Chase becomes Chaste III (Gay Themes)

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By growing_interest

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Part 3…

“I’m not going out like this!”

How long was it going to take Chase to figure out that he didn’t have a choice? I wasn’t “asking” him to do anything. I was telling him.

“Come on, man! Listen. I get it, okay? I know you want to be in charge or whatever. But I’m gonna get arrested if I go in public dressed like this!”

“And I’m supposed to care because…?”

“Oh, come on! I’ll go with you wherever you want if you just give me something else to wear. I know your clothes must be in some of those boxes. You’ve gotta have something I can put on.”

“You know, Chase, you’re right. I do have something for you to wear.”

He perked up at this, a confident smile appearing on his face. He must have thought he’d finally won a fight with me, reasoned his way out of his humiliation.

But the confident smile faltered when I walked right by the boxes and instead starting rummaging through a bag I’d set by the front door: my purchases from The Market de Sade.

I pulled out a studded dog collar and leash. They were both the same shade of red as Chase’s jockstrap.

I turned to him and beamed. “Now, don’t go telling me I don’t have your best interests at heart. After all, it took me an extra 10 minutes to find one that would match the colour of your jock!”

His smile was long gone, replaced by an indignant sneer. “Dude. No fucking way!”

I mimicked his tone in derision. “Dude. Yes fucking way!”

I was getting tired of this back-and-forth. I wanted to get to The Market de Sade before they closed. I knew it would take some extra concentration, but I could speed this up with a mental command. It took a couple tries, but I got it through: “Put. It. On.”

Once I’d laid the command, Chase sprung into action like a marionette once more. He ran right over to me and carefully donned his collar.

“Good boy,” I said, giving him a pat on the head.

“Fuck off!”

I wondered briefly if I’d taken on more than I could handle with Chase. I didn’t think I’d have to put up with his snarky attitude this much. Maybe this wasn’t worth the time and effort.

But then I remembered what he did. Then I remembered who he was. He was cheater. He was a crook. He was trickster. He was a rapist. And he felt no guilt for being any of those things. Self-love still reigned supreme in his mind.

That energized me once more. I wasn’t doing this for myself. I was doing this for the world.

With renewed power, I commanded: “FOLLOW. ME.”

I took the leash and led the way out.

Chase was, of course, powerless to stop his legs from moving. But he continued yapping with that mouth: “No, no, no! Come on! I’ll be good now, I promise. I’ll do whatever you want! Just don’t make me go out like this!”

I ignored him and continued walking at a steady pace down the hall to the elevator.

“Come on, we can’t do this! One of my neighbours is gonna see me! Someone is gonna call the cops on me!”

I yanked his leash and pulled him along into the elevator.

“Chase, I already told you. I don’t care if you spend the night in prison for your indecent exposure. In fact, I think I’d really like it if you had to spend the night in there. They’d probably put you in a cell with a bunch of horned-up, lowlife thugs. And with your little cock locked up and your naked ass on display, we both know exactly what they’d do to you.”

That shut him up for the ride down to the ground floor.

As we stepped out of the elevator, I turned to him and added: “My only regret would be that I wouldn’t get to be the first man to fuck you up the ass.”

There were two young women standing in the lobby. They heard my comment to Chase and had a good look at how he was dressed — or, more accurately, “undressed.” One of them blushed and tittered, the other just stared in disbelief: surely no one would really walk out in public like that? But they made no comment and neither did I. Chase simply held his head low in shame and followed behind me as they watched this surreal scene play out in front of them.

We made our way to my car. “Get in the back,” I told him. This was a verbal command, but he obeyed. I think I’d worn him down for the time being. That attitude wouldn’t flare up again for a while.

I hopped in the driver’s seat and started us on our way. We sat in silence for several minutes. Chase was the one who spoke first:

“You’re not serious about fucking me up the ass, are you?”

I didn’t reply right away. I focused on driving, made him wait for a response.

“Chase, if I keep that cage on your cock as for long as I have planned, soon enough you’re going to be begging me to fuck you up the ass just so you can get some kind of relief.”

I let that sink in for a minute as I moved us into another lane of traffic. “But it doesn’t really matter if you ever ask me for it nicely. The answer is yes, Chase. Yes, I’m going to fuck you up the ass. I’m going to fuck you up the ass hard and I’m going to fuck you up the ass a lot.”

