Yes, I Can!

by Porky_Pig

“I want to try something new tonight darling.” Said Alisha deliberately fingering the key to my chastity belt that hung around her beautiful neck.

“What?” I gasped mesmerized by her delicate fingers playing on the key. I had been in my fucking cage for the whole of last week at it was really getting to me. Whenever I was in this condition, deprived of an orgasm for an extended period, I had noticed that a submissive change came over me. I would be more attentive to Alisha and listen to her opinions with more regard even though she was several years younger than me and never worked a day in her life. Furthermore, I would do stuff that was not commonplace in our relationship, like buying Alisha flowers, or standing by quietly by without asserting my possessiveness as she would flirt with some young handsome man.

Also, it highlighted my physical and sexual inadequacies at a sub-liminal level. My being of short stature, out-of-shape, overweight, and above all having a small penis the “two-incher!!” as Alisha had nicknamed it playfully. At all times the belt was a constant reminder of how we did not fit into the roles of husband and wife – with her being a gorgeous knockout that was the perpetual center of male attention, while I remained on my best day, a short bald fat man that was scorned by any woman that crossed my path.

“You will see … It is a game that we will play called YES, I CAN!” She giggled.

I knew better than to ask her more questions lest she retract her decision to grant me my weekly release. We had added chastity (male only) to our routine sex life just recently, and it had greatly heightened our intimacy. Our marriage had been in the doldrums for the past few years and inevitably heading towards a divorce. Then Alisha had read about male chastity and female domination on the internet and suggested it as a means for spicing up our love life. Little did I realize then, but this form of sexuality had been repressed in both of us through our entire adult lives.

Professionally, I am a successful Class A type businessman accustomed to ordering people around all day, while Alisha is a dutiful housewife, a loving mother to our children, and supportive in all my endeavors. Introducing chastity brought into our marriage a mental flip-flop, a role reversal that was an instant aphrodisiac for both of us. On one side it helped us to be more intimate with each other while exploring our sexual fantasies in a safe and controlled environment. Initially I had assumed that this would be a passing phase that I would tire of in a few weeks and then it would be back to the vanilla sex with my “two-incher.” However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that relinquishing the control of my sexuality to my beautiful wife and her assuming the alpha position in our marriage, was an irresistible turn-on.

Tonight, like most Fridays was our time-off (aka our official weekly time for sex); the kids were off at the movies with their grand-parents. I was finally alone with my gorgeous wife shivering with excitement to be released from chastity and have my delicious weekly orgasm. We were both sitting on the living room couch. Alisha was dressed in a sexy green negligee complete with crotch-less panties, and I was stark naked. Alisha had made it a routine where she was somewhat covered and had me completely bare. Somehow, my exposure gave her a higher ground in the relationship and unleashed a sexual ferocity that had been alien to our marriage.

With one fluid motion, Alisha straddled my body and sat mounted on my lap facing me. In this position she had control on how much contact she allowed me to have with her body. For several minutes we kissed slowly in this position. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as her perfume intoxicated my mind. With one hand she grasped the fringe of hair that encircled my bald head and pulled it back, while the other hand played with my nipple. My penis strained against its cage with her gorgeous butt resting against it; I furiously fought back an impending erection.

“Aaargh!” I yelped as her thumb and forefinger suddenly yanked on my nipple. But she sealed off my mouth with another one of her wet kisses and a girlish giggle. She continued to hold my head back by my hair and continued to assert her dominion, her control over me.

“Baby … did that hurt?” she asked rather melodramatically, as she slipped out one of her magnificent breasts and gave me a nipple to suck on. “Here suck on this … Mommy is here and will make it all right.”

I latched onto her nipple and sucked in wild abandon making obscene slurping noises. Instantly I felt it harden in my mouth, this foreplay was turning her on as much as me. Somehow this gesture of sucking her breasts was like reverting to infancy and giving up to my id – the need to suckle.

“Mommy.” I mumbled in ecstasy getting caught in the moment, and she slowly pulled her nipple out of my mouth till I let go with a wet plopping sound.

Alisha kissed my mouth furiously and my penis stiffened in its restrain. Looking into my eyes she asked, “are you hard?”

“Ye … Yes.” I stuttered trying to reach her nipple with my mouth, but she leaned back and kept it just out of reach.

“I wanna suc …” I trailed off sounding rather pathetic.

“This, you wanna suck this …” she said playing with her nipple but keeping it out of reach.

“Please … let me out! It hurts … God damn it Alisha!” I screamed as my cock stated to stiffen uncontrollably in the cage.

