The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine, Honey: Part 10

Micky D

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A little game – this time with the titillating new rules. It was a definite possibility that these new rules could see me forbidden (and also completely unable) to have sex with my beautiful wife for many weeks – or even months – on end. On more than one occasion I sat ruefully pondering how I had allowed myself to be talked into playing such a wickedly devious game.

The answer was, of course, quite simple: I was getting off on it. Knowing that I would once again have little choice but to sit passively and impotently by as Jason continued to enjoy my wife’s intimate charms gave me a spine-tingling, tummy-fluttering rush like none I had ever known before. The effect was intoxicating, and I had discovered that I was eagerly looking forward to larger and stronger doses – and Angela seemed not only willing but also keen to provide them. She made it very clear that she intended to take full advantage of the new lascivious game rules, and she brazenly declared that in the weeks ahead she intended to thoroughly ‘cuck’ me – and in ways that would stretch the boundaries of my most lurid fantasies.

Well – ‘cuck’ me she certainly did, and she not only stretched my boundaries – she smashed them, as you will see.

But before I begin describing Angela’s highly successful efforts to cuckold me over the next few months, I should outline in greater detail what was perhaps a natural progression in our evolving relationship – how Angela began to really emphasise her sexual dominance over me.

I had previously read that many couples combined the act of cuckolding with varying degrees of female domination, using one to augment and enhance the other – to the pleasure of both partners. In my own case this was certainly true; I found that Angela openly cuckolding me whilst I remained totally denied simply led to more intense thoughts and fantasies about her dominating me – sexually and otherwise. My disposition towards her became increasingly more meek and subservient. Angela was, of course, already well aware that her dominant side excited me, and I’m certain that she noted the growing tractability in my demeanor. Perhaps with this in mind she began to use less subtle ways to express her blossoming sexual assertiveness.

For example, she had taken the pills into her custody, and each night when we retired to bed she made sure that there was a glass of water and one of the evil little pills awaiting me on our bedside dresser. She would then watch as I swallowed it, a soft smile drifting across her face. I don’t think that Angela was concerned about me breaking the rules of the game by dodging the medication; it was more a case of Angela emphasizing her authority over me by ostensibly supervising when and how I took the dosage.

Her considerable appetite for cunnilingus also grew even more voracious; my lips and tongue were pressed into service at least once daily – and at any hour of her choosing. For instance, if Angela awoke before our alarm clock went off, she would sometimes caress and tickle my flaccid cock until I also awoke – and she would then simply part her thighs and firmly guide my head downwards under the blankets. I would then spend the next ten minutes or so groggily licking my wife to an early morning climax.

She also became fond of voicing sly hints and innuendo which served to underscore my chaste and impotent state whilst simultaneously emphasizing the fact that her ‘married’ pussy was receiving generous and regular helpings of Jason’s large cock. For instance, she once cupped my flaccid penis in her hand, and declared that the game had turned ‘Three-four’ into ‘Zero-four’ – a sardonic reference to the fact that now I could not even become three-quarters erect. She had followed this observation with a quick giggle, and stated that later that week she would be meeting someone who was a guaranteed ‘Four-four’.

“In fact,” she added. “He’s definitely bigger than Four-four – more like Eight-eight, wouldn’t you say, my little Cuckie?”

I was somewhat stunned to find that I was relishing both her flourishing sexual assertiveness and her wicked taunts and jibes. Perhaps for me it was some weird form of vicarious and masochistic justification and rationalisation for me not only allowing but also encouraging my wife to have sexual relations with another man. It was a strange paradoxical symbiosis; the more Angela cuckolded me, the more I wanted her to dominate me. The more she dominated me, the more I wanted her to cuckold me – and so the kinky little spiral continued. The end result was that as the weeks passed I discovered that I was descending further and further into the murky, carnal world of ‘sub space’ – and relishing every second of it.

On her part, Angela seemed to be delighted with this new development, and I could also sense that she was thoroughly enjoying the power shift. This became perfectly apparent when one evening we had a frank discussion about this subject. We had both had more than a few drinks, and the booze had certainly made us both a little more candid with eachother than we would otherwise have been.

Angela once more reiterated that being able to sexually tease and dominate me made her ‘tingle’, and that she was beginning to thoroughly enjoy the new authority she had over me. She admitted that although she had once professed that she could never become a fully-fledged ‘Domme’, she was beginning to surrender to the wickedly erotic appeal of being in total sexual control. She stated that she relished being able to glance at me and simply say eat me, and know that I would fervently do so for as long as she wanted – and to have me do it so eagerly and subserviently had awakened a deep and primordial craving in her sexual psyche.

As I listened to Angela confirming that she was excited by her new sense of sexual authority, I realised that my own arousal at her words was causing me to tremble slightly, and I could feel that familiar carnal buzz begin to trill through me. I asked whether me passively sitting by as she ‘cucked’ me was adding to her new feelings in this regard.

