Bennie the Cuckold: Part 1

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by AfricanWriter (edited)

Well, I have always been a little self-conscious about the way I look ever since I could remember. I am a little slow to develop, physically that is. My manhood is about two inches soft and four inches when hard, never really measured my width, but I would say it is a size of a permanent marker in width. I have always been the shortest boy in my class. As a result, I have always been bullied and bossed around by my classmates. All the other kids at school used to make fun of me. This resulted in me having an even lower self-esteem.

I never had a girlfriend during my teen ages due to obvious reasons. I have to admit though that my lack of social life came in handy when it was exam times, always passed well. My academic performance was what kept me going through the years. Well, I finished school and started a career as an accountant.

It was during my last year that I met the one, Sharon Mathews. She was what you might describe as a slow learner, but her looks does justice to her lack of intelligence. She had already spent three years at the college and had absolutely nothing to show for it as she was repeating the first year subjects for the second time. I think my intelligence is what got her attracted to me. We dated for six months during which I kept avoiding any sexual encounters and possibilities in fear of the unknown.

She would try and get me hot and horny, but I would always find a way to brush it off. Needless to say, she got irritated and sat me down to ask about my sexual orientation. Found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Decided right there and then to give it a try. I have been preparing myself for this moment for some time now, with the help of the internet of course.

The kissing was intense and hot, took off her skirt and panty as I was about to finger her when she pushed me back, and in one swift motion slid her hand into my pants, then as soon as she touched my manhood in a very quick motion she took the handout. I looked at her face and all I could see was shock. I tried to mutter out words, but nothing would come out. Feeling bad about her reaction, she apologized, but asked me to pull my pants down so she can have a view so she can know exactly what she is dealing with. Wanted to refuse, but felt reluctant. At this stage I made excuses that my penis is flaccid and she might get a ‘wrong sample’. She insisted to which I obliged and showed my tool to her. I could now see the disappointment in her expression.

I felt exposed and decided to let her know it all. “I’m still a virgin,” I uttered.

Was surprised when she started smiling and gave me a hug, told me to relax. She made love to me. This was the best feeling ever. I got hooked to sex immediately we both enjoyed making love. My Sharon and I got married three months later. The sex was brilliant, or at least I thought so.

At this stage everything was going smoothly. I was doing well in both my love life and career making a killing. Well Sharon decided to quit college after her third attempt, besides my salary was good enough to sustain our needs and wants, so she stayed at home and I would go off to work. Coming back to a sparkling clean house, well cooked dinner and a beautiful wife, what more can a guy ask for?

Life was going well for me. So good, I ended picking up a lot of weight in a period of two years. My tummy had grown to overlap to such a point I couldn’t see my four inch cock. Sex got a little bit more difficult with my Sharon, we couldn’t carry out a lot of positions, when doing missionary, and Sharon complained about being squashed by my weight, we resorted to doggy style. I would lift my potbelly and make sure I rest it on top of her behind so as not for it to get in the way. This way I couldn’t pull out all the way. Things went on this way for some time. The frequency of sex decreased to about twice a month; mostly she would turn down my attempts.

I won’t forget the Friday when I came back from work, my Sharon was sitting at the kitchen counter “Ben, we need to talk. You need to shed off the weight. It was bad enough that I had to endure sex with you before the weight gain,” she said. I was stunned when she resumed, “I managed to buy some gym equipment which should be delivered by Monday. I also got us a personal trainer, he will be here on Monday as well.” I was shocked, especially by what she said about enduring the sex before the weight gain. She went on, “You need to lose the weight or else I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave you. I won’t be having sex with you until you shed off at least twenty pounds.”

That night I couldn’t sleep with her words going through my mind over and over again. Monday came and when I got back from work I found our basement has been turned into a gym. As I am busy going around checking out the new gym I hear some giggles and turn around to see Sharon and a man I didn’t recognize. When she has seen me, she said, “Ben, I’m glad you’re back, meet Stan, he’s our personal trainer. Do you like the new gym?”

It was more of a statement than a question. Stan is a man with muscles and very tall, at over six feet standing next to my five-foot-five Sharon and me in front of them at five-foot-eight. Stan gave me a smile and held out a hand, his grip was quite strong. “Nice to meet you, Bennie”.

