My Mother in-law

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By anon

It all started shortly after 9/11. I couldn’t get into my office in downtown Manhattan for a few months and had to use my in-laws computer every weekday because they had very fast Internet access. Of course, without a boss looking over your shoulder every day, I got pretty bored and decided to surf the Internet to explore my fetishes-bondage, domination and humiliation. I went on a number of sites and saw some really exciting pictures, and read some great stories.

After 2-3 weeks of this, I came over to my in-laws one morning to get to ‘work’ and there was a note on my seat that read: come upstairs when you get in.

I went up to the master bedroom where my mother-in-law, Barbara, was lying in her housecoat in bed, as usual. She coolly looked at me as I entered the room, she said, “I saw the disgusting websites that you visited-is that why you come here every day? To contaminate my computer with this filth? There were websites with several dominatrix using and abusing men, men being used in every way for the pleasure of strong beautiful women. What are you, some kind of sissy? Do you like this crap? How would you like me to tell Allison (my wife)?”

At this time I soaked my clothes in sweat and was shaking. I was so colossally embarrassed, I didn’t know what to say or do. Barbara screamed, “Well? Are you some lowly man just looking to serve women and do anything they say?”

I answered, “Well, I was intrigued by some of these things, but it’s just a fantasy, never was supposed to come true. Sometimes I fantasize that Allison is my dominatrix and that she uses me as her sex slave, but I’ve tried to bring up the subject and she won’t go anywhere near it. I beg for permission to go down on her and she won’t let me and she thinks that bondage and leather are kinky and just for disgusting people.”

“Well, she’s right!” Exclaimed my mother in law. “I can’t believe that you have these horrible fantasies and that you used my computer to pursue them”.

“Please don’t tell Alley. I promise I’ll never do it again, not on your computer or anyone else’s. My days of dreaming of sexual slavery are over. I’m really sorry. Just please keep this between you and me-I’m really, really sorry!”

Barbara chuckled. “Well, I don’t know David. I guess that you’ll have to do whatever I say, won’t you?”

“Sure,” I said, “Anything at all.”

Barbara looked at me for a second in silence. After a pregnant pause, she tilted her head and asked “Why would you want to lick a woman where she pees? It’s smelly and absolutely disgusting, not to mention demeaning. Don’t you have any self-respect?

Blushing, I said, “Alley used to let me do it, but hates being touched or licked so she told me to stop a few years ago. I keep begging her to let me, but she never does.”

“But why do you WANT to do it?” She asked.

“There’s nothing sexier or more fulfilling than knowing that you’ve pleased your woman and seeing her writhing around the bed in pleasure. When Alley and I have sex she never makes a sound or a move for that matter and she just tells me to finish up as quickly as possible, which often takes a while since her vagina is so stretched and she’s pretty big. I’ve felt her abdomen shaking from orgasm a couple of times when we’re at it for 30 minutes of straight sex, but she never makes a sound, plus it’s pretty seldom. I want a woman to be uninhibited enough to thrash around the bed and show me how much she really enjoys things.”

“You seem to think you’re quite the lover, David. I know you have a really small penis, which doesn’t fulfil my daughter and that’s why she has no interest in having your fat smelly body on her,” she said scornfully.

I looked down in shame, feeling myself blush harder. The truth hurts, and I do have a small penis at only 4 inches erect. “Look, I will do you a favour and let you go down on me. I always see you looking up my skirt, and your little weiner always tents your pants when I’m around. So I’m guessing that you’ll like it. But listen to me, no touching me and you have to do exactly what I say, or I call your wife and tell her about the websites and you sexually assaulted me.”

I dove between her legs, pleased to see that she was not wearing panties beneath her housecoat. She relaxed, laid back and spread her legs back. I inhaled her aroma and got to work, living my very fantasy. I licked her thighs up to her whole, circled around the hole and then up to her clit. I started licking the alphabet, but then Barbara started moving around, up and down, humping my tongue and I lost track of the letters. It was a struggle just to lick back and forth over the nub. Barbara was definitely not her daughter–she was thrashing around on the bed, screaming.

