The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine, Honey: Part 11

Micky D

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To say that I spent Sunday in a pent-up sexual daze would be an understatement. Angela and I had tacitly agreed that I would draw the deciding card when we retired to bed on Sunday night, and the titillating fear (or was it a perverse hope?) of drawing a King, Queen, Jack or an Ace was never far from my thoughts. I was quite aware that even if I were successful, it would take another day for the effect of the medication to wear off sufficiently for me to achieve an erection. Even so, excitement bubbled through me like a hot liquid in a gently simmering pot.

On her part, Angela seemed to derive considerable enjoyment from my situation. I often caught her sending me a speculative gaze that always culminated with her Mona Lisa smile, which was far from innocent; her wickedly sensual side was in full flight.

Apart from my own trilling excitement, Angela and I did, however, spend a quiet night watching TV before retiring to bed. Once ensconced under the duvet, Angela sent me a soft smile before sitting up in bed beside me and retrieving the deck of cards from her bedside dresser. She softly asked me for the cards I had previously picked, and they soon went back into the deck in her hand. As she shuffled the cards, my wife glanced at me, and her smile deepened.

“Are you ready to pick the most important card of all, baby?” she finally asked in that soft, silky voice of hers.

I swallowed. “Yes.”

She spread the shuffled deck and held the fanned cards to me, staring into my eyes. “Then pick one, honey…”

My hand was trembling as I reached forth to pull a card from the deck. My heart pounded as I turned it over and peered down at it.

The leering face of the Jack of Diamonds peered back up at me. Time stood still for a second or two, and I was aware that I was uttering a soft, almost inaudible groan.

Angela lifted her eyes from the card in my hand and glanced at me. “Oh, dear… I guess we both know what that card means, don’t we?” she rhetorically asked. I lifted my own eyes to her face, and I was sure I could detect a slight hint of wicked amusement in her expression.

“Yes,” I almost whispered. The stark reality of my ill fortune crashed over me like a powerful breaker. The Jack of Diamonds had just doomed me to several more weeks of enforced impotence.

In almost desperation I stared beseechingly at Angela. “Please – this one time could we just bend the rules?” I pleaded. “If you let me go a couple of days-”

“No!” Angela cut me off sharply. “You agreed to play by the rules. You pulled a Jack – and that means that we have to play another round, just like we agreed!” Her face softened into a slight leer. Her hand darted down, and she seized the card in my hand. I watched as she quickly slid it back in the deck. “Besides, Cuckie – think of it this way; just imagine how hot it’s going to make you to go another few weeks, hmm? And how much more I can tease you. You like it when I tease you, don’t you?”

“Jesus, yes – you know I do,” I half stammered. My heart was hammering inside my chest, and in spite of my desperation to couple with her, the prospect of a few more weeks of watching her kiss and pet with her lover, and then to listen to them fervently fucking was working its familiar spell. I felt the erotic ripple pulse through me: He’s going to keep fucking her, he’s going to fill her creamy cunt with his cum, and I will have no choice but to listen! I drew a sharp gasp.

My wife unctuously continued. “And after all, it’s only been what – two and a half weeks? – since we started the game. The last time we played, it was over four weeks. I’m sure you can handle another round, my little lover.”

“I guess so,” I replied.

“I know so,” Angela said. She sent me a sideward glance as she quickly placed the deck of cards on her bedside dresser. Her sexy grin began to form on her pretty face as she turned back towards me. “Besides,” she added. “I have a few new ideas that you might find exciting…”

My interest was instantly engaged. “What new ideas?”

“You’ll have to wait and see,” Angela’s grin tightened as she dangled the bait. “But I can tell you right now that I’m sure they are going to blow your mind.”

I gulped, and bit – hard. “Do they involve Jason?”

“That they do, Cuckie!” Angela replied. “Well – most of them do. There’s a few other ideas that will be just you and me – but they’re mainly to do with Jason…” Angela’s grin tilted into a full smile.