“Definitely,” she quietly replied. “I do get a very deliciously perverse kick from openly kissing Jason in front of you, and letting him fondle my tits as you helplessly watch.” She paused for a few seconds, tilting her head in thought. “And then to know that I’m perfectly free to take him into our bed, knowing that you’ll obediently sit out here and wait as he fucks me? Then yes – that gives me a very powerful and very kinky thrill too, and it does bring out my wickedly bitchy and dominating side.”

Hearing her highlight her own excitement at my ‘obedience’ instantly intensified the buzz inside me. I took a deep, shaking breath and asked: “Bring it out in what ways?”

My wife’s sly grin slowly crept over her face. “Let’s just say that I’ve had some very evil thoughts – like me making you chauffeur Jason and I around one night as he and I play in the back seat. Or the three of us going out to a restaurant – making you pay for our meals, of course – and making sure you knew that I was constantly fondling his cock through his trousers under the table. Or I’ve fantasized about Jason and I kissing on the couch, and me pausing to tell you to go and prepare our bedroom for me and my lover – having you turn the lamps on and get the bed ready for us, and make sure that we have drinks waiting on the bedside dresser.” My wife flashed me what was almost a guilty smile. “So many wickedly kinky and evil thoughts, my little lover!”

Hearing these disclosures simply aroused me even further. With the booze flowing breezily through my veins, I threw caution to the wind. I softly told her that I too had been having some rather extreme thoughts about her dominating me even further, adding that the game we were playing – and my subsequent drug induced impotency – simply augmented the kinky eroticism of the whole situation. Angela’s interest was immediately engaged, and she quizzed me regarding these lascivious and kinky thoughts. With my tongue loosened by alcohol, I told her everything, sparing no detail.

I told her about the poignant masochistic waves that enveloped me whenever I watched she and Jason kissing, or listened to them having intercourse in our bed. I told her that I loved it when she demanded that I lick her creamy pussy – a pussy that I was currently both forbidden and unable to fuck. I told her just how aroused I became when she derided and teased me about my flaccid cock, and how I was incapable of penetrating her. I told her how I yearned to be compelled, and even forced, to serve her, and please her and worship her – in fact, to become her sexual slave. By the time I have finished, I was in fact startled by my own brazen admissions. I could feel my face burning, and I held my breath as I waited for my wife’s reaction.

Angela simply sent me a tipsy smile. “Whoa! I knew that me being a little assertive makes you horny – but I wasn’t aware that me being that assertive had such a strong effect on you! Very interesting!” She flashed me a quizzical glance. “This wicked little game is really bringing out that side of you, isn’t it?”

I slowly nodded, inwardly heaving a soft sigh of relief.

My wife continued. “I can certainly understand why; I know that a lot of men who enjoy being cuckolded also enjoy becoming submissive to their partners – so your reaction isn’t unusual.” She paused for a few seconds. “Is that mainly what’s making you feel this way, lover? That Jason is perfectly able to fuck me whilst you can’t?”

“That’s certainly a big part of it,” I admitted.

Angela smiled softly and nodded. “Well, as I said before, being assertive with you is also a turn on for me. I have no idea why, but I love being able to control you. In fact, thinking about you becoming my ‘little slave’, as you put it, is making me kinda hot – so maybe I should start being a little bossier, hmm? Take our kinky little game a little further, maybe?”

“I think you should,” I replied huskily, feeling my mouth go dry.

My wife leaned back in her chair and crossed her sexy legs. “And if I did this a little further, you do realise that I’d be quite a demanding little bitch, don’t you? I’d take it as far as I could, my little one.”

“I know you would,” I found myself replying. “In fact, I want you to…”

Angela’s eyes flashed at me again. “If we do take this further, you wouldn’t have a choice.” She sipped her drink and sent me another appraising glance. “So what if on some nights I wanted you to be my total little slave, huh? Would you serve me, and please me, and obey me, and do exactly what I told you?”

I gulped softly. “Yes – I would.” My flaccid cock gave a tremulous twitch – whether in jubilation or apprehension at my wife’s question I couldn’t tell.

My wife seemed to sense my rapidly rising excitement, and she added: “And you know that I would use physical force to get you to do what I told you if necessary?”

I simply nodded, but her words sent another deliciously carnal ripple through me.

Angela’s voice took on a silky and playful tone. “Would you lick my juicy, wet pussy for hours? Would you kneel in front of me – and worship my cunt? Would you obey me, and please me for as long as I told you to?”

“Jesus, Yes! I would!” I almost gasped.

“I see,” Angela replied. She licked her soft red lips. “And I guess if you didn’t obey me, then I could find ways to make you obey me, couldn’t I? I might have to make use those nasty wrist and ankle cuffs a little more – exactly like you just told me, hmm? I’m sure I could make you do anything I wanted you to…”

“I’m sure you would,” I said somewhat weakly, feeling that familiar impish little buzz begin to dance through me with even more vigor.

