getting scared at this point. I wasn’t sure what they had in mind but the talk about my legs and ass really started to freak me out.

Before I could turn around Ron ripped down my light blue underwear to reveal my little cock, tiny from running outside in the cool weather. The sweat and the cool temperatures made me shrink up like I was in a pool, not that I was big to begin with. I normally had a 2″ soft dick, but now it was like a nub sitting on my balls. They both laughed at me. Ron began to tell me how things would be.

“You will do what we tell you, if not you’ll be sorry. We don’t care what you may think you can do afterwards like going to the cops. we’re planning on doing you right now because no one will believe that us two big studs would ever fuck a skinny, little dick guy like you,” he said so matter-of-factly.

As I stood there bare ass naked with my underwear and shorts around my ankles I had nowhere to turn.

Bill reached over and slapped my ass really hard. I jumped and protested, but I fell because of the shorts and underwear around my ankles. They laughed at me again.

As I tried getting up that’s when the verbal assault started, calling me every name in the book. Faggot, cock sucker, cum whore, sissy, bitch, slut, cum pig, dick licker, fag, cum dumpster, pencil dick. They called me things that cut to the bone, things I wouldn’t call a dog.

I again begged them to let me please leave. I explained to them I was not sure why they picked me, but I was not into whatever they had on their minds, I was not that type of guy.

Bill told me, “Shut the fuck up you little bitch, now!” and he slapped my ass again.

That’s when I heard a sound that I dreaded: belt buckles being undone and zippers coming down. I knew this was going to happen and I did not want it to, but I was afraid of getting my ass kicked.

Ron lowered his zipper and reached into his pants and pulled out a cock larger than I had ever seen. I hadn’t seen many cocks in my life but his cock was 7 inches long and it wasn’t even hard. Soft it looked as thick as a medium sized cucumber. I looked at him from the floor of the trailer. He stood over me waving his large cock and stroking it as he laughed at me with the continued verbal assault. He sat down on one of the dirty old couches that they had pulled out of the hotel and he told me to get up on my knees and get over there and suck his cock.

I tried to resist and move away from him, but I felt a slap on my ass again and this time it was not Bill’s hand, it was his belt. Bill’s pants were open and his thick cock was hanging out. His cock was not as big as Ron’s but it was still much larger than mine. It was hard already when he pulled it out. It was at least 8.5″ long. My head was spinning. I couldn’t believe where I was. I was in the back of a semi-trailer with dirty old hotel furniture with two big giant cock studs. They told me to make this easy on myself and they would be easy on me. If I didn’t listen to them then I would be getting more whacks on the ass with Bill’s belt.

Bill grabbed a cushion off one of the couches and tossed it at me and said, “I want you to be comfortable. See how nice we can be?”

I moved up onto the cushion on my knees in front of Ron and started to move towards his cock. He pulled my face towards his lap and he smelled of musk and man sweat. His cock had gotten even bigger as he sat stroking it, at least 11 inches and as fat as a coke bottle. With both of his large hands firmly on the side of my head he pulled me towards his cock and his large cock head slammed into my lips. All I could do was open my mouth and take it in. I heard them high-five as I started to suck his cock. I didn’t know what I was doing but he told me not to get teeth on his cock. That was every hard seeing how thick his cock was. My jaw started hurting and I couldn’t keep my teeth off his huge shaft. Ron slapped my face hard and told me to watch my fucking teeth or by the end of the night I might not have any left in my mouth.

There I was on my hands and knees, my bare ass sticking out. Just then I felt something cold on my ass and pushing into my asshole. It was Bill’s finger. This was not going the way I wanted it to, not at all. His large rough fingers penetrated my asshole as I sucked his co-worker’s cock. I felt more coolness and heard a click. It must’ve been lube, I would guess. He slid a second large finger in my tight back door. It was very painful. Then Ron pulled me off his cock, thank God. My jaw was really hurting. He reached down into his jeans and pulled out a little brown bottle. He opened it, held it under his nose and took a deep breath. He then moved it towards me but I turned my head. They both told me to inhale. I refused, then I felt another hard slap on my ass and another on my face. The pain was getting too much and all this was too overwhelming. I started to cry. That really made them laugh at me.

Bill said again, “Listen to us or you’ll feel more pain. See, look – you’re enjoying this. Look at your pathetic, fucked up babydick, it’s hard.”

He then pushed his two fingers in deeper and hit something inside of me I had never felt before. It felt like an electric shock.

Ron started laughing at me. “Guess you just hit his virgin P-spot.” Bill replied, “Fuck yeah, look at him move. Tell me slut, how much you like how it feels.”

