Nacho Nacho Man (Gay Themes)

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by anon

Picture this a small table with a plate of nachos with no topping and ten college guys standing around jerking off at it trying to add the sauce. The goal of this game was not to be the last guy to cum as then you had to eat the cum covered nachos as your punishment.

We played the game, and I was kinda nervous. I couldn’t really get it up at first. I kept glancing at the other guys’ cocks, then would be worried someone saw me look. They all seemed bigger than mine by a long shot. I mean normally I used two fingers and my thumb only. Some of these guys were actually using 2 hands to get off.

I was thinking this and remembered that I had to get off as fast as possible. My cock was now hard and throbbing… all 3.5 inches of it! I felt compelled to check out the other guys cocks more. To sneak peaks at the thick shafts, huge glistening heads, and also their proportionately big balls. All those large packages really caught me off guard, and I was fascinated by them. But I had to concentrate.

The room had grown silent except for some heaving breathing and tiny slippery squeaky noises. I look down and started jerking at top speed. I grabbed my ball sack with my other hand to hopefully speed things up. I glanced around again and then really started to feel embarrassed.

You see, my balls were also proportionate to my penis size. They would hang down like little grapes sometimes. Right now, though, they were pulled up tight like a single small hackysack. My penis became less rigid as it seemed like all my blood was rushing to my face with shame.

I tried to think of hot babes, but I didn’t get fully had again until I stole more glances at the cocks around me. I was rubbing in my precum when the guy to my left started grunting. He took a step forward and aimed at the nachos sitting on the blue plastic plate. It was the kind used at picnics and had a deep lip. He squirted against the side and then showered four large spurts of cum over the nachos. He pumped his fist and shot a few smaller squirts in lines across them to finish.

A few other guys started moaning and everyone was pumping like crazy. One big dick guy stepped up and kinda dripped a small load on the target. That left 3 guys besides myself and I reminded myself of the consequences of losing this perverted game. At first I had wanted to show off how huge a load I had. But now I had mixed feelings as I knew it would draw attention to my small wiener.

The biggest guy came up next, and he had a really big load with about 8-10 shots of thick cum. The finished guys started cheering this display which was quite impressive. He was more like a super soaker where as my orgasms were kinda like little water gun shots. The nachos were mostly covered now and the plate itself had quite a bit of cum puddling up.

The next guy had more of a cum spray or sprinkle, which went everywhere: the floor, table, plate and maybe the nachos but it was hard to tell. I was getting close when everyone started cheering and shouting, “Who’s it gonna be?!”

The remaining guy stepped forward and really started tensing his whole body. He was squatting and rocking back and forth over the nachos. The guys started cheering for him, so I also moved in with my small dick. with our cocks just inches away I couldn’t help but stare. I had to win! Probably they wouldn’t make the loser go through with it, but what if they did. It seemed like the nachos were absorbing all but the thickest globs of semen.

My opponent started moaning, so I jerked even harder. I started to feel an orgasm building… but it was too late! The other guy froze and stopped pumping his schlong. My hopes were dashed as he started spurting on the plate. He only had about 5 good blasts, and everyone was cheering for him and taunting me. At first I didn’t stop masturbating. I was kinda in shock I suppose.

“You’re nachos are ready, bitch!” one of the guys shouted as he spanked my ass like a football player. Someone else laughed, “You can stop, dumbass. You lost already!” But it was too late once again! The slap to my ass pushed me over the edge. It wasn’t meant to be sexual, but the touch sent shivers through my body. I left go of my dick. It twitched as I fought back the inevitable explosion.

I heard: “I guess he wants to eat his own cum too!” and “What’s up? that’s not enough cum for you?” But I couldn’t help it, I had to lean against the table with both hands as my knees buckled. “It’s tiny!” someone snickered, then “holy shit you’re right!” The room erupted in laughter as my tiny peepee erupted in front of me.

My first shot was high pressure and slid and pooled up against the lip of the plate. A few “whoas” were heard and then I shot a long stream right across the nachos. My ‘lil cock was just pointing out into the air. All by itself looking very skinny since my cock head was almost normal size.

“Oh god” I moaned quietly as much from embarrassment as from the pleasure of jizz travelling down my shaft. It didn’t have far to travel I noted as my prostate convulsed, my shaft jumped and I pumped out (hands-free) perhaps the biggest gooey glob ever. The guys were cheering me on now!

“Man! What the fuck! Now way! Is that possible? Who would’a thought it. Damn!” was the response. So, I kinda felt proud but still definitely ashamed. I didn’t know if I should grab my dick now or if that would help distinguish just how small it was. I knew if I took it in my hand that the head would barely stick out. If I used 2 fingers to stroke my shaft then I’d have to stick my pinky out, and that seemed kinda gay. Like drinking from a little teacup with you pinky extended. So I just stood there with my tiny erection as it pulsed and squirted 2 more times.