I turned onto a different street, again pausing my speech so every word would really sink in. “In fact, a lot of men are going to fuck you up the ass. Think of how many women you’ve fucked in your life and then multiply that number by ten.” I paused. “Now multiply that new number by a hundred. That’s how many men are going to ram their rock hard cocks into your tight little behind.”

I pulled into the parking lot of The Market de Sade. “You’d better get used to the idea now, Chase. In time, you’ll come to understand your cock isn’t even a sexual organ anymore. When it comes to sex, your ass is all that matters now.”

Chase said nothing. I don’t know what he felt. I didn’t want to waste my energy reading his mind. Maybe he didn’t believe me. Maybe he was desperately plotting an escape. Or maybe he’d finally given up and accepted the situation.

I put the car in park. “We’re here.”

I got out and went to open Chase’s door. As I’d expected, he didn’t jump out when I opened it. In fact, he scooted over to the other end of the back seat, withdrawing from the open door.

“Where are we?”

“You’ll see. Come on.” I picked up my end of Chase’s leash and started walking. Chase was, of course, still helpless to resist my earlier command and he hopped right out of the car to follow me. I lingered next to the car for a minute before closing the door behind him and then leisurely meandered across the parking lot to the store’s entrance. Chase was mortified, no doubt. I was drawing out as long as I could the time he spent outside, exposed like this in broad daylight.

The eyes of the man behind the counter lit up when we walked in.

“Hey! Welcome back!” He came right over to us. “I guess this must be your new boy,” he said, giving Chase a once-over.

I yanked Chase’s leash to pull him in closer. “Oh, and what makes you say that?” I asked in good humour.

We both had a laugh at that. Chase blushed, looked at his feet, probably wishing with all his heart that he could wake up from this nightmare.

The sales attendant tried to engage Chase in a handshake. “I’m Jeff,” he said. Chase didn’t reciprocate. He just continued to look down, still mortified by the situation.

Jeff turned back to me. “I guess he doesn’t say much?”

“No. Thank God he’s at least good to look at!” We laughed again.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Jeff replied, ogling Chase all over. “Thanks for bringing him in like this. Most people are afraid to go out like that in public. But it really does the kink community a service when guys like you are open about who you are.”

“I take serving my community very seriously. It’s only right that we be honest about who we are. Right, Chase?”

Still nothing. Ah, well. I suppose this stone-walling was better than his belly-aching.

“Sorry, Jeff. Chase is a little shy… Well, except when it comes to his body, obviously!” Another chuckled was shared between us.

“So, I guess you’re here to pick up your purchases? They’re still in the back if you want to check them out and make sure everything’s okay before you take them home.”

“Great, thanks. Lead the way.” I followed Jeff and Chase followed me to the store’s back room. We passed by several men on the way back, all of them very paying close attention to Chase, all the naked flesh he had on display, and the humiliating way he was dressed.

I saw most of my purchases laid out on a large desk in the back.

“Which one do you want to try on first, Chase?”

Chase looked nauseated when he saw what was laid out. His hell was growing and growing.

On the table were the professionally-personalized jockstraps I’d requested that morning. All the colours of the rainbow, with two words written on all of them in a wide array of fonts. On the back of each one: CHASE. On the front: CHASTE.

“None of them,” muttered Chase.

“Oh! So, you can speak after all?!” Jeff playfully remarked.

“Chase, it’s okay. I know you probably want to model all of them for me at home tonight. But it’s okay if you try one on right now. They’re all the same style. Let’s make sure it fits.” I looked over the selection on the table. If Chase wasn’t going to pick one, I would choose for him.

I picked one up. “How about you try on this one?”

“No. No way.” Chase wasn’t making a big scene and I was thankful for that. But I couldn’t let “my boy” openly disobey me in front of Jeff. After all, I apparently had a “reputation” to maintain for my fans in the kink community.

I had, of course, picked one of the most humiliating ones. But I thought this was only fair, seeing as Chase had declined to select one on his own. Although the wide waistband was just a plain white, the pouch at the front was thin mesh material in hot pink.

