The Roomer (Gay SPH)

By drmweaver705.


“So the room is three-hundred-fifty bucks a month?”

Luke found it a little hard to believe. The house was located on a quiet residential street, close to the bus stop for excursions into town and only a ten-minute walk to the university. The room he was looking at was spacious and fully furnished. It was perfect.

“Aside from the room, you share the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, and the bathroom with me. Wi-Fi and cable are on me. There are no other roomers. You buy your own food.”

“And you’re sure that’s the price?”

“That’s the price for you. If I thought you might be some roughneck rowdy, you couldn’t have the room for a thousand.”

The landlord, Mac, was a retired widower in his late fifties or early sixties. His silvering hair had receded, and he had a large belly that hung out over his belt. He had wide shoulders and a barrel chest. Before he let himself go, he might have been quite a powerful man.

“Pay the first month today, and I’ll hold the room for you. When do you want to move in?”

“Tomorrow,” Luke said, realizing how lucky he was to find such a good deal the week before the semester started.

He had left housing to the last minute this year, and he thought he would regret it, but it looked like it would work out just fine. He had been prepared to pay a much larger deposit today; counting out three-fifty was a pleasure, not a chore. He thought of asking why the rent was so low, but that might give Mac second thoughts. Why spoil a good thing?

“Tomorrow, then,” Mac said. “Works for me.”

Luke arrived the next day as arranged. Luke only had to move in his clothes, bedding, and personal effects with the room fully furnished. Everything was done by early afternoon.

The following several days were busy as Luke arranged his course schedule, purchased textbooks, and renewed acquaintances from the previous year.

Mac proved a dull old codger. Most days, he would be found wandering the house in a beat-up old housecoat. He would sit and watch a lot of television and play on the internet.

Now that Luke was falling into a schedule, his days were less frantic, and he interacted more with his landlord. He helped him with simple household tasks like taking the garbage out. They started watching TV together occasionally. Luke found that he didn’t mind Mac’s company. The old man was gruff, but he didn’t put his nose in Luke’s business.

As the days went on, Luke kept on top of his studies by doing his reading and research at the library between lectures and tutorials, so he only occasionally worked on assignments at home. This left him more time in the evenings to relax.

Luke came home after class and saw Mac perched on the couch watching TV. He said hi and got a wave back from his landlord.

Luke noticed that Mac wasn’t always wearing his housecoat anymore when he was about the house. Instead, he was often to be seen in his boxers and an undershirt. It wasn’t a pretty sight. And without a barrier of fabric between his armpits and the air, he didn’t always smell very good.

Luke didn’t mind too much. Mac’s hygiene was his business as long as it didn’t get too bad. Luke figured two guys sharing living space could take liberties with how much clothing they wore. Come to think of it, Luke was kind of warm in the sweater he was wearing. He pulled it off over his head and took it back to his room. He had a t-shirt underneath. He didn’t see Mac turn away from the television screen to watch him.

Back in his room, Luke decided to switch from jeans to sweats to relax. He debated whether to lay on his bed and read or go out and watch some TV with Mac. He was feeling a bit tired, so he chose the easy option.

He walked out and got comfortable in the big chair he always sat in.

A few minutes passed before Mac spoke.

“Are you comfy in that chair? There’s lots of room on the couch.” He patted the cushion beside him.

“Thanks, this is good.”

“Suit yourself.”

The old man’s tone was abrupt, and Luke wondered if he had hurt his feelings. He didn’t see how. It was a tiny thing. Luke might not have minded sitting beside Mac if he showered more.

Things went on the same for a while. Sometimes Mac and Luke would chat as they watched television, and other times they were silent. Luke felt comfortable with the older man most of the time, but there were a few off-putting moments.

One afternoon, Luke was having trouble with his window blinds. The cord was snagged somewhere, and Luke was trying to figure it out. Mac had walked by the open door of his room and had seen Luke wrestling with the blinds. He came up behind Luke and took the cord from his hands. Luke was pinned between Mac and the window, and the landlord had his arms around Luke to reach the cord. Luke could feel the old man’s breath on his neck. He could smell Mac’s unwashed body. Mac had the blinds straightened out in under a minute and walked away, leaving Luke a little confused.