She laughed and continued playing with herself without an iota of concern over my discomfort. The pain was beginning to escalate, and just as I thought that I could not take it anymore and shut my eyes tightly, I felt her nipple brush against my lips. My mouth opened like a goldfish, involuntarily out of pleasure and pain, and I latched on like a baby sucking on its mother’s teat. The pain seemed to abate, and I tried to focus my attention on sucking her nipple shamelessly.

Again, the spell was broken by her pinching my nipples with her manicured thumb and forefinger.

“Aargh!” I shrieked sounding almost feminine my erection temporarily relenting.

Then she got off my lap and knelt between my legs. With one deft action she put the key into the lock, and with a metallic click popped the cage off. My penis instantly sprang to its full height of two-inches. The sense of relief and excitement was beyond words. I just lay back on the couch leaned my head backwards and shut my eyes relishing the moment. This moment was what the entire week had been culminating to, and I wanted to enjoy it.

“My, my, baby, I have been wanting to play this game all week since I read about it on the internet.” She teased, and my penis reacted with a jerk without even knowing what she was talking about. A week without an orgasm does interesting things to a man’s penis.

“Can you …?” She asked quizzically.

“Can I what?” I retorted a bit irritated.

“Wrong answer … baby?” She completed, not making sense.

“I don’t understand.” I said. “Oh God Alisha, just make me cum.”

“Well, we will find out … won’t we?” she said and stood up. She gently placed herself on top of me like before but taking care not to allow her butt to contact my penis. She forced her nipple back into my mouth again. My penis was having a raging hard on, now that it was out of its cage it stood straight up between her thighs pointing at her beautiful vagina which always remained a few centimeters out of reach. Meanwhile my mouth was in a state of nirvana, sucking wantonly on my beautiful wife’s nipple.

“Does this remind you of Jill?” She asked.

I did not answer, but my silence spoke volumes. My mom Jill was a cut-throat businesswoman who had been the bread-winner in the family. She always held the alpha role in the home and my dad had always followed her lead like a puppy. She was an independent, beautiful, and dominant lady who had raised me with an iron fist. Jill had always been a porcelain goddess, a picturesque unattainable Venus that could make your penis hard as a rock or wilt to limpness just by her penetrating gaze.

“It does, oh my, my, … Lardo has a crush on his Mommy” She giggled making fun of me being overweight, knowing fully well that the nickname infuriated me. I had the feeling that she was stripping my soul bare, one layer at a time and accessing my most secret desires. However, my anger never had a chance to flare as she kissed my lips again. Suddenly she pulled herself back and simultaneously yanked my head back by my hair. I lost the nipple with a loud plop – my penis surged with anticipation and unbridled lust. “Did you fantasize about Jill’s gorgeous body … her breasts … her pussy?” She asked looking into my eyes with her steely gaze.

“No.” I lied but my penis throbbed with excitement. I tried thrusting it upwards towards her in vain.

“Cucky baby wants to cum so bad, and we have not even started the game yet.” She mocked me, as she looked back at the obscene spectacle of my turgid penis that was ready to explode at her gentlest ministration.

“When all the girls in high school made fun of your weight, humiliated you, and scorned your advances, did you come home and masturbate into Jill’s panties? Did you, you fat pig …?” She continued the interrogation with a sense of cruelty that I had never experienced before. She pulled herself up and made me stare into her beautiful deep green eyes with a finger under my double chin.

“Don’t lie …” She said and THWACK she slapped my face with her open hand. “Did you want to bury your head in between her breasts and cry? Would she kiss you and tell you that she would make it all right?

“Uh … well.” I stammered. THWACK she slapped me again. It was as though by shaming my body, Alisha had opened a doorway into my brain and was mind-fucking me to a touchless orgasm that was foreign even my own psyche.

“Did you want her to reach down between those short fat legs of yours and hold your “chub-stub” in her beautiful hand.” Asked Alisha. THWACK.

“The only woman in the world that would not make fun of how small it was …” Alisha continued. My penis was throbbing to a humming rhythm now.

“Did she tease you with her nipple? Like this … ” Said Alisha and brought her nipple close to my lips. However, her iron grip on my hair prevented me from reaching it. My lips involuntarily pouted and I sucked the air with loud smooching noises inches from her nipple. “Would she hold your baby penis between her thumb and forefinger, and order you not to move?” She reached behind her back and placed her thumb and forefinger gently on my penis. I tried to thrust my enormous frame, but she put her weight on my gut forcing me down. Alisha, held me in this position and did not allow any relative motion between her fingers and my penis thereby driving me insane.