I could feel the impish little buzz rocketing through me again. It swept up my desire and lust and focused it solely on Angela not only cuckolding me further, but on her apparent eagerness to do so. My cock gave a frustrated twitch, as if it was just realising that it would not be sliding into the moist heat of Angela’s pussy anytime soon.

“Please, Angie,” I begged. “What kind of things are you gonna do?”

My wife tilted her head. “Well… it won’t hurt to tell you one thing. Let me ask you this; you said it made you hot to actually see Jason playing with my tits and fingering me the other night?”

I simply nodded.

Angela uttered a soft giggle. “The let’s just say that over the next few weeks you had better get used to seeing it happen a little more.”

“I want to see it a lot more!” I involuntarily blurted. It was like hearing someone else’s voice – but is was my tight voice telling my wife that I wanted to see her lover fondling and caressing her!

“Aww, I know you do, my little Cuckie,” my wife continued smoothly, seeming delighted with my inadvertent admission. “In fact, Jason knows it, too. When we went into the bedroom that night, he told me how you were looking at him touching me, and that he got a real kick out of undressing me in front of you and playing with my pussy…”

“Christ, did he?” I gasped sharply.

Angela’s eyes sparkled playfully. “He did. He also told me that I should’ve unzipped him, and knelt down and given him a blowjob right there in the hallway…”

All I could do was groan softly in reply. A mental image of Angela on her knees as she fellated her lover right in front of me flashed across my mind. I inwardly saw her turn her head towards me, giggling and sending me a wink as she pressed her warm, wet tongue underneath Jason’s plum-shaped glans.

Angela’s voice snapped me out of my brief trance. “Do you wanna know what I told him, Cuckie?” she asked softly.

“Yes!” I literally shrieked.

“I told him that next time all he has to do is tell me to do it – and as you watch, I’ll sink to my knees and take out his beautiful thick cock, and suck it and lick it and keep doing it until he explodes in my mouth!”

“Oh my fucking God!” I groaned. “Do it!”

“Mmmm, I just might do that, Cuckie! Is that making you hot? To imagine your wicked little slut-wife sucking another man off, right there in front of you, and knowing that I’m gonna let him cum in my mouth – and swallow every single delicious drop? Does that make your little cock tingle, Cuckie?”

“Fuck – yes!” I bellowed.

“Does it make you shake, little one? Does it make you wish that I was doing it right now?”

“Jesus, Jesus, yes!” I almost shrieked.

“Good!” Angela hissed. She abruptly slid the duvet aside and parted her legs. “Then get your tongue down there and lick me – now! Just because your limp, floppy little pecker isn’t gonna be pleasing me anytime soon doesn’t mean that I have to go without! So get down there and fuckin’ lick me!”

The bedroom was soon echoing to Angela’s lewd exhortations as I sucked and licked her with feverish zest. Later, as Angela lay in afterglow, she softly ran her fingers through my hair and peered down at me through slitted eyes.

“Clean me,” she purred. “Lick it all up.”

I duly did so, and later her last act before sleeping was to hand me another of those innocuous looking little pills. I duly swallowed it, and my thoughts turned to the next few weeks.


Angela’s prediction that my cock would not be pleasing her anytime soon was in fact prophetic. If Lady Luck had been kind (well, sort of kind) in the last round of the game, then this time she turned into a total bitch. It was six long weeks before I got the chance to cease taking the evil medication that kept me flaccid – and this happened under very unusual and incredibly carnal circumstances. I am, however, getting ahead of myself.

Angela never carried out her lascivious threat to fellate Jason as I watched – but over the next six weeks she came up with numerous ploys that were just as carnally and wickedly devious. Jason was a regular guest – averaging perhaps three visits every two weeks – and with each visit he seemed to become more and more relaxed with the whole situation, and in fact learned to improvise when the need arose.