“Oh, that I will, little one,” Angela replied. “In fact, I already have a few kinky little ideas…” She uttered what could only be described as a devious chuckle. “And I’ll have to do a little more research on the ‘Net, maybe – get some ideas on how to really make you my little slave…”

And sure enough, from that point on Angela’s dominant side really began to flourish. Don’t get me wrong; her intensified assertiveness wasn’t a 24/7 thing – Angela asserted herself only when the mood came upon her. But as the weeks passed, my sexy wife began to experiment with this new and very kinky side of our relationship with increasing frequency and zest. It was still role-play – but it was now serious role-play.

For example, one night she airily suggested that I completely shave the area around my genitals. Her tone left no doubt that this was in fact a demand and not a request. I duly did as she had instructed, and Angela’s eyes sparkled impishly as she inspected my freshly shaven cock and balls; she uttered a soft giggle and stated that although my balls seemed quite large and ‘normal’, my bald cock now resembled that of a ‘little boy’.

Her playful jibe simply added to my excitement, and my wife took note. Henceforth on many nights when her lover was not visiting, Angela would often tell me to strip naked and then cuff my wrists behind me and have me spend the next hour or so orally pleasing her, gradually building her to a powerful climax. As I did so, she would sometimes gaze down at my limp, hairless cock and full, swollen balls and make a derisive comment, such as smilingly announcing that my bald and flaccid manhood looked so dainty and cute, and she would utter that soft, sexy giggle that drove me virtually insane.

As she had stated, Angela also began visiting femdom web sites and forums on the Internet. One evening she called me to her side as she sat at the PC. She showed me a series of onscreen pictures portraying a Domme and her male sub engaged in some mild BDSM play. My wife was particularly intrigued by the method the Domme used to ‘control’ her sub; a solid stainless steel cockring had been fitted snugly behind the sub’s cock and balls, and in two of the photographs the Domme was seen attaching the snap-hook of a leather leash around the cockring. Subsequent images showed the kneeling male being compelled to orally serve his Mistress as she kept a tight reign on the leash, often pulling his genitals taut in an effort to ensure his total obedience.

Angela announced that she found this form of control to be particularly appropriate and wickedly erotic, since it represented total feminine control of the very core of a man’s masculinity and sexuality – his cock and balls. Looking at the completely subservient male in the images, I had to agree. My wife flashed me a teasing smile and softly mused that perhaps she should consider employing a similar method to control me. I had, of course, already begun to imagine serving Angela in a likewise fashion, and I discovered that the idea sent tendrils of fluttering excitement through my stomach – and my eager and rapt expression was duly noted by my perceptive wife.

Sure enough, a couple of nights later Angela suggested that I remain in my dressing gown after my evening shower, stating that she had a ‘surprise’ for me. As I showered, I anxiously wondered what the ‘surprise’ might be. When I returned to the lounge room, clad in just my dressing gown as Angela had asked, I saw that she was sat on the couch. She glanced up at me and drew my attention to several items resting on the coffee table: the leather wrist cuffs, a thin leather dog leash, and three stainless steel rings of different diameters. My wife crossed her legs, smiled demurely, and announced that she wanted to emulate what we had seen in the pictures two evenings earlier. She added that she had previously researched how the steel rings were fitted; a fair portion of the scrotal sac was first drawn through the ring, and then one testicle was gently eased inside. The process was repeated for the second testicle, and finally the penis was slowly pulled through the steel loop, thus ensconcing the metal ring snugly behind the testicles at the base of the penis.

Angela tilted her head, and instructed me to test each of the rings for fit and comfort. With my heart now hammering, I opened the front of my dressing gown and sat down beside her on the couch and, with some trepidation, I followed her instructions. I found that the rings were easier to fit than I had expected, and I tried all three different sizes, one after the other, as Angela smilingly watched on. I found that the 40-millimeter ring was loose enough to be comfortable, but still provided a very snug fit around the base of my cock and balls. After some experimentation I quickly realised that it would be impossible for the ring to come off without carefully reversing the process of fitting it, since all three appendages could not squeeze back through the 40-millimeter ring all at the same time. Angela told me to leave this particular ring on.

My wife then leaned forward and seized the thin leather leash. She then carefully fitted the leash’s snap-hook to the steel ring encircling my genitals. She gave the leash a gentle tug, and softly told me to stand up, remove my dressing gown, and face away from her with my hands behind my back so that she could cuff my wrists. With my pulse now rushing in my ears I did as she requested. Angela quickly fitted the cuffs, and then fastened them together with a thick double-ended metal clasp. I instinctively tested the bonds, and I felt my balls contract as I finally realised just how vulnerable I now was. The thought simply excited me even further.

My wife told me to turn to face her again. As usual, she seemed to read my mind; sliding the loop of the leash around her slender wrist, she softly pointed out that with my hands securely bound behind me and with my cock and balls literally under her control, she could now force me to do whatever she wanted – that I was at this moment her complete ‘little slave’, just as I had fantasized. She emphasized her statement by giving the leash another gentle but firm tug. Feeling the unyielding metal band around the base of my cock and balls being resolutely pulled towards her, I realised that she was totally correct. I had never felt so helpless and vulnerable – but the feeling of delicious sexual submissiveness tinged with a slight rush of fear slithered through me like a drug.