I was quite taken aback by the name ‘Bennie’. We started working out, it was very hard for me as I have never been to a gym before. Sharon changed the meals, we were always having low fat food, mostly made of vegetables. She would force me to take the leftovers for lunch at work. Well, I would always buy chips and junk food at work and donated my lunch packs to colleagues on a daily basis. Needless to say that I didn’t lose a pound, in fact, I put on more weight if anything.

It was on a Thursday afternoon when I got back from work to find the lunch pack that Sharon made for me on Wednesday right on the kitchen counter. I remembered that Sharon and Maggie (the typist at work) that I gave my lunch pack to are good friends. What the fuck was I thinking, I wondered? I didn’t know what to say or do, as she walked in the kitchen, I knew I was in trouble by the look on her face. “That does it, after all the troubles I’ve gone through to ensure you lose weight, you do this to me,” she shouted. “I guess we need to do this the hard way. I guess you need a little bit more motivation, take off your clothes and come join me in the gym now.”

I did as requested as I wanted to please her at this point. To my surprise, I found Stan working out, I turned around and started walking as to leave the gym, when she yelled at me not to. “I want you down here, right now.”

I walked toward her and immediately Stan stopped and looked at my midsection, and with shock in his eyes, he said, “Damn, Bennie, your belly has swallowed your cock!”

Sharon broke out in laughter. I stood there with a deep shade of red. My cock was completely hidden by the potbelly. Sharon stepped in. “Bennie, I’m going to try and use humiliation to motivate you, I talked to Stan and he was friendly enough to offer his services, at an additional cost, of course. From now on we’ll all work out naked.”

As soon as she said this, Stan took off his clothes. My eyes were fixed on his cock, and it was about six inches soft and very thick. I felt mesmerized by his impressive penis, and it seems I was not the only one. Sharon was also staring at it. I took my eyes off the stunned Sharon to Stan’s penis again, at this point she looked at me and cried, “Ben, focus on his muscles not on his big cock, God damn it.”

This got me even more embarrassed. She took off her clothes to expose her petite boobs and her freshly shaved pussy. Stan told me to start with bench work, as I lay down he handed me the weight, at this angle I could see his tool in all its might from below just a foot away from my face. I was doing my reps as I heard Sharon giggling from behind. I heard her say, “Can I touch it?”

Trying to get Stan’s attention away from my wife, I said, “I am done.”

He said, “Fifteen more, Bennie.”

As I struggled to do fifteen reps, the giggling continued. We finished with the workout. Sharon looked at me straight in the eyes, and asked, “Ben, can I please touch his cock? Haven’t touched a real one since college.”

Before I could respond, she clasped it in her palms and squeezed. Stan let out a moan, excused himself, and we called it a day.


For the first time in almost seven months, Sharon initiated sex that night. After a couple of minutes of doggy style sex, she pulled me out and directed me to lick her pussy. I wanted to do my best to please her, so I went to work. She was really turned on, as she started moaning and in the midst of it, she was yelling for Stan’s name. I was taken aback, but I started licking the pussy like there was no tomorrow. For some reason I got a hard-on from hearing her scream for his name.

She came very hard, turned around and slept. I had to jack off since I hadn’t come. This went for a couple of days, she would tell me to kiss and lick her pussy until she comes while she yells Stan’s name without awarding me a chance for penetration.

Meanwhile, I have changed from giving my lunch packs to my colleagues for giving it to a beggar on the street. I just couldn’t lay off the junk food, no matter how hard I tried. Needless to say the weight was not shedding.


It was on a Saturday when Sharon was doing the laundry and she came across a receipt from the restaurant showing that I bought two double cheese burgers, large chips and a coke. “I have had it with you, here I am doing my best to help you lose weight and you’re not even trying. I haven’t had sex in a long time, and you’re busy putting on more weight. From now on, I will humiliate you so bad you will want to lose thirty pounds in a week.”

With that, she marched out of the room. I couldn’t believe that I slipped up again. That night we didn’t go through the normal routine, since I had to sleep in the guest room as part of my punishment. I passed out almost immediately.


The following Sunday I was surprised to open the door to find Stan with a lot of luggage. Standing there he greeted me and brushed right passed me. “Bennie, don’t just stand there, please help me with the bags.”