“Please …” I begged.

“Please what?” She asked.

“Pease mommy may I move?” I asked desperately breaking down, my eyes filling with tears. The first drop of precum oozed out of my penis and dribbled down the shaft over her delicate fingers through the very sensitive spot between the scrotum and thigh. She immediately released my penis and looked at me incredulously …

Oh my god! She said and THWACK. THWACK. She slapped me and then let my hair go. I buried my head in her bosom and my lips found her beautiful nipple. I felt shamed, secure, ridiculed, comforted, and loved at the same time. Jill drew out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my hands above my head so that I looked like a laughing Buddha with my armpits exposed.

“Now here is how the game goes baby … I will count up from one to ten and ask you a question. Each answer must be YES, I CAN after which you will suck my nipple as many times as the number. This gives you time to think and do what you just said. If, and only if, I am satisfied then we will move to the next question. Win the game and you don’t have to wear the belt for the next month. Each night I will fuck you till your penis wilts and disappears into your gut, and you beg me to stop. Lose, and you go back in the cage for a month without relief. Are you ready?” She asked leaning back and keeping her nipple out of reach while moving lewdly and rubbing her vagina on my oversized gut. I could feel her clitoris harden and poke against my belly button.

I nodded my head in ascension, my fat body quivering like a tub of lard with exquisite anticipation …

“One: Can you grunt like a pig for Mommy?”

“YES, I CAN!” I screamed instantly … PLOP … I sucked once on her nipple once and grunted like a pig amidst her giggles.

“Two: Can you scream your Mommies name?” She said … almost in a menacing tone.

“YES, I CAN!” … PLOP … PLOP … two sucks on her nipple which was getting as hard as my penis and about as large, and I shrieked “Alisha, Alisha is my mommy!” Alisha started fucking my belly-button with a slow rocking motion with her clitoris. I could sense that she was getting as turned on by this as me.

“Three: Can you suck your thumb for Mommy like the little baby you are?”

“YES, I CAN!” … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … and my thumb darted to my mouth replacing her nipple. She was panting by this time, her orgasm building as she ground her clitoris forcefully in my bellybutton. My debasement was absolute, but my penis had never been so ready to cum in my entire life.

Uuuuuh … uuuuuh … uuuuuh … I am going to cum. She moaned.

“Four: Can you watch Mommy fuck another man … a real man with a real cock?”

“YES, I CAN!” I had fucking lied and she knew it. I was very possessive of Alisha and she knew that the thought of her fucking another man was downright repulsive to me. I was in shock of what she had asked and hesitated for a moment. “Suck now … if you want to cum!” She demanded, now really beginning to gyrate her entire body on me. I started to feel the moistness that is a precursor to her violent orgasms. PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … I sucked, very apprehensive of what would happen next.

Alisha reached into her handbag that was resting on the end-table, pulled out her phone and made me look at it. Jealous hot bile rushed through my stomach replacing my passion with insane rage. On it was a picture of her with another man’s cock buried in her pussy. As my eyes widened she came with her clitoris in my belly button uuuuh, uuuuh, uuuuh … yes you mother fucking cuckold … watch me … uuuuh, uuuuh … I am cumming. She screamed as her orgasmic juices flowed out into my bellybutton making a small puddle. Slowly, the tide ebbed, and she returned to the moment.

“Five: Can you suck Mommies boyfriend’s cock and get him hard to fuck her a second time?

“YES, I CAN!” Another lie and another hot rush of jealous bile fueled my rage. PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … I sucked her nipple rather reluctantly. Alisha replaced her nipple with her manicured thumb in my mouth and made a motion as though she was force fucking my mouth with a cock. I first resisted but then started to move my head back and forth giving in to the moment. It was as though she was fucking me like a bitch and I was enjoying it. My penis was ready to explode at the slightest touch.

She started gyrating her clitoris once again on my belly button jabbing with short deliberate thrusts. Her juices acted as a lubricant while she enjoyed herself. She dipped a finger into her wet pussy and put it into my mouth. The taste was incredible, tangy, feminine, and delicious. Oh god, you like it dont you, you filthy whore? She said and I nodded in ascension still sucking on her finger.

“Six: Can you lick Mommy’s pie and prepare it for her boyfriend?” She asked and switched her position so that I was staring up at her beautiful pussy while her mouth was close to my cock head. “For the rest of the game suck my clitoris instead of my nipple.” She said riding my face.