My wife seated herself more comfortably on the couch and instructed me to kneel on the floor beside her. As I did so, she raised her smooth legs and rested her bare feet on the coffee table. She sent me a soft, sly grin and looped the leash around her wrist several times to take up slack.

“Now, my little slave,” Angela began. “You can start by sucking my toes. Come on – I want to feel your tongue sliding between each and every one. Lick them clean. And you’d better do a good job… or else,” – here she gave the leash a harder yank; my balls were once more pulled sharply towards her. “You’ll have a pair of very sore nuts. Now – get licking!”

In my vulnerable position, her threats were more than enough to induce me to do her bidding. I spent a considerable part of that evening on my knees, my hands remaining cuffed behind my back, and my lips and tongue preening and caressing various parts of my wife’s body. In due course she arose and removed her skirt and panties, and then sank back onto the couch. She smiled down at me and hoisted her long legs high and wide, and softly commanded me to begin gently licking her pussy and asshole. She kept a constant tension on the leash, and I discovered that Angela had no hesitation in giving the leash a sharp tug if she felt that my oral efforts were flagging. Although this was never enough to cause me any real pain, I was well aware that it could if my wife so chose – all she had to do was really yank the leash. An incredible rush of tingling eroticism poured through me as I realised that for all intents and purposes I was now Angela’s ‘little slave’ – and that she literally had me by the balls. Several times I glanced up to see that Angela’s pretty face was flushed with arousal, and I realised that my total submissiveness and enforced servitude was exciting her just as much as my oral ministrations.

In fact, at one point I was gently licking her labia when she slid her fingers through my hair and tilted my head up to face her. She gave her leash another firm yank and gazed down at me and huskily told me: “You love this, don’t you? You love being made to worship me, hmmm? Me making you eat my warm juicy pussy – the pussy that I’m freely giving to Jason, but not letting you have! How does it feel to know that if you don’t please me and obey me, then I simply have to pull those poor, neglected, swollen balls of yours harder and harder until you do as I say! You wanted to be my slave? Then be my slave you certainly will!”

She emitted a soft, sensual giggle and her glazed eyes stared down into mine. “Maybe next time I’ll take you down to the gym and make you kneel down as I tie the leash to the treadmill, with your hands cuffed behind your back again. You won’t be able to move or do anything except kneel there and watch me work out – naked, of course – watching me work up a good, hard sweat. And then? I’ll take the leash into my hand and make you lick every drop of sweat from my body, hmm? – from every nook and cranny. I’ll stand there as you kneel in front of me, using this nasty leash to make sure you lick me totally clean!” She uttered another chuckle. “Ahh, my little Cuckie – you shouldn’t have told me that you wanna be my little slave – ’cause I’ll have you doing things you never dreamed of! I’ll make you my little slave, all right – my little impotent, cuckold, cunt-slave! Now – continue licking me, slowly until I tell you to stop!”

On my part, I was stunned at how much I was relishing the physical control that my wife was exerting over me – that submitting to her will and being forced to sexually gratify her was an intoxicating mix of submission, eroticism and fear of physical punishment unless I did as she demanded.

And, of course, I did do as she demanded. From an observer’s point of view, it must have been a startlingly erotic sight: Angela naked from the waist down, leaning back on the couch, her right hand firmly clenching the leash attached to my steel cockring, and her long, shapely legs widely parted. And me completely naked on my knees, my hands cuffed behind my back, and my face pressed firmly to the apex of her thighs, ardently licking and sucking her moist pussy. She eventually had several shuddering orgasms that left my face coated in her delicious juices.

It was, in fact, almost midnight when Angela finally removed the leash from my cockring and uncuffed my wrists. My wife leaned back on the couch, thoroughly sated and satisfied. She languidly inquired if I had enjoyed being her ‘slave’, and how it felt to be ‘forced’ to please and serve her. I was still buzzing, and my answers eagerly gushed forth.

I then asked a tentative question of my own: “If I hadn’t done what you told me to do, would you really have made me do it?”

Angela’s green eyes sparkled. “Do you mean would I have yanked the leash very hard? Making your poor balls really ache unless you did what I told you?”

“Yes,” I said softly.

My wife smiled and leaned forward until her beautiful face was a few inches from mine. She gave me a deep, slow, spine-tingling kiss, and then pulled slightly back to look deep into my eyes and replied: “Absolutely.”

My intake of breath was audible. Angela leaned back on the couch and continued: “If you’re going to be my slave, then you will do what I ask. How much force I have to apply in order to get you to do it is entirely up to you, my little Cuckie – but when you’re my slave you will do as I tell you.”

I suddenly wondered if I had opened Pandora’s box. If so, then it was a box that I was eager to jump in to.

Angela idly mused that perhaps I should wear the ring permanently, stating that the metal band encircling my cock and balls would be a constant reminder that I could be required to serve and please her whenever she chose. She also added that since I had been rendered completely impotent by the drug, I would not be vulnerable to any painful nocturnal or involuntary erections making my cock swell inside the metal band. Her tone again left no doubt that this was a demand and not a request. So from that moment on I wore the metal cockring 24/7. There was some minor chaffing and irritation at first, but a few drops of baby oil eased any discomfort, and within two weeks I didn’t even need that – most of the time I forgot that a solid metal ring was tightly encircling my manhood.