I tried to issue a mental command, but instead I felt lightheaded. Perhaps I really had maxed out my powers for the day.

I took a seat so I wouldn’t fall right over. I tried to do this as inconspicuously as possible. I don’t think either Jeff or Chase suspected anything was wrong, just that I had casually decided to sit down.

I guess I would have try to persuade Chase with my words.

“Chase, it would make me really happy if you would try this on for me here. And didn’t you say earlier that you want to keep me happy?” I paused and looked him dead in the eyes. “After all, you know what happens when I’m not happy.”

No doubt his thoughts returned to the violent spanking he received earlier that afternoon. His ass was still a little red, but unfortunately it wasn’t so red that it attracted attention. His humiliation here would have to come from things other than a red bottom.

He acquiesced. “Okay… Whatever. If it will keep you happy.” He took the hot pink jockstrap from me. “Where can I change into this?”

“Right here,” I replied.

“Uh… I, uh… Isn’t there a change room?”

Jeff laughed. “Well, yeah. But you’re showing so much skin already. You aren’t really going to tell me you’re feeling modest all of a sudden?”

“Come on, Chase. Just do it here. Make me happy.”

Chase swallowed hard and reached for the waistband of the jock he had on. I must have really done a number on him earlier today if he was willing to do this without any telepathic coercion whatsoever. Yet, after the brutal ass-beating, the freezing of every muscle in his body for almost an hour, and then the repeated public humiliations he’d been subjected to throughout the afternoon, I would have been more surprised if he was still going to disobey me.

He again hung his head low and pulled down his red jock, exposing his shame once more.

Jeff’s eyes lit up. “Ooh!” He moved in closer, bent down to carefully inspect Chase’s groin. “Is that a CB-3000 or CB-6000?” He reached right out and grabbed at Chase’s cock cage. Chase, of course, drew back immediately and covered his crotch with his hands. “Oh, sorry there, buddy. Didn’t mean to overstep my bounds! You just caught me off guard with the chastity device. I just love seeing a boy locked up in one.”

That’s when I noticed the necklace around Jeff’s neck: like mine, it held a key. Though that could mean many things, Jeff’s excitement over Chase’s caged cock suggested to me that I’d found a kindred spirit here.

“That’s the 3000,” I informed him. “It’s smaller than the 6000, so it fits Chase’s little nub a lot better.”

“Yeah, I could see he’s pretty small,” Jeff replied nonchalantly, not realizing that this would be a huge blow to Chase’s ego. So far, only I had told Chase how pathetic his flaccid cock was. Maybe he could doubt one person. But now a total stranger concurred without batting an eyelash. “Is that why you ordered in the CB-6000S?”

“You got it.”

“Yeah, it looks like his is still a bit loose. Half an inch less will make a big difference.”

Chase’s eyes widened and he went as white as a ghost, realizing that I intended to trap his cock in an even smaller cage.

“Anyway, I bet the smaller size will fit him like a glove,” Jeff added.

“Speaking of fits, don’t you want to model your new jock for me, Chase? I know Jeff here is enjoying your total nudity, but you know how I don’t like seeing your so-called dick unless I need a laugh.”

I know he didn’t want to wear that jockstrap, but he definitely wanted something to cover himself with. He stepped right into it and pulled it right up over his locked-up cock.

It fit perfectly. I’d chosen just right.

The pouch on this hot pink jock was smaller and more transparent than the red one’s. The outline of his chastity cage was entirely clear through the material.

The waistband was larger on this one. The dark black letters against stark white background made the word impossible to miss: CHASTE.

“Come on, Chase. Show us the back.”

Chase reluctantly turned around.

Yes, it really was the perfect fit.

Above his ass: “CHASE.” His butt was framed just right. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on Chase’s perky behind, but this jock gave it that “bubble butt” look.

It made me want to reach out and touch it. So I did.

My lightheadedness having now passed, I stood up and moved right behind Chase, giving him a firm slap on the ass.

He yelped and jumped at least a foot forward. Jeff and I had a good laugh at this.

“You look great, Chase,” I told him.

“I feel ridiculous,” Chase muttered, hands gently rubbing his stinging cheeks.