The guys were clapping, laughing and hooting at the show I was putting on. It felt so good that I just had to rub my penis. I decided it couldn’t be any more humiliating than my little dick all alone, throbbing and squirting out in the open, in front of everyone. I grabbed it with my middle finger and thumb around the head. My pointer finger was sticking out and my pinky was touching my little balls. This felt awesome and I lost myself as my orgasm redoubled in intensity.

I shot 5 more large squirts and actually aimed at the nachos in my delusional excitement. The guys were still cheering as a dripped and oozed out a few more globs of cum. As I came to my senses I became aware that they were chanting, “Eat! Eat! Eat!” and also telling me to “Slurp up all that cum!”

I looked down at what seemed like a gallon of cum. There were a few different textures and shades of white. Now that I was completely spent all traces of horniness left my mind. I blushed a deeper shade of red and felt my penis start to soften. It began to dissapear into my pubic area as they taunted and hounded me.

I really started thinking they’d make me go through with it. I mean the crowd was on fire. I looked around but didn’t see any sympathetic faces. One guy was on his cell phone off to the side, but that was no comfort. The other guys were getting really lewd and I was worried the person on the phone might hear some of it.

I was kinda still rubbing my penis a bit. It was shrinking still, smaller and smaller. My shaft was now shrivelled up to a wrinkled one inch. I tried to stretch it out, but it was like a thin strand of taffy sticking out of my pubic hair. My head was still a bit engorged which made the shaft look even more ridiculous and thin.

Someone lifted up the plate towards me, and I flinched as it almost spilled on me. There was a huge pool of cum sloshing around the perimeter of the plate. I tried to back away, but two guys moved to block my exit. I thought about making a dash for the door, but I was buck naked with my clothes somewhere across the room. Plus we were in a coed dorm. I doubt that I’d want to run around nude even in an all male dorm. This wasn’t even my dorm! I couldn’t exactly run across campus with my tiny penis flopping around.

I reached for the plate with a trembling hand and took hold of it feeling a bit sick to be honest. I really didn’t want to touch that cum, my own and all of theirs. The plate moved closer to my face threateningly. I touched warm liquid as I picked up my first semen soaked nacho up. Some cum oozed off the nacho, which got some “eeewwwwwws!” and “so gross!”

I opened my mouth with a disgusted look on my face I’m sure, but I froze up staring at the cum covered nacho. C. A couple strings of thick cum were dangling off the side of it. Then someone pushed on my wrist, making me shove it right in my mouth. I didn’t close my mouth in time and I tasted a warm, salty brine.

“Don’t spit it out, motherfucker!” one guy shouted. “Yeah, you better not,” said another. “Eat those cummy nachos you fag!” one guy said and high-fived his neighbours. I just about swooned with embarrassment I could smell the musky cum on the nearby plate. I could feel cum on my lips and a string that landed on my chin. And I had a decent amount in my mouth with that cracker. I was making no attempt to chew it and just stood there whining and waving my hands in the air.

Some of the globs in my mouth sloshed back towards my throat. I inadvertently swallowed them, really getting the full flavour of the semen pot-pourri. They noticed and really started taunting me about loving cum, being gay, being a cock sucker, cum drinker, fag, homo, and more! All I could do was whimper a muffled “eeewwww” and “oh no, oh no, awww gawd,” repeatedly with my mouth still full. I just couldn’t believe it. How did this happen to me? and during the first week of college too?!

I didn’t want to chew up the nacho but I had too and as the cheesy corn chip crunched in my mouth the cum flavour was overpowering even the cheese. It was plastered to my tongue with jism, a new flavour for me. I had never tasted anything besides my precum before. The roof of my mouth and throat were coated too.

I just didn’t know what to do. They were telling me to finish. To swallow it because I still had so many more to eat. I started looking around, pleading with my eyes. Making eye contact with these guys proved to be too humiliating, though. I mean, I had their cum in my mouth. I had swallowed some too and they knew it. And don’t forget they had seen my tiny, minuscule, joke of a penis. Sure they were impressed with how much jizz it squirted out, but I knew that did little to redeem me in their eyes.

As I hung my head in shame I noticed my penis was coming back to life. Coming back out of it’s shell like a tiny turtle. Oh my god, I thought. Oh please no! What is this?! Why is that happening?! Oh, stop! stop, stop, stop, no, no ,no! I was definitely getting an erection again! And so soon! It was impossible. It didn’t make any sense. I was a virgin, but I for damn sure knew I wasn’t gay.