Angela also informed me that the rings originally came in packets of four. As a kinky little twist, my wife used my engraving tool to inscribe words on the outer rims of all four of the 40-millimeter rings. In Angela’s flowing script, the rings read: ‘Property of Angela’, ‘Angela’s Slave’, ‘Angela’s Cuckold’, and – perhaps most wicked of all – ‘Angie’s Little Pindick’. The ring that bore the relatively tame words ‘Property of Angela’ was the one that I usually wore during the day – but Angela would often insist that I change this for one of the rings bearing a more risqu‚ phrase whenever she was in ‘Mistress’ mode, as she’d begun calling it. She always made sure that the steel ring was positioned with the words facing upwards so that she could read them.

Angela picked up yet another lascivious idea from the Internet. One evening she called me over to the PC and played a short movie that she had downloaded. The video depicted yet another scene involving a Domme and a naked male submissive. The male sub was lying on his back atop a long, low coffee table, and both his hands and feet were firmly bound with rope to the four sturdy wooden legs of the table. His head and upper shoulders, however, were resting on the cushion of an armchair that abutted the end of coffee table. The Domme – naked except for a pair of long black boots – was perched above him with her widely parted thighs resting on each of the leather arms of the armchair, her genitals hovering directly over the sub’s upturned face. The Domme languidly lowered her nether regions onto the sub’s awaiting mouth and imperiously instructed him to eat her. In his bound state, the sub had absolutely no choice but to comply; he licked and slurped and sucked her cunt with feverish enthusiasm.

Watching the video I could feel myself becoming very aroused. The situation in the movie emphasized the totally female dominant position; the Domme was able to lean comfortably back in the armchair and fully abandon herself to the oral ministrations of the immobilised male underneath her. The wide leather arms of the chair cradled most of her weight, and her outstretched thighs ensured that her nether regions were completely exposed and accessible to his deftly probing tongue. His cock stood up like a flagpole, and if his oral efforts failed to please his Mistress then she casually leaned forward and gave his erect shaft a few sharp slaps, which instantly caused the sub to perform with greater zest. At the conclusion of the short film the Domme ordered the sub to tongue-fuck her asshole as she reached down to caress her clitoris. A few moments later the Domme sharply exhorted the sub to keep licking! – and she quickly and loudly climaxed. The film actually showed her juices freely pouring from the base of her throbbing slit and coating the sub’s chin. I found that I was panting softly as I watched.

Angela announced that she found the scene to be incredibly hot. She too had noted that the Domme was not only in complete control, but was able to lean pleasantly back and enjoy the sub’s oral ministrations in total comfort. My wife glanced sideways at me, and informed me that our own sturdy coffee table and one of the armchairs could easily be used as a platform for a similar game…

Fifteen minutes later I discovered myself in exactly the same position as the hapless sub in the video we had just watched, lying face up and naked on our coffee table, my wrists and ankles firmly bound to its wooden legs, and my head and upper shoulders resting on the cushion of one of our armchairs. Angela attached her leather leash to my cockring, and then removed her skirt and panties. She deftly straddled the armchair and seated herself over me, using the wide arms of the chair as a pedestal for her shapely thighs. She then proceeded to duplicate the events in the lascivious video, lowering her pussy onto my face and instructing me to lick and preen her nether regions as she leaned back in the armchair, making good use of her thin leather leash to ensure that I complied with her wishes.

She also became quite vocally assertive, telling me things like: “How do you like being tied up and forced to lick my cunt – a cunt that you’re not allowed to fuck anymore, my little Cuckie? Does your lil’ dickie miss my warm, creamy pussy, hmm? Nevermind – you just use your tongue to keep it happy until Jason fills it up on his next visit, okay?”

Or “Lick my asshole slowly like I told you – or do you want me to really give your swollen nuts a good fucking yank?”

Or “Did I tell you to take your tongue out of my cunt? Get it back in there – now! – or I’ll pull your fucking balls so hard you’ll think I’ve ripped them off!”

I was relatively sure that Angela wouldn’t carry out her threats – but taking into account her previous statement that she would use the leash as sternly as necessary to enforce her will, I can assure you that in my bound and vulnerable position, and with my cock and balls in a figurative and literal noose, I quickly responded to my wife’s lascivious demands. Angela again seemed to relish this new method of oral pleasure, and her excitement grew rapidly. At one point she pantingly stated that she loved having me tied up like this, making me worship her cunt, and being forced to please her over and over again. In fact, she duplicated the culminating scene in the video we had just witnessed, instructing me to tongue-fuck her asshole as she caressed and stroked herself to a very powerful climax. As she trembled in afterglow above my drenched, upturned face, she told me to slowly lick her sodden cunt and asshole clean of her succulent juices.