The bulk of the larger man against his back had been disturbing. Luke had felt a sudden stiffness in his own member as the man held him in place. This was strange because Luke was into women, not men. He was certainly not into pensioners with obesity and hygiene issues.

A few evenings later, a strange routine took shape.

Luke and Mac would be watching television, each in their usual spot: Luke in the chair, Mac on the couch. Then, sooner or later, Luke would get up for some reason to get a drink or relieve his bladder and leave the room. When Luke came back, Mac would be sitting in the chair, leaving Luke no place to sit but on the couch. After a while, Mac would follow Luke’s example and leave the room, but he sat next to Luke on the couch when he returned.

This happened three nights in a row. Luke wasn’t sure what to make of this pattern. Every time the old man sat down beside him on the couch, Luke was forced to inhale Mac’s body odor. At first, Luke found it difficult to be close to the source of the smell. The second night was better, but he felt a little confused because, at one point, he realized he was actively inhaling Mac’s aroma. Finally, the third night, Mac sat ever so slightly closer to Luke.

The next night, the pattern was broken. Without thinking, Luke came out of his room and immediately sat on the couch. A few minutes later, Mac joined him, sitting as close to Luke as he had the night before. If Luke had been looking at Mac, he would have seen that his landlord had a small look of triumph on his face.

So it went for a few more nights.

In the meantime, Luke had begun to adopt some of the informality of his landlord. He came out of his room one night wearing only boxers and a t-shirt. He continued in this way as the days passed. If anyone asked why, and Mac hadn’t, Luke would have just said that he felt hot when he sat in the living room.

Finally, in the second week that Luke lived there, Mac sat next to him on the couch. After a few minutes, he raised his arm and set it down across the back of the couch right behind Luke. This had the effect of opening Mac’s hairy armpit wide to the air around Luke.

Mac watched Luke very carefully for his reaction. He saw the student’s nostrils flare once, twice, and then he inhaled deeply, exhaling a sigh. Mac glanced down at the front of Luke’s boxers. The young man’s cock was doing little push-ups against the fabric, and a wet spot had formed.

“Kid,” Mac said. “You might as well ‘fess up. You know you want it.”

Luke didn’t even pretend he didn’t know what his landlord was talking about. Instead, he turned to look Mac in the eye.

“What I don’t understand is why. I’m into girls, even if they’re not that into me.”

A tear formed in the young man’s eye, and Mac almost felt bad for him.

Luke continued. “For the last week, I’ve hardly been able to sleep. When I do sleep, I dream we are together and doing things I never thought I’d want to do.”

“But now you do.”

Luke nodded. Mac grabbed a tissue from a box on the coffee table and dabbed the tear running down Luke’s face.

“And what are some of those things you never thought you’d want to do?”

“I can’t say.”

“That’s okay. I have some ideas.”

Mac reached for the remote on the coffee table. A moment later, the television was off.

“First, I want to see you without that shirt on.”

Luke stood up slowly. He pulled the shirt over his head and off.

“Well, you are a lean young thing, aren’t you? And not a hair on you. Now turn around. Take off your shorts.”

Luke obeyed.

“You have a skinny ass, but it’ll do. Turn around. Let’s see the goods.”

Luke’s penis was only about four inches long at full mast. But it was lively; it continued to twitch, and a string of pre-cum hung down toward the floor.

“We may have the reason the girls don’t fancy you, Luke. You’re not packing much firepower. Fortunately, I don’t need you to.”

The naked student nodded in shame, but whether for the size of his cock or his forthcoming submission would have been hard even for him to say.

Mac let him just stand there for a while. He was so young and fresh. If he were nervous, he’d get over it soon enough. Soon enough, he’d be begging him. Whimpering for it.

“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. I haven’t taken a shower in a while, so you’re going to bathe me.”

Luke looked at him in confusion for a moment, and then a look of horror washed over him. Mac laughed.

“It’s a good thing for you that my scent turns you on. We both know it does. You wait. Once you start, I’ll hardly be able to pry your tongue off me.”

The older man stood up, and Luke couldn’t help being aware of how much bigger and more powerful this man was when compared to him.

Mac shed his undershirt, once more exposing his armpits to the air around Luke and reinvigorating his arousal. The younger man audibly moaned with the olfactory stimulation. Then Mac pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them, kicking them to one side.