I started to panic. Luckily no one had noticed yet. My dick was small and all the focus was on my cum cracker filled mouth. I was at half mast, maybe about 1.5 to 2 inches. Just sticking out at a 45 degree angle. But as I flushed red with an even deeper shame, my weewee was twitching its way upwards.

I slowly swallowed the cum and nacho in my mouth. The guys cheered and taunted more. It distracted them from what might seem like a gay reaction on my part. Eating cum, other guys’ cum, and getting turned on by it. I went for another cum soaked nacho and put it in my mouth and chewed to jeers from the guys. Then I just lost it and beagn eating all the nachos and all the cum. Finally all that was left was the cum on the plate. I had to somehow get this over with, so I grabbed what I could and lifted it towards my reluctant mouth.

Then my greatest fears were realised… all of them. I was trying to hold the plate with one hand and had a streamer of cum stretched towards my other hand. My little boner was actually throbbing in mid air. I was going to claim that I was just still hard from before. But then someone noticed, “Hey look, this is turning the little sissy on! He’s got a little hard-on again!” They started taunting me about how I must like it after all. I felt a tear of shame roll down my cheek. My chin started clenching up as I was about to start sobbing, but still I kept moving the cum covered plate towards my waiting tongue.

Next the door opened! Someone had unlocked it apparently and guess who walked in… a few of the hottest chicks in the dorm, and several others I didn’t know piled in behind them. They each froze in amazement as they took in the scene, but they were shoved forward by the girls behind them. Here was a bunch of naked guys with me in the middle. My hard penis sticking straight out and twitching, but still way smaller than the limp cocks all around. The cum on the table, on my chin, and in my hand stretching to the plate full of cum. We all stood in shocked silence too, except for the guy who had called them on his cellphone! He was cracking up.

He was taking pictures too now. With his camera phone! With the surprise visit of 10 beautiful girls and the immediate realisation that I would be all over the internet, I lost it. I think I went into a state of shock and just stood there. I tipped the plate up and let cum run into my mouth as if on auto-pilot. One last girl came in looking at something in her hand and said, “Ok, ok, what do you want me to take a picture of?” The girls were starting to all giggle now and make comments. The last girl caught on quickly and started snapping pictures too.

I just stood there in horror. I wanted to cover up my penis. I wanted to yank it. There were hot babes looking at it for the first time ever. They were making fun of how tiny, small, thin, short and shrimpy it was, but they were looking at it. The really hung guy, who was still about 7 inches limp, came over and held his penis right next to mine for comparison. I think he knew that some of the girls would be in his bed before long.

But the worst was yet to come, I didn’t realize at the time. It’s still a blur that I have to figure out and write down. The school psychiatrist says it will help me to work through the pain and shame. To come to terms with any possible sexuality issues I have. I told her I was straight, but she’s not convinced. She said she wouldn’t need to report this to the dean and my parents if I cooperated with her. She wants to write a research paper about my situation and conduct various tests on me.

Anyway, what I do remember is that the girl said she could take video with her camera too. And then the whole entire plate of cum was poured on my face and head. I sputtered as a thick sheet of spunk ran down my face. I tasted more of it and nearly choked as I inhaled a bit too. I left at that point among the cheers and roaring laughter of my peers. It was hard to see with cum stinging my eyes. As I made my way out to the hallway, I distinctly remember one girl reaching out and giving my peenie a few quick tugs. She was probably as fascinated with my mini dick as I was with the magnum dicks. Some of the girls spanked my ass playfully as I staggered around with my hands out like a blind man. I couldn’t find the bathroom, and the whole dorm was soon alerted to what was going on. I made my way outside, completely in a daze. As I walked around aimlessly I heard more and more new voices erupt in laughter and cat-calls. Bukake Boy was the most common chant I remember hearing, besides many size comments.

Eventually, campus police got me and walked me all the way to their headquarters. It was like a 10 minute walk over to main campus. And they didn’t let me cover up my modesty. They thought I was trying to masturbate! “Hey, stop playing with that little thing son! You’re in enough trouble as it is. Of course this school is gay friendly, but you can’t just go around nude covered in cum! I mean come on!”

They took my mug shot, and locked me up. Finally they threw in a roll of paper towels so I could clean myself up. When they left I sat down and looked at my tiny erection. I licked my lips involuntarily as a glob of cum ran down my face. My dick twitched in response. I started scooping cum off my face and eating it. I don’t know why! I started playing with my tiny dick too. I was in some kind of perverted stupor.

Then I realised I wasn’t alone. Some weird old guy was in there too. Maybe just some drunk local guy who wondered onto campus. We made eye contact and he looked down at my little penis. He came over to me, dropped trow, and pointed his hardening cock at my face. I told him I wasn’t gay, but he tried to get in my mouth. He was brushing back and forth across my lips. Then he said, “If you’re not gay, I have an idea.” And he started rubbing his dick in the cum on my face. He pulled me to my feet and spun me around. All the time I was stroking my little one even though my mouth and eyes were clamped shut.

