Andi’s Summer

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Andi’s Summer: Day 03 – by Gilead39

Anxious to look and smell nice for Tony I spent a long time in a Gardena scented bubble bath, brushed my hair for a change rather than running my fingers through it and applied a little blush and lipstick. I tried on and discarded every dress in my closet.

On the second round I chose last year’s white eyelet mid-thigh length scalloped bodice and hem summer dress. It was meant to be worn with a nude slip but I chose to wear it without undies today.

The dress was a bit snug across the bust since the girls were still growing but I thought that wasn’t a problem particularly when I managed to align two eyelets with my nubby nips expecting them to stay fixed in place. My dark bush was clearly visible in the mirror if I stood still; otherwise it was only a shadow.

I also traded my flip-flops for my white canvas platform sandals. I placed a daisy blossom decorated headband on and slipped a buttery yellow sweater over my shoulders that I could use to conceal my deliberate exposure should I encounter a neighbour on the way to the park.

I spotted Tony as soon as I entered the park; he was wearing the same purple shorts and sitting along the bushes right at the gap in the evergreen border. I ran over to him and as I reached him he turned and slipped into our hideaway.

I was hurt that he hadn’t even said “Hello”, nor commented on my dress, or even said I looked nice.

Carefully stepping through the evergreen prickliness I was surprised that he was standing just inside and he was frowning.

“If I had known you were going to be late; I would have brought my ball.”

“I’m sorry Tony but it is just about one o’clock; I don’t think it is yet.”

“Well I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Was it my fault that he had come early? He grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the milk crates. Reaching them he backed up to the wall and pulled me to him. His hands dropped down to my hips and he was raising my skirt as he nuzzled my neck. His palms found my naked cheeks and he began to spread and squash them. The air felt good as my butt-hole was exposed to the air repetitiously but it wasn’t that erotic.

Leaving one hand to do its work; he reached up and grabbed my left tittie, ignoring my exposed nipples. He finally kissed me and I could taste beer on his breath. He lips and tongue were all over my face; that and the fact that he was panting made the image of a dog flash through my thoughts. Although he wasn’t doing much for me; I could feel his excitement growing between our pressed together bodies.

When he tried to push me down to my knees, I resisted and stepped back from him.

“Hold on Tony; let me take off my nice clean dress.”

Not offering to help me with the zipper he huffed in frustration and looked aggravated.

“Well hurry up.”

“You first.”

He groaned like I was asking for some kind of problematic indulgence; then pushed his shorts down and let them drop around his ankles. He didn’t even step out of them. At least he had left his yellowed jockstrap at home.

I wanted his attention so I did some swaying, adding bumps and grinds as I removed my sweater, and placed it on the closest overturned milk crate. I unzipped myself and let the dress slide slowly down my body. I caught it, gingerly stepped out of it, folded it and placed it on top of my sweater.

Looking at Tony’s cock I thought it seemed to be shrinking from its half hard state just moments ago. My cute little striptease that I had practised at home hadn’t excited him at all. I decided to take charge.

“Make your beautiful love muscle hard for me, Tony.” To encourage him I clutched my breasts and jiggled them for him as an incentive.

“Fuck no! I’m not going to stand here and jack-off for you.”

I took a huge, huge gamble knowing that I really wanted to have his manhood in my mouth to practice on. I wanted — needed to have his cum stimulate my taste buds; coat my mouth and fill my greedy tummy.

He kicked at the dirt and nearly lost his balance since his shorts hampered his temper tantrum.

I had to prove to myself that I had Roxie’s power. “Make it ten good long slow ones — just for me, Tony.”

He actually blushed but started to prime the pump as he stared at the ground. An important fact stamped itself in my brain. For all his worldly experience in college he was no more than an overgrown kid. It was painfully obvious that he wasn’t my knight in shining armour but fortunately he had a cock and truthfully that was all I needed for him to provide.

“I… I’m ready”, he said looking at my chest, not my eyes. At least he unwittingly acknowledged that I had lady parts. His own effort was awfully quick; I should have had him count the strokes out loud. I giggled and made a note to have him do that the next time.

“Come on Andi, I need you real bad.”

Not concerned with his needs but having my own I dropped to my knees and kissed the head as he pushed his now firm man meat against my lips. I started to lick the side of his length.

“No baby, just suck it. Suck it real hard.”

Angered by his lack of appreciation for Roxie’s special intro I did as he ask; not for him, but because my genuine need was having his cock embedded in my mouth. I stayed out at the tip, working the crown just inside my mouth with my tongue and not putting the energy out that bobbing up and down took. Of everything I had tried so far, this technique was my favourite, so I went with it.