For example, one Friday evening Jason had just arrived, and we were all sat in the lounge chatting. I was, of course, aware that he and my wife would at some stage retire to the master bedroom, and I was already buzzing as the delicious anticipation and angst grew. A pair of headlights suddenly flashed across the curtains, and Angela arose and quickly peered out the front window. She turned and announced that her sister, Vanessa, had arrived with her husband, David. She quickly hissed that she would introduce Jason as a friend of mine who had dropped in for a few drinks. I nodded, and Jason simply smiled his assent.

This ploy worked well, and Angela’s sister and her husband simply took the ruse about Jason being my friend at face value. I flutteringly wondered what Vanessa would think if she knew that Jason was regularly banging her sister – with my knowledge and permission.

The five of us were soon ensconced at our dining table – Vanessa and David on one side, Angela and Jason on the opposite side, and me seated at the head of the table. At one point I arose and went out to the kitchen to refill our drinks. As I did so, I glanced towards the dining table; from my present vantage point on the other side of the breakfast bar, Vanessa and David had their backs to me. My gaze rested briefly upon Angela, who was sat with her body facing towards me; she was leaning forward with her left elbow resting on the table, and her hand propping up her chin. She had her head turned towards Jason, who was sat next to her, and was currently in the middle of describing a recent fishing expedition.

Angela must have felt my gaze, because she swiveled her head towards me and her eyes met mine. An almost imperceptibly lascivious expression drifted across her face. My gaze instinctively dropped to the gap between the chairs on which Vanessa and David were sat.

In the dim light under the table, I noticed a strange, slow rhythmic movement. As my eyes focused, I was startled to see that Angela’s slender right hand was softly stroking Jason’s upper thigh. I raised my eyes to her face, and Angela held my gaze for a few seconds; an impish smile danced over her face, and she casually shifted in her chair, in the process moving two or three inches closer to Jason. My eyes dropped once more to the gap between Vanessa and David. I caught my breath as I saw that Angela’s probing fingers had now slid upwards to Jason’s crotch; she was now obviously stroking his cock through his jeans – and doing so just a few feet away from her unsuspecting sister and brother-in-law.

I had to dampen the intake of my breath. For about a minute I stopped fixing our drinks and pretended interest in Jason’s anecdote, but my gaze kept fluttering downward, watching my wife gently massage what must have been a growing bulge in Jason’s jeans. Jason himself never missed a beat; he kept telling his story as my wife surreptitiously caressed and fondled his cock. I could hardly believe my wife was being so brazen, and several more times she flashed a glance towards me, her eyes alight with teasing amusement.

I finally returned to sit at the head of the dining room table, and I was glad that nobody noticed how my hands shook as I handed out the drinks. Angela swiveled her head towards me, and flashed me a subtle grin. I noticed that she didn’t shift position, and I knew that sight unseen her soft, warm fingers were still skimming over her lover’s cock. I have to tell you that to sit in company and know that your wife is stroking another man’s cock is stimulating in the extreme – as if I needed the extra stimulation.

Vanessa and David departed about an hour later, and within minutes Angela and Jason exchanged a brief and muted conversation in the kitchen as I sat watching TV in the lounge room, my pulse still racing. Jason soon excused himself and went to use the bathroom. As soon as he was out of earshot, Angela strode over to me and leaned down over me, her hands resting on the arms of the chair.

Her eyes glittered as she stared down at me. “Did you see me playing with Jason’s yummy cock, my little Cuckie?” she asked playfully.

“Yes.” I replied softly.

“That was very naughty of me, wasn’t it, hmmm? Letting my fingers slide over his cock as my little sister was sat across the table?” She uttered a soft giggle.

I simply nodded. My heart raced.