Mac’s body was large. His shoulders were wide, his chest broad, but he had an enormous belly. His arms and legs were muscular, though they had lost some tone with age. His entire body, down to his hands and feet, was covered in fine brown or grey hairs. There was a thick forest of hair around his penis, and Luke was surprised that the organ itself was just a thick tube with a mushroom-like cap, but it couldn’t have been much over four inches long. On the other hand, Mac had gigantic hairy balls.

The scent from Mac’s pubic bush wafted across to Luke, and the boy moaned again. His dick continued to twitch and generate pre-cum.

Recently, Luke’s routine state of being was confusion. He was confused about his feelings and this foreign attraction. Unfortunately, there was no relief from the confusion now. His senses and his emotions seemed to be at complete odds. The old man was repellent in appearance, but at the same time, Luke found himself irresistibly attracted to him. He wanted to do things with him… things a straight man would never do.

“Alright, I know I’m not a pretty sight,” Mac said. “But that doesn’t matter to you, does it?”

Luke didn’t want to answer but couldn’t help himself.

“No, it doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t even disappoint you that I have a small cock, does it?”

“It doesn’t matter at all.”

“That’s a mystery to you, isn’t it?”

Luke nodded. He was at a complete loss to explain his own behavior.

“Well, I will explain it for you, but first, we’re going to get to that bath. Follow me into the bedroom.”

Luke had never seen the old man’s bedroom. He wondered if he would be seeing it a lot from now on, and that thought induced both a thrill and a shudder.

The bed was huge. Mac stripped it of blankets, so there was only the bedspread left.

Luke was trembling.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. You’ll see. You’re going to like it more than you ever imagined.”

In his dreams, Luke had liked it very much, but he still had mixed feelings about the reality.

“Okay,” Mac said. “Let’s get down to it.”

The landlord climbed up onto the bed and lay square in the middle while Luke stood helpless in the bedroom doorway.

“Time for my bath,” Mac said.

Luke approached the bed warily. Finally, he clambered onto the bed and knelt beside the fat naked man.

“Where… where do I start?”

Mac put his arms behind his head, exposing the pungent, hairy pits.

“Ohhh,” Luke groaned. Then he lay on the bed beside Mac and began to lick the skin of Mac’s underarm. It was slightly salty but not so bad. At this proximity to the smelly pit, Mac’s scent was undiluted by the air. It was heady and thick with musk. There was more in it that he sensed but could not recognize. As he went on, something about it drove him mad. He couldn’t help but lick the armpit and suck its hair into his mouth.

After a few minutes, Mac said, “That’s just one armpit, kid. The rest of me needs attention too.”

Luke reluctantly broke off tongue-washing that armpit. He moved on down the old man’s arm, licking the muscles slowly until he reached Mac’s hand. He picked it up and sucked on each finger. He lapped at the palm and then worked his way back up to the man’s shoulder.

He went to work on Mac’s chest. He feathered his tongue through the hair and licked the skin underneath. He flicked his tongue over first one nipple, then the other. They were hard. He licked his way over to the other shoulder and repeated his process for the arm. That done, he was back in Mac’s second armpit, and he was moaning and groaning as he lapped at the hairy source of his attraction.

“Damn, that feels good, kid!”

“Mmmmm,” Luke said.

“I promised I’d explain to you the mystery of your attraction to me.”

“Mmmmm.” Luke’s mind was very interested to hear that explanation, even as his senses were on fire inhaling Mac’s essence.

Luke licked his way across Mac’s chest to begin work on his belly.

“Well, it’s like this. I’m not a well-educated man, but I’ve read up on the internet, and I have a theory, which I’ll get to.”

Luke was taking long licks to cover the larger area of Mac’s belly.

“I’ll start by saying that nature may have given me a small cock, but she gave me a gift to compensate.”

Luke would have scoffed at the idea that being smelly was a gift, but he was too busy lapping at Mac’s lower abdomen, which was sort of the opposite of scoffing at Mac’s gift.

“It always happened the same way,” Mac continued. “I’d shower and dress up and ask a pretty young girl out, and she’d shoot me down as quick as look at me. After a while, I stopped caring and let myself go a little to seed. I wouldn’t wear deodorant, wouldn’t shower for days and days at a time. Wouldn’t you know, sure enough, I would venture into female company and get a dozen offers. I’d make a date and shower myself clean. The girl would stand me up on her doorstep.”