“Suck baby, suck. Just like that!”

It was convenient that he was pleased with my choice. He began to throb and my own juices were building. Maybe we could hit it together on this first try.

He had placed his hands gently on the sides of my face, not behind my head so I didn’t bat them away. His hands acted like blinders and enhanced my concentration.

I was going down his length farther than yesterday with ease. His mushroom was popping in and out of my throat without any effort on my part. The momentary blockage seemed acceptable, even natural. My mind was spinning, my nips were bursting, and my kitty was swelling and getting wet. This was fabulous!

His body stiffened, signalling that he was approaching blast off. I reminded myself to pull back when he started to spurt so I could taste his thick sea water cum. (Roxie had written that thinking of cum as sea water or salt-water Taffy helped accept it as more pleasant than it sometimes was.)

Oops! Tony came straight down my throat as he jabbed his cock forward. I pulled back and scolded myself for not keeping my head in the game, although sucking cock wasn’t a game; it was a serious yet delightful adventure.

I was in deep delight as I swirled the second, third, fourth spurts and then the steady pulsating dribbles from Tony’s fountain. Tony wasn’t cooperating as he was trying to extricate his cock — my cock from my mouth.

“Wow! Jimmy LIKE! Jimmy WANT!”

That voice wasn’t Tony’s! It was loud enough to be heard blocks away.

In a panic I jerked my head toward the voice as Tony dropped his hands away. A familiar short heavy-set guy was standing in the secret pathway just a few feet from us. He had his fist in front of his gut; his khaki shorts around his knees and in his extended hand were two one dollar bills.

He had obviously jacked-off while watching me suck Tony as his hand was coated in cum. I hadn’t heard him because of the slurping I had been doing and I hadn’t seen him sneak up on us because Tony had blocked my peripheral vision.


I look up at Tony with fire in my eyes. “Who the HELL is this?” My question was purely a reaction.

I knew who the intruder was; it was the wandering young man who looked like a teenage boy with a listing head, simple gate and unfocused eyes that everyone in town called Dimwit. He wasn’t exactly a midget; he was taller than pictures I had seen, but he had the figure of one. He had Popeye arms and legs.

He was always dressed in clean, crisp clothing but even so I had avoided interacting with him when out shopping because he acted strange all the time walking back and forth on first one side of the street of the two business district blocks and then the other with his hands busy in his pockets. He never bothered anyone yet everyone gave him extra space when passing him.

Many of the girls from school had at one time or other sat on the bench in front of the bank to watch him play with himself and teased him when he passed by. They would ask him questions just so he would stop, face them and play with himself much to their delight.

“He’s my parents’ neighbour’s kid. He’s kind of slow and lonely. I told him you would suck him off twice for two dollars.”

Tony pulled his shorts back up. His explanation reminded me that he hadn’t offered me a dollar today.

FUCK! I couldn’t believe I let that word even enter my mind in this absurd situation. I had been caught giving a blowjob right here in public. Caught wasn’t precisely the right word for it; Tony had set me up!

It was obvious that Tony had concluded that I was just a neighbourhood slut good for a cheap thrill. Thinking back I couldn’t really blame him for misunderstanding my motives when I flashed him so deliberately and willingly followed him behind the bushes. I couldn’t change his opinion now, and as long as he wanted me to blow him or any of his friends I would.

Why not? I was the one collecting all the benefits. I would be a Grade-A cocksucker by the end of summer.

I started to question what Roxie would do in this circumstance, but knew I had no choice. Actually, what was I worried about? I had another cock to practice on!

Dimwit shuffled forward, still holding out the money.

“Put the money on top of my dress, honey. What’s your name?”

“Ji… Jimmy.”

“Well, then Jimmy, step right up; you’re just in time and ready to go I see.”

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to order the male gender around. Even though Jimmy was maybe five years older than me, he had the presence of a pre-teen; I couldn’t think of him as anything other than a boy.

Not letting Tony off the hook, I stretched out my hand palm up, “You owe me a dollar Tony.”

Tony reached into his pocket and drew out two one dollar bills and offered them to me.

I had to prove I was in control. “Put the money on my dress and drop your shorts, Tony.”

Tony leaned down, placed the money on my dress and said he would wait till later for his second go.

“Oh no, I can handle both of you at once. Drop your shorts!”