“Oh! By the way? Before she left, Vanessa quietly told me that Jason is quite a dish! In fact, her exact words were ‘Mmm, he’s a hottie!’. I agreed with her, of course! Maybe I should have let her see where I had my hand, hmmm? I think little Sis’ would have gotten a kick knowing I was running my fingernails over Jason’s big, throbbing cock! It was throbbing, in case you’re wondering. I think Jason loved me doing that – because he got so hard…” My wife uttered her soft, sexy chuckle. All I could do was pant softly, spellbound by her words.

“It made him horny, too,” Angela continued. “He just asked me to go to bed – and how can I refuse, hmmm? He’s all hot and frisky, and he said that he wants me – NOW!” My wife’s eyes sparkled. “He said he needs to slide his hard, throbbing cock inside me, Cuckie. He even said that I made his full balls ache… you wouldn’t want Jason to get blue-balls, would you honey?”

I slowly shook my head. The buzz twittered though me like a sizzling electric current.

“I didn’t think you would,” Angela purred softly. “So I told him to wait for me in the bedroom. I’m going in there in a few seconds, my little man, and I’m going to let him fuck me. He’s going to fuck your wife after I stroked his big, juicy cock right in front of Vanessa and David. Does that excite you, Cuckie?”

“Jesus, yes!” I blurted.

“Good!” my wife giggled. “Because it made me hot to feel his cock getting hard under the table. In fact, my pussy is dripping, and I really need a good, long, hard FUCK…” She stressed the last word: Fucccckkkkkkk…

“Then go in there, and let him give it to you!” I gasped. I could barely believe those words had escaped my lips.

Angela’s grin grew to a full smile. “Oh, I’m going to, my little limp-dicked cuckold! In fact, I’ll make sure you hear just how much that big cock of his is driving me insane! You know he’s gonna make me cum over and over, don’t you?” She leaned down and gave me a soft peck on the cheek. “I’ll see you later, honey!”

She then arose and turned and headed towards the hallway door. She halted, and turned to me. “By the way? You’re in the spare room tonight.”

She gave me a leer and a final salacious wink, and continued up the hall. I heard the master bedroom door open and then close with a soft thud of finality.

I leaned back on the couch, my heart thumping and my breath coming in pants. I reached for the remote control and turned the TV volume down. I could hear muffled conversation drift through the wall, as well as muted giggling. My heart simply pounded harder. A minute or so later I heard my wife gasp, and the lewd rhythm of the bed faintly creaking slithered through the wall – slow at first, but then increasing in tempo. Angela was true to her word; her vocal appreciation of Jason’s hard cock also became audible, and her gasps and moans also rose in both pitch and intensity. I sat in mesmerized silence, my mind’s eye still picturing Angela blatantly stroking her lover’s cock under the dining room table. The impish buzz leapt into new paroxysms of delight, and my traitorous cock twitched as if it was delighted to hear Angela’s moans of pleasure.

I spent a restless night in the spare room. The next day, after Jason had departed, Angela softly quizzed me regarding my feelings about her stroking her lover’s cock with company only a few feet away – almost publicly, so to speak. By now I was used to telling my wife everything, and my words gushed forth. I told her that watching her run her fingers over his cock with her sister so close was an incredibly exciting. My wife mulled my words for a while, and I could see that she was mentally storing this information away.

Another ploy that my wife began to use to heighten my impotent arousal was to greatly extend the intensity of her petting sessions with Jason as the pair sat on the couch in the lounge room. The lights were almost always off, and usually there was only the glare from the TV to illuminate the pair. Whereas previously they would kiss and fondle eachother before retiring to the bedroom, now Angela began to allow Jason to slowly strip her as I sat opposite in the armchair. On more than one occasion Jason removed everything but her panties in the darkened room. In fact, several times Jason maneuvered my wife so that she was lying on the couch, and he would then lower himself (still fully clothed) between her legs, and proceed to gently ‘dry fuck’ her.