“Oh, I can tell why.” I turned back to Jeff. “You see, Jeff, Chase here is such a fussy boy. He picked out that red jock earlier to match the red collar I put on him. And now the colours just don’t work.”

Chase shot me a dirty look, but said nothing. He was still holding himself in check.

“Say, Chase. Wouldn’t you like to pick out another collar while we’re here?” I shot him a wicked smile. “Jeff, maybe you can lead the way for us.”

“Sure, no problem.” Jeff led and I followed. My earlier command still worked on Chase and his legs immediately went into motion as I passed him and grabbed his leash.

“Wow, look at all the choices!” I prodded at Chase. “I bet you just want to take one of each home with us, huh?”

No response. Chase was stone-walling me again.

“Oh, I know why you aren’t saying anything. You’re just afraid to ask. But, the answer is yes. You can have more than one.” I started to pick a few off their pegs.

Chase simply glared at me.

“How about you wear a hot pink one home? I’m sure that will satisfy your fashion sense.”

I unhooked his red collar and replaced it with a pink one.

“Now, I think we should get a few neutral colours too.” I picked a few more off their pegs. “Black goes with everything, right?”


I said it again with an added edge to my voice, now returning Chase’s glare: “Right, Chase?”

He gave in. “Yeah. Yeah, okay. Let’s get some black ones.”

Jeff jumped in. “You don’t sound very happy, Chase. Aren’t you grateful for what your Master is doing for you? He’s being very generous.”

“He’s not my —”

I cut in. “Oh, he is grateful. He just doesn’t like me spoiling him like this. You know what some of these sub boys can be like… Sometimes they think they only deserve pain and punishment. It can take a while to teach them they deserve so much more than just that.” I winked at Chase.

“Yeah, I hear ya. I’ve had a couple boys like that,” Jeff replied. “You gotta balance the pain and pleasure, ya know?”

“Exactly,” I said, nodding in agreement. I turned back to Chase, holding up the collars again. “Nothing but the best for my boy, right?”

“Okay, yeah… Just get me whatever you think ‘I deserve’.” There was an edge to this comment and a subtext that Jeff likely missed. But the thing was, even though Chase wasn’t really a sub boy I was lovingly spoiling as Jeff had assumed, he really did deserve to wear all these dog collars. Albeit, for different reasons.

Finally, I pulled down a white leash and hooked that up to Chase’s pink collar.

“There. I think that matches well. Why don’t you have a look for yourself?”

I led Chase toward a full-body mirror on the other side of the store and Jeff excused himself to go help some other customers.

“Holy shit,” Chase muttered in disbelief when he saw himself. “I look fucking ridiculous.”

“Perfect. That’s exactly the look I was going for when I picked out your outfit. If you thought what you wore in here was embarrassing, you’re really going to hate our trek home!”

Chase lowered his head and covered his face. I heard a small sob. “Why are you doing this to me?” he croaked.

I leaned to his ear and whispered: “Because this is what you deserve.”

He sobbed again, but sucked it up. He wasn’t going to cry. He held it back, composed himself, attempted to hold on to some shred of dignity and masculinity. He wasn’t going to lose it in front of all these people in the store. He wasn’t going to lose it in front of me… Yet.

I pulled Chase up to the checkout where Jeff had already brought out the jockstraps. I laid out the collars we were buying and pulled out the price tags for the collar and leash Chase had on.

As he finished ringing me through, Jeff looked up and smiled. “Like I said this morning, I’m really glad you’ve found a new boy.” He handed me my bags. “You two make a really cute couple.”

I smiled and thanked him for everything, pulling Chase back through the store slowly, letting everyone get another good look at him.

Jeff’s comments brought up mixed feelings in me again. Someone else was happy for me. Maybe the whole “kink community” was going to be happy for me. Jeff thought I was happy, that I’d found a new boy. But, truth be told, I still pined for the one I’d lost.

I led Chase to the car slowly once more, but it was less fun this time. It was growing dark and the parking lot wasn’t well lit. I doubt anyone got a look at him. I was disappointed.

The ride home was quiet. I was still deep in thought. Chase was likely licking his wounds.

More disappointment back at my building. We didn’t see anyone this time and Chase didn’t seem as mortified, despite being dressed in an even more humiliating way. Perhaps he was finally starting to accept his fate?