I was shocked because Stan only comes during the weekdays, and the luggage? Sharon came running from the sitting room and gave Stan a huge hug and kissed lightly on the cheek. We went to the gym on that Saturday for the very first time. After taking off our clothes I noticed how sexier Sharon was. She had lost a lot of weight, her tummy was very flat. Sharon gave Stan another hug and kiss, but this time the kiss was more passionate and lasted for about five minutes if not longer. I just stood there and watched, for some reason I was getting an erection from watching this fantastic scene. Finally the kiss broke off, and Stan turned to look at me, and said, “Hey Bennie, looks like you’re enjoying the scenery. I can see the tip of your cock for the very first time.”

Sharon broke down with laughter. “Lift up your belly for Stan to see your full erection, dear,” she said.

I followed her orders lifting my belly. They both laughed very hard. She started rubbing his cock and knelt down to give him a blowjob. Sharon has never ever given me a blow job. Not like ever. She always said it is disgusting whenever I asked for it.

Here I was, having a boner looking at another man getting a blowjob that I never got from my wife. Sharon lay on the workout bench and Stan mounted her. At this point his tool was completely erect as I could see the veins. It was no longer performing for me, they had forgotten completely about my existence. “I don’t know if I can take that in, Stan, it’s so magnificent. I’m used to my husband’s little dicklette, so please go easy on me will you?” She pleaded.

Her words had my penis squirting precum. I know many people will never understand this, but the scene was really turning me on. He slid it into her wet pussy, and began thrusting away, he was not even going all the way in but my way was moaning and screaming, I bet she could be heard from the street. He went on for like thirty minutes non-stop. Stan’s cock was even more impressive hard, than it was soft. It must have been a good nine-inches long now, and as thick as Sharon’s wrist.

Sharon orgasmed two times, lying on her back while Stan was pumping away. Her third and final climax was building up simultaneously with Stan’s. Then he suddenly moaned loudly, saying, “I’m going to come into your pussy Sharon!”

At this point, I felt a complex combination of lust, anger, jealousy and rage and started charging towards them to push him off. Stan held out his hand and pushed me with little effort. I fell and hit the floor with my head. He pumped a little bit more and let out a long grunting moan. They lay there motionlessly for a couple of minutes. I couldn’t help but started crying. “Baby, what if you get pregnant?”

“Well, I’m not getting any younger, Hon, but there’s something you can do to try to prevent that happening. Maybe you can suck his cum out of me, clean me up down there.”

I jumped at the opportunity and started working at the pussy and sucked with all I had.

She came again as I swallowed Stan’s cum, it seemed like there was a lot. Eventually she said in a weary voice, “That’s enough, fat Bennie, we’re going to sleep now. If that’s the way you are going to try to stop me getting pregnant, then you gonna be eating a lot of cum, fatty.”

I started to complain, “Baby, this has gone on long enough, you can’t repeat what just happened.”

To which Sharon replied, “Please, we all know that you enjoyed every moment, fat Bennie.”

She turned to look down on my wiener and the damn thing gave me away. “Baby, I forbid you to have sex with this man again,” I shouted with as much authority as I could muster.

She rose her leg and put it on my chest, with swift move she pushed me away, and I stumbled onto Stan, who grabbed me, behind me by the neck, saying, “Look, loser, I’m going to be fucking this wife of yours from now on. If you want to make a fucking thing about it, I will tell her to divorce your sorry ass. I would like to see who’ll want to marry a loser like you. Shaz, will you please take a photo of this looser standing next to me with cum on his face. You know… Just for insurance.”

She took a couple of photos. I tried as hard as I could to escape the grip of this man standing by me, but I couldn’t. He finally tossed me to the floor, took Sharon in his arms and they headed to the bedroom. He stopped halfway, turned and looked back at me, and said, “Tomorrow is Sunday, and we want our breakfast in bed. Do that, and I’ll consider letting you clean up my cum in her soaked pussy, fat boy.”

I was lying there confused as hell, with a boner, and cum on my lips and chin. Did I want for this to continue or not? Well, I think I wanted it to continue, but I didn’t want to show I did. At least if they think that I don’t want for this to happen, it would portray me a less of a loser and a weirdo. I realized at that moment that Ben was dead, I was now ‘Fat Bennie’ for life.

The End.


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