I would surreptitiously watch as their passion grew – a silent spectator at my own cuckolding. Angela’s legs would often curl up over Jason’s back as his hips rose and fell rhythmically between her thighs, his jeans making a swiff, swiff, swiff noise as they rasped against my wife’s creamy thighs. It was also incredibly erotic and carnal to watch Jason fondling and licking Angela’s naked breasts, and I could hear her soft whimpers of pleasure over the babble from the TV whenever Jason sucked her hard nipples.

But what made the little buzz inside me really scream was to watch Angela’s hips rising to meet his thrusts and grinding her crotch hard against his. They would fervently kiss as they did this – often open-mouthed so that their tongues danced and played wetly together in the dim light.

After these ‘dry fucking’ sessions they would eventually arise from the couch and soon make their way into our bedroom. On one such occasion, I briefly glimpsed the gusset of Angela’s panties in the soft glare from the TV; the thin white material covering Angela’s pussy revealed a dark wet patch. The rhythmic friction of Jason’s denim-clad cock had literally made my wife ‘cream her panties’.

Angela never tired of finding new ways to emphasise my cuckold status. One Friday afternoon my cell phone trilled at work. It was Angela, who had a rostered day off. She greeted me affably and asked if I could find a few minutes privacy – perhaps in the men’s room. I told her that I could, and I duly made my way to the toilet, my stomach fluttering. Once I had locked the toilet door and seated myself, Angela announced that she that she was calling from our bedside telephone, and she was lying there wearing nothing but her high-heels. She then giggled and announced that she had a little surprise for me.

I felt my pulse skyrocket. “What surprise?” I asked shakily.

“Just keep listening, honey,” Angela replied in a silky voice. “And you’ll find out…” I heard the TONK! of the telephone receiver being placed on a hard surface.

And listen I did. In a few seconds I head my wife gasp sharply in the background – and I then heard her moan out in apparent pleasure. A second deeper moan followed – Jason’s voice.

Realisation crashed over me; Angela had obviously called Jason and informed him that she had the day off work, and had apparently invited him over – and not to do any landscaping work!

A tinny Creak! Creak! Creak! began to echo through the receiver. I realised that it was the bedsprings gleefully trumpeting the lewd act that was occurring above them.

Angela’s voice suddenly trilled. “Yeah Jason!… Shove it in!… Fuck me!… Give it to me… Give it to me SO hard!… FUCK ME!”

And for the next ten minutes or so I sat fully clothed on the toilet, listening to Jason energetically fuck my beautiful wife. Through some weird foible of technology, the phone receiver made the wet, high-pitched smack of their kisses particularly loud, and I pictured Angela’s long legs wrapped around his back as their lips slid moistly together, their tongues dancing and frolicking. I could also picture Angela’s full breasts wobbling back and forth as his thrusts rocked her body. I wondered if her nipples were erect, and if they were brushing against Jason’s chest as his long cock pierced her to the hilt, and deeper than I would ever go. The culmination of their torrid session was particularly lewd; I heard Jason huskily announce that he was going to climax, and Angela exhorted her lover to ‘fill her up’ with his cum, and to ‘cream’ her – which he evidently did. I was shocked to discover I was softly whispering “Do it… Do it… Do it…”

I sat shaking as the receiver warbled, and Angela pantingly whispered a soft farewell, ending with “I love you!”, and a final giggle. The phone then went dead.

Episodes like this often made me wonder at Angela’s new and apparently turbo-charged sexuality. This was the same woman who had once stated that she would never enact my fantasy of her being with another man. And yet here she was, reveling in the chance to cuckold me. If her eagerness to cuckold me was flourishing, then so was her more dominant side. I was still her little slave two or three times a week, and she began to introduce new aspects to this side of our relationship as well. I found that I relished this side of her, and I duly became even more subservient to her wishes – perhaps to rationalize and justify my own excitement at now seeing Angela openly cuckolding me.

