Tom Breaks the Three Minute Mark!

By Porky_Pig

“Oh my God! Slow down…” I pleaded in vain, as she bounced on my penis with her head flung back and her long hair touched my knees.

Her beautiful young body with its perfectly perky breasts exquisitely formed like a Greek goddess.

“Uh … uh … uh … uh … Gina…” I groaned in ecstasy with my eyes wide open, drinking in her magnificent form in the ambiance of the bed light, as she gyrated her young pussy on my penis in a devilish rhythm, goading me towards the climax that would leave me completely spent.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” I cried, beginning to lose control of myself, but she did not relent in her efforts.

Both my hands were clutching onto the bedsheets as she rode me all the way through the finish line and beyond.

“I … I … oh shit … I am cumming, I am cummmm … I aaaarrrgh, aaaarrrgh, aaaarrrgh!” I screamed in ecstasy as I exploded inside Gina’s beautiful pussy.

Still, she kept going and going and going until spurt by spurt. My orgasm subsided, and my penis began to wilt and plopped out of her young vagina, completely flaccid.

“Did you really cum, Tom?” she asked, looking at me incredulously. “It has not even been a full minute!”

“Sorry, Gina…” I sighed, not knowing what to say. My penis that had already wilted to its unimpressive size, now started receding into my body, unable to face her scornful gaze.

“I have heard about premature ejaculators before, but you, Tom, you are the fucking leader of the pack,” she said, getting off me. “Please, tell me that you can get it up again?” she asked, with a hint of hope in her voice.

“Maybe, I will try,” I said and took hold of my small penis between my thumb and forefinger and started stroking it furiously.

Beads of sweat were beginning to form on my bald head. Gina sat next to me on the bed, looking at the spectacle of an overweight, middle-aged man trying to revive his undersized appendage for her. She had a slight smile on her beautiful face … the fact that she could make the self-made multi-millionaire Tom Murphy do this made her giddy with power.

I had hired Gina as my secretary a month back and had tried to get into her pants ever since. I had been married before but not dated much since my divorce five years ago. Seeing Gina, a young and nubile goddess, had sparked something in me. Gina had first scorned my advances, but later to my surprise, had accepted my request for a date a week back. Since then, this had been our second outing, and things had progressed beyond the dinner and movie threshold. I had been so excited once she had agreed to come back to my place.

After about a couple of minutes of passionate kissing, she had me on the bed straddling my penis, and I had prematurely ejaculated in less than a minute. I was still desperately trying to resuscitate my dead penis when she gently but firmly pulled my wrist away from the object of its attention.

“Maybe this will help…” She said and straddled me so that she was sitting on my oversized gut and looking down at my face. Suddenly she swung her hand, and THWACK slapped me across the face. The stinging pain and the abject humiliation brought tears to my eyes, but my penis spasms to life.

“Gina … I … I…” I blabbered, but her hand had already cocked back like she was going for a tennis forehand shot.


My face stung exquisitely, and tears rolled down my cheeks. Again, it felt as if my miniature penis was being jump-started with a thousand volts of electricity.

“Maybe this will breathe some life into that dead penis of yours, you fucking tub of lard,” Gina said in an icy cold voice, making fun of my limp and naked obesity.

“No … No … it hurts,” I moaned in response, sounding pathetic.


This time it was a backhand and made my head snap back. My penis had been shocked into erection and was standing up like a proud soldier to its full height of three inches.

“It hurts, doesn’t it…” she mocked.



She landed two more open-handed slaps on my quivering cheeks.

“Aaaargh … plea … please stop Gina!” I begged.

Deftly she reached back down to my penis and encircled it with her thumb and forefinger. “What do we have here? Just as I thought, Mr. Chub Stub has come out to play again, ready for round two,” she said in her little girl voice and moved her thumb and forefinger as if it were wrench on my penis.

“Oh my God … Gina!” I gasped in excitement, forgetting the torment that I had been put through a minute back. “Don’t stop, and it feels so good.”

“What is your personal best time inside a woman?” she asked.