Episodes like the above became regular occurrences, and Angela’s lascivious imagination seemed to work overtime finding new methods and positions in which I could be compelled to serve and gratify her. She discovered that the kitchen table made another ideal platform for my enforced oral ministrations; I would be seated on the floor with my legs lying straight out in front of me in a ‘V’ shape under the table. Angela would then tie my ankle cuffs firmly to the far pair of table legs, whilst my arms would encircle the near two table legs so that the crook of my elbows were pressed snugly against the smooth wood. My wrist cuffs would be shackled together with a bridge of rope. In this position, with my arms forcibly clasping the two sturdy table legs, my chin hovered just over the rim of the table, and I was completely unable to move backward. Angela would then take the leash into her hand and seat herself on the tabletop, and slowly ease her hips forward, firmly forcing my face into her humid crotch. I would then be commanded to tongue her moist pussy.

She particularly loved having me bound to the kitchen table in this manner, since it also allowed her to stand over me and straddle my face, facing whichever direction she chose. With my arms securely encircling the table legs, all Angela needed to do was lower herself slightly and ease her weight against me. She was particularly fond of standing with her back to me, and then leaning down to rest her torso on the table. She could then slide her naked rump backwards, forcing her rear hard against my face and commanding me to rim and tongue-fuck her asshole. Whatever position she chose, the thin leash was never out of her hand, and if she deemed that my efforts were not up to par, she would quickly remind me who was in control by giving the leash a sharp yank.

I was compelled to become her ‘little slave’ two or sometimes three evenings a week. Although I have stated that we didn’t play these games (if indeed games they were) on a full-time basis, there were definite echoes of Angela’s sexual assertiveness that lingered long after such sessions were over. She was now fully aware how aroused I became whenever she teased and taunted me about how my chaste and impotent status was in stark contrast to that of her virile and potent lover. Jason continued to visit at least once weekly, and Angela had no hesitation in using increasingly overt means to highlight the fact that her lover was receiving all of her sexual favors.

For example, she would make a point of ensuring that I saw her remove her bra just before Jason’s visits, telling me that Jason was definitely a ‘tit man’, and that he had mentioned how much he relished seeing her pert nipples clearly outlined under her top. She also began to instruct me to shave her legs and trim her pussy so that she’d be so soft and smooth for her lover. The ankle bracelets that she’d ordered online – and at my expense – had duly arrived, and she’d immediately began wearing them full time. Whilst at work or in company, she wore a simple plain one – but when she was at home she often changed this for the one the announced Hot Wife! In fact, she made a point of displaying it to Jason at the first opportunity, and he simply smiled and softly remarked that he could certainly endorse the lascivious slogan.

I should point out here that my wife never became blatantly dominant towards me whilst in Jason’s company. Whenever he visited, the dominant side of her personality retreated. I found this puzzling, and I once quizzed her about it. She replied that as far as Jason was concerned, the two aspects of our relationship were totally separate, and that she felt no need to involve Jason – for which I was somewhat thankful. She did, however, state that she had indeed informed Jason that I was in effect ‘cut off’ from having sex with her, and that Jason had naturally worked out that if I was complacently accepting this, then I was obviously more than a little submissive towards her. To hear this added another wicked and bizarre twist to the whole situation.

Jason himself was by now totally at ease with the bizarre menage-a-trois. He had become completely relaxed in my company, and he would engage me in conversation just as often as he would Angela. I sensed, however, that Jason seemed to derive considerable satisfaction from the fact that he was now the sole beneficiary of my wife’s sexual favors. I could understand this, since if I had been in his position I would possibly feel the same.

Don’t get me wrong – Jason never came across as being arrogant or conceited, and in fact quite to the contrary. He was a confident, friendly and likeable young man who possessed an infectious sense of humor – but he was smugly aware that he had virtually limitless access to Angela’s intimate charms, and it was obvious that he was quietly enjoying the sexual one-upmanship.

For example, if I answered one of his telephone calls, he would greet me affably, and then ask if he could speak to my ‘sexy little wife’. Or, when he was visiting, he would often sit beside Angela and casually slide his arm around her waist, and then progressively lift the palm of his hand until at last it gently cupped her breast under her shirt or blouse. The latent message was clear: I remained the man of the house – except in the bedroom, where Jason had no qualms about asserting his resounding authority.

So – having outlined the evolving sexual dynamic between Angela and myself, I will now describe what occurred as our kinky and deviant game progressed. I will again simply display excerpts from my ‘Depraved Diary’ to chronicle the events that followed, starting from the beginning of the next round of our game.


Sunday July 31st: Started another game last Thursday night. ‘A’ called ‘J’ on Friday, and arranged for him to visit last night (Saturday). ‘J’ picked ‘A’ up and they went out for dinner, getting back at just before ten p.m.

In what was almost a well-rehearsed ritual, ‘A’ dimmed the lights in the lounge room and I watched the pair on the couch again. They now openly displayed their affection and desire for eachother, and my poor, soft little cock tingled as I watched them kissing and petting. ‘A’ was once more bra-less, and she actually winked at me when ‘J’ slid his hand under her shirt and began fondling and caressing with her tits. She must have been feeling very evil, because over the course of the next ten minutes or so she slyly and surreptitiously undid each button on her shirt, from top to bottom. In the dim light I swallowed heavily as I watched the front of her shirt eventually billow open, exposing her tits completely. ‘A’ then guided ‘J’s’ lips to her erect nipples. From this point on they took no notice of me sitting opposite in the darkness.