When we got in, I took off his collar and held it up in front of his face. “Whenever we go out, it’s going to be just like that. You’re never going to wear any more than a jockstrap. And if you’re stepping foot outside our home, you will always be collared and I will always be holding the leash. Got it?”

“Fine. Sure. Whatever…” Chase grumbled, still holding his head low.

“Good. Now, go make us dinner.”

“I don’t cook,” responded Chase matter-of-factly.

“Remember all the hired help at the Warren estate? Not just the ones you raped and whose lives you ruined, but all of them. I know you treated them all like shit. You had them all waiting on you hand and foot. Well, now it’s your turn. Go make me dinner.”

“Fuck… Fine. Fine. Whatever.” He turned towards the kitchen, but didn’t move. “I, uh. Oh… I, uh, still have to follow you…” he sheepishly reminded me.

I hoped I had the energy to remove that earlier command, or this was going to be an interesting night. I focused hard until I finally felt like I was in his mind.

Blood trickled down from my nose. I pushed Chase out of the way and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me.

I hurried to wipe the blood away, tilted my head back to stop the bleeding. This one was a doozy. I must have held my head back for 15 minutes before the blood finally stopped.

My head pounded. I dug through Chase’s medicine cabinet and took the first painkiller I found.

I splashed some cold water on my face and then met my own eyes in the mirror, wondering what I might have gotten myself into. This was the first time I consciously realized what a dangerous situation this could be.

As long as I could issue mental commands, I was safe. But that was a limited ability and I was going to be living with Chase 24/7 from now on.

I envisioned myself as a matador and Chase as the bull. I was safe if I was quick. I could taunt him all I wanted and get the audience to cheer at my brave feats. But one wrong move and that bull would gore me to death.

If Chase realized my control over him was not unlimited, he might seriously hurt me. He might really kill me. I knew that my long-term control over his cock cage guaranteed me some security even if I couldn’t issue new commands, but I was really putting Chase through the ringer. I’d taken away all his prized possessions and I’d humiliated him more in the last 24 hours than he’d ever been humiliated in the last 24 collective years of his life. He might not be thinking rationally. He might lash out, forgetting that only I could give control of his cock back to him. He might rage at me like a bull, consequences be damned.

But there hadn’t yet been a knock at the door. I was safe for now. I hoped that Chase hadn’t seen the nosebleed or at very least did not know what it meant.

I cautiously headed back out. I didn’t spot Chase at first. Actually, the last place I looked was right where I had in fact told him to go.

I stepped into the kitchen and caught the sight of him from behind. I took in the sight of a young man’s smooth skin, his rippling shoulder muscles, his firm thighs, his perky buttocks. He was facing the oven, preparing some food on the stovetop. My eyes rested briefly on the waistband: CHASE. Yes, this is what I liked to think of when I thought of Chase: servitude, a fit physique, and an inviting, naked ass.

He started dishing out the food, caught sight of me. My reverie was broken as he turned to me and glared menacingly. Though his features were undeniably handsome, they seemed always to be contorted into hateful expressions when he laid eyes on me. I much preferred the look of him from behind.

“There. I did what you said,” he informed me in a resentful tone. “Eggs. Scrambled eggs. I know how to make those.”

No comment about the nosebleed. No questions about my dash the bathroom. Perhaps he suspected nothing, after all.

“I’ll have mine at the table. You eat in here.”

He cocked his head. “What?! Why can’t I eat at my own table?”

“It’s my table, Chase. The help doesn’t get to sit there. The help eats in the kitchen.” I pushed past him, picking up one of the plates. “You’re lucky I’m not making you eat it from a bowl on the floor like a dog.”

That shut him up. I took my dinner to the table and looked out over the city. This view was even nicer at night.

The eggs were vile. Maybe Chase had intentionally made them this bad to spite me tonight. Otherwise, he was going to have to spend a lot more time in the kitchen learning how to cook.

I ate most of the meal, but eventually gave up. It tasted awful.

I took my plate back out to the kitchen after looking out over the city for a while longer. I’d have to explain to Chase soon that a good servant collects the plates from the table. But I was willing to let it slide for tonight.

“Wash this.”