He groaned, but after a momentary hesitation he did my bidding. DAMN! I felt like the most powerful queen of the entire universe!

Jimmy had continued to jerk himself off as Tony and I were occupied.

“Come closer, Jimmy. Let me do that for you.”

Jimmy’s chubby, hidden under his hanging gut was a lot lower than Tony’s meat. I realised that I would have to squat down on my heels to do him and stretch up to deal with Tony. I didn’t want to slight either of them. I spotted the other milk crate. Perfect!

I stood up and walked over to it, giving my hips some added swing as I knew both boys’ eyes would be fixed on my bare jiggling ass. I gave my titties the same opportunity to bounce around as I returned. Their fascinated stares gave me an extra thrill.

“Here Jimmy, step up on this.”

It was comical to watch Jimmy try to step up the full 14 inches with his pants around his knees. He eventually stepped out of one leg to accomplish mounting the crate.

“Get in closer Tony. Hold on to Jimmy so he won’t fall.”

“Uh, no — he’ll be fine.”

It took just one stern look from me for Tony to wrap his arm lightly around Jimmy’s shoulders. Roxie was right, men were so easy to manipulate.

I could see that now I would have to stretch up for both of them and I was certain that if I kept my back straight, even arched it, I would be fine.

The side benefit as I took my starting position was that both boys’ eyes were locked onto my thrust out titties. “You can hold my titties and play with my nipples if you guys want to.” I thought I might as well take full advantage of my studs. Jimmy took my offer up right away which freed up his chubby.

“Here we go!”

Chubby was the perfect description for Jimmy’s thingy. It was truly a thingy. Fully hard it was hardly 3 inches long. I used just my thumb and forefinger to grasp it. It had both cum and crisp expended cum all over it. Jimmy’s slimy hand on my full breast told me where the rest of it that hadn’t hit the ground was. The warm stickiness was stimulating.

I decided to forgo the foreplay and just get on with the sucking. Taking Jimmy first I was immediately impressed. Not by his size, but by the way his meat was a perfect fit inside my mouth. It didn’t even reach the back of my mouth so I had lots of room to use my tongue and saliva to entertain us both. In fact, his little weenie was getting me more turned on than Tony’s hot dog had. That whole revelation made me shiver. I was just settled into a nice juicy pace when Tony demanded equal time.

As soon as I switched, Tony put his hands on my head so I smacked his hands away. There would be no more thrusting down my throat for him. As I was tonguing him he tried a single lightly placed hand on the back of my head that got a hard slap on his wrist. After that denial he left me alone to do my thing; or rather their thingies freely.

Not all the activity was of my sole execution. When I was busy with Jimmy, Tony would rub his cock against my nearest cheek and with my motion his cock would bounce from my cheek, to my ear and into my hair frequently. Jimmy on the other hand when I was slurping Tony would crouch down and grab at my nipples and my motion would create some sharp pinches. I simply loved his attention.

I continued to stroke my two horny playmates as I suckled the other. While busy with one of them I could gaze at the other and admire their so different cocks and balls. Tony’s ball sack was loose and swayed beneath my stroking palm, his two marbles bouncing in tandem. Jimmy’s pouch was very large, full and round as if it held a single tennis ball inside.

Both guys made me work for my rewards. Tony had recently cum so I understood his endurance. Jimmy was an unknown and his delay was a gift for me.

I enjoyed his cocklette swimming in my mouth. When he did finally cum he didn’t spurt, but rather his sweet nectar (sweeter than Tony’s) trickled across my tongue like a low pressure garden hose. The volume wasn’t great but it was enough to swirl and suds around. He let me savour him to my heart’s content.

Tony didn’t appreciate my drawn-out attention with Jimmy so I had to swallow Jimmy’s gift and return to Tony’s selfish throbbing sausage. Jimmy jumped down off the crate and wedged himself between Tony and me. He palmed each of my titties and fondled them like an appreciative admirer as he looked up with an obvious acute interest in what my lips and tongue was doing to Tony.

I looked past Jimmy’s devouring eyes and saw his still firm scorecard pencil dancing in wait for me.

As expected Tony began thrusting his pelvis rapidly as he neared his eruption. This time I let him plunge into my throat just to get his blow over with, so I could get back to Jimmy’s perfect pecker. I pulled away from Tony and gave his worn out penis a good-bye kiss, wiped his copious scum off my cheeks and chin with the back of my hand.

Jimmy slurped up the wayward drippings off my chest as his fingers dropped down, search for, found and spread my vulva. In a flash his stubby fingers were twisting their way inside me. He wasn’t making much depth, but his tapping fingers were right where they needed to be to pleasure my inner ring. I could have let him do that to me forever.