“Uh … uh…” I tried to act as if I did not understand her question.

“Lardo, I mean, how long have you lasted without ejaculating inside a real woman’s vagina?” she repeated, being more deliberate and insulting.

“I think I went one and a half minutes once with Julie,” I lied.

The best I had even managed inside my ex-wife was one minute and ten seconds, after which I was spent for the following two weeks. This I knew because Julie would count the seconds as I pumped away like a Chihuahua on her beautiful pussy and announce my time in seconds amidst peals of laughter as I was cumming.

“OK, Tom, I will give you a special treat, today I will make you last more than double that time in my pussy, but you promise to play by my rules. Deal?” she asked.

“D-Deal.” I stammered, fully knowing that lasting three minutes inside Gina was analogous to me swimming across the Pacific Ocean.

Gina dismounted off me, reached over to her handbag on the side table, and drew out three silk scarves. With one, she bound both my hands to the headboard, and the other two fastened each of my ankles to the footboard of the king-sized bed. The effect must have been comical, with my morbidly obese whale-like body being obscenely spread eagle for her entertainment. She giggled as her toes gently brushed my penis and made it spasm rather violently.

“OK, wide-load…” she said, knowing that this was the nickname that the office crew had for me.

The last time an intern had said it within my earshot had caused him to lose his job on the spot. Hearing my secretary now brazenly use the term made me quiver with impotent fury on the bed.

“This game has only one rule, that you don’t move. You can scream all you like, but If you move your body, even an iota, then I will stop and leave you tied in this position for your cleaning staff to discover you tomorrow morning. If you manage to last through the game without as much as voluntarily moving a muscle, then I promise you that I will help you break your time record. Understand?” Gina asked.

“But, Gina, I just came … I don’ think I can…” I protested.


Two quick slaps made me rethink my statement.

“But you can … baby … not once but twice more. Gina will make you,” she said calmly.

“If you say so, Gina…” I said, preparing myself mentally for the ordeal to follow.

Gina then turned her attention to my penis that had managed to stand erect through this time despite the punishment inflicted on my face. She straddled me and easily took me into her pussy effortlessly. My penis slid into her vagina, which was lubricated by my previous orgasm. My whole body tensed as I heard her warn me, “Don’t move, Lardo!”

Gina then tensed her vaginal muscles, and my breath caught in my throat with the exquisite sensation that my cum was being extracted without me even trying. Gina then smiled and slowly relented her python-like grip.

“Your baby penis is not scared of my young pussy is it?”

My eyes looked away in shame, but my rock-hard penis throbbed in pleasure buried in her wetness.

“So, Tom, do you ever fantasize about Julie?” she asked.

Julie was my beautiful ex-wife, my fantasy and wet-dream all combined into one luscious package. During our marriage, unbeknownst to me, Julie had been a total slut and fucked half my office staff behind my back. Therefore, she was somewhat of a sex legend around the office, and the stories of her having sex with multiple partners were still circulated out of my earshot.

After years of infidelity, I had finally caught her having sex with a cocksure young engineer and impulsively divorced her. Thinking back, this was the stupidest decision I had made in my life. Slut or not, Julie was way beyond my league, and I was lucky to have her. Had I realized this at the time, I would have accepted the role of her cuckold, but then as the saying goes, hindsight is twenty-twenty.

Although Julie and my sex life had been limited mostly to her reliving me with an occasional handjob or me pumping my small penis in her beautiful vagina as she giggled and counted the seconds until my climax. Even these pleasures had been denied to me after our divorce. Being the object of scorn of all the women that I had attempted to bed due to my short stature and morbid obesity. Truth be said, my sexual release had been reduced to me masturbating to memories of Julie.

“Yes, I do…” I replied blankly, attempting to stir with pleasure at the mention of Julie’s name, but she stayed me with a raised eyebrow and pointed finger.

“Down boy!” Gina commanded, and I obeyed like a little puppy and calmed myself down mentally.

“Do you imagine her having sex with Nino?” she asked with a giggle.