He bent me over at the waist, but not before scooping some cum out of my hair. I kept jerking myself, afraid and passive, submissive to him. I was compliant. Not quite aware of what was happening. I think I was murmuring “oh yeah” as I rubbed my ‘lil dick with a now cum lubed hand. The stranger then started lubing my anus with cum. I had a moment of clarity and said, “Wait. That’s my butthole! Hey, that’s my butthole! Oh, hey! Wait, wait a minute!”

Luckily he was only marginally bigger than me. Also, he was kind enough to slip his middle finger up my ass first. Actually, it was more like puncture. He punctured me first with his finger, and I cried out and yelped incoherently. My anus clenched around his finger tightly. I heard the police arrive at the cell. The man pulled his finger out quickly causing me more pain as my asshole ring throbbed deeply. The cops were disgusted but watched anyway. I felt his cock head move into place. I started jerking again as I chanted “oh god, oh god!” over and over again.

The police didn’t stop us, and the man pushed forward. I felt pressure again as my asshole was stretched further apart. I grunted a long “uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh” as he entered my virgin hole… now “man-pussy” as he started calling it. The cops said, “Oooohhhhhh!” in unison like they were watching some kind of sport, like an athlete getting hit hard. I cried out, “IIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee,” like a Hispanic or Latino woman might. “Iiiieee, Iiiieeeeee, Iiiiee,” as he started fucking me like a rag doll.

A few more cops showed up, even 2 women cops who were really into it. They were really cheering him to “hump that sissy,” “buttfuck his gay ass,” and “fill your lover with that love juice!” Those comments sent me over the edge, and I think my “lover” sensed it in my anal canal. I actually leaned over a bit further and aimed my little squirt gun at my face. My ass fucker slammed into my butt and paused. I felt a pulsing sensation and warmth spread deep inside me. I started shooting even more cum than before. Mostly on my face and in my mouth. Some went up my nose, too. He started pistoning my butthole again, and I felt more warmth and the jetting of his love juice in my rectum.

A few moments later I was rubbing my soft 1 incher. My butt cheeks were being held apart but I didn’t care. Then I had a strange feeling back there. “Push it out,” he commanded but I didn’t get what he meant at first. My asshole was burning and throbbing. I started to feel more warmth and pressure in my anus. I thought he made me have to “go” or I suddenly had diarrhea. “Squirt my cum out, bitch! Go ahead, push it out. I know there’s alot up there. You can do it,” he encouraged me. I didn’t really have a choice, truth be known. I clenched my now busted cherry to no avail. Nothing could stop all that cum from escaping. Certainly not my now loose sphincter.

So, the cum came shooting back out. I guess because I was squeezing, it kinda squirted at first. As my asshole pulsed with pleasure and pain, I shot 1, 2, 3 loads. Then much more oozed out, running down my ballsack and thighs. He licked some of it up and then stood up and spun me back around. I could see that my anal cum squirts had given him a “reverse facial” of sorts. He opened his mouth to show off the cum he had slurped directly from my butthole. Then he moved in to kiss me. Giving me an anal creampie-snowball. I willingly accepted it at this point and kissed him back passionately.

The male cops expressed their disgust and left at this point. The female cops stayed and said things like: “Awwwww! That’s so cute! Oh, they love each other, look. Oh baby, yeah! Work that cum back and forth fellas. You love it. Yeah, kiss his cumface!” and so on. I tentatively reached down to touch a penis for the first time… I mean with my hand. He shivered as I started molesting his juicy, shrinking member. He reciprocated and then started rubbing our 2 flaccid penises together. Those last few details are why the school psychiatrist thinks I must be gay. Well, she’s dying to prove it now. I’m a little bit worried about the whole thing. It probably won’t help my situation on campus. They call me bukake boy still, and apparently word got out about what happened at the police station. Later that night I did end up sucking several dicks (for the first time) through the cell bars.

Oh dear god. I’m starting to get hard now thinking about it! Big cocks rubbing and slapping against my face. The velvety rigid feeling on my tongue. Hot cum flowing directly into my mouth. Cum spurting in my face. Right in my eye sometimes. Running down my face and dripping off onto my body and ‘lil shrimp dick.

I didn’t know what to think anymore. I re-lived the humiliation again and again. Sometimes aiming my tiny dick at my face. Sometimes catching it in my palm and slurping it until my orgasm subsided. If I didn’t swallow the cum right away, I would simply feel disgusted with myself and grossed out by the taste. I think that meant I was still straight, but I was so confused.

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