Luke found himself as fascinated with the story as the scent emanating from below Mac’s belly. He wasn’t there yet, but he was getting closer.

“Now, I couldn’t figure that out for the longest time. Eventually, I put it together somehow that it was my smell that was winning, not me.”

Luke flicked his tongue around Mac’s navel as he listened. Then he went back to his process of long-licking the man’s great belly.

“When I didn’t shower for a week, I was the luckiest bastard in town. I found not only women fell to the scent, but eventually, so would men. It just took more exposure. But, of course, I didn’t initially care about that… not until I realized what good cocksuckers men are.”

A thrill of anticipation charged through Luke, followed by a ripple of shame. It didn’t change his progress. He had finished washing Mac’s belly and was ready to dive into his pubic bush, but the old man stopped him.

“Let’s leave that to last. Start on my feet.”

Luke was amazed to find himself disappointed, but he knew he would get there.

“Anyway, I met a girl who actually meant a damn to me. I guess I used an unfair advantage to win her over, but once we were together a while, I found I could shower, and she would stay with me. After a week or two, the scent is a little addictive.”

That alarmed Luke slightly as he lapped at Mac’s arches, but he found that his landlord’s feet were also deeply rewarding. He couldn’t stop asking questions. God help him.

“I eventually married her. We were together twenty-four years, and she learned my secret early on. As a result, she insisted that I stay home where my scent would not harm me. She became the breadwinner. As long as I wasn’t out in public, she figured I wouldn’t be tempted to stray. You see, she couldn’t stand the idea that I should wash it off, but she didn’t want to share me. She died last year.”

Luke wanted to express condolences, but he was eagerly sucking Mac’s toes and couldn’t pull himself away.

“Since then, I did some research on the internet and found out about pheromones. Officially, there’s no proof that humans emit a chemical signal by smell to attract sexual partners. It’s all theoretical. My theory is that I not only secrete some kind of attractant, but my pheromones are some kind of freakish mutation that goes even a step beyond that.”

Luke was licking his way back up Mac’s legs toward his groin. He was almost panting with the olfactory overload… and he knew that he was about to visit the mother-lode.

“Anyway, after being alone for a while, I decided I wanted company again. So to switch it up, I thought that I’d keep a man around the house for a while. It’s been a long time since I got good head.”

Luke was staring at it. Mac’s small penis had engorged with blood during his tongue bath, and it now stood as fully erect as it ever could. Luke inhaled the powerful scents emanating from the organ and whimpered.

Mac laughed. “Before you do that, there’s someplace you missed.”

He bent his knees and raised his ass high off the bed.

“Get in there, boy.”

Luke obediently lay on his back and pushed his head under the big man’s posterior.

It was humiliating to lick another man’s ass, but Luke did it without hesitation, and he did it thoroughly. He lapped his way over the cheeks, then pulled them apart with his hands and darted his tongue into the hairy hole. The unwashed sphincter reeked of shit, and for the first time since beginning Mac’s tongue bath, Luke thought he might retch. But again, under the violence of the top odor, there was a compelling pull.

Pheromones? Could it be true?

“Come on up outta there,” Mac said after a few minutes of an anal tongue massage. “You’re getting me hot.”

Luke broke off what he was doing and lifted his head to look at Mac for permission. The old man nodded.

“You’ve earned it.”

Luke’s nose fell into Mac’s pubic hair, inhaling the musky scent with a will like someone else might smell flowers. He let his tongue trace circles through the bush, twisting the hair in his mouth, wringing it of its delicious flavor. To maintain access to the area, he had to use his arm to hold back Mac’s belly fat.

“So back to what I was saying. I wanted to bring a man in. So I came upon the idea of renting a room. I had plenty of space after all. I placed an ad, and many students came by, but none of them were right. Then I saw you. I hooked you with the low rent, and now I’ve reeled you in.”

Luke was listening to how easily Mac had spun his trap around him, but he was incapable of outrage. Instead, erotic instinct ruled his actions.

He studied Mac’s prodigiously large balls close-up. Their alluring bouquet filled his nostrils, and he lifted the heavy testicles to lick beneath them. It was heavenly and obscene.