Nino was the office stud that still worked for me. I had learned after my divorce to Julie that he had been her favorite stud. I had tried to fire him out of spite but was forced to back off after he had produced pictures of me in bra and panties stroking my miniature ‘package’ that Julie had shared with him and threatened to distribute them in the office. Needless to say, Gina was absolutely correct. Most of my masturbation fantasies were the two of them have sex.

“Uh … n-no…” I stuttered.

“Yes, you do. I could feel your baby penis harden. Don’t you deny it, fat boy,” she said menacingly.

“Well, sometimes,” I said and looking away in shame.

“Imagine that you are in a nightclub with Julie, and Nino appears at your booth asking Julie for a dance,” Said Gina, “Julie agrees despite your reluctance, and Nino takes her out to the dance floor where a lot of people are dancing to loud music.”

“Uuuh…” I groaned in the pleasure of the thought.

“The song changes to a slower number, and Julie and Nino passionately dance with each other losing their inhibitions as you watch jealously. They look beautiful together, Julie in her sexy party dress and Nino in his elegant shirt and slacks. Your small penis stands at full attention with rage, jealousy, and desire for your Julie,” Gina continued.

“Uuuuuuuh…” I groaned again.

“Nino kisses Julie on her lips, and she reciprocates reacting to his masculine touch and feeling his huge penis slide against her thigh. Her nails rake across his back as he grinds her body against his own. As the long kiss slowly breaks, Julie turns and smilingly looks directly into your beady pig-like eyes as Nino deliberately moves his hand cupping her butt. Your penis becomes so hard that you almost shoot your load right there in your pants,” said Gina and tightened her vaginal muscles once again.

“Aaaaarrrgh … Aaaaarrrgh…” I screamed, trying my best not to cum instantly inside her and to not move at the same time.

“Then Nino slips a finger into Julie’s pussy as her eyes roll back, and she collapses back into his arms. They stand together giving you a show, Julie in front and Nino behind her, both facing you. They kiss passionately, slow dancing as Nino moves his finger in and out of her pussy. Julie reacts and moves in rhythm against his finger. You realize that Nino’s finger is much larger than your pathetic dick. He is stretching her more with his finger than you could ever do with your penis,” Gina continued.

“Oh my God … Gina … Aaaaarrrgh … Aaaaarrrgh…” I continued braying incessantly as she continued without missing a beat.

“Julie’s pussy is frothing with her moistness as she continues to gyrate against Nino’s finger. Suddenly her muscles all tense at once, and she leans back and moans in ecstasy. Nino pulls her back close to him, sealing her orgasmic cries with a wet kiss. They are still locked together in that position, gyrating ever so slowly in orgasmic bliss as you sit white-knuckled in your chair and instantly explode in your pants.”

“Aaaaarrrgh … Aaaaarrrgh…” I screamed in an emotion that can be best described as a bitter-sweet elixir of impotent lust, jealousy, rage, and shame. It took a superhuman effort to stay still as Gina pushed me over the edge.

“Let it go, baby. Let it squirt out but don’t you dare move,” Said Gina and released her vaginal grip.

“Aaaaarrrgh … Aaaaarrrgh…” I screamed in indescribable pleasure and relief and tried to remain still as my cum spewed out of my penis into Gina’s beautiful vagina. It felt as if she was extracting my very soul. After my orgasm had subsided, my penis still stood erect in her pussy. I realized then that Gina had masterfully extracted enough cum to release the immediate pressure but left enough inside so that my penis did not lose its erection.

Gina looked at her watch and commented, “Not bad, and you went two and a half minutes that time, baby. A personal best, but no cigar yet.”

“Oh my God, Gina, I want to fuck you so bad,” I said earnestly.

“Don’t you dare move, Lardo? Let us try one more time. Remember, the third time is a charm.” Gina continued with her story, “Now the lovers come back to your booth, and Nino sits across the table from you with Julie on his lap so that they are both facing you. Julie reaches with her foot under the table to touch the front of your pants, immediately discovering the wet spot. She whispers something in Nino’s ear, and they both giggle. You cannot hear her but know that she has just told him that you have already cum without even touching yourself.”