This went on for 7 or 8 minutes and then she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer. She started humping my face hard and fast and nearly strangled me with her legs closing tightly like a vice around the sides of my neck. After a few more throaty screams Barbara pushed me away and exhaled a long, post-orgasmic breath. I had my mother in law’s juices all over my face and was incredibly excited, but waited for her next command.

After 20 seconds of awkwardness, Barbara told me to strip. I did in a hurry, really excited to make love to this beautiful intoxicating woman. She got off the bed and told me to close my eyes. I did and suddenly heard two clicks. Barbara had handcuffed my hands behind my back.

When I opened my eyes, she attached a dog collar to my neck and pulled me over to her bed. She tied my leash to her headboard and reached into her dresser drawer. She pulled out a digital camera and began taking pictures–about a dozen of them, zeroing in on my ass and cock as well as my face.

I screamed, “What are you doing?”

Barbara answered, “I just want to capture the moment,” and then put the camera back into her lingerie drawer.

She then dug into her housecoat pocket for the key to my cuffs and let me go with the warning never to go on those websites again. I eagerly said, “No, no, of course not. I’m really sorry I did in the first place, and feel very ashamed.”

Barbara then dispatched downstairs to get back to work. My mother in law was beautiful for her age, 58 years old. Thin, smooth face, luscious lips and always stylish hair and clothes. Her ass and hips were a bit wider and her boobs a bit smaller and looser than I would have ideally liked, but it made her that much more real and as a result sexy, to me.

I was thrilled to realize my fantasy of going down on her. I dreamed of it thousands of times before and it was great sticking my tongue inside of her and getting that wonderful reaction. Of course, sucking a beautiful woman off doesn’t exactly reduce your desire; it increases it and after a few minutes of work, the moisturizer on my father-in-law’s desk was looking very inviting. I put a little in my hand and started jerking off, figuring I could quickly throw my sweater over my crotch as soon as I heard footsteps.

I was really getting into it, with my eyes closed, lightly whispering, “Barbara, oh Barbara,” as my body started going into spasms.

Just then, I heard a click and saw a bright light threw my closed eyelids. Barbara was there with that damn camera capturing the moment. I stopped right away and threw the sweater over my hard pee-pee, but way too late. Also, I went 2-3 strokes too far and my cock started convulsing and leaking cum.

Barbara looked angry, and yelled, “This is what you do? What are you, some kind of horny teenager? You have to jerk off as soon as you have a free moment? I’m beginning to regret what I let you do earlier. I let you fulfil your fantasy and then you continue your disgusting lifestyle 10 minutes after you promised to stop it? You are disrespecting me in my house, lying to me and showing me that you are no better than a dog!”

I answered, “Barbara, I wish this day never happened. I’m so embarrassed, can I just go clean up for a second and then we can talk?”

“NO! We deal with this now. Your discomfort right now is nothing compared to my rage and fear that I have an out of control horndog in my house every day when I’m alone. I want you to go upstairs to my bedroom right now.” I quickly headed upstairs, when Barbara said, “Cuff yourself into the handcuffs hanging from my bedpost.”

I did. She then puts a scarf around my eyes to blindfold me, took some of my father-in-laws neckties and tied each ankle to the legs of her bed. She then left the room for a second and when she returned started cutting all of my clothes off. She cut my expensive sweater, pants and underwear and removed them all. She then stuck a dirty stocking in my mouth and used another to tie it in there. She did this all quietly as I pleaded with her to forgive me. Then she left for a long time-maybe 2, 3, 4 hours or so. I had no way of telling since there was silence for the longest time.

Then, I heard the garage door open and Barbara’s car drive in. 3 minutes later I heard her walk in with some paper and plastic bags. I heard a lot of rustling and some noise and then felt Barbara climb onto the bed. I felt her thin, feminine hands grab my sticky cock and squeeze my balls. There was intense pressure on my balls by some hard thing and Barbara was pulling my balls. Then, I felt a cold hard thing close over my penis and heard a click.