“YES, I CAN!” I managed to say before she descended her honey pot over my face. PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … I sucked on her clitoris drowning in her moist wetness. Immediately she started ramming her vagina into my face. Oh … yes … oh … yes … she grunted and continued to face-fuck me.

“Seven: Can you lick Mommies ass-hole?” she asked giggling knowing fully well that this was unchartered territory for both of us.

“YES I CAN!” I said knowing that this was the pinnacle of my humiliation and PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … I sucked and her clitoris. Not only had I been cuckolded thoroughly but was being made to prove my total devotion to my cheating wife by licking her ass-hole. Again, my tongue went to work, reluctantly at first, but something about licking Alisha’s ass excited me at a base level. It was perhaps emotionally relieving to acknowledge that I could not possibly fall any lower in my degradation, or perhaps for the first time, I believed that I might win the game and be cage free for the next month.

“oh … fuck yes! Don’t stop … lick … uuuuh … uuuuh … lick … lick … lick …” She moaned a second orgasmic wave starting to form deep in her body. This continued for what seemed an eternity until she pulled away.

“Eight: Can you make Mommy cum a second time now?”

“YES I CAN!” I screamed in a high-pitched voice and PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … I sucked and released her clitoris with a pulling motion. This drove her to the very edge of oblivion and the I threw her over by darting my tongue in and out of her vagina as if it were a penis.

“Uh … uh … uh … uh …” she now was racing in full throttle towards her orgasm. “I am cumming … uuuuuh” she screamed.

“Uuuuuh … uuuuuh … uuuuuh.” She moaned as she reveled in her orgasm. Her juices flowing all over my face into my mouth and nose. “Uuuuuh … uuuuuh … uuuuuh.” her seemingly never-ending orgasm continuing, the juices gushing down my face. Slowly she descended from cloud nine and regained her self-control.

“Nine: Can you clean out Mommies pussy?” she asked.

“YES I CAN!” I yelled and PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … I sucked shamelessly on her clitoris. Then I dove to attending to her vagina again, this time with soft brushes with the flat of my tongue relishing in her sexual aroma. As I licked and sucked her pussy dry, another dollop of pre-cum bubbled out of my penis and dribbled down my ass. I now knew that I was ready to cum with or without her touch.

“Good job Lardo.” She said and licked my penis. The feeling of her tongue on the head of my sensitive penis almost made me erupt instantly. My mind was totally focused on winning the month without the damn cage and fucking Alisha. I was only one count away from the win …

“Ten: Can you hold your cum for 10 seconds in Mommies mouth?” she asked and slipped my two-incher into her mouth. The silky feel of that beautiful mouth was like being teleported to the edge of sanity. I shut my eyes and with white knuckles screamed “YES I CAN” and PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP … PLOP sucked her clitoris for the last time. Then it was as though every muscle in my body tensed to prevent a premature orgasm. The deviousness of her plan came to light … she had never intended for me to go without the cage for a month.

“Count Lardo … One Mississippi … ” She commanded and started to slide her lips up and down my shaft with a twisting motion. Each time her head bobbed up and down my penis it felt as if a vaccum cleaner was sucking my life out of my pee-hole.

“One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi.” I grunted through gritted teeth while she moved her mouth up and down. I felt the rush of orgasm in my balls. She started to make succulent noises and while she first engulfed my penis in her mouth, sucked it as hard as she could and release it for a moment.

“Four Mississippi, Five Mississippi, Six Mississippi.” It was now that my body was finally forced to open the flood gates containing the impending orgasm. The hot inferno in my balls started erupting internally. Alisha continued to suck and release, suck and release, suck and release …

“Seven Mississippi … aaaaaaah” I screamed as she mercifully clamped her lips around the base of my penis like a steel vice. The only thing holding me from having my orgasm was her – I had lost the fight. It was a moment that I relinquished total control to her.

“Eight Mississippi … aaaaaaah” She held tight … my balls were on fire. I could not help hoping against hope for her mercy to not release her lips and allow me to …

“Nine Mississippi … aaaaaaah” I screamed, and she released my penis instantly … a hot stream of cum erupted, arched through the air, and landed with a loud splat on my eyes.

“Nooooooo … ” I screamed in ecstasy as the second stream of cum took the same trajectory and landed with an even louder splat in my mouth as if telling me to shut the fuck up.

“Nooooooo …” I continued screaming as my ruined orgasm subsided amidst Alisha’s hysterical giggling.

Even before my defeated penis had completely wilted, I felt the chastity belt click into place.

The End.


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