I’m not sure where the voice came from but I heard someone say, “Yes Sir, it feels great. I want more.” They both laughed at me. It was me that said that! What the fuck was happening to me?

Ron held the bottle to me and told me to inhale deep. I did and I felt a warm buzz come over me. It seemed to help me relax. Again Ron told me to inhale deep and hold it. My head started to pound, my body felt flush and hot. The pain I felt in my asshole started to go away.

Ron had stood up and had his cock next to my face as I breathed in from the little brown bottle. Bill moved over and had his cock on the other side of me. I’m not sure what it was but something happened that I could not believe. I reached out and started stroking both their cocks. I pulled Bill toward me and took his long cock in my mouth. It was at least 8.5″ long, not as thick as Ron’s but more than twice as long as mine.

I had an 8.5″ cock sliding in and out of my mouth as I stroked an 11″, thick cock. They kept calling me names and high fiving each other. I pulled Bill’s cock out for a second to catch my breath and Ron moved his cock into my mouth. I went back and forth between the two cocks. I must have looked just like the ladies in porn taking on two cocks. They forced both their cocks into my mouth. That was too much cock to fit my mouth but I did my best. Ron pushed me back onto another couch and Bill came over and pulled my shirt off. I was now completely naked in front of these two guys. They still had their shirts and boots on but had removed their pants.

I laid on the couch, stroking my cock. It was aching to cum. They laughed at me again about how small and funny looking my cock was.

My cock has always had a curve to the shaft. My cock is maybe 4″ on a good day, and thin. My balls are not very big and usually pulled up tight to my body. I had to be a sight to behold. Whatever was in that bottle had me totally high and not acting like me.

Bill grabbed the lube again and rubbed some all over his big dick. He moved down in front of me and lifted my legs up. His cock bounced against mine, and next to mine it showed just how much bigger he was than me. Bill lifted my legs farther up over my head. His cock rested right at the opening of my ass. I begged him yet again, please let me be. They just laughed at me.

Ron said “It sure looks like you’re enjoying yourself, just look how hard your little babydick is, and all the precum leaking from it.”

“Please, if you’re going to do it to me, please wear protection,” I said.

Bill replied, “Not a chance. Sluts get fucked bareback.”

I opened my mouth again to protest and Ron stuck his monster cock back in it.

Bill said, “Now just concentrate on sucking Ron’s cock while I open up your ass for it.”

Ron placed the brown bottle back under my nose. He told me to breathe deep and relax.

Bill’s cock eased its way into my asshole. Whatever I was inhaling relaxed my asshole to take his cock like a porn star. There was no fighting at this point. I was fucked up, my head was spinning. I was their fuck toy. I had no choice in the matter. My head was really spinning. It was like I was floating outside my body. But reality set back in when I felt Bill bottom out his cock in my asshole.

Ron gave my mouth a break and sat back as Bill started his assault on my ass. It felt like he fucked me for an hour. I’m sure it wasn’t that long but it felt like it. Sweat was dripping off of him as he pounded me. Cum was pouring out of my own cock. Ron would wipe it up with his finger and shove it in my mouth. Bill’s pace slowed for a minute, then he let loose inside of me. I felt warm inside and full. He reached down and patted my face and called me his good little slut. As he pulled his cock out I could feel the cum running out of me.

Ron told me to stand up and bend over the arm of the couch. I had no fight left and I did as he said.

They continued to laugh at me as cum was pouring out my ass and I was having pussy farts like a Saturday night whore.

Ron told me to relax even more than before and gave me more of the brown bottle.

Ron said, “Bill has a big cock, but get ready for my 11″ Python.”

I could tell he was bigger than Ron but my asshole stretched for his huge cock. He was slow at first. I was not sure I could handle his cock even though there was not much pain. I was afraid he was going to rip my asshole wide open and I would have to go to the ER. But I was amazed that he knew how to use his big cock. After about five minutes he was all the way in and I was ready to pass out from inhaling the little bottle.

Then Ron went to town. He didn’t last as long as Bill, thank goodness. Guess it was my tight asshole that made him cum faster or it was all the foreplay that had him ready to pop. I didn’t care, I was just glad he was pumping his cum in me and this whole crazy night would soon be over.

Ron pulled out of me and they high fived each other and commented on how wrecked my asshole was. It felt empty but I was glad it was finally over. I couldn’t stand up straight. My legs were shaking and cum was running down my legs.

Bill tossed my shirt and shorts at me and told me to get dressed and get out. As I started to walk out Ron put my little blue underwear into my shorts pocket and said, “Don’t forget your cute little panties, bitch, your clitty might get cold,” and slapped my ass.

This was a night I hope to soon forget but I don’t think that will happen any time soon.


The End.



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