“Oh … Gina!” I pleaded, “Don’t tease me anymore. I cannot take it.”

“Julie slowly unzips Nino’s pants and releases his monster penis. It is sooooo big that its head clears the height of the table. Your teeny-weeny baby cock is shocked into another erection in your soaking pants.”

With this, she clenched her pussy muscles again, trapping me as she continued to verbally coax the cum out of me.

“The lighting in the club is dark, and the others cannot see what is going on in your booth. With one smooth motion, Julie raises herself, moves her panties out of the way, and inch-by-inch takes Nino completely inside her. Her eyes close with pleasure as he touches all those parts of her that you have never been able to…”

“Uuuuuuuuh…” I started to moan.

Again, my penis is rock-hard and throbbing inside Gina’s beautiful pussy.

“Julie starts gently bouncing on Nino’s penis as she looks straight into your eyes. Her mouth opens partly, and she starts panting.”

“Gina … let me go … please … I… I…” I begged her to release her vise-like grip.

“Julie’s movements start getting wilder and wilder. You look around in fear that others will notice this cuckolding, but see that everyone else’s attention is towards the dance floor.”

Gina … I beg you … please.” I pleaded with her again to no avail.

“Nino reaches under Julie’s expensive party dress and cups her breasts in his big hands? Her nipples jut out from between his fingers and poke the fabric of the dress. Every muscle in your body wants to suck her nipples, but you dare not interrupt the lovers. Those beautiful dark pink nipples that are probably as hard as your penis except maybe a little bigger.”

She giggled cruelly.

“Uuuuuuuuh…” I moaned, feeling another orgasm build in my testicles.

“Julie then leans back, half turning her face so that Nino can kiss her sweet lips from behind. Your penis is throbbing again with desire … drops of precum oozing out of its small head,” she said and moved her body sideways, simulating Julies assumed the position.

“Aaaaarrrgh … Aaaaarrrgh…” I started screaming again, unable to contain my lust.

“Julie then tenses and lets orgasm after orgasm wash all over her body. Her tongue desperately reaching for Nino’s as she rides him towards his own climax. Your entire body is quivering with excitement … each pore in your skin releasing sweat as the pressure is too much for you to take anymore,” said Gina and lewdly stuck out her tongue and moved the tip up and down, driving me crazy with lust.

“Aaaaarrrgh … Aaaaarrrgh…” I screamed, focusing all my energy on holding myself still. I was profusely sweating with excitement and jealousy.

The pleasure was exquisitely delicious and maddening at the same time.

“Then Nino pulls his massive dick out of Julie’s vagina, and it protrudes from in-between her thighs as though it were her penis. You see its beautiful head poke above the table. You stare at it mesmerized as Julie crosses her legs and continues to slide them up and down the shaft of Nino’s god-like scepter. Then without warning, it spews a thick stream of semen that lands with a heavy splat on your bald head,” she said and giggled.

“Gaaaaaaaaa … Gaaaaaaaaa…”

I was at the edge of oblivion for the third time.

“You open your mouth to say something, and the next stream of Nino’s semen goes straight into your mouth,” she said.

“Gaaaaaaaaa … Gaaaaaaaaa…”

My screaming became involuntary as my body sought to release itself somehow, and I struggled with all my might to hold myself still.

“You cannot hold yourself anymore and start ejaculating in your pants,” she said.

“Gaaaaaaaaa … Gaaaaaaaaa…” I screamed repeatedly.

“OK, baby, let it out of your penis … cum for me … but don’t you dare move,” she commanded and released her grip.

“Gaaaaaaaaa … Gaaaaaaaaa…” I screamed in ecstasy as my penis released its complete payload into Gina’s beautiful pussy.

Gina looked at her watch and said, “Wow, baby, three minutes and ten seconds. You did it!”

It felt as though my soul was departing my body with every squirt of semen that I released into Gina. My orgasm seemed to last for what seemed an eternity. The fatigue and strain must have taken over as the next thing I remember are waking up in the morning untied and naked under the covers with a raging erection.

The End.


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