After a few minutes of ‘J’ nibbling and sucking ‘A’s’ tits, I heard ‘A’ whisper to him: “Take me to bed.”

They promptly rose from the couch and retired to the master bedroom, and within minutes I was again listening to ‘A’s’ muffled moans and gasps of pleasure as ‘J’ took full advantage of ‘A’s’ warm, receptive pussy!

After ‘J’ left I picked my first card, and got the Six of Hearts, and then licked ‘A’s’ sopping cunt and asshole for almost an hour.


Saturday August 6th: ‘J’ wasn’t able to make it here through the week, but came here last night (Friday). Took ‘A’ out to dinner again and then to a movie. They returned at about ten forty-five p.m.

‘A’ and ‘J’ fucked in our bedroom again as I sat watching TV with the sound turned down. About an hour later ‘A’ came out dressed in her black kimono. She retrieved two cans of beer from the fridge and quietly asked me if I was ‘enjoying the show’ – and it was obvious she wasn’t referring to the television. I pantingly told her I was, and she just giggled. She then handed me one of the evil little pills and told me to swallow it – which I duly did. I was puzzled why ‘A’ was making me take the pill now, rather than when we retired to bed, as usual. She smiled and offhandedly told me that the reason was simple; tonight I was sleeping in the spare bedroom – she had invited ‘J’ to spend the entire night with her, and he had agreed to do so!

‘A’ then blew me a kiss and bade me goodnight and returned to our bedroom, closing the door behind her with a soft thud of finality.

After a few minutes I went to bed in spare room, undressed, and climbed into the single bed. I trembled as I listened to the muffled buzz of their chatter in the next room for about fifteen minutes, and then I heard the bed begin to rhythmically creak – ‘A’ and ‘J’ going at it again!!! I tried wanking, but my cock refused to rise, and in frustration I was forced to simply listen to my wife’s ardent gasps and moans of pleasure, underscored by ‘J’s’ occasional hoarse grunts of enjoyment. I drifted off to sleep after their moans finally subsided twenty minutes later.

I arose early this morning and waited in trepidation for ‘A’ and ‘J’ to arise. At about eight-forty a.m. I suddenly heard our bed creaking again, followed quickly by ‘A’s’ muffled exhortations. They were fucking for the third time in less than twelve hours! ‘A’ and ‘J’ then arose and showered together.

THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT! This feeling I have, hearing and seeing and knowing ‘A’ is fucking him, is driving me INSANE!!!! But I LOVE how it’s making me feel! What’s happening to me???

I drew THREE cards after ‘J’ had left about midday – Two of clubs, Jack of Hearts, and Ace of Hearts.


Thursday August 11th: ‘A’ and ‘J’ together again last night. ‘J’ didn’t stay the night, but he had ‘A’ again in our bedroom. They returned to lounge room about an hour later.

At what I suspect to be ‘A’s’ prompting, ‘J’ is becoming far more brazen in openly discussing his sexual relationship with ‘A’. In fact, when ‘A’ went to use the bathroom, ‘J’ softly told me how ‘sexy’ ‘A’ is, and what ‘gorgeous tits’ she has. He also blatantly told me that ‘A’ was ‘a mind-blowing fuck’, and that he was more than happy to ‘give her plenty of cock’.

My voice shook as I responded that ‘A’ had told me how she enjoyed bedding him, and that I was happy to see her being satisfied so well. Even telling ‘J’ this sent made my tummy flutter! I could hardly believe I was telling ‘J’ this!

‘J’ smiled and just then ‘A’ came back from the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later ‘J’ departed, and ‘A’ asked if I wanted to taste her ‘creamy taco’.

Naturally, I did. Afterwards, I picked another card – the Seven of Hearts.


Sunday August 14th: ‘J’ came again last night (no pun intended) and the three of us idly chatted in the lounge room for an hour or so. ‘A’ then went for a quick shower – unusual for her – leaving ‘J’ and I alone. Whilst ‘A’ was gone, ‘J’ once again gently steered our conversation to his physical relationship with ‘A’ – prompted, I strongly suspected, by ‘A’ herself. ‘J’ nonchalantly announced that ‘A’ had informed him that I was turned on by the situation. I felt my tummy fluttering as I admitted to him that I was. ‘J’ then asked how I had felt two weeks ago, when I had observed ‘A’ openly exposing her breasts for him, and then to watch him suckle her nipples

In almost a daze, I told him I found it to be a huge turn on, and ‘J’ smiled and asked if I would allow him to go further. I shakily told him that I would. He smiled, and announced that he and ‘A’ had ‘something a bit wilder’ planned for tonight.