“Yeah, those boys are big,” Mac said. “Let me warn you now. They’re full. When I come, I come a lot, and I can come often. So you might as well prepare yourself for that because you’re going to be swallowing a lot of cum.”

The idea alone sent Luke’s cock twitching again. His pre-cum had made a large wet stain on the bedspread. Pheromone story or not, he was beyond arousal. He knew he could only stop licking this man’s balls if he filled his mouth with cock instead.

“To finish my story, I’ve observed that my smell weakens the attracted individual’s will to escape me. The effect is cumulative, and it takes time to flush out of the system. After the ‘dose’ you’ve taken today and over the past few days, I’d guess that if I started taking daily showers tomorrow, you’d still be my pet a week or two from now. After that, you might regain your free will, or the effects might be permanent. They were for my wife. But we won’t take any risks; I don’t plan to take daily showers anytime soon.”

Luke groaned both in pleasure and disgrace.

He felt himself helpless as he put his head over the tiny, stubby cock and engulfed it hole with a single toothless bite. He ran his tongue around the bulbous glans, savoring its salty taste. He felt like this was what he was born for. He felt euphoric, even if he knew that a biochemical reaction was producing the feeling.

Was this what it felt like to be on drugs? Somehow, it seemed better.

“Ah, that feels good, kid.”

That was what Luke lived to hear now. He redoubled his efforts, twisting his tongue around the little shaft of Mac’s penis and sucking until his cheeks collapsed. His head bobbed up and down in a rhythm of pure joy.

A part of Luke still had detachment and watched his transformation into Mac’s slave with shame and alarm, but that part wasn’t dominant anymore. Instead, the front of his mind was completely captured by the bliss of this mindless attraction.

He maintained his suction lock and rhythmic pumping while caressing those magnificent testicles. As he massaged the balls, they began to contract noticeably.

“Oh, yeah, boy… not long now. Are you ready to swallow a lot of spunk?”


“Alright, I’m going to come… now!”

Mac bucked his hips and thrust his little cock up at Luke’s pleasuring mouth.

“Take it!”

The first blast of cum flooded Luke’s mouth. He didn’t want to swallow it because the taste took him by surprise: it was sweet… it was good. He wanted to keep it in his mouth. But another spasm propelled an even larger wad of semen out of Mac’s cock, and this time, it went down Luke’s throat, up his nose, and out the sides of his still sucking mouth. Luke couldn’t swallow fast enough as load followed load of the smooth and milky nectar.

How can there be so much?

But there was something in the flavor… It was like the fulfillment of a promise made by all the other tastes and odors emanating from Mac. Where those scents drove him mad with hyper-arousal, this liquid… this ambrosia… satisfied.

Luke felt all the tension that had built up within him gather up in his groin. Then, as the arousal gave way to gratification, Luke felt a familiar sensation deep in his loins. Moments later, with his mouth still flooded by Mac’s sweet, sweet ejaculate, Luke experienced the best orgasm of his young life. His cock pulsed and throbbed, and he cried out with the sheer glory of it. It lasted longer than any orgasm he had ever had and was more thoroughly satisfying. A minute later, he was laying in a puddle of his own semen and purring over Mac’s still-stiff cock.

Even then, the urge to suck did not relent.

“That’s it, boy,” Mac said as he came down from his high. “Oh, Lord, I needed that.”

Yes, need, Luke thought to himself as he continued to lap up the cum he hadn’t been able to swallow. I needed this. This is what was missing in my life, and I never even knew it.

The part of him that might have felt shame and regret had been quieted completely by the food of the gods. Luke lapped at the places where the last of Mac’s cum had collected. It was silky smooth, and lumpy. It was delicious.

A few minutes later, they repeated the exercise. Once more, Luke’s mouth was inundated with the tantalizing brew from Mac’s extraordinary testicles, and once more, he creamed himself exquisitely. Finally, a third time saw them through yet another mutual orgasm.

After an hour or so, Luke lay cradled in Mac’s arm with his nose to the armpit. The scent had lost its sting but none of its potent attraction for the young man.

“Good night, Mac,” Luke said.

Mac shook his head. “Don’t call me that.”

Luke looked at him quizzically.

“Call me Daddy.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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