He eyed the plate disdainfully for a moment, but gave in to my request. He turned to the sink and ran the water to wash up the dishes. I enjoyed this view, too, resting my eyes on Chase’s exposed bum once more.

“What was with the nosebleed?” He asked casually, not looking up from the dishes.

My blood ran cold. Shit. He’d noticed.

I kept composure and replied nonchalantly: “It must be the altitude. I’ve never lived so high up before.”

“Oh, yeah. Huh.” He scrubbed at the pan. “So, it doesn’t have anything to do with your powers?”

Chase was losing at this game if he thought he was being subtle. I replied with a firm and decisive “No.”

He didn’t pry anymore. He knew something was up, but I still had the upper hand since he didn’t know just yet what the limits of my powers were. Plus, I still “had him by the balls.”

“All right. I’m done with the dishes.” He turned back to me, adding a sarcastic: “Anything else I can do for you, ‘your majesty’?”

I was feeling weak. Though it was still early in the evening, I could feel my bed calling for me.

“Just one more thing today, Chase. Come on.”

We headed back out to the main room. You could see out over the entire city until I turned on all the lights. Then the entire city could see in.

I rummaged through one of the bags from The Market de Sade.

“Brace yourself against the window, Chase. Face out towards the city. Palms up on the glass, legs apart.”

“Are you serious?”

“No, Chase. I just thought it would be funny to give you a direct instruction I didn’t really mean.” I continued rummaging through the bag. “Of course I’m fucking serious. Why do you keep asking that? Go brace yourself against the window before I make this worse for you.”

It was a vague threat, but an effective one nevertheless. Chase did as he was told. We both knew that, with the lights on like this, anyone looking in from a neighbouring building or looking up from the street below would be able to see him.

But they wouldn’t just be seeing Chase’s humiliating outfit this time. I found what I needed and came up behind Chase.

“Chase, I want you to stay still until I’m done. Can you do that for me?”

“Uh… sure. Yeah. But, uh, what are you doing?”

I stepped in closer, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him tight. My cock was straining hard against my pants as I rubbed it firmly against Chase’s bare ass. Only a thin layer of fabric separated my throbbing cock from the hole it so desperately wanted to plunder.

“Be patient, my friend,” I thought to myself. “You’ll get in there soon enough.” I would violate Chase’s virgin hole when the time was right. But I had a longterm plan in mind here.

I suspected Chase was planning for the longterm, too. Why else would he have let me do this to him? Maybe now he was just biding his time until he figured out the limits of my powers and found a way to engineer his escape.

But his escape was not a foregone conclusion. I still believed I could control Chase, even if my telepathy had its limitations.

I leaned in to nibble and lick at Chase’s ear. I could see in the window’s reflection that he was vainly attempting to suppress a look of disgust. But if I could see that, he could also see himself being treated like a plaything by another man. I ran my hands over his fit, naked torso and grinded harder against his bare ass.

“Chase…” I spoke softly into his ear. “You’ve learned a lot of the rules for your new life today. You learned that you can never wear anything more than the jock that keeps your silly little penis out of my sights. You learned that any time you go out in public from now on, I’ll be walking you like a dog.” I paused and tweaked his nipples. This elicited a strong flinch, but not enough for him to get away from my grip. “And now I have another rule to tell you.”

I backed off and bent down so that my face was level with his ass. I parted his cheeks and got a look at the virgin hole I’d been lusting after. I couldn’t resist going in for a taste.

“Wha— woah!” Chase violently squirmed away from me. “Dude, what fuck was that?”

“Sorry, Chase. Couldn’t resist tasting your tight little pussy. It just looked so inviting. You know what that’s like, right?” He sneered at me. “Or, on second thought, maybe you don’t. I can’t imagine you ever went down on the women you were with. You’re lucky you’re with a gentleman like me now.”

“Don’t… Don’t go down on my ass.” He held back from full out rage. Long-term planning.

“That wasn’t my plan tonight, anyway. I was going to tell you another rule.” I picked up a small, black, rubber butt plug. “For the rest of your life, you’re going to sleep with something buried in your ass. Now, I’m being nice to you tonight. You get to start off easy with this little guy. But I hope that, when you’re ready, you’ll choose to sleep with my cock buried between your ass cheeks instead.”