For example Angela made it a point to have me lightly kiss her pussy through her panties each morning before we departed for our respective workplaces. This was more a symbolic act than a physical one – but my wife seemed to derive great enjoyment from me sinking to my knees, fully dressed, and lifting her skirt, and pressing my lips gently to her femininity in what was a gesture of supplication and worship.

She also had me continue to perform cunnilingus almost nightly, but she had me do it in a variety of positions and locations. No room in the house was spared, and Angela still made imaginative use of the cock-ring that I now wore full-time (and her little leash) to ensure that I did her lascivious bidding. She became extremely fond of kneeling over me, and having me lick her asshole as she used her toy on herself. I would slide my tongue rapidly over that intimate place as Angela slowly fucked herself, telling me that the big fake cock felt ‘sooo good!’. As she approached climax, she would tell me to tongue-fuck her ass, and she would sometimes wonder aloud how it would feel to have me repeat this act with a real cock inside her instead of a fake one. She once giggled, and asked me if I thought Jason would mind if I licked her asshole as he drove his cock into her, adding that this act would make her so excited that her cream would ‘run like a river!’.

In any event, I will continue with the tale, and detail the next carnal, if very unusual, development. As you may recall, each time she coupled with Jason, I picked a card. But luck, as I have said, had deserted me. It was coming up to five long weeks when Angela made an interesting announcement.

“You remember a little while ago when Vanessa and David dropped in, honey?” she asked.

I nodded. Something in her tone made my ears prick up.

Angela continued. “And seeing and knowing I was fondling Jason whilst they were sitting across from us made you really hot?”

I nodded again. “Yeah – you know how hot it made me…”

My wife smiled. “Was it because it was done practically openly? Even if Vanessa and David didn’t actually see me doing anything?”

I thought for a few moments. “Yes. To imagine you doing it blatantly in front of me is a very hot thought.”

Angela raised an eyebrow. “Blatantly? You mean like publicly?”

“Uh-huh,” I replied.

“So – if we got into a situation where Jason and I could act like lovers openly, and also in public, then that would drive you wild?”

“Yes… Jesus, yes, it would,” I confirmed softly.

My wife smiled. “Okay. Well – I have a little plan, my lover. But I just want to make absolutely sure that you would be perfectly okay with seeing Jason and I really acting like lovers openly and very flagrantly. I mean that you would have to watch Jason kissing and hugging me, and very likely in public, too – and maybe a little more.” My wife sent me a level gaze. “Would that excite you?”

It certainly would! For some reason imagining Angela and Jason be so casual about their intimate relationship made my loins boil – rapidly.

“Yes, it would excite me… a lot,” I told her softly.

Angela sent me her lascivious smile. “Okay, my little Cuckie. I have a plan for next weekend, which as you know is going to be a long weekend. I’ve already asked Jason if he will go along with it, and he said no problem.” Angela uttered a soft giggle. “In fact, he was very eager to play, my little one! And as an added bonus? We will suspend our little card game, and on Friday you can stop taking your little pills, and – all going well – then on Sunday you can finally have me…. How does that sound?”

I swallowed softly. Whatever Angela had planned, it was obviously going to be spectacular. I nodded my eager assent.

My wife smiled again. “Okay – I’ll tell Jason it’s on for the long weekend…”

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

She told me – in lewd, lascivious detail.

It was all I could do to stop shaking. Her wickedly lecherous imagination had outdone itself, and I looked towards the coming long weekend with both an incredibly amount of excitement and not a little angst.


To be continued...



  • I enjoyed this part of the story not as action filled though. I like the continued use of the evil pills

  • Paul

    It’s getting more and more intense my tiny impotent dick is truely relating to the fantasy pleasure but no erection ever
    How long before she makes him lick her asshole as Jason fucks her
    How long before she pushes boundaries further and demands he licks Jason’s asshole as he fucks her with his big cock
    finally pulling out as he starts to orgasm as she orders her cuckie to take all the cum
    In his mouth and swallow
    Then cleaning Jason’s shaft and her cunt of any residue cum


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