The Roomer (Gay SPH)

By drmweaver705.     “So the room is three-hundred-fifty bucks a month?” Luke found it a little hard to believe. The house was located on a quiet residential street, close to the bus stop for excursions into town and only a ten-minute walk to the university. The room he was looking at was spacious and fully furnished. It was perfect. “Aside from the room, you share the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, and the bathroom with me. Wi-Fi

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Tom Breaks the Three Minute Mark!

By Porky_Pig “Oh my God! Slow down…” I pleaded in vain, as she bounced on my penis with her head flung back and her long hair touched my knees. Her beautiful young body with its perfectly perky breasts exquisitely formed like a Greek goddess. “Uh … uh … uh … uh … Gina…” I groaned in ecstasy with my eyes wide open, drinking in her magnificent form in the ambiance of the bed light, as she gyrated her young pussy

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Yes, I Can!

by Porky_Pig “I want to try something new tonight darling.” Said Alisha deliberately fingering the key to my chastity belt that hung around her beautiful neck. “What?” I gasped mesmerized by her delicate fingers playing on the key. I had been in my fucking cage for the whole of last week at it was really getting to me. Whenever I was in this condition, deprived of an orgasm for an extended period, I had noticed that a submissive change came

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Hugo’s Humiliation

By Porky_Pig Hugo groaned, and twisted his large frame on the California king bed as Jenny delicately urged him along with her lubed manicured fingers. When he was drawing close to his weekly climax, she always knew when he was drawing close to his weekly climax as his guttural moaning would change to hysterical shrieking. She mused to herself, this would take a couple of more minutes. Being his wife of twenty years, she realized that he worked very hard

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