All I could do was moan into the stocking and Barbara said, “There, now there will be no more masturbating in my house! I have the key and am going now to the bank to store it in my safety deposit box along with some jewellery.”

Barbara returned some time later, and said, “OK, here are the new rules. You dreamt of pleasing me, you will.”

I looked at her eyes-wide, conveying that I didn’t understand.

“You fantasized about sexual slavery, you’ll have it. I have some very damaging photos on my camera of you. Pictures that can ruin your career, your marriage, and your entire life,” she said with a scowl.

I felt like my heart had been ripped out. “NO!” I mumbled through the gag.

“I will do that if you continue to act as a caveman, jerking off whenever you want, looking at pornography, demeaning women and the process of lovemaking. From now on you’ll live a clean life, always respecting women and you WILL do EVERYTHING I ever say.”

She looked triumphant the way she smiled down at me. I hung my head and nodded.

“You will go 2 months with this chastity device on you, and won’t be able to have sex, jerk off, and even get an erection. But, the desire and inability for all those things will make you hornier than you can imagine. Whenever Allison tells me that her period is over, I’ll unlock you, and you can make love to my daughter. However, after 10 days of freedom, you’ll return to me for your chastity device. If you don’t come when I command, I’ll release the pictures immediately. Is this understood?”

I nodded, and moaned despairingly through the gag.

I couldn’t move and was so scared, I promised myself I’d do anything she wants because she totally had me by the balls (no pun intended). Barbara then removed my gag and straddled my face. I licked her for a long time all over and she came several times, great physical reactions, but not a word was said. She then dismounted my face, and said, “You’re my slave for the rest of your life, or at least until I grow tired of you. You were right though, oral sex is the best, and you’ll be giving me plenty of it.”

“Yes, mistress,” I said meekly.

She sighed in a satisfied way. “After those orgasms, I’m feeling a little more charitable. So here’s the deal. If you’re a good little slave and keep me really happy at all times, at some point, I’ll let you have sex with me,” she said.

I smiled eagerly. She shook her head, saying, “Now, don’t get excited, you have a lot of learning to do and nothing is certain. Still, its normal after having your pussy sucked and licked to want to be filled by some hot hard cock.”

I felt my cock strain against the chastity cage trying to get hard, it hurt a little. She continued, “Of course, after seeing your tiny cock you won’t ever give me an orgasm that way, but even the lowest dog needs his occasional reward. From now on you will refer to me as Mistress when we are not with friends and family and you’ll do everything I say, no matter how demeaning or disgusting you think the task.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“If I’m ever disappointed with you, I reserve the right to refuse you sex and if you ever upset me, you’re in some serious shit. Since Allison is nearing her due date, you probably won’t be having sex with her for a while, so you can stay locked up and she shouldn’t be any the wiser.”

Mistress unlocked me and told me to get dressed in her husband’s clothes and get back to work. She went in to take a shower. It was pretty hard to concentrate on work, while in the same house as my mistress. After she left the shower, she called me upstairs. I entered the room sheepishly, and said, “Yes, mistress?”

Barbara was wearing just a towel. She told me to lie down on the floor on my back. I did and she stepped over my head and lowered herself onto my face. She said quietly, “Lick!”

I did. After a few minutes, she got really into things and totally shifted her weight from her legs to lean completely on my face, smothering me. But, I continued licking her as she gyrated her pussy and ass all around my mouth and face. After she screamed for a few seconds and squirted some of her juice down my throat, she got up and went into her dressing room. There were no ‘thank you’, or, ‘that was great’, or even, ‘Goodbye’. She just used me like a toy or a piece of furniture.

I went back downstairs to work, wondering when I’d be used again.

The End.



  • sissykRHY

    I loved your story. Could you talk more about her breasts and the high heels she wears? And could you write scenes in which she is talking to her big dick love on the phone while you please her and she is telling her man lover what a sissy you are ? lthanks SK

    • David

      Thanks for your comment. I will submit another story along the lines of your request and include my email so that we can discuss. prestons.deepthroat.slave at


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