Chase’s face now displayed an open revulsion.

“It can be very nice, going to sleep that way, with me spooning you and ‘forking’ you at the same time,” I laughed at my own joke.

“I’m not taking ANYTHING up my ass, you fucking faggot! I’m NOT a goddamn queer!”

“You don’t have a choice, Chase. It’s a rule. I make the rules. You follow the rules. That’s how this works.”

“There’s no goddamn way I’m sleeping with that thing inside me.”

“I don’t particularly care if you sleep. But while I’m slumbering peacefully tonight, your asshole has to be plugged. That’s just the way it’s gotta be.”

“Fuck this. I’m not taking any of your queer toys up my ass, all right?” Chase turned away, headed towards the bedroom. “I don’t care if you stay here. Hell, seems like I really can’t get rid of you. But this is MY home and I’m going to sleep in MY bed!”

I risked it. It worked on the first try, too. It was a pleasant surprise, my voice booming into Chase’s mind: “COME. BACK. HERE. AND. TAKE. IT.”

The look on his face was priceless. He was caught totally off-guard as his legs turned him around and marched him right back over to me. His certainty about escaping his fate was once again shaken. I surprised even myself with the ability to issue that final command for the day.

To add insult to his injury, after he reached his destination, he watched in horror as his body betrayed him. He bent over in front of me and spread his cheeks.

“Hmm, I’d prefer it you were up against the window again.”

His body went into action. He pressed right against the window, reaching back to part his cheeks in front of my face again.

“Perfect. I don’t think they’ll be able to see from down on the street, but I bet some of the people in the buildings over there will be able to make out your expression as your hole gets stretched for the first time.”

I grabbed a larger butt plug. “You should have taken the first one while you could, Chase. As punishment, I’m starting you off with one you’re really going to feel.”

I lubed up my fingers and pushed two at a time right into his virgin hole.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” He screamed out.

His body maintained the same position, despite his hooting and hollering.

“Oh, Chase. Damn. Your hole is so tight! Wow.” I continued to finger him roughly, adding in a third digit. “You’re lucky I’m a gentleman, Chase. Any lesser man would just shove his cock right up in here if felt how tight your pussy was.”

I slapped his ass cheeks with my free hand. “In fact, come to think of it, isn’t that exactly what you did with the tight pussies you felt?” I rammed my three fingers in harder. “Isn’t that what you did with Juanita?”

Of course, Chase didn’t answer my questions. He was preoccupied with his cries of pain and pleas for mercy. But I knew he heard me.

“Anyway, Chase. You’re lucky I’m not the kind of man that you used to be.” I picked up the butt plug and started to slowly insert it. “At least this way you’ll be able to really enjoy getting fucked when I finally shove my dick inside you.” The butt plug was almost all the way in. “I’m doing you a favour here. Prepping you for what’s in store.”

The butt plug went all the way in and I was surprised that Chase’s yelps of pain gave way to a contented sigh as it did. Not quite a moan, but definitely more than I expected.

I felt lightheaded then. I’d done what I’d needed to do.

Chase had also done what he’d had to do. His body relaxed. His hands reached down and felt at the flat end of the butt plug still sticking out of his ass.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave it in.” Another vague threat, but I’d made my point tonight. That stopped him for the time being.

“This thing fucking hurts!”

“You’ll get used to it.”

The world was full-on spinning around me now. My head was throbbing. I got up, a little shaky on my feet.

“Good night, Chase.” I tried my best to act like nothing was wrong. I don’t know how well I accomplished this. I was singly focused on getting to the bedroom and couldn’t pay attention to each minor movement I made.

Upon reaching my bedroom, I still had enough wherewithal about me to lock the door behind me. And then I crashed down into the bed, fully exhausted.

I looked forward to a night of peaceful slumber. Much more peaceful than Chase’s would be, I was sure of that. Although I’d pushed myself beyond my limits, I still had Chase under my control. I did everything I set out to do to him today. I put him in his place and I would continue to keep him there.

I was still an agent of justice and I would not be stopped before justice was done. And doing justice meant using Chase like my own personal fuck toy.

I sighed contentedly at that and drifted off to sleep.

The End.

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