At that moment ‘A’ returned from showering and overheard his last remarks. She was clad in just in her kimono, and she simply smiled and dimmed the lights and then sat next to ‘J’. Within moments they were kissing deeply. After about ten minutes they broke their kiss and ‘A’ arose to her feet and led ‘J’ to the hallway that led to the bedrooms. Instead of leading him up into the hallway, however, she turned to face me with ‘J’ looming behind her.

‘J’ now began to kiss her neck from behind, and ‘A’ tilted her head as ‘J’s’ lips skimmed the sensitive skin on her neck. ‘J’ then slid a hand around to undo the clasp on her kimono. A few moments later her kimono drifted open, and my gaze was drawn down to her neatly trimmed pubic patch. Even in the darkened room, I clearly saw ‘A’ flash me a teasing smile as ‘J’s’ hands drifted upwards. He lifted her kimono from her shoulders, and she arched her back; her kimono fluttered to the floor; she was now totally naked. Flashes of light from the TV rippled across her body, simply accentuating her total nakedness. I heard the intake of my own breath.

‘J’ wasted no time in sliding both hands around under ‘A’s’ arms to cup her full breasts. His palms hoisted my wife’s tits gently upwards, and ‘A’ uttered a soft gasp as he took both of her nipples between his fingers and began skillfully tweaking and rolling them. I watched almost in a dream state as ‘A’ swiveled her head sharply to the side, her lips seeking his. The pair kissed again as ‘J’s’ large hands continued to caress and massage my wife’s tits!

They broke their kiss, and ‘A’ turned her gaze back towards me, and I could see her eyes were alight with passion and excitement. In what was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen, she opened her stance slightly, took ‘J’s’ right hand from her breast, and guided it slowly down over her belly until it came to rest between her thighs. ‘J’s’ palm instantly covered her pubic mound, and I could actually see his middle finger working its way softly between her labia!

‘A’ uttered another soft moan, and I knew that ‘J’ has deftly located her clit. His finger began gently swirling, and ‘A’ moaned again, louder this time. ‘J’ began kissing her neck once more, and ‘A’ tilted her head to the side, offering him her soft skin in a gesture of erotic surrender.

For about a minute I sat and watched as ‘J’ fingered my wife’s pussy, noting that ‘A’ had closed her eyes, her face clouded with an expression of sexual excitement and pleasure. I also noted that her nipples were now jutting out like little horizontal flagpoles, and Jason was continuing to tweak and roll ‘A’s’ left nipple between the forefinger and thumb of his left hand. Her hips had begun to almost imperceptibly undulate back and forth.

‘A’ finally opened her eyes and she sent me a brief, smoldering glance, a hint of a smile forming on her full, pouty lips. She winked suggestively and then peered down over her breasts, her gaze focussing on ‘J’s’ palm cupping her mons pubis. I followed her gaze, and even in the dim light I could clearly see ‘J’s’ middle finger was now almost totally buried in ‘A’s’ pussy.

‘A’ raised her eyes to meet mine once more, and she sent me another passion-laden glance and then turned her face back to her lover and said: “Mmmmm, that feels SOOOO good… you’re making me SO wet! Now take me to bed – and FUCK ME!”

The pair quickly turned, ‘A’ leading him by the hand up the hallway and into the master bedroom. My heart was hammering so hard that I didn’t even hear the thud of the bedroom door close behind them. Within a minute I heard ‘A’ yell out in pleasure, and the muffled rhythmic CREAK! CREAK! CREAK! of the bed began to echo through the house. I sat and listened, my mind’s eye picturing ‘A’s’ soft, silky legs wrapped tightly around ‘J’s’ back as his large cock explored the smooth, velvety confines of her delicious cunt!

‘J’ finally departed just before midnight, and after he’d left ‘A’ softly quizzed me how it felt to see her lover’s hands caressing her naked body. I gasped that WATCHING Jason openly fondle her tits and finger her pussy had made me want to EAT HER so badly, that I had wanted to kneel in front of her and SUCK her HOT CUNT as her lover kissed her and caressed her soft, warm tits. ‘A’ giggled, and told me that it might indeed come to that – but right at the moment all she could offer my hungry tongue was her drenched, well-used pussy without ‘J’s’ presence.

I ate her with feverish abandon!

I drew another card, and I stared in both shock and delight when I drew the Ace of Clubs! I HAD A PAIR!!!!!


But – of course – in this new game, drawing a pair of cards wasn’t enough. Angela smiled softly when I triumphantly showed her the card, but she impishly stated that I was only halfway home. She announced that tonight – in accord with the rules of the game – I wouldn’t take one of the evil little pills, and that tomorrow night I would be able to select the ‘deciding’ card – the one that would decide not only how many times I could make love to her, but whether I could make love to her at all. A tingling sexual anticipation mingled with a teasing apprehension rippled through me.

As it turned out, I had good reason to be apprehensive.

Read Part 11



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    This story gets better and better!! It is awesome!!! The added rules to the card game and the slowly evolving Female Dominance of the wife toward Her cuckold husband is very exciting! Keep the updates coming.

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    I hope this story never ends. LOL I am enjoying it so very much.


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