Jimmy seemed to be ready for me. “Sit on the crate, Jimmy.”

As soon as he was in place I dropped down on my hands and knees which was much more comfortable than on my knees alone. Jimmy pulled his mini pot gut up and out-of-the-way which gave me fuller access to his most appealing appendage.

I teased him with my tongue washing his balls and stubby at length as a sign of appreciation. I really did like his mini manhood. I could imagine just to two of us alone spending the entire day together.

Tony had replaced his shorts and sprawled out on his side with his head held up by one hand facing Jimmy and me.

“I promised Jimmy’s mom that I would make sure to bring him home with me so I gotta stay until you finish him off.”

I didn’t mind Tony watching us. In fact, I imagined a stranger standing on the other side of us waiting for his turn to give me his juices. I focused on the envisioned stranger rather than Tony.

Actually I concentrated on Jimmy and his firm ball sack. I couldn’t suck it into my mouth as I had Tony’s yesterday; it was just too big so I licked and nipped at it which made Jimmy giggle and squirm.

When I took Jimmy’s pride and joy into my mouth Jimmy softly patted my hair and told me I was a pretty girl. I flushed at his compliment. He repeated my name over and over as I swished my own saliva around his undemanding maleness.

Tony had to ruin a perfectly lovely moment.

“Hey Andi, put some effort into it, don’t just play around. I know he doesn’t have much to work with but you need to bob up and down or we’ll be here all afternoon. Pretend he’s got a big one, like me. Get with it, girl.”

I ignored Tony’s comments and demands. I was furious that he talked about Jimmy as if his companion couldn’t hear the put-downs. I felt responsible to sooth Jimmy’s feelings.

I rose up on my knees and leaned against Jimmy, “Suck on my titties, Lover.” As Jimmy quickly glommed onto first one and then the other of my breasts I hid my face from Tony on the outside of Jimmy’s head and confessed.

“I love your penis and your big ball. Your penis is just perfect for me. I hope someday we can do this without your stupid friend around. Keep this our little secret OK?”

Jimmy nodded his head in agreement. He head continued to rock up and down. Since he had started to nurse each of my nipples as a baby or experienced lover would I decided to let him feed as long as he wanted and reached down and began to flick my forefinger against his throbbing mini-rod.

“Hey Andi, you’ll have to do that for me tomorrow; it looks like fun.”

I couldn’t let it pass. “Tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow; you are going to have to do what Jimmy is doing for me for a full ten minutes before I even think about sucking you.”

“Fuck! Why the complications?” My glare didn’t faze him. “OK, but you have to be tap my big cock like you’re doing to Jimmy.”

He had a valid point. I imagined Jimmy on one breast and Tony on the other as I lay on my back and jerked both of them off together. I knew Jimmy’s breast would be pleasured properly; I had no idea if Tony could stimulate me that way.

Jimmy began rocking back and forth signalling that he was going to cum. He didn’t give me any advance warning so as his faucet opened I had to quickly cup my hand and let his watery gift pool in my palm before I was able to bend down and capture the rest of it.

I had a dilemma; I could swish or I could lick my palm. I chose to savour Jimmy inside my mouth while trying to hold my hand level until I could get to Jimmy’s first flow.

When I rose from Jimmy’s groin I toasted Jimmy in gratitude and then Tony in spite with my makeshift goblet, then dramatically licked Jimmy’s nectar from my palm. Jimmy surprised me when he pulled my hand up to his mouth and took one big scoop onto his own tongue.

Jimmy chortled, “Yum-yum!”

Tony flipped over to face away from us, “That’s disgusting!”

I was sorry he didn’t see me bend forward and kiss Jimmy on his cum-covered lips.

Jimmy was a man of few words. “Tomorrow! Tomorrow?”

The three of us were dripping in sweat, Jimmy and I more so than Tony. As I dressed I ask if we could meet early in the day when it was cooler. We settled on 10 a.m.

As I slipped through the bushes leaving the boys to their own devices Tony yelled out, “Hey, Andi, wear your school uniform tomorrow for Jimmy; I told him how cute you looked in it.”

Dressing up for Tony had been a total waste of time. I couldn’t imagine how my uniform could make Jimmy, my new dwarf friend, any more twitterpated than he had been seeing me naked today.

Could it be that men found provocatively dressed women sexier than one completely nude? Could I test out that theory tomorrow?

The End.


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