Exposed (Gay Themes)

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by anon (edited)

Growing up and having to have gym class, I dreaded when I had to take my clothes off and head to the showers. I painfully saw how small my penis Compared to the other boys. They said that I should’ve been a girl because my dick was that small. It continued in the service too. Once, when I had a bump near my balls, I took my pants down and the doctor sat back and said laughing, “WHAT IS THAT THING?”

When I used to go out on dates, the girls would laugh and make fun of me. Once, I picked up a girl for a date and she said that we were going over to a friend’s house who was having a party. When we arrived, her friend opened the door and invited us in. It seemed there were mostly girls at this party. Some I knew, some I didn’t. They all stared at me, which made me feel uncomfortable. The girl I was with kept handing me drinks that were strong. I drank them to calm my nerves. I don’t drink much normally, but I felt really ‘Buzzy’. After a while, it seemed like everyone had left. So the girl I was with wanted to get naked with me and have sex.

She led me to a really dark room beside a bed. She told me to take my clothes off and lay on my back with my legs open wide as she had a nice surprise for me. I took my clothes off feeling nervous and excited, crawled on the bed, laying on my back with my legs opened up as she asked. To my surprise she began to tie my feet to the bedposts. I thought, mmmmmmm fun. Then she ties me by the wrists to the bedposts near my head. Every time I asked her what she was doing, she told me to be quiet or shushed me. Eventually, once tied up and unable to move, she whispered in my ear, “Are you ready for your surprise?”

“Yeah, I’m ready,” I said, with a smile on my face.

She said loudly, “NOW!”

The lights suddenly came on and I found myself surrounded by all the other party goers and my girlfriend. They all shouted, “SURPRISE!”

My date had her clothes on, so did everyone else. They all laughed and made comments about my small penis. One said I got short changed, and another said that I had a worthless cock if she ever saw one. They all took pictures of me laying there tied up, legs open, my flaccid nub shrinking even more. A couple of girls that were looking at me, I knew, and had taken them out before.

They all told their story of how they held their laughter back when they realized that I had a tiny cock. They couldn’t find it, they said, let alone feel it inside them. They told everyone how they felt sorry for me and gave me a pity fuck, but broke up the next day because who would date a man with such a pathetic dick. The girls patted them on the back with great empathy for having to endure such a thing.

They were very mean to me. I still felt buzzy, but I knew what was happening. My face was beet red in the pictures I saw. They asked me if I was gay, and if I have ever sucked a cock? I’d make a great faggot with the cock that small, they all agreed. They untied my feet and tied them to the same posts that my wrists were tied to, exposing my ass. They all looked at my ass, and said I was definitely gay because it looked like a woman’s asshole.

They kept asking me if I have ever sucked a cock. They had me sip drinks from a straw as I was in that position. Women in clothing and me naked with my ass exposed. I drank more. They asked again if I have ever sucked another man’s cock. I finally caved saying that I had.

They all smiled and some clapped saying that they knew it. They knew it has soon as they laid eyes on me. When did you do that, they asked? I told them when I was little and in high school. They asked if I wore panties and such?

“Yes,” I told them. “I like the way panties makes me feel.”

One woman asked, “How’s that?”

“Special,” I said.

Some girls compared my little penis to their little fingers and laughing saying mean things. Some tried to masturbate me, getting me to have a little stiffy barely over two inches long. However, due to the drink and humiliation I felt, I couldn’t cum. They ended up laughing at how pathetic I am. They let my legs down. Took more pictures of my stiffy and instagramed them to their friends to see.

One of the girls said she had a friend who’s gay. They had her call him and invite him over for a free fuck. She talked to him, and told us he was going to come over and join in the fun. One of the girls told me that I was going to get another cock to suck.
They hurled insults at me saying that I didn’t have a penis, but a clit. Then one of them said, “Let’s shave him. We’ll make a real sissy faggot out of him for Tony.”

There was a chorus of approval around the room. They shaved me totally, even around my butt hole. The host brought a pair of panties and a bra into the room and they put them on me. They took more pictures and uploaded them to the internet.

When Tony finally arrived, the girls brought him into the bedroom. He laughed when they pulled down my panties. “Wow,” he said, “talk about having no cock at all, huh?”

They all laughed and agreed with him. The host asked, “We got the sissy ready for you, you like?”

Tony said slowly, “Yeah, I really like.”

“He wants to suck your cock,” my date told him.

“Mmmmmm,” Tony said. “I gather you gals are hoping to watch?”

The host said, “You bet we do.”

He took off his clothes and crawled to my face. His dick was soft, but even then looked huge compared to mine. “Open your mouth and suck on my cock, sissy,” he ordered me.

I open my mouth and took in his cock that was hardening up. They took pics. I sucked on him till he had precum coming out of his tip. He took his cock out from my mouth and crawled to my “pussy he called it. He asked for some lube, which one of the girls found in the night stand by the bed. He placed some on me and on himself, then slid it into my ‘pussy’. He fucked me as they watched and laughed, making comments still about my little penis known now as his ‘clit’.
His big cock hurt as he fucked me hard, sliding it in my ass until his balls hit me with an audible slap. Then pulling out and repeating. He grunted and moaned how tight my pussy felt. I felt a strange feeling in my balls as he fucked me with his large dick, until after a time I suddenly shot two or three pathetic spurts of cum from my little stiffy. The girls had their phones pointed at me filming the whole thing. They all screamed in surprise as Tony made me cum, and laughter rumbled across the room like thunder.

Tony grunted, his body stiffened, his face turned red, and he pulled out and shot his cum up my stomach and chest. The girls all cheered wildly, some clapped, others laughed, all the while Tony’s cock spewed what seemed an endless flow of semen all over me. The comparisons flew around the room, my pathetic two spurts to Tony’s gushing like a semen fountain.
Tony made me lick his cock clean, and the girls got some spoons and scraped cum off my body and made me eat it. Tony got dressed, and left. The girls untied me, told me to dress, and get out. I drove home feeling totally humiliated by what had happened to me. My phone rang, it was Tony. I wondered how he even got my number. I answered, and he told me how bad he felt for doing that to me, but wondered if I wanted to hook up again. I thought for a moment, and before I knew it, I said, “Yes.”
“Good,” he said, “You’ll make a nice sissy bitch, and I see a lot of cock in your future. I hope you’re up for it?”

“I am,” I replied. “I was born for it.”

“That you are, that you are.”

The End.


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